The crew sneaks on to a planet fortress to find the map for Aaron’s location. Cassius gets everyone injured! Another meeting with Banquo! They make it back for Dion’s date with Ceri.

[Bronwen can\’t stand it anymore. She\’s bothering Dion!] -01:52 Mar 30
Bronwen: And just like that you ask her for a date. No running off to a tent, or her house, or hiding behind a tree for some crazy public sex. An actual date. *Brennen suddenly wants only one woman, and now Dion is dating… this is weird!* -01:54 Mar 30
[MacBeth looked from Bronwen to Dion and back again.] -01:55 Mar 30

Duncan: *He was wondering what was so odd about Dion wanting to go on a date with someone like Ceri. She was a really great girl! Must be a Shadowstar thing!*

Dion: Yes, a date. You ought to try one, Brownie. *Dion was taking it pretty easy, just puffing on his cigarette as he looked over one of Brennen’s maps.*

Cassius: Go on a date and I’ll kill the guy. Just so you know. *Cassius replied from a corner, making sure to give MACBETH a good sharp threatening look. He knows what they’ve been doing…! And he’s ain’t happy about that big woman carrying him off either! …She was rough! ;__; *

MacBeth: You’re welcome, Cassie. *He replied, wearing a smirk! Oh, he’d seen the way Cassius had been limping and moving slowly, as if every bone in his body ached! And he knew it wasn’t just age catching up to the old Shadowstar, either!* -01:59 Mar 30

Brennen: *He cleared his throat!* Excuse me. If you could all concentrate on the task at hand and not the other person’s love life …

Duncan: So … there’s no other way to do this? Siren’s Rock is pretty tough. Morgan will be expecting us for sure.

Bronwen: *Easily ignoring Cassius, she continued poking at Dion… until Brennen chimed in. She crossed her arms.* You’re just mad I found one of your love letters. *She muttered!* Morgan underestimates how much we can accomplish in a small amount of time… She keeps sending these single goons. I doubt it’ll take us longer than an hour at best… -02:02 Mar 30

Dion: More than an hour. Siren’s Rock is a big place, and there’s no telling where they store their star charts. We’ll have to split up, and assume there’s going to be one of Morgan’s miniature armies…

MacBeth: Let’s not forget McRaven. He’s been everywhere. -02:06 Mar 30

Brennen: *He aimed a sharp glare at Bronwen!* I told you not to go snooping around in my stuff! If I wanted someone to read it, I’d have published it somewhere like one of Cassius’ dirty notes.

Bronwen: *Bronwen gave a wicked smirk! Baited and point!* Cassius could probably take out a small army with just his face, so I think MacBeth and I would be ready for McRaven. -02:11 Mar 30

Cassius: *Cassius cast a big toothy growly face at Bronwen!* Aye, I might at that. If I wasn’t half dead molested by some backtown hippo. We’re better of sneaking in and hoping no one spots us.

Brennen: *He raised an eyebrow at Cassius and then glared at him!* If it involves wearing a bra and a thong, so help me, Cassie, I’ll throw you to Morgan herself.

Dion: Let’s… not speak about the two of you in drag again. I am still having nightmares about that. *It was hard to tell if he was serious or not!* It would be nice to run in and run out without a fight. I don’t want to end up banged and bruised before that date.

Bronwen: *Pointing a quick finger at Dion, she scoffed!* See! You even want to look your best and be in top form! How do you even know she’s worth it? -02:23 Mar 30
MacBeth: … Always the optimist. *He murmured.* -02:28 Mar 30

Dion: The way she puts her fingers through her hair when she’s embarassed. Now, if we can get back on point– Having Brennen hunt down the charts themselves with me, Cassius, Duncan and Tiny could take care of any reinforments if we get caught. Brownie and MacBeth can handle any..ah.. special problems if they come up.

Cassius: *Cassius snorted.* You aught to stick MacBeth with Duncan. I don’t want to be around that furry demon, and Brownie might be able to shoot a damned gun but she ain’t shit for balls at taking out goons hand to hand.

Brennen: Hahaha. Very funny. *He muttered, casting a dark look at Dion now!* Dion’s plan is a good one. Well, you and Brownie aren’t too keen with each other in the first place. It’d be our luck you two decide to argue on who is going to shoot which goons.

Bronwen: *Bronwen was going to question Dion again, but there went Cassius’ fat mouth!* Heyo, I can take YOU out, I can take out any dumbass that comes at me. We’ll do it Dion’s way. -02:34 Mar 30

Cassius: Oh, right… I didn’t realized Dion was captain now! Does that mean after his turn, I finally get the honors? *He respondedly with thick sarcasm!*

Brennen: *He ignored Cassius!* Alright. So we got the plan. We can all rest up and get ready because we’re going to need all we got.

Dion: Let’s try not to get distracted while we’re there. *Dion commented, lighting up a new cig.* I don’t want to make a bad impression on Ceri.

Bronwen: …So if Brennen is probably going to marry Lady Heather, and now you’re all twitterpated over Ceri… when exactly, did you figure out you only want ONE girl when there’s always been millions? -02:44 Mar 30

Brennen: *He massaged his temple!* I think this is my cue to go and have a drink. Anyone else up for some …? *He asked as he walked for the door!*

Cassius: Lost their damned minds is what happened. …I want a beer! *Announced Cassius as he escaped. Who wants to hear all that love bullshit anyway?*

Dion: Thanks for the backup, Bree. *Dion said, at least half amused… The questions were THAT bad. …So far.* Sometimes you want more, Brownie. That’s all.

Dion: *weren’t!

Brennen: *He paused before he walked out.* Just let it be. These things happen. You’ll only hurt yourself trying to dissect everything.

Duncan and Mac followed suit and left to do whatever they needed to do!

It was the next day when the ship approached Siren’s Rock. It was the largest asteroid in a belt, housing a huuuuuuge space station. By luck, their ship was auto-recogized as one of Morgan’s vessels and was allowed to land without question. Inside the docking bay, it seemed fairly void of people! Occasionally there was a speaker announcement by a very bored sounding individual about what the day’s specials were in the cafeteria.

Tiny had done a little “shopping” and sneaked in some uniforms! Good Tiny!

Bronwen: *Bronwen liked disguises… maybe not as much as Cassius. But getting to switch out her clothes and play a part was always entertaining. She made sure to hide her guns nice and secure!* And so we remember… No causing trouble so Dion makes his date. *Brennen’s comment yesterday might have confused her, but that hadn’t stopped her from being curious. Unfortunetly, that would have to wait!* -03:06 Mar 30
MacBeth: *He slipped one of the uniforms on and packed in the swords and a few grenades just in case. One could never be too careful!* -03:07 Mar 30

Duncan: *He slipped on a uniform and had a gun with him, in case of an emergency! But the gun was a last resort since he had Tiny, after all!*

Brennen: *He straightened his uniform and was packing a single gun, too!* Too bad trouble finds us instead.

Cassius: *Cassius is pretty damned sure there was a conspiracy going on, cause HIS uniform was too damned small. You could see his ankles and his chest was about to pop out. He was looking ready to kill someone!* I hope they do. Someone is going to pay for this shit.

Brennen: Everyone’s comm links good and working?

Dion: Try not to draw anyone’s attention, Cassius. *Dion was well prepared, waiting by the door to make sure everyone was settled.* I’m good.

Bronwen: Yeeees. Can we get going before Cassie’s buttons pops one of our eyes out? -03:14 Mar 30

Brennen: *He nodded once and joined Dion!* Let’s go.

Everyone was ready and the door opened to let them through!

Cassius: Damned furballs own fault. *Muttered Cassius along with a few other phrases! He was out after Brennen and Dion, not waiting for Duncan to catch up. (Not that he needed too, sore body and tight clothes made for some awkward walking!)*

Tiny was snickering! Duncan had hidden Tiny in a satchel he was carrying! If anyone asked, the satchel held classified documents not to be opened by anyone!

MacBeth: You look ready for a rematch, Captain. *He remarked softly so only she could hear as they moved out.* -03:21 Mar 30
Bronwen: *It was hard to keep a straight face with Cassius looking so stupid. But all remaining comments were kept to herself for now.* I hope that’s not a subtle challenge. Don’t think you can keep up. *She mumbled in response!* -03:23 Mar 30
MacBeth: *He wore a hint of a smirk before it disappeared as quickly as it had come!* -03:25 Mar 30

There were a lot of guards here! They were stationed everywhere and they at least looked competent! They were standing at attention, their guns were clean and polished, and their uniforms were nice and clean!

