My Demon Roommate 015: A Good Demon Lawyer

Jayden: The next day, by the time Jayden awoke it was early afternoon. She slept so deep, she didn’t even dream, make a peep, or even move! In fact, the only hint that she was still alive was the soft rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. Even while she was aware she was awake, Jayden wasn’t keen on moving from her spot. She was nice and warm, and facing the day seemed like too much trouble! -07:41 Sep 26
Cupio: He didn’t move all night except to snuggle closer to her. He was aware of the variation in her breathing, her pulse against his skin and even smell she made. His arms hold her close, half pulled up on top of him and he was never, ever wanting to let her go. If he had to tell the truth he was shaken by the experience and if he did sleep wouldn’t have been able to. There was no way he could simply slip away from this one. -07:48 Sep 26
Jayden: She was going to sleep for the rest of the week. At least, that was what she was telling herself up until her stomach churning had her hungry enough to wanna take a bite out of him. Jayden took a deep, annoyed breath, curling in to him further. She really didn’t want to get up, but baby McCoop was probably going to bust out of her gut like some sort of tentacle eating monster if she didn’t. Jayden muttered to herself. -07:54 Sep 26
Cupio: He turned his head to look at her and tightened his grip around her. She was so peacful he could just lick her face. But instead he moved his hand to rub the side of her neck and massage the muscles. He didn’t really want hBut there were dead police officers and parts of jayden’t clothes all over a crime scene. Thier date might have to wait. -07:59 Sep 26
Jayden: "Hmm… now I really dun wanna tell you to make me breakfast before I eat you…" she mumbled softly, shifting an arm up just far enough where she was lazily flicking her fingers through the hair at the nap of his neck. Jayden liked waking up this way. It made up for the chaos of yesterday! -08:03 Sep 26
Cupio: "Breakfast?" didn’t sound bad, "I have something you can wrap your lips around." he grinned and brushed his thub against her lips before he rent back to rubbing her neck. "I think this is the slowest you’ve woken up all week." -08:10 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden smiled, though she had opened her eyes yet. "Sex is easy… babies and demon girlfriends not so much. Just tired is all. And hungry." Hungry but… really, really liking the feel of his hands. There was the perfect temperature of heat coming off him and he smelled divine. -08:15 Sep 26
Cupio: "Me too." he said. "And realizing just how much you would do for me. And I might have to do just as much for you." he closed his eyes as his hand moved to rub between her shoulders. "I don’t know how I went so long without this." -08:19 Sep 26
Jayden: "I’d say I wish I did this sooner, but I’m glad you’re the one that… hmm… tamed the wild Jayden?" Maybe not tamed. Nothing she wanted to do with him was tame. But for the moment she was far too relaxed, and he felt way too good for her to worry about climbing on top of him and sexing him in to a coma. …she’d save that for after their date! Jayden was grinning again. "What do you want to do for a human-demon style date, Cupio…?" -08:23 Sep 26
Cupio: "Food, then finding a place for our daughter to grow up." he said "Is what I wanted to do. But I think we’re going to have to go and see the police, and tell them everything about yesterday. So that they don’t come here looking for me." -08:26 Sep 26
Jayden: Ugh. She forgot about that part. There was no way they’d get out of being caught this time. He had clearly been seen, and Jayden had a feeling there was shreds of her clothes and blood still there. If they didn’t find him personally, they’d be able to find her. "I’ll get you a lawyer.. one those sneaky demon ones that can get anybody out of anything." -08:30 Sep 26
Cupio: "Best place for that is at the club." he said. "We should both go. Today before it opens." he looked down at her. "I might be better among my own kind anyway, they’ll be more understanding, you’ll be there too of course. You will need to explain how you cured me too." -08:33 Sep 26
Jayden: "Yes, officer. After my girlfriend was possessed and bound by cultists and sexed me stupid, I stabbed her back to reality!" It was easier to grin about it now that she had a decent night’s worth of sleep and they were both safe in bed. "…I’ll make sure to explain it a little better. Not gonna leave there without you." -08:35 Sep 26
Cupio: "Probably need to go there in the form they saw, I don’t want them to know I’m a shapeshfter." he knitted his brow. "I’ll have this form as a backup." he didn’t like the situation they were in, nor did he want to change since jayden obviously drew comfort from this form. "I’ll change at the club before we head over. Don’t want to be arrested before I have a chance to turn myself in." -08:40 Sep 26
Jayden: "Yeah, I’m really not in the mood to get arrested for punching a cop…" Which meant she had to get up. She wasn’t going to let him go through all that alone. Hiding her wince, Jayden slowly sat up and ran her fingers through her hair. So much for having a nice nonstressful day! …but she did cast a small sly look. No reason why should wear that corset, though. -08:45 Sep 26
Cupio: He arced a brow at her and then looked at his clothes trying to decide which he wanted to tacle first. "You have that look Jayden, that one where you’re thinking of things I’ll like." -08:49 Sep 26
Jayden: "We not be getting a date today, but no reason why I can look nice for my boyfriend." Blech! Moving was a bitch, after they were done with all this mess, she might just have him rub her down good. …really good. Jayden slipped out of bed and tried to stretch. "You can make me breakfast before I seriously try to eat you, and I’ll get dressed." -08:53 Sep 26
Cupio: He gave her a look curious about what she meant. "Naked cooking it is." he said slipping out of bed and heading to the door. "dress too nice and you’ll delay breakfast, just giving you fair warning." he went into the lving room and stretched before heading towards the kitchen. He was hungry, very hungry, moreso than he should be after yesterday. -08:57 Sep 26
Jayden: That sounded more like a reward than a threat. Jayden liked rewards. She also liked getting an opportunity to stun and distract. He felt bad for things that weren’t his fault. Jayden washed up quick, even going the route of a little makeup. Mcboobs style sweet and adorable, because the clothes… the clothes were vixen! That red corset and her suit jacket. And instead of slacks the dangerously short skirt. So when she finally pulled on a pair of heels and stepped in to the kitchen, Jayden was feeling much more perky. -09:03 Sep 26
Cupio: He had a pan on the spove and toast on when her smell reached him and he turned. If he had a tail it would have twitched. "Jayben, I think I made the right call on that." he said his voice low and he put the eggs down on the counter and stepped towards her every thought and attention on her, then he circled her. "You know I got perfume thats designed to drive demons of my type wild with desire, I was saving it for your birthday… but now I don’t even think you need it." -09:10 Sep 26
Jayden: Jayden was pleased with the response, but was totally playing it coy. Especially since she oh so enjoyed when he was naked and all predator-circling. "Do you think so? Here I thought you wouldn’t want me walking down the street smelling like hot sex and getting the attention of every lusty demon in town…" -09:13 Sep 26
Cupio: There was a loud throaty growl deep within his chest. "I thought you had seen enough blood Jay. You don’t want to see me fight other demons." He stopped behind her to lean close and smell her. "Even though you smell like the mother of MY child." -09:18 Sep 26
Jayden: "Yes, and the mother of your child and the child in question are very hungry. …though what we’re hungry for are two completely different things." There went the idea of a non strenuous day. All he had to do was growl and lean close and she wanted to pounce on him. -09:22 Sep 26
Cupio: HAnds back to rest on ther shoulders from behind, gripping them as he leaned close to her ear. "I know what I’m hungry for." he said pushing her down onto her knees and sinking with her. "You on your hands and knees and me right behind you. Like an animal." he kicked the side of her neck and then bit it, not hard enough to mark her though, they were going out. -09:25 Sep 26
[Cupio Is about to try a new position with Jayden.] -03:23 Sep 27
[Jayden has found herself on her knees and in a skirt. That’s an interesting way to start a day!] -03:27 Sep 27
Jayden: Cupio had a fun way with words, enough to make her completely forget being tired and hungry. A half smirk quirking up at the corner of her mouth, she turned her head towards him and mumbled. "After I took all that time to get all dressed up for you, Coop? You’re going to wrinkle my suit." -03:32 Sep 27
Cupio: "Maybe not.." he said pushing her down onto her hands and lifting her skirt at the back. "I’m just going to get it a little wet." he pushed her panties down her thighs and pressed his hips up behind her. "You shouldn’t dress like this Jay… You’re irisistable to me as it is. Lucky I’m already undressed." -03:36 Sep 27
Jayden: Yes, he was very underdressed and she was getting a very interesting look at him from over her shoulder. Jayden was still very, very pleased to know she made a fine choice in clothes, and the expression she threw him spoke volumes. "Then don’t buy me hot clothes? Otherwise…" she laughed! -03:43 Sep 27
Cupio: "I’m going to buy you all the sexy clothes Jay." he said grinding his hips into hers from behind his hands gripping her hips. "So many you’ll need a room just for them all." both hands still on her he moved his tip to her with his tail, another use for it and then pushed. "And I’ll make you wear thing just for me." -03:50 Sep 27
Jayden: Biting her tongue as she gave a soft groan, Jayden rolled her hips against him. It seemed she was always hot and ready for him, even when she wasn’t planning for a quick fuck. "Good thing we’re going to have a private sex room, huh..?" -03:55 Sep 27
Cupio: "Very good." he said sofly pushign against her and hipping her hips as he started to grind. "You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had and evey time you dress like this it’s ans open invitation.." he pushed hands tighting in her hips. "My little sex addict mortal." -03:58 Sep 27
