My Demon Roommate 016: The Summoning

[Jayden is getting man snuggles. Because, godamnit, sometimes a pregnant woman wants man snuggles.] -12:11 Oct 21
[Cupio is shirtlessly snuggling his woman and slowly nuzzlifn against her neck enjoying her scent and whispering sweet nothings into her ear.] -12:12 Oct 21
Jayden: After tons of chaos, it was great just spending a day in bed with Cupio doing absolutely nothing. If she could purr like a cat, that’s what she’d be doing right then. Eyes closed and curled against him in contentment. This was the way she liked her days! …aside from the very nice gratuitous sex. That was also good. -12:17 Oct 21
Cupio: He sighed and slowly ran his hand though her hair. "Her scent is stronger." he said. "Our little girl." he rowned suddenly and waved hsi arm befing his head as if shooing off a fly, as his brown knit… someone was calling his name… -12:22 Oct 21
Jayden: "She’s infuriatingly chipper for something that’s barely even a person yet." she muttered against his skin. Though she shifted when he suddenly moved, giving him a curious look. "Suppose she has a personality already?" Jayden snatched his hand. He wasn’t allowed to be distracted when it was her snuggle time. -12:27 Oct 21
Cupio: "She has a soul." he said. relaxing and swooping in for a kiss. "So she has a personality, and is a person. "There is was again and his whole body reacted hitting him harder because he was relaxed and he shuddered clenching his teeth. "Jayden." he breathed. Realixing what it was even as he felt the change begin, his pants getting looser, his chest swelling and he whimpered in pain. "Summoning.. somone is summoning me…" He cling to her desperatly focusing everything he could on resisting, but it was a strong spell. "Help me." she voice wasn’t thay of mancoop, but the frightened whimper of his more delicate form. -12:35 Oct 21
Jayden: Summoning HER Cupio? Her already summoned, belongs to her and only her Cupio? He was terrified, and her stomach lurched with panic. She was already trying to grab on to him in hopes of keeping him with her, or going with him and kicking the ever loving shit out of whatever was trying to take him! -12:38 Oct 21
Cupio: He pressed his face against her and then was gone, clothing, Jayden, the tears pooled in Jayden’s shoulders, his ring, all left behind. He though he was done with this, he should he was bound to Jayden, this wasn’t meant to be possible, and he couldn’t keep himself from screwing his eyes closed and wanting to sob! -12:45 Oct 21

And there she appeared! In the center of a circle with symbols drawn in fresh blood. An amazing amount of fresh blood… in the center of a room that looked incredibly well decorated. Expensive furniture, clean modern lines. Everything was immaculate, save for the bloody floor… And there there, just outside the circle was a very pleased looking man. Tall and lanky, with both hands covered in red. One holding a knife and the other holding a stained picture. “I… I did it…!”

Cupio: Fear was turning to anger and slowly he stood. Past the smell ing the blood there was his scent. "You have summoned me, human?" killer instincts were taking over and he turned slowly towards him, tenativly taking half a step forwards to check for wards before he slasped hsi ahdns behind his back and tilted his head town and away, but looking at the man with his eyes. "Why don’t you take a step closer and claim your prize?" A fistful of claws ripping your heart out. -12:55 Oct 21

“Your true name is Cupio. I summoned so many others by mistake trying to find you… but I did it…!” He voice was young, but he couldn’t be much older than Jayden. He stepped closer, yet didn’t cross the outline of the circle. His wide-eyed, amazed stare narrowed. “You’re beautiful. And dangerous. You know that… I have wanted a woman like you for so long…” It was the knife that raised up to point at her. “You have to obey me. I made sure. With enough blood any demon can be stolen from it’s master.”

Cupio: There was a glimmer of uncertainty, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. "Dinding demons against thier will is illegal now. Before you summoned me I was happily in bed next to a very beautiful adn very naked woman, what makes you think the sacind this circle is broken I won’t leave you and go back to her?" There was the smell of the blood again, both human, and demon. "Demons have to be earned, one way or the other." -01:09 Oct 21

“Because you can’t.” His mouth curved in to a cheshire grin, the tip of the knife tilting from side to side in perfect time. “With every one I summoned by mistake, I learned. The symbols to draw. The spells to chant. The more blood spilled, the stronger the spell. Every. single. one. is here now… on this floor.” And by that he must have meant each demon he summoned, and then some. All bled in and smeared in to his summoning circle. The picture in his hand dropped to the floor. He had the real thing now. “I want you on your knees. Call me your master.”

