Bronwen is working on the bridge, still mad about Cassius and seemingly annoyed about MacBeth being out having fun with a pair of gorgeous twins. Duncan arrives to show off his critter and asks if he can keep it. Bronwen is pretty doubtful, but since Duncan was nice enought to say she looked pretty, she said yes. Duncan finally gets the upperhand on Cassius by sneaking up on him while he’s sleeping to tell him the Captain said he could keep it! Cassius proceeds to run off and scream at Bronwen for doing something so stupid. Keeping the monster is the last straw for Cassius and he grabs Bronwen to carry her off. MacBeth arrives to ask Duncan what’s going on, and he explains the fight over his pet. Bronwen thinks it’s funny at first, until Cassius stuffs her in a crate and locks it up! Cassius returns to take care of Duncan next stating that he’s going in a box next! MacBeth suddenly runs off to the cargo hold to find Bronwen! While the critter grows bigger and scares Cassius off in to his room. MacBeth pulls Bronwen out of the crate and holds her for a moment while she tries not to sniffle. Angry, he pulls out a gun and goes marching back for Cassius with Bronwen on his heels. They see a large “Tiny” who is ironically named, but MacBeth is pretty intend on getting Cassius out of that room and possibly killing him! He tells Cassius he’s no longer welcomed on the ship. Cassius finally opens the door making sure to insult both MacBeth and Bronwen! Mac asks permission to beat the hell out of Cassius, and she graciously gives it. Mac knows he can’t take Cassius head – so he asks Bronwen for a dance! Bronwen gets the hint and they kick Cassius’ ass with a dance and a song! Cassius is forced to admit they’re pretty damned good at asskicking and apologizes. They even manage to get a picture. With Bronwen out of the room Cassius mutters that MacBeth could have told him that he cared that much about his sister. MacBeth says he didn’t know it himself.

Bronwen tells Duncan he has 10 minutes to cleanup whatever mess he’s made in the kitchen and make them some dinner. MacBeth shows up to help him. They manage to clean up the mess and finish up dinner in record time. Bronwen is impressed with MacBeth being able to cook something up like that! They discuss how MacBeth’s date went, where he mentions he didn’t do any making out. Bronwen tells them what she dug up about Brennen. Bronwen lets Duncan escape while she and MacBeth clean up the kitchen. Bronwen thanks MacBeth for helping her with Cassius, and he suggests that next time he might not be so forgiving and shoot the guy. He lets Bronwen leave before calling Cassius up to eat.

Cassius is eating and spots a gatorbat! He nearly chokes on his dinner when Tiny jumps over his head to eat it. MacBeth finds a keycard in his clothes, one he forgot he snatched when they bailed out Cassius. MacBeth discovers a giant gatorbat queen in the cargo bay. Cassius sneaks in to Bronwen’s room while she’s sleeping to have a chat with her. Cassius asks her if she’s slept with MacBeth. She says no – and then hears suspicious flapping! Tiny is chasing and eating gatorbats everywhere! Cassius laughs and insists there’s nothing to be afraid of and he gets smacked in the face with a flee flock of them! Bronwen panics over the beasts and shoots at will, not worrying at whether or not she’ll hit Cassius! Tiny eats the last of the gatorbats, including the one stuck to Cassius’ face! Cassius goes to bed, while Bronwen sends Duncan and Tiny out to clear the ship of any more bats. She drags MacBeth off to his room and says she’s sleeping with him. She tells him Cassius was snooping, and then mentions that gatorbats counts as trouble and he owes her another song. He can’t argue with that and sings for her, even after she’s fallen asleep!

Bronwen: *Bronwen was working. Because that’s what a good captain does when she doesn’t have a date. Ha, why would she even be made about that. Cassius was the one with a broken nose and alone while MacBeth was out having dinner with a pair of gorgeous twins! grrmph. She was sitting in her chair on the bridge, updating the ship’s system with her own data.* -06:31 Jun 15

Duncan: *Found the Cap’n at the bridge.* Cap’n, something followed me home. Can I keep it? *He lifted the creature.*

Bronwen: *She was going to immedietly say no, but then she turned around to see it.* ….the hell is that thing? -06:38 Jun 15

Duncan: Um … I have no clue. But it’s awfully cute and uh … I need a babysitter?

“Greeooww!” the creature mewed.

Bronwen: *A babysitter for Duncan? That sounded like heaven!* I don’t know… pets are a responsibility… What does even eat? *Aw.. it was so fuzzy looking!* -06:40 Jun 15

Duncan: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* Well, uh … it seems to like bachenstrudels–whatever the hell those things are–but I think it’d eat just about anything!

Bronwen: Hmm. *Maybe it’d eat gatorbats. That alone would be worth it.* Okay, you can answer me one question and if you get it right, you can keep him. *Bronwen stood up and modeled her dress for him. Backless and blue like the sky! And if he didn’t like it, she was going to break his nose too and keep his pet for herself.* How do I look? -06:44 Jun 15

Duncan: Wow … *He blinked and his expression said it all.* I’d love to take you out to dinner anyday. *He cleared his throat.* Except … I’m broke and I spent my credits on a bachenstrudel.

Bronwen: Good answer. *She plopped back in to her seat and returned to editing things on the screen.* It’s yours. You’ll have to take care of it though, I don’t want it eating my stuff. -06:47 Jun 15

Duncan: Wow, really? Thanks! Boy is Cassius going to shit bullets when he hears about this! *Then he’s off and to his room!*

Bronwen: *Assuming that means Cassius saw the little furball first…. good riddence!* Make that 3 crew members and one… pet. *Another edit to her data!* -06:50 Jun 15

Cassius: *Cassiusmade sure to have a whole heap of beer before returning for the ship. He wasn’t gonna bother telling bronwen he was back, witch’d prolly smash his nose in again… Though he might’ve deserved it an all now that he thought about it, as he fell in to his bed! He’ll give her a shiny new gun to make up for it.*

Duncan: *Found Cassius in his room but he didn’t want to wake him just yet. He crept inside with the creature in his arms, telling it to keep quiet with a finger to his mouth. He stopped beside Cassius’ bed.* Oh, Cassius … Look what I got!

Cassius: *Cassius turned to groan that he wasn’t in the mood for any more booze when-* RAAAAAAAGGHHHH!!!

Bronwen: *Bronwen sat up quickly! What the shit…?! Bah.. she had fallen asleep on her screen. The devil was that noise? She glanced around wearily… * Nothing. -07:08 Jun 15

“Greeooww?” the creature mewed.

Duncan: *Grinned widely.* Isn’t it great?! The Cap’n said I could keep it! Now … kiss and make up!

Cassius: You brought that thing on our ship?! She said WHAT? *He was already backing away from the furry beast, practically falling out of bed to get away from it!* Shit… BRONWEN! BRONWEN!

“Greeooww?” the creature mewed.

Duncan: *Blinked!* You said it.

