Dion’s rescue! Second run in with McRaven!

[Bronwen is rethinking not leaving Duncan and Tiny back on the ship.] -05:05 Aug 13
[MacBeth has been pretty silent so far … even for him!] -05:07 Aug 13

“Grreeoow! Greeeeooww! Grreeoow!” Tiny went!

Duncan: Not me. *He muttered.* Let me ask. Anyone see someone selling bachenstrudels?

Cassius: *Of course, Cassius is waaaay on down the street hitting on some hookers. Cassius has never had to pay a women, and he ain’t about to start now!*

Brennen: Not I, said the kitty cat. *He said as he looked around.* This is … quaint. *He remarked, eying their surroundings.*

Bronwen: I don’t think this sort of place sells your bachenstrudels. Maybe coyote on a stick. *What the hell was Cassius do-… Nevermind, it was better she didn’t think about it!* -05:10 Aug 13

“Greeoow! Greeeooww!” Tiny replied at the mention of coyote on a stick. It eyed the mechanical horse just off that way!

Cassius: *The sharp sound of a slap followed by a rather grim looking Cassius returning and rubbing his cheek!* Ain’t very hospitable here. Don’t see why not, there’s barely a good lookin’ man in town besides myself.

Brennen: Those women don’t know what they’re missing, Cassius. More is the pity. *He nodded sagely.* I’m sure we can stop off somewhere a lot more friendly … after we take care of some family business. Speaking of which, dear sister … *He turned to Bronwen.* Do you have a plan?

Bronwen: I’m not sure yet. …there’s a severe lack of security here, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Might have to try something unexpected. *…That critter had the look of deviousness on it. She really should have made them stay on the ship!* -05:19 Aug 13

Cassius: *He propped up an elbow on Brennen’s shoulder, still rubbing his cheek.* Unexpected, huh? I might have an idea or two. ‘Course, Brennen ain’t gonna like it.

Brennen: *Sideways glance at Cassius!* I will give you the benefit of a doubt, Cassius, and hear you out on this … idea of yours. *He had a sinking feeling he wasn’t going to like Cassius’ or Bronwen’s ideas one bit!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen crossed her arms and scowled!* This isn’t another one of your stupid dressup plans, is it? I’m not prancing around in anymore of your outfits. -05:24 Aug 13

Cassius: *A hand at his heart, he gave his best wounded look!* I’m hurt, Brownie. That plan was pretty damned solid. …Besides, this time you won’t be in a skirt. *Cassius grinned wide at his brother!* We will. Nurse’s uniforms, actually.

Brennen: … You have got to be joking.

Bronwen: *The corner of her mouth twitched, but she didn’t laugh. Yet.* …and that idea is supposed to work, how? -05:31 Aug 13

Cassius: Because it’s crazy. Besides, I’ve seen the damned nurses in that hospital, ain’t a damned one of them feminine, we’d fit right in. You can sure as hell bet they’d be expecting a little redheaded fox sneaking in the joint.

Bronwen: Uh huh. And what would the rest of us be doing while you and Brennen prance around and blinding people? -05:37 Aug 13

Cassius: *A wide grin splashed across his face!* What you do best, little sister. Rescue MacBeth when he gets himself kidnapped. …Otherwise known as ‘be a distraction’.

Brennen: … You’re freakin’ nuts, Cassius. *He mumbled under his breath! Yes, he definitely didn’t like this idea!*

Bronwen: …I suppose you’re right. They’ll be expecting me to sneak in there. *That twitch at the corner of her mouth turned in to a wicked grin!* No getting around it, Brennen. -05:44 Aug 13

Brennen: Like hell there isn’t! *He growled!* Why don’t you just go recruit Duncan? *He pointed to where Duncan was … or had been!* … Where’s Duncan?

“AAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!” A bloodcurdling scream from around the corner!

