My Demon Roommate 020: Jayden’s Inner Demon I

[Jayden has warmed up to being a mother over the past few weeks. At least when the baby is NOT screaming her head off. Little smiles and giggles are kind of nice!] -12:28 Oct 29
[Cupio has learned to let Jayden to the breast feeding and has spent a lot of the recent weeks as a man being manly for a stressed but happy Jayden. Right now though he’s enjoying a little mcboobs time asleep on the bed after playing matching dressup with the baby while Jayden was at work, they’re still in matching cloths and little baby Phae is making noises and pulling on a sleeping Papa’s hair while wrapped in his arms.] -12:39 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden clearly did not have that special ‘mommy instinct’ that made her love everything about being a mother with unconditional feeling. In fact most of the time she was struggling against wanting to smother her town child and the father too. …until moments like this. Coming home to see her Cupio and her Phaedra in bed being adorable. It made all of those shitty days worth it. As quietly as she could, she kicked her shoes in to a corner and softly tip toed over to the bed to confiscate Phaedra. "What are you doing, huh? Poor Papa is tired… Lets get you in to your own bed." -12:44 Oct 29
Cupio: With the abducion of the child Cupio stretched and opened his eyes to smile up at Jayden. "She fell again trying crawl, I think she’s getting better at it, and she’s not giving up." Seeing Jayden adn Phaedra always made him smile. "I need a shower though, she’s had me running around all day. I’ll do that quickly while you put her to bed?" looking after a baby was a lot of work. But it was worth it. Seeing Jayden’s soft side even after the awkward ‘I’m going to break it’ phase had passed was adorable. -12:52 Oct 29
Jayden: "Of course she’s not giving up. There’s nowhere to go but up, right baby?" Phaedra was still so small, but at least now Jayden didn’t feel like holding her would break all her little bones. "And managing to tire out a McPapa too? Even I have a hard time doing that…" Jayden cast him a wicked soft of smirk before she turned and bounced herself out of the room with Phaedra. Baby to bed, a bite to eat and then… hmm. A little fooling around before bed! That sounded like a good plan to her. -01:00 Oct 29
Cupio: So Jayden might he joining him in the shower? Sounded fun… He gor up and stripped off the dress before changing and slipping into the bathroom to turn the water on and bask in it. Before Jayden arived he at least wanted his hair clean and so he didn’t wast too much time before shampooin it up and humming to himself. And if Jayden got distracted by the baby then there was always bed sex. -01:06 Oct 29
Jayden: "You look like a little doll today. I think you are very much Papa’s girl." In to the babyroom she went. A nice soft room, in warm yellows and creams… her gift for Phaedra. It was a happy room a little girl could grow up. Jayden carefully sat Phaedra down on the changing table, switching her little outfit to some nice warm pajamas. Getting all these clothes and diapers on and off when Phaedra seemed to like having a tail wasn’t easy. Jayden wasn’t even sure where Cupio found all these demon tail clothes! "All done! Yaay! Hmm, what do you have here…?" She had Phaedra in her arms again and just about to lay her down… but Jayden was pulling something from her tiny little hand. It looked like a thread of a long shimmery piece of spider webbing. But by the time she lay Phaedra down, she had lost it. "Hmm, weird. Goodnight, baby girl." -01:14 Oct 29
Cupio: He had his hair and most of the rest of himself clean wehn he half opened the curtain to see if Jayden was in the bathroom, but there was no one there and he was out of the shower towel in hand to start drying himself off and stepping into the bedroom still nude. He looked at the bed and around the room wondering how to set up a nice scene for Jaysen to walk into. A man Cupio spralwed out on the bed or behind the door to close it soon as she walked in? -01:19 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden watched Phaedra for a few moments. How easy it was for that little girl to curl up and fall asleep after a day with her Papa. There was that small pang of envy. And something else… just a weird feeling as she took a deep breath. Kind of like waking up in the morning and her senses becoming focused and clear. Jayden was rubbing her head as she wandered back towards the bedroom. Maybe she was more tired than she thought. She could almost feel the house vibrating… and the little details of the stuff around. Jayden hadn’t had that feeling since the day she had Phaedra! -01:24 Oct 29
Cupio: When Jayden did walk in Cupio was sitting on the bed facing away from the door, all preperation forgotten in the light od a smell, a smell he knew he knew but didn’t know why he was smelling. Jayden as a full demon, it didn’t make sense. When he heard the door and the smell intensified he was grinning to himself. The answer was obvious, she had hotten herself some demon blood or something to make sex better. "You know you should tell me before you take stuff like that." he said "I know just how much to give you." he stood and shook his head again. "So how to you want me to sex you?" he said before turning. -01:28 Oct 29
