Brennen’s rescue. Run in with Banquo during escape. Bronwen asks MacBeth to take her out!

Out in the dark vastness of space, near it’s current stop lurks Othello the mighty ship. It’s bleeming huge, and looks very much like a flying space bear. It was most certainly Aaron’s ship!

Duncan: Alright, everyone. In position. *He’s gotten the hang of this baby by now and doing a grand job if he could say so himself.* Is everyone ready to start the party?

Bronwen: *Bronwen dropped in to the chair beside Duncan.* As soon as they open the doors for that other ship to fly in, you’ll have to be quick… -06:07 Jun 24

Duncan: *Leaned forward in his seat and licked his lip. Man, this was gonna be one tough job!* Will do. *He’d been practicing a lot and hopefully it’d pay off.*

The ship Bronwen had indicated came into view and it seemed like ages before Othello opened its doors …

Bronwen: On the plus side, if you crash in to something they won’t know what the fuck is going on. *Bronwen grinned at him!* -06:12 Jun 24

Duncan: Okay, Ghost. Time to shine. *He made sure the cloaking system was on and grinned back at the Cap’n.* Point noted and taken, Captain. I’d rather not take that chance though. *He started to guide the ship in nice and easy and at a good speed, not too fast and not too slow.*

Cassius: if we’re going to be cracking jokes the whole damn time, I’m glad my partner is the furball. *Cassius was not in the best of moods. And not just cause of Tiny, either. This kind of stuff was dangerous, and it was worse when the plan was crazy and his sister was involved.*

Tiny was sitting on Bronwen’s captain’s chair, ever so innocent.

Duncan: *Despite the distraction and the jokes, he continued flying with a steady hand. Then they were in and he set the ship down in an empty spot. There were a few other empty spots so he chose the one less likely to be picked as a parking space for another ship.* We are in.

Bronwen: Get a grip. We didn’t even really plan getting you out, this should go a lot smoother. *Bronwen hopped outof her chair as soon as the ship was settled. Scooping up Tiny and dropping him on Cassius’ shoulder!* Ship stays invisible. Comlinks when vitally necessary, no getting killed, and no screwing around. We got it? -06:22 Jun 24

“Grreeoow!” Tiny mewed as it was suddenly picked up and dropped. It steadied itself rather quickly, though.

Duncan: *Nodded.* Yes, Cap’n.

Cassius: *It’s touching him, it’s touching him..! AAaargh..!* Aye, aye.

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed although it sounded like it was snickering. It hopped off of Cassius’ shoulder and walked over to the bridge’s entrance, only to stop as if waiting for Cassius.

Cassius: *Cassius snorted, but he walked after the little beast and past it. Leaving the ship with gun raised, he made sure there wasn’t a person in sight as he darted across the floor to a little corner at the far wall. A control panel hookup was all he needed as he pulled the right plug out of Hessing’s cracker and jacked in. He pressed the comlink.* Plugged in. You’ll have fifteen minutes before the realize there ain’t no video. Get moving.

Tiny kept up with Cassius and when he was plugged in, it found a place to keep watch. The top of a crate closeby which provided a spectacular view of the surrounding environment. It lay low and waited.

Bronwen: *She twist her hair up on top of her head and double checked her guns.* Find the room he’s in, Cassius. We’re leaving now. -06:32 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Made sure all straps were tight. In case of an emergency, he’d thought to bring a small satchel strapped across his back. Fortunately everything inside was strapped in as well, eliminating the chance of the bag making a sound. He had a gun and the swords, along with what was in his pack.* Fifteen minutes. Plenty of time. -06:34 Jun 24

Cassius: Oh right, like it’s that easy to find shit. *He muttered under his breath, occasionally looking around to make sure that hairy demon wasn’t getting him killed!*

Oddly enough, despite the silver fur and probably due in part to its small size, Tiny was nearly impossible to see. It wasn’t making a sound as it kept watch, ever vigilant.

Bronwen: *A gun in hand, Bronwen slipped out of the ship, wary for passing people. With the coast clear and seemingly empty, she made it quick for the doors to leave the docking areas!* -06:38 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Followed after Shadowstar. He stepped lightly and quickly and kept as close to the wall as possible without hitting it and making noise.* -06:41 Jun 24

Cassius: Second floor, third door. Good luck getting past all of those goons.

Bronwen: If that’s all we’ve got to worry about. *Direction chosen, gun ready! She slipped around the corner, keeping her gun aimed. She didn’t stop moving until she found the elevator door, pressing the button and quickly stepping inside.* When the doors open, you go first. Get anybody I don’t shoot. -06:48 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit. He activated the sword hilt and it silently created the blade.* Ready when you are. -06:50 Jun 24

The elevator doors opened to reveal the second tier! Unlike the first floor, there was a few armed personel up here! This was where their precious cargo was stored!

Bronwen: *Taking in a deep breath… as soon as the doors opened, she stepped behind MacBeth and started firing over his shoulder! He could dart and weave any way he damned well pleased, she shot around him!* -06:56 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Dashed forward and kept low to the ground. Because the guards were scattered, he was forced to zigzag. SCHHINK! SCHIINNKK!! SHHINNK!! went the sword. He was awfully fast, too. He got to the other side of the room in record time, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.* -06:59 Jun 24

It was quick! Too quick for any of those goons to even know what hit them! The whole hallway was cleared in a matter of seconds!

Bronwen: *One, two, three… she counted the doors as she stepped over fallen guards.* This one! Crack the door, Cassius. -07:04 Jun 24

Cassius: Gotta do everything around here. *He was typing it in quick… The door’s keypad gave a green light!* Nine minutes, Brownie.

MacBeth: *Went to stand next to the door and keep a watch out for anymore unwelcome company.* -07:07 Jun 24
Bronwen: *As soon as the door open, she entered with gun ready. Cassius could have easily screwed up the room!* -07:08 Jun 24

Brennen: Go away. I’m trying to sleep. *A voice muttered from the corner, followed by muttering.*

Bronwen: That’s a nice way to great your sister, grumpy old man. -07:11 Jun 24
MacBeth: … Bronwen?! *There was a movement and then someone was standing.* Holy crap, I think Morgan’s finally done it and poisoned me. *He muttered in disbelief as he stared at what looked and sounded like his sister.* -07:13 Jun 24

Brennen: .. Bronwen?! *There was a movement and then someone was standing.* Holy crap, I think Morgan’s finally done it and poisoned me. *He muttered in disbelief as he stared at what looked and sounded like his sister.*

Bronwen: She might have, but then she wouldn’t have her hot manslaves anymore. Now if you’ll stop staring at me, we have to go. -07:15 Jun 24

Brennen: Heh. *Grins!* Whether you’re the real deal or just a figment of my imagination, lead on. *He started to follow her and then paused.* Uh … Lemme go pull my boots on first. *It took him a couple of minutes and some boot-threatening but he finally joined her. When he got to the door, he stopped at the sight of Mac.* Holy crap. Looks like you’re the real deal after all. MacBeth, you’re a sight for sore eyes!

