Morning comes and it’s macBeth and Cassius alone in the kitchen. Cassius explains he wasn’t going to actually hurt Bronwen, and MacBeth mutters that he scared her to death. Cassius asks if MacBeth thinks he’s going to be there to shoot everyone that scares her, and MacBeth says he’s awfully good at shooting! Cassius apologizes since he knows MacBeth isn’t just screwing around with his sister for the fun of it, but MacBeth doesn’t quite accept it. He still wants to shoot him. Mac makes breakfast while Bronwen arrives. He’s pretty silent while she discusses plans with Cassius. After breakfast Bronwen and Mac raid the basket for anything useful. Bronwen finds a squirtgun that she is far too amused in using on MacBeth. They also find a cracking computer, and some very nice blades!

Bronwen takes her new squirtgun to squirt Duncan and tell him about his new training. He’s not keen on the idea, but after Cassius shows up to hand Bronwen his plans and he picks on him too… he decides learning to defend himself is a good idea! Bronwen and Cassius discuss the plans, while Duncan asks MacBeth for a little teaching. MacBeth gives him some quick lessons in the cargo hold and Bronwen sneaks in to watch. After a quick lesson from MacBeth, Bronwen offers to teach Duncan shooting. It’s a fun excuse to use those squirtguns! Duncan is pretty good at running away until he knocks himself out cold. Bronwen feels a bit sorry for him. With Duncan knocked out, MacBeth shoots at Bronwen and runs… the battle is on! Another even match without either of them being able to gain the upper hand for long. Bronwen finally conceeds defeat when she ends up on the floor, telling Tiny very dramatically that she’s dying and Mac will have to carry her off tobed to die comfortably. Mac was going to refuse, but Tiny greowed at him. So he lifted her up “the right way” and was going to carry her off to bed, but she changed the plan. Insisting he was now a prisoner of war and would have to carry her until he begged for mercy! First she has him sing another song and dance with her. Then it’s back to being picked up and him having to make dinner while carrying her at the same time. With Tiny’s help, he manages to cook up something just fine and she lets him set her down. In the conversation they chat about her brothers again, and deem that Duncan is finally done crushing over her. She considers offering Duncan a kiss to test it out, and says she’ll give MacBeth one if he asks! He takes it very seriously, asking her to humor him and say whether or not she means it. She says, yes. She’s serious.

MacBeth calls up Cassius for food. Bronwen goes to fetch Duncan out of the cargobay.

A nice uneventful evening and a good nights sleep. …Except for Cassius who spent half the night cleaning up.

MacBeth: *Morning comes nice and early for Mac who dozed off sometime after finishing his song. Early enough for him to sneak out of bed and head to the kitchen. He could do with some breakfast!* -02:20 Jun 17

Cassius: *Cassius who didn’t get sleep at all, for even after he cleaned it all up he could still SMELL it! He had taken refuge in the galley with coffee spiked vodka. He was too tired and pissed to do much more than growl as MacBeth entered.*

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit at Cassius but didn’t do much more than that. If he did, it would involve a gun, a headshot, and having to dump Cassius’ body. He started warming up the stove, pulling out some utensils, and some food.* -02:22 Jun 17

Cassius: *More growling as he finished off his mug and poored himself another.* Wasn’t gonna hurt her, y’know.

MacBeth: You scared the shit out of her. *He said evenly.* She’s been stuck in a box for 20 years. But I guess a guy who’s shit drunk wouldn’t think about that, would he? *Mix. Mix. Mix. If he didn’t keep mixing, he was going to pull that gun out.* -02:31 Jun 17

Cassius: *Cassius eyed the man, perfectly aware he was likely courting death right about now!* Reckon she’ll have to get over it fast. Or you you gonna be there to shoot people everytime?

MacBeth: Just might. I’ve found I’m good at shooting people. *He turned and slipped the now perfectly scrambled eggs onto the plate. He broke a few more eggs and glanced at Cassius.* How do you want your eggs? -02:38 Jun 17

Cassius: Fried. *Now for a little testing the waters…* So, I know for a fact you aren’t just screwing around with my sister. I thought I’d say I’m sorry.

MacBeth: *A raised eyebrow. Cassius apologizing? Didn’t matter, though. He still had that urge to shoot the man. ‘Sides, you never quite knew what Cassius was up to. He was a royal pain in the ass.* Forget it, Cassius. My apologies if I’m not quite over my urge to shoot you. -02:46 Jun 17
Bronwen: Shoot him after breakfast. *Bronwen mumbled as she entered the galley. She had been right comfortable in bed, but there was a time schedule to adhere to and she had some planning to do. She hoped in to a chair.* Or after Cassius helps me draw up these plans. -02:52 Jun 17

Cassius: *Boy, he had to admit. The darker side of MacBeth was pretty damned interesting to prod at. He turned to his sister.* You forgive me, don’t you Brownie?

MacBeth: *Shrugged a bit as he moved the fried eggs to Cassius’ plate.* Fair enough. *However, he couldn’t guarantee it.* How many eggs and how do you want ’em? *He asked Shadowstar.* -02:54 Jun 17
Bronwen: Not particularly. *She waved two fingers at MacBeth muttered something about ‘Sunny Eggs’, and slid a piece of paper of at Cassius.* We’re looking for flaws in Othello. -02:58 Jun 17

Cassius: *He leaned over to stare at the pictures while he stuffed near a whole egg in his mouth.* Shit looks like a three year old drew it. …is that supposed to be Brennen? *He pointed with his fork at a weird little scribble with eyes and a crooked mouth!*

Bronwen: Ha ha ha. Draw a better one, smartass. But seing as how you’re so ooold you might not remember all the details. -03:08 Jun 17

Duncan: *Walked in, yawning. Tiny is nowhere to be seen. Either still asleep or maybe still hunting around for gatorbats.*

MacBeth: *Slid Shadowstar’s eggs onto her plate.* Flyboy. How many eggs and how do you want ’em? -03:12 Jun 17

Cassius: I remember plenty enough. *He didn’t say g’morning to Duncan, seeing as how Duncan’s damned demon is the one that kept him up all night.* Were you lookin’ for a stealthy mission or blazing guns? It’ll make a difference.

Duncan: *Doesn’t take notice of the fact that Cassius is ignoring him. He sat down beside the Cap’n and yawned again before he looked up at Mac.* Erm … Three and scrambled, please. Thanks.

Bronwen: I don’t want to get Brennen killed, and as much as I like blowing things up, I don’t want to cripple Aaron’s ship either. He might want it back. Just don’t know how we’d sneak up on a ship like that, though. *Bronwen smiled big at MacBeth. Yes, he could be cook and first mate, that’d work just fine!* -03:16 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Has his back turned so he doesn’t see Shadowstar smiling big at him. He’s already gotten started on Flyboy’s eggs. Mix, mix, mix. Pour.* -03:21 Jun 17

Cassius: As a matter of fact, I got a pretty good idea. Y’know that little cloaking system you had me lookin’ at? Seems Morgan lost herself one right fancy little gem. It’s no wonder she never got it back. She couldn’t find it.

Bronwen: Ohoho.. a ship even Morgan can’t find? I do think I like where this is going. -03:30 Jun 17

Cassius: Not only does it cloak the ship out of sight, but it hides all sounds, signals, everything. You could be sitting right on top of somebody singing opera and having a party, and they wouldn’t notice a damned thing.

MacBeth: *Finished the eggs and slipped it onto Flyboy’s plate. He didn’t see Tiny but he figured the creature would be around sooner or later. Until then, he made his own breakfast.* -03:35 Jun 17

Duncan: Thanks! *He dug in right away!*

Bronwen: A ghost that doesn’t exist. *Bronwen stole Cassius’ mug, but with it smelling strongly of vodka, she put it right back!* I have some ideas. Getting in would be a piece of cake, but getting out… -03:37 Jun 17

Cassius: If you and MacBeth can dance and beat the shit out of me, grabbing Brennen and sneaking back out shouldn’t be a big deal. Leave the exit strategy to me. *He stuffed his last egg in his mouth, snatching up his returned mug and downing the rest of it’s contents.*

MacBeth: *He fried his eggs and in between, somehow found time to make some alcohol-free coffee. By the time he was finished cooking all his eggs–only 3 total–the coffee was ready. He filled his plate and made himself some coffee.* -03:42 Jun 17
Bronwen: *Smirking she finished eating, and scribbled a few extra things on to her drawn up plan. Little dots of her and MacBeth dancing with guns, Cassius looking angry, Duncan hiding on the ship and Tiny swallowing a guard.* There. Plans ready. -03:45 Jun 17

Duncan: *Leaned forward, curious.*

Cassius: *He snorted.* …Yeah, I’m going to go work on something that actually makes sense. Thanks for not killing me this mornin’, MacBeth. *He dropped off his chair, snatched Bronwen’s scribble and was off to get to work!*

MacBeth: *Sipped the coffee and watched Cassius leave but finished eating his breakfast in silence.* -03:59 Jun 17
Bronwen: Notice that he took my plans with him, meaning that he IS too old to remember stuff. … Where’s the captain’s coffee? -04:00 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Oh, so I’m first mate, cook, and butler now. Flyboy, Cap’n’s coffee. -04:02 Jun 17

Duncan: *Paused just as he was pouring some coffee of his own.* Sure thing. *He made a second cup.* Did you want anything in your coffee, Cap’n? We got everything from cream to sugar here.