Cupio: He felt the wieght of his words, but it was not a direct order, he didn’t have to obey, still his knees bent just enough for it to show. Cupio was caught, but the man would have to play his hand very carefully. Still there was a sinking feeling in stomach. "How many, master." the second part had been an order. "How meny died to bring me to you?" Each one would be avenged. -01:22 Oct 21

The knife lowered and his smile remained. He began pacing. Taking slow, deliberate steps around the very outside of the circle. “Twenty eight demons, seventeen humans, two angels… those were especially hard to get.” He paused. “Get on your knees.”

Cupio: He had been turning to follow his progress then his second order struck him adn his felt his muscles respond, lowering him to first one knee then the other, He tried to transform, maybe seeing a man would ruin this for him, but he couldn’t and trying bage the burning pain return adn he whimpered. "What makes me special enough to be bought with all that? Surely one of those demons sould have satisfiied you?"he was still looking at him as best he could. "Why did you decide it had to be me?" -01:30 Oct 21

“Because I love you… [i]Cupio[/i]…” He said her name with such a revered tone. Once she was on her knees, he was walking again. Only this time, crossing in to the circle in a slow spiral. “Demons are such cold evil creatures. But you… Cupio… every picture filled with warmth. Innocence even. A dangerous, innocent beauty…” He was close enough now to touch her, reaching out his hand to brush his still blood-wet knuckles against her cheek. “You are everything I want.”

Cupio: HE shuddered with his tough, pulling his head away from hsu hand. "Those are staged, I am a demon, no different from any of the others." he had though he had been helping the image of demons with those, why would someone fall in love with them. "You’re jest feeling the effects of my gift, ny name after all means Desire." he didn’t want to look at the man but he forced himself to, pulling his hair back the look up at him, fear and wetness more visible in his face than he wanted them to be. This man said he loved her, but he didn’t smell like he knew what love was at all and that was sad. Maybe Cupio would take a night to try and show him, maybe if he didn’t have Jayden and a baby. Jayden! He’d see her again, no one would stop her. But now wasn’t the time to think of sad things! -01:45 Oct 21

“A special demon. A very special demon.” He stopped in front of her, suddenly grabbing her chin to force her head back. “Do not shirk away from me. You look so sweet like this, Cupio. You don’t need to be sad…” One minute he was forceful and the next… he was caressing her face softly and brushing a thumb over the wetness of her cheek, only seeming to make it worse by smearing blood on her face. “You love me too. I see it in your face.” He broke away, crossing the room and leaving bare bloodied footprints over the carpet. He sat down on a white chair, draping his arms over the armrests. The knife clutched loose in his hand. “Get up and come here, Cupio.”

Cupio: He had broken the circle by stepping on it and noy Cupio could leave it. Every command he gave was tying him closer with his will and slowly Cupio stood. "Do you know what love is?" he was walking slowly towards him to stand in srong of his chair. "It’s warm, and tender, and is shared and never demanded. It’s naturan and never forced. Have you ever felt like that?" he stood trying to cover himself up with his hands. -02:03 Oct 21

“Don’t hide yourself from me.” He leaned back in his chair, gazing over her from head to toe. A worshiping sort of look, pure and unadulterated appreciation. “Love is passion. Desire. A consuming force of nature that swallows up your every thought and want until all you can think about is that one thing… Having that one thing.” The knife in his hand was tilting back and forth again. “Come straddle my lap, Cupio. Show your master love.”