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* And you’re a sight best saved for the blind. *He glanced at Shadowstar.* Let’s get going. -07:19 Jun 24
Bronwen: We can have hugs and cuddles as soon as we’re off this boat. ..Cassius, do your hacker thing! *She led the way down the hall and back for the elevator!* -07:20 Jun 24

Cassius: Tell Brennen to move his saggy ass. You got three minutes to get down here before they notice something’s up.

MacBeth: *Let Brennen follow Shadowstar and he took up the rear.* -07:22 Jun 24

Tiny finally hopped off the crate. It pawed at Cassius’ hand. “Grreeoow!” Something was going on!

Bronwen: Shit. Hold on, fuzzy. I ain’t through. *If he didn’t get that shit worked in to the system, they weren’t gonna be able to fly out of there even if they did bring Brennen back in one piece!* -07:25 Jun 24

Cassius: Shit. Hold on, fuzzy. I ain’t through. *If he didn’t get that shit worked in to the system, they weren’t gonna be able to fly out of there even if they did bring Brennen back in one piece!*

“Grreeooww!” Tiny hissed but left him alone and sneaked back to the crate. This time it just poked its head out from behind the crate and watched the men coming through the side door! It was a completely different door from the one Bronwen and company had gone through but if they came out at the wrong time, they’d be seen!

Cassius: The demon is pitching a tantrum. Somebody is down here. *He muttered in to the com link! Just a few more things, he’s almost done…*

Bronwen: This is going to get interesting… *She flashed Brennen a grin as she stopped at the door.* Our ship is invivisble. So you’ll have to follow Mac while I make sure we don’t all get shot. I hope you’re not too old to run… -07:33 Jun 24

Brennen: *Flashed her a grin.* I hope you’re not too young to know how to use a gun. Don’t want you shooting yourself. *He winked.*

MacBeth: Don’t do anything stupid, Shadowstar. *He said, moving beside her.* Can you tell how many men? -07:38 Jun 24

Tiny was getting tense. The man needed to move but he wasn’t! Gah! So frustrating! The ship wasn’t too far … but he would need cover!

The first man to come out of the side door stopped. “Usual inspection. Morgan’s orders. Move it.” There were at least a dozen lightly armored, lightly armed men with him. They began to fan out.

The first man to come out of the side door stopped. “Usual inspection. Morgan’s orders. Move it.” There were at least a dozen lightly armored, lightly armed men with him. They began to fan out.

Bronwen: I’m not the one who ended up captured last time. …there’s a lot. I could shoot ’em all, but you’ll have to not get shot too in the process. -07:41 Jun 24
MacBeth: Worry about yourself. Here. You might need this. *He reached into his pack and handed her something. Smoke grenades. A simple push of the button and as soon as it hit the ground–or anything else for that matter–it’d provide a cover of smoke.* -07:44 Jun 24

Cassius: … gotcha. *He muttered under his breath, quickly packing up the cracker and getting ready to bolt! Now he could open the doors from inside the ship, so long as they didn’t reverse his hacking! Hitting the comlink!* Done, cept there’s a shitload of dudes out there now.

Bronwen: This will work. *She peeked around the corner… It’d be a miracle if this even worked!* Okay, on three everyone makes a mad dash for the ship. One… two… three! *She hit the buttons and slid two of the grenades out in opposite directions!* -07:50 Jun 24
MacBeth: Shadowstar’s gonna cover me and Brennen. Get ready to move when the fireworks start. *He pressed the comlink.* -07:50 Jun 24
MacBeth: (Ah well. Ignore post. ^^;; ) -07:50 Jun 24
Bronwen: (just reverse the timing!) -07:51 Jun 24
MacBeth: (Oh! Brilliant idea!) -07:51 Jun 24

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed and dashed for the ship.

Cassius: *Fuck! Why was it always Bronwen’s ideas! Cassius took off after the furball!*

MacBeth: Come on, Bree. *He led the way and kept close to the ground, heading straight for the ship!* -07:54 Jun 24

Brennen: *Didn’t need to be told twice! He was right on Mac’s heels, trying not to get shot! The first real action in twenty-something years and he didn’t have a gun!*

“Fire! Shoot anything that moves!” the man in charge ordered above the chaos. The men began to fire and were smart enough to either take cover or hit the ground.

Bronwen: *Covered by the doorway, she picked off anyone that was getting too close to her boys, or looking like they were aimin’ to shoot someone they weren’t supposed to!* -07:55 Jun 24

MacBeth and Brennen were almost there and the guards were dropping one at a time! Unfortunately Brennen lost his way in the smoke and ended up getting lost!

Brennen: Mac! Brownie! … Hey, where’d everyone go?!

MacBeth: *Swore under his breath as he started back. Someone had to hook a leash on that man! He pressed the comlink!* Shadowstar, delay. Brennen got separated. I’m gonna retrieve him. -08:01 Jun 24
Bronwen: Damnit! I thought Cassius was the stupid brother! *She stuck her fingers in her mouth and whistled good and loud! That ought to get everyone’s attention to her and not the idiot!* -08:02 Jun 24

Just as Mac was about to swear off rescuing anymore Shadowstars, he saw Brennen not too far away!

MacBeth: *Rushed over to him.* Bree, you idiot. Hurry the hell up and let’s get going already. *At this rate, he would have to throw him over his shoulder and carry him to the ship!* -08:03 Jun 24

“I’m afraid he can’t hear you. Poor guy. So tuckered out, he decided to take a nap,” said an all-too-familiar voice. Meanwhile, the men with the guns were too busy trying to take out Bronwen as it was!

Bronwen: Come out from behind those crates, you cowards! *They had to go and get smart on her… But she was patient. She’d wait to shoot until she spotted a head or gun and popped them off!* -08:06 Jun 24

When Mac turned Brennen over, he discovered a metal disc the size of a large coin on the back of Brennen’s neck. It was called a Morpheus-D. Short for Morpheus Disk and also known as an SD (Sleeping Disk). You threw it onto the target where the disk latched onto the skin and injected powerful tranquilizers into the bloodstream. It worked fast and easy without a mess. But it was nearly impossible to get off!

“You know, I’m not surprised you came, MacBeth. I was … sort of hoping you would. After all, we haven’t seen each other in … ten years? So much to catch up on. Like current girlfriends I can kill.”

MacBeth: *Stood up and slowly turned around.* Banquo … *He hit the comlink.* Send Tiny out here. -08:11 Jun 24

Duncan: *Is watching the show!* Uh … Tiny? Uh … why? *He blinked and looked down at the creature sitting beside him oh so innocently.*


Eventually the men got bold! Now they were sneaking out all together in an attempt to outnumber Bronwen and take her down!

Cassius: Just send the demon out there! And where the hell is my sister?

Duncan: Okay! Okay! *He turned to Tiny.* You gotta go, Tiny. One more job to do before we can leave.

Duncan: Go, find Mac!

“Grreeoww!” Tiny didn’t want to but … it dashed out of the ship and found Mac rather easily.

