My Demon Roommate 017: The Perfect House

[Jayden was already awake an in the kitchen. Being all… domestic! ] -04:07 Oct 22
[Cupio after being rescues had a shower, alone, and went to bed and hasn’t budged since. He never wants to be Mcboobs again. Bed is confortable, but he’s wearing a shirt and boxers. Being naked isn’t fun anymore either.] -04:09 Oct 22
Jayden: Jayden was no a cooking sort of person. She was a take out or order Cupio to cook sort of person. So the fact she was in the kitchen making breakfast was a testament of love! And she knew he needed this by the fact he didn’t sleep naked. That NEVER happened. So when she returned to the bedroom it was with a tray of hot oatmeal with honey and some tea. She set it on the bedside table before she sat on the edge of the bed to lean over him and brush gently over his hair. "Hey…" -04:14 Oct 22
Cupio: He turned his head. Demons never slept so he couldn’t pretend to me. "Calling in sick today." he said. Demons didn’t get sick either. He smelled food though and even of he didn’t feel like eating he was hungry. He took hold of her hand and moved it away from his face. Maybe he was sick. Demons were meant to feel thier aspects, always, but he wasn’t feeling very lusty. Maybe a little but he didn’t want to pay it any attention. -04:20 Oct 22
Jayden: "Hmm.. a couple days away from work would be good for you. But you can’t stay in bed forever." Jayden just shifted from petting hairs hair to rubbing his arm instead. Seeing him like this just… kind of sucks! She didn’t know what to do with it, and it wasn’t like all the moments he was being an over dramatic female! "How about breakfast and internet shopping? A couple of cute dresses for you and baby princess?" -04:25 Oct 22
Cupio: "We heed a house moore than clothes." he said "I don’t want any more dresses." he loved away from her to sit up and lean against the wall and look at the oatmeal. Jayden had cooked and he hadn’t heard any explotions. "Find us a house for… Princess isn’t a very good name." -04:27 Oct 22
Jayden: "Then help me pick a better name and we’ll go out looking for property today. Can’t trust pictures when it comes to houses." Jayden scooted closer to him, but this time she wasn’t touching. Turning down cute matching clothes? That wasn’t like him either. "No matching dresses though? What about little plaid skirts and some baby combat boots? That’d be kinda cute. I might even wear that too." -04:32 Oct 22
Cupio: "We can find listings online adn then go out to them." he said pulling the hot bowl into his lap as an excuse not to have Jayden sliding into it. That ensamble did sound good though. "Then you can. I just think it’s better if I stay like this from now on. This isn’t about you being worried, this is about our daughter getting to have both parents." he didn’t look at her, he was concentrating on the oatmeal, or at least pretending to. -04:35 Oct 22
Jayden: "She’s not going to have both parents if you’re afraid to be you…" Her expression was soft, and she really really wanted to hold him. She also wanted to shake him. All that time she wanted to sock Mcboobs for being such a girl, and here was the open door to never feeling like he was taking her role as the chick. …and she didn’t like it. It wouldn’t be him… "I promised I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you again." -04:40 Oct 22
Cupio: He glanced up at her after placing a spoonful in his mough and swallowing, the heat of the oatmeal not bothering him at all. "It’s a team effort. You’ll do your part, I’ll do mine." he wanted to change the subject. "Fae is a nice name, even if that has unfortunate meanings." -04:44 Oct 22
Jayden: "Probably wouldn’t be cool to have a fairy baby…" She watched him for a moment. So tempted to just pounce on him and kiss him until he stopped worrying… "Who is going to show her how to be all cute and adorable and bouncy if not you? She sure isn’t gonna get it from me." -04:50 Oct 22
Cupio: "I’d be fine with a tough, take charge kind of daughter." he said. "Besides you’re obviously more and more demon every day, I think we might be bringing a monter into this world. Unless that’s all you." he shoveled more oatmeal into his mouth. "Are you going to have a hook at houses online? I don’t know how to use those things." -04:54 Oct 22
Jayden: "I’ve never exactly been normal…" He couldn’t stay in this house forever! And she couldn’t sex him until he passed out. She wasn’t good at this! Mcboobs was perfect at being cheerful and erasing bad moods, and she was just… hmm. Jayden crawled on to the bed, sitting on her knees and staddling over his legs still hidden under the blanket. Then she pouted. Full on pleading, sad puppy-eyed pouting. "I already have an address list I got offline. I want to see the houses we might be raising our non-monster daughter in. And so you can see if the space feels right for you?" -05:00 Oct 22