Bronwen: *Ah, there was something after all. What was Cassius’ problem. She took her sweet time getting up from her chair and padding sleepily to Cassius room.* … you bellowed? -07:12 Jun 15

Cassius: Where the hell do you get off letting him keep a fucker like that?! They can swallow a ship whole! *He was standing on his bed backed up against the wall, which was a funny sight ineed for such a huge burley man!*

Bronwen: Seriously? *She stood next to Duncan to peer at his little pet.* That’s cute. Have you named it yet? -07:14 Jun 15

Duncan: *Turned the creature around to look at him.* This little thing …? Are you sure you’re not wasted? *He tilted his head.* Actually, I haven’t come up with a name at all.

“Greeooww!” the creature mewed, looking as threatening as a daisy right now.

Cassius: BRONWEN. *He bellowed again!* I don’t think you’re considering the gravity of the fucking situation!

Bronwen: *She brushed a finger over the furry little things ear and gave it a scratch.* He’s right, Duncan. It really needs a name. We can’t keep calling it Furball or Fucker. -07:17 Jun 15

“Greeooww,” the creature mewed. It closed its eyes and seemed content to be scratched.

Duncan: Well … I’m open to suggestions. Have you ever seen a creature like this before?

Cassius: Son of a-! *She was doing this on purpose! Cassius lept down from his bed, giving the beast a wide birth, and snagged Bronwen by the arm to drag her away!* That’s it..! I’ve had enough! You’re going in a box and I’m shipping you to bloody Siborn! You’ll rue the day, Bronwen Shadowstar, that you brought that thing on board!!

MacBeth: *Wandered down the hall and stopped by.* What’s everyone yelling about? -07:22 Jun 15
Bronwen: No I hav-!! *Cassius snagged her and was dragging her off! She started laughing!* What’s the matter Cassius, are you afraid of a little furball? -07:22 Jun 15

Duncan: *Poked his head out to see Mac.* Cassius is wasted and is getting paranoid over the new pet.

Cassius: I’m getting rid of my sister, that’s what we’re yelling about. *He dragged her right down the hall for the cargo bay! He was serious!* You go and get all dressed up in some short little skirt, break my damned nose, bring some HELL BEAST on this ship to eat us all…! You’re a bloody witch!

MacBeth: *Yawned. It looked like he’d been dead asleep for awhile. He turned from watching Cassius drag Shadowstar to Duncan.* New pet, huh? -07:25 Jun 15
Bronwen: *Bronwen was still laughing! Hahaha! Wait, a second! She dug her feet in to the ground!* Come off it! You’re the one parading around like some sort of jackass! How about I break your stupid face too?! -07:26 Jun 15

Cassius: Try breaking my face while you’re in a BOX. *He wasn’t kidding, when he kicked open a crate and was shoving her in it! And he didn’t rightly care that he had to fight her in to the box, and probably got himself a black eye, he was still bigger and stronger than her, and with a satisfied grunt had slamed the lid on the crate and locked her in!* Try pulling your bullshit now!

Duncan: Yep! *He showed MacBeth the new pet.* It followed me home and I told the Cap’n I needed a babysitter.

“Greeooww!” the creature mewed.

Bronwen: Cassius, don’t you da–!! *Not the box, not in the box…! She kicked at the lid, howling curses!* YOU’RE BLOODY DEAD, CASSIUS!! DEAD!! -07:32 Jun 15
MacBeth: … I can see why she let you keep it. You’ve been feeding it, right? -07:32 Jun 15

Duncan: Uh … Sure, I have! It’s last meal was um … I think it’s last meal was … What time is it? *He finally asked.*

Cassius: *Cassius was already marching back for Duncan, pushing up his sleeves.* Guess who’s going in the box next, Flyboy.

Duncan: *Blinked!* Um … Is this a trick question? *He shrank back against the wall!*

The creature wiggled out of Duncan’s grasp and landed on the floor between Cassius and Duncan. “Grrreeeoowwww!” It hissed. The blue jewel in its forehead turned yellow and opened to reveal the third eye. It began to grow until it was as large as Cassius and nearly took up the entire space! “GRREEOWWW!” It howled, opening its mouth wider than should have been physically possible!

MacBeth: *Has already dashed to the cargo hold, the only place Cassius could’ve taken her. There were so many boxes but he tried everyone he could!* Shadowstar! Shadowstar! *Damnit! Cassius had gone too far!* -07:40 Jun 15

Cassius: Every last damned one of you is going in a box and getting shipped to some backwater bumfuck planet in the middle of no- ……..where. *He was about ready to lunge for Duncan but that demon started growing! Cassius about choked on his own tongue as he dashed against the wall, slid along side it and practically flew in to his room! The door slammed shut and it was entirely likely that he put extra locks on it!*

Bronwen: *She was about ready to start clawing at the lid with her finger nails! Why did it have to be a box!* MacBeth! -07:42 Jun 15

“Grreeoowww!” the creature roared but didn’t try to break down the door. Its tails lashed out in anger!

Cassius: *His very loud cursing could probably be heard on the other side of the door, but there was no way in hell he was going out! Screw it! He’d be a ship hermit and get his meals through the air vents!*

MacBeth: *Found the box and grabbed a crowbar! He worked open the lid and it finally sprang free with a CLANG! The lid went bouncing along the floor. Why was he so relieved to see she was still alive?* -07:44 Jun 15

Duncan: … *Was in shock!* Tiny …?

Bronwen: Crazy bastard…! *As soon as she could see light she was frantically trying to crawl out of the damn thing. She was pale and sick and worse, she was going to cry! Stupid Cassius, he didn’t have to stuff her in a box!* -07:46 Jun 15
MacBeth: Damnit, Shadowstar! *He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her out of there. Hell, he was so relieved, he didn’t even realize he was holding onto her.* -07:47 Jun 15
Bronwen: *She was quickly trying to wipe tears from her face. It was just fine now, and she didn’t have to look so stupid.* …he put me in the box. -07:48 Jun 15

The creature pawed at the door but only appeared to be testing it out. It turned to Duncan. “Greeooww?” Somehow the soft mew came out as a low growl and didn’t appear to fit the large creature in front of him.

MacBeth: … It’s time we returned the favor. -07:54 Jun 15

Duncan: *Reached out to pat Tiny’s head.* Carry on.

Bronwen: *She sniffled, and she really didn’t mean to.* He’s such a jackass… he started the whole damn thing! -07:57 Jun 15
MacBeth: … *Pulled out his gun and started marching for Cassius’ room.* -07:58 Jun 15
Bronwen: *MacBeth was marching away with his gun pulled and it didn’t occur to her where he was going until he was already out of the door. Bronwen was on his heels!* -08:01 Jun 15

Cassius: *Cassius was listening with his head pressed to the door, to see if that thing had left. If not… he was fully prepared to barricade the damned door.*

Duncan: *Looked up and around Tiny to see the Cap’n and MacBeth returning!* Hey! Um … I can uh … explain … Tiny is um … a fast grower?