Bronwen: …This is why! *She stalked down and around the corner, prepared to pull her gun and shoot whatever trouble that idiot and his pet got himself in to this time!* -05:47 Aug 13

Cassius: And he faints under pressure. ‘Sides, he’d be too pretty in a skirt. Wouldn’t look natural.

There was chaos! Well … just a very large Tiny with its mouth wide open and some idiot stupid enough to put his hand in there! He had a grip on a steel hoof and was pulling for all he had! Duncan, in the meantime was trying to get Tiny to cough whatever it had eaten! But Tiny was a stubborn furball and was steadfastly refusing!

Bronwen: Duncan, you promised. *Bronwen was sorely tempted to shoot all three of them. It would probably save her the trouble!* -05:51 Aug 13
[Bronwen is going to beat the devil out of Duncan and lecture Tiny for days.] -02:49 Oct 24
[MacBeth was … somewhere! But there was time enough to think about him!] -02:52 Oct 24

Duncan: I’m really, really sorry, Cap’n! I swear! I don’t know what happened! *He had his arms around Tiny’s neck!* One moment, Tiny was behaving! And the next … this!

Bronwen: Well… stop it! We’re supposed to be.. causing a distraction or something while Cassius tries out his stupid idea! -02:54 Oct 24

Duncan: *Blink blink!* Uh … This isn’t a big enough distraction?

Cassius: *Speaking of Cassius, there’s that shit-eatin’ grin as he’s still trying to convince Brennen it’s a great idea and sneak ’em both through the back of the hospital!*

Brennen: For mercy’s sake! Fine! Let’s just get this over with! And if you breathe one word ’bout this to anyone, Cassius–! *He grumbled as he followed!*

Bronwen: … You’re right. Okay then, let the little critter loose. If he eats the entire town, though it’s on your conscience. *Bronwen glanced around… where the hell did MacBeth go!* -02:56 Oct 24

Despite being one of those retro old west towns, the special Hospital is top of the line technology. Including android doctors and security cameras. In the back a couple of double doors were open as orderlies where dragging out the dirty linens and thing for laundry day!

Duncan: *Gulp!* Yes, ma’am–OOooffff!! TINY!! *Tiny suddenly threw him off and went racing down the street!* Holy crap! *He scrambled to his feet and ran after it!*

Cassius: Not a word, Brennen, not a word. *Cassius said with a grin. He didn’t mean it. Those orderlies gave ample opportunity, though as Cassius snuck along the wall, behind one of the men and socked him clean in the face! Poor guy was knocked out, while Cassius drug him around the corner!*

Brennen: *Had a feeling Cassius would be blabbing about this little cross-dressing incident for years to come! Before the other orderlie could sound the alarm, he moved behind him, grabbed him from behind. He dragged him backwards with his arm across the guy’s neck and beat him senseless before pulling the man after Cassius.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen half expected Tiny to try and eat an entire building… Which, really wouldn’t be that bad of a distraction. She followed after Duncan!* Take a chunk out of building! -03:07 Oct 24

Cassius: *Dusting off his hands, Cassius dived in to the dirty laundry. Had to be something good in here somewhere… Ahah! Nurse uniforms for androids! He thrusted one of them at Brennen along with… a wig?! Where the hell did he get that from!* Get dressed. *Smirk!*

Duncan: *He glanced over his shoulder when he heard the Cap’n! Take out the building?!* … I hope Ma doesn’t hear about this … *Was all he could say!*

“Reeooww! REeeooww!” Tiny skidded to a stop at the corner of a building and tore off a piece of it with seemingly no effort!

CRUNCH! A whole corner was swallowed up by the beast, drawing quite a few stares and attention! The person that owned the building stomped out screaming! “WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA CHEWIN’ UP MY PROPERTY! I’LL SHOOT THE WHOLE LOT OF YA!”

Brennen: *Took the uniform in one hand and the wig in another! He gave Cassius one of his “You’ve got to be joking” look!* You’re a freak, Cassius. *He stomped a few feet away into the corner and started to change.*

Duncan: *Sweatdrop and sheepish grin!* I am really really sorry, sir! You have no idea how sorry I am right now! I mean … I’ve never been this sorry before!