Bronwen: Lots of cream and lots of sugar. Duncan, explain to MacBeth that if he didn’t make himself so useful, I wouldn’t have him doing everything. -04:06 Jun 17

Duncan: Yes, ma’am! *He blinked when she told him to explain things to Mac.* Um … uh … *He suddenly got very busy making the Cap’n’s coffee. He placed it in front of her.*

MacBeth: I live to serve you and foot, Your Highness. *He said with a smirk.* Just as soon as we free all of your brothers and Cassius starts dancing around the ship in a pink tutu and ballet slippers. -04:09 Jun 17
Bronwen: Yeah? I hope you’re ready, cause Cassius has this weird affinity for playing dress up. I don’t think that’s so far fetched. *She took her coffee and gave it a test sip. Deeming it drinkable, she pat Duncan on the head.* -04:12 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* We’ll see. *It wasn’t like Cassius was going to live long enough to do that anyways.* -04:14 Jun 17

Duncan: *Grinned. Phew. Making coffee wasn’t so hard.* I guess Tiny is sleeping in. It’s had a hell of a night.

Bronwen: Tiny deserves some sleep after eating all of those gatorbats. And you, dear pilot, should be getting us flying. -04:16 Jun 17

Duncan: Heh heh. Right! Um … Where are we headed off to again?

Bronwen: We want to go to Kerasent and lurk. You can even use the spiffy new cloaking features! I bet that will be fun? -04:19 Jun 17

Duncan: Kerasent. Got it! *He blinked.* Um … How do you work the cloaking features?

Bronwen: I… don’t know. You could try pressing buttons and see what happens. …Or do the smart thing and go ask Cassius. -04:26 Jun 17

Duncan: *Coughed politely.* Yeah … ask Cassius. *By his tone, it was obvious asking Cassius was the last thing he wanted to do. But he wandered off to the bridge anyways, leaving Mac and the Cap’n alone.*

MacBeth: *With his food done and his coffee finished as well, he got up and started to clean up. He gathered the dirty dishes and stuck them in the sink before starting to wipe down the table and stove. -04:28 Jun 17
Bronwen: You’d think he was afraid Cassius would toture him… -04:33 Jun 17
MacBeth: I think it has more to do with Cassius and his new pet. -04:34 Jun 17
Bronwen: Hmm. I’m sure Tiny will save him. *She returned to sipping her coffee, tapping her foot on her stool and a little plotting.* -04:37 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Once the stove and counters were wiped down, he started to wash dishes.* -04:37 Jun 17
Bronwen: *If they were really a ghost, they could do this.. and then that would do that, then all it would take was… Bronwen was drawing an invisible plan on the palm of her hand, being perfectly fine with a comfortable silence. She’d occasionally take a sip of her coffee, scowl at her palm and then trace out something new.* -04:41 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Was soon done with the cleaning and Shadowstar was still frying her brains over the plans.* Pretty soon, the eggs won’t be the only things that get fried today. -04:48 Jun 17
Bronwen: You joke now, but I’m still the one with all of the best ideas. *She made sure to stick her tongue out at him.* -04:49 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Just pointing out the obvious. What’s the matter? Don’t trust Cassius to come up with a foolproof plan to get us out of there? -04:54 Jun 17
Bronwen: I have the getting in worked out, and in case Cassius totally fails I have getting out covered… But finding Brennen without getting caught is the hard part. -04:55 Jun 17
MacBeth: … Not if you have the right toys. -04:57 Jun 17
Bronwen: Oh, well, great clever First Mate.. what do you suggest? -05:00 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Two words: Mama Hessing. Or rather that nice little package we brought with us. -05:02 Jun 17
Bronwen: Dear, me. You’re just chock full of good ideas, aren’t you. *She flashed im a grin, hopping down from her stool.* We better take a look and see what we can find. -05:03 Jun 17
MacBeth: I try. *He walked over to the cargo hold with her, which is was the only place they could think of to put it. Especially with all the stuff she’d put in there. It sat on top of a crate pushed against the wall close to the door.* -05:07 Jun 17
Bronwen: *Bronwen jumped on to the crate so she could lean and dig inside the basket… She had forgetten just how big the inside of it was. It could probably fit a couple people in it!* …I bet we could use this thing as a prison! -05:11 Jun 17
MacBeth: I wouldn’t be too surprised if that’s what this basket used to be. *He helped out by taking the boxes Shadowstar got from the basket and setting it on the side to make it easier to look. He figured that if she’d put a box for emergency invasion in the basket, she might have something they could use to break Brennan out.* -05:15 Jun 17
Bronwen: Why would she put one of these in her? *Bronwen pulled out a small gun and examined it. She turned and shot MacBeth! It was just a silly water squirt gun!* -05:17 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Spit out the water and wiped his face off with the back of his hand.* Why ask why? I think we already learned she’s a bit nutty at best. -05:19 Jun 17
Bronwen: I suppose she wanted to make sure Duncan had some toys. *She shot him again! Bwahaha! Maybe she’d keep this one.* -05:21 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow after spitting out more water and wiping his face. Again.* Making your day, am I? -05:21 Jun 17
Bronwen: I think you were made to be shot at, maybe? *Squirt! Snicker! It was his own fault for just standing there!* -05:23 Jun 17
MacBeth: So I figured a long time ago. *He finally reached out and took the gun away, then put it out of her reach.* You can play with that later after nap time. -05:26 Jun 17
Bronwen: Ruin a girl’s fun, why don’t you. Hmph. I bet theres something else in here, to get you with… *She returned to digging in the basket!* -05:28 Jun 17
MacBeth: As long as you find something that’ll help us get Brennan out while you find another toy. -05:34 Jun 17
Bronwen: Yessir, first mate, sir. *She mumbled, pulling out a fewmore boxes!* Hey, this one says ‘cracker’. Good or bad? -05:36 Jun 17
MacBeth: Can’t tell. Could be food or could be an explosive. Even both, considering who we’re dealing with. -05:37 Jun 17
Bronwen: *She peeked in to the box.* Hmm… wrong and wrong. It’s a… computer thingy. Here. *She pulled it out and handed it to him.* -05:38 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Took the black box from her. It was amazingly light for something so bulky. And it looked like it opened into something but he couldn’t find the release button.* -05:40 Jun 17
Bronwen: *While he was giving a look over, Bronwen retrieved her squirt gun.* It’s the most interesting thing so far. -05:42 Jun 17
MacBeth: Too bad it didn’t come with a manual. *There was a sudden soft CLICK! and the black box opened to reveal it was just a bulk laptop. There were half a dozen retractable cables, each a different color, on one side. Amazingly enough, once it opened, most of the "bulk" seemed to retract, leaving a very thin and lightweight computer. Apparently, the bulk was just a protective shell that automatically disappeared when the computer was opened.* -05:54 Jun 17
Bronwen: Well, well, Madam Hessing, You do have nice little toys. *Stuffing that squirt gun in her belt for the time being, she examined the cables on the laptop.* There’s a plug for just about every different port imaginable. Suppose it might be a hacking computer? -05:57 Jun 17
MacBeth: Looks that way. *He looked over the keyboard and found the switch to turn the computer on. The screen lit up and words and numbers began to appear on it.* You were right. It’s a hacking computer and if it works as fast as its program says it does, Morgan won’t know what hit her. -06:02 Jun 17
Bronwen: *She grinned!* Perfect. If we avoid getting spotted, we could be in and out and no one would have ever known we were there! -06:04 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Not to mention disable a few of the ship’s systems to buy us sometime to make a clean getaway. -06:06 Jun 17
Bronwen: *Taking the computer from his hands, she fiddled with it a bit until she got it to close itself back up.* Oh, I figured out what the squirt gun was for. *She whipped it out and squirt!* Safe gun fight training. -06:09 Jun 17
MacBeth: … Yeah. I’ll go with that. *He spit out the water and wiped his face with the back of his dry hand. He was about to do something else when a box that Shadowstar had brought out of the basket caught his eye. It was just like any other box except it bore a weird crest or something. It looked like a pirate crest but he couldn’t be sure. He grabbed a crowbar and started to open it. It was long about, six feet, two feet wide, and three feet deep.* -06:16 Jun 17
Bronwen: *Setting their cracker aside, she was twirling the gun on her fingers as she curiously watched him crack open another box.* Are we treasure hunting now? -06:19 Jun 17
MacBeth: *With a slight heave, he got the box to open.* Yep. If what I think is in here, is in here. *He lifted the lid and set it aside, finding swaths of red velvet. Someone had painstakingly placed whatever this box carried in here. He pushed aside the cloth to pick up two items also bundled up in the same cloth. The only things wrapped up in the cloth turn out to be … bladeless hilts. Beautiful hilts. But bladeless.* -06:28 Jun 17
Bronwen: *A raised eyebrow from a skeptical captain.* Shiny. Pretty even. But I don’t suppose they’d be useful like that. -06:30 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit as he stood.* No. They’re much more useful like this … *He slipped one hilt into his belt and gripped the other hilt. With his other hand, he picked up an apple from inside the basket. He tossed it high into the air. As it came falling down, at the last minute, he ran the apple through with a fine, double-edged blade that hadn’t been there a moment ago.* Instantaneous self-generating double-edged sword. Two of a kind. They were stolen on their way to some prince or something and disappeared about fifteen years ago. -06:38 Jun 17
Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked! Well that was the last thing she expected!* …and you can actually use those things? Sword swingin’ and all? -06:39 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Flashed a grin he could only have learned from her brothers.* Yeah. *He took the apple off and the blade disappeared as suddenly as it had come.* I’m better with swords than guns, believe it or not. *He placed the other hilt into his belt.* -06:44 Jun 17
Bronwen: I’ve got a prince, a furry sidekick and my first mate is a knight. What am I supposed to be on this crackpot crew? *He earned himself a squirt for his smirking!* -06:45 Jun 17
MacBeth: *Went back to his trademark smirk.* Damnsel in distress? -06:49 Jun 17
Bronwen: *Another squirt! Make that two!* Do I look a damsel in distress? -06:51 Jun 17
MacBeth: You asked. *He wondered if there was a towel in that basket but decided their work here was done. He took a bite from the apple.* -06:53 Jun 17
MacBeth: *And headed for his room. He needed a change of clothes.* -06:53 Jun 17
Bronwen: *Point to Captain Shadowstar! She retrieved the cracker and marched off for the bridge. Duncan was next.* -06:55 Jun 17

