Your Starr 015: Last Night on Tour (TBC)

Your Starr

[Drake had just finished the last show of the tour. Always an exhilirating moment.] -09:22 Jul 02
[Madeline is at the FINALE CONCERT! The best concert of all! ….and she had to go and fall asleep backstage sometime during the break!] -09:23 Jul 02
Madeline: Maddie didn’t care what everyone said. She wasn’t too tired and the tour life wasn’t too much for her! She started the morning off with three energy drinks, squealed and bounced all through the day, and she had only meant to sit down for a few minutes on the dressing room couch to rest her feet. Before she knew what hit her, she was dozing away and curled up with one of Drake’s jackets. -09:26 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Germany had been wished farewell and fans were buying tshirts on thier way out as Drake entered the dressing roomand folded his arms, leaning against the doorframe. Maddie was fast asleep and that brought a smile to her made up lips. Making a surprisingly small amount of sound for someone with in leather boots he walked over to the bencha nd sat on the corner. A hand gently alighted on her cheek before he leaned down and kissed her lips, lingering for just a second before behind him a throat was cleared. "I knoow." he said liftigng his head to look over his shoulder. "Sorry Maddie wardrobe wants to get me out of constume so they can pack up and go get free drinks." -09:34 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: She streeeetched and hummed and the grabby hands were already tugging gently at his shirt. "Hmm, but there is still a whole half of the show..?" Maddie blinked, taking a second to recognize which costume he was wearing. Final act… "I missed it! You let me miss the finale? Someone could have woke me!" Now she was sulking. The last show of a tour was almost the best one, and always had the encore songs and she slept through it like a total idiot! -09:39 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He stood and stripped off his jacket to hand it to an intern before he flopped into a makeup chair. "If you’re rested during the morning and saved your energy drinks this wouldn’t have happened." he teased. "I kept telling you." she was talkignaorund a wet sponge taking off his stage makeup and an ifenimate man’s chest as he did his job. "Now though we have coffe on an celebrations to have!" -09:45 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie still hadn’t stopped pouting, but now she was sitting up and on the edge of the couch. End of the tour meant that they could sleep in late and that she was going to get him all to herself. Which was especially good now that she had him thuroughly seduced. She could do it all over again! She started grinning in the most ridiculous way. "You and me alone in the hotel room? I didn’t have a chance to use my feather duster…" -09:49 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake reddened slightly but saved himself. "After parties." he said giving her a look. "The crew desurve one, they put on a great show and the place has been booked for months. It’s a very important part of a tour so try not to sleep through it, okay?" he was blatantly poking fun at her now. -09:55 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie never thought in her life that she would want to complain about an after party with Preston Starr. Wait, was he blushy? She couldn’t have made him blushy… She giggled, shifting in her seat. "I’m good and rested now, I won’t miss a thing. Unless you’d like to tire me out all over again? I could borrow an apron from the makeup crew." She was being flirtyflirty with his crew lurking around, it was his own fault for blushing! -10:01 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He gave her another look before throwing a shirt from a nearby chair at her. "Behave. Last thing I need is the press getting word of my girlfriend being a costume wearing sexual deviant. You museum wouldn’t get any peace. On the plus side with that reputation you’d have no trouble getting a rich married man to have an affair with you if we ever broke up." -10:06 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Now it was her turn to flush red. Maddie huffed and hid her face with the shirt, effectively muffling her voice. "I don’t want to have an affair with some other guy!" She peeked over the shirt to glance around the room. "Press people aren’t hiding around behind furniture, are they?" -10:21 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake was finally bemadeup and free to start pullinghis shirt off. "They’re like cemera men in horror movies. Everywhere and all seeing, the real monsters but no one ever seem them swarming like rats in a basement." he pulled on a t-shirt and leached for a dark demin jacket. "Come on Maddie, I’m hungry, and Greg, see you at the party." reached out for Maddie’s hand. "I could go for a steak right now… but maybe we should try and fons something a little more Bravarian?" -10:30 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie hopped up and was at his side in an instant, taking his hand and swinging it between them. She flashed the makeup guy a brief grin, but she was really just all eyes for Drake. Lightly bouncing on her feet. "You’re going to make me all jumpy and give me nightmares. We could make a quickie appearance at the party and then run away together?" -10:34 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake sighed. "I can’t do that, I’m the star of the show and the imminent boss of the operation. If I go running off then that’s bad for people frrling like a team." he said. "Especially when I told people I’d be there. Friends. People I want you to meet." he said. "Now what do you want to eat? Singing for a week works up and apitite." -10:40 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "I knooooow." Chided again, Maddie gave in. Of course she understood it was important, but sometimes she wanted to be selfish. Stuck in another faint point, she swung his hand back and forth. "Lets eat something local? I’ll never have another chance to try real homemade German food!" -10:48 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: "Real honest to goodness bratwurst it is. I think I know of a place nearby. We’ll have to grab a taxy to take us though." he walked out with her asking to have one