Jayden: He was giving her all sorts of ideas. Fun and terrible ideas. Bracing one hand on the floor, the other was up griping his on her hip. Every push was making her wetter, and the position had him hitting some very nice buttons. Mouth parting open, she was sighing aloud again. -04:04 Sep 27
Cupio: He sped up, this was meant to be a quicky after all, and drank in her feel, sound and face all as one. The hands on her hips turned to claws but he didn’t push then hard anout to mark her… that would come later, when everything was done. -04:07 Sep 27
Jayden: A fever producing thrill of sensation was heating her blood and making her skin tingle. Limbs feeling weak if only because her blood was pumping so hard she was dizzy. Both of her hands were on the kitchen floor again as she pushed back against him, almost purring out his name in a soft plaintiff groan. -04:18 Sep 27
Cupio: She was so wet it make it east to go as fast as he wanted a long drawn out groan encaping him as he pushing himself towards the endge. "Jayden…" he whispered as the feeling welling up inside him reached critical mass. "You’d better fucking cum soon or you’ll be itching all day." -04:20 Sep 27
Jayden: Oh she would have given him such a great response. Some sarcastic bit of wit. But knowing she had him so wound up and wrapped around… well, her, that was hotter than anything! Her small bit of laughter was cut short when she clenched. Making her give a sudden shout and dig her teeth in to her lip. Jayden bent foreward until her head was resting against the floor and her hand was pounding against it. -04:29 Sep 27
Cupio: He kept pushing, and grinding until his hips shook and he filled her. Breathing hard he rubbed her hip and groaned in satisfaction before he pulled out and smiled down at her. "Dress like that again tomorow." he was putting his arms around her to picke her up adn place her in a chair before leaning down adn kissing her forehead. "Now what do you want for breakfast?" -04:32 Sep 27
Jayden: If only she could roll on the floor and not get her clothes all dusty and wrinkled. Instead, Jayden was squirming in the seat he placed her in, still savoring that vibrating afterglow. She finally just leaned foreward to rest her upper body on the table. Jayden grinned. "Everything. Eggs and steak and bacon and you and pretty much anything that’s edible." She smelled like sex now… that was going to drive her crazy for the rest of the day! -04:36 Sep 27
Cupio: He stepped into the kitched to oblidge and curned ont he stove. Thier paltes would be piled high but he didn’t came. He was glad that Jayden was enjoying her present and her morning when she had the biggest chest in the house. "Everything it is… rare." he started piling things on the counter and got ready to cook. -04:39 Sep 27
Jayden: Laying her head on her arm, she watched him bustling around naked in the kitchen. This was a great view! And she felt better. Stress was gone at least for the moment, and she should be able to give a nice demure ‘oh I am just a nice human trying to save my sweet demon girlfriend’ act for the police. Last thing she wanted was her Mcboobs in a prison. A demon prison, no less! "I think I want to get more serious with running the club and those mob minions we claimed…" she finally muttered. -04:50 Sep 27
Cupio: "You have the outfit to run a palce liek that." he said from behind the stove as the smells started to drift around the appartment. "And the attitude, you’d make a great mod queen, and get us money to raise our kid." he started transfering things from the pan to the plates and grating cheese on top of prettymuch everything and then carried the plates to the table. "Let me see you mob face when you have someone moving in on your turf." -04:54 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden sat up and tried… but her fake angry face was stuck with her trying not to snicker. The real thing was better. The second her plate was sat down, Jayden was snatching up a fork and eating like she hadn’t had a bite in weeks. "More than just money. Having a bunch of gun trained goons would come in handy. I don’t like the idea that there’s maniacs out there kidnapping helpless demons and god knows what else." -04:57 Sep 27
Cupio: "The cops need to know everything we do so they can stop this." he started eating slowly with his brow furrowed. This whole thing put him ill at ease. -04:59 Sep 27
Jayden: "I don’t know about everything… Vigilante justice isn’t exactly their favorite thing to hear about." She was eating as quickly as she could, but still took the opportunity to rub her foot against his leg from under the table. "Don’t worry about the details. A good lawyer can work all of that out, and where he can’t some money and maybe a threat or two might…" -05:08 Sep 27
Cupio: He smiled at her and started eating faster, he still had to put a set of mcboobs’ clothes in a bag and get dressed himself. "Everything about the cult we know. I know they used holy water to weaken me before they started, they know a lot about demons, and hos superstitions, actual hands on knowledge." -05:10 Sep 27
Jayden: "So they got a big bad leader somewhere, or a library or big organization thing. We can tell the police about that and what they were trying to do. …we’ll just not tell them what I’m gonna do to them if I find them first." There was the scary not-so-sweet Jayden grin. Her plate was empty and she felt worlds stronger, at least enough to stand on her own two feet. She was up out of her chair and back bustling around the kitchen to make a sandwhich and pour a glass of juice. -05:19 Sep 27
Cupio: He polished off his plate and was then heading into the kitched to slap Jayden’s ass and get a bag to put clothes in, then he was groping Jayden on his way past to head to the bedroom. "I love it when you get murdrous but I’m sure they won’t. So let’s keep that kind of talk to when I can fuck you for it." -05:22 Sep 27
Jayden: She was grinning again. Less wicked now and just… pleased in general. Sex was the best breakfast ever. "Don’t worry, I know how to behave with cops. I’m just more worried that they’re not gonna give two shits about what we say." Drinking her juice and chewing on her sandwich, Jayden wandered in to the living room where shopping bags filled with baby things were still sitting. Yep, this was that shining wake up call. What if this happened with her girl when she’s older? Insane cultists… Jayden was going to wipe every last one of them off the planet before that happened. -05:29 Sep 27
Cupio: He pulled on pants and his pavorite shirt and jacket befoore throwing the bag over his shoulder and putting on socks and his boots. "They will. They have to." he took his knife and put it into the bag as well before exiting the bedroom and nodding to her. "Ready to go Jay, Let’s get this over with." -05:38 Sep 27
Jayden: Sandwich gone and glass put away, Jayden still didn’t feel like she had enough to eat. Maybe because she was bloodthirsty for some dead cultists! The thought both humored her and made her a little sick. Down, baby! No people eating. "To the club then for a little demon aid." Jayden led the way out, making sure the door was locked tight behind them once he followed. -05:44 Sep 27
Cupio: He put a hand on her shoulder gripping it and locking her in place, then her turned her aroudn and placed a hand on her shoulder opening her mouth and pushing something inside. He could smell the demon in her stronger, not just the baby but from her. And as far as he knew she had never devoured a soul, somehting that would do her and the baby worlds of good, so that’s what he pushed into her mouth before overtaking her and heading down the stairs. -05:52 Sep 27
Jayden: Well. That was both sweet and almost sexual. Jayden wasn’t sure how to respond other than swallowing…. and what a nice over-pleased feeling that followed! It seemed to do the trick, but Jayden assumed it was just the attention itself rather than what he fed her. Her hand hooked with his as they walked down the street. -05:57 Sep 27
[Cupio enters.] -06:12 Sep 27
Cupio: HE gripped his hand and headed towards the club, lookign at the poeple around them with mild interest. They had seen Jayden and bothe Cupios often enough and he kind of wondered what they thought. "You’re lucky you have me around." he remarked. "I know exactly wht a growing demon baby needs." he grinned myseriously at her before squeezing her hand. "And what a Jayden needs apparently." -06:15 Sep 27
Jayden: "Apparently huh? I guess I am not doing a good job of being infallible lately." Which, kind of irritated her to know she wasn’t invincible. But at the same time… she really kind of liked having him take care of her. She never knew how much she like it until she was being the caretaker for Mcboons. …yet, Jayden really kind of liked doing that too! Jayden rest her head on his shoulder as they walked. "I like life better with you in it. I feel like I was missing something before." -06:22 Sep 27
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -06:25 Sep 27
Cupio: He stopped to put both arms around her and hug her tightly. She had no idea how much his oen feelings mirrored hers. "Then let’s make sure I stay in your life." he said softly before heading towards the club again. "Because I never want to leave it." -06:25 Sep 27
Jayden: "Don’t worry Cupio… I’m feeling a hella lot more confident it’ll be find. Food and rest and sex did me good. No matter what they say, you’re staying with me." Maybe she was finally blending both sides of him in her head instead of thinking of him as separate forms. Because even with male Cupio she wanted to ease his fears and pet him today. "One step at a time, though. Club, cops, then we spend the rest of the day being domestic?" -06:33 Sep 27
Cupio: He kissed her forehead as they walked. "And other things helped too." he was still being myseterious "But yes, club, cops, appartment hunting date." it didn’t take them long to get there either and Cupio was knocking on the door to get them let in, the doorman a lttle surprised to see poeple. "We need a lawyer." was all he said and they were let in and directed to wait at a table. -06:37 Sep 27
Jayden: "Oh really? What other things?" she asked, if only for the amusement of seeing why he was giving that mystery smile. She liked wicked Cupio. Once in the club though, she was happy to slide in to a seat and look around. It wasn’t the time of day where it was packed with sweaty demon bodies. It kind of felt… lackluster! Clearly she was spending way too much time with demons and clubs. -06:40 Sep 27
Cupio: They were served drinks, on the house and left to their own devices, the glasses contained nothing more than a blankd of exotic juices but Cupio had his gone in the thrice, demons knew what demons liked. -06:42 Sep 27
[Heris enters the club in the daytime.] -06:43 Sep 27
