My Demon Roommate 019: Hint of the Future

[Jayden has been asleep for a longass time!] -04:20 Oct 25
[Cupio didn’t ger sex but got a nittle Jayden instead and is now tired and cuddling the little bundle. After helping Jayden through the birth he’s more tired that he thought!] -04:20 Oct 25
Jayden: They sent her home from the hospital sooner than what was normal for the typical human. One night there and the next day she was out, declared right as rain and baby fine too. Jayden wasn’t so sure about that. She healed up quick, like demon quick, which she believed was leftover preggers stuff. But Phaedra was tiny! Way too tiny and small and breakable looking. Still, the moment they got to the house Jayden passed out in bed and slept like she was in a coma. Waking now, there was no Cupio or baby in immediate sight and she was slipping out of bed to reclaim them. -04:27 Oct 25
Cupio: Cupio was in the couch wigh his legs fonlded and his shirt gone. WHile jayden had been sleeping he had aranged the kitched, lounge, and packed the fridge. Then he had been spending all his time with the little bundle of joy he and Jayden had produced. "See Paedra you’re not the only one who just woke up." the baby was cradled in both arms and a wing and was feeding happily from McBoobs’ nipple as the demon beamed at Jayden. "She sleeps just like her Mommy, and has tiny black feathers on her wings. She’s perfect." -04:37 Oct 25
Jayden: "How the fuck are you even-" Wait, she didn’t want to know. Jayden leaned in the doorway watching for a moment. He was so happy, and it was sweet… domestic. Yet here she was feeling so detached. Frowning, she crossed the floor and slowly sank down on the couch next to him. Leaning slightly to peer down at the little thing that they made. "She’s so small, Coop…" -04:42 Oct 25
Cupio: He leaned against her and moved to kiss the side of her neck. "She’ll grow. I’m a little worried we didn’t feed her enough when you were pregnant but one should have been enough. We’re not raising a destroyer of worlds. That’s your job." he pulled the wing away from phaedra to fold it away and look at Jayden. "Want to hld her?" -04:46 Oct 25
Jayden: One wha…? That’s when she realized he fed her a soul. And had it been a different moment, where she wasn’t looking down at a pale and fragile little squishy thing, she might have shouted at him. She looked really, really doubtful about holding her. "..what if I drop her. Or squeeze her too much?" -04:50 Oct 25
Cupio: Cupio wasn’t having it. He pulled his nipple away from the baby’s mouth and shifted her into Jayden’s lap and kissed Jayden on the cheek. "You hold me softly enough, you can handle a little baby." he put an arm around her. "Your turn to feed her, she’s still hungry." -04:54 Oct 25
Jayden: He had no idea how much she was freaking out. It was one thing being pregnant. The baby wasn’t real then. Now here she was, in her arms. All tiny and fragile and so easily breakable! And how come he so naturally had those mothering instints and she just… didn’t! Jayden shifted uncomfortably, moving her shirt and the bundle who even seemed to know what -she- was doing more than Jayden did. A little hand was curled around her finger. "Didn’t know demons had feathers too…" -05:01 Oct 25
Cupio: He changed, a longer, thicker arm around her. "We don’t." he said softly. "That has to be from you." He ran his hind through the back of her hair and yawned. "Your little touch. SHe is one of a kind." -05:06 Oct 25
Jayden: "Humans don’t give out feathers, Coop…" Now that she had her… she was kind of getting used to her. Jayden poked at her little cheeks in fascination. "She has your eye color… and your Mcboobs face. She’s going to be too pretty." -05:09 Oct 25
Cupio: Babies are meant to resemble thier fathers." he said "But demons do not have feathers, only angels do. You must have an interesting family history Jayden." he stood slowly and then grabbed her head an pulled her chin to look up at him and kissed her forehead. "Bacon, egg, adn cheese grilled sandwiches with peas and orange juice? -05:15 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden almost paniced. He was going to leave her alone with this baby?! But food sounded good, and how would she feed a little Phaedra if she didn’t eat too? This was freaking weird. "Yeah. …but I am coming with you to the kitchen." Where it was safe and if she screwed up, he could fix it. -05:20 Oct 25
Cupio: He kissed her lips then moved away stretching in the nude as he grabbed a chair an placed it where Jayden could watch him and got started pulling out the ingredients and the pan. "We should get started completing the nursery, then do the sex room. I think I like being domestic and staying at hime with the baby, but I do have to go to work sometime too. I’ll take her back with me though. They have a nursery there with trained staff. ANd you don’t have to look like one wrong move will shatter her Jay. She’s demon, she can take you holding her a little tighter. -05:27 Oct 25
Jayden: "I’m glad you’re so confident." she muttered, following him while delicately trying to balance her squishy little demon without jostling her too much. Once she was settled back in to a chair again, she looked a little more comfortable. …and then the kid smile at her! A big toothless smile! Jayden nearly started crying. "…I think she likes me!" -05:38 Oct 25
Cupio: He was looking when it happened and smiled too. "Of course she does. Who wouldn’t." he put the pan on the stove and started heating it. "You’re going to make a great mother just look at you. Holding her, getting her to smile. She will be our pretty young bouncy baby Phaedra with two overprotective parents to keep her safe. You are the best person I could ask for to do this with. And you never stop suprising me." -05:43 Oct 25
