My Demon Roommate 018: Demon Baby Phaedra

[Cupio Has his new house, the vest same day as showing it to Jayden! It’s the very best thing anyone has ever bought for him. Jayden is SO going to get fucked silly.] -06:54 Oct 24
[Jayden could make a lot happen with money and scary minions. As promised, a house for her honey, guys were moving their stuff in, and she had every intention of banging her boyfriend tonight.] -06:56 Oct 24
Jayden: …if she weren’t nesting like crazy. At some point she went from wanting to sex the hell out of him, from realizing they had their -house- now and it needed to be ready. Now. It had to be perfect. But it was evening and places weren’t open and it was driving her nuts. -06:58 Oct 24
Cupio: He was practically dancing inside the upper floor marker pen still in ahnd from putting up the sex room sign on the door of the room that was the center of it all. Secinf closest the center actually, the closest was marked as the baby room. "Jayden! Out room has it’s own bathroom with jets in the bath, and a shower, and…" there was a sqeal he he leaned over the balestrade to watch Jayden direct the muscular men. "You’re going to have fun directling my man muscle tonight." -07:00 Oct 24
Jayden: "That sounds really weird coming out of the mouth of a tiny woman, Coop." She growled at someone when they nearly dropped one of her boxes. It’s not like they had a lot of stuff in the apartment, but she sure as hell didn’t want them dropping the few things she have. Everything was a little dusty too… Jayden was seriously thinking about taking a broom to just about everything, and she hated doing chores. "Hmm… I bet that bathroom needs a good cleaning too. This place has been empty for at least a year or two…" -07:08 Oct 24
Cupio: "I already cleaned upstairs." he said, and he had, without any suplies. Being a demon had it’s benefits. But right now he way moving down the stairs to pop up and give Jayden a kiss. "I love this house, thank you." he was estatic and was now heading towards the kitchen area r do some more cleaning. No dirtd would be allowed to make this house heel any less special than he wanted it to be. -07:11 Oct 24
Jayden: "We need blinds and curtains. And fresh light bulbs." Jayden snatched a box from someone to carry with her as she followed him in to the kitchen. She paused in the threshold for a minute, grinning just a bit. The kitchen was nice… she could imagine him in here making breakfast and dancing around swishing his tail like he always did. "We’re gonna need a bigger table for this kitchen.." -07:18 Oct 24
Cupio: He spun and grinned at her. "I’m sad you can’t feel this house Jayden. You’d love it! It’s… It’s like habing your nipples played with when you’re blindfolded and your hands are tied. Fells a lot liek that but not just on the nipples." he stole her box to look inside it and then skipped over to a cupboard and openeing it frowning at the dirt inside and placing the box to one side as he rubbed hsi hands together to get ready to disintergrate the dust. "Maybe I’ll show you tonight." -07:22 Oct 24
Jayden: "We’re gonna have to get that bed put together too…" Normally with talk like that she’d be all over him in a heartbeat. Show HIM some over stimulated nipples… Instead she was so focused on what felt missing that sex was the furthest thing from her mind. She moved to the counter to pull things out of box, when she paused to wince. "She’s kicking the shit out of me again." -07:28 Oct 24
Cupio: He sprung up and has his ear to her not even a second later. His hands cupping her little mound and feeling as he looked up at her with the widest grin his could make. "She must feel the house too, our house and…" no, he couldn’t tear up now. Not now when there were things to do. "We’re really doing it Jayden." -07:32 Oct 24
Jayden: "Yeah and if she doesn’t cut it out, she’s going to kick a hole right out of my stomach." Oooo… he was cute like this! That crazy heartwarming, just want to hold him and snuggle him kind of cute. Jayden tugged him up to give him a quick hard kiss. -07:43 Oct 24
Cupio: He kissed her back and nskaed his arms around her pressing his stomash and chest aainst hers. "Thank you Jay, for making me be myself. You’re the most wonderful mate a demon could ask for and I love you." he was standing on his toes to burry his nose into her hair. "Anyone tries to take you, human or demon and they die. I’ll kill them." -07:46 Oct 24
Jayden: Jayden smirked, not commenting on the fact that it was still hard for her to see him going on a murder rampage. She was wincing again though when she hugged him, resting her forehead against his shoulder and nearly groaning. "Cooooop, make her stop it. I think I’m gonna be sick…!" -07:53 Oct 24
Cupio: Sick! That had him pullinf her over to a chair and makinf her sit before sitting in her lap an dputting a hand on her stomach. "She’s just excited for the new house, she’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. Out little Phaedra will he the cutest little thin ever when we finally get her after we have her room set up. And you’ll get to see us in out matching outfits and everything!" -07:55 Oct 24
Jayden: Sitting helped a little bit. If at least because now she wouldn’t hit the floor blacked out from pain. It was starting to hurt a lot more than just the typical kicking, and when she thought maybe this kid really was going to try and burst her way out of her stomach, Jayden was visibly paling. "… I think that is gonna be a lot sooner than you think." -08:00 Oct 24