Heris: He was shown where they were and went over to pull a chair up to thier table uninvited. "I hear you need a layter, that about the party down the street last night. I hear a demon od lust was involved adn both of you fallen angels smell pretty lusty. What’s the deal?" -06:44 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden very nearly choked and spit out her drink, when the young… completely sweet… probably man version of little Mcboobs was now sitting in front of them. Before she started cracking up, Jayden swallowed that snicker and put on a serious expression. It was serious. "How do you like a band of psycho human cultists kidnapping a demon off the street and trying to fuel her with crazy murdering god powers and use her as a puppet? Cause that’s pretty much what went down." -06:48 Sep 27
Heris: He frowned and drummed his fingers on the table. "I’d say I didn’t like it at all. It’s what I thought happened, there have been rumors. I take it you were the demon?" he was talking to Jayden! -06:51 Sep 27
Cupio: "No that would be me. Shifter, Cupio. And It’s exactly what Jayden said. They used holy water and painted me in blood and bound me to what they wanted me to be. And it worked. Jayden was the one who saed me with this." He took out the dagger and placed it on the table. "Are you a lawyer?" -06:53 Sep 27
Heris: He frowned and looked at Jayden then at the knife. "Good thing you had it, I’m the owner here. I’ll get you a lawyer. I won’t ask you for payment yet but we’ll have to get this sorted out. The last thing we want is police hunting down demons." he bit his lip before signalling for more drinks. "Don’t worry I’ll take care of you. I have just the guy." -06:59 Sep 27
Jayden: Because she was pregnant with a little beast and Cupio was a man, she didn’t think it odd that she was mistaken for the demon. "We have our own club and people too. And I am more than happy to work out a payment later." It didn’t need to be said, but… well. Jayden didn’t know what she was thinking, she was eyeing this guy curiously just trying to figure out what sort of demon he was. He didn’t make the impression of demon lord at all, and that kind of amused her! -07:02 Sep 27
Cupio: "We’re going to the police as soon as he leave here to make a statement. They may want to hold me." Cupio was worried they would. Human justice was about keeping people off the street, so wierd. "Also payment will not be a problem…" he glanced at Jayden. "I have enough." -07:06 Sep 27
Heris: "I know your club, Virgin Street, quaint little place, not the kind of place I’d take the girlfriend though. I’ll have my man go down to the station to meet you there, I wouldn’t want a pregnant couple getting seperated. I should get Georgia and myself some rings. Speaking of which shes asleep in the back, I’ll make some calls then get back to her. Anything you want on the house." he got up and started walking off. "Congradulations on the new life." -07:10 Sep 27
Jayden: He had a girlfriend too! At least that seemed normal. Jayden was taking a sip of her drink again before she was turning in her seat towards Cupio. "I guess I smell pregnant? Do I look pregnant?" She tilted back to look at her stomach. Not in this corset! "What are you paying with anyway, souls? I think I’d prefer souls to you working here…" -07:19 Sep 27
Cupio: "Yes, souls, I have the souls of the cultists I killed. And your boobs are bigger, not a lot but noticable." he said sipping his second drink. "Demons don’t look pregnant until about a month before the birth, to keep then sexy and fuckable for as long as possible… now I should change." he started sheding his jacket and hunt it on the back of the chair. "You really are so much like a demon." -07:24 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden was looking down at her boobs now, poking at them a bit. With all they had been up to, she hadn’t really noticed. Probably because she lived with the damn things. "Not sure how it’s gonna roll with me… She’s kinda playing havoc with my senses all the time. Not really too bad except when I’m worn out." Jayden watched him while he got undressed. That was always a good show, even if there wasn’t any time for more sex. -07:30 Sep 27
Cupio: He smiled at her when he noticed she was watching. "Like childbirth, not mch else to say, and we’ll be happy to have our bouncing baby girl." he was not standing completely naked and shrinking down into his other form and grabbing clothes out of the bag. No underwear just a skirt , shint, thigh lenth socks and ankle boots. "Not the best thing to wear when going to the cops but it was the first thing I saw." he said pulling a hoodie on and putting the hood up making sure two loose stands of hair fell down either side of hsi chest just right, then he was really regretting not having any panties. "We’ll stop to get undies along the way. But first…" he slid into Jayden’s lap and kissed her cheek. I want to thank you for being the best GF ever." -07:36 Sep 27
Jayden: That’s her Mcboobs. Forgetting the necessity of panties for important things. Jayden put her arms around him and squeezed, resting her head on his shoulder. "I’m pretty amazing, yeah." she responded with a wide grin. -07:40 Sep 27
Cupio: He kissed the side of her neck and then slipped out of her lap and shoveled all his other clothes into the bag. "We can come and get it later right? I Really don’t want them to know I have another form so I have one to run to Rio with you as. Somthing but sunsets and out daughter." he sighed then looked at her still nervous about the whole thing but trying not to let it show. Though his tail was still and his tiny wngs were closer to his back than normal. But when he stood up strait her tossed his head in a self assured manner. -07:44 Sep 27
Jayden: "Yeah, we’ll come back after." How cute. The pretending to be totally fine hairflip thing. …fuck, did she do that too? Jayden hoped not! She took a moment to take his face in her hands and give him another quick, reassuring kiss. Then was taking his hand to lead him out. "There’s nothing to worry about. Even with a good human lawyer a dude can get you out of murder. I’m pretty sure a demon one can even one up that. If not… I kinda like the idea of Rio!" -07:51 Sep 27
Cupio: Was he so obviously worried? He was trying to act fine. The kiss was nice though and make things easier. "I’m not worried Jay, I have you, my scary pregnant Jayden." he squeezed her hand. "Nothing will ever keep us apart, even if I have to destroy the police station to get out." -07:55 Sep 27
Jayden: "Have I told you how sexy you are when you get all angry and violent?" she grinned, keeping an arm around him as she led him out. "And you’re right. Nothing will separate us, so there’s no reason to worry about that. Worry about how many rooms we need in a nice house. Or about where we can go for dinner where I can eat all I like and not have to pay a fortune." -07:59 Sep 27
Cupio: "Us to sleep, baby to sleep, sex, three bedrooms." he said "More it we want a library, I like books, though you keep me distracted with sex." he kissed her arm and clung to it with both arms. "I’m not afraid so long as you’re here. And I bet I can out eat you." -08:03 Sep 27
Jayden: "Yeeeah, no. I have two people to feed now, I totally got that in the bag." Of course it wasn’t out eat that she heard. Her mind was perpetually in the gutter. And she was even taller than him than usual with these heels on, so she had to tilt just a bit to account for his tinyness! "I kinda like the idea of a library. With one of those big gothic fireplaces and a big furry animal rug or something." -08:08 Sep 27
Cupio: "Leather chairs and a drinks cabinet in the corner and a shotgun mounted of ther fireplace?" he asked looking as at ehr and not beign able to help a grin. "That sounds nice. Demons like me love.. loooove… loooooooove luxury Jayden." -08:11 Sep 27
Jayden: "Good! I didn’t get purple and gold luxury in hell, so I’m kinda liking this idea of building us the perfect house and just rolling in it." It helped that the idea of spoiling a Mcboobs Cupio to the point of him giggling and purring was a really pleasing idea too! Mcboobs and daughter in a gorgeous house with cute clothes, being ridiculous and having princess tea parties. Jayden liked that idea a lot. -08:14 Sep 27
Cupio: He grinned. "That would be perfect, designing out own enviroment and living in it. The best home ever. Thank you Jay. " he sighed. "You make life… perfect Don’t knwo what I would do without you.." -08:22 Sep 27
[Jayden enters.] -08:25 Sep 27
Jayden: "Probably have tons of boring demon sex with tons of strange demons. I’d be doing the same.. minus demons! And working in a tiny cubicle with boring numbers and paperwork… ugh. I think getting me fired was the best thing you ever did!" Jayden hated that job… granted, she was pretty pissed when she got fired. But now…? Now she was glad! -08:27 Sep 27
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -08:47 Sep 27
Cupio: "It ws fun." he said with a grin, then sighed agaist her. "I felt bad though, not just for losing your your job, but for sleeping with people without checking if it was okay with you first. I didn’t ant to do that after that and I had to do a lot of thinking. Demons don’t get like that but I did with you. Guess I liked you." -08:52 Sep 27
Jayden: "You weren’t mine to claim yet, so I wasn’t so mad about that…" She squeezed his hand again, leaning to kiss the top of his head. "Hmm… hey, what do you think we’ll name this kid? She’ll need a good strong name to grow up with. Something cute but fearsome!" -08:57 Sep 27
Cupio: He rubbed his cheek against her arm. "I just think of her as a little Jayden McBoobs, I hope she gets your fortitude and my power. I could show her how to kill quickly and bloodily." that had his tail twitching, then he whispered. "Probably shouldn’t say that when we’re right outside the police station." -09:00 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden smirked. "No, not a good idea at all." Holding his hand tight, she led them in to the station. On the brightside, no one turned around on sight and pointed loads of guns at them. Which at least meant there wasn’t some huge task force with targets on their faces. But when she took her Mcboobs up to the front, the guy behind the counter looked pretty surprised. "We’d turn in information about the whole bloody cultist massacre… Our lawyer should be here to meet us." -09:04 Sep 27
Cupio: He did the self confident hair flip again and lowerd his hood. "I’m the demon you’re looking for fron yesterday. I’m turning myself in and offering a full explination. My lawyer will be here soon." He was leaning against Jayden for comfort. -09:17 Sep 27