Cupio: He pscooped up a spoonful, placed the bowl aside and then took hold of her chin and pulled her mouth open to push the spoon inside before slipping out of bed and standing to stretch. "Do we have anything to drink? Anythign hard to drink?" -05:05 Oct 22
Jayden: Grr. She chewed and swallowed before slipping out of bed too. Abandoning the spoon and bowl at the bedside table. "No… but we can go get coffee! Chocolate mocha? Vanilla chai?" Jayden reached out to tug gently at his shirt. "A walk in the park would be cool… y’know looking for playgrounds and stuff?" -05:13 Oct 22
Cupio: "Tea." he said. " Black Celon tea." he picked up the bowl again and started walking with it towards the living room. It did NOT belong on the bedside table. "Or we could do it my way." he said. "My way there would be no wasted time, and no doubts. I’ll need a phone though." -05:17 Oct 22
Jayden: "Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to have an adventure with it?" Jayden stole the bowl from him! And she bounced off to the kitchen to wash the dishes. If she didn’t occupy her hands she was going to jump on him. This was so much harder than she thought it would be. "Never really thought time out with you was wasted time." she mumbled… -05:22 Oct 22
Cupio: He shook himself. "I just want out own place" He sighed "I have spells to weave." the last part what a whisper. "Where did you put my knife?" he wanted it on him, maybe in case soemeone came after him, maybe because the second he was apart from Jayden he was going to rib himself of mcboobs. "Why do you stay with me?" -05:27 Oct 22
[Jayden enters.] -05:30 Oct 22
Jayden: "Because I care about you. I feel whole when I’m with you…" She didn’t answer about the knife. It was tucked away somewhere safe just incase. Jayden had been expecting a very upset Mcboobs and she didn’t want to take any chances. "You said you weren’t going to leave me." Jayden wasn’t sure where she went from trying to act like Mcboobs, to that sudden moodswing of actually thinking like a dumb girl. As far as she was concerned, him not being himself was the same as leaving her and that was upsetting! -05:38 Oct 22
Cupio: "Do I looke like I’m leaving you?" he asked, turning. "I’m doing everything I can to stay with you, to not have to leave you. Humans are making it very hard but I’m going to fight. And if anyone tries to take me from you I will kill them. But I don’t want them to even try. I’m quitting my job and I’m never transforming again. Maybe then we can live forgotten by everyone and get some peace." -05:42 Oct 22
Jayden: "So I just get half a Cupio instead of the whole thing. I get half a life and that half is going to be spent hiding away from the world. I’d like to know how that’s not leaving me." She didn’t even sound as angry as she should have. Jayden was just exasperated… sad! She grumbled to herself while putting away the dishes. "I would understand if it was just for awhile… but you want to do it forever." -05:47 Oct 22
Cupio: He growled. "I’m Cupio, I’ll be here, how is that leaving?" he grabbed a jacket and started pulling it on inly to realize it was several sizes too small and has holes for wings. He growled again and threw it onto the couch. "I’m trying to preotect you, and our child. If this were only me I wouldn’t give a toss. Actually if it were only me I’v he the demonic leader of a cult and be being hunted by humans and demons alike. I’m going to be hunted so ling as people know who I am. What if they decide to target you, or our daughter, to get to me? I want her to have a better life than I have." -05:54 Oct 22
[(Timeout) Jayden got too distracted for their own good…] -06:01 Oct 22
Jayden: "A better live than you have. So the life you have with me is not enough." That hurt… she couldn’t protect him from cultists and she couldn’t protect him from asshole summoners. Of course he wasn’t going to feel safe with her or believe she could take care of their kid. "Okay… we do it your way then…" -06:01 Oct 22
[Cupio enters.] -06:10 Oct 22
Cupio: "That is NOT what I meant." he snapped. "I mean the constant killing, the constant hunt or be hunted, being raped. I don’t want that to ever happen to out daughter. Sife with you is the safest and happiest it’s ever been Jayden. I’m just trying to make it that much safer. Why can’t you see that instead of taking everything so personally. You’de already killed one person, you could go to jail for life. If you have to do that agai they’ll take you away from me and I’m SURE they have ways to stop me getting you back." -06:14 Oct 22
[(Timeout) Cupio was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:28 Oct 22