Jayden: She hadn’t taken anything. …Jayden felt like she had, though! She could smell him. Like honey sweet desire and a little mix of something spicy. She could hear him breathing and could almost feel his heart beating without even having to touch him. There was a different sort of rush running through her, though. So strrange, but familiar at the same time. Jayden watched him like a hawk as she tugged off her clothes. "I feel a little…. different." she murmured soft and low. The shirt and bra was gone when she paused at the button of her pants and frowned at her hands. She was looking a little different too. That felt weird… -01:36 Oct 29
Cupio: He stared. "Jayden?" he was concerned, he could smell her confusion, her… "You’ve gone full demon." he said, worry and strangly a slight pur in his coice. "You’ve also transformed. You’re a man." he sounded almost amused. I’m going to miss your boobs but I can always teach you how to change back. How did this happen?" -01:43 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden was so very disoriented…. there was just so much to be aware of, that trying to focus on any one thing, or even the levity of what happened, was just… nearly impossible! She was very fascinated with looking down and poking at her chest. …or lack thereof. "Hrrm. Not quite sure…" Her voice was different. Much lower… She was still the exact same height, and her hair the same length… but all of her features were definitively male. A very lean, very angular male… Jayden rubbed her hands together testing out a sudden thought, and opened them up to reveal a little flame. A powerful male… A slow wide smirk spread across her face. "I think I like this…" -01:48 Oct 29
Cupio: He was stepping ofrwards. Having a child mest have been the trigger, she would need him. "I always knew you wo…" he caght what she was feeling, the pure unrivaled power Cupio also resonated with. Jayden was powerful. But no halfling could be as powerful as a born demon. Or so Cupio thought. "There is so much more, cupio’s mind was stil on sex, it alwasy was, but showing Jayden how to be a demon also sounded fun. And getting Jayden not to blow up thier house was important. "You need to put away the flame, out daughter is in the next room, you don’t want to accidently hurt her." -01:54 Oct 29
Jayden: Oh, she really, really liked this feeling. How much more could she pull out? This little flame was nothing! She could do other things. All she had to do was tap in to it… But Cupio… he was stepping closer and suddenly her senses were fill with him. The flame was gone and she was examining him now, a rather predatory look that wasn’t completely unlike her… "She is a demon, she could take it…" she muttered, inching towards him. Was this what he felt like all the time…? -02:02 Oct 29
Cupio: He pur his hands arounf her prists and held her at a decent length. "And our house?, what if that gets destroyed?" Jaysed was obviously overcome with that Cupio dealt with on a daily basis, and smelling her being taken in by it make it five times harder for him. "Jay..? Are you alright?" he was worried this was too much for her, but he was also tempted to change himself and see what demon Jayden could do. -02:10 Oct 29
Jayden: "You wanted me to feel this. Are you afraid now?" That was amusing. Little tiny Mcboobs intimidated by her… she felt intimidating. Jayden was sure she could burn down the house and half the street with only a thought…! It took so little effort to twist her wrists out of his hands, and grab his instead. Jerking him hard against her body. Being make felt so so different, and the way she thought about him was so different too… Jayden bent to nuzzle against his ear and murmur soft. "I am going to fuck you. And then we’ll see what I can do with all of this power.." -02:17 Oct 29
Cupio: Okay that was sexy as hell but it didn’t stop him strugling. "I wanted you to be able to handle feeling like this." I’m just as strong at you Jayden and I have a lot more experience with power…" fucking sounded nice… "But I’m here to get you back to bhaving like yourself while still feeling all this. That’s what I want. And you’ll like it." he looked at her and felt afriad. He really didn’t want to have to hurt Jayden, but he would if it would snap her out of this. -02:21 Oct 29
Jayden: "I know you…" she murmured soft, releasing one of his wrists to run her hand up his arm and rest on his shoulder. "You say you’re brave, when you tremble on the inside." She moved her hand again, gentle fingers brushing against his neck. Then she suddenly gripped it tight. Her mouth never left his ear. "But you don’t know me. You don’t understand me…" Jayden squeezed tighter, pushing him with her body back towards the bed. He never really understood her. He said he did, but then he was always infuriating her. Taking her place, taking her roles… Her roles. -02:29 Oct 29
Cupio: "If you could handle thi you would know what I’m feeling." he said planting his feet and pushing back gripping her wrint to pull her hand away from his throat. "I know you Jayden." this is what he had been like, before he and Jayden had met. "I know you and you know me. That is why we’re still together. So stop this and let me help you." -02:33 Oct 29