Cupio: He had to obey and moved to place his knees either side of the man’s hips on the chair to sit on his legs. "That sounds like obcession." he was finally able to look into th eman’s face and not flinch. She did he feel so sad for him not to know what love is. "I don’t like calling you master, you have to have a name, why can’t you tell me that?" he was reaching out to touch the man’s cheek, maybe appearing to his humanity would work. We was just a lost soul that wanted love but didn’t know what it was. -02:15 Oct 21

“Love. Obsession. Desire. Hate. Lust. Fear. They are all the same.” He didn’t move, or even try to touch her. Rather he stared her straight in the yes without blinking, and without anything else but that adoration. “You will call me Master.” he stated slowly, as if she wasn’t quite understanding. He finally moved then, raising the hand with the knife between them, pressing the blade against her collar bone and dragging it against the skin. It was so sharp it cut a thin line of red without an ounce of pain. “Call me Master, precious Cupio. Or your every mistake will be marked in blood.”

Cupio: He was afraid again and pulled his hand back, finally understanding. "Yes, Master." he bropped his gaze and pulled away sitting upright. Everythign he said demons were, cold, manipulative, confused, desperate, that was what he was, and he wanted to hbe more human. Cupio, or what he saw in the pictures was what he wanted, and wanted to be. "I’m sorry." Sorry you’re so confused inside. Smelling his own blood though always had the same effect on him, desire, desire to kill, desire to fuck, detire to feel, maybe this man knew that and that thought chilled him, how much did this man know? -02:31 Oct 21

The cheshire smile was on his face again. This was, exactly, what he wanted. He straightened and leaned forward, one arm curling around her waist. His hand pressing against the small of her back, cold and wet with blood. His nose nuzzled against his collarbone, taking in a deep slow breath of her scent. “You feel it, don’t you, precious Cupio. Your true instinct. Your real purpose. …that woman did not know how to use you.” he muttered in contempted against her skin. “Get up and take off my clothes.”

Cupio: He had been moving to hug himself, but he had to obey. "Yes, Master." Sliding back and kneeling over his he moved his hands forwards to undo the top button of his shirt and then the next, adn the next the quick succesion. He didn’t want to think about his smell, but it was everywhere, along with the scent of the other blood and the feeling of it against his skin. Under any other circomstanced this would drive him crazy. "That woman loves he." he said. "She doesn’t need blood or tricks or spells to get me to do what she says." Half the buttons were undone and he would stop if he could. ANd he really wished there wasn’t any feeling between his legs right now. -02:49 Oct 21

The man gave a sudden snarl. His perfectly complacent temperment was gone as his hand shot up to grip the back of her neck and yank her an inch away from his face. The knife was pressed up against her cheek now, metal biting in to smooth skin. “She doesn’t love you the way I love. I love you. Never speak of her again. There is only me. Do you understand?” Just in case she didn’t his grip on the back of her neck tightened and the blade pressed harder against her cheek.

Cupio: He swallowed against his hand and closed his eyes. "Understood, Master." He hated calling this man Master, but the work came no matter how much he fought it. He was still and fought to keep still his hands pressed against tha man’s chest to keep stable. -02:57 Oct 21

“Good.” His voice softened again, as did his grip. His hand slide from around her neck to brush his fingers over her collarbone, graze the cut he had made there and then finally to cup a breast. He was teasing the nipple with his thumb as he leaned back again, resting his other arm back on the chair. “Continue. Then get on your knees before me. If you want to use that mouth, you’ll use it to please your master.”

Cupio: He nodded his mouth suddenly unablr to function. He got to the last button and pulled it free and pulled the shirt from his shoulders and opened it, pulling his forward and pulling it off his arms. He had been ordered to remove it. Then he slid from the man’s lap and knelt in front of the chair to pull the clasp of his pants open and undo the zip, then he looked up at the man’s fave in almost a silent plea as he rocked back to pull of his shoes. -03:09 Oct 21

“You’re beautiful like this. Pretending to be coy, when I know you live off this. Thrive on it like the air you breathe.” Again the knife was tilting back and forth in his hand, like a nervous tick. “Don’t waste time. Put your mouth around my dick and show master what love feels like. precious Cupio.”

