Bronwen and MacBeth’s “date” with Cassius trying to sabotage.

[Bronwen has taken MacBeth to the racetrack! Or was it the other way around?] -02:51 Jun 29
[MacBeth hasn\’t been to the track in quite awhile!] -02:52 Jun 29
Bronwen: *She pointed!* Move your ass snarglpuff…!! -02:55 Jun 29

Cassius: *Cassius hate a date. He didn’t WANT the date, but that damned old woman wouldn’t stop following him! How was he supposed to covertly keep an eye on MacBeth and his sister with some old hag cracking him over the head every ten minutes?!* Damnit woman, get lost!

Little old lady hadn’t been to the tracks in years! And not with such a big handsome young man… that still owed her 200squid, so he better stop squawking and pay up before she enters him as one of the race horses!

Snarglepuffs are big giant balls of furr with several rows of teeth, and apparently impossible to control. They did make for one exciting race, however, as more often than not they’ll escape the race track and try to eat the people on the sidelines!

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit. Well, at least the track hadn’t changed.* Let’s watch a race or two and then we can start taking our chances at picking winners. *He suggested.* -03:00 Jun 29
Bronwen: I wonder how you pick a winner with them always trying to eat everything. It really is a gamble. *…but it was amusing! She dragged him down for a closer look!* -03:01 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Somehow he was surprised that she was dragging him down there.* -03:02 Jun 29
MacBeth: *wasn’t -03:02 Jun 29

Cassius: Woman, you’re about three shakes away from- On the track huh. *Crazy old bat gave Cassius an idea. So MacBeth was gonna take his little sister to the tracks where you get women all excited- well he’s gonna give ’em some excitement! WHOOPS! Did he just kick over the gate that kept them snarglepuffs from getting loose in the stands? Ho ho ho!*

That little old lady clobber Cassius over the head with a cane that suspiciously felt like solid iron. Look what he gone and did! That gate costed some pretty money too, and everybody knows them snarglepuffs hadn’t been fed yet!

MacBeth: … Crap. Time to leave. *He pulled out his gun.* Hurry the hell up and get moving! *He glanced at Shadowstar as he aimed and fired!* -03:06 Jun 29

Snarglepuffs were getting loose all over the place! Eating bleachers, licking children, swallow bad toupes. One latched it’s teeth around Cassius’ leg!

MacBeth: *Shot! Shot! Kicked a snarglepuff and sent it rolling away! Shot it, too!* -03:07 Jun 29
Bronwen: … *She was doing good not to point and laugh. But she was still smirking as she hopped over a snarling furball to head for the exit!* Well, MacBeth… this is more excitement than I bargined for! -03:08 Jun 29
MacBeth: It was my pleasure, my lady. *He managed to give her a bow–right before pulling out his hilt which instantly generated a blade and running one snarglepuff through.* -03:09 Jun 29

Cassius: Son of a fuck..! *Cassius pried the little bugger off his leg and threw it while he stomped off! ….As an after thought he stomped back to heft that old hag over his shoulders and leave. Can’t let her go runnin’ around blabbin’ about ditching old ladies to the snarglpuffs.*

That little old lady was going to howl and moan about Cassius man handling her, but them snarglpuffs were becoming an organized mob and taken to chewing on people’s feet, so she was just going to shake her cane and thwack anything that jumped at them!

Bronwen: *She grinned at him!* Now they’re gettin’ a little wild… *She pulled out that gun from under her skirt, blasting little fuzz buckets out of her way! A clean escape… after all, they’re just critters!* -03:13 Jun 29

Four snarglepuffs pounce for MacBeth’s hands at once!

MacBeth: *Held his sword at an angle until the last minute.. SHLICK! SHHLICK! SHLLICK! SCCHLICK! Just a few quick slashes and the snarglepuffs fell to the ground with a THUD!* -03:16 Jun 29
Bronwen: *She aimed her gun at him and tilted… BLAM! Right past his ear to the furball jumping for his!* You’re showing off, MacBeth. I don’t think our friends like it. *Smirk!* -03:19 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Smirked right back at her.* What’s the point of having a toy if you can’t show it off every once in awhile? *He pulled out his gun again and fired!* … ‘Sides, you’re showing off, too. -03:20 Jun 29
Bronwen: I’m not showing off, I’m saving your tail. *Two shots for his feet, after a couple sneaky little buggers.* Besides, if I were showing off I’d do this. *She aimed wild and fired towards a metal pillar. The shot ricochetted off, wizzing back between them to pop an obnoxiously large snarglpuff between the eyes before it swallowed the head of some old man!* -03:25 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Watched the shot ricochet and smirked a bit.* … You can’t tell me you didn’t want to do that. *He kicked one snarglepuff into another and shot them both! Then he ran one through and another and another! Snarglepuff shishkabob!* -03:27 Jun 29

A big burley man dressed in a fancy suit stomped behind Bronwen and grabbed her by the shoulder. “You’re killing the merchendise. Boss don’t like poachers.”

Bronwen: What?! I don’t see anybody trying to catch the little shits, do you? -03:30 Jun 29
MacBeth: *The blade disappeared and Mac went back to shooting a few more of the furballs with teeth.* And it’s not like we were the ones who let them go. -03:32 Jun 29

The big burly man didn’t look open to negotiation! “Boss wants payment for every single one down, and ain’t a one of you leavin’ till he gets it!”

Bronwen: If that’s the way you feel, you can take care of them! *Bronwen caught one of the buggars with her foot and slung it in his face!* Here! -03:35 Jun 29

That snarglpuff was all teeth and trying to gnaw the guy’s face off! He went tumbling down the stairs trying to pry it off!

MacBeth: *Chuckled softly as the man tumbled down the stairs, snarglpuff on face.* I should take you out more often, Cap’n. -03:36 Jun 29
Bronwen: If you want the opportunity, you better start running! *She was already stuffing her gun back under her skirt and running for it!* -03:37 Jun 29
MacBeth: Aye aye. *Took off after her as he slipped the hilt back into his belt and put his gun away!* -03:39 Jun 29
Bronwen: *She didn’t stop running until they were a good distance from the tracks and hopefully free from snarglpuff escapists or race-bouncers looking for some compensation from the whole mess! She leaned against a wall laughing while she tried to catch her breath!* -03:41 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Looked around as they stopped.* I don’t know about you but I worked up an appetite. -03:43 Jun 29
Bronwen: I’m starving. I bet pleaces around here are gonna have a great deal on snarglpuff tonight. *She flashed a wicked grin.* -03:45 Jun 29
MacBeth: I’d rather eat something that didn’t try to eat me. *He said as he moved in the opposite direction of the track.* -03:46 Jun 29
Bronwen: *She fell in to step beside him and linked her arms around his.* Eat or be eaten, is that one of the laws of nature? -03:49 Jun 29
MacBeth: So I’ve heard. But hey, if you want to try snarglpuff for dinner, I certainly won’t stop you. Might even taste like chicken. -03:51 Jun 29

Cassius: *Cassius had just pluck the last tooth out of his leg when he finally spotted them again. Not a scratch on either of them! They were pretty slick. Hey, what they was she doing hanging all over him? Cassius spit on the ground before sneaking after them!*

The little old lady clobber Cassius over the head again for spitting in public. Yep, she still wasn’t leaving until she got her 200squid and an extra 30 for the trauma at the track! Where’s her money, you filthy young heathen!

