MacBeth has to stay on the ship with Duncan while those Shadowstars pickup supplies. They are unaware about being drugged and having their greatest fears revealed! Later Dion runs in to Ceri and finds out she works undercover for Morgan.

Back at the Hessings Dion decides he’s either going to kidnap Ceri or convince her to stop working for Morgan.

A week later …

MacBeth: *He winced as he looked down at his foot! It had been a goddamned week and his foot still hurt like hell! Well … only when he tried to put his weight on it which was often … he had a tendency to forget he was still wounded!* -06:58 Apr 01

Duncan: *He poked his head into the living room Mac sat in!* Hey Mac. The captain wanted me to check on you. How are you feeling?

MacBeth: Bloody useless. *He muttered, glaring darkly at his foot!* She told me I can’t move from this spot until she says I can. -07:00 Apr 01
Bronwen: *MacBeth was lucky she was out with her brothers running an errand! Luckily, Duncan was a good spy!* I think we need grenades and lots of them. All of you were in special places, and Aaron’s bound to be in something we have to blow up. -07:02 Apr 01

Duncan: *He grinned!* You know she means well. Do you want something to eat or drink? *He asked as he walked inside, followed closely by Tiny.*

Cassius: Yeah, I can see Aaron’s face when we start chucking grenades at him. *Cassius, oddly enough, had not been his usually bothersome self. He was still pretty tired and stiff… but that didn’t stop him from giving everyone long meaningful glares and occasionally calling them assholes.*

Brennen: Still pretty hard to believe that we just get Aaron out and we’ll be all back together. *He snickered.* It’s almost scary.

Dion: …which means we better get him a pipe and some tobacco to make up for it. *Dion cast a grin at Brennen.* Who do you think he’s going to hit first?

Brennen: I dunno. It’d be our luck that his hand still moves at light speed. *He grinned back at Dion.*

MacBeth: *He huffed, ran his fingers through his hair!* No, I’m good. Just getting pissed at having to sit out. -07:11 Apr 01
Bronwen: *Bronwen replied with a frown. How different was Aaron going to be? He was practically an old man now.* Well I hope it’s Cassius. Last time Aaron hit me, I think my arm went numb! -07:12 Apr 01

Cassius: You’re about to have a numb arm again, sister. *Growled Cassius. But that ended quickly when he pointed across the street.* That’s Holland’s place. He’s always got some good stuff. …A little on the illegal side, but ain’t nothing better when you’re dealing with a space witch.

Brennen: Now, now, kids, let’s play nice. *He said with a grin.* Haha. Last time I checked there weren’t any cops for miles around to spy on our illegal activities. *He leaned forward and covered his mouth as if sharing a secret.*

Bronwen: …Where ARE the police anyway? Or did Morgan eat all of their souls? -07:16 Apr 01

Brennen: Nah. She just chased them all away from her territory, which seems to be everywhere nowadays. They don’t get involved because she killed the last cops who did.

Dion: And I pity the poor fools that do try and deal with her. Morgan’s no joke, even for us. *Dion lead the way across the street and to the shop. Inside was just like any other junk and weapons place!*

Bronwen: Good thing I’m awake now. You idiots were lost with me. *Bronwen looked around the place… it sure wasn’t one she had ever been to or recognized!* -07:22 Apr 01

Brennen: *He chuckled softly!* Guess we have Mac to thank for that.

Cassius: *Cassius was waiting at the counter, about to ring that damned bell for Holland when he turned around with another glare!* After we told him NOT to. Don’t forget that.

DING! Someone came out from the back, but it was Mr. Holland! He eyed them all curiously before clearing his throat to get their attention. “What can I do for ya?”


Cassius: *He glared at the guy… After a moment, Cassius shrugged his shoulder.* We need one of Holland’s… specials. Where is the old man?

Brennen: *He grinned.* Maybe we taught him too well. *He remarked, glancing at Dion.*

Bronwen: Probably got his knack for getting his ass kicked from Brennen. *A cheeky sister grin!* -07:30 Apr 01

“He’s out on vacation. Come on in the back and I’ll see what we’ve got.” replied the guy, eying them all curiously. He turned around to lead the way in to the back room.

Brennen: He can kick ass just fine when he has a mind to. His luck just stinks from time to time.