Duncan: *Still hadn’t gotten the hang of the cloaking system but that was because Cassius was holed up in his room. He was joined by Tiny though who was curled up in the captain’s chair.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen put away her cracker, and stood in front of her chair looking down at the fuzzy little thing sleeping in it.* I see. Think you’re the captain now, Tiny? -06:58 Jun 17

Tiny lifted its head and blinked its eyes at Bronwen. “Greeooww!” it mewed as if that was answer enough.

Bronwen: Uh huh. *She showed tiny the squirt gun.* Don’t panic, okay? *Then she shot Duncan in the side of the head!* -07:03 Jun 17

Duncan: *Was just in the middle of getting the hang of this–or so he thought he was!* Hey! OOoff! *He jumps up and starts brushing water off of his hair and clothes!*

“Greeooww!” Tiny mewed after Duncan got shot in the head. Although it didn’t panic, it did get up and jump off of Bronwen’s chair to sit down on the floor beside it.

Bronwen: Bwahahaha! …I’m sorry. I had to try it at least once. Your mother sent a few of these, and I think they’ll be lovely training tools. …Maybe good for punishment too if you’re careful. *A wicked grin as she sat down in her chair and leaned over to pat Tiny on the head.* -07:06 Jun 17

“Greeooww!” Tiny mewed again, content to be patted.

[MacBeth found some new clothes in his room.] -02:30 Jun 18
[Bronwen teases Duncan out of love!] -02:34 Jun 18

Duncan: *Sputters!* Hey–uufff–what was that for?!

Bronwen: We have to test your reflexes for combat training don’t we? -02:36 Jun 18
MacBeth: *Looked like he owed Shadowstar some thanks but … he’s not in a big rush to get soaked again. He fell into bed and took a nap.* -02:36 Jun 18

Duncan: *Blinked!* Combat training?! I’m the pilot! Can’t I … just get a big gun and shoot people who come onboard?

Bronwen: We should always be prepared in case of invasion, attack, war, crazy women, or a bar fight. *She waved the gun at him.* Besides, don’t you want to squirt people too? -02:38 Jun 18

Duncan: *Looked unsure.* Hm … *He watched as she waved the gun at him.* Well … it does look like fun … Is there another one for me?

Cassius: Better to train with real guns. Make a man out of him. *Cassius appeared snatching the squirt gun from her hands and handing her a diagram. A much more professionally drawn and elaborately detailed schematic of Othello. He looked smug.*

Duncan: Hey! *Of course, he was offended!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen snorted, looking over the sheet and positioning herself in her chair.* I guess I can work with this. -02:41 Jun 18

Cassius: *Of course, Cassius used this opportunity to squirt both Duncan and Bronwen, and almost got Tiny too but… Who knew what’d happen when that thing got wet!*

Tiny just sat there as Cassius squirted everyone and looked like it was waiting for him to squirt it, too! It didn’t attack Cassius but it did jump into Duncan’s arms as if telling everyone that was enough squirting Duncan for one day.

Duncan: *Sputtered and stood. He caught Tiny.* Man, now I gotta go change. *He marched out with Tiny in his arms.*

Bronwen: *Drying off with a sleeve, she already had a pencil out and drawing up notes!* Hey, I needed that pilot and you scared him off! -02:44 Jun 18

Duncan: *Huffed!* Man, I’m tired of always being picked on! Everyone’s taking advantage of my good nature! It just ain’t right! *He muttered as he stalked down the hall to his room.*

Tiny looked up at him. “Greeooww!” it mewed.

Duncan: Ya know what? *He suddenly stopped.* I think it’s time I learned to fight … to defend myself. *He scratched the spot under Tiny’s chin.* What do you think, Tiny?

Tiny closed its eyes, content to be scratched. It never purred.

Cassius: You’re the one assulting your crew with a water weapon, Brownie. *Cassius plopped himself in to Duncan’s chair and made himself right at home!* Brennen’s gonna be in the Map room, a fancy pants bedroom, or a cell. I’d be able to hack in to their system and find out if you get us inside.

Duncan: … Yep, exactly. *He replied as if Tiny had said something.* I just gotta find someone who knows how to fight. The Cap’n’s always busy … and there’s no way in hell I could ask Cassius. He’d just tease me … So that leaves … *His face lit up and when he started walking again, there was a spring in his step.*

Knock! Knock! KNOCK! went MacBeth’s door!

Bronwen: That, my asinine brother, I already have worked out. *She had a few new things circled.* Since we’re a ghost ship, and Othello can park at least five ships this size, it would be easy as cake to sneak in while they’re docking another ship. Duncan just has to fly carefull and quick… and not crash in to anything. -02:53 Jun 18

Cassius: *A quirked eyebrow.* Sounds crazy and stupid. What happens if someone walks in to an invisible wall? Someone is bound to notice that.

MacBeth: … Go away. *He muttered as he lay in bed, although his hand did go to his gun in case it was Cassius. However, he doubted Cassius would be stupid enough to disturb him. Then again …* -02:55 Jun 18

Duncan: Hey, Mac! It’s me, Duncan! *He said as if by some reason Mac wouldn’t know the sound of his voice.* Um … I need to ask you for a favor. *He paused as he tried to think of a way to ask.* Can I come in? *He finally wondered, which, of course, was not what he came to ask but it was a start.*

Bronwen: We’re not gonna be there long enough for that. *She scowled at him.* We sneak in, grab Brennen, sneak back. Then you do what you said you’d do and get the doors open so we can fly out. -02:57 Jun 18

Cassius: *It was some crazyass idea and there was no way that was gonna work. But, he’d had enough of MacBeth busting his balls, so why not go with her plan and incase of emergencies have some backup ideas? He could always man the guns and start shooting the place up from the inside out.* Alright… But you better be moving fast, cause once they know we’re on board, it ain’t gonna be easy get back off it.