Bronwen: Do you think so? I might be safer letting you pick the place. You’re the chef. -03:54 Jun 29
MacBeth: It depends on what type of food you like. I might end up taking us somewhere that you don’t like the type of food they serve. -03:57 Jun 29
Bronwen: Damn, then I’ll run down the quick list… I don’t like squishy things, no slimy things, nothing too spicey, I hate those weird little things that pop in your mouth, and I rather think I want to avoid fishies and fishmen. …Too much? -04:01 Jun 29

Cassius: *Cassius just growled at the hag, seriously considering shoving her out in the middle of the street to get ran over by a shuttle. No one would see him do it, right? …Where the hell were they going now! Just walking around chatting like idiots!*

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Believe it or not no. A friend of mine owns a restaurant not too far from here. We should be there soon. He’s not too hot about fish or slimy stuff either. Something about allergies and ulcers. Anyways, he doesn’t serve them so you should have a lot of things to choose from. That sound good? -04:03 Jun 29
Bronwen: Sounds just right… Exactly how many friends do you have lurking around the universe, anyway? -04:06 Jun 29
MacBeth: Heh. You can never have too many friends. *He looked up and stopped.* Here we are. -04:08 Jun 29

The place they’d stopped beside was called “Angelo’s Bistro” and took up the ground floor of a building. The sign was large but simple, basically the name in red lettering over a white background. There wasn’t a line to get in but looking through the windows, there were already about a dozen people inside.

Bronwen: Angelo’s Bistro. Such a classy looking place for a scruffy man like you, MacBeth. *She grinned!* -04:11 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Led her inside. The inside was cozy and pleasant. The wallpaper was a light blue and there were small oil paintings of scenery: forests and lakes and even a desert or two. There were tables that could fit four people scattered here and there and they could be combined to fit more. There was a counter with a computer and menus near the door. At the back were the double doors to the kitchen. There were about three or four serving people hustling around. -04:13 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Gee, thanks. -04:13 Jun 29

“Hello hello! How can I help you …?” A slender woman with a gray streak in her brown hair, wearing a dress and an apron hustled right out of the kitchen, across the restaurant, and to the two of them.

MacBeth: *Watched the woman approach.* For starters you can tell that old dog, Angelo, to get his ass out here before I kick him out the curb. -04:15 Jun 29

Cassius: *He wasn’t going to take her in th- He DID! That low down sister thieving mongrel took his sister to Angelo’s! A man doesn’t take a cheap screw to Angelo’s he takes-… He glanced at the old hag.* We’re going to dinner.

Buttery her up with dinner wasn’t going to make her forget that 230squid! But the old lady was more than happy to have a meal with a handsome young heathen like himself. All her manfriends will be so jealous!

The woman looked up, in the middle of drying her hands on her apron. Her eyes went wide. “Oh! MacBeth!” She wrapped him into a tight hug and suddenly released him. “ANGELO! ANGELO! Look who’s come to visit! And he’s brought company!” she yelled after turning to the kitchen.

Bronwen: …She’s not sweet like Madam Hessing and going to lock us in a cellar, is she? -04:18 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I’ll be surprised if she found the time. *He murmured back to her. He stopped as soon as the woman turned back to them.* Lizzie, this is Bronwen. Bronwen, Lizzie. She’s the woman behind the restaurant. -04:21 Jun 29

Lizzie smiled and shook her hand. “It’s nice to meet you.” She turned back toward the kitchen. “Oh, where is that man …?” she muttered under her breath. “ANGELO! PRONTO!” And then she started rattling off in a mix of languages. A couple of moments later, a thin man with more gray than brown hair came out, wiping his hands with a towel before hanging it over his shoulder. “What in the name of lassagna are you yelling about, woman?! I told you never to call me out unless–” “ANGELO! It’s MACBETH!” Lizzie hissed. She looked ready to sock him one.

Bronwen: *Bronwen was grinning and trying her darndest not to start snickering!* -04:25 Jun 29

Cassius: *Cassius was practically pressing his nose up to the window!* Put a sock in it you old woman, you’ll get your damned money. *Showing his sister off like a trophy, was he! And there she was just a smirking like a damned maniac! He oughta go in there and wring their necks!*

The little old lady was peering in too. What WAS his problem anyway? Did the fine young man go and steal his girlfriend? Well, no wonder he was raving mad, he should just go in there and punch the guy’s lights out!

Angelo quickly looked up. “Oh … OH!” He crossed the room and clapped Mac on the arm. “Ah, it’s been awhile, my friend. Awhile indeed. Welcome senorita. I am Angelo and this is my humble restaurant.” He took a bow, Bronwen’s hand and kissed it.

Cassius: That’s my little sister, you crazy hag. If you ain’t gonna be useful, go the hell home!

Bronwen: I’m Bronwen. *Grinning like a cat, she was!* I’m very impressed so far. -04:30 Jun 29

OH, family matters! That made a world of difference. The little old lady had meddled in all of her siblings affairs and the lived better for it too. Why doesn’t he just sneak in there and poison the man’s dinner? That’ll solve it!

Angelo gave her a wide, proud grin. “Grazie! I would be honored if you and Mac would stay and have a meal. Nothing but the finest.” “Let me show you to a table,” Lizzie offered and led the way to a table next to the window with a fine view of the street outside!

Cassius: I can’t just kill him, he’s my- *Well shit! He snagged the old lady and drug her for the door before they were spotted at the window. He was just going to go inside and have a quiet dinner with his old granny! That’s all!*

MacBeth: *Walked to the table and pulled the chair out for Shadowstar.* Ladies first. -04:35 Jun 29
Bronwen: A sword fighting knight and and gentleman. Interesting… *She flashed him a grin as she sat down.* -04:36 Jun 29

Lizzie arched an eyebrow and tilted her head. “Sword-fighting …?”

MacBeth: … It’s a long story. *He sat down.* -04:37 Jun 29
Bronwen: I saved his life before he was viciously eaten by a pack of wild snarglpuffs. -04:38 Jun 29

Lizzie chuckled softly and handed them their menus. “Wild snarglpuffs! I would love to hear the whole story later. In the meantime, I will let you two look things over and be back in a few minutes. What would you like to drink? We have water, tea, coffee, and juice. No alcohol except red wine. Angelo loves his red wine.”

Bronwen: I like red wine. *She thought she saw Cassius, but Cassius wouldn’t be escorting some cute little old lady out in public. She just shook her head as she looked over the menu!* -04:42 Jun 29
MacBeth: Water. Thanks, Lizzie. *He started checking out the menu.* -04:43 Jun 29

“You’re welcome.” She excused herself and disappeared into the kitchen again.

“You’re welcome.” She excused herself and disappeared into the kitchen again.

Cassius: *Damn that kid, she almost saw him. But they scored an emtpy table out of sight, and this stupid hag was providing some useful cover!* Alright you meddling old witch, how do you stir up trouble at dinner?