Bronwen: *She might have laughed, but apparently things were going as planned and people aren’t all on the damned ship yet! She left her com open!* If I knew I had to kill everyone on board, we shoulda just took over the damned ship! *She fired at the dummies closest to her!* -08:16 Jun 24
MacBeth: Grab him and get back to the ship. *Mac tilted his head over his shoulder to the unconscious Brennen.* -08:16 Jun 24

“Grreeoww!” Tiny hopped over to Brennen and in an instant, had grown to its massive size. It picked up Brennen by the collar of his shirt like a cat with its kitten and dashed for the ship!

“No, no, no. Can’t be letting you leave the party so soon.” Banquo drew his gun and fired at Tiny!

MacBeth: *Pulled his gun around the same time and shot at Banquo’s gun. He didn’t shoot it out of his hand but he shot it enough to tilt the muzzle away from the target. -08:19 Jun 24
MacBeth: ** -08:19 Jun 24

Banquo sneered at him. “… Son of a bitch. You need a lesson in manners.” He pulled something off his back, something wrapped in cloth.

MacBeth: And you need to learn to shut up. *He went for his sword, which still had the blade from earlier.* -08:21 Jun 24

“OOhh!” “Aaggh!” cried the guards! But just when Bronwen figured she had it in the bag … one of the guards was smart enough to activate a Sentinel-bot. Basically a tin can on wheels about seven feet high packing enough firepower to take out an army!

“Hmph. Bring it.” He flicked his wrist and the cloth fell off to reveal the serrated-edged saber.

“Hmph. Bring it.” He flicked his wrist and the cloth fell off to reveal the serrated-edged saber.

MacBeth: *Dashed forward and made two quick successive slashes for Banquo’s unprotected chest!* -08:24 Jun 24
Bronwen: *Bronwen ducked behind the corner and blinked! Well… what the shit! Who lets robots lose on a ship anyway?!* Cassius! How do you hack Sentinel-bots?! -08:25 Jun 24

Cassius: Sentin- Damnit Bronwen! Don’t fuck around with bots! Get your ass on this ship! Ihave to pull a disk out of Brennen’s fat head!

B. nearly loses an organ or two! He backsteps once and then catches Mac’s blade on the second slash! He flies out with a roundhouse kick to Mac’s side!

Bronwen: *She’s getting shot at and he’s worried about Brennen’s head?! Hrrmph… She tosses her gun down in the doorway!* I surrender! Oh, please stop shooting at me! Come and fetch me! *She waited, pulling her second gun from her belt.* -08:29 Jun 24
MacBeth: *With his blade caught, he saw the kick coming and stops it!* You tried that on me once already. *He growled! The blade suddenly disappeared from the hilt, forcing B. to lose his balance briefly. It gave Mac the perfect opening to punch him square in the face! But he was still holding onto B.’s leg so B. fell straight to the ground with a THUD!* -08:30 Jun 24

The Sentinel-bot stopped although it didn’t lower its guns. It was designed to deal with all matter of threats but it stopped whenever a threat stopped being a threat. The guards waited, still wary. After all, this little bitch had shot down so many of their comrades already!

“Here’s a new trick!” B. wrapped his other leg around one of Mac’s and tripped him! Then he was climbing over him and strangling him with his bare hands!

MacBeth: *Coughed and gasped for air! B. was using his weight to push down on his throat. He ignored the impulse to try loosening B.’s grip. Instead, he reached up to grab B.’s collar and jerked him down to slam his head against his!* -08:36 Jun 24
Bronwen: *A moment to catch her breath. If MacBeth was getting himself killed, she might just go shoot him herself!* I’m afraid to come out, or your scary robot will shoot me! Can you come in here and get me so I know it’s safe? -08:37 Jun 24

B. hadn’t seen that coming! He hits his head so hard, he nearly blacks out! He lets go of Mac’s neck and falls off of him, clutching his head!

Duncan: Tiny … We’re gonna have to send you out one more time. Get the Cap’n back here or else we’ll be stuck here forever!

“Grreeowww!” the still-large Tiny growled and ran out of the ship. The first thing it set its eyes on … the Sentinel-bot. It tackled the bot to the ground which caused the guards to get momentarily distracted, leaving themselves open! What the fuck was that thing?!

Bronwen: *A smirk! That would be the furry little mascot! She rounded the corner…hestitating only for a second at Tiny chewing on a robot… and was shooting to kill anyone dumb enough to stand around!* -08:43 Jun 24
MacBeth: *Sat up and knocked him out with a punch in the face again. Banquo wasn’t the only one who’d learned some tricks. He stood and retrieved his sword and gun.* … Next time. *He looked up to see Tiny and Shadowstar off in the distance. Time to get back to the ship. He hit the comlink.* Heading for the ship. -08:44 Jun 24

Most of the guards went down but for those who didn’t, Tiny picked up the robot in its mouth and threw it at them, buying the woman some time to get to the ship! “Grreeooww!” Tiny transformed back to its adorable size and ran off.

Bronwen: *Resisting the urge to flip them the middle finger she ran for the ship!* You’re not dead yet, are you MacBeth? -08:47 Jun 24
MacBeth: … Didn’t you hear? I’ve got nine lives. -08:48 Jun 24

Cassius: If everyone is fucking on board, can we get on with the getting out of here? *Cassius had stolen Bronwen’s chair, typing away at the cracker!* Opening the doors now!

Duncan: *Has already started the ship. Once the doors are opened, he guides it out as fast and as clean as he can!*

Cassius: *And as soon as they’re out he made sure to close them doors back… and jam them! There wasn’t going to be any chasing them down for a good long while! Cassius sat back and rest his hands behind his head.* Well, seems like my plan worked after all.

[Bronwen is going to kick Cassius for taking credit for HER plan.] -03:04 Jun 26
[MacBeth isn\’t in the mood to shoot Cassius or run him through like he probably should.] -03:05 Jun 26

Duncan: *Grinned down at the minature Tiny as he flew them well and away from Othello!* You were awesome, Tiny!

“Grreeoww!” Tiny mewed as it curled up on the captain’s chair!

Bronwen: What’d you do with my NICE brother, Cassius? -03:07 Jun 26

Cassius: You mean the one that got himself shot with a Sleep Disk? In the medroom. I probably cracked his skull open getting it off. …There’s a hole in your shirt.

MacBeth: … What’d you do with the disk? -03:09 Jun 26
Bronwen: *She glanced down at herself and finally her arm. Ha! So she got shot after all. It was just a little scratch, at least. She was already heading for the medroom!* -03:10 Jun 26

Cassius: Left it back there. You aiming to use it on somebody, MacBeth?