Dion: *This is where confidence in what your doing comes in to play. Dion didn’t say a word, striding along with Brennen as if they were always meant to be there.*

Cassius: *Cassiues just wanted to hit somebody. He looked like an ass, felt like a pincushion, and all of these pricks were just standing around in the halls all officially like. Who the fuck stands that straight and clean looking on some backassward asteroid that no one ever goes to!*

It didn’t take them long to come to a pair of large iron doors about twice as tall as Cassius! But sitting at a desk just outside of the doors was a thin man wearing tiny spectacles on his nose and a crisp uniform that was dark blue compared to the gray ones they wore! He was shuffling through papers and didn’t even look up when they approached. “Just leave the documents here.”

Dion: I am afraid these documents are to be delivered in person. *Replied Dion, almost mimicing the man’s tone.* In a hurry to get back, if you don’t mind.

Bronwen: Just tell him to open the fucking doors. *Snorted Cassius from behind. … At least he was -trying- to keep his voice down.* -03:51 Mar 30

Cassius: Just tell him to open the fucking doors. *Snorted Cassius from behind. … At least he was -trying- to keep his voice down.*

Perhaps it was the tone in Dion’s voice or something he said that made the man stop shuffling! He looked up at Dion from behind the spectacles! “Impossible. Improbable.” He reached up to push the spectacles up his nose. “No one delivers these in person.” He beckoned at them. “Come, come, give me the documents and I will deal with it after I deal with more important matters.”

Dion: *Ignoring Cassius behind him, Dion only shook his head, patiently replying!* I’m afraid not sir. Classified documents from Morgan herself. If I don’t get them there in person, she’s likely to cane the lot of us.

Cassius: This self-important prick isn’t going to listen to reasoning. *Complained Cassius again! …The asshole was asking for it with his whole ‘important matters’ bullshit!*

The man was beginning to hesitate … until Cassius spoke up! He leaned to the side slightly, trying to get a look at who’d spoken! “Such language is inappropriate and for that I will have your pay docked. I will have all of your badges at once as well as your employee numbers.” He whipped out a computer and began typing in something!

Cassius: I got my numbers for ya. *Muttered Cassius, who clearly meant the five fingers of his FIST as he was doging around Dion to grab at the twerp behind the desk!*

Brennen: *He was ready to smack Cassius senseless!* Pardon him, sir. *He did his best to block Cassius off but man he was big!* It has been a long day.

Dion: *Dion was snagging Cassius back the back of his collar as Brennen tried to block his way.* He has a case of brain chiggers. Doesn’t have a clue what he’s saying half the time.

Bronwen: *Bronwen rubbed her forehead… Cassius was such a twit…!* -04:05 Mar 30

The man’s eyes grew wide and he tilted so far back from his chair, he was likely to stumble out of it! “Your badges and employee numbers. Now,” he demanded, looking quite angry at this case! How dare that brute try to come at him!

Cassius: *Shaking Dion off, Cassius pointed a finger around Brennen with a rather fierce snarl!* You’re going to open up that door or I’m going to pop your head like a weasel.

The man’s anger quickly disintegrated at this point! He scampered backwards and tipped over! THUD! He scrambled to his knees–and hit a large red button hidden on the side of a drawer! The alarm went off as he scurried under the desk!

Brennen: G’damnit! *He growled and broke away to jump over the desk and start pushing away papers!* The key! *He threw the silver card at Dion!*

Duncan: *He opened the satchel and let Tiny jump out!* Plan B!

Dion: *Dion didn’t often curse, but he was doing it now! He caught the key and was opening up the door!* I’m going to be late for my date, and she’s going to think I’m.. I’m a Cassius! *He spat out as the door was opened!*

The alarm was a loud one and red lights were flashing! Reinforcements were coming!

Bronwen: Cassius, you big mouthed dick! Can’t you control yourself for fifteen minutes?! *Bronwen hissed, pulling out her gun to turn around and keep them covered!* -04:15 Mar 30

Brennen: *He was already in the room and glanced around!* G’damnit! *There were shelves upon shelves of maps and charts!* I’ll take this side! *He darted off to one side!*

MacBeth: *He moved behind the desk, grabbed the man hiding there by the collar and threw him to the side!* Hey, Flyboy! Help me move this out and tip it over! We’re gonna use this as a shield! -04:16 Mar 30

Duncan: *He flinched as shots were already being fired but did as told! He and Mac managed to get that desk moved, as heavy as it was, before tipping it over, top facing the approaching men!*

Cassius: We’re fucking inside the room aren’t we?! Fucking pretty words and nice talking don’t do shit! *Cassius cracked his knuckles, good and ready for the men charging down the hall.* Should have cut his neck in the first place. *He rushed forward, like a charging bull, barreling in to the arriving men! Swinging fists like he was in a bar!*

MacBeth: *He threw his thumb toward the room Dion and Brennen had disappeared into!* Flyboy, you go in and see if you can help. -04:20 Mar 30

Dion: *…This could take longer than an hour and Cassius already screwed their cover.* ….Shit! *Dion was on the opposite side, riffling through maps as quickly as he could pick them up and look!*

Duncan: *He quickly nodded!* Right. *He turned to Tiny, sitting there!* Be careful, Tiny. *And then he was gone! The first Shadowstar he ran into was Dion!* Can I help?

Dion: Take the middle! You’re looking for anything that says Shadowstar, Aaron, or The Bear.

MacBeth: We’re going to need to look for another way to get back to the ship. *He told Shadowstar as he spotted a map on the wall of the compound! Hell be damned! It had a marking on it that read "You Are Here"! -04:22 Mar 30

Duncan: *He quickly nodded and was scrambling away to the middle of the room!* Uh … Got it! *He pulled out map after map, looking and looking!* Shadowstar. Aaron. The Bear. Shadowstar. Aaron. The Bear.

Bronwen: *Bronwen was already moving behind the desk, remaining standing so she could get clearer shots… And she wasn’t being nice about Cassius either! Someone of those shots came a bit close to hitting him!* There’s other hallways, right? Just need a detour route and then send the big mouth down a different one as a distraction! -04:24 Mar 30

Brennen: *He was pulling out those maps and checking them, then flying them over his shoulder or just letting them drop on the floor!*

Cassius: *PECHEW!* …WATCH WHERE YOU’RE FUCKING SHOOTING, WOMAN! *That one went right between his legs to shoot out someone’s knees! That was a close call! Cassius head butted the nearest goon, and clobbered another!*

MacBeth: *He crawled over to the map and pulled it off! The chart room was pretty much smack in the middle of the base. The main hallway was the one they’d come through and the one the soldiers were coming down!* Our only chance is on the other side of the chart room. *He stuck his thumb over his shoulder!* There’s a short corridor that breaks off into two separate directions but they both lead to the loading dock. -04:31 Mar 30
Bronwen: *Bronwen glanced over to get a good look at the map,… not even pausing to stop firing her gun at on coming goons!* Then we hold them off until they find the chart and send Cassius down the other way. …Tiny can always save. I guess. -04:34 Mar 30

Cassius: FUCKING SHIT! *That’s if Bronwen didn’t kill her own brother! He stumbled out of the way, a shot flying past his chest, and YELPED when he nearly got shot in the ass!* BRONWEN, PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION!

MacBeth: I’m going to go help look. Do you need Tiny out here? -04:39 Mar 30
Bronwen: *Bronwen smirked.* Oh no, I’ve got it. *Taking out goons was easy! This was nothing!… Cassius was helping!* -04:41 Mar 30
MacBeth: *He glanced over at Tiny who was apparently enjoying watching Cassius nearly get his ass shot off!* C’mon, Tiny. Chart-looking duty. *Then he ducked into the chart room with Tiny right behind!* -04:42 Mar 30

Dion: *Not it, not it… not it… He could hear screaming out there by Cassius, which frankly is what he deserved at this point! They could of been taking their time! But no! Dion was going to get shot and have to explain to Ceri why he was dead!*

Tiny and Mac split up! Tiny went to help Duncan look after Duncan told it to look for a map that said “Shadowstar, Aaron, or The Bear.”

Cassius: THAT’S IT. *Bronwen was ASKING for trouble! Cassius picked up the nearest two goons to come at him and threw them at her! Maybe then she’d stop popping off that gun!*

Brennen: *He growled under his breath!* I’m going to kill Cassius. *He muttered! Why the hell couldn’t they put these things in alphabetical order!*

Some goons took advantage of Cassius being distracted! They stopped coming at him and started shooting at him instead!

Bronwen: *What the shit! Bronwen ducked behind the desk as someone went flying over her head! She was having to turn around and kick a boot to his face while shooting at the other before he could scramble to his feet and get a gun out!* -04:48 Mar 30

Dion: *Not it, not it either, a map of the tropical planetary system of Dbai… He stashes that one in his back pocket. Not it, no-* GOT IT!