The old lady suggests sending in a pregnant exgirlfriend! That usually does the trick quick! But she still thinks he should poison the man’s dinner.

Bronwen: I suppose you met all of these people while running around the galaxy with my brothers? -04:48 Jun 29
MacBeth: He’s added a bunch of stuff since I last ate here. *He couldn’t help but remark as he looked it over.* -04:48 Jun 29
MacBeth: Some, I did. Others, I met while wandering by myself. *Smirked a bit.* So if Cassius catches us here, he’s going to have a snarglpuff. -04:51 Jun 29
Bronwen: Cassius would have a litter of kittens over anything. How long were you running off by yourself? -04:53 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* Mm … About 13 years. I ran off when I was 16. -04:57 Jun 29

Cassius: He ain’t me, he wouldn’t have any exgirlfriends. *Cassius snorted! Maybe if he poisoned HER dinner. No wait, this old hag was getting to him!*

Lizzie returned! “So, have we figured out what we’re having?”

Bronwen: Latest that long with my brothers, hmm? *She smirked and blinked at Miss Lizzie!* Um.. this? *She pointed at something on the menu, and she wasn’t quite sure what it was but it looked interesting, and as long as it wasn’t squishy she’d be fine!* -05:01 Jun 29

Lizzie leaned forward and squinted. “Ah. Angelo’s Chicken Marsala. A very good choice.” She took the menu from Bronwen and turned to Mac. “And you, Mac?”

MacBeth: Not like I had much of a choice. *He smirked a bit. He looked up and handed the menu back to Lizzie.* I’ll have the Italian Steak Pinwheels and the Italian Chicken Salad. Thanks, Lizzie. -05:07 Jun 29

The old lady thinks this young heathen is just pussyfooting around, and obviously scared of either his sister or that fine man! So, like any wonderful and gracious old woman (and because he’ll owe her twice as much) she is going to handle it for it! She eyes the couple with devious glee!

Oh dear! She’d forgotten their drinks! She’ll be right back! Lizzie disappeared into the kitchen with menus in hand!

Oh dear! She’d forgotten their drinks! She’ll be right back! Lizzie disappeared into the kitchen with menus in hand!

Bronwen: *She grinned at the fleeing Lizzie!* I’ve only been to dinner like this once when Aaron took me. It’s kind of strange. -05:13 Jun 29

Cassius: …I ain’t afraid of either one of them, and if you want to go on over there and get your nose broken or your blue hair shot off, don’t go cryin’ to me about it. *Then again, he would sure laugh his ass off if the old women got a boot to the nose.*

MacBeth: *Watched Lizzie disappear!* What’s kind of strange about eating out? -05:15 Jun 29
Bronwen: No one is slinging a gun. Or fist… or dinner. -05:19 Jun 29
MacBeth: Hm. I see your point. Let’s just hope it stays peaceful. Angelo isn’t the type to tolerate drama. And neither is Lizzie. -05:24 Jun 29

The little old lady skittered out of her chair over to the pleasant couple. “Fortune for the youngins?” She didn’t wait for a reply she took both their hands and pressed them together. “I sense… mayhem and doom in your future! A sleezy whore coming between you, and a man that won’t let go!…. 5 credit and I shall tell you more!”

Bronwen: So much for peaceful… *She muttered. Unsure of whether or not she was amused or annoyed by the creepy old lady.* -05:29 Jun 29

Cassius: *Cassius smacked his head on the table. That stupid old hag…! How the hell was that even remotely effective?!*

“Grandmother, I told you not to come back here. Not after the rukus you caused last time!” Lizzie’s voice cut through the din of the restaurant. She marched to Mac and Bronwen’s table, drinks in hand and placed them in front of their respective owners before turning on the woman, hands on hips.

“Grandmother, I told you not to come back here. Not after the rukus you caused last time!” Lizzie’s voice cut through the din of the restaurant. She marched to Mac and Bronwen’s table, drinks in hand and placed them in front of their respective owners before turning on the woman, hands on hips.

That old women released the couple and waved a careless hand! “What good is an old woman who can’t do fortunes. Besides, that Shadowstar male over there owes me 230squid and I aim to get it one way or another!”

Lizzie’s face fell. “It would help if the old woman in question actually foretold something useful! That’s what you told the last customers you read for.”

Lizzie’s face fell. “It would help if the old woman in question actually foretold something useful! That’s what you told the last customers you read for.” –

MacBeth: … Shadowstar male, huh? I’ll give you 300 squid if you show him around town for a few hours. -05:36 Jun 29

Well, well, well! That deal sounds just fine for her! She holds out her hand waiting for her payment!

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit and handed the squid over.* Oh, and feel free to be a bit rough with him. *He leaned forward.* He likes it rough. -05:38 Jun 29

The old woman cackles taking her money and returning to that Shadowstar! She makes sure to tell him she knows exactly where his little sister and friend are going next.

Bronwen: *She blinked!* …I wonder how long before he figures out you one upped him. -05:41 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Sipped his water and grinned behind the glass.* It’s a win-win situation. The woman gets her money and Cassius gets a date. -05:43 Jun 29
Bronwen: *She took his hand and pressed hers against his palm to palm like that weird old lady did, and smirked!* I see… a very angry Shadowstar in your future. A man that won’t let go! -05:45 Jun 29

Lizzie was glad that was taken care of! She excused herself again and went to go check on their food.

MacBeth: On the bright side, now he has a reason to be mad at me. And you know, I don’t feel like killing him. For now. A change in the wind, sense I. -05:47 Jun 29
Bronwen: It helps knowing that he’s going to be pawed at by a creepy old woman, doesn’t it. -05:48 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Oh yeah. -05:49 Jun 29

Lizzie returned! With their food! Chicken Marsala for Bronwen! Steak Pinwheels and Chicken Salad for Mac! She laid down their napkins and utensils and wished them a good meal. She’ll be back to refill their drinks!

Bronwen: I… am going to try and eat without being disturbed with thoughts of Cassius and an old lady! -05:52 Jun 29
MacBeth: Thank you, Lizzie. The food smells delicious. *He told her before she disappeared. He sprinkled some of the salad dressing she’d left for him before taking a bite.* Mm … -05:52 Jun 29
Bronwen: *She caught herself eyeing him, and quickly snapped her attention to her dinner! She tried a bit first, and was pleasantly surprised!* It’d be wrong of me to kidnap Angelo, wouldn’t it. -05:57 Jun 29
MacBeth: If you ask Lizzie, she’d tell you to go right ahead. But then she’d end up missing him. I could ask him for the recipe later. -06:03 Jun 29
Bronwen: Hell, if you make this for me, I might just marry you. *She took a sip of the wine.* -06:04 Jun 29
MacBeth: That good, huh? *He took another bite out of his salad. In no time at all, he was done and eating his next order. -06:07 Jun 29
Bronwen: It’s perfect.. Aaron would be so jealous… *She ate, and tried to ate least eat slow enough to enjoy her dinner!* -06:11 Jun 29

Lizzie returned with a pitcher to refill Mac’s water and the bottle of red wine from which she’d gotten Bronwen’s drink! She apologized for not opening it in front of Bronwen as customary.