Cupio: He was nuzzling her shoulder when she spoke and pulled away suddenly to look into her face. "You mean…" he was suddenly flying into action shopping off of her lap to point at the closest employee. "You get the car ready. You bring that box over here." he tore the box open to grab a baby blanket and was then rushing back to Jayden. "Stay calm Jay I’ve got this." he kissed her hard before pointin at soeone else. "You help me with her, we need to get to the hospital. I’m going to be a daddy!" -08:03 Oct 24
Jayden: That was so cute…! A little Mcboobs squealing about being a daddy! …this lurching of her stomach was not so cute. Jayden bent forward, growling in pain again… and then looking more than a little concerned! Had it even been long enough?! This kid was too small! She couldn’t come out now! -08:07 Oct 24
Cupio: He was pulling Jayder arm around his shoulders as outside the car started and on the otehr side of Jayden the employee listed her other arm. "I have her go open the back seat." moving Jayden’s wieght was managable and he would carry her if needed out the front door. "Its okay Jayden, just relax and breathe and mind yur head and…" he helped her into the back and pushed her onto her back on the back seat movign to crouch in the foot well next to her taking her hand. "I’m right here Jay… Don’t drive like an old woman, my Jayden is in labor here!" -08:11 Oct 24
Jayden: "She’s too small, Coop. I don’t think I can do this…" Relaxing wasn’t going to happen. Her insides were chruning, this beast was probably trying to claw her way out of her stomach, and she was starting to see spots. "Nevermind, get this thing oooouuuut of me!" -08:15 Oct 24
Cupio: "She’s fine." he said. "Demon pregnancies are like this to keep the mother sext and fuckable at all times." he leaned down to rest his head on her chest. "And she’ll come out the right hole, I wondoe if she’l have a tail, and wings and maybe little fangs. We’re going to be parents Jay!" he was too excited to notice her discomfort and was practically chirping. "I love you so much Jayden." -08:17 Oct 24
Jayden: "What did you do to me?! Fuck…!" At this rate she was thinking about clawing the kid out of her own stomach! Instead she was grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him! "If you don’t get her out I’m going to kill you…! And Jimbo too!" Poor Jimbo was just trying to drive the car, but he was in it and this fucking hurt…! -08:21 Oct 24
Cupio: "I had sex?" he said blinkign at her as he was shaken. "Jim.. I thin you want to go faster." he placed his hand on her forehead and looked worried. "Jay… we’re almost there and fuckit." he put his finger in his mouth and bit down breaking the skin and suckng in his breaht from the pain before stickign the finger in Jayden’s mouth. "Suck on that it should help." -08:24 Oct 24
Jayden: Sticking his finger in her mouth probably wasn’t the wisest move, cause the moment he did, she bit him and she wasn’t letting go. …not that she was meaning to! There was just that sudden jolt of pain mixed with the taste of blood and… If she weren’t writhing in pain, she might’ve jumped on him and -ate- him. After a moment of two her teeth did let go, when the blood seemed to sate some of the pain. "Oh fuck, I can’t do this…" she muttered at a much lower tone, but her hands were still gripping him and she was still considering killing him… -08:29 Oct 24
Cupio: He slid his hands around her and held her rending his head on her chest again. "Yes you can Jay. You’re a very strong woman, and you even refused to let me carry the baby so you always knew you could to this>" he raised his head a looked out the window, "We’re there Jay, I’m sure the doctors will give you something." -08:32 Oct 24
Jayden: "Get me out of this fucking car." Was this demon pregnancy? Unimaginable pain and the desire to murder your mate? He was lucky he was so damned cute and that blood seemed to temper some of her desire to kill everybody. She was almost craving it. -08:40 Oct 24
Cupio: He lened back to open the door and pulled her hand to sit her up and help her out as Jimbo dissapeared to her a wheelchair and a nurse. Cupio helped her sit down and they were off him takign over the job of pushing it forcfully. "I’m the father." he proclaimed proubly to the nurse who looked dumbstruck. "It’s okay Jayden, you’ll be in a bed soon enough. This is fun!" -08:43 Oct 24
Jayden: "This is NOT fun..! Why didn’t I give you this monster…! We should have named her Satan! She’s trying to kill me!" Jayden had no problem snarling at nurses too. Why were they giving her Cupio weird looks? She’d eat those damned nurses! Jayden gripped her stomach. She could feel the little beast moving in there… -08:50 Oct 24
Cupio: They were being rushed into the elevator directly to the maternity ward. "I’m a demon and this is my child, don’t wory this size is normal for demons and my little girl is right on time. I’m so excited. Ooh Jaden do you have your phone I was to take a picture!" he was talkign the nurses ear off. "I think Jayden need a painkilled can you get her one, one that is okay for babies, since she is part demon adn also part human I’m sure your medicines will be fine with her. We’re naming her Phaedra. Look! I brought her a blanket… I’m going to be a father!" The door dinged and the nurse prudently look control of the wheemchair and was joined by several more and a doctor as Cupio followed on thier heels. "It’s too late to give her to mee Jay you should have done that when she was tine, but I’ll take the next one!" -08:55 Oct 24