Cassius: Quit talking about that sister stealer and come on. *Snorted Cassius, following the guy in the back.*

Bronwen: At least he doesn’t throw out his back like Breeeee. *Chimed Bronwen, practically skipping after Cassius!* -07:34 Apr 01
MacBeth: *Seeing as how he had nothing else better to do, he was examining the cane Madame Hessing had given him! Sure, on the surface, it looked normal but … As he ran his hands along the side, he felt something like small engraving on the cane. Writing? But when he held it up in the light, he didn’t see anything.* -07:35 Apr 01

Dion: *Dion was coughing back a laugh as he followed too. The went down a hallway before reaching a pretty huge store room in the back. Here there were lots of crates, barrels, boxes. Most of them were opened so you could see inside.* This isn’t bad. Nice pick, Cassie.

Brennen: *He stuck his tongue out at Bronwen and shot a glare at Dion before he followed them!*

The guy motioned a hand around. “Everything is ready to be closed up and loaded. I’ll let you make your selections and return in a moment.” He left the room, closing the door behind him!

Cassius: Alright. Bronwen wants big shiny explosives. So who has a more practical shopping list. *He snatched a timer bomb out of Bronwen’s hands when she picked one up.*

Bronwen: Explosives ARE practical, stupid. Aaron could probably take out a hundred men with one swing of his fists. I bet we’ll have to take out entire legions. -07:40 Apr 01

Dion: Armor would be nice. Like hell I’m going to get shot again and have Madam Hessing firing darts at me. *Dion knelt down next to a crate in the back to dig through it’s contents.*

Hiiiiiiisss~! The air vents came on. The heating system most likly, as it was pumping in some war air in to the back room. It smelled faintly of burned bachenstrudels, but it was hardly worth noticing.

Brennen: We could have the galaxy’s entire supply of explosives and it wouldn’t be enough, Brownie. Maybe light and smoke grenades to give us some cover. *He started searching in another crate.*

Bronwen: I think you’re grossly underestimating the effectiveness of a good bomb. *Blargh. What of idiot runs the heat in a place like this! …Ooh! A very nice pistol!* I guess some kind of armor would be handy. We don’t want such a nice girl like Ceri to worry! -07:49 Apr 01

After a few moments the heat went off. Not long afterwards the guy returned. “I hope everything looks square. If you don’t mind, what will you be needing these supplies for?”

Dion: Yeah, I don’t want her to worry. *That dealer returned, and Dion shrugged his shoulders.* We’re going on a rescue mission. So we’re going to need the best you’ve got.

Brennen: *Was the air getting warmer? He wiped the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand.* Yeah, a rescue mission where I don’t end up wearing a bra and a thong to please my cross-dressing brother.

Cassius: Well excuse me if I LIKE wearing women’s clothing sometimes. It’s hella kinky.

Bronwen: …Oh, ick… *Bronwen made a face!* THIS is why I’ve never had sex. Years worth of thinking about you guys and… eew… *She shuddered!* -07:57 Apr 01

Brennen: Reminds me of the time Heather suggested we try something new. My thighs were chafed for a week after that, thanks to that thong. But at least she didn’t stick me in a box or something. *He shuddered.* I hate small spaces.

The guy raised a curious eyebrow as he stopped next to Bronwen, offering her up another gun to take a look at. “Luckily a good gun will take care of most your fears.”

Dion: For mine, I’m sure. I was afraid I might hit poor Madam Hessing when she came at me with that medkit… Everytime I think about nurses and doctors, I end up with nightmares.

Bronwen: I hate boxes. But I guess you could shoot your way out of one. *She examined the gun carefully… yeah you could shoot the hell out of a cryochamber with this!* I’m just glad there’s no lakes in space. Ever since Cassius tried to drown me, I freak out. -08:04 Apr 01

Cassius: Fucking shit, Bronwen! I didn’t try to drown you! I was teaching you how to swim. It’s not my damned fault you’re a wussy girl. Now if you want a REAL fear, that little demon Duncan keeps cuddling with could swallow any one of us whole while we’re sleeping! You’d be eaten alive by acid!

MacBeth: At least you guys don’t have nightmares about bugs crawling all over you, trying to eat you alive. *He muttered under his breath, rubbing his arms as he said that.* -08:08 Apr 01

Brennen: At least you guys don’t have nightmares about bugs crawling all over you, trying to eat you alive. *He muttered under his breath, rubbing his arms as he said that.*

Cassius: …Bugs, Brennen? Really? You can squash ’em. try squashing that ill-named furball and see what happens.