Bronwen: *Surprised blinks!* That’s alright… and thank you! All of this is really very nice! -06:17 Jun 29

Lizzie smiled and thanked Bronwen. She would check on them in a little while but if they needed anything before then, they should feel free to wave down any of the servers here. She disappeared into the kitchen again.

MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* I swear, she and Angelo move a mile a minute. -06:24 Jun 29
Bronwen: And how exactly did you meet them? -06:25 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Found this place on a stormy night and decided I would steal myself some food. Your brothers taught me never to become a thief but I didn’t have any squid. I figured no one would miss a bowl of food or two. Angelo caught me but it was Lizzie who convinced him to let me work for the food. -06:29 Jun 29
Bronwen: Then you stayed here long enough to be well adored. *She grinned!* -06:31 Jun 29
MacBeth: And pick up some cooking. *He added and sipped his water.* -06:33 Jun 29
Bronwen: I have to wonder what other interesting things you can do. -06:36 Jun 29
MacBeth: * -06:41 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* Not sure myself. I’m just a well-rounded guy who’s traveled lots of places and met lots of people. -06:41 Jun 29
Bronwen: I don’t know about well rounded. You were batty enough to go looking for another Shadowstar. Bet you’re thinking twice about that now. *A wicked smile!* -06:43 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Actually, I’m not. *He finished off his food.* I’d do it again if I had the chance. -06:44 Jun 29
Bronwen: If we end up shipping Cassius to Morgan, you might have to. *She offered him the last of the wine in her glass.* -06:46 Jun 29
MacBeth: *Accepted the wine.* Thanks. *He sipped it.* Well, he’s another matter. He may stay in Morgan’s clutches for awhile. -06:47 Jun 29
Bronwen: *She smirked!* He might wanna go himself after his date… -06:50 Jun 29
[Bronwen is interested in MacBeth. …’s history! MacBeth’s history!] -04:00 Jul 01
[MacBeth sipped his drink.] -04:00 Jul 01
MacBeth: So that’s basically how I met the two of them. Didn’t stay very long but I dropped in every so often. -04:01 Jul 01

Cassius: *Speaking of Cassius.. he was now across town with an old woman and he was getting the feeling she didn’t know a damned thing about where she was going.*

Bronwen: I’m thinking you didn’t stick around anywhere for too long. -04:03 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* I’d be lying if I said I did it solely for the mission. I was a kid. I was ready to take my chances with the galaxy. To stretch my wings as Brennen put it. -04:04 Jul 01
Bronwen: And without a posse of overbearing, control freak, slightly senile brothers around? -04:05 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly* Yeah … that, too. But it was also because … I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I was moved from brother to brother. I know they were doing it for the right reasons but … it just didn’t feel right. -04:08 Jul 01
Bronwen: Now I know why you’re mister tall dark and brooding. Well… I hope you weren’t planning on taking off again when all is done and through. I’ve already claimed you. *She flashed him a ridiculously wide grin!* -04:13 Jul 01
MacBeth: … You’re insane, Shadowstar. *But he raised his glass.* To insane captains. And their equally insane first mates. -04:14 Jul 01
Bronwen: Though this be madness, yet there is method in it. *She leaned on the table, still grinning.* A perfectly befitting quote. Might as well change the ship’s name to Insanity at this rate. -04:18 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* Point taken. *Another sip of his water.* And what better way to defeat a bitch like Morgan than being more insane than she? -04:20 Jul 01
Bronwen: I think I’ll just walk up to her and hand her a grenade. Hey Morgan, how ya doing, here’s a present. -04:22 Jul 01
MacBeth: Well, we’re still a journey away from here. Might as well pick up Dion and Aaron and let them in on the fun. -04:24 Jul 01
MacBeth: *her -04:24 Jul 01
Bronwen: I’m half wondering if we should go ahead and get them their own ship… -04:29 Jul 01
MacBeth: With the crap Cassius is pulling, that sounds like a brilliant idea. -04:31 Jul 01
Bronwen: Maybe if you’ll dance with me I might spend a little extra cash to put Cassius on his own boat! *A smirk!* -04:34 Jul 01
MacBeth: Put Cassiuis on his own ship and glue his ass to the floor if need be? -04:40 Jul 01
Bronwen: Hmm. I don’t know… Glueing him to the floor would cost a little extra. -04:41 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Like what/ -04:44 Jul 01
MacBeth: *? -04:44 Jul 01
Bronwen: I think it’s definitely worth another song! -04:45 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Thoughtful.* Hm. If I gave you another song, you’d have to make sure his ass stayed on the ship. And the rest of him with it. -04:49 Jul 01
Bronwen: I’ll use really strong glue. And tape. Possibly a few thumb tacks and a staple gun. -04:50 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Alright then. You do all of that and I’ll give you another song. -05:01 Jul 01
Bronwen: It’ll take a little time of course. So.. a dance now and a song later should be acceptable. -05:02 Jul 01
MacBeth: You drive a hard bargain, Captain. -05:05 Jul 01
Bronwen: *Grinning she pointed and finger at him.* If it were too easy, you’d be suspicious! -05:09 Jul 01
MacBeth: Hm. Good argument. Fine. A dance now and a song later. -05:19 Jul 01
Bronwen: *A cheshire cat smile.* Now you’ll just have to take me somewhere for a dance, unless you want to show off for your friends. -05:23 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Very funny. *He looked up.* Lizzie, the check, please. -05:31 Jul 01

Lizzie came bustling out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron. She stopped at their table. “The check? You are leaving already?”

MacBeth: Yeah. *He looked over at Shadowstar.* I have a date to take dancing. -05:32 Jul 01

“Ah, dancing! What a wonderful idea! But please, no check. Angelo and I couldn’t possibly think of charging you or your date.”

MacBeth: It’s either the check or I make a ridiculously large donation to Angelo’s bistro. -05:33 Jul 01
Bronwen: *Now how was she supposed to tease him about dancing when he had to go and call her his date!* …it’d be real easy to sneak a donation too. -05:34 Jul 01

Lizzie swatted Mac on the arm and sighed softly. “I suppose it would. I will be right back.” But she smiled as she said that and she was shaking her head and murmuring about “stubborn kids” as she left.

Bronwen: I think you learned that trick from Brennen… -05:38 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Whatever do you mean, Cap’n. -05:39 Jul 01
Bronwen: A clever first mate, but I am on to your tricks. *She at least tried to keep a straight face!* -05:41 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Grin.* You’re only on to my tricks because they’re tricks you already know. Wait until I pull an original. -05:43 Jul 01

Before Bronwen can ask more into that, Lizzie returned with check in hand! “Is there anything else I can get you? A bag to put the food in or–” She stopped. “Did you enjoy the food that much?” she asked, glancing at the empty plates.

Bronwen: *An original, huh! She’d like to see that…* I did. It was possibly the best meal I ever had. -05:45 Jul 01

Lizzie smiled. “I am glad.” She turned to MacBeth. “On the other hand, I suppose this means Mac here has to have a little

Lizzie smiled. “I am glad.” She turned to MacBeth. “On the other hand, I suppose this means Mac needs a review.” She arched her eyebrow. “Cooking with Angelo and Lizzie 101.”