Jayden: "Shit happens, Cupio. It happens to everybody. All the time. And maybe we get more than our fair share, and I want us to be safe and our kid to be safe. But not if that means we can’t do what we want to do." Why was she even arguing it? He was going to do it anyway despite what she said! "I’m not afraid of bad guys and I’m prepared to do whatever I need to do to keep us safe without compromises. I wish you would trust me." -06:28 Oct 22
Cupio: He struck out and a vase shattered on the floor. "I wish this was the old way." he said staring down at the broken pottery. "I would rise up and slaughter the city. All would fear me, none would challenge me. The sould of the dead would make amusing pets and loyal, unkillable soldiers." he suddenly dropped to his knees and started picking up the plass with his hands. "I do trust you Jayden. It’s everyone else I…" he looked at his hand, a thin band of red growing wider and he dropped the glass again to thrust the wound into the pool of spilled water to trap the scent before it could spread. "What would you do?" -06:34 Oct 22
Jayden: "I would do the exact same thing. I killed someone for you, Cupio. I’m probably going to do it again someday." she muttered, stepping away from the counter to help pick up the pieces of glass. Jayden wasn’t being patient, she was giving in. "We can’t slaughter cities, though, and we can’t make undead soldiers. And I can’t intimidate people away from you, or prevent stuff from happening. So you’re right. We might as well not to anything and just stay in hour fortress." -06:50 Oct 22
[Cupio enters.] -06:50 Oct 22
Cupio: Jayden, don’t be like that… he stood and stepped away. Then he was tearing his shirt off and heading for the window to wrench if open. "My way." he said lounting it and wearying his wings. They were going to have a happy home one way or the other. He would kill for it. -06:54 Oct 22
Jayden: "I don’t know what I’m supposed to be like. You don’t want to be yourself anymore, and you tell me to stop acting so much like a demon. I care about you enough to be what you want me to be." Not Jayden who screams at him for being a stupid ass, because that’s the Jayden who’s not afraid of shit. With the glass picked up and thrown away, she was stalking to go snatch up his shirt. Not messy chaotic Jayden either. Because that Jayden wasn’t concerned about stuff either. -07:00 Oct 22
Cupio: He paused and turned. "You are meant to be you, nothing else. I don’t care what you are just be it." he growled in frustration. He had just made her argumant for her. "Can you live like this? Where I can be summoned and rapes at any time, where you might watch me vanish and not be able to find me again. He looked down at his hand, the ring still not there from being summoned. "Can you live with that?" -07:05 Oct 22
[(Timeout) Cupio got too distracted for their own good…] -07:11 Oct 22
Jayden: "Why ask, Cupio? You already made up your mind." Jayden went to toss his shirt in the hamper then she was stomping to the living room and dropping on the sofa. She couldn’t touch him without wanting to touch him, so she was taking a page of out of Cupio book of giving up and not even trying. "Fearless Jayden would make sure it never happened again, because Fearless Jayden will do anything it takes to live with Cupio. A whole and complete Cupio. But that’s not what I’m getting, so I think I’m just going to sit here and wonder if I can order booze off the internet…" -07:11 Oct 22
Cupio: "The only thing I’ve decided is I’m going to find a house I can enchant so that mothing can be sommoned from it, which means a big yard…" he clenched his fist. "Fine you win. I’l going back to the bedroom and I’m getting under the blankets, and I’m going to me you little girlfriend who is afraid to come out and do anything." he stripped off his boxers and throw them at her before walking past the couch and into the bedroom and crawling under the blanket making good on his threat. -07:15 Oct 22
Jayden: "My girlfriend isn’t afraid of anything either!" She shouted at him, not moving off the couch. She was twisting up his boxers in her hands and thinking about strangling him with it. -07:17 Oct 22
Jayden: "Infact my girlfriend has no problem facing down demons or humans while prancing around in cute little skirts! Because she likes being what she is inspite of the world! Kind of like my boyfriend before he decided to be homebound pussy!" Now she might’ve just crossed the line to being a real bitch…. but she could only be understanding and compassionate for so long! So he was hurt! He needed to get over it! -07:24 Oct 22