MacBeth: *Unfortunately, there’s no way Flyboy is going to just get the hint and go away so … He sat up, walked to his door, and found a soaked Flyboy with his pet in his arms.* Yeah? -03:00 Jun 18
Bronwen: We rescued you didn’t we? And we didn’t even have a map of the place! *That haughty-miss grin as she leaned back in her chair.* You better get crackin’ on the escape route. -03:02 Jun 18

Duncan: *Grinned sheepishly.* Um … Could you teach me how to fight? I don’t want to bother the Cap’n and the last person I want to ask is Cassius. So … please …?

Tiny looked at Mac. “Greeooww!” it mewed.

Cassius: Aye, aye Cap’n. *He was up and out of Duncan’s chair… and made sure to give her a squirt before leaving for his plotting.*

Bronwen: Gwar..!! *She was starting to see the evil in that damned squirt gun! * -03:05 Jun 18
MacBeth: *On one hand, he could use a nap. Who knew what Shadowstar and her brother had in mind. On the other hand, Flyboy was more or less his responsibility. If he got killed because he didn’t know how to fight …* Fine. *He held up his hand for Flyboy to keep quiet because it looked like he was going to say a hell of a lot more.* Go change and meet me in the cargo hold in five minutes. -03:06 Jun 18

Duncan: *Grinned!* Right! You got it! *He dashed off to his room with Tiny clutched in his arms!*

Bronwen: *Three plots… She had three plots depending on where Brennen would be, and hopefully no one would see them. If they did, well, they’d dispose of them like ninja! All that was left was Cassius’ big escape and they were perfectly set! Now where did her fly boy get off to?* -03:11 Jun 18
MacBeth: *Put his gun away and started for the cargo hold. With any luck, he could teach Flyboy a thing or two before Brennan’s rescue.* -03:12 Jun 18

Duncan: *Ended up meeting Mac in less than five minutes. He’d found his new clothes in his room. New, dry clothes and things were looking up. He found Mac waiting for him in the cargo hold, sitting on a crate. He’d already cleared up a large area.*

MacBeth: *Looked up as Duncan entered.* So … ready to learn …? *He might have taught Shadowstar how to dance but that didn’t mean he could teach everyone.* -03:16 Jun 18
Bronwen: *When she realized Duncan wasn’t coming back, she considered that he might have decided to hide somewhere! Maybe she should muzzle Cassius and lock him up. Hmm.. with that in mind, she might as well see what her pilot was doing.* -03:18 Jun 18

Duncan: *Nodded, determined to learn how to fight.* Yep. *He put Tiny down.*

Tiny looked up at Duncan as it was put down, then up at Mac before running over to the crate Mac was sitting on. It hopped onto the crate and sat down as if to watch the show.

MacBeth: *Got off of the crate.* Alright. So, first lesson: think with your head, not with your fists. You can charge into anything but if you don’t think before you act, you’ll get your ass kicked. Or worst. Got it? -03:25 Jun 18

Duncan: *Let that sink in and slowly nodded.* Think before I act. Got it.

MacBeth: The most basic part about fighting is contact. You can’t damage someone if you can’t make your blows connect and you have a fair chance of doing that if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let me see your fighting stance. -03:28 Jun 18
Bronwen: *Bronwen didn’t bother to announce herself as she slipped in to the cargo hold. She just picked up Tiny, stole his spot, and cuddled the beastie. Lessons for Duncan? This would be interesting to watch!* -03:29 Jun 18

Duncan: *Blinked! Fighting stance? Um … he could do that. He spread his legs, bent them slightly and held up his fists.* Um … Okay. Now what?

MacBeth: *Looked Flyboy over.* Hm. *He circled him and stopped behind him.* Stand straight but keep your legs spread. Straighten your legs, too. Chances are, when you get into a fight, you won’t have time to prepare much. -03:37 Jun 18

Duncan: *Quickly did as told. He didn’t want to screw this up.*

MacBeth: *Stood in front of Flyboy again, a few feet away.* Now, attack. -03:38 Jun 18

Duncan: *Blinked!* What? But you didn’t–

MacBeth: First things first. Attack. *He raised an eyebrow.* Or I’ll attack you. *Of course, Mac being Mac, he was dead serious.* -03:40 Jun 18

Duncan: *Gulped!* Okay … *He ran forward and swung a punch for Mac’s face!*

Bronwen: *Wince. Duncan’s lucky t She hid Tiny’s eyes!* -03:43 Jun 18
Bronwen: *ahem… Duncan’s lucky tis MacBeth and not Cassius. -03:43 Jun 18
MacBeth: *Caught Duncan’s fist before it connected. He glanced at it.* Clench your fist tighter and tuck your fingers in. You want to hit with your knuckles, not with your fingertips. *He pushed Duncan backwards.* A head-on charge usually doesn’t work. Remember, use your head. -03:46 Jun 18

Duncan: *Staggered back but soon recovered. He nodded and wet his lips.* Use my head. Use my head. *He clenched his fists tighter.*

“Greeooww!” Tiny mewed but didn’t move to peek over Bronwen’s hand.

MacBeth: Attack me again. -03:51 Jun 18

Duncan: *Another nod. This time, he wasn’t so hesitant to attack. He charged forward again but decided to switch targets. Namely, a kick to Mac’s crotch!?*

MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow and sidestepped, then turned slightly and kicked at the back of Duncan’s legs.* -03:54 Jun 18

Duncan: *Buckled and dropped to the ground on his knees!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen bit back a laugh!* -03:55 Jun 18
MacBeth: … You couldn’t possibly be serious. But I’ll give you props for trying to take advantage of a weakness. But I can see we’re going to need to work on something else before you get past the basics. -03:59 Jun 18
MacBeth: * minus the second "but" -03:59 Jun 18
Bronwen: Maybe he’s a gunman and not a fighter? *Sucha wicked smirk as she cuddles Tiny!* -04:01 Jun 18

Duncan: *Blinked!* Something else …? *He glanced at the Cap’n and turned red.* How long have you been there?!

Tiny was content to enjoy the cuddling!

Bronwen: I see everything that happens on my ship. Everything. *A slow nod, petpet.* -04:03 Jun 18
MacBeth: Maybe. I’ll teach you the basics of fighting and then we can see if you’re a gunman or not. *He looked at Shadowstar.* Are you volunteering to teach him how to handle a gun, too? -04:04 Jun 18
Bronwen: No one better to teach him shooting than me. *Classic Bronwen haughty grin.* -04:05 Jun 18
MacBeth: Let’s get started then. *He looked back at Duncan.* You know to think and to avoid head-on charges when possible. Weak spots are the back of the knees, the crotch, the gut, the chest, the neck, and the jaw. And unless you know you can win, never fight longer than you have to. -04:12 Jun 18

Duncan: Thanks, Cap’n! *He turned to listen to Mac and nodded.* What am I supposed to work on?

MacBeth: Speed. And if you’re going to learn how to shoot, it’ll help you in that, too. -04:19 Jun 18
Bronwen: Suppose I could dig out another squirt gun and start shooting at him until he moves faster. -04:19 Jun 18
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Great idea. -04:20 Jun 18
Bronwen: *Clapping her hands, Bronwen set Tiny aside to fetched out the other water guns!* -04:24 Jun 18

Duncan: *Gulped!* But I … just changed! *He got to his feet!*

Bronwen: And if you don’t want to change again, you’ll need to be quick. …Besides, I got plenty of clothes for you. *She tossed Duncan one of the guns!* There! Now you can defend yourself! -04:26 Jun 18
MacBeth: *Sat down beside Tiny on the crate.* -04:26 Jun 18

Duncan: *Blinked and caught the gun the Cap’n threw to him!* Um … uh … okay … *He stretched a bit.* Ready when you are!