Bronwen: I could keep him in my kitchen for lots of practice. *A wicked grin!* -06:04 Jul 01
MacBeth: … If you had your way my bed would probably end up in there. *He muttered.* -06:05 Jul 01
Bronwen: That’s terrible. Then I couldn’t hide in your bed when I wanted peace and quiet. -06:06 Jul 01

“Hide in your bed?” Lizzie chuckled softly. “I think I will leave you two alone now.” She disappeared into the kitchen again.

Bronwen: *If her face was red, she was just going to flat out pretend it wasn’t.* Look what you did. -06:14 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Raised an eyebrow.* I did no such thing. You were the one who mentioned hiding in there. -06:15 Jul 01
Bronwen: Oh, you did it alright. Do you need me to pay for that check? -06:17 Jul 01
MacBeth: I’ve got it. *He pulled out the credits and stood.* And I couldn’t have done it without your help. *He went over to the entrance and the counter and paid the waitress there.* -06:19 Jul 01
Bronwen: *She grinned as she stood, leaning over the table for a moment to scribble ‘thank you!’ and a smilie face on a paper napkin, before following after him.* -06:22 Jul 01

Before they left, Lizzie and Angelo came out to say farewell. Angelo made sure to invite them back again and Lizzie made Mac and Bronwen promise they would take good care of each other. Then they went on their way and soon found themselves walking.

Bronwen: *She ws pretty sure they had no idea how hard it was to keep MacBeth from getting himself killed. She was even counting on her fingers how many near misses as she walked.* -06:32 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Looked over at her and realized she was counting something.* What are you doing? -06:39 Jul 01
Bronwen: Trying to figure out how many times you’ve nearly died since I met you. …I think I ran out of fingers. -06:40 Jul 01
MacBeth: … Very funny. Better I almost die than someone else. -06:44 Jul 01
Bronwen: There isn’t anyone else. Just Duncan and Brennen…and Cassius, but I think we’ve already decided that he doesn’t count. -06:46 Jul 01
MacBeth: Yes. Had it not been for the fact we’d have to rescue his ass again, he would be back in Morgan’s clutches. -06:47 Jul 01
Bronwen: *She couldn’t stop herself from grinning. He was so damned serious about it.* Yeah, I know. But I promised to keep you all not-dead, and I just realized how hard that’s gonna be. -06:49 Jul 01
MacBeth: We can always use Cassius as bait or a decoy and try not to shoot him. Too badly. -06:57 Jul 01
Bronwen: That sounds an awful like a devious plot to me, first mate. -06:59 Jul 01
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Wistful thinking. *He stopped in front of a building and looked up.* Well, here we are. Almost there. *And he went inside.* -07:07 Jul 01
Bronwen: I’m considering sewing little bullseyes to his clothes and giving you a set of needle tipped darts. *She eyed the building skeptically and followed!* -07:10 Jul 01

The building they entered looked simple and not the sort of place one would find a dance room. Inside, it was also simple and plain. But Mac led the way into the elevator.