Jayden: "Maybe I don’t want your brand of help." she almost snarled. She sure as hell didn’t let go of his neck. Not even when she was pushing all of her weight in to him until his back was against the mattress and she was pinning him down by the throat. Jayden leaned down, tilting his face to the side as she breathed in deep at his neck. He smelled so, so good… "You take everything. Everything that was mine, everything that was me. You get my job. You get to be beautiful. You get to be soft. You get to be powerful. And I care for you, and I protect you, and I give you everything. Always what Cupio wants, and Cupio needs." He was going to try and take this from her too. She was strong and powerful. She could snap his neck right now… Jayden’s free hand crept up his side, brushing over ribs and then a breast. Or he could be a toy… -02:46 Oct 29
Cupio: "No." he squeaked when she grabbed him. "No Jayden. You wern’t happy with your job, I gave you the club, we have a child together. I offered never to change again. Jayden, I love you." he ws still struggling hokkingi his lege under her to pushe as hard as he could. "Please stop. You’ll still be strong, you’ll still be semon I just want to help you get yourself under control." -02:50 Oct 29
Cupio: "No." he squeaked when she grabbed him. "No Jayden. You wern’t happy with your job, I gave you the club, we have a child together. I offered never to change again. Jayden, I love you." he ws still struggling hokkingi his lege under her to pushe as hard as he could. "Please stop. You’ll still be strong, you’ll still be semon I just want to help you get yourself under control." -02:52 Oct 29
Jayden: "You want to control me." He was struggling. Pleading with her… and amused her so much. Jayden smirked, her lips brushing against the skin at his neck before her tongue flicked out for a slooow lick. She could smell his blood pumping through his veins. "I don’t believe in love." Jayden’s hand traveled back down the length of his body to a knee, then she was wretching his legs open and pressing her full weight down on top of him. Had she ever really believed in love, or was that just another thing she gave to him because he wanted it? -03:04 Oct 29
[Cupio enters.] -03:05 Oct 29
Cupio: That hurt, that really hurt and something inside him snapped. There was a flash of light and Jayden was thrown backwards and Cupio was on his feet flame traveling all the way from the tils of his finger to halsway up his forearm. "Then you are not Jayden and I don’t have to feel bad abou hurting you." he snapped. "Jayden would never hurt me, or anything you are trying to do." -03:10 Oct 29
Jayden: "But I have hurt you, haven’t I? I’ve stabbed you, I’ve hit you… I am your Jayden, and you are mine." There was no fear of him, but then, there never was! She crossed the room so fast, she had his arms gripped and was slamming him up against the wall hard enough to put a dent in it within the blink of an eye. "MINE." Jayden’s eyes narrowed. If weren’t enough she had other ways to prove he was hers. Blood ways. Her grip tightened on his arms to the point of bruising, letting out a hiss of breath as she tested that connection… snuffed out that fire like she was commanding some sort of weapon. "Mine. Obey me, or you mean nothing to me…" -03:20 Oct 29
[(Timeout) Cupio has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -03:24 Oct 29
Cupio: "You’re hurting me." oh right she didn’t care. He could feel the spell spressing in on him but he pushed back. "I will not be bound again, not by you not by anyone. Jayden would never bind me, she loves me and you are not her." he put his hand over his face and tried to push him away. There was only one thing needed to complete the binding, the demon’s true name. -03:24 Oct 29
Jayden: "If I am not Jayden, you are not Cupio!" Uppity little shit…! Jayden shoved his hand away and then she struck him! Backhand across the face, with no restraight. And in disgust with him, dragged him away from the wall only to throw him across the room to the floor. Uppity, self righteous little shit… "The minute you were summon, you were bound to me. I am your master. And if you want to cry and complain, I will fuck you until you are all used up and find me a new demon." Even while she spoke she was crossing the room and advancing on him again. Every intent on keeping that promise! -03:31 Oct 29
Cupio: On the floor there was little to do but wait. He couldn’t win because he couldn’t hurt Jayden and he couldn’t run because of Phaedra. "Jayden, please stop this. That contract was satisfied." he was pulling himself to sit up but didn’t have the time to stand, and his cheeks were getting buised and wet. "You said you’d never hit me and now…" there was no figh left, no strength to argue. He could only think of little Phaedra in the next room. "Do what you want to me. I will find a way to fix you." -03:37 Oct 29