Tiny turned to the building owner and spit the piece of building it ate at the man’s feet. “Rreeoowww! Reeeooww!” It growled as it leaped for the man!

A startled scream from the guy, who was now pulling out a gun and shooting at will!

Duncan: *Hit the ground and covered his ears!* I really wish he hadn’t done that! *He yelled although whether he meant Tiny or the man was anyone’s guess!*

Cassius: *Cassius chuckled making sure to change his own clothes… After all, he gave the sexy nurse outfit over to Brennen! He made sure to stap on his guns somewhere good and subtle under his skirt!*

When the man pulled out that gun, Tiny instantly went back to its small form! It ran forward, zigzagging, easily dodging bullets with its minature size! Once it was inches away from the man, it reverted to its larger form and clamped its teeth around that gun!

Bronwen: Hey now, those are my pets! *Shouted Bronwen, drawing out her own gun to either shoot the guy or the gun out of his hand! Instead she had to change directions quick as a couple of his buddies game dashing out of the building! Now it was going to get interesting! -03:20 Oct 24

Duncan: *He glanced up at the two men coming at them and groaned!*

Brennen: CASSIUS, YOU SONOFA–! *He growled as he stalked back to him, wearing wig and sexy nurse uniform!* What the hell am I supposed to do in this?! *He crossed his arms again and looked down at himself!*

Wait a second, is that a Shadowstar?! Daring to trot in to Morgan’s town like it’s nothing! Someone blew some sort of horn alarm, as a couple guys were rushing to take out Duncan (no one wanted to get near Tiny!) and shoot at Bronwen!

Cassius: Look drop dead gorgeous and flirt with anybody that gets suspicious? *A wide grin splashed across his face, he wasn’t wasting any time bantering with Brennen, as he headed in through the back of the hospital like he ran the place! His own uniform was perfectly modest, and his wig was so pretty and fluffy!*

Brennen: *Felt very self-conscious! As he followed after Cassius, muttering under his breath, he couldn’t help but adjust his wig! He wondered if this would work at all! They were taking a huge risk here!*

“Rrreeeooww! Rreeeoowww!” Tiny was going after as many men as it could but thanks to that alarm, more were joining the party!

At least Cassius wasn’t kidding when he said all the current nurses in the building weren’t much to look at. In fact, compared to some of them, they might have even downright cute! They were some masculine nurses! A nurse at the desk who looked as if she were growing a nice mustache barely even looked up as Cassius stopped at the desk. “You don’t look like one of our staff.”

Duncan: *Looked up! Those guys werecoming after him, too! He scrambled to his hands and knees and shuffled towards the Cap’n!* IdunwannadieIdunwannadieIdunwannadieIdunwannadie!

Bronwen: Get out of the way, Duncan! *Bronwen ducked behind the nearest wooden pillar to dodge any gunfire coming her way, and quickly shot out anyone getting too close to herself or Duncan!* -03:29 Oct 24

Brennen: *Straightened his skirt and clasped his hands behind his back! He was very casual about this, although … Did he really have to wear the fishnet stockings?!*

Cassius: We’re the new temps from the agency, ma’am! *Replied Cassius in a soft little voice that sounded like he was trying to mimic Bronwen when she was trying to get something!* Doncha have those patient list papers for us or somethin?

Duncan: *He didn’t need to be told twice! He ducked behind a corner and covered his ears!*

Tiny was doing what it did best … beating the crap out of people! It chewed on guns, slashed at people, and chased after them, scattering more than a few of the attackers!

The nurse snorted, throwing a clipboard up in front of Cassius. “When the alarms go off, that means lock down. All rooms should be locked and no one is to get through the doors. At 5 it’s Scrabble time in the rec-room.”