MacBeth: … You’re not that lucky, Cassius. *He turned and disappeared. He wanted to sleep again but first he’d have to patch himself up. The last thing he needed was for Shadowstar to come barging into his room and lecture him about "bleeding to death." He finds her already in the medroom, patching herself up.* This beats using Flyboy’s room. -03:12 Jun 26
Bronwen: How badly did you get your ass kicked, and how mad am I going to be about it? *She was trying to tie a bandage with one hand and her teeth…* -03:15 Jun 26
MacBeth: Amazingly enough, just some scratches and bruises. Looks like Banquo got the worst of it. *He started rummaging for some antiseptic spray and some bandages of his own.* -03:17 Jun 26
Bronwen: I’ll double check in a minute. *She leaned over Brennen, opening up one of his eyelids.* I get my favorite brother back, and he goes and knocks himself out like a big stupid dope. Do you hear me Brennen? -03:22 Jun 26
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit and took a seat to start cleaning those wounds. There was one here, and one there … and over there and right next to that … All in all, not a bad rescue.* -03:24 Jun 26

Brennen: *His only reply is snoring!* Zzzz … zzzz …

Bronwen: As if he didn’t sleep enough already. *She left her snoozing brother be to move over to MacBeth. She let him patch himself up, but she examined him herself just to make sure he wasn’t hiding anything serious. Prodding pokes and all!* -03:27 Jun 26
MacBeth: Gee, it’s nice to know you trust me. *Said dryly as he looked up after she’d prodded him at least a dozen times.* -03:29 Jun 26
Bronwen: For all I know you’d be shot in the back of the head and never admit it. I suppose you’re safe and sound… -03:31 Jun 26
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* Point taken. What about you? You gonna live or are you gonna leave me with the likes of Cassie and Bree? -03:32 Jun 26
Bronwen: I’m invincible… shots just bounce right off me. *The look on her face, she might’ve very well been serious!* -03:34 Jun 26
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* You’re insane, Shadowstar. *Then he frowned a bit.* I never expected him to be there. -03:37 Jun 26
Bronwen: The shirtless weirdo? I suppose he looked more dangerous than the usual riffraff Morgan has around… -03:39 Jun 26
MacBeth: Banquo. Ten years ago, he killed Arasia. *He finished patching himself up.* I could do with some rest. *He got up and started for his room.* -03:44 Jun 26
Bronwen: Oh… *That had to be a real kick in the face for him. She gnawed on her bottom lip when he left the room. She should have rescued him and killed that guy when she had the chance!* -03:48 Jun 26

Brennen: ZZzz … But Mom … I dun wanna share with Cassius … Zzz … He can get his own … Zzz … blanky …

Bronwen: *Blinkblink! …Bronwen hopped up to move to Brennen again. …She held his nose!* Breeeeeennen. You sister neeeeds you. -03:51 Jun 26

Brennen: *Snores and then … Cough! Cough! He sputters and starts trying to pull away from Bronwen’s grasp!* Bro … Brownie!

Bronwen: *She let go!* Are you awake yet? I can pull your ears next. -03:54 Jun 26

Brennen: Crap! Not the ears! *He clapped his hands over his ears.* Man, you haven’t changed a bit, have you?

Bronwen: *She frowned.* It’s not like I did much in a freezer. You’ve got grey hairs! -03:58 Jun 26
MacBeth: … I meant personality-wise. *He sighed and then he gave her a sideways glance.* Gee, thanks for noticing. *He ruffled his hair a bit.* Now, what do you need me for? It better be important to be interrupting my nap. -03:59 Jun 26

Brennen: … I meant personality-wise. *He sighed and then he gave her a sideways glance.* Gee, thanks for noticing. *He ruffled his hair a bit.* Now, what do you need me for? It better be important to be interrupting my nap.

Bronwen: I want love and attention from my favorite brother. MacBeth is too busy. -04:01 Jun 26

Brennen: *Grinned.* So he hasn’t changed either? *He chuckled softly and studied Bronwen a bit.* Man, I missed you. Come here and give your big bro a hug! Wait, I know how you feel about giving them … *So he sat up and hugged her instead, firmly but not hard enough to suffocate her.*

Bronwen: Ick.. hugs! *The obligatory complaint as she slung her arms around him!* I was mad about you sending a babysitter after me, but I decided to keep him after all. -04:05 Jun 26

Brennen: In the Shadowstar male defense, we did everything short of tying him up and throwing him into a closet to stop him. But he’s a lot like you. Stubborn to a fault. *He finally let her go and sat back.* Also, in our defense … it worked. *He grinned, that smug Shadowstar grin.*

Bronwen: *She grabbed him by the face and stretched his cheeks!* Yes it did. And incase you think of trying, you can’t have him back. Cassius already tried! -04:11 Jun 26

Brennen: *Frowned!* Seriously? *He swatted at her hands.* Okay, okay. I promise not to steal Mac away. Just let go of my cheeks, woman!

Bronwen: *Setting him free, she frowned right back.* He tried taking over my ship too. I think he’s pissed off at me for what happened. -04:15 Jun 26
MacBeth: *Blinked and rubbed his cheeks.* Cassius did that …? *Then he paused.* Hm. Yeah, that sounds like something Cassius would do. Okay … so … what happened? -04:16 Jun 26

Brennen: *Blinked and rubbed his cheeks.* Cassius did that …? *Then he paused.* Hm. Yeah, that sounds like something Cassius would do. Okay … so … what happened?

Bronwen: He tried telling my boys he was the new captain, but that didn’t fly. And then when he stuffed me in that box MacBeth nearly killed him. -04:19 Jun 26

Brennen: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* I’ll keep an eye on Cassius. And try to keep Mac from killing him. I’ve never known Mac to get that pissed at Cassius before. But if he was ready to kill him once, I doubt that urge is going to go away anytime soon. *He frowned a bit.* But it sounds like Cassius has been on one hell of a trouble-making roll with you.

Bronwen: I’m pretty sure he blames the whole damn thing on me. You coulda kicked that crazy bitch’s ass. -04:29 Jun 26

Brennen: *Chuckled softly.* Aaron wants that pleasure. *He was thoughtful again.* But don’t get worked up over Cassius, Brownie. He lives to blame people. Remember how he once blamed everyone because he couldn’t walk straight? But it was only because his pants were too tight and he didn’t listen to Fa or Ma about getting rid of them.

Bronwen: I’ll get over Cassius, I always do. I don’t know about MacBeth… -04:35 Jun 26

Brennen: Heh heh. Mac … is another matter. If he tried to kill Cassius, I’m surprised Cassius isn’t dead by now.

Bronwen: He promised he wouldn’t until we got you first. *She blinked slowly and cast a look at the door.* …I hope he didn’t mean that litterally… -04:40 Jun 26

Brennen: *Coughs into his fist.* This is Mac, we’re talking about. He can be one sneaky son of a dog when he wants to be.

Bronwen: Tall, dark, broody and mysterious, I know. …I guess I better shadow him. -04:47 Jun 26

Brennen: Speaking of which … who cooks around here?

Bronwen: MacBeth does, or I’d have killed us all by now. -04:48 Jun 26
MacBeth: *His face lit up!* Lead me to the galley then! I want to see if there are any leftovers! -04:51 Jun 26

Brennen: *His face lit up!* Lead me to the galley then! I want to see if there are any leftovers!

Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned, leading the way to the galley!* He can even cook carrying me around like dead weight. So I’m pretty by now that there’s nothing he can’t do. -04:53 Jun 26

Brennen: *Laughed softly.* I didn’t know he could do that! *His stomach growled. He grinned sheepishly.* Heh. Sorry about that.

Bronwen: *She eyed him.* I don’t think left overs would be enough for you. Maybe I’ll have to make you something after all. -04:58 Jun 26

Brennen: *Blinked!* Uh … You’re talking about something like a sandwich or soup … right?