MacBeth: *He dropped the map he’d been holding.* This way! *He dashed to the opposite end of the room and pulled out the silver card key Brennen had taken and Dion had dropped! He pulled the gun out and the door opened!* -04:55 Mar 30

The short corridor on the other side was clear!

Duncan: *He poked his head out of the chart room and saw the captain kicking some ass–literally!* C’mon, Captain! This way!

Bronwen: Casius, it’s go time! *She shouted, turning around picking off the goons he was fighting with!* Or you could just stay! Take the right corridor! *Stashing her gun, she was up and dashing in to the room to follow the others!* -04:58 Mar 30

Dion: *Dion stuffed the starchart in his shirt where it wasn’t going to get lost, and headed for the door!* I’m assuming you have an alternate way out?

Cassius: WHAT? *Sonofabitch! Leave him to fight off the entire base’s soldiers! He saw how it was! Lifting up one of the goons, he flung the guy at his buddies before stumbled for the room!*

MacBeth: Better than waiting for Cassius to clear that way. *He muttered as he turned left and kept running! It was obvious no one ever used this corridor as there wasn’t so much as a spaceball rolling through here! They came to the end where there was a simple door and Mac looked through a crack! There was another room, a class of sorts with desks and a board at the front! It was empty! He stepped through first and only motioned for the others to come when it was clear!* -05:03 Mar 30
Bronwen: *Bronwen slipped in to the room quick… They had a good head start.* He’s going to be so pissed off. *…she stopped inside to lean agains the wall and grin.* -05:08 Mar 30

The class was at the end of another hall but the hall was clear, too!

Duncan: *He bent forward to lean on his knees and catch his breath!* That’s … a lot of … man power. *He panted, meaning the goons!*

Cassius: *Cassius, with now several armed and shooting men at his heels tripped over charts in the floor, crashed through the door (where those buttons of his shirt finally popped… GOD DAMNIT) and turned down the right side! …Where he was now having the barreling over more goons! Did they even GO this way?!*

Brennen: *He patted Duncan on the back!* Come on. We better get going. Brownie, where the hell is Cassius?

Bronwen: He’s doing us a favor and being a decoy. He’ll meet us at the ship. …or Tiny will fetch his body. What ever happens first, really! *Bronwen didn’t doubt he’d live, but there was hopping that he’d get his ass shot off at least.* -05:12 Mar 30

Dion: All right, let’s make sure we get to the ship before he does. We’re going to want to fly out quick.

Duncan: *He sucked in a breath and nodded, standing straight.* Okay. I’m ready.

Everything was nice and quiet when they got to the loading dock! There was the ship, waiting for them but no sign of Cassius!

Bronwen: *Bronwen made sure to have her gun out and ready again when they reached the ship…* Everyone on board… we’re keeping a lookout for the dumbass. Get the ship ready for immediate takeoff, Duncan. -05:30 Mar 30

Duncan: *He didn’t need to be told twice! He was dashing for the ship with Tiny right on his heels!*

Duncan: Yes, Captain!

Dion: We’ve got it now, Brownie. You can get inside with Duncan and we’ll wait for Cassius. *She might be the Captain, but she was still the little sister! …And Cassius was probably going to have an army of men on his butt!*

Bronwen: Ha ha ha. No. Now stop goofing off, mpa-holder or you’ll get all shot full of holes and your girlfriend will be freaked out! *At least Dion wasn’t a complete douche like Cassius was!* -05:37 Mar 30
Bronwen: *map -05:38 Mar 30

Cassius: *Speaking of now shirtless Cassius! He nearly exploded out of the other corridor, getting it slammed closed behind him.* Thanks a god damned lot for that one…! Where the fucking hell were YOU?

“Nothing like a little family reunion to stir the blood,” someone remarked from behind! Banquo was sitting on the edge of a large crate!

Bronwen: If it isn’t sleepdisk, guy. *Bronwen muttered… And this was the guy that taunted MacBeth about murdering girlfriends. She had been WAITING for this one! Gun ready and aimed, she wasn’t taking her sight off him!* Boy, you’re about to get it. -05:44 Mar 30

Banquo grinned! The crates around him opened and red eyes–no lights, turned on, revealing sentinel robots that climbed out!

Brennen: *He raised an eyebrow!* You have to give him credit … He comes prepared.

Dion: Just keep your head out of firing range, Bree! *Dion joked, as he ducked for cover, pulling out his gun to open fire on those robots!* You first, Bree!

Those robots wasted no time in raising their cannons for arms and firing at them!

Duncan: *He blinked and held on as the ship rocked! The ship’s sensors hadn’t picked up any damage to the ship!* Awh man! *He held on and glanced around to find Tiny curled up on the captain’s seat!* Tiny, emergency!

Cassius: FUCK this shit..! Get on the ship! *CLONG~!… SONOFABITCH! ..Punching a sentinal bot is a bad idea! Granted, he dented the thing’s face, but it hurt like a bitch!*

Brennen: *He fired a dark glare at Dion and ducked!* G’damnit, Dion! *He growled! A shot took out the crate he was hiding behind and he flew back! He winced and lay there for awhile! He hurt like hell!*

Bronwen: *The ship could wait a minute! Bronwen ducked under and between bots… There was a bigger fish to shoot at! She was aiming fire at Banquo, and damned if she wasn’t going to kill him!* -05:54 Mar 30

Dion: I told you to watch your head! *He shouted! Dion cursed under his breath, hopping up from his spot to dodge fire and bots and drop next to Brennen. Smacking his brother on the chest twice, he made cover fire!* Rise and shine, sleepin’ beauty!

Tiny rushed out of the ship, transforming to a larger size in mid-stride, and tackled the first sentinel robot it saw! The robot tried to fire at Tiny but shot holes into the ceiling instead! Tiny chomped on its arm and tore it off, then did the same to the other arm, dismantling it in little time!

Cassius: Just like Brennen, always fucking passing out in a fight! *Cassius just picked up one of the damned things and threw it across the room! He took off to help Dion with that fool Brennen!*

Banquo was already jumping down and taking cover behind a sentinel robot! He pulled out something, something small and black–and flew it toward them!

Brennen: *He winced and coughed and tried to sit up!* … Ooww … Friggin’ robots …

MacBeth: *He saw the small, black thing flying at them and pulled out a sword! He just hoped it wasn’t the type of explosive that exploded on contact! He got into position where he figured it would land and then swung the flat of the blade as it came sailing down! He sent it flying back the way it’d come!* -06:02 Mar 30

Cassius: Yeah, yeah! You damned pussy! *Cassius was hauling up Brennen over his shoulders and marching him back to the ship! If Dion wasn’t a shithead, he’d be behind him!*

Tiny was already moving on to its fourth robot and tearing it apart! The sentinel robots were still firing but now there was a lot less fire, thanks to everyone’s combined efforts!

Dion: *Dion was right behind Cassius, up until the BZZZRT of something catching him across the shoulder! He curse aloud and stumbled a bit, but he kept on running! …Thankfully it wasn’t his date shirt!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen was going to keep running forward and kill the bastard, but not when MacBeth smacked that bomb back at him! She skidded to a halt real quick, doubling back the way she came!* -06:07 Mar 30
MacBeth: *The desire to dash across and follow Shadowstar’s example to kill Banquo was so very strong! But he had to get back to the ship! As he ran for it, something caught his ankle and he fell to the floor with a THUD! There were stars in his vision for a bit and his whole head throbbed! The robot who had grabbed his leg tightened its hold! It felt like it was going to tear his foot off! He grabbed his gun and turned around to shoot it square in the face! He shook his leg free and half-staggered, half ran into the ship!* -06:13 Mar 30

Tiny looked up and raced up after Mac, disappearing into the ship!

Cassius: *It was Cassius that shut the doors quick as the last man and critter came stumbling on board!* AND FUCK YOU TOO. DUNCAN, GET THIS BOAT OFF THE GROUND!

Duncan: *The engines were fired up as he flicked switches and pressed buttons! The ship’s sensors said the ship was at peak condition! As soon as he got word, he closed the ship up and drove the ship through the door!*

Meanwhile at the Hessing farm …

Ceri: Ma Hessing … do you think Dion and his family are alright …? *She sounded and looked worried as she sat in their living room, cradling a cup of tea in her hands.*

Bronwen: Mission accomplished. Stupid Cassius. *She muttered, leaning against the wall and sliding the floor.* -06:19 Mar 30

Cassius: Thanks to me, there’s not an army on our as-.. Who the fuck shot my sister?!

Brennen: *He winced as he tried to move!* So. Gonna make you. Pay for … this. *He panted, glaring at Cassius!*

Bronwen: What? Nobody shot yo- *Aw hell, maybe they did. She brushed her hand over her arm at the blood there, and then realized one of those sentinalbots must have grazed her side.* …Damnit, I liked this shirt. -06:21 Mar 30

Tiny was sitting on the captain’s chair, in its minature form again, licking its paw!