The cop behind the desk almost didn’t know what to do, but he was calling over one of the higher ranking guys. Some old dude who looked like he had already spent the entire day in a bad mood. He took one look at the two ladies, scowl and snatched up a clipboard. “Follow me.” -Jayden

Jayden: Nice, they were getting stereotype cop guy. This was probably going to go over great and screamy. Maybe he’d make Mcboobs cry. She’d have to not want to punch him in the face long enough for the crying to work up sympathy. Jayden kept an arm around him though as they followed the cop around the corner and down the hall. At least it didn’t look like they were getting arrested on the spot! -09:27 Sep 27
Cupio: That guy did look angry but Cupio wasn’t back to droopy tail and cowering against Jayden. He had let go of Jayden’s arm and was moving to want ahead of her with as much magestic grace as he could muster, which being the kind of demon we was, was a lot. But he did glance back at Jayden. The very realy posibility that they would be seperated in his head. -09:31 Sep 27
Jayden: Jayden smiled wide, even if on the inside she was just as worried about the whole thing as he was. She just… also knew she’d leave the place shooting and with him thrown over her shoulder if that’s what it came to. The cop stopped at a door and opened it up. He stood there scowling, tilting his head for both of them to enter. It was one of the sparse intimidating looking interrogation rooms. Nice and empty. Jayden had her hands on his shoulders up until they were in the room and she was pulling a chair for him to sit in. She choose to sit on the table herself. But to her surprise, the cop didn’t follow them in. He just closed the door, leaving them alone. "Guess there’s no chatting till the lawyer gets here… How do you feel, pretty?" -09:36 Sep 27
Cupio: "We forgot to get underwear." he said looking up at her and then he placed both arms on the table and used them as a pillow the facade of calm disipating and now all he wanted to do was close his eyes and forget about things. "I did wee they have bigger weapons, thier small ones I can handle I don’t know about the big ones." everything in the room was probably being listened to. "I’m going to tell them the truth Jay, that the cult wanted a god to.. I don’t even know. Why did they grab me? Why me? I didn’t do anything to them. They had demon blood that they painted on me. They’ve been killing demons, who knows for how long. I just want a normal life with you. And our baby." -09:42 Sep 27
Jayden: "Ah, honey…don’t…" Not this! Anything but teary Mcboobs, that always broke her heart! Jayden slipped in to the chair beside him and slipped her arms around him and stroked her fingers through his hair. "Who knows what they wanted? Everybody knows cults are batshit crazy… They saw a demon easy to grab, that’s all. We’ll be out of here soon." -09:46 Sep 27
Cupio: "Yes, we will, one way or another." he heaved a deep breath and then burried his face aganst Jayden and threw his arms around her. "I’m afraid Jay. They knew exactly how to trigger me, they then exactly how to turn me into what they wanted and there was nothing I could do. I’ve never felt so violated." he looked up at her and his voice teatering on the verge of breaking. "I almost killed you, you were… a disposable servant to me." his eyes, were wet and looking into hers. "How was that even… I used to be like that all the time. Maybe demon should go back and leave humans alone." he closed his eyes and rested his head agaist her chest. "You’d have to come with me." -09:54 Sep 27
Jayden: "I’m not demon expert, but I don’t think demons would be here if they weren’t missing something and wanting more than just hell…" Jayden hugged him tight, having no problem cradling him in her arms and letting him cry it out. "It’ll get better with time. If not, I’ll go with you anywhere you want to go. To hell, to heaven, to mars. Anywhere." -10:04 Sep 27
Cupio: "I’ve found what I was looking for, when I didn’t know I was looking for it." he said still clinging to her, then he loved up to kiss her softly and rest his head on her shoulder. "I hope it gets better. Hell isn’t a very nice place."" -10:08 Sep 27

the door opened and in walked a tall man with pitch black eyes and a hooves poking out below the booting of his suit pants. He had a breifcase and a set of bluetooth headphones in his hear and as soon as he entered his nostrills flared. “Don’t worry, they can’t do a thing.” he said placing the briefcase in the table and poppin the latches. “Foedus, your new lawyer.” he offered Jayden a hand. “In all your matters, Or Cupio’s matters, whichever of you is the title holder in your…” He looked at the ring is jayden’s fingger. “Arangement. But really you have nothing to worry about, I have one word that will make everything better. Technicality.” -Cupio