Bronwen: I watched MacBeth, I bet I could do it. … or maybe I’ll just ask him. -05:02 Jun 26

Brennen: My stomach can wait until you get Mac back here … No reason to rush you, you know. You’ve had one hell of a day and you should get some rest yourself.

Bronwen: *She scoffed and leaned against the wall to press the comlink.* Mac, Brennen is hungry and he thinks I’m going to poison him. -05:06 Jun 26

Brennen: *Lowered his head.* The way you make it sound, I’m as paranoid as uh … paranoid can be.

MacBeth: *Put on the comlink.* You can’t. I used all the poison for Cassius’ food. *He sounded dead serious though! But sure he was just joking!* -05:08 Jun 26
Bronwen: *Blink! She pressed the button again.* Then you better c’mere and write his name on it before someone has an accident. -05:09 Jun 26
MacBeth: *A pause.* … I’m joking, Shadowstar. Are you gonna try cooking Bree something or should I just come down there and save you the trouble of him having a panic attack? -05:11 Jun 26
Bronwen: I was going to, but he started crying like a little girl. You better rescue him. -05:12 Jun 26
MacBeth: Yeah. Be right there. -05:13 Jun 26

Brennen: *Waited until his sister was off the comlink.* Damn it, Brownie. Why’d you do that for and tell him something like that?

Bronwen: It’s not like he believed me! …. you haven’t actually started bawling like a girl before, have you? -05:15 Jun 26

Brennen: Of course, I haven’t! *He said a little too quickly.*

Cassius: Yes he has. If it’s not blankets, it’s his dinner. *So says Cassius who appeared!*

Brennen: Maybe I wouldn’t have started brawling, if you didn’t make it a habit of stealing my dinner! And my blankies!

Cassius: Wouldn’t of had to steal your dinner and blankets if ya didn’t have to go cryin’ like a woman all the damned time and gettin’ them all.

Bronwen: *…She’s trying to imagine Brennen sobbing like a baby and it’s just… not working. She snickers!* -05:20 Jun 26

Brennen: … Why change something that obviously works? *Muttered.* Anyways, it’s such a pleasure to see you again, Cassius. Have you been behaving yourself? I know how you love to have fun.

Cassius: Oh Aye. Being ball busted by my little sister and the kid has been a real learning experience. *He grinned big.* Kicked the shit out of my ego and danced while they did it.

MacBeth: So … just another day then? *He looked up as the door opened again.* Speaking of which … Good er … evening? Mac! Hope you got some rest. -05:24 Jun 26

Brennen: So … just another day then? *He looked up as the door opened again.* Speaking of which … Good er … evening? Mac! Hope you got some rest. –

MacBeth: *Yawned as he walked in.* Yeah. Lots of rest. *As soon as he’d gotten to his room, he’d dropped into bed. Which meant he was still packing the weapons he’d taken along–minus the pack. He started pulling out some alcohol and a few other things as well.* -05:27 Jun 26
Bronwen: *She hopped on to the counter and had a seat.* We should have you cooking for us, seeing as we saved your life and all, Brennen. -05:29 Jun 26

Cassius: Don’t know about that. Fancy he cooks worse than you do, Brownie.

Brennen: But I’ve just been rescued out of the clutches of that hag, Morgan! Don’t you think I deserve to rest and recuperate first?

Bronwen: I suppoooose one night of rest is alright. *Grin!* -05:32 Jun 26

Brennen: Ha ha ha. You’re just jealous of my skill and good looks. *He stuck his tongue out at Cassius.*

Bbbzzt! goes the blender Mac is using! BBbzzzzzttt! Bbbzzttt

Cassius: You know, with that skill and good looks you an I could commender this ship and get this little girl out of trouble.

Brennen: *Put his elbows on the counter and his chin on his knuckles.* What are you talking about, Cassius? *Oh no … If Cassius started talking mutiny with Mac there … This was going to be a long night or er, day?*

Cassius: Talkin’ some sense in to your sister, that’s what. If you weren’t busy getting knocked out cold you woulda seen high fightin’ off some dozen men and a bloody Sentinel-bot.

Bronwen: The hell, Cassius. It was like shooting at goldfish. I didn’t even get hurt. -05:41 Jun 26

Brennen: … I got lost in the smoke and struck with an SD. It’s not my fault. *Muttered to himself. He looked up when someone put a glass of thick brown liquid in front of him.*

Brennen: Thanks, Mac. What is it?

Cassius: *He pointed at her arm.* Yeah, didn’t get hurt. I oughta lock you in a closet next time you get any bright ideas.

MacBeth: Liquer. Vodka. Coconut rum. And sugar minus the lemon wedge. *He poured himself a glass. Then made one for Shadowstar and even Cassius. But only because he was feeling generous.* -05:46 Jun 26
Bronwen: You mean the sort of bright ideas that get you out of trouble? *She accepted the drink and grinned at MacBeth!* -05:48 Jun 26

Cassius: *He pointed over and Bronwen and leaned closer to Brennen.* You see that? She gets to be captain, and now she’s all damned cocky.

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit at Shadowstar before turning back to start cooking. He popped some frozen meat into the instant defroster while getting out the other ingredients.* -05:52 Jun 26

Brennen: *Glanced over at Bronwen and then gave Cassius a sideways glance.* Cassius … we were all captains and each one of us was cocky. Even Aaron was cocky once.

Cassius: Aaron’s got plenty to be cocky about. If she didn’t go charging in to shit that’s too big for her, we wouldn’t of been in this mess.

Brennen: *Lay his head on the counter. He was really hoping he could get some peace and quiet …* Before we go any further, can we please talk about this later? Like say, after dinner.

Cassius: *Cassius snorted, but he shut his mouth. ….about that.* Hey Brownie, since you’re one of us men now, how about the next planet we swing by we pick you up a hooker too?

Bronwen: *Bronwen nearly choked on her drink.* The hell? Are you just running out of shit to harass me with? -06:02 Jun 26

Sizzle! Sizzle! Goes whatever Mac is cooking up. Chopchopchopchopchopchop! Goes the knife!

Cassius: Aw, thought you’d want to have a little fun, sister. But y’know seeing as how you’re the only Shadowstar lady, maybe we oughta get you one of those mail order husbands. What do you think Brennen?

Brennen: *Blink blink! What the hell?! He stays silent though. He glanced over at Cassius.* You said so yourself. No one is good enough for Bronwen … *He sneaked a glance.* Hm. Except maybe Mac.

Cassius: That’s stupid Brennen. You’re stupid. *Cassius scowled.* Ain’t no controlling MacBeth, we’re better off hooking her up with some pretty faced stay at home doctor.

Bronwen: …You morons. I’m sitting right here. -06:09 Jun 26

Brennen: *Blink blink!* Just saying. Mm. My tummy’s growling. Whatcha cooking, Mac?

Bronwen: … don’t want a boy prettier than me. *She muttered in to her cup while she drank!* -06:10 Jun 26

Cassius: Someone good and ugly, then. Big fat blob with lots of money?

Brennen: *Sweatdropped!* Cassius!

Brennen: You know, there’s more to ‘hooking up’ than just money and looks and power.

Cassius: Hey, she’s the one that said she didn’t want anyone prettier than her. There’s not much left!