Dion: *Dion himself was trying to adjust his shoulder and wincing like hell everytime! There wasn’t going to be any romancing like this… He cast Cassius the worst glare he had ever give!*

Duncan: *He huffed, ran his fingers through his hair!* Okay. We should be home soon. Real soon. *Man that had been a close one!*

Cassius: You’re not seriously going to blame me for this shit, are you? *Cassius didn’t have to be guilty about nothing!* Brennen’s fool ass shouldn’t have been standing around, and Brownie was running out there like some kind of demon… And don’t you get me started on MacBeth!

Ma Hessing: *She studied the girl sitting across of her and leaned forward to put a hand on her arm.* What makes you say that, sweetie?

Brennen: *He lifted his hand and imitated Cassius’ talking with it!* Yadda yadda yadda … If you’d kept your damn mouth shut, we’d be home free and injury free, too!

Cassius: Oh no. I could have broke that guy’s neck on the spot. Dion wanted to play it smooth talker! What about Brownie nearly taking off my head with that recklass damned shooting, and sending me on a head on collision with them goons! You all deserve what you got!

Dion: You’re walking on a thin line, Cassius. I didn’t want to show up for my date like this, and nearly every one of us is on the floor.

MacBeth: *He checked his ankle and stopped the bleeding by tearing off his sleeve and binding the wound with it! Then he got up and limped out of the room! He returned a little while later with some things he’d retrieved from the medical bay!* Who wants to get stitched up first? -06:32 Mar 30

Dion: *Dion visibly cringed at the thought! Then beckened his hand over at Brennen and Bronwen!* Those two. Don’t let her pass out and I’m guessing Brennen through out his old man back…

Brennen: Haha. Very funny. *He muttered, too tired to lift his head and shoot a glare at Dion!* I’ll get you back for that one, D. Just you wait.

Cassius: *Cassius snorted. That was as good as being dismissed, and he noticed that cringe. He might be the biggest asshole on the ship, but he could drop it now. Growling out something sour, he stomped out!*

MacBeth: *He moved and with some difficulty, managed to get down on the floor to kneel beside Shadowstar!* Here, let me see it. -06:37 Mar 30
Bronwen: It’s a scrape. What did you do to your foot? *Somehow she missed half of that exchange, but at least caught on with Dion saying "her" and Cassius stomping out! And MacBeth was limping around! She just barely moved her arm so he could see… but mostly cause she was trying to lean and see what he did to himself.* -06:40 Mar 30

Dion: That’s if you’re not having to carry around one of those walkers. *Dion said with a grin. Boy, his shoulder burned and ached, but he wasn’t bleeding. He was fine for now. …This was really going to put a wrench in his date, though! Better avoid any games…*

MacBeth: I’ll survive. *He replied. He clenched his jaw as he shifted to hide his ankle so he wouldn’t hiss under his breath from the pain! He examined her arm.* I’ll clean it and bandage it up, anyways. -06:42 Mar 30

They landed not long on the Hessing farm after Mac had finished tending to the captain and then moved on to check Brennen!

Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing was waiting outside of the ship with a shovel. Seems he looked in mind to hit someone with it.*

Duncan: *He poked his head out and gulped when he saw his Pa with that shovel!* Heh heh … Uh, hi, Pa! I uh, I can explain … really!

Dion: *Dion hurt, but Dion was fast! There was a pretty girl waiting after all! He managed to dodge MacBeth and get himself some nice clean clothes before leaving the ship. He gave Fa a nod as he trotted past him!*

Fa Hessing: *Fa nodded as Dion walked past… and just nodded at his son too. He was waiting for something!*

Ma Hessing: *She patted Ceri’s hand.* Everything will be fine, sweetie. I’m sure he’s coming as fast as he can.

Brennen: Ow! *He winced, cried out, and tried to shrink away from Mac!* Why’d you do that for?! *He growled!*

MacBeth: *He held up the needle he’d stuck into Brennen’s arm!* Stop crying. You were the one who wanted the pain killers. -06:52 Mar 30
Bronwen: *Bronwen didn’t really get off the floor… but walked on her knees to follow after MacBeth. She was getting a good look at his leg and foot when he moved to Brennen and checking him over.* Don’t be such a girl, Bree… -06:52 Mar 30

Dion: *Dion stopped at the front door, and gave a loud knock! That was the polite thing to do! He straightened his shirt, giving a small wince.*

Brennen: *He winced!* That’s easy for the two of you to say! You aren’t writhing in pain here, forced to just lie here and all!

Ma Hessing: *She stood and took the cup out of Ceri’s hands, placing it on the table and taking her hands.* Let’s go. I believe that knock is for you. *She led her over to the door and when Ceri paused at it, turned to look at her, she gestured her to go ahead!*

Ceri: *She took a deep breath and opened the door! She looked up at Dion and blinked!* Dion! You made it! You’re–Are you alright?

Bronwen: How am I supposed to pout and get all the attention if you’re crying like a big baby! *Hmm… Well he could semi stand on it. His foot wasn’t broken. But was it a bad sprain or a deep cut… Bronwen poked MacBeth’s leg to find out!* -06:58 Mar 30

Dion: *He was pale, and he felt washed out, but she looked like a princess and he was suddenly smiling like an idiot. ….he caught himself quick with a cough.* I’m alright. We had a little trouble, so.. ah… if Ma Hessing doesn’t mind babysitting Brennen for me. He’s getting too old for this stuff.

Cassius: *Cassius was still brooding, but when he finally realized they landed, he was marching off the ship. He needed a bee- THONG. He dropped to the ground like a ton of bricks!*

Ma Hessing: Oh dear. *But she smiled and nodded.* Of course, I’d be delighted to care for him. You two go out and have some fun now. *She was already scooting Ceri out the door and closing the door behind her!*

Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing’s swing hit good and true. Tucking that shovel under his shoulder, he picked up Cassius’ legs and was hauling him off towards the barn, without a word.*

Ceri: *She blinked as she suddenly found herself outside! Ma Hessing was a quick and strong woman! She looked over at Dion with a worried expression on her face!* Thank you for coming. *She smiled.*

MacBeth: *He clenched his teeth as pain shot up his leg from the touch!* I’ll be … fine. *He turned back to Brennen.* Nothing broken or bleeding. Looks like you were just hit real hard. -07:05 Mar 30

Dion: Wasn’t a thing in the universe that was going stop me from getting here. *He said with a grin. And he meant it!*

Bronwen: *A good keen look… there was a gash and he probably twisted a muscle pretty good. Fine her ass.* If Brennen is all right, then it’s your turn. So you better sit down. -07:07 Mar 30

Ceri: *She blushed a bit.* So … uh, what did you have planned today? *She had to change the subject or she’d be staring at him with a puppy-like expression on her face!*

Dion: I hope you like long walks under the moons, because that’s about all I have planned.. *He laughed softly at his bungled ideas, and reached up to rub the back of his head. Ack– wrong arm! A wince and an urg… the he tried to hide wide a cough! Cough!*

MacBeth: *He gave a sigh, glanced over his shoulder at her!* … Not gonna get anywhere if I try arguing with you, right? -07:11 Mar 30

Suddenly the door opened and a basket was thrust into Ceri’s arms!

Ceri: *She was so startled, she just stood there, staring at the basket for a few moments!* Uh … How about … a picnic? *She smiled sheepishly!*

Bronwen: Not unless you want a good fight. I’m tired but I could still take you down. *The tone of her voice suggested she would be fine either way!* -07:13 Mar 30

Dion: *Well… seemed like someone planned ahead for them! Dion grinned again and offered her his arm — his good arm!* Sounds like a real pleasure, Lady Ceri. Shall we?

Ceri: *She smiled again and took the arm he offered her!* I could think of no one else to share this yummy food with. *As they walked, she glanced at his other side, trying not to be obvious but not succeeding very well!*

MacBeth: … Fine. Let’s get this over with. *He clenched his jaw again as he got and plopped down into the nearest chair!* -07:20 Mar 30
Bronwen: You’re not going to cry like Brennen are you? *Bronwen got up from the floor just long enough to grab what she needed, then sat down at his feet with the things in her lap. She tugged off his shoe, trying to be mindful of not taking his foot off too!* -07:22 Mar 30

Dion: *Ah, she was very smart… Dion would love that at any other time. He kept his smile though and ignored that burning on his shoulder!* Let’s see… how about way over there with all that nice tall grass?