Bronwen: It helps not to warn someone before you start shooting. *She aimed, grinned… because he was gonna need those few seconds head start, and squirtsquirtsquirt!* -04:29 Jun 18

Duncan: *Blinked!* Ack! *He dashed off so that the water squirted on the floor.*

Bronwen: *She held her fire to watch where he was running off to and… squirt for the face!* -04:32 Jun 18

Duncan: OOooff! *Gets squirted in the face but he recovers to squirt her back before dashing off again!*

Bronwen: *She sidesteps quickly, and tuttuts!* You should be paying attention to what I’m doing and not so much to your feet. *A carefully aim again… She squirt right where he was running and shoot for his back when he tried to avoid!* -04:35 Jun 18

Duncan: ACK! *He gets squirted and staggers forward. He runs into a wall rather hard and slams right into it, landing with a THUD! on the floor. He’s out cold!*

Bronwen: *Blink!* hmm… I should have let you shoot at him. -04:40 Jun 18
MacBeth: Maybe. But at least he’s trying to get away now. There wouldn’t be any point to training if he just stood there and let you wet him. -04:41 Jun 18

“Greeooww!” Tiny mewed and ran over to Duncan. It sat on his chest and started to paw at his face.

Bronwen: Still, it might’ve been too much for one day. *She moved across the floor to stand and lean over Duncan.* I’m going to feel pretty bad if I killed him. -04:44 Jun 18
MacBeth: Point taken. -04:45 Jun 18

Tiny looked up at Bronwen when she walked up to Duncan.

Duncan: *Was still alive! Unconscious but perfectly alive! And he’ll live, too!*

Bronwen: I didn’t to it on purpose! *She replied to the critter!* He’ll be all right, and when he wakes up we’ll give him a cookie and let him watch us awhile. Is that better? -04:47 Jun 18

“Gggreeoow!” went Tiny but it sat there and didn’t move

[Bronwen swears she didn\’t kill Duncan on purpose.] -05:59 Jun 22
[MacBeth makes sure he\’s still alive.] -06:02 Jun 22
MacBeth: … Can we throw him out the airlock now? -06:03 Jun 22
Bronwen: And have Madam Hessing after us? I don’t think so. *She scratched her head… Well, he was all right on the floor and would come around in a second or two. ….If not he’d have a nice little nap, and that couldn’t be a bad thing.* I suppose you’re the last one for me to shoot at. -06:05 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Picks up Duncan’s fallen water gun.* Same here. *He shot Shadowstar and dashed away!* -06:09 Jun 22

Tiny tilts its head at the retreating MacBeth. “Grreeooww.”

Bronwen: *A blink of shock! She’d been shot! She shoots after him as he escapes!* -06:12 Jun 22
MacBeth: *There’s one thing that can be said about MacBeth. He’s a fast runner when he’s at full health. The water just misses him and he turns slightly to shoot back while still running.* -06:14 Jun 22
Bronwen: *Bronwen ducks! And dashes behind a crate! Crawling behind them, she snuck around to the other side! Not a peep out of her!* -06:17 Jun 22

Tiny sits up beside the unconscious Duncan, tails flicking.

MacBeth: *Stops and moves behind a crate as well. He keeps his back to the crate and his eyes open. Where could Shadowstar be …* -06:20 Jun 22
Bronwen: *One, two, three… she sneaks up to the top of the higher stacked crates, hopefully out of sight! Finally catching site of him, she aims and shoots!* -06:24 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Turns around in time to see her and is shot! But he returns the favor by shooting back half a heartbeat after getting shot himself!* -06:25 Jun 22
Bronwen: *Dodges so quick, she nearly sent herself crashing off those crates! Another squirt before she escapes behind them again!* -06:26 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Dodges that squirt! He sneaks off after her and shoots as soon as he gets an accurate aim!* -06:28 Jun 22
Bronwen: Ack… fatal hit…! *Bronwen staggers to the floor in a dramatic fainting death!* -06:30 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Shoots her repeatedly until she’s soaked and wet!* … Just to be on the safe side. -06:31 Jun 22
Bronwen: *She sits up on her elbows and scowls at him. So much for faking death!* I didn’t think I was that dangerous! -06:32 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* Believe me. You are. -06:34 Jun 22
Bronwen: To think, my own first mate afraid of me! *Squirts him the face!* -06:36 Jun 22
MacBeth: Difference between being afraid and knowing when someone is dangerous. You might be smaller than your brothers but you pack a punch. *He wiped the water off of his face.* -06:38 Jun 22
Bronwen: I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or you being subtly wicked. *Pushing herself up off the floor she quickly stole his gun!* -06:41 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Raised his eyebrow and stole hers while she stole his!* -06:43 Jun 22
Bronwen: Now you’re just being ridiculous. *A thoughtful moment… she tackles him!* -06:47 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Is suddenly on his back with Shadowstar on top of him! He smirks a bit.* Point to the Captain. *He squirts her in the face with the gun.* -06:50 Jun 22
Bronwen: *Blech! Spits the water back at him and steals the squirt gun again! Aims them both at his nose!* Now you’re going to beg for mercy. -06:52 Jun 22
MacBeth: *That smirk never leaves his face.* I never beg. Especially not for mercy. *He grabs her wrists and pulls her forward on top of them, then he rolls and ends up on top of her!* -06:53 Jun 22
Bronwen: If you don’t beg for mercy, then its horrific torture. *She twists to throw him off and get him with both guns!* -06:58 Jun 22
MacBeth: Bring it. *He gets thrown off but recovers by grabbing a nearby crate lid and using it as a shield! Then he dashes forward, drops to the ground, and his leg swings out so he can sweep her legs out from under her!* -07:01 Jun 22
Bronwen: *She hops over his swinging legs and poses!* I am much too quick for the likes of you! Ha ha ha! *Squirt!* -07:04 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit and rolls. Then he grabs her ankle and pulls!* -07:04 Jun 22
Bronwen: *THUD! A soft groan and bit of growling some very wicked things about his smirking!* -07:06 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Sits down right where he is.* You don’t know when to quit, do you? -07:09 Jun 22
Bronwen: What sort of Shadowstar would I be if I quit so easily? *Although for the moment she was content to lay on the floor until she stopped hurting!* -07:11 Jun 22
MacBeth: … Point taken. -07:12 Jun 22

Tiny decided to join the party and walked up to the two of them. It sat down beside Bronwen’s head. “Greeoow?”

Bronwen: I don’t think I’m going to make it, Tiny. He wounded my pride…! -07:13 Jun 22


Bronwen: No, no.. you must live on with out me. I am dead and defeated. *She rest her eyes closed and sighed.* -07:18 Jun 22

“Grreeooww,” Tiny mewed solemnly and lay a paw on her arm as if reassuring her.

Bronwen: Tell Macbeth.. that even though he killed me… that he was always my favorite…! -07:20 Jun 22
MacBeth: You’re nuts, Shadowstar. -07:22 Jun 22
Bronwen: Says the man that killed me. You’ll have to carry me off to bed now, so I can die comfortably. -07:23 Jun 22
MacBeth: You can’t possibly– -07:25 Jun 22


MacBeth: Don’t start with me, Furball. *He muttered.* Fine. *He got up and went over to Shadowstar, then he picked her up. He didn’t slung her over his shoulder like he wanted to. Somehow he was able to resist the urge and he picked her up the "right way".* -07:27 Jun 22
Bronwen: *She gave him a wicked smirk and slung her arms around his neck!* I like this not having to walk business. -07:28 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly as he carried her.* I bet you do. -07:35 Jun 22
Bronwen: It should be part of your duties. Carrying me everywhere. Plenty of exercise… isn’t that right Tiny? -07:37 Jun 22