Bronwen: I could squash a gatorbat, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. …Who gets scared of a housepet? *Bronwen asked, grinning at Cassius!* -08:11 Apr 01

Dion: The same man that likes dressing in drag. *Dion said with a laugh!* I think we got off the subject. Did we decide what we’re taking?

Brennen: That’s because they’re so many of them! They get everywhere!

Cassius: *Cassius snorted!* Aye. We’re going to need the laser cannon, grenades, your stupid baby armor, and spare ammunition charges.

Bronwen: *Bronwen rolled her eyes…* This is why I like MacBeth. He’s not afraid of anything stupid, so he’s always so reliable in a fight… -08:16 Apr 01

The guy nodded with a grin! “I’ll get your cargo list ready right away and have it sent to your ship.” and scooted out.

Brennen: Phew. Good, we’re finally done. I was beginning to wonder if we’d be here forever.

Cassius: If I heard one more word about MacBeth… *He pointed a threatening finger at Bronwen!* I might just drown you for real!

Brennen: Quit it already, Cassius. *He warned.*

Dion: *Dion gave a warning frown at Cassius.* Let’s get going then. We shouldn’t be lingering around here for too long.

Bronwen: *Meanass jerk! Bronwen almost told him he’d be sleeping with Tiny tonight…!* I’M going anyway. I hate leaving my crew on the ship… *She flipped Cassius the finger on her way out!* -08:24 Apr 01

Speaking of Tiny, it had decided Mac’s chest would make a comfortable and warm bed as the first mate reclined on the seat!

Cassius: *grumbling, Cassius was following too. Only to stop in the front for a moment to sign the papers and pay for their purchase…*

Duncan: *He was checking the ship’s systems, engines, sensors, etc. Everything seemed fine and dandy!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen arrived back to the ship… sneakylike, as she intended to try and catch people not following orders! But as always, MacBeth stayed put as told and Duncan was keeping an eye on things. She grinned!* So nothing looks broken… -08:32 Apr 01
MacBeth: *He opened one eye and then another.* Not yet. How did the shopping go? -08:33 Apr 01

Duncan: *He looked up and waved!* Hey, Captain! Welcome back!

Bronwen: Okay, I guess. We found some stuff. But Cassius always opens his blabber mouth and said he was going to drown me, and apparently Brennen hates bugs. -08:37 Apr 01
MacBeth: Heh. Reminds me of the time I tried sneaking a bug on board. I thought it’d be cool to have a roach for a pet. *He gave a small shrug!* -09:21 Apr 01
Bronwen: …A roach of all things? Scarabs are a lot neater. They have these little horn thingies and- …*She shook her head!* Anyway, they’ll be back in a few minutes now that no one goes trolling for women anymore. -09:26 Apr 01

Tiny lifted its head and looked at Bronwen! Then it yawned and put its head back down to take its nap!

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit!* I was a kid. You don’t get picky when you’re a kid. What’d you guys get? -09:30 Apr 01
Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked back at Tiny!* Some explosives, ammunitions… Cassius listed off some stuff. As long as I have my guns and something to throw at people I’m good. Dion is all up and fussy about having himself some armor though. -09:32 Apr 01
MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow at that.* When the hell did he start making a fuss about armor? -09:34 Apr 01
Bronwen: Said he didn’t want Ceri to worry! Which means he’s totally infatuated, just like that! …Can you really look at someone and just know immediately that you want to be with them? -09:38 Apr 01
MacBeth: I haven’t seen anyone like that yet. *He said with a shrug!* But I guess anything can happen. -09:50 Apr 01

Brennen: *He poked his head inside!* Seen anyone like what?

Bronwen: Love at first sight. Did that happen with you and Heather? -09:58 Apr 01

Brennen: *He grinned!* Did it ever. Here, it was, a classy brothel. And then this vision of loveliness decided to come by and check on how we were liking things.

MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow at Brennen but kept silent! The Shadowstar was lost in his own world!* -10:01 Apr 01
Bronwen: *Bronwen made a face… mostly because Brennen looked like a star crossed idiot.* So it happens like that for everybody? You just see someone and you’re suddenly in love. -10:06 Apr 01

Brennen: *He blinked, as if suddenly realizing where he was! He grinned sheepishly!* Uh, I guess?