[Bronwen was checking on MacBeth\’s foot while Dion was out on his date!] -03:15 Mar 31
[MacBeth sat back and let Shadowstar check his foot.] -03:17 Mar 31
MacBeth: I just need some time off of it. *He replied, teeth still clenched.* -03:17 Mar 31

Duncan: Hello, Ma. *He kissed her cheek as he walked into the house, followed by Brennen!*

Brennen: *He had decided he would take it slow … and get himself a piece of Ma Hessing’s fantastic pies! Or cakes! Or whatever she had on hand at the moment!*

Bronwen: Yep. That means no working, no dancing, no fighting, no trouble… *He had a good gash, so once she cleaned that up she applied some of the liquid stitches! Then she worked on wrappinging him up.* -03:20 Mar 31

Ma Hessing: *She smiled!* Duncan! Brennen! Hello! *She blinked.* Where is Cassius and Mac and Bronwen?

MacBeth: *He smirks a bit!* Does that mean I have to go to bed early too? *He teased. His leg was feeling better.* -03:23 Mar 31
Bronwen: Uh huh. No playing, going to bed early and eat your vegetables. You’re going to be miserable! -03:26 Mar 31

Fa Hessing: *Fa returned, without a shovel and without Cassius!* …

MacBeth: Heh. I’m sure you have tons of practice making your brothers miserable. -03:48 Mar 31

Brennen: Greetings, Madame Hessing. May I bother you for some of your delicious pie? *He gave a sheepish grin!*

Bronwen: Making people miserable must be what I do best. *She stood and put things away, rubbing her arm with soft grumbling. Dumb Brennen’s whining, now she couldn’t get away with pouting herself!* Now the trick is getting you in the house. I guess I could throw you over my shoulder. *She turned to tilt her eyed as she eyed him!* -03:57 Mar 31

Dion: *Meanwhile, Dion was trying to spread out a picnic blanket and his shoulder was giving him hell! At least flapping that thing around masked the look on his face!*

Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Of course, Brennen. Come inside the kitchen. You, too, dear, you look absolutely starving. *She said to Duncan who was carrying Tiny!*

Ceri: Here. Let me help you. *She smiled as she took the other side and helped anchor it down with the basket.* And they say chivalry is dead.

Betty: Ma Hessing! Did Ceri’s date get here yet? *The large woman sitting in the kitchen demanded to know! She had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot!*

MacBeth: *He would have smirked but she looked damn serious about throwing him over her shoulder!* Weren’t you the one who said no walking, no running, and what not? *He glanced around and hoisted himself up so he stood on one foot. He was leaning against the wall!* -04:13 Mar 31

Ma Hessing: *She smiled!* I’m afraid he got here and swept Ceri right off her feet. You’ll meet him when he gets back, dear. Oh, Brennen, meet Betty, Ceri’s sister.

Dion: I have to say, you’re the prettiest Knight I’ve seen. *Dion had himself a seat, taking a quick peek inside that basket!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen pointed at him accusingly when he stood up! …then huffed as she moved to put her arms around him and help whether he liked it or not.* I did and now look at you disobeying orders. -04:17 Mar 31

Ceri: *She laughed and took a seat, too!* When I was little, I always dreamed of being a knight. *A sheepish grin!* My sister always played the princess. Except I always pretended like she was the dragon.

Inside the basket were all sorts of goodies! Sandwiches and some wine and a couple of glasses! Not to mention a box of homemade chocolate and some fruit salad!

Brennen: *He blinked at the woman in the kitchen! She looked ready to lop off someone’s head!* Uh, hello. It’s nice to meet you. *He tried not to stare at Betty but … she looked nothing like Ceri!*

MacBeth: *A slight smirk!* A guy’s gotta know when to disobey orders, Captain. I guess I owe you a song. -04:23 Mar 31

Dion: *Dion pulled out the glasses, handing them both to Ceri so he could open the bottle and pour.* You sound a bit like my sister. She was always more interesting in saving the damsel than being one. Of course, the damsel ended up being me or Brennen, which made for some interesting costume problems.

Bronwen: You sure do. A song and a lot of ‘You’re an amazing doctor, Captain.’ and some ‘I’d die if it weren’t for you.’ …at least this time it’s just a foot. *Bronwen debated about where to shuffle him, to bed where he belonged, or to the Hessings where they could both snoop about Dion…* -04:28 Mar 31

Ma Hessing: Betty, this is Ceri’s date’s brother, Brennen. *She cleared her throat.* I was just telling him about what a fine fiancee he has.

Betty: *There was a glint of interest in her eye as she looked Brennen up and down! … Until Ma Hessing mentioned a fiancee. Then she pouted.* Awh, shucks. Well, nice to meet you. *She waved and then threw a kiss at Brennen.*

[Bronwen has timed out.] -05:05 Mar 31

Ceri: *She smiled and watched as Dion poured the wine.* Costume problems, huh? *She laughed softly* That must have been some playtime.

Brennen: *He gulped! Why did he feel like he’d just narrowly escaped something he was better off not knowing about?

[Bronwen did nothing of the sort.] -05:08 Mar 31

Dion: There’s some things a man should never wear, reguardless of how old he is. *Dion remembered that nurse get-up Bree and Cassius had been sporting and shuddered! That was definetly one of them.* So then, Lady Ceri. Did you managed to slay the dragon/princess?

Ma Hessing: *She smiled and patted Brennen on the shoulder.* Let me get you some pie. Have a seat. Betty was telling me all about the man who swept her off her feet a couple of weeks ago. It’s all she can talk about.

Ceri: *She laughed!* Yeah but I had to endure sitting in the corner and doing extra chores. I didn’t mind doing the time, though.

Duncan: *He waved!* Hey Betty! I haven’t seen you for awhile! How are you?

Betty: *She smiled at Duncan, a friendly, not flirty smile!* Alright, thanks. Your ma keeps telling me about you flying all over the place now.

MacBeth: Yes, ma’am! *He saluted! He coughed!* Captain, I would die with you. You’re an amazing doctor. I’m blessed to have you. -05:19 Mar 31

Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly!* Yeah. But it’s nice to come home.

Dion: *Dion was digging in that basket again, pulling out the fruit salad and offering her a piece.* A girl that plays it a little dangerously. I knew I liked you. *He grinned.*

Ceri: Thank you. *She blushed and laughed softly.* Are you and your mischievous ways going to rub off on me? *She teased.*

Ma Hessing: *She served Brennen a slice of her pie and disappeared.* Pa, would you like some pie? I made an entire pie just for you. Your favorite. Chocolate pecan with mint and caramel.

Ma Hessing: *to look for her husband!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned up at him. So he ad-libbed a little bit. It was still nice. She ought to stop standing here with him so they could sit down and rest, but it was nice too!* I think you forgot to call me pretty, the best shooter in the world, and supreme winner of our challenge. -05:25 Mar 31

Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing was sitting in HIS chair with his fork ready in a heartbeat, that big scary grin all over his face! Of course he wanted his pie!*

Dion: *He reached out to brush the hair from Ceri’s face, still grinning.* I don’t know now, maybe you’re the influence instead.

Ceri: *She was still blushing! Hell, she was blushing even more as she ate the fruit salad piece!* This from a man who scales trees and dodges razortooth bunnies for sport.

Ma Hessing: *She laughed softly and planted a kiss on his forehead.* Of course, silly me. *She got out an entirely different pie and cut it into slices but then set the whole thing in front of him!* I’ll fetch you a glass of milk. Anyone else want some …?

Duncan: I’d love some, thanks, Ma. *He said, finding himself a seat with Tiny!*

Brennen: *He smiled.* Much obliged, Madame Hessing. Thank you.

MacBeth: *He grinned at her!* Forgive me. *He cleared his throat.* Oh, Captain Shadowstar. You are the most beautiful, most elegant and sophisticated shooter ever to grace this galaxy. You are the supreme winner of our challenge and I am not worthy of your good grace. -05:32 Mar 31

Dion: *Dion leaned forward a slight bit.* I’m also bad about picking the right moment to ask for a kiss. *If she blushed any more, he was going to kiss her asking first or not!*

Betty: *She sighed and huffed!* Oh, this is taking so long … *She tapped her foot and looked out the window!*

Bronwen: I stuck you with too much painkillers, didn’t I? You’re lucky you’re far too injured for me to take advantage of you. *She grinned anyway, moving his arm so it rest around her shoulders. They were gonna get out of this ship and bum food from Ma Hessing!* -05:40 Mar 31

Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Sweetie, it’s a date. Relax. Why don’t you uh … *She paused.* Pa, did you need help with anything outside?

MacBeth: *He smirked!* Maybe. But I don’t hold that against you. *He started to move his good leg and limp out with some help from Shadowstar!* -05:43 Mar 31

Fa Hessing: *He was having to swallow an entire piece of pie he just shoved in his mouth.* Them chickens need to be locked up. They’re manhaters too.

Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Yes. If you could care for the chickens. Thank you, dear. *She said as Betty moved to the door and disappeared!*

Brennen: *He blinked!* Do all of your animals hate men?

Fa Hessing: Yep. *Replied Fa as he stuffed another piece of pie in his mouth!*

Ceri: *She was blushing even more and she couldn’t help it!* Uh … um … right moment …? *Her heart was beating awfully fast!*

Bronwen: I have enough against me already! *MacBeth was a hell of a lot heavier than he looked. Just because he was shorter than all of her brothers didn’t make him lighter! But, they got to the house just fine and in the front door!* -05:53 Mar 31

Dion: That right moment. Where you’re looking at a girl and the only thing you can think about is giving her a kiss. *Dion leaned forward, intending to get that kiss… But leaned on the wrong arm! This time he couldn’t hide the ‘argh’ of pain, as he lowered his head and clenched his teeth!*

Ceri: *She blinked as he lowered his head!* Oh no, Dion! *She was up on her knees and putting her arms around his chest to help him sit up and off of the arm he was leaning on! In her worry over him, she didn’t notice how close she was holding him or for how long!*

Ma Hessing: *She walked out when she heard the front door open!* Oh dear! Dion didn’t mention Mac being hurt as well! *She quickly went over to Mac’s other side!* Here, to the chair! *She started moving him toward the nearest chair!*

Dion: *He raised a finger, very embarassed…* It’s not as bad as it sounds. *Dion was trying to lean off her, but damned if he didn’t push it this time… That burning he had been trying to ignore was now seeping right in to the joint.* We.. ah… got a little banged up. I’m sorry.

Bronwen: Probably because Dion had girl on the brain. *Replied Bronwen, helping to sit MacBeth in the chair, then straightening up to take a deep breath!* Man… You’re banned from getting hurt ever again. -06:04 Mar 31
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit!* Aye aye, captain. May I remind you that the reason I’m wounded in the first place is because Cassius shot his damn mouth off again? -06:08 Mar 31

Ceri: *She shook her head.* You don’t need to apologize. Unless you intended to get hurt in the first place. *She added as an afterthought.* Maybe I should take you back to the Hessings so you can get taken care of.

Dion: I didn’t end up shot so I could end this date early. *Said Dion… then he realized he probably shouldn’t have mentioned getting shot.* …You’re going to drag me back anyway, aren’t you.

Bronwen: We’re all hurting thanks to Cassius’ big mouth. *Bronwen sighed!* But you always end up with the worse of it. I think I’m going to wrap you in bubbleplastic. -06:14 Mar 31

Ma Hessing: *She smiled and made Mac comfortable on the chair, using extra pillows.* Men will be men. Would either of you like something to eat or drink?

MacBeth: *He leaned back in the chair!* Just lucky, I guess. -06:16 Mar 31

Ceri: You were shot?! *She took a deep breath and then smiled.* Just because I drag you back to the Hessing farm doesn’t mean our date has to end, you know.

Bronwen: Something hot and sweet would be nice, I want to be awake when Dion gets back. *Bronwen spied something interesting on a shelf and picked it up.. AH HA! A Toru puzzle game! She sat on the edge of MacBeth’s chair while she fussed with it!* -06:19 Mar 31

Dion: *Dion finally managed to sit himself up properly, but he was taking advantage of having his arms around her to brace himself.* As long as you promise. I can make it up to you later. *He smiled*

MacBeth: *He closed his eyes for a bit. It seemed that those painkillers wore off and left you feeling crashed!* -06:24 Mar 31

Ceri: *She couldn’t help but smile back at him!* Oh, I’ll make sure you will. *She laughed softly.* Although I have to admit … I like having you all to myself.

Ma Hessing: *She smiled and nodded.* Coming right up. *Then she disappeared back into the kitchen!*

Dion: Next time you can have me, and I won’t be growling pained obsenities under my breath. *And embarassed expression.* I guess we better get back, I’d hate to pass out on you.

Bronwen: *Bronwen turned so she could drap her legs over MacBeth and the other arm of the chair, and blinked! She leaned closed to his face and eyed him carefully…* You’re not falling asleep are you…? *She said softly!* -06:30 Mar 31

Ceri: *She nodded and let go of him so she could gather everything togther! Once they were all back in the basket, she helped him up and they folded the blanket before putting it away.*

MacBeth: Hm? *He opened one eye and then another to look up at her.* Looks like. Those drugs work wonders but man, do they have one hell of a crash. -06:39 Mar 31

Betty: *She finished up the chickens and walked back through the front door!* Ma Hessing, I’m done with the chickens! *She yelled!*

Ma Hessing: Good work, Betty. Thank you. Betty, this is Bronwen and Mac, friends of Duncan. Bronwen, Mac, this is Betty, Ceri’s sister.

Dion: *Thankfully he could still walk on his own two feet. Nothing was more embarassing than having a girl help you around. They headed back to the house!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen’s mouth dropped open… then it snapped shut and there was a twitch of a smirk at the corner of her mouth!* You know… I think we’ve met before. At that dance competition. …right MacBeth? -06:42 Mar 31
MacBeth: *He looked up at Betty and raised an eyebrow. Hm, what were the chances of something like this!* Yeah. The woman Cassius was so smitten with. -06:46 Mar 31

Betty: *She giggled!* Hmm hmm. And he is such a hunk. *She sighed!* Mm … Speaking of hunks … *She smiled, eying Mac!*

Ceri: *As they walked, she held the basket and even started humming to herself, very softly!*

Bronwen: *She blinked at Betty and then blinked at MacBeth. …Luckily, she was practically sitting on him, so the Amazon wouldn’t be able to carry him off like she did to Cassius!* Yeah, MacBeth is very handsome. But I bet you don’t want to get Cassius all jealous. He talked a lot about you. -06:52 Mar 31

Betty: *She blinked!* Oh, he did? What did he say? *She quickly asked, forgetting all about flirting with Mac!*

Dion: *Smiling at the sound, Dion caught her free hand to hold.* A muscical talent too.

Bronwen: I think his exact words were that he hadn’t had a night like that in his entire life! -06:58 Mar 31

Ceri: *She blushed, and then smiled!* I think I’ll take that as a hint and bewitch you with some fine pieces of music.

MacBeth: *He nodded!* He couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s part of the reason we’re here. Cassius was dying to see you again. -07:00 Mar 31

Betty: *She clapped her hands and gasped!* He did! *She started looking around!* Oh, where is he? Where is my Cassie-poo?

Dion: I think I am already enchanted. *He said with a grin!*

Bronwen: …Actually, I have no idea. Where is IS Cassius? -07:06 Mar 31

Fa Hessing: *Fa snorted loudly from the kitchen!* Doing a errand.

Ma Hessing: *She blinked as she came back outside with a nice hot drink for Bronwen and Mac!* Cassius? Isn’t he back in the ship?

MacBeth: *A smirk!* I guess he’ll be back soon then. -07:07 Mar 31

Ceri: *She laughed softly and smiled up at him.* Well, Mr. Enchanted, how about we set our next date?

Bronwen: He must be getting all cleaned up before seeing Betty. *Bronwen set that puzzle box in her lap so she could accept the drink!* -07:10 Mar 31

Dion: That sounds like a grand idea. *They stopped at the front door, with Dion turning to face her.* We’ve got something we have to do as soon as everyone is all healed up. ..But afterwards I would very much like to come back and see you again.

Ceri: *She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow, a small smile tugging at her mouth.* Hm. *She looked at him thoughtfully.* Is there a chance you could get shot again?

Ma Hessing: *She saw the puzzle box and smiled.* I see you found the puzzle. Did you have a chance to get a go at it?

Dion: *He paused, considering whether or not he should tell her the truth. Would he be too much trouble for her?* Yeah. There’s a chance. …but for a kiss I’ll make sure I don’t.

Bronwen: It’s pretty complicated but I have the top layer solved. Interesting how many Toru artifacts you have around here. *Bronwen was sure of it, and Ma Hessing probably knew she knew, but it sure would be nice to get the woman to crack and spill the beans!* -07:17 Mar 31

Ceri: *She smiled.* Okay. I’ll give you a kiss now and give you a lot more kisses when you return to me. Deal?

Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Isn’t it? I think they give the room a cozy atmosphere. *She turned to Betty.* Do sit down, Betty. You look ready to bore holes into everything while you wait for Cassius.

Dion: Sounds like the best deal I’ve had all year. *Dion leaned forward and lowered his head, just barely brushing a kiss at the corner of her mouth.*

Bronwen: *Cozy…? Toru stuff practically screamed adventure, danger, and one hell of a good story! Cozy wasn not the word!* -07:24 Mar 31

Ceri: *She smiled, cupped his cheek, and turned his head a bit more so the kiss she gave him landed right on his lips. She pulled back a bit, still holding his cheek.* I can tell danger is a part of your life. Just come back to me, please. Alive and in one piece.