MacBeth: Now you’re talking. *He pressed the button for the roof and waited.* -07:11 Jul 01
Bronwen: *She smirked to herself. macBeth chasing Cassius around with darts would be worth the hell she’d get for it later!* Where exactly are we going now? -07:13 Jul 01
MacBeth: The roof. *Was the only reply she got.* Here we are. *The elevator stopped and they found themselves in a circular room with glass walls and doors that slid open. He led her through one of the doors and out to a dance floor with a canopy over head. It could fit at least sixty people on it at once and there was a small area with tables and waiters when the dancers wanted to sit and watch.* -07:17 Jul 01
Bronwen: *Surprised blinking! It wasn’t quiet what she was expecting when he said ‘roof’!* …you’re really making sure I get rid of him, aren’t you! -07:20 Jul 01
MacBeth: I’m making sure you get your bargain’s worth. Besides, we’re stories away from the nearest bar, fishmen and squishy thing. Unless you order a sushi. -07:30 Jul 01
Bronwen: Fishman and squishy thing free… I think you’ve won me over. -07:31 Jul 01
[Bronwen and the dancing Knight. That makes Duncan a flying Prince and Cassius a bimbo Technician?] -03:26 Jul 06
[MacBeth figured there was nothing wrong with this place.] -03:30 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* So, Shadowstar, may I have the pleasure of this dance? *He gave a small bow and held out his hand.* -03:32 Jul 06
Bronwen: *She took his hand with a most dramatic flare possible.* Oh, of course you may. It would be my pleasure! -03:34 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly and stood, then led her to the dance floor. A nice, slow song was playing as he stopped, slipped one arm around her waist.* -03:37 Jul 06
Bronwen: *She rest a hand at his shoulder before giving him a curious look.* Did you call all my brothers Shadowstar too ’till they got all confused? -03:41 Jul 06
MacBeth: *That got her another of his trademark smirks.* They took it really well. I just wanted to see how long they’d put up with it before they got pissed. I think they drew the line when I called out ‘Shadowstar’ and all four of them bumped into each other. It was a laugh, though. They’d been moving cages around and suddenly you had all these furry little creatures hopping all over the place. ‘Course, that meant they needed to be rounded up and all the other guys in the warehouse had to get involved. Still took them about 13 hours to get those critters back into the cages. -03:46 Jul 06
Bronwen: *Blink! Followed by a slow grin!* That’s what I thought… A bunch of huge clumsy men chasing around a bunch of furballs must have been hilarious… -03:49 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Snickered.* Can’t wait to do it when all four of them are together again. Nothing like reliving a fond ol’ memory. -03:55 Jul 06
Bronwen: *Bronwen eyed him carefully.* I’ll have to wary, less you catch me in too. -03:57 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Sorry, but I can’t see you lifting up a crate and carrying it around with your brothers. You’re the type telling them to do it. -03:58 Jul 06
Bronwen: I supposed one of us has to be smart enough to do the bossing. *She frowned.* I could do the work too, though. -04:00 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Stopped smirking. He looked serious now.* I know you could. But someone needs to give ’em direction … unless you count Aaron. -04:01 Jul 06
Bronwen: Aaron is really good at being in charge. I suppose he’ll take over when we get him. I’m not so sure I want to get growled at for telling him to buggar off. -04:04 Jul 06
MacBeth: Hopefully by then, everyone will have their own ship. *Smirked again.* Just remember, your promise about Cassius and his own ship. And glue. Lots of glue. And even a staple gun or two. -04:10 Jul 06
Bronwen: Ship, glue and staples guns. Is there anything else you want with that? *She mimicked his smirk even!* -04:12 Jul 06
MacBeth: Anything else you can think of that’d get him to stay put would be much appreciated. *He chuckled softly and slowly whirled her around.* -04:44 Jul 06
Bronwen: I could tell him.. Duncan is madly in love with him and that we were planning a wedding? -04:46 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Snickered.* Miss, you have the most delightfully evil ideas. -04:47 Jul 06
Bronwen: I’ll bring him a tuxedo and say you’l be his best man and that I want to be the bridesmaid. He’ll think we’ve gone mad and insist he needs to leave. -04:50 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Chuckled softly.* Brilliant. When can we start? -04:58 Jul 06
Bronwen: We sort of have to get Dion and Aaron first. *She grinned!* And I have to find him a ship. …and warn Duncan ahead of time so he doesn’t think we’re serious. -05:00 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Arched an eyebrow.* If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were buying time so I wouldn’t kill Cassius before then. -05:01 Jul 06
Bronwen: Really? *Bronwen gave him the most innocent look she could muster!* I’m pretty sure if you killed Cassius you’d feel bad about it afterwards, no matter how much he’s asking for it. -05:03 Jul 06
MacBeth: You never know until you try. *He slowly stopped.* In either case, consider the dance the down payment. I’ll give you your song when you keep your end of the bargain. We should go check on Flyboy. *He started back for the elevator.* -05:08 Jul 06
Bronwen: *Bronwen sighed as she trailed after him!* You’re madder than I am about it, and that’s weird… -05:10 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Walked into the elevator and waited for her to get in before releasing the “OPEN” button.* Nothing about this mission is what you would call normal. -05:12 Jul 06
Bronwen: It doesn’t have anything to do with the mission or you’d be mad at me instead for getting us in to this mess. *She leaned against the railing to examine him.* -05:14 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Just stood beside the elevator control panel.* … Guess it doesn’t. *Was all he said after a lifetime of silence.* -05:17 Jul 06
Bronwen: ..and you’re going to do that dark mysterious thing again aren’t you. *She slowly crossed her arms.* -05:18 Jul 06
MacBeth: *He tilted his head slightly at her.* What do you want me to say, Shadowstar? About Cassius, about the incident, about everything that’s happened so far? -05:20 Jul 06
Bronwen: I’d settle for anything reassuring so I don’t have to worry about you or wonder if you’re slightly batty. Or if I’m batty. I did offer to glue my brother to a floor… -05:23 Jul 06
MacBeth: We’re all insane. We’re just as insane–no more so–than Morgan herself. -05:25 Jul 06
Bronwen: Hmm… that sounds like a “I’m crazy, Shadowstar. You better not let me out of your sights.” to me. -05:28 Jul 06
MacBeth: No, that is an open-minded and very true statement. *He ran his fingers through his hair.* I don’t see anyone else launching a resistance against her. -05:31 Jul 06
Bronwen: Cause she’s a crazy old whore with power and money to back her up. *She looked down at the floor, frowning with thought.* I don’t understand why no one has tried… Even if I have to die trying. But I suppose that’s what makes me crazy… -05:37 Jul 06
MacBeth: … I don’t know either. She just went on a binge of destruction and plunder. It was weird. Some old kook once told me that when Morgan brought down the Shadowstars, it was like she snuffed out something important. Like someone just threw a bucket of water on a small candle. *The elevator stopped.* Sounded like ranting at the time. Maybe it wasn’t too far from the truth. *He stepped out.* Fine. -05:39 Jul 06
Bronwen: That’s a whole lot of stock in a band randy misfits… *She muttered softly before stepping after him.* … Fine, what? -05:41 Jul 06
MacBeth: *He glanced over his shoulder at her.* I promise I won’t kill Cassius. Not until we get Dion and Aaron. That doesn’t mean I won’t beat him within an inch of his life. *He started on his way again. Flyboy had better not be in trouble again.* -05:43 Jul 06
Bronwen: *Bronwen stopped for a moment before she smiled and followed.* You promise to take me dancing again too? -05:46 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Arched an eyebrow at her.* What? Promising not to kill your brother isn’t enough for you? -05:48 Jul 06
Bronwen: Did you really think anything could be enough for me? *Her best innocent grin! Well.. maybe not so innocent!* -05:49 Jul 06
MacBeth: … You enjoy pushing your luck, don’t you? -05:59 Jul 06
Bronwen: If I didn’t you’d think there was something wrong with me. *She clasped her hands behind her back and put on a blank expression.* Let me see if I can be serious for you. -06:02 Jul 06
MacBeth: Point taken. But no. No trying to be serious. -06:07 Jul 06
Bronwen: It’s too late. I am your very predictable, unteasing captain. *It was unbelievably hard not to smile at him. She had to think of something awful. Cassius kicking puppies?* -06:09 Jul 06
MacBeth: You’re insane. *He said as he stopped and studied her with a raised eyebrow.* -06:12 Jul 06
Bronwen: Clearly, I am perfectly not insane and one hundred percent average. *She stopped to blink at him… and keeping her straight serious expression. Cassius kicking puppies. Duncan falling off a cliff. Brennen in a dress.. wait no, Brennen getting shot by his girlfriend!* -06:16 Jul 06
MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Sure you’re not. *Then he turned and started walking back to the ship.* -06:23 Jul 06
Bronwen: *As soon as his back was turned she was grinning again!* You’re intimidated by me, I know. -06:24 Jul 06
MacBeth: Say whatever you want, Shadowstar. I’m going to get some sleep for a long time. -06:27 Jul 06
Bronwen: I might very seriously jump up and down on your bed to harass you. *That really would be insane. But it might be amusing to try it just once…* -06:29 Jul 06
MacBeth: Oh no. You want to go jump on a bed, go jump on your own. -06:32 Jul 06
Bronwen: Not unless you’re sleeping in it. And I don’t think mine is big enough for you sleeping and me jumping at the same time. *Not as easy to tease as Duncan, but much more fun! How long before he’d get frustrated, she wondered?* -06:36 Jul 06
[MacBeth didn\’t know if he was relieved or not that the night was almost over!] -03:50 Jul 24
[Bronwen enjoys teasing MacBeth.] -03:50 Jul 24

Cassius: *Up ahead… there was Cassius! And Cassius looked like he had been mauled by a pack of cats with the way his hair was all messed up and his clothes with interesting scratchmarks! He was stomping right for them!*

MacBeth: *Smirked a bit.* Look what the cat is dragging in. *He murmured, loud enough for Bronwen to hear. But he knew she’d spotted Cassius too. With Cassius the way he was, who couldn’t? The smirk vanished as soon as the male Shadowstar had gotten close enough.* What a surprise, Cassius. -03:53 Jul 24
Bronwen: *Looks like Cassius evening with that old woman went well… She tried to keep her expression as impassive as possible.* …Bad night? -03:54 Jul 24

Cassius: Oh AYE, bad night. Someone gave this batty old woman the idea that I was her date this evening. …Do you have any idea how fiesty that old bitch is?!