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[Jayden was now eyeing their brand new demon lawyer! At least HE looked like she expected him to! ] -04:07 Oct 02
[Cupio is only slightly reasured. And still a lot scared. Killing and blood are easy, laws are tricky.] -04:08 Oct 02
Jayden: "Technicalities sound about like what we need." muttered Jayden in response. That guy’s handshake felt like he could crush all the bones in her hand if he just twitched a little. That was pretty cool. "It’s really not Cupio’s fault." -04:13 Oct 02
Cupio: Cupio had to use both hands to shake the big demon’s and then settled into a chair and leaned against Jayden with a sigh. "It’d really not… They bound be to them and it wasn’t for sex. They wanted a god to kill for them." -04:16 Oct 02

Foedus’s face didn’t react, instead he opened his briefcase and started taking out papers and sliding them towards Jayden who seemed to be the one in charge. “I’ll need you and your.. partner… to sign these, they’re so you’re recognised as a single entity in all matters, like a married couple in the human world, and then Cupio needs to sign this, before company arives.” He was all business adn all efficiency, and why not. His legal shenanigan was foolproof. -Cupio

Jayden: Married couple. That sort of sent her head reeling for a moment, but she was pulling the papers over and giving them a quick scan. Sure, he was -their- demon lawyer, but Jayden liked to know what was in the fine print. ….married to Cupio! What an alien concept! "You’ll have to point out anything unusual to me.." she muttered at Coop. -04:22 Oct 02
Cupio: He was reading over her shoulder and frowning. "This gives us ownerwhip of eachother’s souls." she said pointing at a part of the contract that was nothing but arcane runes, presumable the same that was in english but in a much older language. "And says that we’re alowed to have secrets between us that no one can ask us to speak. I like the sounds of that." his tail was begining to twitch again and he was grinning. "And here this says no legal action can be takes against one of us without the other being there. I think you’d liek that one." -04:30 Oct 02
Jayden: "That does make me feel better for the next time you get in trouble…" Ownership of each other’s soul too? At least that she wasn’t worried about. Jayden cared about him to an insane extent. Maybe it was just the stigma of marriage that freaked her out! Her fingers were tapping nervously on the table. Better not mention that to Mcboobs, though. He’ll have another crying fit that she can’t fix in the middle of a police station. "It’s perfect, then. I want to know you’re taken care of." -04:33 Oct 02
Cupio: He picked up the offered pen and sighned the marriage contract, then pulled the other paper towards himself, this one made no sense! -04:36 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden was taking the one contract and signing it even with that slight twist of a frown to her lips. Then she was casting a sideglance at Cupio, narrowing her eyes at his expression. "Hmm? What now?" -04:43 Oct 02
Cupio: Cupio was reading it and then looking at the lawyer who was sstill standed for lack of a chair big enough for him. "It’s… remember when I said they wanted to use me as a spokesperson for demon kind and that I could be in public like this, this makes that official." he was signing it anyway and looking confused. "Why?" -04:46 Oct 02
Jayden: "Why is a really good question." Jayden wasn’t sure how she felt about Cupio being the spotlight of anything! He always got more attention than she liked in the first place. She couldn’t imagine how much worse that could get. Jayden was very definitely scowling. -04:53 Oct 02

He gathered up the pepers and placed them on top of his briefcase. “Then we’re ready.” he said with a smile and cracked open the door and gestured to a cop outside. “You’ll be out in a matter of minutes.” -Cupio

What came through the door was a cop, only didn’t seem like a cop. Wearing some classy outfit that looked straight out of a New York fashion magazine, with her badge and I.D. hanging around her neck, this one didn’t give off that gruff intimidation. She almost even appeared charming. Which made it all the more suspicious when she sat on the opposite side of the table, leaning forward with a sanguine sweet smile and tapping her clipboard with a perfectly painted fingernail. “Did he say only ten minutes? No, no… You see, we have a very big problem and the two of you seem to keep popping up…” -Jayden

Cupio: He gripped jayden’s hand under the table back leaned forwards against it at the same time. "I didn’t want to do anything, I just want to make a statement." he was both releaved and scared to see a demon police officer. "You have to understand, I was bound." she would understand that right? She was a demon. -05:14 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden squeezed his hand, giving this cop a wary look. There went the opposite of her expectations again. This flip flopping thing was driving her nuts. And to make it worse, she suspected this woman was a demon too. She just couldn’t place her finger on why! Something about the way she moved. "Kidnapped right off the street and bound, mind you." -05:22 Oct 02
Cupio: The lawyer stepped in. "I remind you officer that my client is here to give a statemen of her own free will, any badgering or attemting to get her to incrimidate herself and I’ll have to ask for her immediate release. You have nothing to hold her on. -05:24 Oct 02

The lawyer stepped in. “I remind you officer that my client is here to give a statemen of her own free will, any badgering or attemting to get her to incrimidate herself and I’ll have to ask for her immediate release. You have nothing to hold her on. -Cupio

“How about we quit the bullshit, Foedus? We both know I’m not one of those fumbling humans ready to believe whatever web of crap you’ve woven up.” Even while she said it, she was still smiling. That frustratingly ‘understanding’ smile that had a bite behind it. “So why don’t we skip to the chase. Little birds tell me you’ve been in a couple scrapes long before those cultists grabbed you. The humans getting murdered kinda scrapes. Now explain to me how I should trust the two of you aren’t masterminding something devious.” -Jayden

“You don’t need to trust them, in fact the one on the right isn’t even a demon. I know they’re guilty, but I know you have to let them go.” he pushed the papers at the cop. “Cupio is a spokesperson for the greater understanding of demons among humans, and the human and her are in a romantic arangement. This gives them both diplomatic immunity.” she grinned wide, a watertite technicality. “You can’t even hild then for a minute minger than they choose to stay. So let’s cut the crap. They don’t have to tell you a thing.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden was inwardly cringing, even if the lawyer did seem to have everything under control. The fact they were already on the police’s radar pretty much threw all her assumptions they were fine and safe right out the window. And Cupio being this ‘spokesperson’ was only going to keep them right there under the spotlight. She was squeezing Cupio’s hand again. He was probably flipping the fuck out! -05:43 Oct 02
Cupio: He was looking in amazement following the canversation. They’de be able to get away with anything so long as he kept taking pictures, that made them seem like a nessecity and not fun. She felt her hand squeezed and looked at Kayden, suddenly puttig his head in her shoulder and closing his eyes. He had come here to share his side of the story not to hget into a legal battle, and they knew about the lynching… and the mobster. "I’ll give them back." he said "I’ll give their sould back, those I still have." -05:47 Oct 02

There she was shaking her head, not at all looking convinced as she looked over the paperwork she was handed. “All that means is that I can’t arrest them or hold them for murder. However~!” she chirped in a sing song voice, finally getting up off the table to set her clipboard down on it. She turned it around for the happy couple to read. “As spokespeople for demonkind, it’s your duty by bound contract to give full cooporation with the police when it’s requested. I will, of course, happily take those souls off your hands. In fact, do not concern yourselves about the cultists or your saftey. BUT… when I give you a call, you’ll be a nice sweet little couple and help in any way you can, won’t you?” -Jayden

“I’ll have coppied filed by tomorow, and sent to the holders.” he said taking them back and placing them in his breifcase. “I’ll stay here to make sure my client’s rights are not infringed upon.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden felt a lot like this woman had their balls in a vice or something! She was all too ready to agree with the lawyer’s paperwork and let them get away with murder. For what, chatting it up? Jayden had the feeling this was going to bite them in the ass later. "Yeah, will cooporate just fine with the police. We haven’t done anything wrong." -06:01 Oct 02

“Sure you haven’t. Protecting your family, right? I’m sure if you didn’t have all of these handsome demons on a leash that excuse would work wonders.” Out of her pocket came a little box, once she sat down in front of Cupio. “Souls, please. I promise, those at fault will be punished.” -Jayden