Cupio: His hands moved up to pull his pants open and reach inside to stroke against his shaft and oull it out as he moved up and closing his eyes tight parted his lip and shudered when he felt them touch him. He wished he wasn’t a demon, that he didn’t have to d this, that the smell in the air and constant horniness didn’t make it feel almost good, and that only revolted him more. There was a wimper as holding the base of his shaft he sunk down. He could only hop it would be over soon. -03:23 Oct 21

A low hiss of breath escape the man, and his body was tense. That touch of her lips was even sweeter than he imagined, making him twitch and swell in her mouth. His hand reached down to gently caress her hair, lovingly even as her murmured his encouragment. “Do you love me, Cupio? You will. Every day you will love me…”

Cupio: What me spoke about love it made him want to shout at him, but right now that was impossible, slowly he slid back up, tongue wrapping around his girth like a snake. Cupio was under orders to show him how he woulf do it to someone her loved, that was a worst hard. Having to do the extras, the special things, like brushing a lenngth of tongue against the tipbefore pthing down and giving just the barest nick of fang at the bottom as he rubbed the base with his fingers and moaned to add viration against him. All the time while holding back tears. -03:36 Oct 21

Fingers curled in to her hair, until he was gripping a handful of it in a tight fist. He shifted, growling under his breath as he gave a quick sudden thrust in to her mouth before her jerked her head back. Pulling her up by the hair, he hand her on his lap again. His arm with the knife curling around her waist, the blade pressing up against her spine. “Fuck me. Now.”

Cupio: He almost chokes when he trust and it hurt to be pulled up and he cried out falling agaist his chest and cross his stomach. "No…" he whimpered even as his legs loved to straddle him. "Yes, Master." he took hold of his shaft again and moved bown fellling his tip parting his ford adn he screwed his eyes shut and bit his lip not letting himself make a sound ever as his hadn gripped the man’s shoulder for stability and he shifted up to fall back down. He had to obey and he haded his body for doing it. -03:51 Oct 21

“Look at me when you fuck me.” He enjoyed this… even moreso because there was that look of pain and resistance on her face. Releasing her hair, his hand ran down her body again. Over the shoulder blade and her side to brush over her breast and give her a tight squeeze. The flat of the blade was cold against her back. Shifting upwards to rest between her wings.

Cupio: He opened his eyes and looked at him still biting his lip and moving up and down, feeling a small part of him welcoming the sensation and whimpering. Thi was not love, this was not making love, this was not even sex, and still he was riding him and looking at him his eyes getting wet again and his other hand gripping the wrist of the hand on his chest. The man was enjoying this and that made it ten times worse. Jayden was right, modeling was a terrible idea. Oh Jayden, please don’t hate me for what I’m doing. -04:03 Oct 21

His grip tightened to the point of being painful before he let go. The man’s arm circling around her waist and suddenly pu;;ing her hard against him. His arms were locked tight, as he thrust upwards with his hips. Grunting from the exertion and his breath falling against her skin in short sharp huffs. He was controlling the pace now, that chesire grin so wide that his clenched teeth could be seen. His arms squeezing her to the point that the blade of his knife was starting to cut in to her skin.

Cupio: He held onto the man, there was nothing else he could do, arms thrown around his and hands cluching hus back. He moaned with the pain of the knowe coupled with the spreading warmth between his legs before he bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood. Big mistake. If the smell of his blood was bad, the taste was a hundred times worse and he stuch out his tongue to aboud tasting it, resting his head sideways against the man’s chest. -04:17 Oct 21

His precious demon was melting all around him, and with just a few more hard thrusts he was done, stiffening with a low grunt as he came. When his body relaxed his hands were roaming over her skin. Rubbing her own blood up and down her back as he so affectionately nuzzled against her hair. “Didn’t you like it, precious Cupio?” he mumbled in to her ear. “I am going to make you cum next. Until you cry out for your master.”

Cupio: He was already throbbing but hadn’t come. He could feel the man’s juices inside him and is made him feel sick. He didn’t want this, he didn’t want this at all. He looked up at him and pulled his tongue back into his mouth the wound hading already closed even if there was still blood on his chin. "Havn’t I satisfied you, Master?" He wanted a subserviant demon that loved his mistreatment, he could smell that and the longer he was here the more that will woud inforse itself on him. "Are you not pleased?" -04:31 Oct 21

“No, you haven’t. Not yet.” he muttered, his thumb brushing over her chin to wipe away a line of blood. Really only smearing it worse. That just resulted in him tilting forward to lick it from her chin. “In a minute you will scream for me.” He stood with her, depositing her with no gentleness on to her feet before leaving her there and crossing the room. The knife was abandoned on a side table. Another bloody marr on the otherwise perfect room. From a drawer he pulled out a collar and a leash. And when he returned to her, he was hooking it around her neck nice and tight. Too tight.