Jayden: "I barely remember my own mother, I really don’t know how to do this stuff." And of course she was all confident -before- when she wanted to reassure him. It was different holding something helpless in her arms and knowing how easy it would be to hurt it. "She really is too pretty. Everyone that sees her will fall in love with her… Mama and Papa are going to murder so many boys, aren’t they, Phaedra." …Oh hell, so cute…! -05:47 Oct 25
Cupio: "Gods I hope not." he said sliding the bacon into the pan. "Raising a succubus is hell. I should know!" he chuckled and then started aranging the bacon in the pan. "She still doen’t smell like anything specific. I guess that means she doesn’t have an aspect I can recognize. Maybe she has an angelic one." -05:51 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden shifted her bundle gently, giving her a small sniff. She had a fuzzy head… and smelled like. Hmm… like honey. That was weird. Jayden leaned back in her seat so she could hold her just right, and take a look at those wings. tiny…! "I sure as hell don’t feel part angel… Do they even make baby books on what to do if your baby is a demonic angel?" -05:58 Oct 25
Cupio: "Well if I tasted some of your blood I might be able to tell, but you really have all the proof you need in your lap." he was sliding the bacom onto the bread and layering on the cheese and putting ht eggs in the pan now. "I certainly don’t have any angel in me." -06:06 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden glanced up to cast a very naked Cupio a very wicked look. Her previous declarations and threats of never having sex again must have been forgotten. "So you wanna take a bite out of me, Cupio? I might just let you." Then she was grinning down at the baby. "Mama and Papa have to watch what they say now, too, huh? No more instantaeneous fuckery or sex talk around my angel princess!" -06:24 Oct 25
Cupio: "If you put it that way, I’ll see you upstairs when out little angel is asleep." he slid the epps into the sandwiches and then stlid then into the pan and started lightly toasting the ouside of the bread as he grabbed a plate for each of them and the placed the orange juice on the table behind Jayden. And then breakfast was ready and the kitchen smelled like a kitchen. -06:28 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden was trying to figure out how she was going to eat while holding Phaedra… because she didn’t want to let her go. She was almost afraid the second she did, she wouldn’t feel so affectionate anymore! But a promise of time alone with Cupio… it had been way too long for her liking! A couple days was torture. "I have no idea how we’re going to pull this off. I almost wish I had like… married friends with kids so I could ask them when they get their sex." -06:36 Oct 25
Cupio: "Like I said, little Phaedra sleeps, I don’t so I can look after her in the dead of night when you need yours, so we’ll get time." he kissed her and then placed her plate down and then his. "I got this then you were asleep too, I know you might have wanted to help pick it out but…" he looked guiltu as he opened a broom cuboard and pulled a high chair out of hiding and placed it next to Jayden’s chair and say the other side of her. "It’s hard for me not to want to buy her everything she could ever want." -06:40 Oct 25
Jayden: "We have years to buy things together." He really was so excited about having this baby. And even though Jayden was happy to have her, and really couldn’t help but grin looking at her… this was definitely Cupio’s baby girl. She couldn’t be jealous of a baby! Very carefully she made sure the seat settings we just right and was placing Phaedra in it. Straps and all! "You’re surprisingly natural with all of this.." -06:48 Oct 25
Cupio: "I’ve been reading while you sleep." he admitted. "I knew you would be nearvous so I wanted to have everything in hand when the day arived, even if it arived earlier than I thought it would." he took a bite of his sandwich and started to chew. "Like I said I have no experience with babies and have had my own concerns Like how I was raised would not be how I would want to raise her. If she ends up how I did… I was a bully." -06:54 Oct 25
Jayden: Jayden was watching that baby carefully… almost as if she was afraid she’d start flapping those little wings and try to fly off somewhere. Jayden finally settled in to eating and curiously eyeing Cupio. …they never actually talked about what life was like before they met! "I’m having a really hard time imagining you as any sort of bully… All I can think of is you having tons of sex all the time." -06:58 Oct 25
Cupio: "That too." he said. "But even before I reached maturity I was making other do what I wanted. Part of my makeup I guess. I have no idea what demons spawned me so…" he finished his sandwich quicker than he planned and looked down at his plate. "We need to get groceries soonish, before next week." -07:04 Oct 25
Jayden: "I never bossed anyone around. I just sort of… existed." She was still watching him… sometimes she wished she knew what he was thinking. He alluded to stuff, then changed the subject so quickly. Good old demon life. "…So what kind of dad do you want to be, then?" -07:08 Oct 25
Cupio: He shrugged. "I’m just going to me myself and do what ai think is right for her. What kind if dad I am will be seen. I don’t have evenything planned out step by step." he leaned back and took a sip of juice. "I also kind of axxidently got one of hte baby backpacks… frontpacks… for mall trips." -07:12 Oct 25
Jayden: "Oh.. accidentally, right." That made her grin. Didn’t have everything planned out, huh. Well, he had a bigger head start on it than her. Jayden finished eating, and drank down the juice quick. After sleeping so long, she was famished. "Maybe we should rotate who takes her to work.." -07:19 Oct 25
Cupio: "That would work. You have many big strong men to protect her and she needs her Jayden time, just like I need mine." he grabbed her plate nad glass and headed over to the sink. "We can do this Jayden. ANd nothing can stop us." -07:22 Oct 25

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