[Cupio enters.] -06:20 Oct 02
[(Timeout) Cupio has timed out.] -06:25 Oct 02
Cupio: Where whe took them from could not be seen but at least a dozen glowing orbs here placed inside the box. "I didn’t mean to…" his voice was on the verge of breaking again. "I’ll never take another, I’ll let them all escape." so they would be going home but he felt worse, liek he was being bound but in a legal sense. "I just want to raise my…" he cut himself off and bit his lipburrying his face in Jayden’s shoulder. "I’ll do anything for her." -06:25 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden wrapped her arms around him, casting that cop one hell of a glare before she turned her attention to the fussing Mcboobs. Stroking his hair softly and resting her chin on his head. "She said she’d take care of things. And I’ll take care of the rest. Don’t worry about it. This wasn’t your fault." -06:32 Oct 02

“Your missus is right, anyway. Those cultists have been trouble for awhile now, you just won the lucky draw.” The cop was examining the souls carefully before closing up the box and tucking it away neatly in her jacket. Satisfied with the contents, she was picking up all of her paperwork. “You’re free to go. But remember, if I need a little favor for police business, I’m coming to collect. That’s going to come in handy with you two running that little mobster club and dipping your fingers where you shouldn’t, hmm?” -Jayden

Cupio: He put his arms arounf her and sighed his muscles tensing up as he slipped off his chair to sit in her lap. Then he was taking deep dreaths and trying to feel better. "Let’s go Jay, I need ot get out of here, I need to be someplace I can call my own." -06:38 Oct 02
Jayden: She didn’t bother replying to the cop. Jayden was slipping out of her seat, righting Cupio on his feet without letting go while she was at it. This stuff was driving him crazy, but it was done. Jayden was serious when she said she’d take care of the rest! "Home sounds good. We’ll do some house searching online, okay?" -06:46 Oct 02
Cupio: He herclinging to her arm and leanign against her. The same question of why him running though his head, but before they could leave the lawyer held out a card. "In case you need me." he said "Today’s fees have already been covered by a friend." -06:49 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden took the card, eying it with that same suspicion she was giving everything. Then she was quickly leading Cupio out before anyone decided to change their mind about this stuff. She wanted Cupio home where she had full control over everything! "Thanks." -07:01 Oct 02
Cupio: Once they were out of the room Cupio seemed to relax and just walked with Jayden. "So what now?" he asked. "Are they going to ask me to infiltrate the cult as thier leader and get them all to turn themselves in?" it was a joke or was trying to be. "I… I need sex Jay, that’s what I need." -07:04 Oct 02
Jayden: "They can’t ask you do to that.. even as a spokesperson. You’re still a civilian." Jayden leaned to brush a kiss against his temple. "I told you not to worry about it, I’ll handle everything she wants. When we get home we’ll do cute snugglie sexy things, and you won’t have to give it a second thought." -07:06 Oct 02
Cupio: He didn’t seem convinced but didn’t say anything more on the subject. "What do you mean search for a house online? I… ypu mean with a phone?" something new to watch and learn about maybe. Jayden handling business was always good to watch even if it was a dozinf Cupio on the couch in Jaydes mobster office doing the watching. -07:10 Oct 02
Jayden: "The internet is a wonderful magical place where lazy people can cuddle in bed and still go shopping." He was still pensive, and Jayden understood why! She didn’t want to be stuck as a pawn for anybody. All she wanted was Cupio and their kid. Jayden slid her arm around him and was playing with his hair. "Owning each other’s souls really is like being married? The whole family package?" -07:15 Oct 02
Cupio: "It’s a new one on me." he said "That’s not usually how it works. It’s usually just an agreement on what each person wants and a period of time both will try and make it work. Last like all I wanted was sex any time I said the word and help in any fights I started. Which were a few. I think it’s a way to explain to demns what love feels like, or something to try and make it so that they don’t want to do it purly for the legal protection or other conveniences. Since no demon would give up thier soul." -07:20 Oct 02
Jayden: "I hear a lot about this ‘demons don’t feel love’ stuff, but it’s kinda looking like they feel it so hard it gets them in trouble…" That was a weird sudden thought. But rang true the more she thought about it. It reflected her own feelings a lot too. Jayden took a deep breath, putting on that more upbeat cheerful mood for him. Anything to rock Mcboobs out of post-trouble melancholy! "What do you think about an impromptu honeymoon night you’ll never forget, pretty?" -07:26 Oct 02
Cupio: He stepped away from her when she spoke about demons feeling love, then was instantky distracted by something new. "Honeymoon night?" they were barely out of the police station and he was swishing hit tail from side to side looking at her before remembering what he had been about to say. "Jayden… do you remember what I saud about being sensitive to my enviroment?" he turned and started walking towards home. "Previously my enviroment was hell. And it gets under your skin, you become part of it, it becomes part of you. I don’t think you know how bad hell is and how bad demons are there. You saw me yesterday. That demon is a part of me and.." he hugged himself and stopped walking to lean against a wall. "In hell, I was worse than that. This place changes us, let’s us be more than that. In hell demon’s can’t love. Up here, I don’t think we’re all that different to humans. We’re just not used to it." He was kicking the ground and looking down. "To us, your worls is better than we could ever have imagined." -07:33 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden stopped too, stepping up close to brush her fingers against his cheeks and kiss his forehead before tilting his chin up. "That’s why they call it hell, baby. I suppose heaven is probably all cupcakes and birthday parties and nobody knows what real life is like. I know it’s a part of you and I don’t care, okay? I love you, when you are a girl, when you are a crazy homicidal demon, when you reorganize all my stuff, and when you make my smile for no reason. All that matters is where we are now." -07:38 Oct 02
Cupio: Why did he feel this way? Did he feel like it was too good to be true? Was it too much after hell? He just put an arm around her and sighed. "I love you too Jayden. I’m just not used to all these… human things. And right now I need to be home, with you." Still holding on he started walking. "I’m sorry. It’s already ovewhelming and then.. this. You’re right, love does get me into trouble. But I wouldn’t give it up for the world." -07:46 Oct 02
Jayden: "You know that wasn’t what I meant by love getting demons in trouble. It’s way more complicated than I can explain, especially when I just want to give you everything you need to feel better." Hell, putting together her own thoughts was a pain in the ass just as it was! This was way bigger than either of them needed to deal with. Jayden rest an arm over his shoulder. "How about we just stop thinking about human stuff or demon stuff and just worry about us stuff? Nobody else matters anyway." -07:49 Oct 02
Cupio: "That’s only true if you mean all of us." he said brushing a hand against her stomach. "I want to get home and I want to snuggle with you and I want to find a new home for all of us and I want to forget everythng else." he stopped and snuck a kiss onto Jayden’s cheek. "Thank you for being here for me." -07:53 Oct 02
Jayden: "Yes, I do mean all of us. Unnamed baby beast included. She won’t have to deal with Hell, you know. She’ll get to grow up here safe and happy with us. Think about all the things we can do with her! Like.. um.. going to the park and ballet. Maybe some karate." -08:02 Oct 02
Cupio: "My daughter is going to know how to take care of herself and use her scary demon powers for her own protection." he agreed. "And we can take to see more of her world, and she will alwasy be safe, because I’m immortal and I own your soul so effectivly you are too." he grinned at her. "Youre going to have a very long and happy life together, big boobs." -08:05 Oct 02
Jayden: Big boobs! There was an oddly embarrassed look on her face as she glanced down to her chest. Jeezus. Most of it was the corset! Why the hell was that even embarassing? Jayden stuck her tongue out at him. "Immortal, huh? The world’s in trouble now! What do you think about having sex in every major city of the world?" -08:08 Oct 02
Cupio: "Over too quickly, we’d need to do ever famous building in the world is twe want it to last." he said sticking out his tongue. "I can fly us anywhere." They were almost home, his clothes still at the club but retrievable later. "Right now, I’m just happy I don’t have to worry about any other demons taking your soul, if they tried I’m kill them and feed thier sould to out little daughter to make her strong." -08:12 Oct 02
Jayden: Jayden made a face at the soul eating. "Not so sure if I can feed her souls… I’d say I’d be okay with bad people souls, but then I’d just be thinking about whether or not it’s healthy to eat a jackass…" she mutter, but was grinning. Pulling him close for a quick hug. "Besides, if anyone tried to take my soul, I’d beat the shit out of them. No one gets me but Cupio." -08:18 Oct 02
Cupio: He was smiling all too wide and hugging her back. "We’ll do it together, and you let me worry about the demony side of things. Our daughter will know everythign about her body and powers she needs to." They were outside thier appartment and ther was only their tangled limbs stopping them from entering. "Thank you for… everything." -08:22 Oct 02