Cupio: "JAYDEN!" the call came from the bedroom and it was muffled enough to not be able to tell what kind of voice it was stomping from the bedroom and Cupio, red eyes ablaze adn bright orance hair swept back and put a foot up on the couch. "Then let’s go and find a house and fuck everything else. I’m going like this of I have to, dressed like this if I have to to proove all I want is to be happy with you and everythign else can burn for all I care." he was naked and was already moving away from the couch towards the door. "You’re coming with me or coming to stop me, either way you’re getting of that couch." -07:31 Oct 22
Jayden: "No! Fuck it! You were right and everything is pointless and blahblahblah!" Yep, deliberately being a pain in the ass. Jayden crossed her arms, and her legs and gave the most belligerent angry pout she could muster. -07:39 Oct 22
Cupio: The door opened and a naked Mcboobs stepped outside and closed it behind himself. If Jayden wanted to sulk then he really was searching for a house his way. ANd that was to picture the entire city in his head and go in the direction the felt right, and if Jayden wasn’t catching up with clothes, then… he was already heading down the stairs and passing people on their way bah to thier appartments and giving them falsely cheery waves. -07:42 Oct 22
Jayden: Jayden sat there for about two minutes before she realized he really did leave the house buttass naked and as a woman. She was off the couch in a second, running to grab the first couple of clothes she could find both mcboobs and not to stuff in a bag. Then she was chasing, yelling down the sidewalk as she caught up. "The least you could do is not get arrested…! We’re not going to be able to afford baby stuff if we have to pay a dozen fines for public exposure!" -07:50 Oct 22
Cupio: "It got you off you couch, didn’t it." he pointed out and kept going. There was an area of town up ahead he got a good feeling from. "You were meant to stop be before I left." He stopped and looked at her. "So what did you bring me? Going to parade me around in a tight little skirt? This reminds me, once we’ve found where I’m going we’re going to the mall. I need to order something." -07:55 Oct 22
Jayden: Jayden paused and frowned at him. "No. I brought you a choice. …Cupio… I understand if you don’t want to be a woman for awhile. I’m okay with that. I just don’t want you to do it forever. I don’t want you to be afraid." -08:01 Oct 22
Cupio: "I won’t be afraid one we have a house and I’ve set it up so that no one inside it can be summoned. There are countermeasures, and thinks we can do to make it safer. It’s never one hundred persent but nothing ever is. I’m getting a very good feeling about this direction too, but I should get dressed. What did you bring?" he hopped up and rewarded her with a kiss while taking the bag and opening it to look inside, take out the mcboobs outfit and start getting dressed right there. He was proving somethign to her and she had beter not forget the lesson. -08:06 Oct 22
Jayden: He was staying like this. And she might’ve still looked a little concerned, but at least her stance relaxed a bit. "That sounds like a good start… and then we can make sure there’s no way to summon you elsewhere too. There’s always a way." Jayden crossed her arms while he dressed, occasionally glaring at anyone that cast them a weird look when they passed. "And in a few days when you’re feeling better, you’ll go back to work?" -08:12 Oct 22
Cupio: He was in underwear now and then pulling on the pants Jayden had brought and the shirt. "There is a way, but I don’t want to do that until we get that baby out of you, it’s too dangerous otherwise." he wasn’t going to elaborate as he pulled on and wipped up the boots and then looked at Jayden. "I’ll go to work when we’re settled into a new place and at least have had sex. You don’t knwo how much it gets to me that the last person to fuck me was that animal. Thit is not the first time I’ve been raped Jayden. I’ll get better." -08:16 Oct 22
Jayden: "I’ve been wanting to sex you since I woke up this morning…" she muttered. She’d pounce on him right then in the street if she could. But she wanted him feeling safe more than she wanted the sex. Jayden finally just heaved a heavy sigh and grabbed him to hug him. "We’ll look at that house and I’ll have the damned contract before the day is done." -08:22 Oct 22
Cupio: "What house?" he asked. "I have no idea where I’m going, all I know is I get a good feeling from this direction." he gave up and hugged her back, finally able to drop the act and just melt. "Don’t ever give up on me Jayden, or I’ll have to rape some sense into you." he nuzzled the side of her neck before letting go and looking in the direction he had been eading in. "Any places on your list about three blocks that way? Near the park, kind of a block away from the school. That are is in a good area, one that feels good anyway." -08:26 Oct 22