Tiny was still facing the door, tails lashing. It didn’t seem to be in a particular hurry to charge into there.

Bronwen: *She stopped in the hall when she spotted “Tiny”.* …That’s a very ironic name, Duncan. -08:08 Jun 15

Duncan: I uh … um … named it before I knew it could do … *He gestured.* This.

MacBeth: *Nothing was going to stop him from getting a piece of Cassius, even Tiny.* Tell your pet to back down for a bit, Flyboy. We have words to exchange with Cassius. -08:10 Jun 15

Duncan: *Blinked and looked from Mac and the Cap’n to Tiny and back again. Finally, he stepped up to Tiny and wrapped his arms around its neck, although his fingers didn’t touch.* Come on, Tiny. Let’s get ’em some room.

Tiny kept eying the door but allowed itself to be led away. It didn’t go too far, though. It seemed it really wanted to get a piece of Cassius.

MacBeth: Cassius Shadowstar, you have 3 minutes to get off this ship. You’re no longer welcomed here. -08:14 Jun 15
Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked! Between a giant Tiny and MacBeth, she was wondering if she weren’t passed out in that box still and hallucinating!* -08:16 Jun 15
[Bronwen thinks Cassius bit off more than her could chew this time.] -12:06 Jun 16
[MacBeth had never wanted to kill a Shadowstar this much before.] -12:07 Jun 16

Cassius: *Cassius wasn’t opening the damned door.* What was that MacBeth? I think I heard you say something only a captain can say!

Duncan: *Gulped and decided this would be a good time to get Tiny away from the door.* Uh … Come on, Tiny.

Tiny made a “Greeeooww” sound but let Duncan lead it away.

MacBeth: Get the hell off of this ship. *He repeated. He’d only been this angry once and that was 10 years ago. When he got this angry, his senses were razor sharp and he was ruthlessly determined.* -12:14 Jun 16

Cassius: *Screw the furry beast, he wasn’t gonna stand behind that door listening to MacBeth trying to push his weight around. The door open, with Cassius standing there leaning against the frame.* Bronwen is pulling a bunch of shit and letting some demon on the ship, and you’re going to tell ME to get off the ship? How about you turn around and point your gun at the crazy bitch instead.

Bronwen: *She rest her hands on her hips. She was finding herself less sympathetic to her big brother.* Cassius, you’re asking for it… -12:21 Jun 16
MacBeth: The only crazy bitch I see here is you, Cassius. Morgan’s got you whipped and you can’t stand to be under the command of a woman, even when the woman is your own flesh and blood. I know where my loyalty lies. Where do yours? -12:22 Jun 16

Cassius: Yeah, I do. And it sure ain’t with the man that I practically helped raise who earned his rank by screwing my sister!

MacBeth: *The only reaction to that was his eyes narrowing.* Captain, permission to beat the crap out of your brother. *His voice was perfectly calm.* -12:29 Jun 16

Duncan: *Blinked and gave Cassius, Mac, and the Cap’n a bit more space.*

Bronwen: *Blink! Did he just say that she wo- As if she would even-* You’ve just said you last words, Cassius Shadowstar. Go ahead and break his legs! -12:34 Jun 16

Cassius: I’d like to see the kid try. *He muttered. He was drunk, but he wasn’t that drunk.*

MacBeth: *As much as he wanted to beat the crap out of Cassius, he knew the Shadowstar could take him in a head-on fight. So … He suddenly turned to Bronwen.* I owe you a song. Would you care to dance with me? *He gave her a short bow and offered her his hand, hoping she realized what he meant to do. Cassius might be able to take him head-on, one on one, but with Shadowstar’s help, he could rob him of the advantage of superior strength. And teach him a lesson.* -12:49 Jun 16
Bronwen: *A quirk of her eyebrow, and a slight twitch at the corner of her mouth. Yes, he definitely earned his right tobe first mate.* I’d be delighted. *She took his hand and spun herself around, making sure to throw a foot out and shove Cassius right back in his room! No reason to make a mess in the rest of the ship!* -12:56 Jun 16

Cassius: *That MacBeth was asking his sister to dance? What sort of stupid bullshit was- GUFMPH! Bronwen kicked him square in the chest, he growled as he staggered backwards!* So that’s how you’re gonna play it! Ain’t no thing to fight to brats at once! *He even readied his fists!*

MacBeth: *As Shadowstar spun, he moved between her and Cassius. He faced away from Cassius and gave him a good elbow to the nose, then stepped away lightly!* “Prison gates won’t open up for me, On these hands and knees I’m crawlin’, Oh, I reach for you, Well I’m terrified of these four walls, These iron bars can’t hold my soul in, All I need is you, Come please I’m callin’, And oh I scream for you, Hurry I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’ …” -01:06 Jun 16
Bronwen: *She decided it was just the perfect song to move to, as soon as MacBeth stepped away and Cassius was howling about his thrice hit nose, it only took a swift kick to the back of his knee for him to go sprawling to the ground!* -01:13 Jun 16

Cassius: *Aw FUCK! Not his damned nose again! What the shit was with this singing?! Ragh! Cassius hit the floor on one knee, but he moved quick to grab each of them by a leg!*

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* “Show me what it’s like, To be the last one standing, And teach me wrong from right, And I’ll show you what I can be, Say it for me, ,Say it to me, And I’ll leave this life behind me, Say it if it’s worth saving me …” *He grasped Shadowstar by the hips and swung her about. Her legs sailed over Cassius’s grasp and right into Cassius’ cheek to send him falling!* -01:19 Jun 16

Duncan: *Blinked as he watched, utterly speechless.*

Even Tiny had calmed down and was watching the dance-fight. The third eye closed and turned back into the blue jewel. Then Tiny began to shrink until it was back to its adorable self, now nestled in the crook of Duncan’s arm.

Cassius: *Cassius was on his back and stunned for only a brief second before he jumped back on his feet in the blink of an eye! He was letting them off easy seeing as they were family and all, but if they want to get HURT… He whipped out his gun and shot for MacBeth!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen swung a hand to snatch the gun, and Cassius’ wrist along with it! Letting go of MacBeth, she was twisting his arm behind his back and shoving him forward! No reason why she can’t let him dance with MacBeth too!* -01:24 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Cassius was certainly a sore loser! As soon as Shadowstar had pushed him in his direction, he spun him about, kicked the back of his knees to send him falling to the floor. Then he was jerking him up by his hair and pressed his own gun against Cassius’ temple.* Bang. -01:26 Jun 16

Cassius: Shit. *There wasn’t a lot a man could say about getting his ass kicked by people dancing.* Alright, alright… I give.

MacBeth: *Of course he wasn’t just ready to put that gun away just yet.* I don’t know. Captain? -01:30 Jun 16
MacBeth: * minus the first “just” -01:31 Jun 16
Bronwen: Sounds like a load of crap to me. *She moved to get a good look at him, holding his own gun up threateningly!* Planned on shooting us? That’s mutiny. -01:33 Jun 16
MacBeth: Got too many people who want to shoot us already to have to worry about one of our own. -01:34 Jun 16

Duncan: *Was still in shock.* Wow, I gotta learn how to dance … *He murmured softly to no one in particular.*

“Greeooww!” Tiny mewed cutely in agreement.