Betty: *She was sitting down but she was obviously anxious as she sat right on the edge of the seat! She had her hands clasped together in her lap! Then she straightened her hair and her dress!*

Cassius: Christ, you’re a couple of romance novel characters aren’t you. *There was Cassius. He had been standing there at least long enough to watch them making out, as he rubbed his aching head. Damned Fa Hessing. …But hey… If this was Ceri, she’s pretty damned hot!*

Dion: *Dion was leaning in for another kiss – and then Cassius opened his big mouth. Again.* …Cassius. *He tilted his head towards his brother.* The bad brother.

Ceri: *She tilted her head at Cassius so she could get a look at him but didn’t break away from Dion.* Hello. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Ceri.

Cassius: Aw jee. I’m interrupting your score. I’ll just go inside and leave you two alone. *Cassius gave a huge smirk, stepping on to the porch and brushing past them to enter the house.*

No sooner had Cassius set foot inside the house when …

Betty: Cassie-Poo! *For a woman her size, she moved awfully fast! She was out of her seat and had her arms around Cassius quicker than anyone could believe! She wasted no time in kissing and cuddling him!*

Ceri: *She smiled a little sheepishly.* Is he always this charming? *She asked.*

Cassius: WHAT TH-?! GRPMH! *He was being SMOTHERED by a hippo! GOD DAMNIT! This was an ambush!*

Betty: *Smootchsmootchsmootch!* Mm … I thought I’d never see you again! *Smootchsmootchsmootch!* Oh, this is wonderful! *More smootching!* I’ve missed you so much!

MacBeth: *He smirked!* Nice of you to join us, Cassie. -07:36 Mar 31

Dion: He’s got his good moments. …Rarely. *They could hear Cassius’ bellowing from out here! Dion looked a bit confused.*

Bronwen: This is Betty, Ceri’s sister! Isn’t that such a funny coincidence? *Bronwen had never seen anything as funny in her whole life!* -07:37 Mar 31

Cassius: Ceri’s… sister?! *Cassius was trying to pry the woman off him, so he could turn around and run back out the front door! There was NO family resemblance! NONE! …These assholes tricked him!*

Ceri: *She reluctantly broke away from Dion but still held his good hand as she walked in the door.* Oh. Cassius has met Betty, that’s all.

Betty: *She finally had him and hell if she was going to let him go after they’d just been reunited!* It was written in the stars for us to be together again! *She didn’t even seem to feel him pushing and struggling against her!*

Dion: *Dion stepped inside with Ceri, casting the scene a curious look. …Bronwen looked like the Cheshire cat, MacBeth was giving that smirk… and Cassius looked ready to start slugging punches. ….Dion smiled!* Evening, everyone! I see the night is going well.

Ceri: *She blinked at her sister smothering Cassius!* Betty, what are you doing to him?

Cassius: I don’t – think – that’s what happened! *Croaked Cassius, trying to psuh her at an arm’s distance. Crazy woman was strong as hell!* Mmmrrph!

Betty: *She looked up but didn’t loosen her hold!* Ceri, this is the man I told you about! The one from the fair! We shared a wonderful night of passion and love!

Bronwen: You know, it’s just like a fairy tale. Two brothers meeting two girls on the same day. Not realizing they were sisters. It’s romantic, isn’t it MacBeth? -07:44 Mar 31
MacBeth: *He was still smirking!* Very romantic. But … something is missing. Dion and Ceri had a date. I think it’s only right Betty and Cassius go on a date of their own. -07:47 Mar 31
Bronwen: That’s right! We’re all so tired from that mission, but Cassius is in top form! He could use a night out after he so heroicly helped us out. And it’s such a beautiful night. -07:50 Mar 31

Dion: *Dion shouldn’t be throwing Ceri’s sister to the wolf, but Betty looked like the type of lady that could handle herself just fine.* You could take our picnic basket, if you like, Betty. We had to come back early.

Cassius: *Cassius was giving them the glare of DEATH but was having an awful hard time trying to voice his very CLEAR REJECTION of this BULLSHIT IDEA with arms wrapped around him like a viper!* Not… going…!

Betty: *She was all smiles!* That’s a wonderful idea! *She threw Cassius over her shoulder with as much ease as a ragdoll, scooped up the picnic basket, and was already marching out the door!* Don’t wait up!

Bronwen: *…As soon as Betty and Cassius were out the door, she slid in to MacBeth’s lap with howling laughter!* I can’t believe it! Did you see the look on his face? I think he found his true love! -07:56 Mar 31
MacBeth: *He finally got rid of the smirk as he sat back.* Hm hmm. That should keep him busy for a few hours. -08:15 Mar 31

Dion: *Dion found himself dropping in to the nearest chair, but unable to let go of Ceri’s hands.* Not sure what just happened, but it did look.. interesting. *He left a hand to rub his shoulder.*

[Bronwen was snickering about Cassius still…. But now that Dion was back…!] -03:49 Apr 01
[MacBeth leaned back and was relaxing!] -03:52 Apr 01

Ma Hessing: *She looked at Dion and Ceri!* Welcome back. But why are you two done with your date so soon? Is everything alright?

Dion: *Dion coughed and stopped rubbing at his shoulder.* Just, ah… A little tired. Didn’t really get any rest before we got here.

Ceri: *She looked over at Dion and raised her eyebrow! She was obviously wondering why Dion just didn’t mention his shoulder!*

Dion: * He cast a sheepish smile at Ceri and lift a finger up to his mouth. Ma Hessing was a very kind mothering figure… she’d probably nurse him back to help. Nurse… shudder!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen was trying that Toru puzzle again, but did cast a suspicious look over at Dion.* …Didn’t you get hit in the shoulder? -03:59 Apr 01

Ma Hessing: *She smiled and shook her head, with a soft sigh!* Ah, youth. Always running here and there. *But then she looked over at Dion and gave him a stern look when Bronwen said that!* Duncan, dear. Get me my first aid kit. It’s still in the kitchen in the cupboard over the sink.

Duncan: *He blinked! He hadn’t heard his mother use that tone for quite awhile!* Yes, Ma. *He was gone and came back a little while later with a large white box! He handed it to her!*

Dion: …Thank you, Bronwen. *Dion muttered with a dark look at his sister! He was standing up fairly quickly for someone who had just dropped in to a chair exhausted!* Madam Hessing, I assure you that I am perfectly fine. There’s not any reason to worry. A little rest will do me good.

Ma Hessing: Thank you, sweetie. *She took the box and was already moving toward Dion!* A little rest and some stitching, Dion. Now sit. The sooner I get this done, the sooner you can go get some rest.

Ceri: *She looked up at Dion!* Would it help if I stuck by you …? I can um, distract you somehow.

Dion: *It wasn’t easy back off without looking crazy, but Dion moved fairly quick himself to step behind the chair and point a finger at Ma Hessing.* Madam, I hate to be a bother, but I am telling you, I’m fine.

Ma Hessing: Dion, whatever reason do you have to refuse some medical attention? *She asked but she stayed where she was. If he kept acting like this, she would have to take drastic measures!*

Bronwen: *Pausing with her puzzle, this was too curious not to watch!* -04:15 Apr 01

Dion: Woman, if you come any closer with that thing, I might do something we all regret! *And boy did he look serious about it! He stalked for the door!*

Ma Hessing: *She sighed but as Dion was headed to the door, she was already reaching into the kit! She pulled out a small handgun which she quickly loaded and then fired at the back of Dion’s neck! A few shots of tranquilizers!*

Dion: guh-! *A hand reached out to touch the back of his neck… before he fell face first to the floor!*

Ma Hessing: *She put the handgun away and dusted her hands together!* The men of your family are so stubborn. *She sighed as she walked over to Dion, removed the darts and then rolled him onto his back. She slung him over her shoulder and then lay him down on the couch!*

Bronwen: *Blinking slowly…* …Why do you have a tranq gun in your med kit? -04:26 Apr 01

Ma Hessing: *She looked up as she rifled through the medical kit!* Oh, sweetie, everyone should have a tranq gun in their first aid kit. Ceri, be a dear and open his shirt please. I’d hate to have to rip it off of him.