Jayden: She was behind him, grabbing him by the hair to pull him back. Her voice was low in his hear and she was smirking. "How valiant of you. Play the giving martyr and then cry your little tears. You’re a fucking hypocrite." All she could think about was wanting to hurt him. Or sex him. Or both at once…! Jayden hauled him off the floor by the hair and with a tight grip on his arm, only to bed him over the bed. Her hand left him only long enough to unzip her pants while one of her knees pushed between his legs and used her own to push them apart. "Haven’t you done the same to me? Haven’t you? You like this, don’t you, you lying demon bitch…" -03:48 Oct 29
Cupio: There was nothing he could do except try to block her with his tail. "You’re not the first to do this to me and I hate it." he said tail firmly wedged over his folds and wrapped arounf his thigh. "Please not like this Jayden. Make love to me, have sex with me, fuck me for all I care but don’t rape me. When I say no I mean no." He knew at this point it made little difference. Jayden’s power trip had triggered a responce in his body and he was ready for her if he wanted to be or not. "Let me help you then you can have me al you want. However you want." -03:56 Oct 29
Jayden: "It’s not what Cupio wants anymore. It’s what Jayden wants." Beg, plead and cry. It only made her smirk wider. She could have seduced him if she really wanted. But she didn’t. Jayden wanted to show him who had the control. Reaching down she grabbed his tail and jerked. He was either going to move it or get it broken. Using her knees, she was pushing his legs farther apart. Tail or not, she was going to get what she wanted! -04:02 Oct 29
Cupio: "Jayden wants us to be happy, both of us, together. That’s what my Jayden wants." He lifter his head to look hack at her, that look on her face. That wasn’t his jayden, the tail went limp and he hooked one knee on the edge of the bed to try and pull humself away, this opened his legs wide but it was his only chance of getting away. -04:06 Oct 29
Jayden: He made a mistake and shifting, making it so much easier for her to grab him. With a jerk of his tail, she was pulling him back. Grabbing his hips with both hands and pressing her erection against him. Lying bitch loved this and she could feel it…! And knew just how to use her new attachment too. Jayden was laughing when she found just that right spot and rammed in to him. So hot and so wet, all his struggling was such bullshit. He wanted this. "We’ll be happy. You’ll be my favorite. I’ll take this city and maybe I’ll take hell too.." She wrapped his tail around her wrist incase he thought to try and squirm away again. Holding it tight and pulling hard every time she thrust inside him. Her knees were on the bed now too and her free hand squeezed his hip before running up his back. -04:19 Oct 29
Cupio: He cried out in pain when she thrust inside and gripped the sheet gritting his teeth. She had his tail, why? He liked his tail and he did not like it used for this. He couldn’t struggle any more but he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction either. "You want me… as a concubine." he said pushing back the feeling trying to build. He would be reduced to a sex object, taking care of Phaedra alone and being raped whenever Jayden chose. Before meeting Jayden that wouldn’t have seemed so bad. It hurt, but Cupio loved it when it did and he was faking a very hard time keeping his hips still, and with breathing quiet. -04:27 Oct 29
Jayden: "You liiiike thiiis~!" she chimed, such a typical thing for her to say, while doing a very untypical thing. This felt so different and she loved it. The amount of control and the ease of movement… The way he squirmed and squeezed around her. Jayden pushed hard, leaning forward until she dug her hand in to his hair. Putting all that weight on to his head to hold him down and still against the mattress as she pushed harder. "You are… so good..! Hrrm… Maybe I will keep her too when she’s all grown up. I bet she’ll be just like you… just like you." -04:34 Oct 29
Cupio: "No!" that made him stuggle again which was a big mistake, as soon as he started squiming he couldn’t stop. His face was going red with the effort needed to stay in controll as there was the sound of tearing fabric as claws tore onto the sheets. "I hate you." the sound was a half moan half sob and at that moment he really did even with the now almosy uncontrollable buildup, and how just plain appealing this all was to his demon side. Raiseing thier child to be a good little fucktoy for both of them… but one of them needed to stay in control… Cupio needed to resist the urge to demand to be fucked harder and slash at Jayden to get her to return the favor latting pleasure and pain merge into one feeling. He had to for Jayden and for Phaedra. -04:44 Oct 29
Jayden: Oh, that was even better! The fight and the hate, and feeling the truth through his body and the way that smell told otherwise. Sharp and overwhelming, Jayden was laughing all over again. Giddy from it, almost consumed by it. She was tilting her own body back when she jerked his head and body up. Curling an arm around his waist while her other hand left his hair to wrap around his throat. His back was against her chest and she was hissing in to his ear. "Do you regret that wish for a demon Jayden? I don’t." And just like that she was done, grunting in to his ear as her hand suddenly tightened hard on his throat. Filling him as her hips jerked, and letting out a slow hiss with the rush that came with it. -04:55 Oct 29