MacBeth: Great. The captain and her furry little helper. Shouldn’t you be babysitting Flyboy back there? -07:40 Jun 22
Bronwen: *She laughed!* You’re out numbered! Now about that mercy you should be begging for… -07:42 Jun 22
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* Answer hasn’t changed, Shadowstar. I never beg. Especially for mercy. -07:44 Jun 22
Bronwen: Then you’re just going to have to carry me until you do. -07:46 Jun 22
[MacBeth logged out of the chat.] -((07:50 Jun 22))
[Bronwen logged out of the chat.] -((07:50 Jun 22))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -07:50 Jun 22
[Bronwen was shot to death and will never walk again!] -03:03 Jun 23
[MacBeth was being hounded by an insane Shadowstar and her furry pal!] -03:11 Jun 23
MacBeth: *He finally got to her room!* Looks like this is your stop. *He gets inside and starts to lower her down on her bed!* -03:12 Jun 23
Bronwen: I didn’t say anything about dropping me off. Besides, I don’t want bed all wet. -03:13 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Stopped and stood up.* You’re going to be difficult about this, I see. -03:15 Jun 23
Bronwen: You aren’t begging for mercy, so I must be clever. *A wide devious grin!* That’s the way it is for a prisoner of war. -03:17 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* So I’m a prisoner of war, am I? You realize you’re soaking both of us. -03:20 Jun 23
Bronwen: You should have thought about that before you overkilled making sure I was dead. Spin in circles, you’ll dry faster! -03:23 Jun 23
MacBeth: You sound like you expected me to show you mercy. It wouldn’t have been real training if I had. -03:26 Jun 23
Bronwen: Uh huh… I think it was revenge for squirting you earlier. And now look what you’ve got! -03:28 Jun 23
MacBeth: One insane Shadowstar. Exactly what I started with when this little adventure started. -03:30 Jun 23
Bronwen: I meant being soaking wet and tortured to death, but I suppose that’s correct too. Tired yet? -03:32 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Snickered.* Tired. Yeah. Ready to admit defeat. Hell no. -03:35 Jun 23
Bronwen: Yeah? Then I think it’s a good time for a song too! -03:37 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smirked.* And which song will it be, my lady? *Although it’s plain to see, he’s not mocking Shadowstar.* -03:37 Jun 23
Bronwen: Then new one, because you cheated and let me fall asleep. -03:39 Jun 23
MacBeth: I figured that was better than the alternative. Waking you up and ending up with a gun to my head. -03:40 Jun 23
Bronwen: Hmm… you might have a point. Sing it anyway. And dance! -03:42 Jun 23
MacBeth: A song. Yeah. A dance? Only if you let me put you down. -03:44 Jun 23
Bronwen: Alright, alright… but only while we’re dancing, and then you’ve gotta pick me back up again. -03:46 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Deal. *He put her down and got into position. One hand on her waist and the other hand holding hers.* -03:50 Jun 23
Bronwen: *Dreadful grinning… he is all wet now isn’t he!* All ready. -03:52 Jun 23
MacBeth: *It’s a good thing Shadowstar has a lot of leg room in this place of hers.* "Sick and tired of this world, There’s no more air, Trippin’ over myself, Goin’ nowhere, Waiting, Suffocating, No direction, And I took a dive …" *He led the way and started to dance. He didn’t mind the wet clothes. He’d been in worst.* -03:57 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She’s gotten the hang of this dancing.. especially when thinking in terms of beating the hell out of Cassius! She’s snickering at the thought!* -04:00 Jun 23
MacBeth: "And on the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won’t forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, Almost fell right through, But I held onto you …" -04:03 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She moved a little closer. So she could hear better, and not because it was pleasant.* -04:08 Jun 23
MacBeth: "I’ve been wondering why, It’s only me, Have you always been inside, Waiting to breathe, It’s alright, sunlight, on my face, I wake up and yeah, I’m alive …" -04:10 Jun 23
Bronwen: *Bronwen rest her forehead on his shoulder, wet or not!* -04:13 Jun 23
MacBeth: "’Cause on the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won’t forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, Almost fell right through, But I held unto you …" -04:15 Jun 23
Bronwen: *It was juast as pleasant ti feel the hum in his chest while he sang! She grinned!* -04:20 Jun 23
MacBeth: "I was so afraid, Of going under, But now, The weight of the world, Feels like nothing, no, nothing … Down, down, down, You’re all I wanted, Down, down, down, You’re all I needed, Down, down, down, You’re all I wanted, You’re all I needed …" -04:22 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She’d spare him the disaster of singing too, but she could hum along just fine!* -04:26 Jun 23
MacBeth: "And I won’t forget the way you loved me … All that I wanted, All that I needed … On the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won’t forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, I almost fell right through, But I held unto you … Down, down, down, But I held unto you, Down, down, down, But I held unto you …" *He sang, finally finishing the song.* -04:30 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She was just fine where she was!* You really pick the best songs. -04:33 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smiled a bit.* I’ve had a lot of time to learn ’em. I can’t play an instrument for the life of me, though. Brennan tried to teach me but I broke so many of his instruments, he finally had to give up. -04:36 Jun 23
Bronwen: I imagine he probrably beat the devil out of you with them too. -04:37 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Grinned.* He didn’t do that as much as he probably wanted to. I was way too quick for him. I got really lucky whenever Heather visited. She always distracted him. -04:40 Jun 23
Bronwen: *Thhinking of Brennen trying to teach him things had her snickering.* He gets so frustrated, you must have driven him crazy. -04:44 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I was a brat. Didn’t want to listen and didn’t want to stay still. I think I lived to push your brothers’ limits. Except Aaron. I learned pretty quick not to mess with him. -04:49 Jun 23
Bronwen: That’s cause Aaron will smack the snot out of you if you dumb enough to back talk. First time Aaron smacked me, I was dizzy for week. -04:51 Jun 23

“Grreeooww!” There was a loud mew from Bronwen’s bed. Tiny was lying on its back, looking sad as it exposed its belly. Then it curled up into a ball and rolled over, exposing its belly again, as if telling them it was hungry.

Bronwen: ….That is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen. -04:56 Jun 23
MacBeth: I guess I better go fix it something before it decides to eat the cargo. Do you want anything while your first mate slash cook is in the kitchen? -04:59 Jun 23
Bronwen: I want to see if you can carry me around and cook at the same time. *She flashed him another devious grin!* -05:00 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* How could I ever resist the captain’s orders? *He picked her up and started for the kitchen.* -05:07 Jun 23

Of course not to be left behind, Tiny hopped off the bed and followed!

Bronwen: *Laughs!* Going to actually try it? You’ll lose points if you make a mess or drop me. -05:09 Jun 23
MacBeth: Tch. Like I’m going to turn down a challenge. What do I get if I manage to cook while not making a mess or dropping you? -05:13 Jun 23
Bronwen: Let’s see… you won’t get socked for dropping me and… I don’t know. What do you want? -05:14 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Appeared to think about it for a moment.* To finish my time as prisoner of war. -05:20 Jun 23
Bronwen: Just ruin my fun, hmm? Alright, you win the challenge and you’re not my war prisoner anymore. -05:21 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* A man’s gotta rest you know. ‘Specially when there’s the matter of saving one Brennan Shadowstar out of the clutches of Morgan’s goons. But I’ll make the meal worth the price of letting me go. *He got to the kitchen.* Hm. *He had his work cut out for him.* -05:27 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She put her arms back around his neck and suppose she’d at least make herself useful.* Having second thoughts? -05:29 Jun 23
MacBeth: Nope. *He opened the fridge with his foot and peered inside. They still had a lot of everything. He could whip up something quickly but not so easily.* So, the terms are: no messes and no dropping. -05:31 Jun 23
Bronwen: Yep. No messes and no dropping. -05:33 Jun 23
MacBeth: Right. *He took out a few things from the fridge and stuck them on the counter. Then he returned to get the other ingredients he needed. The next few minutes were spent getting the dishes he’d need out, plates and pans along with large cutting knives and other utensils. Once everything was laid out, he glanced at Shadowstar.* When was the last time you ate something? -05:40 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She blinked at him.* When you made me breakfast? -05:41 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Thoughtful. He put on the stove and began rearranging everything.* Right. So your stomach’s had time to settle. *He didn’t explain himself. He just started opening things with one hand and mixing them together. He glanced over at Tiny standing by the door.* It’s your fault I’m doing this. If you want to eat, you’d better get your furry ass over here and help out. -05:49 Jun 23

Tiny tilted its head at him. Then it finally mewed, “Grreeooww!” and ran over.

Bronwen: *Now she was wondering.. and eyeing him suspiciously.* You’re not gonna poison me, are you? -05:50 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I don’t poison. Cassius is still walking around, isn’t he? That’s proof enough. -05:51 Jun 23
Bronwen: I don’t know. Cassius doesn’t have you carry him around and sing for him. -05:53 Jun 23
MacBeth: Good point. But I do like you. Cassius is hanging by a thread. *He glanced over at Tiny.* You can start cutting those vegetables over there. Just don’t get any fur on them. -05:57 Jun 23
Bronwen: *He’s making a…. whachamacallit chop vegetables. How disgustingly adorable! She grinned like a cat.* So how much do you like me? -05:59 Jun 23

“Grreeooww!” Tiny looked over to where Mac had been looking and went over to the vegetables. It examined it for a moment before turning to Mac. “Greeooww!” It nudged the vegetables over to him with its nose and began to bob its head up and down as if juggling invisible balls in the air with its nose. Apparently it wanted Mac to throw the vegetables in the air.

MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow at Tiny once he got the message. He grabbed the vegetable and threw it into the air.* Wouldn’t you like to know? -06:00 Jun 23

As soon as that vegetable got thrown in the air, Tiny jumped up with the acrobatic ability of … something with a lot of acrobatic ability. Flash of claws. And then it landed. The vegetable landed back on the cutting board seemingly in one piece. Until Tiny mewed “Grreeooww!” and the vegetable split into tiny slices.

Bronwen: Yes, I would… *She was momentarily distracted by vegetable throwing and a slicing-dicing furball! Impressive!* -06:03 Jun 23
MacBeth: Currently you’re at the top of the list of Shadowstars I like. *He took the sliced vegetables and threw them into the pan on the stove. Then he picked up the pan and started to lightly toss the slices around without spilling them.* -06:07 Jun 23
Bronwen: That’s a real easy list to be on the top of. There’s only five of us, and they’ve been tormenting you for years. *Haha! She steals a piece to pop in her mouth!* -06:10 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I haven’t known you that long. That’s gotta count for something. -06:16 Jun 23

That woman makes it look so tasty! Tiny gobbles a piece up, too!

Bronwen: It helps that I am your captain and flattery gets bonus points. *Points at Tiny! The thief!* -06:21 Jun 23

“Grreeooww!” Behold the look of furry innocence!

MacBeth: Flattery is Flyboy’s department. *He sprinkled some spice over the vegetables and added some butter.* -06:26 Jun 23

“Grreeooww!” Did Tiny just stick its tongue at Bronwen?!

Bronwen: So cute… *She muttered at the wicked furball. Tongue sticking and all! * -06:27 Jun 23
MacBeth: *Concentrating on cooking.* We need some meat. *He goes over to the fridge.* Let’s see … we got chicken, beef, pork. What’ll it be? -06:40 Jun 23
Bronwen: Chicken! Is Tiny going to do all the chopping for that too? -06:42 Jun 23
MacBeth: No. Chopping vegetables is one thing. I don’t trust it to chop meat. *Fortunately the chicken was boneless.* … Just don’t throw up on the food. *Before Shadowstar can ask, Mac tossed her into the air, freeing his hands. The ceiling was high and she didn’t hit the ceiling. By the time she landed, the chicken was chopped and he caught her.* Now you know why I asked about your stomach. -06:46 Jun 23
Bronwen: ack~!! *Well he didn’t make her sick but he sure stunned her! She blinked at him!* How the hell did you do that?! -06:48 Jun 23
MacBeth: Comes with the territory. *He added the chicken to the pan and began stirring it with the vegetables. He’d made enough food for everyone. Just a little more cooking and it should be done.* -06:54 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She’s eyeing him carefully now.. examining even!* I don’t know if you’re stronger than you look or if I need to gain some weight. -06:56 Jun 23
MacBeth: If I keep cooking, you won’t need to worry about gaining weight. *He finally looked at her and raised his eyebrow.* … What? -06:58 Jun 23
Bronwen: I want to know what else you can do… and I’m trying to think of ways to find out. -07:00 Jun 23
MacBeth: I can use a sword, cook, sing, and dance. There’s not much more to me than that. -07:04 Jun 23
Bronwen: You can fight with me and not get your ass kicked. That’s pretty good too, I think. -07:06 Jun 23
MacBeth: True … You know your food is ready. -07:10 Jun 23
Bronwen: Then I guess your sentence is up and you should put me down. -07:11 Jun 23
MacBeth: Pleasure to serve, as always. *He put her down.* What would you like to drink today, my lady? -07:12 Jun 23
Bronwen: *The exagerated disappointed sigh!* Something warm will do. *She fixes Tiny up a plate!* -07:15 Jun 23
MacBeth: Anything warm? If it’s yes, I still have some alcohol in here. -07:20 Jun 23
Bronwen: That’ll do. *She sets Tiny’s plate on the floor, then fixes one for MacBeth and herself.* Am i about as much as you could throw around or could you toss say… someone like Cassius? -07:22 Jun 23
MacBeth: Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t tried tossing him since I was a kid and he’s gained some weight. I can try if it means I get to toss him out the airlock. -07:30 Jun 23

“Grreeooww!” Tiny hops up to the plate and takes a moment to sniff it.

Bronwen: *Snickering she hands MacBeth his plate.* Are you going to be pissed off at him forever? -07:31 Jun 23
MacBeth: Thanks. *He accepts his plate.* Don’t know about that, either. Never been pissed at him like this before. Guess there’s a first time for everything. *He put the plate down and went to make them a drink.* -07:33 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She leans against the counter and balances the plate in her hand to eat. She’s not surprised to find it good and edible!* I’m surprised, really.. Cassius has done a lot worse, I figured it wouldn’t have been the first time. -07:36 Jun 23
MacBeth: … This time was just different. *He came back with something warm that tasted of vanilla and cinnamon.* -07:40 Jun 23
Bronwen: *She frowned.* Now that I think about it, I should probably still be pissed too. But he makes me mad so often, I end up forgetting what I was mad about the last time. You know his idea of teaching me how to swim was throwing me in a lake and seeing how long it took me to figure out how to float? -07:43 Jun 23
MacBeth: That’s definitely his style. *He looked at Tiny.* Do you want some? *He offered it the drink he’d made.* -07:46 Jun 23

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed as it devoured its food whole. It lapped up the drink when Mac poured some into a saucer and put it beside it.

Bronwen: And before he did it he told me there were sharks in there. Brennen still had to fish me out. …Well I hope he has alcohol tolorance… -07:48 Jun 23
MacBeth: … I didn’t put alcohol in this drink. Figured I save that for when we get Brennen out. -07:50 Jun 23
Bronwen: And drink Brennen under the table? *She flashed him a grin!* -07:52 Jun 23
MacBeth: Provided his tolerance for alcohol hasn’t changed. *Smirked a bit.* -07:55 Jun 23
Bronwen: If you think you beating them is bad, you should see what happens when I do it. *She finished her plate and set it aside to sip at that drink. Oooh… this was better than the last one!* -07:57 Jun 23
MacBeth: I’ll take your word for it until I see it for myself. Think we should call in Cassius and see if Flyboy is up yet? -07:59 Jun 23
Bronwen: Poor Duncan, he might not let me teach him anything else after today. I suppose he deserves some dinner. -08:00 Jun 23
MacBeth: He’ll suck it up. Hell, he might even be banging on your door later tonight. -08:01 Jun 23
MacBeth: … For training. *He gave a sideways glance to Shadowstar.* Whatever you and Cassius did to him did the trick. -08:02 Jun 23
Bronwen: *Laughing, she set her cup down.* I don’t think it was me. I wonder if I should ask him for a kiss and see. -08:04 Jun 23
MacBeth: … If you’re that curious. *He sipped his drink and took a bite of his food.* -08:13 Jun 23
Bronwen: I’ll give you one if you ask me. *A wicked grin!* -08:15 Jun 23
[Bronwen is a deviant!] -03:46 Jun 24
[MacBeth had just been asked a very serious question. To him anyways!] -03:46 Jun 24
MacBeth: … You’re serious. *He was studying her to see if she was just joking or not. She had to be …* -03:46 Jun 24
Bronwen: *He looked so serious.. she was grinning again!* You might it sound like a big deal. It’s just kissing. -03:49 Jun 24
MacBeth: … Humor me. I never took kissing the same way as some of your brothers did. -03:51 Jun 24
Bronwen: *She blinked!* Then seriously. If you asked, I’ve give you a kiss. -03:55 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Grinned slightly.* Thanks. I think I’ll save it for another time. -04:04 Jun 24
Bronwen: *A skeptical glance at him, he’s strange… but she didn’t think too hard on it.* I’ll go fetching Duncan and makes sure he eats. If you can feed Cassius without strangling him… -04:07 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I can’t give you any guarantees. But I’m going under the theory that we need him to save Brennan so … he’ll live. -04:08 Jun 24
Bronwen: Yep, need him a little while longer. *She waved her fingrs over her shoulder at him as she left to fetch that poor pilot of hers.* -04:09 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Went to the comlink.* Hey, Cassius. Lunch. -04:11 Jun 24

Duncan: *Was still out cold when Bronwen got to him.* … Zzzz … *He was sleeping?!*

Cassius: *Cassius needed need to be invited twice, he was up and ready to eat in moments!* Who cooked?