Jayden: "We are not taking pictures of a demon popping out of my vagina!" That’s the only thing she got out of his flurry of words! And next one. Fuck no, never again! There was never going to be another demon baby in her! She was never ever having sex again! Now she was just groaning with pain, even when she was helped in to bed. It was almost a reflex when they were trying to keep her still to give her the pain meds and she nearly knocked out a doctor. "Just… just get her OUT!" -09:02 Oct 24
Cupio: "She means the baby not me." Cupio said quickle before taking Jayden’s hand and leanign over her bed. "You’re doing great Jay they’re here with your painkiller and…" the syinge was jabbed into her shoulder and the painkillers inserted into her bloodstream. "This should be quick you just have to breathe and remember I love you." he kissed her as the doctors started setting everything up. "If you want you can give me your phone and I’ll callto get clothes so I can change. But either form I’m here for you." -09:06 Oct 24
Jayden: Holy shit, that stuff kicked in fast. Better than a bottle of vodka. Jayden was feeling a little less murderous towards her mate, and now… smiling? "Sooo heeeeey, our daughter is going to pop out of my guts. Don’t leave me in here alone when I die from bloody demon birthing." There were too many damned doctors bustling around. She didn’t want all of these people poking around at her. Fuck…! She really had no idea how this worked! -09:18 Oct 24
Cupio: "You’re not going to die Jayden. And if you do I’ll go strait down to hell and get you. Nothing is going to keep you from raising this child with me." They were aranging Jayden’s legs and getting everything ready. "You’re going to be fine Jayden." he wanted to climb onto the bed with her but when he tried we wea pulled off before he got more than a knee on. "She won’t even have horns coming out." -09:21 Oct 24
Jayden: "Oh god…" Now she was imagining the kid popping out with horns and spikes and wings and a tail and probably shredding up everything on the way out! She really wasn’t ever going to have sex again! Jayden gripped on to his hand and squeeze with a hell of lot more force than necessary. "Take her now, it’s not too late, right?" -09:28 Oct 24
Cupio: "It is Jayden." he said. "And you’re hurting my hand." he settled for sliding up to sit on the bed next to her. "You’re not going to die. I love you and I promise You’ll be out of here in a few hours with a councy little phaedra." he was worried adn it showed on his face. Demons didn’t go like this during birthing. "I cou’d to one thing but with the painkillers I don’t know if it would work." -09:31 Oct 24
Jayden: "Please tell me it involves killing everyone in here and knocking me unconcious." she muttered. So it wasn’t the doctor’s and nurses fault, but she couldn’t seem to turn that urge to kill things -off-! At least she loosened her grip on his hand. -09:37 Oct 24
Cupio: "No.. we need them to make sure out Paedra is alright when she comes out." he roese to look around the room then leaned down low over her and kissed her forehead his otehr hand coming to rest on the top of her head and he pulled her mind and his closer together so he could feel what she was feeling a vice versa. Taking some of her pain on as his own , then he was pulling aaway to smile at her the pain leaking into his expression. "I’ll help you." -09:42 Oct 24
Jayden: That was… a really weird feeling! A sort of consuming feeling… surprising. She could feel how happy he was, and that crazy bouncy mcboobs excitement. And the pain wasn’t so bad, she could actually breathe without freaking out! "Don’t let go, okay…?" -09:46 Oct 24
Cupio: "I won’t." he said leaning down to kiss her again before being shooed off the bed and gived a high chair to sit in. He gripped her wand tight as the doctor took up position.. "Okay we’re going to need you so start pushing, ready? On three." -09:50 Oct 24
Jayden: Jayden didn’t want to do this anymore! And had Cupio not been there holding her hand, she might have flat out refused! Maybe she -would- have screamed at them to knock her out and just cut the baby out of her. But there was no turning back now, and even though she was cursing at every last one of them she was pushing! -09:55 Oct 24
Cupio: He could feel her pain and had to clench his teeth to stay quiet holding her hand to his lips and closing his eyes. "You’re doing great Jayden." he said "Remember this is for us. For our life together." -09:58 Oct 24
Jayden: He was being too sweet and that was so sharply counterbalancing her want to scream at him too. She was squeezing his hand again, cringing and barely aware of what was going on beyond discomfort. But just like a snap it was suddenly all over! A dull ache replacing all that pain, and the sudden desire to pass out in relief. And a little shrieking squeal of something tiny drowning out the sound in the room! -10:05 Oct 24
Cupio: In that instant the link between then was broken but not before an incling of pure excitement, relief, and enthusiastic energy reached Jayden thought it. And then the baby was being wrapped up and handed to her and Cupio was squeaking to himself trying to contain it looking at the bable’s soft features. "We did that Jay… That is ours." then he couldn’t cotain it any longet and he squealed and hugged her. "I love you so much." -10:09 Oct 24

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