Cupio: He could feel his pulse between his leps has her choke hold cut off his answer. He was seeing spots and wanted to curse her name for everything. He was so close to finishing that not litting him was top of the list right now. He took hold of her arm claws and all and gripped it as his other hand went to brush over his crotch and her where she disappeared inside him. A demon of lust dealing with the temptation of hard rough sex like this every day, the irony was thick. -05:01 Oct 29
Jayden: "I’m done with you." Jayden licked the side of his face all to way to his ear. Claws were nothing, pain was nothing… she felt strong. Powerful. Invincible. Jayden released him and shoved him away. Backing off the bed herself and flexing her arms and shoulders. The smirk on her face was most likely assinine, but what did she care? This felt amazing. It was only going to get better. A new conquest in mind, she was zipping up her pants and moving to stalk out of the room. A powerful demon needed minions and souls… -05:06 Oct 29
Cupio: Used and then cast aside, yes there was hate, serious hate and the need to use it and keep that freak out of Phaedra’s room. He followed not caring that he was naked, disheveled and has a cristh full of sex. "I’m still on my feet." he called back. A little wobly but true. "You can’t even fuck a demon off his feet and you expect to take over everything." That drive, the sexy aluring dgive. If it wasn’t for Phaedra he would willingly himself to the role of favorite for a demon like this, and maybe a decade or century down the line take over. "You can’t even satisfy a lying bitch whore demon?" -05:12 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden stopped, only barely looking over her shoulder at him with a raised eyebrow. Oh, stupid little demon. Really, was she to fall for that? Still, she turned around and was marching back for him. That look of a stalking predator when she smiled. "That wasn’t enough for you, Cupio?" Maybe she should just kill him now and save herself the trouble. …but he really was such a good lay. Jayden had him by the shoulders and without warning was pressing her mouth to his in a hard kiss. Invading with her tongue and biting at his lips. Too sweet to kill, something would be better. A good lesson for her lust demon… -05:20 Oct 29
Cupio: He put his claws on her chest and let him in his tonue wrapping around hers. "You didn’t make me scream or pass out Jaden." he growled back. This was fast becoming part of a rapidly put together plan, convince her to stay for sex, get the rulebreaker, fix this. "You know my aspect, yu know I am bound to you, you know how frustrating it is for me to be so close and so far so the only way you are leaving is if I tear your dick off first and use it to finish myself off." demon talk… and the entoxicating closeness. "Did you think I’d let the best fuck I’ve ever had walk off without showing me what they’re really capable of?" -05:26 Oct 29
Jayden: "Isn’t it funny how you bend and swat when it’s me who holds the cards." she murmured, taking his hands in hers and letting his claws drag down her chest. Breaking skin, spilling blood. The was nothing but a prick, but the smell of him when he caught the scent of blood was divine. A horny, fiesty, little demon wanting so much more than he was allowed to have. Still gripping his hands, she twist his arms behind his back and pulled him flush against his. Murmuring soft in to his ear again. "Would you like to know what else I know how to do now, Cupio…?" -05:39 Oct 29
Cupio: Blood, demon Jayden blood, the plan was slipping his mind in lador of licking as the gash in her shest and tasting it and malting in her arms. "I want you to fuck me Jayden, I want to know everything you can do." he was trailing kises and nips aling her shoulder and letting him do whatever he wanted in return and the throbbing between his legs was returning. "Bruise me, make me bleed. I’m a demon like no other, I can take everything you can give." -05:44 Oct 29
Jayden: What sweet, delicious words. Jayden had every intention of taking advantage of that promise. But he had a lesson to learn. A very important lesson about who demanded what… Jayden pulled her belt off while still holding him against her. Dropping down to her knees with him getting pulled down along with her. In an instant she was binding his hands and his feet, even his tail all behind his back. Weaving a spell just from pure instinct to bend and pull the leather. Binding him tight not just in the physical sense, but making sure that no demon strength or quick spell was going to get him loose. Once he was bound, she ran her fingers between his legs, stroking those wet folds as she nuzzled his neck. "You don’t get to make the demands, bitch." Jayden pulled away and stood, leaving him awkwardly tied on the floor. "When I want you, I’ll come for you. If you manage to get loose, feed the kid. Don’t want her dead before Mother gets to play with her, do we?" That smirk was on her face again as she backed away. -05:52 Oct 29

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