Ceri: *She was blushing but she nodded. She was certainly not going to tell Ma Hessing no! It was a reasonable request after all … * Yes, ma’am. *She did as instructed.*

Bronwen: I suppose it’s useful for escape artists… But you have one in your med kit. *Just one more weird thing to add to the list about Ma Hessing! ….and she was a really good shot too!* He must be antsy about needles and things. -04:31 Apr 01

Ma Hessing: So antsy his common sense goes out the window altogether. *She sighed as she checked his shoulder. There was some bad bruising, so dark it almost completely hid the gunshot wound! She pulled out a rather wicked looking set of medical pliers and some liquid stitches and cleaning ointment! It was a good thing Dion was out cold!*

Bronwen: *Yeah… even Bronwen didn’t like the look of those pliers! She looked away to focus on the puzzle again, tilting her head to reguard MacBeth with an examining stare. He looked like he fell asleep.* Dion is going to be pretty pissy when he wakes up. …Then again, maybe he’ll just be glad you shot him and he didn’t have to see it. -04:40 Apr 01

A few minutes and a lot of cleaning later … Dion was sleeping and nicely bandaged!

Ceri: *She sighed softly and brushed the hair out of his eyes!* Hm … *She looked at the bullet Ma Hessing had pulled out!* That’s a big bullet for just anyone to have shot.

Ma Hessing: It’s a custom round for a Sentinel Robot CLS-5000. It has a nasty side effect of poisoning the blood stream but I got it out in time and made sure to clean the wound thoroughly. It will hurt like hell for awhile. *She started putting her things away.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned big. She probably shouldn’t blab about what Dion really does! Of course Ma Hessing went and described the thing in perfect detail! …Even Bronwen couldn’t do!* …I swear, you’ve got some kinda secret going on. *Bronwen muttered under her breath!* -04:45 Apr 01
MacBeth: *He opened his eyes and looked up at Shadowstar.* Can I grab myself something to eat now, Captain? -04:46 Apr 01

Ma Hessing: *She smiled at Ceri and patted her cheek gently.* Dion’s a strong boy, Ceri. He’ll pull through. Let’s get you something to eat and let Dion rest a bit. Is anyone else hungry for something?

Bronwen: I thought you were sleeping. *Bronwen hopped off his lap and set the puzzle back on the shelf. She’d try solving the rest later!* I guess I am kind of hungry too. Ceri can tell us how awful Dion is on a real date. -04:51 Apr 01

Ma Hessing: Mac, you wait there. I’ll be right back with something. *She patted his shoulder and disappeared!*

Ceri: *She was blushing at the mention of Dion as she walked into the kitchen!*

Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing was just finishing up his last slice of pie! He always liked taking his time with the last one!*

MacBeth: Yes, ma’am. *He waited and raised an eyebrow when she returned with a tall, black cane topped with a silver knob!* Thank you. *He took it and weighed it in one hand.* -05:00 Apr 01
Bronwen: Does it shoot lasers? *It was a serious question. Nothing Ma Hessing had was normal. …and it didn’t matter that Bronwen was now bordering on obsession about it!* -05:01 Apr 01

Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* You’re welcome. *She looked up at Bronwen.* No, I’m afraid it doesnt. *She said with a soft chuckle.* Although it is special. *She walked into the kitchen and gestured for Ceri to have a seat.* Did you enjoy the pie, Fa? *She smiled and hugged him from behind.*

MacBeth: *He studied the cane before he planted it on the ground and stood up!* Got a feeling I’ll find out how soon enough. *He headed for the kitchen!* -05:05 Apr 01
Bronwen: *Bronwen followed, at least hoping they don’t find out in a bad way! She’d be pointing a finger and going I KNEW IT… but Ma Hessing would just explain it away again!* -05:07 Apr 01

Fa Hessing: *Fa Hessing nodded, patting his stomach as well as Ma Hessing’s arm!* Always perfect.

Ma Hessing: *She smiled and kissed the top of his head, giving him one more hug before she let go!* Oh, Fa, you’re the sweetest. *She blushed slightly as she moved to make some sandwiches for everyone!* I do hope Cassius and Betty’s date is going along very well.

Bronwen: *Slipping in to an empty chair, she was grinning!* I’m sure she’s giving him lots of exercise. ….*She blinked at Ceri. Oh yeah, Betty was her sister!* Is Betty completely crazy or does she like big dumb and stupid men? -05:13 Apr 01

Ceri: *She smiled sheepishly!* Betty has a taste for bad boys who are … forgive me for saying … jerks. The bigger and badder, the more in love with them she is. But she hasn’t talked about anyone except Cassius since the fair. It looks like she’s found the one.

MacBeth: They haven’t come back yet. That means something. -05:16 Apr 01

Ma Hessing: We have turkey, roast beef, some chicken sandwiches. Anyone have a preference?

Bronwen: I’ll take anything! …Maybe he’s finally jumped off the deep end and he’s trying to bury her in the back yard..? *It was a terrible joke! But really, Cassius was either halfway across the galaxy by now or maybe Betty had him tied to a bed somewhere. ….Eeeew! Bronwen rest her head on the table!* -05:19 Apr 01
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit as she put her head down.* Caught yourself an image you wish you hadn’t …? *He asked her!* -05:21 Apr 01
Bronwen: *She lift a hand to point at MacBeth – a confirmation that he hit spot on! – as she groaned!* I think I need to wash my brains now…! -05:24 Apr 01
MacBeth: No preference for me, Madame Hessing. -05:24 Apr 01

Ceri: Same here, thank you.

Brennen: Well, I’m stuffed. *He said after finishing off the pie Ma Hessing had given him!* I think I’ll go take a nap. Thank you again, Madame Hessing.

Ma Hessing: You’re welcome, Brennen. Sweet dreams. *She made the sandwiches and served them to the others.*

Ceri: So … what exactly does Dion do? *She asked out of the blue!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen had sit up and was about to take a bite of her sandwhich when she paused!* Er… He’s a language specialist. …At least I think he still is? *She blinked at MacBeth! None of them really seemed to do what they used to, but then again they had all been Morgan’s puppets for awhile…* -05:31 Apr 01
MacBeth: *He nodded.* Yep. *He took a bite out of his sandwich. Ma Hessing served them some coffee!* -05:34 Apr 01

Ceri: Oh, I see. *She nodded.* Thank you.

Bronwen: He likes horribly boring books and things like that. …If you’re worried about him getting shot, that was Cassius’ fault. We would have been just fine if Cassius didn’t have to go and piss some guy off. *It was the truth without having to make up stories. Not, that Bronwen wouldn’t spill the beans…. but she LIKED Dion, so she’d behave.* -05:45 Apr 01

Ceri: *She smiled a bit sheepishly.* I guess that’s pretty obvious to see. *She said, meaning her worry about him being shot. She was silent for awhile as she finished her sandwich.* I’ll go check on him. *She stood and washed her dishes before walking out. She slipped onto the couch he lay on and put his head in her lap.*

MacBeth: She seems alright. *He said once Ceri was out of earshot.* -05:49 Apr 01
Bronwen: She’s so nicey nice… and smart. I don’t remember Dion ever going out with a girl like that before. *Of course there was a lot of years worth of habits she missed. Bronwen was frowning in thought again as she ate her sammich.* -05:51 Apr 01

Dion: *Poor Dion was still knocked out like a light thanks to those tranqs, but it was for the best! He needed the sleep, and who knows how much screaming he was going to do when he woke up!*

MacBeth: *He shrugged a bit.* He was up to the same tricks when I left him. Must have been something about that hospital. Reminds me. We still gotta figure out what Morgan intends to do. -05:52 Apr 01
Bronwen: I thought she was just a crazy old hag, but she does seem to be up to more, doesn’t she? When you want revenge you just kill everybody. Even if she wanted us all to suffer, 20 years of working for her isn’t exactly effective… -05:56 Apr 01
MacBeth: *He nodded.* Aaron might have a clue but it’s tough to say. If Morgan is really paranoid, she won’t trust anyone with the type of information we’re looking for. -06:00 Apr 01
Bronwen: Frankly, I don’t know if I care what she’s up to… Once we grab Aaron we might as well just find out where she is and blow her up. Problem solved. *She picked up her cup of coffee to take a sip.* -06:06 Apr 01
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Aye, aye, Captain. -06:08 Apr 01
Bronwen: *She tilted her head, giving it some thought..* …unless she’s making an army of Morgan clones. That would be a problem. -06:13 Apr 01
MacBeth: She’s doing something. But an army of her clones …? *He gave a small shrug.* She’s capable of anything. -06:14 Apr 01

Ceri: *She brushed the hair out of his eyes and studied his face. But she was soon yawning and she finally lay her head back and closed her eyes as she dozed off!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen cast him a grin.* If I were an evil witch of the galaxy, I would probably make a huge army. …But I guess that would be a non-crazy thing to do. …Which means she could be trying to waken an ancient demon or do something to fix that hideous face of hers. -06:16 Apr 01
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* In the meantime, I think I’ll try going to sleep again. Thanks for the meal, Madame Hessing. *He stood with the help of that cane and went to wash his dishes!* -06:27 Apr 01

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