Cassius: Thank ya kindly, ma’am! *Cassius said with a grin, snatching up the clipboard and sashaying down the hall like a runway model! He was flipping over the papers looking for the room!*

Brennen: *Somehow he managed not to grimace at Cassius’ walk! He followed after him but with less … swaying.*

Thanks to all that noise and the giant Shadowstar beast that was outside, there didn’t seem to be a lot of security in the hospital! But when the came across a long hall, there was a couple of goons guarding the door! “Now, now, little ladies. This here patient is a high risk, we can’t have you coming in here right now.”

Bronwen: C’mon Tiny, you can do better than that! There’s still dozens of them left! *BANGBANGBANG! That furball was the best idea Duncan ever had!* -03:42 Oct 24

Cassius: *He poked out his bottom lip all pouty as he turned to Brennen!* But we have a job to do. Isn’t that right Brenda? If we don’t give him his shots, we’ll be in soooo much trouble. Can’t you just let us in this once?

“RReeooww! Rreeowww!” Tiny pinned one man down to the ground with a paw on its chest and pinned another man down in the same way with its other paw! It bit off a light pole and spat it out, pinning more men under the heavy object!

Those guards just gave a chuckle, one of them slapping Brennen on the ass! “Sorry there, ladies! Protocol is protocol! But we sure don’t mind a lil bit o’ company, if you know what I mean!”

Brennen: *BRENDA?!* Oh! *He blinked when he got slapped on the ass and it was all he could do not to punch this guy’s lights out!* But if we don’t give him his shots, he might … he might … He might die! *He clasped his hands together and gave the best damn sad-eyed look he could!* And then … and then … we’ll all be in trouble! I hope our boss doesn’t fire us! I need this job so badly!

Cassius: *Keeping a straight face and that pout was pretty damned hard when all Cassius wanted to do was laugh out loud!* Yeah… you know what happened at our last job when we didn’t get to that guy fast enough, and then we had to spend three months down in Morgan’s torture lock down watching bad videos and getting needles driven up our toenails? It was terrible!

The two guards look pretty horrified at the thought of that! They looked between each other and nodded. “You know… we need a five minute bathroom break, and if someone just happens to slip in there, who’s to know! Five minutes!” They scuffled down the hall and disappeared behind a door. No way in hell were they watching those videos! People they had Morgan herself in them!

Brennen: … Needles driven up our toenails? What the hell! You’re a sick man, Cassius. A sick man. *He muttered as he opened the door, took a look around!*

Dion: *Strapped to a chair, here come the nurses with his- …. The nurses looked like his brothers. Dion looked thuroughly disturbed. Whelp, he’s finally lost it. Goodbye cruel world, this is the end of Dion Shadowstar!*

Brennen: *Luckily those straps weren’t too hard to undo!* C’mon, D. Snap out of it. This underwear is riding up my ass and the fishnet stockings are chafing my thighs.

Cassius: Hey, it supposed to sound sick! *In behind Brennen, he had a great big smirk on his face as he spotted Dion!* Aw, look at him… he thinks he’s crazy. Do a little lapdance, Bree and let’s see if he starts screaming.

Dion: *Giving Brennen a good expression of “What the fuck..?!” he only groaned in Cassius’ general direction!* Oh God… I’m gone to hell.

Outside, thanks to Tiny, there wasn’t an a man left daring to even think about stepping a foot out on to the street! Nobody wanted to get swallowed alive!

Brennen: Shut up, Cassius. *He undid the last strap and stood.* Hurry the hell up, Dion. *He grabbed his arm and hoisted him up.* Don’t have much time, especially with how often our plans go wrong.

Bronwen: *Hesitating a minute, Bronwen peeked out from behind her hiding spot.* …That felt a little too easy. Not an explosion or anything. *She stepped out to go give Tiny a good well done pat!* -04:05 Oct 24

“Rreeooww!” Tiny purred and glanced around the street.

Cassius: *Grabbed up Dion’s other arm, Cassius was just a smirkin’!* This was my plan and it’s working out perfect. Ten minutes and we’ll be back in space drinking some v-*He whipped out his gun and shot the guard coming down the hallway!*odka and swappin’ stories.