Cassius: Mutiny isn’t what I had in mind. *He growled out. Being on the floor and having a gun pointed at his head wasn’t doing much for his ego. And neither was being impressed on how he got that way.* How ’bout I say I’m sorry, and that I didn’t get you two until just now.

MacBeth: *Pretended to think it over.* Hm. Is he starting to sound ‘honest’ just yet, Shadowstar? -01:42 Jun 16
Bronwen: I think I’d sooner trust a gatorbat. You stuffed me in a shipping crate, Cassius. Not to mention everything else. -01:43 Jun 16
MacBeth: You know … I hear Morgan’s got a nice reward out for the return of Cassius Shadowstar. Dead or alive. -01:44 Jun 16

Cassius: *He was really gonna eat shit for that one.* A pissdrunk man terrorizied by a demon dun normally think about the shit he’s doin’ before he does it. I wasn’t aiming to hurt you, Bronwen. And I… admit that I underestimated you. …both of you.

Bronwen: *She was thinking about it… he was really lucky he was her brother. Any other man, she’d have him tied up and thrown out in to space.* I suggest you think twice before speaking from now on, Cassius. Cause next time MacBeth pulls a gun, I’m gonna let him shoot you. -01:53 Jun 16

Tiny suddenly started to convulse! After repeated pattings on the back by Duncan, it barfed up … a spit-covered camera?!

MacBeth: *Still reclutant to let Cassius go just yet. But when Tiny spit up that camera, he suddenly had an idea.* Hey, Duncan. Does that thing work? -01:55 Jun 16

Duncan: *Blinked as Tiny coughed up a tiny camera in his hand! He looked up at Mac.* Um … I guess I can check. *He put Tiny down and wiped off the camera. He turned it on and discovered that it indeed work. Pretty well for something that came out of a creature’s belly.* Um … why?

Cassius: *Gurk…! The little shit barf up a camera?! Cassius scowled, but he wasn’t damned fool enough to say anything about it.*

Tiny was the perfectly innocent creature, sitting down beside Duncan. It was cleaning its paw and seemed oblivious to Cassius’ dark opinion about it.

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Take a pic of our dear Cassius right now. -01:58 Jun 16

Duncan: *Blinked.* Um … Okay! *He lifted the camera and took not one, not two, but three shots of Cassius. One from each angle! True to its function, the camera took the pictures.*

Cassius: Oh gawd… *He groaned…! He WAS gonna be eating shit for this!* Are you happy now..?!

MacBeth: Throw me the film card. *He caught it and pocketed it into his vest before he put the gun away and stepped away from Cassius.* It’ll suffice. -02:01 Jun 16
Bronwen: *Tapping her fingers on her arms!* Now you’re gonna start working, and working is all you’re gonna do until I say otherwise. Starting with scrubbing down everything in the engine room. ..with your own damned toothbrush. -02:02 Jun 16

Duncan: *Pocketed the camera. There wasn’t a lot he could do with it for the time being.* How about we go find you something to eat? *He said to Tiny as he crouched down to it.*

Cassius: *Cassius opened his mouth ready to tell her to take her orders and chuff them when he caught another glimpse of MacBeth.* Aye, Captain. I’ll get right on it.

Tiny’s face appeared to light up. “Greeoww!” it mewed and hopped onto Duncan’s shoulder after which the two disappeared in search of the galley.

Bronwen: Fix your nose first. *Bronwen muttered as she left the room. She was going back to the bridge.* -02:09 Jun 16

Cassius: *Grumbling to himself and checking his nose.* Coulda damned told me you cared that much about my sister, twit…

MacBeth: *Had a faroff look in his eyes for a moment.* Didn’t know it myself. *Then he turned and walked to the galley to fix himself something to eat.* -02:22 Jun 16
Bronwen: *Plopping in to her chair and.. rubbing her head! If she didn’t think about, maybe she wouldn’t be so damned confused. Leaning forward she pressed the comlink button.* I’m pretty sure you’re making a mess in my galley. You’ve got ten minutes to clean it up before I get there. And I expect there to be edible food. -02:28 Jun 16

Duncan: *Nearly dropped the ladle he was holding. Somehow, Mama made this cooking thing look so much easier! He gulped and pressed the comlink button.* Um … Aye aye! I mean … Yes, Cap’n! *He switched it off and turned to look at Tiny perched on the counter beside him.* Well, you heard the lady …

“Greeooww!” Tiny mewed.

MacBeth: *Walked into the galley to find the place a mess!* Interrupting something, am I? *Splatters of … gooey mess splotched the once-pristine kitchen! Cabinets are opened, drawers are pulled out …* -02:32 Jun 16
Bronwen: *A little data entry. Tiny’s now named Tiny… Cassius’ long list of projects he’ll be working on, coordinates for Duncan. She wasn’t kidding about ten minutes either, she was eyeing the clock!* -02:33 Jun 16

Duncan: *Blinked!* Mac! *He quickly looked around at the mess he’d managed to make in the short time he’d left.* You gotta help me! I’ve got 10 minutes to clean this all up AND have food for the Cap’n to eat!

MacBeth: *Rescuring captains, putting smart-ass tech-geeks in their place … Somehow, aiding pilots in the galley fit right into his day!* Fine. Let’s get to work. You start cleaning up whatever the hell this goo is and I’ll deal with tidying things up. -02:35 Jun 16

Duncan: *Breathed a sigh of relief!* Phew! Thanks, you’re a– *He saw the look Mac was giving him.* Right away! *He found a towel and started to wipe the goo up. However, wiping it up was only half the work. Some of the goo had already started to dry so he had to scrub at it with every ounce of muscle he had! Then it left the spot sticky so he had to scrub that off and dry it!*

Bronwen: *She was pulling up star maps, doesn’t hurt to get a good idea of where you’ll be going. She eyed the clock again with a smirk!* -02:38 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Started with the cabinets and shelves closest to him. He started pushing in drawers, closing cabinets. Then he picked up dishes and dropped them into the sink, right after he filled it with water and soap. He let them soak and started the stove. While the stove was warming up–hell if he knew how long it had been since someone had last used the stove–he checked the cold boxes for food to heat up and serve.* -02:39 Jun 16

And while all this was going on, Tiny groomed itself.

Duncan: *With the amount of elbow grease he was giving this job, he was done in no time. He went over to Mac who was still digging for some food to cook.* Okay! Done! Now what?