called to the back enterence as he did and before long they were in the beack seats and on thier way. In the cab Drake didn’t speak at first. There were things that he wanted to talke about but not in front of a txi driver. -10:53 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Normally she would be thrilled at the prospect of an after party. Those things were the coolest. But maybe she was a tiny bit tired, and just a little bit huffy she couldn’t get him alone yet. Maddie rest her head on his shoulder in the backseat and tried to remind herself not to be a pain in the ass. What she really would have loved to do was seduce him all over again, and the thought made her grin. He told her to behave, though, and behave she would. -10:59 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: As they pulled up outide an expencive looking palce proclaiming proudly to have the best traditional german quisine in germany Drake sighed. "On of these days I’m going to go to a quiet country in and see how things taste there. Maybe for my after tour vacation." he payed the driver and leaned over to kiss Maddie’s cheek. "Come on, I’m actually really hungry." He stepped out of the cab and slipped his arm aorund Maddie when she joined him. -11:03 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie bit back the dirty joke about offering herself up for his meal. She slid her arms around his waist, which made for awkward walking, but satisfied her need to hug and cling on to him. "Are we even going to be able to read the menus? Hum, I guess they probably have english translations for all the tourists anyway. Unless you can speak German!" -11:09 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake almost rolled his eyes, almost. "They’ll have english. If they didn’t the sign woulf be in German and just be about food, not GERMAN food. Ifyou’re talkign about the quiet country place though them… we’ll see. Want to go with me? We can leave yomorrow or the day after and take a couple of days." he clourly wasn’t concidering her work. -11:12 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Run away with you? I’d love to!" Oooh, what a great time it would be! Like all of her daydreams and fanfictions. Sadly, there was still reality to contend with. "…except my vacation is up soon. I used all of my vacation days for this tour. I’m already kind of on thin ice for all of the days I’ve missed…" -11:15 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake stopped, broke away from her, turned, and have her his very best magazine cover puppy dog face. "I’m already appearing at the museul for publicity and satign what a great place it is… how about I promise a donation too? 25% of my take from the tour, including tshirt sales, album sales… It’s probably not as much as it sounds but should be enough to pay for a new exhibit or fixing an old one. -11:18 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: If she were the Museum Curator, she’d have caved in a heartbeat! Maddie was already having a hard time resisting the sad Starr face, which had her pouting and tugging at his coat begging him to stop. "I’m not the boss! I don’t get to make those kind of decisions and deals! If it were up to me, I would say yes and run off with you and just make money selling my paintings…" -11:22 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: He grinned. "That part is up to you." he said. "You’re in control of your own life and if you want to sell paintings for a living then what’s stopping you." he placed his hand on hers before turning and pulling her towards the resturant. He really WAS hungry. "Get you boss on the phone when it’s not godawful o clock there and I’ll talk to him." -11:27 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Well, no one is actually going to buy my paintings, so that’s kind of a stopper!" Happilly tugged along, she laughed the rest off. "You’re going to bribe my boss, then? That’s almost like paying for me, you know! You can’t buy me from the museum!" -11:31 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: This time Drake really did roll his eyes. "They [ay youand kee you around because you touch up aintings which makes them money through people paying to see them… I’m just compansating them for thier losses. Simple economics. But if you WANT to go back and force me to do this alone… and I wouldn’t even be able to pick up girls with cute accents with my sports car…" -11:33 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: Maddie swatted at him. "Don’t even think about cute girls with accents! They’re like catnip!" That had her, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and busily sent a few rushed texts to her boss about expecting phonecalls. "If I get fired, I’ll have to sell my place and move in with you. Just remember that!" -11:38 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: "I have plenty of room." he said pushing open the door and waving to a waiter. "I’m not sure if I can afford to feed you though. I’m just an honest pop star trying to get by. Would you say you cost more or less than a supercar?" -11:45 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "If by supercar, you mean that monster you just bought, I am pretty sure I’m not even in the same universe." The place was very nice. Maddie wasn’t exactly up on her German or European culture, so she couldn’t tell the difference between what was authentic and what was stereotyped. But the place DID smell really really good. When they were led to their table, she slid in to her seat. "Your Nanny McMean probably won’t be too keen on you bringing home a girl to keep, though." -11:49 Jul 02 Madeline
Drake: Drake sat down and opened a menu. "She’d probably prefer it to randome ones that never show up again. She wants me to get married and me ‘respectable’ instead of a nancy boy." he laughed. "Sometimes I can’t tell who is more disappointed in me, her or my mother." -11:56 Jul 02 Drake
Madeline: "Your mom is a little bit scary." she admitted, turning pages of her menu and being glad she could read it. It was hard to concentrate on what to order, though, when she was thinking about how nice it would be to get back to a room and have no where to be in the morning. "I don’t think I can pronounce most of this stuff." -12:00 Jul 03 Madeline

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