Brennen: *Sighed softly* ….

Bronwen: Are you saying I’m ugly?! -06:14 Jun 26

Cassius: How the hell would I know? You look like a stupid sister!

MacBeth: *Served Brennen some food first.* … She hasn’t forgotten about you. -06:16 Jun 26

Brennen: *Looked up at Mac but didn’t lift his head from the counter.* She? You mean …?

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* The one and only. I think Shadowstar’s still got the package she sent us to deliver to you. Probably in the cargo hold with the rest. -06:17 Jun 26
Bronwen: *She was glaring at Cassius but did remember about that package!* Was she your girlfriend, Brennen? -06:18 Jun 26

Brennen: *Small grin.* Yeah. She’s something else. I told her we couldn’t see each other ’cause of Morgan and all … Did she … did she say anything about me?

Bronwen: You mean besides wistful romantic sighs and longing looks? -06:21 Jun 26

Cassius: Christ, all this mush is about to make me sick.

Brennen: She did that? Man, I really do miss her. *He finally noticed the food.* That smells delicious!

Bronwen: We ought to go for a visit. You can have your ruinion, lots of petting and make Cassius sicker! -06:26 Jun 26

Brennen: *Blink bilnk!* But uh … Dion and uh … Aaron …! We can’t possibly have any er … time!

Cassius: …Meaning he’s pussyfooting out of wanting to see his girlfriend.

Brennen: *Sideways glare!* … At least I have a girlfriend. The closest you ever came to one was that blow-up doll you hid in your room.

Bronwen: Why the hell would you be afraid to see her? I know she’s pining after you, and you’re obviously a sucker for her. -06:33 Jun 26

Cassius: *Cassius snorted.* The only Shadowstar here that can’t get laid is THAT one *he pointed at Bronwen!* and that’s all good with me.

Bronwen: Damnit Cassius, shut your stupid mouth! -06:35 Jun 26

Brennen: *Sighed softly and went back to eating his dinner. At the rate this was going, he was going to start eating his meals in his room! Er … as soon as he found one.*

Cassius: Don’t get mad at me, Brownie. Try dressing more like a whore, you might get some attention!

MacBeth: *Suddenly there was a sword at Cassius’ throat and Mac was standing to one side. He hadn’t made a peep and seemed to have appeared out of thin air. Another sword lay against the back of his neck.* ….. -06:41 Jun 26

Cassius: Heh. Did you need somethin’ MacBeth? *He was stiff as a board! And good thing too, once slip and he’d get a pretty close shave!*

Brennen: Uh … *Glanced over at Bronwen. He’d never seen Mac like this and he was afraid one wrong move and Mac would go snip! on Cassius’ neck!*

Bronwen: *She’s very seriously debating on whether or not she should let her brother get beheaded!* Hrrm. Mac… -06:47 Jun 26
MacBeth: … Yeah? *He didn’t move though and he didn’t take his eyes off of Cassius.* -06:50 Jun 26
Bronwen: I’d kinda like to have my dinner without blood all over the place. -06:52 Jun 26

Cassius: Gee, Bronwen. You sound real concerned about your brother here.

MacBeth: Wouldn’t dream of it. But I get clumsy sometimes … I might slip. Get up, Cassius, you need a time out. -07:07 Jun 26

Cassius: You have to be kidding me.

MacBeth: … It’s either a time out. Or I’ll be serving Tiny Cassius cutlet. Get up. *He squeezed the swords so that Cassius could feel the blades against his neck.* -07:10 Jun 26

Cassius: *He was growling, but he was getting up, mindful of those damned swords!* I think I can talk to my own damned sister, MacBeth.

MacBeth: Didn’t think you would be stupid enough to forget the difference between talking and insulting. Get to the cargo hold. -07:14 Jun 26

Cassius: Someone better save me some damned dinner. *He muttered and got to moving!*

MacBeth: *Once they got to the cargo hold, Mac took Cassius to Mrs. Hessing’s basket. It had already been cleaned out of all its items so only the empty pocket dimension remained.* Get in. -07:23 Jun 26
Bronwen: … I should have told him not to kill him in there either. Damnit! -07:23 Jun 26

Brennen: *Eating his dinner.* You’d better go stop him then.

Cassius: *He eyed the basket. Now if he weren’t afraid MacBeth would slice his head off in the process, he would have laughed!* Alright, I’m going in the basket. Is this for trying match-make my sister, calling her ugly, or telling her to dress like a whore?

Bronwen: … double damnit! *She slid off the counter and dashed for the cargo hold!* -07:26 Jun 26
Mac Beth: *Presses the swords a little closer.* … Keep standing around here and you’ll find out a hell of a lot. -07:40 Jun 26

Brennen: *Soft sigh as he eats his dinner!* So much for peaceful family reunions …

Cassius: *He was climbing in the basket but still talkin’!* And I didn’t even get to call her a crazy bitch yet. <

Mac Beth: …. *As soon as Cassius was in, Mac took the swords away and kicked the cover shut. Then he pulled something out of his pocket, a little something he’d found in the packages labelled "Basket remote" and pressed the small red button in the top corner. There was a loud click followed by softer clicks as at least a dozen locks and iron plating appeared to cover the basket.* … It works. -07:47 Jun 26
Bronwen: *She rounds th corner and eyes the cargo hold. Not a Cassius in sight.* …he’s still alive, right? -07:49 Jun 26 <
Mac Beth: … For now. *One of the blades disappeared and he put the hilt away. He walked over to her and handed her the remote.* Press the red one when you think he’s done his time. *Then he started walking away, back to the galley.* -07:51 Jun 26
Bronwen: Wait a second. *She snagged his arm.* -07:52 Jun 26 <
Mac Beth: *Stopped and looked back at her.* Yeah? -07:52 Jun 26
Bronwen: *She leaned up and kissed his cheek.* Thank you. -07:53 Jun 26 <
Mac Beth: *Grinned slightly.* You’re welcome. *He started on his way again but paused at the door.* Just for the record, you’re far from ugly. And you attract plenty of attention without having to dress like a whore. *Then he was gone, headed for the galley.* -07:55 Jun 26
Bronwen: *She absolutely was not blushing. She didn make sure to kick the basket before following him back to the galley.* -07:57 Jun 26 <

Brennen: *Was eating dinner and chatting with the newly arrived Duncan and Tiny!* So … it’s all about trust and feeling the music. *He looked up to see Mac and Bronwen arrive.* It’s about time you two got back … Uh … Cassius?

Bronwen: Got stuffed in a basket. What are we talking about? *She slid in to a chair to return to sipping her drink and looking perfectly normal!* -08:00 Jun 26 <
[MacBeth went right back to serving food.] -03:22 Jun 27
[Bronwen wasn\’t still flustered, damnit. ] -03:22 Jun 27 <

Duncan: Brennen was telling me about the basics of dancing. *He looked at the Cap’n, then at Mac, and back again.* Did me and Tiny miss something?

Brennen: *Sweatdrop!* And what’s this about Cassius being locked in a basket?

Bronwen: Better a basket than a casket. Going to get lessons from Brennen too, huh? -03:25 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Swallows all of his drink.* … Yeah.