Bronwen: *Bronwen was already getting up from her chair, and twisting her hair back up out of the way again. She’d walk slow and drop her shoes off in her room first.* -02:42 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Didn’t even bother looking up.* Wash the dishes in the sink and dry them. Then put them back in the drawers. Everything better be organized and neat. *He reached in and pulled out a rather large leg of red meat and bone. He made a large pot of water and set it to boil, leaving the bone on the counter.* -02:43 Jun 16

Tiny spotted the bone and slowly crept up to it like a jungle cat stalking prey. It got to the leg and was about to devour it whole–*

MacBeth: Don’t even think about it. *He raised his head and fixed Tiny with one of his trademark glares. Then again, the pet did need to eat …* Fine. I’ll find something else to heat up. *Then he dug into the refridgerator again and pulled out something else.* -02:45 Jun 16

“Greeoowww!” Tiny mewed happily and devoured the leg whole.

Duncan: *Was busy with the dishes! He did as told and washed them really well. So well that he could see his reflection in them. Of course, he started to comb his hair back and admire himself when Mac barking at him to stop forced him to focus on the task at hand. He dried the dishes and began to organize them in the drawers.*

Bronwen: *Kicking her shoes in her room, she was now sneaking to the galley. Stopping to lean in the doorway with her hand covering her eyes.* I’m wondering if I should look, or spare myself the horrible disapointment. -02:47 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Pulled out some pieces of meat and sliced them up. Then he chopped up some vegetables and sliced some cheese, arranging them in a pan that he promptly stuck into the oven instead. Fortunately, the oven warmed up almost immediately. With the water boiling on the stove, he made some hot drinks.* -02:49 Jun 16

Duncan: *While Mac was waiting for the food to cook and making the hot drinks, Duncan finished his tasks.* Alright, Mac. Done! Now what …?

MacBeth: *Mixing in some spices he’d found on the shelf and following a recipe he was given awhile ago. He glanced over his shoulder at Duncan.* Get out the plates and silverware, some napkins and cups for everyone. Tiny over there just needs a plate, preferably one we won’t mind losing. -02:52 Jun 16

Soon enough, delicious smells waft out from the oven and stove! Both the food and the hot drinks Mac is making smell delicious!

Bronwen: *Well, with nothing exploding and something smelling very nice… She peeks through her fingers. Hmm. Place doesn’t look like a wreck…* -02:54 Jun 16

Duncan: *Nodded and started moving around to do just that! He didn’t do half bad when someone told him what to do! There wasn’t a table to sit at but there was a large counter in the middle of the galley! Not to mention some high stools stacked in the corner! He made a place for everyone except Tiny.*

Tiny appeared to be content for the moment. It was lying on its side, tails flicking lazily, looking, for all purposes, like royalty watching over subjects.

Bronwen: *Bronwen stepped in to the galley and crouched down to scratch Tiny on the head. No need to terrorize Duncan!* Hmm, you got fed before me, did you? I didn’t even get supper yet. -03:05 Jun 16

“Greeoowww!” Tiny mewed in agreement and, of course, seemed content with the scratching.

Duncan: Cap’n! *He quickly turned to face her and saluted!* Um, uh … Welcome!

Bronwen: Why are you saluting me, Duncan, I just wanted something to eat. -03:07 Jun 16

Duncan: *Sheepish grin!* Um … well … uh … we wouldn’t have anything to eat except um … Mac agreed to help me. *He gestured.*

Bronwen: *She stood back up, crossing her arms and look as intimidating as she could muster, considering she just wanted to laugh at him.* I see. You’re completely afraid of me now and got Mac in here to save you. -03:10 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Glanced over his shoulder at the mention of his name. He opened the oven and reached inside to pull out a casserole of meat, vegetables, and cheese. Even though it had only been in the oven for a short time, it was plain to see it was ready to be eaten. The meat was nice and brown, the vegetables were steamed but not burnt, and the cheese was melted but not hard.* -03:10 Jun 16

Duncan: *Gulped!* Um … no, ma’am. It’s just … my mama made cooking look a lot easier than it turned out to be.

Bronwen: *She pat Duncan on the head and smiled!* I know. I nearly blew up her kitchen. I suppose we’re lucky MacBeth seems know what he’s doing. -03:12 Jun 16

Duncan: *Grinned sheepishly again!* It sure smells delicious, doesn’t it?

MacBeth: It better taste delicious, too. Now who’s gonna taste it? -03:15 Jun 16
Bronwen: We’re being experimented on, Duncan. *She hopped in to a stool, tapping her fingers on the counter.* I’ll spare Duncan his life and try it first. -03:17 Jun 16

Duncan: Heh heh. Thanks, Cap’n! *He sat down beside her, though.*

MacBeth: Very funny. *He scooped a small portion into her plate and placed it in front of Shadowstar.* -03:18 Jun 16
Bronwen: *She gave him a cheeky smile as she picked up her fork and tried a bite!* Hmm… -03:20 Jun 16

Duncan: *Studied the Cap’n’s face for any sign that it was good or bad! His stomach was growling, though!*

Bronwen: Dreadful. *Another bite! For something so simple, it was divine! Why the hell could she do stuff like this?!* Try it Duncan, it’ll make you cry! -03:24 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Dreadful, eh? But he held his tongue and watched her take a second bite.* -03:26 Jun 16

Duncan: *Grinned sheepishly and held up his plate to Mac.* Can I try it, too?

MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow but gave him a serving anyways. Then he watched as Duncan picked up the fork and slowly slipped it into his mouth.* -03:28 Jun 16
Bronwen: *She was eating still and cast a glance at Duncan too. She wanted to see this! Smirk!* -03:28 Jun 16

Duncan: *Let it sit in his mouth … slowly chew … ccchheeewww … more ccheewwwwing … The odd look on his face slowly turned into something akin to disbelief. After ages of chewing, he swallowed. And then he took another bite. This time he chewed and swallowed a little faster than before.* Mmmmmm …

Bronwen: *She laughed softly.* I was wondering if there were anything you can’t do, MacBeth. -03:34 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Comes with the territory. Not bad for having less than 10 minutes to cook, eh? -03:38 Jun 16
Bronwen: I’m impressed. Especially erasing any signs of Duncan’s mess.. How bad was it? -03:40 Jun 16
MacBeth: … *Glanced at Duncan who suddenly found the food very fascinating to look at!* Let’s just say you’d be amazed at what Flyboy here can do in a few minutes. -03:42 Jun 16
Bronwen: *Cast Duncan a raised eyebrow.* Is that so… Hmm. Well, I’m still waiting for my drink. And I’d love to know why you didn’t tell me when you got back from your date. -03:44 Jun 16
MacBeth: You actually wanted an update? *He got out the cups and used a ladle to scoop the drink into them. He made three and placed one in front of Shadowstar, another in front of Duncan.* I took them to dinner and we had a nice time. Mostly talked about what we’ve been up to since we last saw each other. And no, I didn’t make out with them. A kiss goodnight. -03:47 Jun 16

The hot drink Mac served smells delicious, too. It tasted of chocolate and cream and some liquor, vodka to be precise.*

Bronwen: *She took the cup and sipped… Perfectly warm, and ever pleasant! She liked this!* And to think, if you would have taken me out, you could have won the bet without him sayin’ you cheated. -03:50 Jun 16
MacBeth: … True. *He took a sip of the drink.* -03:53 Jun 16
Bronwen: At I did get a dance. *Grinning in to her cup! That was some dance! It was worth not having a date!* -03:56 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* It was my pleasure. *That would teach Cassius a thing or two about respect.* -04:01 Jun 16

“Greeooww?” came a mew from the floor at Mac’s feet.