Dion: *Dion was pretty sure he was either really fucking high, or pretty damned dead. Brennen in fish nets. That was… He was pretty sure he was gonna yak!*

Duncan: *He uncovered his ears after noticing that everything had stopped. He poked his head out and looked around!* Can we go back to the ship now?

Bronwen: *Patting Tiny, she checked the time…* Yeah, go get the ship ready… They’ve got five minutes before I go set that hospital on fire. -04:10 Oct 24

Duncan: *Phew! He stood and motioned for Tiny.* Let’s go, Tiny! *He said as he started for the ship.*

“Rreeooww! Rreeeooww!” Tiny, in small form again, bounded after him.

Brennen: *Moved even faster for the door! They needed to get out of here and fast!*

Cassius: *Cassius pressed his com as they shuffled down the hall.* Mama bear and Papa bear have picked up Baby bear. Time to roll, kids!

Apparently someone finally noticed a very important patient was now missing! The BIG alarms started going off!

Brennen: Oh, to hell with this! Cassius, get moving! *He grabbed Dion and hoisted him over his shoulder before taking off down the hall!*

Dion: You’re pretty strong for a girl. *It was impossible to tell whether Dion was being sarcastic or not!*

Cassius: *A guy just can’t have any fun can he… At least without having to heft Dion around, Cassius whipped the gun out from under his skirt and made cover fire as she booked it out of the hospital!*

Bronwen: *One of those bad feelings, all of this is just a little too easy! Bronwen had her gun ready as she headed down the street quickly, towards the hospital! And if MacBeth was off getting himself kidnapped, she was gonna kill him!* -04:30 Oct 24

Just as it seemed that they were home free, Cassius and Brennen came face to face with … Duff McRaven! Who wasted no time in levelling a hefty cannon at them and firing a missile!

Cassius: DUCK! *He hit the ground like a ton of bricks and if Brennen had any sense, he’d be doing the same! And thus the comlink!* So, uh, we got a little problem downtown, so if anybody’s got cannon repellant I’d be much abliged!

Brennen: *As soon as he saw that cannon and the missile, he and Dion both dropped! He looked up!* Who the hell?!

Bronwen: *Another Cassius plan bites the dust! Bronwen high-tailed down the street, pulling out both her guns! Let’s see mister Duff McFunnyname get away from her this time!* -04:56 Oct 24

Fortunately for the trio of Shadowstars, that cannon only held one missile at a time! Unfortunately, McRaven was already stalking toward them with that cannon hefted over his shoulder!

Cassius: Lemme Introduce Buffy McPavement! He’s a real nice guy when you get to know him! *Cassius rolled himself out of the way and up in to a crouching position as he aimed his gun and started shooting!*

Brennen: Old friend of yours, Cassie? *He muttered as he scrambled to his feet. He picked up Dion and unceremoniously dragged him toward the back of the hospital!*

Dion: Buffy’s a great name, don’t you think darlin’? *Said Dion, giving Brennen a sort of dreamy smile! He was still pretty sure he’s in hell, but he might as well enjoy it.*

McRaven took cover! But he returned fire as well! He had another nice little toy that had rapid fire and managed to take out chunks in the walls!

Bronwen: *Stumbling in to the hospital on the opposite side of McRaven, she gave a loud whistle!* HEY! How about you come get yourself a real bounty and leave those girlies alone! *And to make sure she had his attention, she was trying to take a shot for his head!* -05:05 Oct 24

It was too bad McRaven had other plans! He ignored Bronwen except to throw a smoke grenade into the hall! Then he disappeared into the smoke!

Cassius: Shit! Everyone get to the damned ship quick! *Cassius was already back on his feet darting for Brennen and Dion!*

Brennen: What do you think I’m trying to do?! *He growled, pausing only long enough to heave Dion over his shoulder again and take off! Fortunately, now that he had ditched the high heels, he could run a lot faster!*

Bronwen: *There was a low growl in her throat as she duck low to the ground, to creep through the smoke after McRaven. All those dirty curses she kept to herself!* -05:14 Oct 24

Brennen: *Had to duck behind a corner! More guards were blocking the way out!* Tell me you got a plan to get us out of this, Cassie!