Cupio: He almost fell when he was dropped and had a hand on the chair and his knees bent to stay stable and so wasn’t watching his and was surprised when he almost choked him with the collar and put her other hand on it to the and pull it to give it some slack. "Master?" he looked at him and felt another throb between his legs. Before he forsed himself to stand uprighthis eyes on him constantly, searching, insure as a mix of spell, blood, desire and fear crashed around his mind. "Please…" he couldn’t ask him to stop, he didn’t want him to so he just gave and sobbed. He couldn’t take any more, he didn’t want to come for this monster. -04:46 Oct 21

“You’re going to come for me. To beg for me.” He jerked hard on the leash until he had her on her knees before him. His smile was gone and his expression was cold. “Touch yourself for your master.”

Cupio: He looked at he him and her hand obeyed moving down to his still wet fonds and running a fingir over him and the sensation made him wimper and avert his eyes. But his hips welcomed it and shidted forwards against his hand. Better this that that asshole. Much better. He sucked on his lip as the sensation started to seep back, this time with less holding back. -04:57 Oct 21
[Jayden enters.] -05:11 Oct 21

She was beautiful and perfect like this. That sweet, innocent face flushed red with desire and carnal sins. “Look at me.” He pulled hard on the leash, pulling her head upwards as he stepped close. “I want to see your face as you pleasure yourself and suck me off.”

Cupio: He looked up and whimpered, lips parting as he glanced down at him. No he didn’t want to feel this way with him. He reaced out and put a hand on his hip to hold him back his other hand still obeying and dipping a finger inside, feeling his juice still there and he wasted to him his lip but couldn’t to stop himself from moaning before his mouth needed to stay ready for him. This wasn’t right. -05:20 Oct 21
[(Timeout) Jayden was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -05:34 Oct 21

Leash in one hand, pulling her forward, his other rest on top of her head to grip in to her hair. He reveled in this. That coy game she play, when he knew how much she loved him. He tilted her head sharply to the side when he thrust himself in to her mouth again.

Cupio: As soon as that hard mass was him his mouth Cupio was sucking and moaning, his long tongue caressing the shaft and tip as he moved forwards the hand as his own crotch moving faster and rubbing against his clit, he was getting closer and he couldn’t stop. HE was going to come and that made him sob against the dick filling his mouth and then whimper. Was this better than coming while being fucked? Any better at all? -05:39 Oct 21
Jayden: One. Two. Three. That’s all it took for the doorframe to splitter and Jayden to kick it open. When she stalked in to the place, she looked as if she had thrown on the nearest tshirt and jeans she had found and just ran the entire way. But despite that discheveled look there was the fury, a hard feral look… almost even fangy as she snarled. Jayden smelled it before her vision even registered. The blood, sex, more blood, Cupio, sex… that human. In her hand was the Rulebreaker. And as she stalked across the floor she stooped, dragging the tip of it straight through the blood circle on the floor, leaving a gash burned through the carpet. "You. took. what’s. MINE." The sigil was cut but that wasn’t enough. Her rage was so strong, it was almost tangible! -05:48 Oct 21

The man was shocked, almost to the point of being dumbfounded. He never expected to be found! And that woman almost looked like a demon herself. He was stepping to the side, still with a tight grip on Cupio’s hair and the leash before he shoved her forward towards the other woman. “Get rid of her. Kill her if you need to.”