MacBeth: *Had a good guess of what Tiny was mewing about. He fixed Tiny a plate of its own and placed it on the floor.* -04:03 Jun 16

“Greeooww!” Tiny devoured the food on the plate but interestingly enough, left the plate intact. However, it did lick it clean.

Bronwen: *She was really expecting it to eat the plate too. But she supposed it was better that their dishes didn’t get devoured. Speaking of plates, her was empty and she was tapping it with her fork as a subtle suggestion!* -04:05 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Looked up, still smirking.* I take it I’ll be spending a lot of time here, Cap’n. *He said as he gave her another serving.* -04:07 Jun 16
Bronwen: Maybe I should have made you Cook instead of First Mate. It’s worlds better having real food to eat. *She rest her chin in her hand and smiled at him.* -04:10 Jun 16

Duncan: *Finished off his food and was up for another helping! He oh so boldly holds his empty plate up to Mac with a sheepish grin on his face!*

MacBeth: *Gave Flyboy another helping. He chuckled softly. He couldn’t help himself.* I’ll have you know this simple meal you’re having is the result of trial and error. -04:13 Jun 16
Bronwen: Does that mean you’re going to train us to be as brilliant as you? -04:14 Jun 16

Content for the time being, Tiny jumped onto another counter and curled up to take a nap.

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* It was meant as a warning but … I guess we need something to pass the time between fighting Morgan and rescuing Shadowstars. Speaking of which, what did you find out about Brennan? -04:18 Jun 16
Bronwen: Uh huh. While you boys were off having adventures, I chatted it up with people. Othello has been making the same route for the past few weeks. They should be near Kerasant right about now. -04:20 Jun 16
MacBeth: Sounds good. Any word of who’s in charge at the moment? -04:21 Jun 16
Bronwen: Some new.. really new. No one really knew who it was, just that he impressed Morgan by injecting someone out in to space. -04:22 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Thoughtful.* Lovely. *Some things never changed. He made himself some food and started to eat. Yep. It had definitely been awhile since he’d eaten some cooked food.* -04:25 Jun 16
Bronwen: *Two plates was plenty for Bronwen, so once done she slid it to the side and sipped her drink.* I think we’re going to invade the ship itself. Cassius and I could probably figure out the best way to do it, and I’m counting on Duncan’s luck that our new little ship will make that easier for us. -04:28 Jun 16

Duncan: *Looked up in mid-chew and quickly nodded.* Hmmhphff Mpphfff!

Bronwen: I’ll take that as a yes, hmm? -04:35 Jun 16

Duncan: *Quickly nodded and it looked like he was about to salute her when he managed to stop himself in time.*

Bronwen: And you’ll be happy to wash the dishes too, won’t you! -04:38 Jun 16

Duncan: *Blinked! But then he slowly nodded, looking embarassed.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen laughed!* Nvermind, Duncan… you can take Tiny away and I’ll help MacBeth wash the dishes. -04:47 Jun 16

Duncan: *Swallowed what was in his mouth, leaving his plate empty. He grinned.* Thanks, Cap’n! Thanks, Mac! *He got up and picked up Tiny who made a “Grreeoow” in protest but didn’t wiggle out of Duncan’s grasp. He disappeared, probably to his own room.*

MacBeth: *Finished his own food by now and stood. Against his better judgement, he made Cassius a plate and stuck it into the oven to keep it warm.* -04:51 Jun 16
Bronwen: *She was pretty sure she could wash dishes without a disaster. She swallowed the last of her drink and picked up the empty plates.* -04:54 Jun 16
MacBeth: *It was pretty quiet as he cleaned up, putting the rest of the casserole in the oven along with Cassius’ food. He fixed himself another drink and made sure to put back all the things he’d used to cook in the first place before he started to wipe down the counters.* -04:59 Jun 16
Bronwen: *Ha, Mama Hessing trained a dish washing warrior! Hahaha! She was smirking to herself, taking her sweet time with cleaning! She’d take a peek to see what he was doing every other dish or so.* -05:03 Jun 16
MacBeth: *There wasn’t much to see, though, besides Mac cleaning. He was a thorough cleaner, especially since they didn’t need insects and what not making their home here, too.* -05:06 Jun 16
Bronwen: *Dishes washed, dried and put away… She was eternally lucky that MacBeth didn’t make a Duncan sized mess. She was still wondering how bad it could have possibly been in just a few minutes. She turned to lean against the counter once she was finished.* Were you really going to throw Cassius off? -05:11 Jun 16
MacBeth: Yeah. I was hoping I could get a chance to lock him in the box, too. *He took a sip of his drink and stood back to admire the clean kitchen.* -05:12 Jun 16
Bronwen: *She grinned slowly.* You’ll prolly get another chance. Cassius and I don’t get along often. -05:16 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* He’d better have learned not to stick you in a box again. I’m not as forgiving as you are. -05:17 Jun 16
Bronwen: Thank you for pulling me out, MacBeth… Don’t think I would have been too pleasant being stuck in there all night. -05:22 Jun 16
MacBeth: You’re welcome. Way I see it, we have to stick together. *He gave her a genuine grin.* What are best friends for? -05:24 Jun 16
Bronwen: Hmm, yeah… *She realized she was returning his grin with a ridiculously wide smile, and slowly turned around to feign great interest in a rubber dish duck. She was being stupid!* -05:30 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit as he got up and went to the comlink.* You should get going. I have to call Cassius to see if he wants a meal or not. If you two start fighting again so soon, I won’t be able to resist the urge to shoot him. -05:31 Jun 16
Bronwen: In that case, I better spare my poor brothers life and go take a nap. *A smile and a theft of his drink as she escaped the kitchen!* -05:37 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit as she sneaked away with his drink no less! He gave her a headstart to reach her room before he pressed that comlink button.* Hey, Cassius. There’s casserole and chocolate russian. You want some or should I just eat it all? -05:39 Jun 16

Cassius: *Cassius hit his com to reply.* You mean… you’re feeding the prisoner? I’ll be right up.

MacBeth: *A shame, too. He was going to drink all the chocolate russian and feed the casserole to Tiny if Cassius had turned it down. But he knew it had been awhile since the ass had had a real meal.* Tch. You’re losing it, Mac. *He muttered to himself.* -05:43 Jun 16

Cassius: *At least to his credit he DID look like he had actually been working down there. Covered head to toe in gawd only knew what, and looking pretty damned hungry.* So I gotta eat alone, or were you waitin’ to mug me when nobody was looking?