MacBeth: *Quirked an eyebrow.* That’s no way to talk about your elders. I’m sure she hasn’t had a date in quite awhile. Perhaps she was making up for lost time. -03:57 Jul 24
Bronwen: You probably even made an old lady’s dreams come true. *…Yeah she couldn’t help it. A chesire cat grin as she rocked on her heels.* -03:59 Jul 24
MacBeth: Either way, the evening is about done. I was just telling your sister we should head back to the ship–as soon as we locate Flyboy and his pet. -03:59 Jul 24

Cassius: Why don’t you find him. I think I’ll be telling Brownie exactly how my night went. *Cassius practically growled! He was gonna tell her, all right. Tell her in big loud words while she’s swinging upside down by the toes!*

Bronwen: …Or I’ll just go looking for him! Shouldn’t take more than a second to find people screaming about Tiny. *Big smirk!* -04:03 Jul 24
MacBeth: *Took Bronwen’s hand and kissed the back of it.* Thank you for the company. -04:04 Jul 24
Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked!* I.. you’re welcome. *She pointed down the street before easing away.* I’ll just be going that way. -04:06 Jul 24
MacBeth: Alright then. I’ll go this way then. *And he went in the opposite direction!* -04:07 Jul 24

Cassius: *He almost reached out, socked MacBeth in the nose and ran off with his sister. Almost! Cassius stared with gaping jaw until MacBeth past him… then with hands raised he followed behind him, with the look of a man about to strangle someone!*

MacBeth: *Suddenly stopped and turned! He smirked a bit.* Did you forget where the ship was already, Cassie? -04:10 Jul 24
Bronwen: *He only did it to piss of Cassius, but he went and caught her off guard. Bronwen called herself a bunch of stupid names, as she looked in windows and around street corners for signs of a Duncan-disaster and his furry babysitter. Hopefully he didn’t get himself killed before she found him.* -04:11 Jul 24

Cassius: *Dropping his arms, Cassius just scowled!* What did you do with my sister all night?

MacBeth: *The smirk disappeared.* You should know, Cassius. You followed us half the night. *He started walking again.* -04:15 Jul 24

Strange … everything is quiet! Perhaps Bronwen should keep looking!

Cassius: Aye! Until you threw me in to the arms of that ancient viper. Now I want to know what you did, so I know if I should pop that head off your shoulders or just bleed you a little bit. *At least for the moment, Cassius sounded like he just wanted to bellow a bit more than he wanted to actually break some bones as he fell in to step just behind MacBeth. …Then again, he’d occasionally raise up a hand as if he were going to strangle the man!*

Bronwen: *Great… Duncan and Tiny behaved tonight, so it was going to be impossible to find him? Or worse, he wasn’t outside of that ship longer than ten minutes before he was beaten and kidnapped and burried under a building somewhere. Why was it so easy to imagine Duncan in trouble? Bronwen tried a few other places, even stopping to ask someone once or twice!* -04:20 Jul 24
MacBeth: I did nothing of the sort. You owed her squid. I paid the debt. It seemed only fair for you to do what you do best. *He stopped and quirked an eyebrow.* Now, either help me find Flyboy or go back to the ship. I have other things to worry about than dealing with your overprotective, big-mouthed, whoring ass. -04:23 Jul 24

Suddenly Bronwen heard! “Man on the run coming through! Uh … And one very hungry pet of his coming through, too!” The crowd in front of her began to part!

Cassius: *Cassius stopped, and it seemed he couldn’t decide whether or not he was pissed off or insulted! Instead it seemed something dawned on him as he rubbed his chin.* I could make good squid cheering up old ladies.

Bronwen: *A sigh of relief! A least he wasn’t dead. She could bail him out of anything else! Bronwen eased past people to find him.* Duncan! -04:29 Jul 24
MacBeth: *Mac’s current problem was wondering if he should shoot Cassius now or just run him through. Until he remembered that promise he’d made to Shadowstar. He glanced around.* Hear that? -04:30 Jul 24

Duncan: *Was running like Morgan herself was on his heels! Right behind him was a giant Tiny! And behind Tiny was … a rainbow wave of … little furballs!*

Bronwen: *This was… interesting! With a hand on her head, she wasn’t sure if she were going to laugh or cry!* … Please tell me Tiny didn’t have babies…! -04:33 Jul 24

Cassius: Sounds like a stampeade. *Assuming it was Bronwen’s fault, he was already heading back the way they came!*

Duncan: *Still running! That wave of little furballs wasn’t about to stop! People and animals and carts had already been trampled by it!* Um … Uh … I’m not exactly sure!

Bronwen: *Bronwen stood there a for moment, even after Duncan ran past her, before she realized it was probably a good idea to run like hell! No gun was going to stop that!* What did you DO?! It was only a few hours! -04:37 Jul 24

Duncan: I swear! I didn’t do anything! Ask Tiny! *He threw his thumb over his shoulder!*

“Grroeeoww! Grrreoooww!” was Tiny’s reply!

Bronwen: That better be critter speak for ‘I had nothing to do with it’! -04:40 Jul 24

Duncan: What I wanna know is–how do you stop it?!

Bronwen: Feed them a crew member and hope for the best?! *Speaking of which, there was Cassius! Bronwen said not a word as she dashed around him!* -04:47 Jul 24

Cassius: Hey- Wait-… What the hell, Bronwen?! *He turned around to watch her and that damned pilot with his giant demon taking off down the street. What the hell were they- he stared as he turned around to see a whole ocean of colorful furballs!* ….Shit!

“Grrreeoow! Grrreeooww!”

Duncan: I’m open to any suggestions! Any suggestions at all! I don’t want to be rainbow-colored furball food!

Bronwen: Tell your pet to eat them! …Ladder! *Her hands caught the bottom end of a ladder, as she pulled herself up the side of a building! At least they weren’t crawling up walls, this was better than nothing!* -05:03 Jul 24

“Grreeoow! Grreeoow!” Tiny went!

Duncan: You never know until you try! *He started scrambling to the top of someone’s scrap heap! The wave of furballs were coming closer and closer! And Duncan’s balance was shaky at best!*

Cassius: *There were the strangled cries of Cassius as he was lost in a wave of fur! On the plus side, it didn’t sound like he was being eaten as there was plenty of “OOF!ARGH!GWAH!OW!SHIT!” being snarled!*

Tiny skidded to a halt! Then it waited and waited … CHOMP! CHOMP! It ate one furball and then another … and then another and another! It was lost under the wave of furballs as well–CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP!

The wave suddenly stopped–and ran back the way it came!

Cassius: *Once he was uncovered, Cassius sat up… looking even worse than he had before and covered in hairs. Cassius groaned as he got back up to his feet.* … What the hell, man?!

Bronwen: *Bronwen wasn’t so sure it was safe to come down, or that Tiny wouldn’t explode furballs every where. But she did finally hop off the ladder to land neatly on her feet.* I’m all for getting back to the ship before anything else happens. -05:19 Jul 24

One of the furballs tried to squirm out of Tiny’s mouth only to get chomped and swallowed again!

Duncan: *Dropped and landed on the ground! He grinned!* Heh heh … Um, sorry?

Bronwen: Oh no. Don’t be sorry! I’ve learned a valuable lesson! Never leave Duncan and Tiny alone in the city! *An icky face at Tiny chomping that furball, before she led the way back to the ship!* -05:21 Jul 24

Cassius: *Groaning still and now having to hobble awkwardly as the furry bastards had trampled all over his goods, Cassius was behind them.* I hope Brennen’s night was as miserable as mine…

Duncan: It wasn’t our fault! *His face fell!*

Bronwen: Yeah, we’ll see if MacBeth doesn’t think its your fault either. *It was a relief to se the ship again and know they got back in one piece! …As long as Tiny didn’t burp them things back up!* -05:31 Jul 24

“Grreeoow! Grreeoow!”