Duncan: *Sheepish grin!* Yeah … I hate to see it but when I watched you and Mac beat Cassius by dancing, I figured there was something to learning about it. Not to mention, women like men who can dance. Don’t they, Cap’n?

Duncan: *say

Bronwen: I didn’t know we could do that either. But I suppose you’ll catch some more girls if you can dance. -03:29 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Blinked!* Wait … you and Mac did what … and beat Cassius?

MacBeth: *Filled up a few more plates and served one to Duncan, one to Shadowstar, and one for himself. He noticed Tiny licking its chops at Duncan’s food and gave Tiny a heaping helping.* -03:31 Jun 27
Bronwen: Danced. Jeeze, don’t look so surprised… it’s just like fighting, but I suppose there’s a rhythem to it… -03:33 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Looking flustered all of a sudden!* But … I … You … *He looked at Mac.* I never taught you that.

Duncan: *Grinned!* Yeah. It was awesome. And Cassius didn’t even see it coming.

Bronwen: I think Cassius was more confused by the singing than the dancing. -03:40 Jun 27 <

Brennen: Who was singing?

Bronwen: Who else would be singing? I sure as hell don’t. Mac was. -03:43 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Cheshire cat grin!* … Did he now? What was that again? “Damnit, Bree, I will never sing. Ever.” *He said smugly in an exact imitation of MacBeth’s voice.*

MacBeth: I made the mistake of singing for your sister. *He turned and sat down to start eating his food.* She likes my singing. -03:50 Jun 27
Bronwen: Don’t tell him I like it! Now he’s gonna think he can go around singing too. -03:51 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Pout.* Hey, if you like Mac’s singing, why wouldn’t you like mine?

Bronwen: Because you’re weird. *She took a sip of her drink, trying not to snicker in to the cup.* -03:53 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Lowered his head.* You’re just saying that ’cause you were always jealous of my singing.

Bronwen: I don’t even want to sing! I’ll stick to shooting stuff and breaking noses, thank you. -03:55 Jun 27 <

Brennen: Okay, okay. So … what’s next on the agenda?

Bronwen: Dion. But I’m all for harging Morgan herself and blowing up her citadel. -03:59 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Sighed.* Yeah, you would say that … Remember how Dion always looked younger than he was?

Bronwen: They’d always call us twins, yeah… -04:03 Jun 27 <

Brennen: He … still looks younger than he is. And Morgan decided to use him as a guinea pig to figure out his “secret.”

Bronwen: Great. Mad Morgan is a Mad Scientist. You realize now I really want to head straight there and stuff dynamite down her throat? -04:10 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Raised an eyebrow at her.* Better her than me. If I hadn’t told you and you realized I’d known all this time, that’s exactly how I would end up.

Bronwen: *She tapped her fork on her empty plate, scowling while she plotted…* Why’d you have to go and get yourself captured anyway. The whole lot of you could have taken out Morgan. -04:15 Jun 27 <

Brennen: … Not when you were at stake. You’re a pain in the ass, Brownie, but we couldn’t risk it. Morgan kept moving you around to locations only she knew about. She may be mad but she’s awfully good at making people disappear. Look at what happened to her husband.

Bronwen: Well it’s stupid. I wish you would have just killed her and been done with it instead of being her bitches for years. You could have married your girlfriend by now. -04:23 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: Rather than dwell on the past, how about we start planning? We’re going to need to stop and fuel up, if only because I’m running out of food to cook with. -04:26 Jun 27
Bronwen: We can visit Heather. I could probably figure out exactly where Dion is from there. -04:28 Jun 27 <

Duncan: Awesome timing. I put the ship on auto pilot and we’ll be passing by there shortly.

Brennen: *Blinked!* Uh … what … shortly?! *He jumped up.* Awh man, I gotta take a shower. And clothes. I need clothes. *He suddenly stopped and ran his fingers through his hair.* Crap, I don’t even have a room … or clothes! Mac, you’re about my build. Do you have any nice clothes? The type I can wear to see Heather?

Bronwen: *Cackling laughter!* He sure does, I bought them myself. -04:34 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Glanced over at Shadowstar.* Guess this is my cue. *He stood.* Come on. I"ll show you where my room is and you can get ready. *He walked out.* -04:39 Jun 27
Bronwen: You should wear something nice too, Duncan. Maybe you’ll find a girlfriend. -04:40 Jun 27 <

Duncan: *Blinked!* You think so, Cap’n? *He looked down at Tiny and scratched it between its ears.* Do you think they’d like Tiny?

“Grreeoow!” Tiny had finished its food long ago and was just finishing up Cassius’ food. Now it stopped to enjoy the scratching.

Bronwen: As long as Tiny stays Tiny and doesn’t eat anyone in public, I don’t see why not? He’s cute and fuzzy! -04:42 Jun 27 <

Duncan: *Sheepish grin.* Heh heh … Good point. Maybe I’ll find some decent bachenstrudel.

“Grreeooww!” Tiny mewed.

Bronwen: *She slid of of her chair and gathered up empty dishes.* Tiny should get a cute collar or bow too, that’d be sweet! -04:44 Jun 27 <

Duncan: *Seriously began thinking about it!* What do you think, Tiny? Have a good time without eating anyone or growing big.

Bronwen: *Quickly washing dishes and putting them away!* And when Brennen isn’t romancing Lady Heather they might show you dancing! -04:54 Jun 27 <

“Grreeoow!” went Tiny.

Duncan: That’d be cool. *He looked up at her.* What are you gonna do, Cap’n? Besides find out info about Dion?

Bronwen: Find a dark corner and stay out of trouble, I guess. Avoiding Cassius, Fishmen, and people with freezers. -04:57 Jun 27 <

Duncan: You could hang out with me and Tiny, you know. Just enjoy the sights.

Bronwen: *She flashed him a grin!* Now how are you gonna attract cute girls with some foxy women sporting guns hanging around? -05:04 Jun 27 <

Duncan: *Grinned.* I know … but you deserve to have a good time, too. I don’t like the thought of you having to be all business all the time.

Bronwen: That’s what a good captain does, you know. But I suppose I could always start a barfight if I get bored. -05:09 Jun 27 <

Duncan: *Laughed softly, although he knew she was serious.* Aye aye, Cap’n. Now if you’d excuse me and Tiny, I reckon we have some preparation to do. *He disappeared.*