MacBeth: Everyone else ate already, including the pet. I hate to disappoint you but no, I’m not going to mug you. Just sticking around to tell you that what you don’t eat or drink, put away and whatever dishes you use, be sure you wash and put them away, too. *He walked to the door.* Enjoy your meal. *Then he was gone. He wandered around the ship aimlessly and finally found himself at the cargo hold.* -05:53 Jun 16

Cassius: *Cassius snorted as the man walked out. He was getting ballbusted now, but he supposed it was bound to happen! He fetched his food and ate!*

There’s a flapflapflapping in the galley followed by a chirp!

Cassius: *Cassius speared the thing out of midair and examined it! Haha! A gatorbat investation? He should tie this thing to a string and dangle it in front of Brownie! …Then he thought of MacBeth.* …Damn. *He tossed the thing over his shoulder and went back to eating.*

MacBeth: *He sat down on a crate and leaned against the wall where he pulled out the film card and a key card he’d forgotten he’d put there. Now where did he … that’s right … he’d gotten it from the base they pulled Cassius out of.* -06:02 Jun 16

Just as Cassius went back to eating, a streak of silver fur dashed into the galley! It jumped onto the counter Cassius was eating at and stared the Shadowstar right in the eye! “Grreeoow!” it hissed and pounced! But at the last minute, instead of landing on top of Cassius and trying to eat his face, it sailed over him and landed on the floor behind him. It swallowed the gatorbat whole and belched!

Cassius: guHUH!! *Cassius choked on his dinner! Cough!Cough!Hack!! The little furry demonic hell beast!! Cough! He managed to grab his cup and chug down the whole damn thing to save his own life!*

Tiny suddenly dashed off, right between Cassius’ legs and streaked out of the galley!

Meanwhile there was another flapflapping in the cargo hold. Chirp~!

MacBeth: Crap. *He pulled out his gun and took off his vest before he got off of the crate and looked around.* -06:13 Jun 16

Flapflap. Ggrrrgllgleep! It landed someone on one of the crates!

Cassius: *With his meal done, and his chest not hurting from nearly being murdered by that furry beast, Cassius did as he was told and cleaned up. That’s when he decided he better have a chat with his sister. He ain’t gonna be able to do it with MacBeth around, he might end up shot for looking at her crosseyed.*

MacBeth: *Tracked the sound to a section nearby and got ready to surprise it. He would throw his vest over the blasted thing and either club it to death or shoot it.* -06:18 Jun 16

There it was. A huge gatorbat. HUGE! It was like… queen sized! Sitting there fat and happy as can be, chewing on a smaller one it caught and decided to feast upon. GGRRRHISS.

MacBeth: *One look at the gatorbat and Mac figured clubbing it to death might take a little longer.* -06:20 Jun 16
Bronwen: *Bronwen was good and asleep, and preffered to stay that way. She had pulled on her fresh clothes, and fallen in to bed without even bothering with covers. She even had a gun in her hand tucked under her pillow.* -06:21 Jun 16

Just as Mac was about to go through with his plan, he was interrupted by a streak of silver! “Grreeoowww!” Tiny landed on the top of the crate and wasted no time in swallowing the queen-sized gatorbat whole! It was amazing just how wide its mouth became. Not to mention disturbing when Tiny tried to move with a big bulge in its belly. It walked off satisfied though!

MacBeth: *That was just great. Gatorbats. And where there had been two, there were sure to be more. He stalked out of the cargo hold, in search of either more gatorbats or Shadowstar.* -06:23 Jun 16

Cassius: *Aw.. sisters and their guns. It was cute. He made sure to pluck it out of her hand before he leaned down poke her.* Brownie, I gotta talk to you…

Flapflap! What was that in the hall? It was another gatorbat! It was pretty large and sassy too! It seemed when everyone quieted down, they were suddenly coming out!

Tiny moved a lot better, now that the bulge in its belly had disappeared. Unfortunately that meant Cassius was going to find a large surprise when he got back to his room. Tiny soon came across the large and sassy gatorbat. “Grreeooww!” it hissed.

Bronwen: ..unless someone is dead, go’way. *She mumbled, pulling the pillow over her head. Can’t she sleep?!* -06:26 Jun 16

Duncan: *Dove under his bed to hide from the gatorbats!* GATORBATS! GATORBATS!

Cassius: Browniiiie. Jus answer some questions and I’ll leave you alone. *He made sure to shake her bed, so she’d know what he’d do if she didn’t!*

Bronwen: ..whatever.. *She was hardly awake anyway. Bronwen rolled over so she didn’t have to look at him.* -06:29 Jun 16

A gatbat dove for Duncan’s rear! He did look pretty delicious!

MacBeth: OOOOOOWWWWWOOOOOO!! *Duncan cried. He jumped out from his hiding place and dashed outside, racing down the hall with a gatorbat chumping on his butt!* -06:30 Jun 16

Cassius: Did you sleep with MacBeth? *He looked up… Well, there was one of those gatorbats. He…. didn’t mention that yet.*

The large gatorbat might look mean and nasty but it was no match for–whatever the hell Tiny was! It pounced on top of it and swallowed it whole! Then Tiny was off, patrolling the rooms!

Bronwen: no. ..what’s that flapping? *She pushed her pillow away and sat up slowly.* -06:31 Jun 16

Duncan: Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff! *He kept screaming. He happened to run past Tiny who may or may not have tripped him somehow, sending him sprawling!*

Tiny pounced on top of Duncan and swallowed that gatorbat whole! There was a whole smorgasboard of gatorbats and no time to waste! It dashed off into everyone’s rooms!

Cassius: Duncan’s teaching Tiny to fly…. Have you kissed him? Make out?

A whole flock of gatorbats popped out of one of the spare rooms! It looked like an arsenal against a furry beast!

Bronwen: No… the hell are you asking me, cassius? *Bronwen rubbed her eyes, starting to wake up enough to realize he was asking some pretty damned nosey shit.* Tiny can’t fly. -06:35 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Got to the comlink!* Shadowstar! We got a gatorbat infestation! Wake up! -06:35 Jun 16

Tiny’s fur stood on end as its tails lashed out. Its body blurred and seemed to expand and soon there were dozens of Tiny’s around. The copies were just illusions but bought Tiny time to take each and everyone of them down as they were suddenly distracted by the sudden appearance of many creatures!

Cassius: *Damned MacBeth! He wasn’t done yet!* Just making things clear. You, uh… You’ll want this. *He handed her, her gun back.*

MacBeth: *On his way to Shadowstar’s room, he found Duncan on the floor, screaming at the top of his lungs. He stopped to help him up.* Flyboy, what the hell are you screaming about? -06:38 Jun 16

Duncan: Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff! *As soon as he was on his feet again, he started to dance around and wave his arms in the air to ward off the gatorbats.*

Bronwen: …gatorbats?! *Gun in her hands, she shoved Cassius out of the way to move to the door! Wait… she’s not going out there with gatorbats!* Get out there and kill them, Cassius!! -06:38 Jun 16

Flapflap and dive!! They were trying to attack the copies! And getting swallowed for their efforts! Gatorbats scattered all over the place!