Dion: Didn’t happen that way for Ma and Fa. *Said Dion, bringing in one of the guns for MacBeth to take a look at.* Fa said he ran in to her a dozen times while he was chasing after other women.

Bronwen: … Well, now I’m just confused, thanks a lot. *She frowned, resting her hands on hips.* I shouldn’t have quit dating. I’m missing something! -10:16 Apr 01
[Bronwen was having a serious conversation! At least she thought it was serious.] -04:27 Apr 02
[MacBeth was still restricted to staying on the ship–damn leg!] -05:00 Apr 02

Brennen: *He downed his drink!* Okay. So … what are we talking about again? *His mind was awfully distracted!*

Bronwen: I was asking about Ma and Fa! Are you drunk already?! -05:06 Apr 02

Brennen: *He blinked!* ‘Course not … *He frowned a bit as he stared into his mug. Strange … He never got drunk this early … Ah well. Maybe they were making tougher stuff nowadays!*

Cassius: Shit, can we stop talking about women? For once I want to concentrate on booze and killing people.

Duncan: *He had had to leave Tiny behind with Mac but the captain had said it’d be good for him to get out! He was enjoying these crispy chips and the hot dip that came with them!*

Dion: *Dion was just as distracted… but Cassius not wanting to talk about women did make him raise his eyebrow!* …Why have you been asking all of these questions, Brownie?

Bronwen: I just want to know is all. You’re all hooking up with women. First you and Brennen. Soon it’ll be Cassius and Aaron.. And then Duncan and MacBeth will find girls and I’ll be flying a ship and going on mad rampages like Morgan! -05:11 Apr 02

Brennen: *He blinked and stared at Cassius!* Cassie and Aaron … stick to one woman? That would be the day. *He lifted his empty mug at the passing waitress!* Refill!

Cassius: *Cassius snorted!* You start acting like Morgan, I’ll be more than happy to shoot you between the eyes and put you out of our misery. *He sure didn’t deny Brennen’s comment. One woman! HA!*

Bronwen: I didn’t think you or Dion would meet women either. And now you are practically married and Dion wants second dates. You’re all going to get married and have tons of kids and families. -05:17 Apr 02

Duncan: *MUNCH! MUNCH! These things were delicious!*

Speaking of Morgan, a few of her goons pushed their way into the same bar they were at and grabbed themselves a table!

Dion: …Are you jealous, Brownie? You know we’re not just going to run off and forget you once we’re married. And I highly doubt Duncan or MacBeth will either. *Why was it so easy to imagine himself marrying Ceri?*

Duncan: *He blinked at the talk of him and marriage! It wasn’t quite so easy for him to picture being wed! Tying the knot … The old ball and chain … He gulped!*

Cassius: *Cassius cleared his throat, nudging Dion as he tilted his head towards the riff-raff across the bar.* We might want to pick a new place. Unless you’re up for a good fight.

Bronwen: Maybe. *She replied, slowly. Cassius was tilting his head at some other table. Goons maybe? Bronwen was tempted to throw a mug across the room and clobber them in the head out of spite.* …I’m going back to the ship. Have fun. -05:27 Apr 02

The goons were getting pretty loud and acting like jerks! Behind the goons, a blonde-haired woman in a black uniform complete with skirt and boots went to the bar. She had a few words with the owner, slipped him something, and then left. When she turned and brushed past the Shadowstar table, she didn’t even glance up but she looked so familiar … But there was no way that could be Ceri?!

Brennen: May I remind you that we need every ounce of strength …? We can’t be wasting it on goons. *He replied.*

Dion: *Dion watched Bronwen leave with a frown.* I think Bronwen is upset about something. She’s acting a litt- *He stopped suddenly, giving a blink! Impossible. Dion looked at his beer. But she…* I’ve got to go. *He was up and out of his chair quick!*

Cassius: …Yeah Bronwen is acting weird. *Cassius responded… but franky didn’t care where Dion was off too. He had a beer to drink!* Right, right. Save the ass beatings for later. Not that ~I~ am the asshole that through out his back just falling over.