MacBeth: *Walked back in and took a seat a little after Duncan left. He folded his arms on the counter and put his head down.* -05:17 Jun 27
Bronwen: *She blinked!* …He wasn’t in there making you help pick out an out fit was he? -05:18 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Doesn’t lift his head so his voice is muffled.* … He was. And he insisted I find him the boot polish and something for his hair. -05:19 Jun 27
Bronwen: *She dropped in to the chair next to him.* Luckily he didn’t ask for a curling iron… he didnn’t di he? -05:21 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: Not yet, anyways. *He finally put his head up.* Thanks for cleaning the kitchen. -05:26 Jun 27
Bronwen: You’re just first mate slash cook, not janitor too. … Hey MacBeth… -05:27 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit when she mentioned him not being a janitor.* Yeah? -05:31 Jun 27
Bronwen: Duncan doesn’t like the thought of me lurking in corners and staying out of trouble. …So now you have to go out and play with me. -05:32 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: What’d you have in mind? -05:36 Jun 27
Bronwen: Everytime I go to a bar I get in trouble. Maybe something that’s Shadowstar proof? -05:38 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: Yeah, I see your point. No bar then. We could check out the restaurants or the racing track. -05:45 Jun 27
Bronwen: *She flashed a devious grin!* Should I dress all pretty and shiny? -05:46 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Why not …? We can even do both if you want. -05:47 Jun 27
Bronwen: Good! That oughta make Duncan happy! *She hopped out of her to head for the door.* I’ll spare you the trauma of picking out my clothes. I’ll be back and you can see if Duncan is anywhere near where he’s supposed to be. -05:50 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: … Sure thing. *He muttered and put his head down on his arms.* -06:01 Jun 27
Bronwen: *…She wasn’t going to fuss about what she was wearing like that dork Brennen! Just a silly little bronze dress so she wouldn’t disappoint, and some boots incase she had to kick someone’s ass. And knocking on Brennen’s door to make sure he wasn’t going to wimp out on his seeing his woman!* Brennen! You’re taking forever! She doesn’t care how stupid you look! -06:08 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *At first there was no reply. Then …* Yeah! But I care! Now where’s Mac? I need a curling iron!

Bronwen: …he can’t be… *She groaned and banged on the door again!* Girls like hair messy and wild! It makes them think of hot sex! -06:15 Jun 27 <

Brennen: But then she’ll think I’m easy! *Shouted from the other side of the door.* Ow! *Muffled cursing.*

Bronwen: You are easy! *Still banging on the door! The hell was he doing?!* I need to know if I look like a girl! -06:18 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: Holy mother of–! Ow! I’m coming! *Thirty seconds later, he opened the door. He was dressed in slacks and boots and a nice shirt. He had a towel around his neck and his hair was wet. He looked her up and down.* Where are you going? And with who? -06:22 Jun 27

Brennen: Holy mother of–! Ow! I’m coming! *Thirty seconds later, he opened the door. He was dressed in slacks and boots and a nice shirt. He had a towel around his neck and his hair was wet. He looked her up and down.* Where are you going? And with who?

Bronwen: *She gave a spin to model the bronze dress to her knees with long sleeves. She grinned at him.* Just out. Look at this! *She pulled up her skirt a bit to show off the gun she had strapped to leg!* Skirts aren’t too bad! -06:25 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Tilted his head slightly to one side to look her over. He slowly nodded.* I gotta say. That’s definitely your color. And yes, you do, indeed, look like a girl.

Bronwen: Good… I’m leaving. I don’t want to find out you spend all night primping and not making googlie eyes at your girlfriend. -06:35 Jun 27 <

Brennen: I have to make a real good impression on her!

Bronwen: She’s just going to take all your clothes off and mess up your hair! *She smirked as she skipped down the hall!* Wasted effort! -06:39 Jun 27 <

Brennen: *Actually blushed when she said that!* Um … uh … I’m leaving real soon. *He threw the towel off and ruffled his hair.* Like … right now! *He dashed off.*

Bronwen: *That was disgustingly cute! Oh ho, she almost forgot Cassius! She dashed back to her room for that controller and pressed the little red button! …And intercom button?* Sentence over. We’re all leaving and you should too. *And off to capture MacBeth before he had second thoughts!* -06:44 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Had returned to his room and found the place a mess. He hadn’t expected Brennen to pick up any clean habits while he was away. He’d just managed to take a quick shower and pull on some clean clothes. Dark slacks and boots, white shirt and he even had a jacket. He had a gun and one of the hilts.* -06:51 Jun 27
Bronwen: *banging on MacBeth’s door! For all she knew he could be in there making a fuss like Brennen! He did pickup her brothers habits!* MacBeth! Do you need a curling iron? -06:52 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *The door suddenly opened.* No. Did you want to hit the restaurant first or the track? -06:54 Jun 27
Bronwen: *Blink!* Gambling should be fun. Think you can win me some money? -06:55 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: We both make a killing when it comes to gambling in other ways. Might as well see if we can do the same at the track. -07:00 Jun 27
Bronwen: *She snagged him by the jacket to pull him along.* Of course if you’d rather be chasing girls with Duncan… *She grinned!* -07:01 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: … I’ll pass. *He gets pulled by Shadowstar.* I haven’t been to the track in awhile. -07:13 Jun 27
Bronwen: Cassius said they race snarglpuffs now, and I still haven’t figured out what a snarglpuff is. *She tugs him along until they’re off the ship, as by then she hardly has any idea where she’s going.* -07:15 Jun 27 <

Cassius: *Speaking of Cassius… He expected Brennen to run out dressed up all pretty, but watching his sister run off with MacBeth was a whole different story. He was just going to have to follow and keep his eyes on things. No good game out of a girl in a skirt.* <

MacBeth: You’ll have to see them for yourself. They’re hard to explain. You might enjoy watching them race. -07:18 Jun 27
Bronwen: I might enjoy watching you run around in circles too. *She grinned!* -07:20 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* With you as company, I’m sure I will be. -07:23 Jun 27

Cassius: *He didn’t like the look of that grinning and smirking. That was too nicey nice. They needed something to fight about… so he… Kicked over a barrel to send rolling after them!* <

Bronwen: Careful, I might actually make you-*She blinked, sidestepping out of the way of a speeding barrel?* run in circles. -07:29 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Also sidestepped. He glanced in the direction it’d come from. Suspicious.* -07:30 Jun 27

Some old women cracked Cassius over the head. That was her last barrel and he done sent it rolling down the street! He owes her 200 squid! <

Cassius: Ow.. damnit! *He ducked behind the cranky old woman’s stand, out of sight!* I’ll give you anything you want, stop hitting me! <

Bronwen: *Oh, Cassius was subtle… real subtle. Like a shrieking donkey. Bronwen took MacBeth’s hand and pulled him down the street.* ..doesn’t he have something better to do. -07:33 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Was pulled down the street! He decided to keep silent about Cassius probably having a death wish.* … You let him go? -07:35 Jun 27
MacBeth: * – ? -07:36 Jun 27
Bronwen: I thought maybe he’d run loose and calm his stupid self down. -07:37 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: *Kept silent and ran his fingers through his hair. Calm. He had to stay calm.* -07:38 Jun 27
Bronwen: *She eyed him.* He made you that mad? -07:39 Jun 27 <
MacBeth: … You have no idea. *He paused and looked at her.* Then again, I think you do. *He looked back the way they’d come.* I have a confession. I put Cassius in that basket to keep him safe, and out of my reach. *He suddenly smiled as if he’d just realized something.* You know what, let’s just do what we were going to do. If Cassius wants to come along that’s fine with me … but I’m not paying for his meal. I’ve seen how much he can pack away in that gut of his. -07:42 Jun 27
Bronwen: *Skeptical but she nodded. She figured as much, but it was interesting to hear him say it…* Cassius can find his own date anyway, you’re mine today. -07:46 Jun 27 <

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