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[Jayden is done with crazy bullshit and just wants to enjoy her day!] -04:46 Oct 03
[Cupio is finally home and all knotted up with emotions and frustrations and just wants to hide under the blanket forever!] -04:47 Oct 03
Jayden: Jayden leaned down in the doorway brushing a kiss over his forehead. "Don’t thank for me for stuff, I’ll get all spoiled and lazy." She pulled away to unlock the door, then push him inside. This wasn’t exactly how she wanted to spend the day but… it was really great to be back at home in their own space! -04:57 Oct 03
Cupio: Pushed though and not allowed to hang back he was hugging himself and headign for the bedroom. He would feel better there, but when he entered, he didn’t and to started picking Jayden’t washing up off the floor and tidying. Everythign was out of alignment, the room, the apartment, the entire world. -04:59 Oct 03
Jayden: Keys tossed on to a table and her shoes kicked off, it took her a moment to realize he was neat-freaking. And when she did, she was scowling. He only did that now when he was getting needlessly upset over stuff. The only major downside to him being a chick! When she stepped in to the bedroom she took the laundry out of his hands to drop in the hamper. "Are we going to do this again? Because this doesn’t look like forgetting about everything and enjoying the evening." -05:06 Oct 03
Cupio: "Thank you." he said about the clothes then realised she was lecturing him. "I’m cleaning up Jayden. Don’t you want things tidy, and orderly and nice and where you know where they are?" he went to the bed and picked up a corner of the blanket then re concidered and let it drop and in a second was burried under it curled into a ball with hsi shoes on the floor. "There relaxing." -05:11 Oct 03
Jayden: "I don’t care about things, I care about people, more specifically person, and that person is having all of my moodswings for me…" Jayden kicked off her shoes before she crawled on to the bed, over on top of him despite the fact he was curled under the blanket. She braced her hands on either side of his head and bounced the mattress. "What are you wound up about now, Coop? I told you I’d take care of everything, there’s nothing for you to worry about anymore." -05:18 Oct 03
Cupio: "I’m relaxed." he insisted. "I’m Cupio, the demon that is there for Jayden when she needs it and I’m relaxed." he pulled the blanket over his head to proove his point. -05:21 Oct 03
Cupio: Then h cracked. "WHy is everyone trying t control us Jay? Trying to bind us with laws and spells and favors and… I’d have killed them all if I wasn’t here, if I were how I used to be. Now look at me I’m crying nad I’m weak and I can’t do anything without sodding at one point or another? How can you love someone so weak?" -05:26 Oct 03
Jayden: "First of all, thanks a lot for saying if I wasn’t here, I’d have done something! and totally making me feel bad. If I was one of those crazy girls, it’d be me curled up crying under the covers now." But it wasn’t that Jayden was frustrated with. It was the fact she couldn’t seem to fix it for him! Jayden bounced the mattress again. "Being manipulated and threatened IS a big deal. And it hits girls harder than guys! It’s not weak to be upset. It’s normal." -05:38 Oct 03
Cupio: He frowned. He had upset jayden, and had been called a girl. "I’m not a girl I…" well that was sinvincing in a shrill breaking voice and he pulled the covers from his face and threw his arms around her. "Maybe I am acting liek one." he sighed. "I just don’t know what I can do. My usual solution of kill everything in my way will only make things worse now." -05:42 Oct 03
Jayden: At least he wasn’t hiding under the covers now. Jayden plopped on to her side and slid her arms around him. Burying her face at his shoulder and in to his hair. "What’s so hard about letting me handle it? I don’t expect you to be able to take on the world, Coop. Anymore than me being able to do it by myself." -05:51 Oct 03
Cupio: "I could." he said "You could too, I know you could. Call it a demon’s intuition." he was curling up against her. "Am I really such a girl? I don’t mean to be. I just feel more free and fun and… I’ll change." -05:54 Oct 03
Jayden: "I don’t care if you’re a girl. That doesn’t matter to me. I care when you’re freaked out about stuff and can’t get over it." Jayden could strangle him for it just as much as she wanted to hug him. The hugging is what he got, though. With her hands wandering up and down his back. "I just want you to be what you want to be when you want to be it, and not be crying in the process.." -06:02 Oct 03
[(Timeout) Cupio was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:27 Oct 03
[Cupio enters.] -06:27 Oct 03
Cupio: He was trapped and unable to undress to change. "I get over things easier when I’m not a girl." he said, this wasn’t true, he’d still be freaked but he’d have more control over himself. "I should be the one comforting you I…" he gave in and nuzzled against her. "I don’t want you to have to ride to my rescue, or not do things because I need your arms. Let’s just find a house for our little girl, okay?" -06:30 Oct 03
Jayden: "When you break, I fix. When I crack, I know you’ll take care of me. Why make such a huge fuss over it?" Jayden strung her fingers through his hair with one hand, while sneaking the other under his shirt against his back. "It’s what couples do. Especially married ones." -06:37 Oct 03
Cupio: Jayden hadn’t taken the bait of distraction and Cupio would be frustrated if there wasn’t a hand on his spine that felt too good for how he was feeling otherwise, still there was a small sound in his throat and he pushed closer against Jayden and stopped talking. What was there to tay except "Thank you." there was a familiar feeling that for once he didn’t want to feel, but being a lust demon alwasy did even when completely overwhelmed with other emotions and it was enough to make him blush. -06:41 Oct 03
Jayden: How simple it was to push his buttons, and she was always glad to know she could do it so easily. Especially knowing how easily he did it to her. Jayden tilted her head, burying her face at his neck and brushing her mouth against the skin, just soft enough her could feel her breath as she mumbled. "It’s so much easier when we just accept things… I figured that out the first time we had sex. Why fight something good?" -06:48 Oct 03
Cupio: He was really trying not to be horny right now but just that tone of voice let alone what it said was making him pick at the bottom of her courset at the back. Was Jayden talkign about fighting sex or about fighting law? "Is it good?" he asked the strain gone from his voice and he was nuzzling against her as his tail swished and tiny wings stretched. Bad Cupio, you’re meant to be hiding that this was a huge tirn on and you were now as turned on as.. well… a demon in heat. -06:55 Oct 03
Jayden: "Everything you do is good, Cupio." she mumbled, still softly breathing against his neck until her mouth found his ear and she gave a small nibble. Her arms curled tighter around him until she had his body crushed up against hers. Mcboobs was so soft and squeezable! -06:59 Oct 03
Cupio: "Jayden?" she was doing this on purpose and that was as sexy as hell. He braped a leg over her and moved a hand to place it on her neck and noved to flick his tongue against her ear. "I thought you didn’t like it when people got all handsy with me like this." -07:01 Oct 03
Jayden: "I don’t like other people touching my Cupio." Jayden muttered. She didn’t even want to -think- about that! Down her hand went to squeeze his ass before gliding down over his leg. Jayden was grinning as she nuzzled against his cheek. "Me, though, I can do what I like with what’s mine.." -07:04 Oct 03
Cupio: "Spoken like a demon Jayden." he said breathlessly as he gripped her and ran his fangs agaist the side of her neck and not he was grab he wasn’t wearing any underwear. "Do you want me to change?" he didn’t want to mover thougn and was pulling on the tie of her corset to undo it. -07:07 Oct 03
Jayden: "Nope. Busy." What a difficult demon. Such a girl! Her hand slipped back up his leg, this time drawing her nails over the skin of his thigh and all the way upwards under his skirt. She did like it when he got fangy! -07:14 Oct 03
Cupio: As soon as her nails came out he was pripping a fold of her skin in his fangs and whimpering against it. It wasn’t even fair for him to ber this turned on and for him to be clawing at her back this early as he hooked his leg around hers opening himself perfectly for Jayden is she has has anything between her legs. "Huh…" there was a small about of blood coming out from Jayden’s neck and he was kissing and flishing his tongue aainst that spot. Blood… Jayden’s blood. -07:19 Oct 03