Duncan: *He blinked! This was proving to be one strange night! First the captain acts strange and then Dion leaves real quick!* Uh … I think I’ll go back with the captain. *He said as he stood and followed after her.*

Brennen: Haha. Very funny. *He muttered and downed his refill! He put his mug down and went to pay the owner! He overheard the owner telling a worker that the woman who had just left had paid for Morgan’s men, their drinks and any damage they might do!*

It was easy to spot the woman! She wasn’t in any hurry as she stood right outside the bar for a moment to straighten her clothes and headed for the ship bay! The black uniform was plain to see now! It was a uniform worn by someone working for Morgan!

Dion: *Ceri wouldn’t be in a place like this. But there was just something about the way she walked. Dion kept on following, at a safe distance. He was going to figure this one out real quick.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen didn’t announce her arrival back at the ship, just snooped until she found one of those bottles of they had stashed in the kitchen. …Stupid men and their stupid girlfriends! And injuries! And doing stuff she didn’t like!* -05:42 Apr 02
MacBeth: *He heard some strange noise and decided to investigate! Tiny was sound asleep on the captain’s chair!* … Shadowstar? Did you and Cassius go at it again? *He was using that cane as he walked into the kitchen!* -05:43 Apr 02

The woman moved through the crowd and didn’t take a real long look at the place around her which meant she knew where she was going! She did glance from side to side as if keeping an eye out for something! She walked through the thick crowd of people and into the ship bay! The ship she was headed for was a carrier, a large ship Morgan used to carry slaves and prisoners!

Bronwen: Nope. There were goons at the bar and I wasn’t in the mood for a fight… *A glass or no glass… Bah, no glass. She paused to eye him!* You’re not supposed to be up. -05:45 Apr 02
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit!* We’re at a strange port. Not gonna just sit there while who knows who is lurking ’round here. *He moved to sit down at the counter.* Besides, the cane is doing real good. I should be off of it real soon. -05:46 Apr 02

Dion: *Dion slid out of sight when he needed to, and wasn’t surprised when they arrived at one of Morgan’s ships. This definetly could not be Ceri. That was enough proof for him, he was turning around to head back!*

“Look what we got here,” someone announced! “Looks like someone trying to follow Miss Conway!” another guy said! And then they clobbered him a good one!

Duncan: *He walked into the ship and looked around! There was no sign of the captain or Mac but they had to be here somewhere! He did find Tiny curled up on the seat!* Hey, Tiny. How’s it going?

Bronwen: Possibly injecting you with crazy Toru healing powers. *She mumbled, hopping up to sit on the counter. She took a swig from the bottle!* -05:50 Apr 02

Dion: Shi- *THUNK! He was out good!*

MacBeth: *He snickered.* As long as it gets me ready to fight when I need. I’ve been behaving, after all. *He smirked again!* -05:50 Apr 02

“Greeoww! Greeoww!” growled Tiny after it had lifted its head and stretched!

The men were snickering as they leaned over him. “What do we do with ‘im?” one guy asked. “We throw ‘im in. Boss will know what to do with ‘im.” Someone grabbed his ankles. Someone else grabbed his arms. “Holy shit, do you think this is one o’ ’em?” asked the first. “Those Shadowstar bastards?” asked the second. “Miss Conway will know,” he replied when his pal nodded. Then they hauled him into the ship.

Bronwen: How long before Cassius and Aaron will meet girls, do you think? I think you and Duncan would before Cassius, anyway… -05:54 Apr 02
MacBeth: *He gave a small shrug.* Not in the market to go looking for love. *He replied!* But Cassius and Aaron are definitely bachelors. -05:58 Apr 02

Brennen: Have fun, Cassius. *He said as he waved and walked past. He was going back to the ship to find out why Bronwen was acting so crazy!*

Cassius: *Cassius saluted Brennen with his glass! He was still debating starting a fight!*

Bronwen: You say that now, but you’ll probably see some girl and be all twitterpated before long. *Bronwen scowled at her bottle.* Brennen said it’d be just like old times, but it’s not really. Everyone is very different now. -06:03 Apr 02
MacBeth: *He shrugged a bit!* Yeah, you’re just catching up to them. It’d probably take a long while to get used to who they are now. -06:06 Apr 02

Duncan: *With Tiny in his arms, he started looking for Mac and the captain! He heard voices in the kitchen but when he saw it was the captain and Mac, he sneaked away!*

Bronwen: I’m only two years younger than Dion, you know. But not really anymore. They’ve all moved on without me. -06:11 Apr 02

Dion: *Dion woke up somewhere… he really didn’t want to be! He was cursing under his breath as he sat up and rubbed his head. …Damnit, he didn’t have a com link on him either. This was great.*

MacBeth: Hm. *He nodded.* But they did miss you. Now they’ve got you back and you can … start over. -06:14 Apr 02

Someone passing by stopped by his cell! He sneered down at him! “We’ll get to you in a minute, buddy. Just you wait.” Then he was chuckling to himself as he threw something at Dion through the bars! It was a card marked “Shadowstar?”