Cassius: Keep your damned panties on! *Sure, he had a plan! He was pulling out a hand radio and pressing the button before he chucked in down toward’s the doors and all of those men!* Cover your ears!

KABOOOOOM! There wasn’t much time to prepare as the little radio practically exploded on impact, sending surprised guards and debris flying in everywhich direction!

Brennen: Freakin’, cross-dressing, sadistic–! *He turned away from the door and made sure Dion was nice and shielded! As soon as he had recovered from the explosion, he was already turning the corner and running toward the door again!*

McRaven burst through the smoke and began shooting at the trio again!

Cassius: Where the hell is MacBeth! *Cassius growled the phrase of the day! He had no intentions of stopping as he barreled on forward, reaiming his guns and firing at will! …Why couldn’t HE have badass rapidfire wallchunking bullets!*

McRaven pulled out another gun and when he pulled the trigger, a net shot out for Cassius!

Bronwen: *Maybe if Cassius would shut his damned mouth it would be so easy for McRaven to follow them! Bronwen was a quick little thing… using her big stupid brother as a good distraction to sneakup on McRaven! Just a little closer and she’d shoot him point blank! What the he-* NET GUN! -05:30 Oct 24

Cassius: *Cassius stopped, dropped, and rolled out of the way, flinging up his pistol! BANGBANGBANGBANGCLICKCLICKCLICK! CLICK. CLICK…* Sonofabitch!

McRaven fired the net gun at Cassius again while still running toward him!

MacBeth: *Dashing toward Duff, he caught the net with his sword which wrapped around the blade! Then he twirled the blade and sent the net, now untangled, back at Duff!* Catch! -05:33 Oct 24

Cassius: Hell shit and cock damned! *Shouted Cassius, who was sure hell glad to have to BOUT DAMNED TIME backup, but not so pleased at his lack of ammo! He was back on his feet after Brennen and Dion!*

McRaven dropped the net gun but resorted to his rapid-fire gun! He squeezed the trigger for all it was worth!

Brennen: *His lungs were on fire, he couldn’t breathe, his legs were aching …!* I’m too old for this crap! *He yelled as he was still racing down the street!* Damnit, Cassius, I’m gonna kill you! Just wait!

Cassius: Maybe if Dion wasn’t such a damned pussy, he’d be running on his own legs! *Shouted back Cassius! ..On the bright side, watching Brennen run around in that outfit with a man over his shoulder was pretty damned hilarious!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen took a running slide across the floor, firing her guns at McRaven, and fully intending to sweep his feet right out from under him!* -05:41 Oct 24

Brennen: Yeah! Well, I’m gonna smack the hell out of him! But it was your hare-brained scheme that landed us in this! And I can’t breathe in this freakin’ bra!

McRaven turned just as his gun ran out of ammo! Bronwen’s bullets hit him but he didn’t go down! Fortunately, she took out his legs and he landed with a THUD! on the floor!

Dion: A bra is a terrible thing to waste. *Said Dion as he pulled the bra strap from under Brennen’s uniform and let it POP! Hell was pretty disturbing.*

MacBeth: *Jumped up and swung his blade down to cleave Duff in half!* -05:46 Oct 24

Brennen: What the fuck?! Damnit, Dion! *The ship was coming into view! And not a moment too soon!*

McRaven stopped Mac’s blade with his rapid-fire gun and the two were locked in a stalemate!

Bronwen: *She was rolling out of the way as McRaven crashed to the ground and MacBeth was leaping at him, She was already springing to her and tilting to the side to aim and shoot around MacBeth!* -05:48 Oct 24

Cassius: *And Cassius was now barking with laughter so hard he nearly tumbled face first in to the dirt! Had they not been running like hell, he’d be pointing and laughing!*

McRaven grabbed Mac’s blade with one hand and sent it flying over his head! Then he was throwing the empty gun at Bronwen before pulling out another identical firearm and firing at her!