Duncan: *Sighed!* What it said. *He didn’t like the idea of never being left alone in a city!*

Cassius: I have the perfect solution! *Cassius caught both Bronwen and Duncan around the neck with his arms, smiling like a bear!* You two be city-partners, and leave MacBeth babysitting the ship. It’s a win-win for all of us!

Bronwen: And what are you gonna do, escort old ladies from bar to bar? *She pushed his arm away with a finger… Who knows what he did with that old woman!* -05:42 Jul 24

Duncan: I dunno. It’s kind of hard just getting around the city with Tiny. *Scratched his head!*

Cassius: *Cassius pulled her back in again, holding tigher this time and giving Duncan a good pat on the head and hair ruffle!* Cassius’ Escorting Service. Has a ring to it. We’ll use Tiny as the mascot, and maybe my favorite little sister can give us some good pointers. Like say, things you enjoyed while out all night with MacBeth?

Bronwen: Well that was subtle, Cassius. But you don’t have to worry, I wouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t do. *Bronwen very quickly slipped out from under his arm and took off for her room!* -05:59 Jul 24

Cassius: There’s nothing I wouldn’t- …sonofabitch! *Cassius freed Duncan, none too lightly, then was charging down the hall after his sister! He was met with a door in the face, and was promptly banging on it!* Open this damned door so I can beat some propriety in to you!

Duncan: *Recovered from being tossed aside!* I think this would be a good time to grab a bite to eat from the kitchen. *He skittered off with Tiny right behind him!*

Bronwen: *There was only her laughter as she moved around the room changing her clothes!* What was that? I couldn’t hear you behind all the bullshit! -06:06 Jul 24

Cassius: *Cassius muttered all kinds of curse words as he pulled a small pack out of his back pocket. A few handy little tools he picked through before he screwed open the panel by her door.* You just wait until Brennen gets back. He ain’t gonna like a damn word!

Duncan: *Discovered Mac in the kitchen! He and a tiny Tiny plopped down at the counter!* Hey, Mac! Where were you?

Bronwen: He’s probably not getting back until morning, Cassius! You’re gonna be waiting awhile! *Speaking of which… She pulled the cover off one of the air ducts, checked the size… Well, that’d be a tight squeeze, but it’d work! She crawled on in it and pulled the cover back up behind her!* -06:17 Jul 24
MacBeth: *Cooking something up but what it was, was anyone’s guess!* Here. Why? -06:18 Jul 24

Cassius: Plenty of time for me to sit on you and drool until you give up! *A few little tweaks and adjustments… HA! He got the door opened and stomped inside!* Now you’re gonna-… What the hell!? *Cassius turned around and marched right back out!*

Duncan: You missed a huge wave of tiny rainbow-colored furballs! And Cassius getting squashed and the Captain jumping on a ladder and me scrambling over scrap heap! It was insane!

Cassius: *Cassius entered the kitchen not saying a word, but certainly investigating! He checked under some chairs and in the cabinets… And boy did he look confused!*

[Bronwen vanished like magic!] -04:18 Jul 25
[MacBeth was just innocently cooking!] -04:18 Jul 25

Cassius: *Cassius was.. searching for his sister! Nope, not in the freezer.* …damned witch.

Duncan: *Watched Cassius look in the freezer, mumbling something about a witch.* Maybe she went back out into town?

“Grreeooww! Grreeoow!” the minature Tiny mewed. Although it was anyone’s guess if it did that because Mac had just given it a big heaping of food or if it was inserting its own two cents.

Cassius: Naw… She was cornered in the room and the only way back out was the door. …damnit! *Cassius went running back out again!*

Duncan: *Watched as Cassius went running back out again. He glanced at Tiny wolfing down that food and then looked up at Mac, beating at someting in a bowl.* Uh … What just happened?

MacBeth: Idiocy. *Replied as he kept beating and beating at what he had in the bowl.* At its finest. *He turned and poured the batter into the pan on the stove.* -04:23 Jul 25
Bronwen: *As soon as Cassius was gone, Bronwen slid aside the air vent and dropped neatly from the ceiling! She dust off her sleeves!* Good evening, gentlemen. -04:24 Jul 25

Duncan: *Blinked! He pointed at Shadowstar!* Wha … *He pointed in the direction Cassius had gone.* Who …

MacBeth: *Emptied the omelette onto Duncan’s plate.* Eat. *And then he went back to cooking.* We’re having omelettes. What do you want in yours? -04:26 Jul 25
Bronwen: Just salt and pepper. *She slid in to a stool next to Duncan and gave him an enigmatic smile!* What’s the matter Duncan? -04:28 Jul 25

Duncan: *Blinked! Still pointing! Opened his mouth to say something!* …. *Closed his mouth! Pointed in the direction the Captain had come from! Stopped! He finally shook his head.* Uh … You know what … never mind. *He finally took Mac’s advice and started to eat.*

Bronwen: *She snickered to herself…* It’d do you good to know your way around the ship, Duncan… -04:34 Jul 25
MacBeth: *Started fixing Shadowstar some omelette! He had a whole bunch of things available to add. Vegetables and meats all sliced and diced by hand.* -04:35 Jul 25

Cassius: *There was some loud cursing heard from Cassius before he finally marched his way back to the kitchen!* Where is sh-! *Now he looked about the same as Duncan had, looking behind him and then back in the room. He slumped over and rubbed his face.* I need a drink.

Duncan: *Now enjoying his food. He sipped his drink and looked up as Cassius came in.*

Bronwen: *Resting her chin on her hand, she watched MacBeth!* Why are we be treated to a MacBeth specialty tonight? Something I should know about? -04:41 Jul 25

Cassius: Guilt for evil deeds, I’m sure. *So Cassius muttered as he fumbled around the cabinets for the strongest liquer he could find!*

MacBeth: Corrupting a captain of mine takes a lot out of me. *He replied dryly, glancing over at Cassius.* I’m surprised you know what “guilt” is, Cassius. -04:46 Jul 25

Cassius: *Cassius snorted! Pouring amber liquid in to a tall glass.* I’m surprised you’re not shot on the floor after kissin’ on my sister.

Bronwen: *Bronwen dropped her head to the counter and groaned! Can’t a man just shut the hell up and let something go?!* …Don’t you have some old ladies to cuddle up on, Cassius? -04:52 Jul 25

Duncan: *Glanced over at Tiny and just enjoyed his food! No reason to get involved with this little show!*

Cassius: *Snatching up his glass and the whole bottle, he cast a glare at Bronwen!* I’ma go on to my room, and try not to have nightmares about my poor innocent little sister runnin’ around like a hussy with a bum that knows every Shadowstar romancin’ trick in the book!

Bronwen: *He was asking for it, but she resisted comment! Bronwen sat up long up enough to flash him the poor innocent little sister hussy smile!* Goodnight Cassius. Sweet dreaming. -05:02 Jul 25

Cassius: *An indistinguishable growled phrase before he and his booze stalked out!*

Bronwen: *Head back to the table! Cassius was one moodswing after another! Now if she could moodswing him off this damned ship. She tapped her fingers thinking about it!* -05:07 Jul 25

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