Jayden: There was a wicked sort of grin on her face, at least until she was biting in to her own bottom lip. She liked that sound too. A little whimpering Mcboobs in the palm of her hands. And that hand was now sneaking between his legs, teasing fingers just barely touching. Deliberately teasing! -07:26 Oct 03
Cupio: He drew a deep breath and then let out a needy whimper as he moved both hands to grip her hair and moving his lips to hers to gress them home and run her tongue against her lip. He was wet and hot and about to go crazy. How did Jayden do this? -07:32 Oct 03
Jayden: Jayden laughed against his mouth, even while she was returning his kiss with a sharp nip of her teeth to his tongue. She rubbed her hand gently against his folds until she could feel that moisture at her fingertips. Her middle finger slipped between his lips, wickedly teasing further with nothing more than a soft, far too subtle bit of movement. She had all night to distract him! -07:42 Oct 03
Cupio: He cooed against her lips only getting wetter and than bit her lip hard enough to draw more blood and suck on it tasting her. He wanted to give hack and his tail was brushing against her thigh as he continued gripping her head. "Is, is this out wedding night?" he breathed pulling on her lip. Didn’t they have that a while ago? -07:45 Oct 03
Jayden: "Hmm, contractually bind, soul to soul wedding night…" The concept was still a little strange for her, but at the moment worries about marriage were the last thing on her mind. Jayden wanted that sound again. Adding a second finger and pushing in deeper, until her palm was cupping his sex and she was circling his clit with her thumb. Still, she was unrushed, taking in every sound he made with a flick of her tongue against his lips. -07:53 Oct 03
Cupio: Jayden got what she wanted adn her cooed breaking the kiss to burry his face against her shoulder and bite it as he felt his internal muscles clench. His tail erapped around her thigh and the tip rubbed againse her panties. Nothing else woulf listen to him long enough to move. -07:57 Oct 03
Jayden: Jayden might have swat his tail away if she had the hand free to do so! How was she supposed to focus on him when he was sneaky the sense out of her? The arm wrapped around him curled tighter until her hand dug in to his hair and she was grazing her teeth against his ear again. "I love the way you melt for me, Cupio…" she murmured softly, slipping her leg up higher between his to push his legs further apart and increasing the rhythem of her fingers just a fraction. -08:07 Oct 03
Cupio: His leg unculrd from ehrs so thay his thighs could open wide for her. How could he reply with anythign other than a moan and to grip her toghter. There was pressure building and he still hadn’t touched her. There was no way that this was fair. He was able to wrench a hand away to pull on her panties to allow his tail to slip inside as rub against her clit as he tightened around her fingers. -08:10 Oct 03
Jayden: He was cheating and being distracting. Enough that her hand stopped a moment as she muttered and sighed against his neck. That wouldn’t do. This was for him! Jayden shifted until she was on top of him, grabbing his tail to pull it away and with one hell of a wicked smirk, stuffing the tip in her mouth to hold with her teeth. Now with better access, she was tugging his top down. All the while, her fingers never haulting their gentle probing. -08:21 Oct 03
Cupio: His tail was extremely sensitive and even with her holding it in her teeth there was pain, but a good kind of pain. And now her was on his back his lags open and accepting her attention as he gripped her back. He reall had melted, the tention building excrusiatingly slowly. -08:24 Oct 03
Jayden: Her teeth released when she sucked on the tip of his tail, just long enough until he was squirming. Jayden didn’t let go until she was leaning over him, nuzzling his cheek and hovering her mouth a milimeter away from his, but never quite kissing. "You don’t know how much I love having you like this." she mentioned softly, drawing the tips of her fingers over his now exposed chest. Feather soft touches compared to the usual roughness they always gave. -08:38 Oct 03
Cupio: He extended his tongue out to run across her lips before he pulled it back adn whilgered his hips lifting from the bed towards her hand. Her light touched on his cest were sending shivers thought him and his eyes were lidded but locked on hers. "Jayden likes a girl." he breathed a smile playing on his lips. -08:42 Oct 03
Jayden: "Jayden loves a girl." she whispered, brushing that kiss at the corner of his mouth. "And I love making love to that girl." At his beckoning she increased the pace. Her fingers pushing and probing, almost matching the eratic rhythm of her heartbeat. Her hand caressed over a breath before her head dipped and she was taking a nipple in to her mouth. That same painfully slow teasing as her tongue licked over his skin. -08:50 Oct 03
Cupio: He groanes and his hips seemed to quiver ans his hands slipped from her back. THe presure was building faster now and he her his head tilted to the side and was gripping the sheets. "I love this." he said after the groan had trailed off. Jayden was doing this for him, which was what he loved most. -08:53 Oct 03
Jayden: Her teeth grazed over the nipple before quickly being sooth by a sweep of her tongue and the enveloping of her mouth. She sucked on it until the nipple grew hard, then she was repeating the process with the other breast. She loved this too, taking away everything that concerned him until there was nothing but the two of then and him squirming at her touch. The moment he gripped the sheets, she pressed faster. Thrusting in and out in long quick movements. Making sure her hand slid against his clit every time she shifted. -09:01 Oct 03
Cupio: His hips were moving with ehr hand as id hypnotised and he was making a sound with eyery breath he took. Legs as wide as they could go he watched her sucj and catess until he closed his eyes and tilted hues head back his body a squirming mass of muscle wrything against her as the pressure inside him became so uch as it and Jayden were all he could focus om, his lips tightening around her hand. -09:06 Oct 03
Jayden: "That’s my Cupio…" she murmured, moving up quickly to plant a hard kiss to his mouth the moment she felt him tightened around her. She drank it in, almost as if she could taste what he felt just with one dWhen she pulled out, she was wrapping her arms around him and pulling him against her as she snuggled in to him.eep kiss. -09:11 Oct 03
Cupio: He was breathing hard having not realised he had climaxed until a secind after the sact when a delayed sensaton of white heat shot through him meaving him almost unable to taking in the fact that Jayden had shifted position enough to place a hand on her back and leat out a long breath. He tangled his legs with hers and sighed nuzzling into her and smiling. "Is that how you do it to yourself?" he was strokin the back of her neck repeatedly and smiling. Jayden was the sweetest thing in the world. -09:19 Oct 03
Jayden: "I can’t remember the last time I did it to myself… kinda had my hands full." Grinning and nuzzling against him, Jayden held him tight. Locking her arms around him until her hands were dug in to his hair again and her face was buried at his neck. He smelled the best like this, over pleased and snugglie! -09:22 Oct 03
Cupio: "You have your own personaly demons of lust Jayden. Horny all the time even just after sex, I’d hope you haven’t hed to do it yourself otherwise I’d be very bad at my aspect." he trailed a claw down the back of her neck on her spine. "And it seems around you I can’t hide it even when I want to." -09:25 Oct 03
Jayden: "Then don’t hide it, Coop. Be what you are so I can give you everything you need." And the comment was more than a little suggestive, purred softly at his neck and followed with a quick bite. "I want you to be happy with me. Not have any regrets or feel like you’re forced to be bound to me…" -09:29 Oct 03
Cupio: "I’d rather be bound by you." it slipped out in an aswering purr as he looked down at the corset pull of boob squshed against his own chest. "Or the other way around." he moved in to kis her lips softly. "And jey, if I never hit it and always acted on it you would never get any sleep, you’d never eat, you’d never have any clothes on. I’d either be fucking you, or myself, all the time." -09:32 Oct 03
Jayden: "Hmm… I think I could live with that. Cupio’s human fucktoy." At least it gave her some pretty fun mental images for daydreaming about. Especially in their own private room of sex. -09:35 Oct 03

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