Cupio: He stood and tuned. "Jayden." she voice was a feral hiss as he moved his hand away from himself, wet and shiny in ht e low light. Wings frew and spread outwards in Cupio’s typical thread display and he licked his lips talking forwards leaping at Jayden and wrapping his arms around her and pressing his lips into hers running his tongue against those fangs at the two of them fell down in a heap, then his hand closed around Jayden’s throat and started to squeeze. "You shouldn’t have comer said I can’t talk about you.e, Mast -05:58 Oct 21
Jayden: "Master." she growled, her voice even lower than before. No. No amount of kissing or smell of sex would deter her. Not even her typical want of avoiding hurting him. Jayden grabbed his wrist and twisted hard. Using a surprising amount of strength to shove him off her. Then it was Jayden on top of him, hand pressed down against his chest to hold him against the floor as she was straddled over him. He was covered in blood…. his own blood. She could smell that human all over him. As she looked up at the man she was narrowing her eyes. "Don’t move, Coop, or I WILL hurt you before I hurt him." She was going to do more than hurt him. -06:05 Oct 21
Cupio: He grappled with her and growled. His hand wrenched from from her throat and bruised taking hold of her wrist as his other hand took hold of her hair and oulled her downwards wings joining in. "You won’t hust me. You won’t hurt me. You never hurt me." -06:09 Oct 21
Jayden: He was getting in the way of what she wanted. And right now what she wanted so vastly out-weighed the love and care that she had for him, Jayden didn’t think twice. Pushing herself up with the hand that clutched the Rulebreaker, she back-handed him with the other! And even while she was trying to disentangle herself from him, she was keeping an eye on that bastard human. He wasn’t going to escape and he wasn’t going to use her Cupio against her. -06:16 Oct 21
Cupio: Jayden hit him? That just made him go limp and not able to move looking up at the ceiling. He gave up, all emotion and tention melting away before the shock of it leaving him limp on the floor with no energy to move. That would come later, but for now, Jayden him him, and nothing else mattered. -06:20 Oct 21
Jayden: Apologies would come later. For not it was murder. The human was running. He started the moment Cupio went limp. But Jayden was quick. Pouncing like… well, a demon! Her nails were long and sharp when she grabbed him and slammed him against one of the walls. Her thumbanil digging up in to his chin. "You think you can take the father of my child from me? You thinking binding someone against their will is fun? I will show you a whole new world of fun, you still little fuck." And up it went, the Rulebreaker. Right through his gut. And as he twitched, she twisted the blade, stepping backwards and pulling him with her like a human shishkabob. Jayden didn’t pull him loose until she was throwing his body on top of his own summoning circle. Then she was stabbing the blade in to the carpet. The whole thing lit up like fire, the man shrieking and writhing on the floor until he was gone. All that was left was a still raging Jayden, kneeling at the circle with a shiny little orb in her hand. -06:28 Oct 21
Cupio: He was on his side watching the whole thing, the noor now full of nothing more the the smell of rurning flesh and the soft glow of the orb. "We have to give it back." he said. "To the police, I already kept one for you, we can’t keep any more." his voice was weak and he was still in shick. Jayden had acted exactly like a demon, and it was scary. Jayden had hit him, and that was. THe worst thing in the world, worse than that asshole. -06:33 Oct 21
Jayden: "No." It was all she said about that subject. That feral look had passed and her expression softened almost immediately. Jayden was up and at his side in an instant. Setting the knife on the floor as he made quick work of getting that fucking collar and leash off. The her hands were gently brushing his face and over his hair, checking to see what damage was done…. getting pissed off all over again! No one was getting that soul. That soul was hers and the little shit was going to suffer for the rest of eternity. -06:37 Oct 21
Cupio: He didn’t look at her. He didn’t want to. He had fucked someone else and she had hit him. He did reach out to put a hand on the rulebreaker though. "I should cure you, cure you of being a demon. Being a demon was dangerous adn he wanted to protect Jayden even if Jayden hated him now. "If you don’t kill me too. I want." he wanted a happy safe Jayden, adn a happt safe baby. Demons were never safe, n matter where they were or what they did. -06:41 Oct 21