Brennen: *Got to the ship and marched inside! He dropped Dion into the first open seat he found on the bridge!* Here, you can watch him! I’m gonna go change! *He muttered as he left, trying to pull his underwear out of his ass!*

Dion: *Thrown in to a torture chair where he was going to spend the rest of eternity lookin’ at these ugly women that looked like his brothers. ….And that guy over there. Dion gave Duncan a confused stare!* … you doin’ time in hell too?

Duncan: *Glanced over from the controls to check out the new Shadowstar. He really did look a lot more like the Cap’n than Brennen and Cassius.* … *He raised an eyebrow when Dion asked him about being in hell.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen ducked, doing a swift spin until she was standing behind McRaven and gave him a pretty rough kick towards MacBeth!* -06:03 Oct 24

Cassius: He’s stark raving mad, flyboy. He’ll kill ya. *Smirked Cassius as he leaned over the controls for a com.* There are two people that aren’t on this damned ship, and Brennen is getting his panties in a wad about it! Stop screwing around!

Usually McRaven could have taken the rough kick and given one in return but there was a jolt of pain from one of his circuits which left him vulnerable. Bronwen’s kick sent him flying back!

Dion: Aaron and MacBeth…! *Dion said fairly loudly as he stood up and pointed a finger in the air!* Boy my Darig Romance Novel! *He tumbled back in to his chair!*

MacBeth: *Twisting in mid-air, he landed neatly on the floor from Duff’s throw. He ran forward to close the distance between himself and Duff, pulling out a large needle and stabbing it into the base of his neck!* -06:15 Oct 24

McRaven is out like a light! Time to escape!

Bronwen: *A smirk thrown at MacBeth, she took off for the ship! Better not to go pushing their luck!* -06:18 Oct 24
MacBeth: *Dashed off after Shadowstar!* -06:19 Oct 24

Duncan: Damnit, where are they? Maybe I should ask Tiny to go get ’em … *He stole a glance at the small ball of fur sleeping on the Cap’n’s chair!*

Dion: *Dion looked over at the chair too and gave a start!* Oh god! Hell beasts too! Oh g-… …. Look at it just sleeping there like a little angel…

Bronwen: *Thanks to Tiny there didn’t seem to be anyone left in town! At least not anyone brave enough to come outside to try and stop them! Bronwen scrabbled on the ship with MacBeth close behind her!* Okay, okay, okay! All present! -06:24 Oct 24

Brennen: *Returns! Dressed comfortably in mens’ clothes again! He’s still muttering about Cassius being a freak!*

Duncan: *Flipped switches, pressed buttons, pulled levers …!* Okay, we are out of here! *He got the ship into the air and then they took off!*

Cassius: *Smacking his face, Cassius very nearly slapped the hell out of Dion too! Of course, he didn’t have any problem standing around in his nurses uniform still!* Alright, so who wants to tell me who messed up my perfect plan!

Bronwen: *Bronwen stopped to lean in the doorway, trying to catch her breath!* It was either when Cassius took forever fetching Dion, or when Cassius ran out of bullets. What do you think, MacBeth? -06:30 Oct 24
MacBeth: So hands down, Cassius screwed Cassius. Sounds like a normal day to me. *He replied.* -06:31 Oct 24

Dion: *Slowly blinking…* I’m a little confused… is this hell or a nice dream? Because I see Brownie and MacBeth, but Cassius looks like a nurse stripper. And I’m pretty sure Brennen was wearing a bra.