Duncan: *He rubbed Tiny’s head!* I don’t think I should get into that one. *He told Tiny.* Hey, you can look for gatorbats while you’re up.

“Greeoww! Greeoww!” Tiny growled, stretching when Duncan put it down on the floor! It sniffed the floor and started moving toward the cargo bay.

Bronwen: *She shrugged her shoulders and scowled!* I guess I should shut up before I start sounded like Mad Morgan! -06:17 Apr 02

Dion: *Nice, they gave you I.D. Cards? Where was a pen when you needed one. Dion got to his feet to peer out from the bars! This ship shouldn’t be TOO hard to escape.*

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Better now than later. You can start sounding like her but you’re certainly too pretty to look like her. -06:19 Apr 02

Brennen: *He was just getting into the ship when a streak of white flew past him!* Whoa. *He looked up to see Duncan coming toward him!* … Tiny?

Duncan: *He grinned and nodded.* Yeah, I asked it to go looking for gatorbats. Captain hates those. Oh, Captain and Mac are in the kitchen if you want them. *He said before he trotted off!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked… and grinned!* I guess that’s a point for me. Maybe another hundred years and we’ll see. -06:23 Apr 02

It wasn’t long before Dion heard voices! An armed man came by and opened the cell! He had the gun aimed securely at Dion’s chest! It looked like he was about to shoot him when … “Stand down and leave us,” someone from behind the guard ordered. The guard glanced over his shoulder. “But–!” he started. “Stand down and leave us,” the voice repeated sternly. “If I have any problems with this one, I will call.” “Yes, ma’am,” the guard sighed. He gave Dion a dark glare before he marched off. That left Dion with the woman from earlier who stepped into the cell and promptly locked it behind her! She had a small computer in her hand. “You must be the Shadowstar who was …” She looked up and stared at him hard. “Following me …” Her next words were a whisper!

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* You shoot better than she does, I’m sure. It’s not like she got this far by her shooting talent. And if it comes down to it, you’ll drink her under the table and break the table over her body. -06:25 Apr 02

Ceri: … Dion …?

Dion: *Dion was preparing for one of those uncomfortable interrogations. They tended to come with a good fight and some shocksticks… What he didn’t expect was Ceri’s voice, nor to have her standing right there in front of him on the other side of those bars! The surprise on his face quickly turned to a frown.* …You work for Morgan?

Brennen: *He gave Duncan a quick salute and watched him disappear! He smiled a bit. Leave it up to Duncan to go and think of something to keep him and Tiny occupied!*

Ceri: *She hugged the computer to her chest and looked ashamed!* … It isn’t what you think. *She glanced around and stepped closer.* But … You’re a Shadowstar …? *She squinted at him.* The Wolf …

Bronwen: And then set her on fire just to be sure. *She felt better… but that was why she liked talking to MacBeth.* Then we’d dance on her grave and drink to her death? -06:29 Apr 02

Duncan: *Leave it up to Tiny to sniff those things out! It had a real good nose as it led the way into the dark corners of the cargo bay! But to be on the safe side, he stayed out in the hall and let Tiny handle things on its own!*

Dion: That’s going to take a lot of explaining. *Dion said curtly. He was mad. REALLY mad. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had a secret too.. But MORGAN?* I’m Dion Shadowstar, yeah. I think you can guess who my brothers and sister are.