Cassius: *Cassius was grinning as he left for the door.* Don’t know how anyone could be afraid of little things like that. *He opened the door and a whole fleet of them nearly smacked him in the face!*

Tiny was not about to let them get off that easily! It dashed about like a silver bolt of lightning, bouncing and springing off of the walls! It even started to swallow them in mid-air!

MacBeth: Get down! *Mac crouched to the floor and had to yank Duncan down to avoid him getting hit by the gatorbats attempting to flee!* -06:41 Jun 16
Bronwen: *A loud shriek! He was getting eaten alive! Good god they were horrible! She shoot to kill! And wasn’t shy about aiming for the ones stuck on his face either!* -06:42 Jun 16

Cassius: My FACE, woman!! Watch it! *Wisely Cassius staggered out of the room in to the hall before he ended up shot! …And this time not on purpose!*

By now, there were no other gatorbats–except for the ones on Cassius’ face. But Tiny, sitting in the hall and licking its forepaw, just watched Cassius stumble out of the Cap’n’s room and didn’t do a thing to help him. “Greeoww.”

Bronwen: Be still! …move your hands! *She staggered out of the room following Cassius trying to aim, but he wouldn’t freaking stand somewhere long enough for her to shoot ’em dead!* -06:46 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Watched as the two Shadowstars danced around the hall and smirked.* Why don’t you keep them all? He looks better like that. -06:47 Jun 16

Cassius: Fuck no..! *He dug a knife out of his pants to pry the little buggars off.*

Bronwen: They’ll just finish his face and come after me…!! Damnit, Cassius! *If she couldn’t shoot them, she made sure to dash around him quickly so she could hide behind MacBeth and Duncan until they were all dead!* -06:48 Jun 16

Duncan: *Blinked at what was going on.* Um … Tiny …?

“Greeooww?” Those bright yellow eyes looked up at him.

Duncan: *Gestured to Cassius.* Could you …? Please …?

“Greeooww!” Tiny pounced into the air and flew past Cassius’ head. When it landed, it looked at its claws and all the gatorbats fell to the floor, ripped to shreds with not a mark on Cassius–not from Tiny’s claws anyways.

Cassius: *Cassius made double sure to check and make sure his face was still intact. He snorted.*.. yeah, thanks. hairball.

Duncan: *Opened his arms and Tiny jumped into them. He hugged the creature close.* You are awesome, Tiny!

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* With an appetite to match. -06:55 Jun 16
Bronwen: Was that all of them? …No that wasn’t all of them. Duncan, take your baby hunting and make sure there’s none left! -06:55 Jun 16

Duncan: *Nodded.* Yes, Cap’n. Are you up to it, Tiny? *He scratched the creature under its chin.*

“Greeooww!” it mewed and jumped out of his arms. Then it led the way to patrol the front of the ship, like the bridge.

Cassius: …Shit. I’m going to bed before anyone else tries to kill me. *Cassius marched off for his room.*

MacBeth: *Watched Cassius march off.* Are you okay? * He turned to Shadowstar.* -06:59 Jun 16
Bronwen: I’m horrified, but I’ll live. … *She snagged him by the shirt and drug him for his room.* Sleep with me. -07:01 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Gets snagged and dragged before he knows it. He remembered her mentioning that she wasn’t too fond of gatorbats.* Are you sure you don’t want to sleep in your room? -07:02 Jun 16
Bronwen: Your bed is bigger. I can build a fortress of solitude, free of bloody gatorbats and nosey brothers. *In to his room, she did glance around carefully tomake sure there weren’t any in there… had Tiny patroled here yet? Well, that was what MacBeth was for anyway.* -07:06 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Seemed to know what Shadowstar was thinking.* It should be clear. Tiny patrolled everywhere from your room to the back of the ship, including mine. *He raised an eyebrow.* Gatorbats I can understand. What is Cassius digging around for? -07:07 Jun 16
Bronwen: I think you really scared the daylights out of him. *Safe and sound, she released him to crawl in to bed, tucking the gun under the pillow and curl up with the blanket. A shuddering sigh! What they needed was repellents… gasbombs…?* -07:09 Jun 16
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit until he remembered the words they’d exchanged before he’d gone to the galley. He moved into bed beside her. The bed really was pretty big. This was his first time actually lying in it.* Let’s see how long he behaves. -07:16 Jun 16
Bronwen: maybe a week. *She muttered. Cassius never behaved for long. But if he was that damned curious, MacBeth surprised him. …he surprised her too. Bronwen slowly smirked.* I think gatorbats counts as trouble. -07:21 Jun 16
MacBeth: *He looked down at her and chuckled softly.* Do they now …? Guess I can’t argue the point. What do I owe you again, a second song? -07:24 Jun 16
Bronwen: Yep, a second song. Or you’ll have to do something really horrible. -07:28 Jun 16
MacBeth: I’ll save us both the trouble and go for the second song. Do I get to pick the song? -07:29 Jun 16
Bronwen: You pick the song, or I’ll think of an evil one. -07:31 Jun 16
MacBeth: I’ll take your word for it. *He was silent for a moment.* I assume you want me to start singing it as soon as I pick it. -07:33 Jun 16
Bronwen: If you want to. Or you could sing it on the comlink for Duncan and Cassius… *She already had her eyes closed and was rubbing her head to keep from falling asleep while she was talking to him.* -07:35 Jun 16
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I think I stunned them both already when I started to sing while we were dancing. I don’t intend to sing for them again. *He took a deep breath.* Well, here we go then. “Sick and Tired of this world, There’s no more air, Trippin’ over myself, Goin’ nowhere, Waiting, Suffocating, No direction, And I took a dive …” (Ryan Cabrera’s “On the Way Down”) -07:39 Jun 16
Bronwen: *She snickered softly at that… At least Duncan thought it was as cool a she did! She tapped a finger along with the words.* -07:44 Jun 16
MacBeth: “And on the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won’t forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, Almost fell right through, But I held onto you …” -07:45 Jun 16
Bronwen: *She really didn’t want to fall asleep before he was finished! She kept up her tapping to stay awake, but eventually that slowed as she slept softly.* -07:50 Jun 16
[Bronwen fell asleep. ….Dangit!] -02:09 Jun 17
[MacBeth smirked a bit. Fallen asleep, has she?] -02:09 Jun 17
MacBeth: *But a promise was a promise and he kept singing anyways. Sure, she’d probably wake up and say he hadn’t finished the song but he figured as much. It couldn’t possibly be because he liked singing for her. Of course not!* -02:10 Jun 17

Cassius: *Someone in the ship Cassius was screaming! He found the ‘present’ that furry demon left him!*

Cassius: *someWHERE!

And a content, sleepy Tiny rests, curled up on Duncan’s lap as he napped in his room.

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