Jayden: Jayden pulled him up in to a sitting position, then she was pulling off her own shirt. Taking his arms to put through the holes and tugging it down over his head. "Do you understand why I hit you, Coop?" she murmured softly, taking his face in her hands and forcing him to look at her. "You were bound. You couldn’t stop yourself, and I couldn’t let you stop me from getting to him. I needed to save you and you were not letting me go." -06:46 Oct 21
Cupio: He closed a hand arounf her forearm and closed his eyes. "I’m never going to be safe Jay." he said still nt using any of his own strength to stay upright. "There in nothing I can do for me. I am nothing but demon, you can’t use the knife to take away all I am. I don’t want to de a demon anymore. I want to be safe and I want to have a daughter and I want to have a life and…" he threw his arms arounf her and burried his face against her stomach. "I’m never going to be safe Jayden. You acted like a demon today, how can I know you won’t be safe too." He curled up against her and shook. "If you’re not giving it back, eat it, eat it and be done with it." -06:54 Oct 21
Jayden: "No. I am not going to eat it." This time he refusal was much more gentle as she spoke softly. Petting his hair softly and rubbing his arms. She could see streaks of blood seeping through the shirt, even with his wings keeping the fabric directly off his skin. Eating it was not enough. "You are what you are, just like I am who I am. Our daughter will be part of us both. We can’t change it… and why should we? Because there are assholes in the world? I’ll protect you, Cupio. This will be the last time I ever fail you. I will kill every person in this world if that’s what it takes to keep you safe. I’ll sell my soul to devils, and I might even have to hit you to save you from yourself… but I promise I will keep you safe." -07:04 Oct 21
Cupio: "You can’t sell what is mine Jay." he said firmly looking up at her sharply. "I won’t allow you, and I will kill any devil that tries to take it. I will raise hell to the ground and take on every demon there is to rule the ashes if that is what it takes. No selling your soul." -07:09 Oct 21
Jayden: She cracked a smile, taking his face in to her hands as she leaned forward to brush a kiss against his mouth. "Okay. Everything but sell my soul. Just please don’t leave me. I’ll do everything you need me to do, so you feel safe." -07:14 Oct 21
Cupio: "I can’t leave you Jay. I Don’t want to leave you. I was so worried I would never see you again and I had to do everything he said and he made me fuck him Jayden. I have him inside me." he looked down. "I don’t want to have him inside me, I want him gone, get rid of him." -07:19 Oct 21
Jayden: She actually pouted…! It was hers. To squeeze every ounce of pain and vengeance out of until the little thing was nothing left but a little spark of pure anguish. But Cupio… Slowly she offered him her hand, opening it up for him to take the little orb. He needed this, more than she did… "Take it, then. Do what you want to him. Just don’t give him to the police." -07:27 Oct 21
Cupio: He actually shifted away from the orb and hid behind Jayden’s leg. "I don’t want him." he said. "I just don’t want him around me, my jayden, or my daughter, and stop acting like a demon Jayden, I know you become more of one the more the baby grown but I’m the demon in this relationship and if you go full demon on me I’m going be stuck giving you lessons." -07:32 Oct 21
Jayden: "Then take him from me, Cupio. Because if I keep it, I promise you I will be spending at least one hour every day for the rest of eternity testing ways to torture a soul and being as demonic as possible." she muttered. He was scared of it. That just made her want to keep it and torture it more. Now she was regretting having killed him so fast… she should have taken all night to do it! -07:36 Oct 21
Cupio: He looked up at Jayden and grabbed the soul and sucked it into his mouth and swallowed, then closed his eyes as the energy spread though him and sighed. "Can we go home now? I Have human all over me adn I want it gone, then we can talk about how sexy you are with fangs." he moved to try and get up and almost fell back down, still dressed in nothing but Jayden’t bloodstained shirt, "Where are we anyway?" -07:39 Oct 21
Jayden: "Fuck if I know, I’m not sure how I even got her." she muttered, Jayden kept her arms around him as she rose off the floor to keep him steady. "It doesn’t matter. Let’s just get home." -07:42 Oct 21
Cupio: He held into her and moved forwards using her for support. "My demon Jayden is growing up. The day you crow wings and a tail is the day you don’t see anything but the inside of the bedroom, you smell like lust Jay, pure demon of lust, just like me, It’s out little girl I can’t place, she’d not lust, I don’t think she is anything." -07:45 Oct 21
Jayden: Jayden hugged him close, shifting to kiss his temple with a grin. "She’s a little you… bouncy and kicking me all the damn time. Frustratingly happy all the time. What do you think about naming her Princess?" -07:49 Oct 21

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