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll even sing until I lose my voice and we’ll drink the good stuff. -06:32 Apr 02
Bronwen: Speaking of songs, you so owe me one for getting hurt again. That’s on the top of the tree of troublemaking. *She grinned!* -06:35 Apr 02

Ceri: *She shouldn’t be telling him what she was about to! She really shouldn’t and yet … Even to Dion, it was clear her heart was breaking! She swallowed hard!* I’m working for Morgan to get evidence on her. *She finally answered.* My family thinks I’m a businesswoman for some company far away. I’m really … I’m really an undercover police detective. *She pressed a few buttons in her computer where a compartment opened. She handed him something. It was a genuine police badge.*

MacBeth: *He blinked!* But that wasn’t my fault! Cassius shot his big mouth off! -06:37 Apr 02

Dion: *…That was the last thing Dion had ever expected to hear out of her! He wasn’t sure if he was relieved, elated, angry or… just plain worried! He handed the badge back to her quick.* Do you have any idea just how dangerous what you’re doing is? If anyone finds out, you will be lucky if they just kill you on the spot!

Bronwen: That might be true, but the man that can fight squidpirates should be able to dodge sentinalbots so his Captain doesn’t get worried. *Let him try and wiggle out of that… she wanted her song!* -06:41 Apr 02

Ceri: *She quickly slipped the badge back into the computer. She glanced away from his face.* I know. *When she spoke next, her voice was firmer, more confident.* But that’s why I’m getting you out of here. Hand me the card they gave you.

MacBeth: *He looked at her for a long moment … then finally smirked!* You got me there. Fine. I give in. What song do you want me to sing for you? -06:44 Apr 02

Dion: *He held out the card for her to take, but grabbed her arm.* Ceri. You’ve got to leave here with me.

Ceri: *She looked up at him.* There’s no way I can leave with you without arousing suspicion. And I need to act fast before someone tells her they captured you.

Bronwen: *Bronwen tapped her chin, giving it some thought!* I think a good song about how awesome I am. I don’t get to hear that enough. -06:51 Apr 02

Dion: I mean leave this nonsense all together. It’s not safe snooping around like this. …I don’t want to see you get hurt.

Ceri: *She swallowed!* I’m sorry, Dion … *She stepped away, still holding the card and turned to the door! If only so she didn’t see the look on Dion’s face!* Guard!

The guard quickly returned! “Yes, ma’am!”

Ceri: *She held up the card and threw it at him!* A Shadowstar?! Just because someone looks like one doesn’t mean he is! You’re wasting our boss’ time bringing me strays you find in the street!

The guard blinked! “But ma’am! The men who brought him said–!”

Ceri: I don’t care. Kick him out and if you bother me one more time with a mistake, Morgan will have your head! *And then she stalked out!*

The guard growled and glared at Dion! This was a bunch of croc! But orders were orders! He opened the cell and grabbed Dion by the collar of his shirt! “Come on then!” He marched him out of the ship and then threw him out! “And stay out, you bum!” he growled before disappearing inside!

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* As you command. Let me get a drink first. *He got up to fix himself a drink.* -07:03 Apr 02

Dion: *Dion almost turned around and tried marching back after Ceri, but…. In his head he was cursing up a storm! He stomped back to their own ship. Mad as hell!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen held out the bottle for him!* Even though you’re not supposed to be walking around? Now it has to be a really good song! -07:06 Apr 02

Duncan: *He was pacing the hall, listening to sounds of Tiny and gatorbats! He was beginning to regret not telling Tiny to not damage anything!*

MacBeth: If you had your way, I’d do nothing but sing for you. *He smirked a bit as he took the bottle and sat down again.* -07:06 Apr 02

Brennen: *He was in his room, lying down and taking a nap! He figured he might as well take his own advice!*

Bronwen: Yep! But then I wouldn’t have a First Mate that can keep up with me. *She grinned!* -07:08 Apr 02

Cassius: *Cassius was finally stumbling his way back when he nearly ran in to Dion on the way up the ramp!* Heeey, little brother. What has you lookin’ pissier than a bitch in heat?

Dion: I found out where Ceri works. *He stomped inside past Cassius… looking for Brennen! If you need to rant, you talk to Brennen.* BREE. *He kicked the man’s bed!*

Cassius: Say what now…? *Whatever it was, it was juicy gossip. Espcially since nothing ever pissed of Dion. Cassius followed to see what the big deal was.* What’s the matter now? She a hooker too? Man… you guys have some fucked up taste…

Brennen: *Zzz … Heather … Zzz… Chocolate cake … Zzzz … BREE. And then a jolt that made his entire body rock! He sat up!* Ow! I’m up, I’m up! *He rubbed his head and squinted!* Dion! Cassius! What the hell is wrong with you two … *His voice trailed off when he saw the look on Dion’s face.* Dion, stay. Cassius, get the fuck out.