Jayden: The brief contact wasn’t enough and Jayden was pulling him right back to her to cling to again. He had no idea how much he jerked her feelings back and forth all the time! "There’s a couple… and even if the best house has people already in it, I’ll throw them out and take it." she mumbled in to his hair. Finally she did let go, reluctantly, digging in her back pocket until she pulled out a crumpled piece of paper that had house listings circled messily with red pen. -08:32 Oct 22
Cupio: It was his turn to grab hold of her again and jump up to talk into her ear. "I love you Jayden. No matter what happens." then he was holding onto her hand with both hands and walking with har his cheek against her shoulder. "You’re just trying to do your best. I’m just not going to be right for now. I’m sorry. But I’ll still be here adn I’ll still do anything to proove I love you." -08:36 Oct 22
Jayden: "As long as you’re you, Coop, you don’t have to do anything. …but I AM glad you’re out to look at houses. I’m having these annoying urges to clean things and paint walls and make socks and crap… I don’t think Princess wants to sleep on a couch." Jayden squeezed his hand and glanced down at her stomach to poke at it. It had to of been a couple months and she just looked like she had been drinking too many beers. The kid was either going to be really small, or she was gonna explode out of her like some sort of alien. -08:45 Oct 22
Cupio: "We need a name. Princess it’s a good name. I want a real name, one that is hers and not a word." he looked up at her and then down the street. "ANd we’d at least her her a crib. I don’t think couches are baby safe. I don’t know what is baby safe. I know nothign about babies." he was just realizing that. He had been raised in a nursery but everyone had been the same age. "Jayden, I’ve never seen a baby, not even a demon. What are we going to do?" -08:48 Oct 22
Jayden: "Uuum… well, I think if we don’t accidentally kill her in the first couple of weeks, we’ll be okay." She eyed him a moment before she grinned. "Babies have happened since the beginning of time, they’re probably pretty idiot-proof for parents that really want it… What about Angelle? It’d hilariously ironic and I think it’s a family name…" -08:53 Oct 22
Cupio: "She’ll be out little angel but I don’t think a bemon called that would be very kind on her. She’d get teased." he kept walking and soon pointed. "Coffee thop, close to where I want to go, and a park. If we get the house we’re getting take away double chocolate mocha or whatever they’re called. Yes Jayden, mocha." he was playing it up for her, he was still feeling mad and horrible inside but he was looking at her hoping to see that smile that made everything better. -08:57 Oct 22
Jayden: A half smirk slipped out, despite the fact she was biting on her lip to keep from doing it. Jayden leaned to kiss his temple. "I think a new house deserves celebratory mocha. We could name her Sugar! A little sweet thing, that is probably full of it the way she kicks me all the damn time." -09:03 Oct 22
Cupio: He put a hand on her stomach and sighed. "No, not Sugar. She’ll me out sweet little angel but if she’s as bouncy as me we’ll be run into the ground inside a week." Talking about the baby was nice. Somehting to look forwards to. Somethign that was scary but wonderful at the same time. "Phaedra. I like Phaedra. She will be out bright shiny light and remind us we have a normal life together." he was still looking up at her. "More of an angel anme than a demon one too. Our little angel." he was actually smiling now too. "If not I have a few demon ones… cursed names, evil names." he was joking but the grin that formed was all too wicked. -09:13 Oct 22
Jayden: A good name was important to Jayden. Cupio’s name meant desire and he was… exactly that! Her own name didn’t really mean anything, and what did she have most her life? Jayden grinned, taking his face in her hands to give him a gentle kiss. "Phaedra is perfect. I like Phaedra. We probably have enough demon to deal with without giving her a crazy name to live up to." -09:18 Oct 22
Cupio: "Takign away my dreams of watching my daughter become supreme empres of the mortal plane?" he poked her in the side. "I’d rather she had a normal life tooOOOOOH!" there was a four bedroom house in a row of ones exactly the same, but this one was the one he had imagined remembering the city and he gripped her arm tighter looking at it. He had no idea if it was for sale or not but it was the one that felt right. Weather it was because of what was arounf it, or because it was magical in some way, or ebcause Cupio was a demon and knew what he wanted when he say it he had no idea. "Theres the one I want." -09:24 Oct 22