Bronwen: *Bronwen stood over Duncan and poked him in the side with her foot.* Wake up, prince. -04:14 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Tempted to tell him his sister did and see if he would eat it or not.* I did. And no. No poison. -04:14 Jun 24

Duncan: *Still snoring! He could sleep like a log that one!* Zzz … zzz …

Cassius: Good, wasn’t looking to die today. *he was fixing himself a plate of food and smiling like he was up to something!* How’s your day been MacBeth? Bright and shiny?

Bronwen: *Nudgepoke!* Duncan, there’s lunch. …Duncan. … WE’RE UNDER ATTACK. SAVE US! -04:19 Jun 24
MacBeth: As bright and shiny as the new toys I found. I’ll be glad to use them on you sometime. *He never did like when Cassius got all cheery. It meant trouble.* -04:24 Jun 24

Duncan: *Suddenly sat straight up!* I’ll–! *Just as suddenly, he dropped back down and went back to sleep!* Zzz …

Cassius: New toys, eh? That’s good to hear, especially since Brownie’s plan is sure to get us near killed. *He plopped in to a chair and ate. Grinning like a cheshire cat!* How is my little sister today?

Bronwen: Huh… *She nudged him again.* Wow! Look at the breasts on that Garison hooker! -04:28 Jun 24
MacBeth: … Not as badly as yours almost got us killed. *He was quick to point out.* You can see for yourself when you two figure out what the hell you guys are doing. -04:29 Jun 24

Duncan: *Jerks up again and looks around. Wide awake!* Garison hooker, where?!

Cassius: Oh, she’s already told me what’s going on. Didn’t she let you know? Not very captain like to leave out her first mate from the planning. *He knew he was dancing on thin ice, but he did like living it dangerous!*

Bronwen: Back on some other planet we’re not on right now. There’s food for ya, Duncan. Once you eat we should get flying. -04:33 Jun 24

Duncan: *His face fell.* Awh man! Oh, food! *His face lit up again and he jumped to his feet! He gave her a smart salute!* Aye-aye, Captain! SAVE SOME FOOD FOR ME!

MacBeth: Did she now …? Well, why don’t you start and if you leave anything out, I’ll correct you. *He said slowly, with the tone an adult gives to a child to humor him.* -04:35 Jun 24

Cassius: Now Mac, you’re talking down to me like Aaron does and you know a kid like you can’t pull that off. *If he grins any wider his face will fall off!*

Bronwen: Cassius is gonna eat it all if you don’t stop saluting me and go eat! -04:38 Jun 24
MacBeth: You’ll be surprised. -04:39 Jun 24

Duncan: Heh heh! *He gave her a sheepish grin before he dashed off!* SAVE SOME FOOD FOR ME!

Cassius: I’ve already been surprised, now I’m looking for what else you got.

Bronwen: *Clasping her hands behind her back, she followed after Duncan!* -04:43 Jun 24

Duncan: *Wasted no time in dashing into the kitchen, cutting off whatever Mac was about to say. He dropped at the counter and looked over Cassius’ plate.* Oh, that smells delicious. May I have some please? *He grinned up at Mac.*

MacBeth: *Looked up as Duncan entered and watched him practically drool over the food.* There’s plenty for everyone. *He filled a plate and gave it to Duncan.* -04:46 Jun 24
Bronwen: *Entering the kitchen smoothly, eyeing her boys… She stopped at the counter and promptly smacked Cassius in the back of the head!* -04:47 Jun 24

Cassius: *Cassius nearly choked on his own fork!* What the hell, woman?!

Duncan: *Grinned as he took the plate.* Thanks! *He wasted no time in digging in.*

Bronwen: I know what you were doing. Cut it out. -04:48 Jun 24

Cassius: *Sheepishly clearing his throat, he stopped his grinning and scowled at his sister.* What makes you think I was up to something? I’m just an innocent man eating his lunch!

Bronwen: We’ll say I’m psychic and that you were two minutes away from being a stuffed rug for the kitchen floor. -04:52 Jun 24
MacBeth: I’m sure Tiny could appreciate something to sleep on. *He poured Duncan some of the drink he’d made.* -04:53 Jun 24

Cassius: Eh, really? Bet I’d make a pretty fine rug. *There he went grinning again!* So captain, last minute orders before we carry out this grand plans of yours?

Bronwen: Besides don’t die? You and Duncan are doing the easy parts. We’ll have to wing it once we’re inside. -04:57 Jun 24

Cassius: I wouldn’t call cracking Othello’s system easy. And your flyboy cracks under pressure.

MacBeth: Thanks to Duncan’s mother, we have the perfect little toy for you to use. But … if you’re not up to it, I guess I can use it. Then you can risk life and limb rescuing Brennen. -05:06 Jun 24

Cassius: I ain’t scared of going in there guns blazing. And I’m sure not letting one of your three try hacking a system and getting us blown up in the process. …What toy?

Bronwen: Madam Hessing gave us a cracker thingy. Hell, you’ll know how to use it. And Tiny will be your bodyguard! *A wide wicked grin!* -05:09 Jun 24

Cassius: …Tiny is going to be my what now?

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed as it lapped at its saucer of drink.

Bronwen: Bodyguard. Duncan will be busy keeping the ship ready and out of sight. You’ll be distracted cracking the system, and will need someone looking out for trouble. MacBeth and I will be busy. -05:12 Jun 24

Cassius: Everybody’s busy and you give me a creepy little furball. *He looked about ready to tell her to take that suggestion and eat it.*

MacBeth: Tiny will behave. Provided you stay on its good side. -05:21 Jun 24

Cassius: Let’s hope it stays on MY good side.

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* -05:23 Jun 24
Bronwen: You have a good side? *She asked, sounding genuinly surprised!* -05:24 Jun 24

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed and … snickered?!

Cassius: Ha ha, Brownie, ha ha! Just you wait till we got Brennen on board. No more ganging up on poor Cassius.

MacBeth: Of course not … *His voice was dripping with fake sympathy.* … Because by then, you’ll be Tiny’s new bed. -05:27 Jun 24

Cassius: Go ahead and fire a shot at me, MacBeth and we’ll see who’s going to be the floor rug.

MacBeth: Guns are Bronwen’s specialty, Cassie. *He yawned.* ‘Sides, I made her a promise. When you guys are done, clean up after yourselves. *Then he was gone, probably back to his room to catch some zzz’s.* -05:30 Jun 24

Cassius: And why is that pain in the ass first mate, again?

Bronwen: I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s smarter than you. *Smiiiirk!* -05:33 Jun 24

Duncan: *Wisely stayed silent and was now done with his meal! He got up and started cleaning up after himself.*

Cassius: You’re pushing it, sister. I ain’t above prodding you with this here fork.

Bronwen: Bah, you’re just pissy he turned the tables on you. If you’re done, I’ll clean up and you can show Duncan how the cloaking system works. -05:39 Jun 24

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed.

Cassius: As you order, Captain. *A whole bucket of sarcasm, he just casts Tiny a scowl as he heads out.* Meet you at the bridge, flyboy.

Bronwen: *She gathered up them dishes quick, and flashed Duncan a grin!* You’re not gonna let me down, are you? -05:46 Jun 24

Duncan: *Grinned and gave her a smart salute.* I reckon failure isn’t an option, Cap’n. Cassius is sure to teach me good. ‘Cause getting caught is the last thing he wants. *He disappeared to follow Cassius.*

“Grrreeoow!” Tiny mewed, watching the woman pick up the dishes.

Bronwen: See, Duncan isn’t as dumb as he looks. *She remarks to Tiny, as she washes the dishes.* You know your job too, right? It might be tempting, but we don’t want Cassius to get killed. -05:53 Jun 24

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed and it even nodded.

Bronwen: He gets back on the ship by any means necesary. Even if you have to swallow him to get him to move. *She didn’t think Tiny could actually DO that.. but then again… Bronwen put the dishes away!* -05:56 Jun 24

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed again. It seemed rather enthusiastic when she mentioned swallowing Cassius but surely a creature as intelligent as it could resist the urge.

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