Bronwen: *Bronwen pranced to hop in to Dion’s lap, wrap her arms around his neck and plant a big kiss on his cheek!* I’m real, they’re real, and unfortunetly so is Cassius! -06:34 Oct 24

Cassius: Aye, I can take a hint. I’ll go change my damned clothes. *He was muttering under his breath about looking right pretty as he stalked out!*

[Bronwen was giving her other favorite brother some attention while Cassius was busy somewhere moping!] -03:21 Nov 08
[MacBeth dropped into a seat to relax a bit!] -03:21 Nov 08

Tiny was still looking fuzzy and adorable, curled up on the captain’s seat!

Duncan: Uh … Cap’n? Where are we going, exactly?

Bronwen: *Thinking on it for a moment… Dion was in no shape to go anywhere dangerous at the moment. Fetching Aaron was going to be the most difficult of all, so it was going to require extra planning…* Hmm… How about we pay your parents another visit? -03:23 Nov 08

Duncan: *Blinked and then nodded!* Sure thing! I can’t wait to show her Tiny!

Brennen: Your parents? *He looked over at Duncan.* Where do they live?

Dion: Parents house… Haven’t heard that in a long time. ….Have any cigs, Nurse Bree?

Duncan: Orlu. They’ve got a nice farm. You’ll probably like my mom. I know Cassius did.

Brennen: *Winced!* Nurse Bree? Crap. I’ll never live this down. *He muttered.* And it’s Brennen! And no … I don’t have cigs.

Bronwen: She is the epitome of everything that is good and naughty in the world. But a good safe place to get our barings again. *Bronwen hopped out of Dion’s lap to scoop up Tiny and drop him on Dion!* …You shouldn’t be smoking anyway. -03:32 Nov 08

Dion: Don’t deny a man his cigs, Brownie. *Dion looked down at the furry little demon with caution before giving it a gentle pat on the head. That’s a good beast of hell!*

MacBeth: … Yeah. Who else do we know has a rock creature in her cellar? *He muttered, opening one eye. He was leaning back in his seat with his legs stretched out and his hands folded on his stomach.* -03:35 Nov 08

Tiny blinked when it was picked up! When it was dropped into Dion’s lap, it looked up at him! “Grreeooww!” Its tails flicked.

Cassius: *Then Cassius appeared looking good and manly again, scowling at that demon getting petted, then throwing a pack of cigs at Dion’s face!* Oh yaa, make nice with the little shit. Don’t come cryin’ to me if he bites off an arm.

Not to be irked so easily, Tiny stretched on Dion’s lap and curled up! It had found its new bed for the time being!

Dion: *Smack! The pack hit him in the face to fall in his lap, and without missing a beat he picked it back up and stuffed a ciggy in his mouth.* Never got over that trip to the zoo, eh, Cassie?

Duncan: *Blinked as he finished setting the coordinates for Orlu, not to mention checking up on the ship’s systems and fuel and thousand of other things a pilot should know to keep the ship running!* Trip to the zoo …?

Bronwen: Cassius thought he’d be a badass and found a way in to the habitats. Fa said if he was smart enough to get in there, he was smart enough to get himself out, so he spent the whole day getting chased down by a variety of fuzzballs. *Bronwen cast a wide smirk over her shoulder!* -03:43 Nov 08

Brennen: I’m getting out of here and taking a shower. *He said as he stood and walked out of the room!*

Duncan: *Looked over at Cassius.* Wow. How old were you?

Cassius: Har har. Brennen has the right idea. Get off your ass and get rid of that critter, so I can drown you in peace.

Tiny got up, turned around and flicked its tails at Cassius in its own version of “Kiss my ass” before hopping off of Dion’s lap so he could smoke in peace!

Dion: He was about fifteen. Old enough to know better. *Dion said with a smile. As Tiny jumped down he rose slowly to his feet and winced as he stretched.* I’m curious to see this ship of Brownie’s anyway.

Duncan: We should be at Orlu in a little while, just to let everyone know.

Cassius: Can’t wait. *Boy if Dion wasn’t wrecked to hell already, Cassius would be smacking that boy in to next week! He muttered some phrases under his breath as he led the way out!*

MacBeth: *Maybe he could get some rest now. He closed his eyes to take a nap.* -03:55 Nov 08

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