Jayden: Now she was smiling. This was her chipper excited Mcboobs. There was a decent sized gate, which Jayden liked. She stepped up to peer through the bars and examine the property. "No one lives here… but there’s no sale sign either. Might be owned by the bank." She turned to grin at him again. "Are you sure you want this one? We can always sneak inside and look." -09:28 Oct 22
Cupio: He was already leting go of her arm and sliding over to the fence to close his eyes and breathe deep. "Come over here Jaydemon." he said "Let go of everythign and feel the suroundings here. You should be able to if I saw correctly yesterday. While you have the baby in you you may as well learn what it’s like to be able to feel eveything around you." -09:37 Oct 22
Jayden: "You want me to get all nature demon?" That was so ridiculous… but Jayden stepped over to him, closing her eyes while still wearing that smirk. "So what am I supposed to be feeling, exactly?" -09:40 Oct 22
Cupio: Heslid sloser to her and leaned close. "Not nature demon Jayden. Lust demon. And you’re meant to be feeling everything. I do, all the time. He half tunrned and looked down the street. Here, let me help." He bit down hard on his tongue and let the blood pool before he grabbed Jayden’s head and pushed his lips into hers, pushed her lips apart and forsed the blood into her mouth and quickly pulled away. "Swallow." he said leaning back against the fence trying not to fall victim to the effects of his own blood but already feeling the hightened sensation, the slight headiness and the feral desire taking hold. Then he was clibling over the fense to get a closer look at the house. -09:46 Oct 22
Jayden: Why did he think he could kiss her and just shimmy away. She felt something all right, but it wasn’t ‘everything’. Strange though that the taste of blood was actually pleasant and gave such a nice warm feeling, kinda like drinking down a good shot. Jayden made sure no one was looking, then she was just as quickly hopping over the fence to follow. "i never have any problems feeling lust…" -09:52 Oct 22
Cupio: He giggled and turned to her. "I’m not talking about lust Jayden." he said turneing and walking backwards to grin at her only stopping when his tail brushed against the stair warning him it was there. "Jayden, don’t you remember I told you I’m very sensitive to my enviroment. That if placed in a room aranges just right I could get so worked up I would need to be constantly fucked or masterbating to stay satisfied, that another room could make me blisful, or a single object out of place in a room is like nails on a chalkboard. "This entire neighborhood is centered around this house, probably an accident btu I feel is Jayden. Vibrating in my bones. There is power here. Sweet seductive power and I can shape it into a spell to prevent summonings, or the horniest place in the city, or both. He was backed up against the door him and pressing himself against it subcontiously. The blood, the subject and the location not the best thing to be haing when he was trying to get Jayden to feel things other then just and he was feeling that himself. "Tell me you cna pick a lock Jayden. I don’t want to have to buy a new door." -10:04 Oct 22
Jayden: "One day I will tell you what I got in to as a teenager…" She wanted to be as sensitive as he was, as aware of every little detail… and she could feel some of it. When she paused and opened herself to it and tried to -not- concentrate on the fact he smelled so, so good and him talking about their potential home with that sweetly erotic tenor. Once she followed him up the steps, she really wasn’t all that concerned about the door. Bracing her hands on either side of him and leaning so she could nuzzle her nose against his cheek. -10:12 Oct 22
Cupio: "Whoever they were they’re really lucky." he said turnign his head to give her better access and placing his ahdns in her sides to hld her against him. It didn’t seem to accur to him she might not be talkign about a person. "But Jayden is mine now. Anyone wanting her is dead, or worse." His tail wrapped around her thigh and he could have purred. "I want this house Jayden." -10:16 Oct 22
Jayden: Jayden laughed, taking the opportunity to steal a kiss, and really, really wishing she could get lost in fucking him senseless! "Then I will get this house for you. And if I don’t have the keys by tonight, then you can just tie me up and punish me… " -10:20 Oct 22
Cupio: "I might tie you up and reward you anyway if your do." he said almost breathlessly sliding his arms arouond her and mving in to nuzzle her neck. "Either way you’re getting laid tonight Jayden, and you get to choose which Cupio gets to fuck you. -10:23 Oct 22

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