Cassius: Hell No! I want to hear this shit! Hey – wait, damnit, DION. *There wasn’t any time to argue, Cassius was shoved out of the room fairly violently and the door slammed in his face.* …. Fuckers.

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Point taken. Hm. Songs that say how awesome you are … This might take some thinking. -07:16 Apr 02

Brennen: *He sat on the edge of his bed and ran his fingers through his hair.* Okay, D. Spill.

Dion: *Dion leaned an arm against the door as he rubbed his face.* Ceri works for Morgan. Don’t – *He held up a hand!* Not for real. She’s an undercover cop, Bree. They have a women working undercover.

Brennen: *He was speechless! He rubbed his chin and took a deep breath.* A cop. I’ll be damned. *He was thoughtful for a moment.* But that makes the most sense … How the hell did you find out where she worked?

Bronwen: I guess it’s hard to put something so amazing in to one song. There’s time to think about it though. I’m occasionally patient. -07:24 Apr 02

Dion: I thought I saw her at the bar… so I followed. I…er. *He coughed.* Got myself captured. She came to check on the prisoner, and you can guess how that went… She had me thrown out.

MacBeth: *He took a drink.* Yep. After all, we have to include your excellent marksmanship, your ability to drink men under the table and make them eat their words, not to mention your looks and your way with people. -07:27 Apr 02

Brennen: *He blinked!* You WHAT?! *He sighed, rubbed his temple!* Okay, so, focusing on what’s important … Now that you know what Ceri does, what are you going to do about it?

Bronwen: *She was nodding in agreement to everything… except the last one!* ..Isn’t my way with people usually pointing guns at them or punching them in the face? -07:29 Apr 02
MacBeth: *He smirked.* And it’s working for you so far, isn’t it? -07:30 Apr 02

Dion: Make her stop. I think we can hijack that ship and then we’ll kidnap her. *Dion looked completely serious.*

Bronwen: *That took some consideration as she gave him a dubious expression.* …I guess it worked on Duncan. I don’t think I’ve landed a real hit on you yet. -07:33 Apr 02

Brennen: *He burst out laughing when he heard that! He stood and clapped Dion on the shoulder!* Haha … You know for a moment, I thought you were … *He looked at Dion’s face and stopped laughing! He blinked.* Shit, you’re dead serious about this. Dion, we can’t just go hijack a ship and kidnap a woman. We still have to get Aaron out of there and you have no idea of knowing if Ceri found whatever the hell she was looking for.

MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow.* Point taken. We came close that time we were at the Hessing farm but other than that … we’ve been too busy babysitting. -07:35 Apr 02

Dion: If she finds what she’s after, she’s going to get herself killed in the process. I seriously think we could hop over there and grab her. *…He sighed and dropped his head.* All right… maybe not. Damnit… I wish I had known. We’re going to be halfway across the galaxy. If something happens to her…

Brennen: *He sighed.* She is a grown woman … I’ll tell you what. Let’s ask Cassius to put something together for her. A comm link or something. Something she can at least use in case she’s in trouble.

Bronwen: And getting our asses kicked. I’d like to have a good fight with you again when we’re not all banged up and see who wins. -07:41 Apr 02

Dion: I guess that is all I can do for now. …IF I let her leave next time I see her.

MacBeth: *He smirked.* You’re on. And then we can trade horror stories on who had it worst with your brothers. -07:45 Apr 02

Brennen: *He patted Dion on the shoulder.* It’d work out. *He poked his head outside.* Cassius! I need you to do something.

Bronwen: Oh ho… You think your stories can compare? Sex talks aren’t as traumatizing when it’s man to man, I bet. -07:47 Apr 02

Cassius: *Of course Cassius was still there. He was trying to listen in, but fuck if this wasn’t a good ship.* NOW you let Cassius in? I see how it is.

Brennen: We need a special comm link, one strong enough to reach across the galaxy. Can you make one?

Cassius: Yeah. What’s it for? *He eyed Brennen and Dion.* For Ceri? …. IS she a hooker?

Brennen: *He was giving that “Cassius, you’re getting out of line” look!* All you need to know is that we need one as soon as possible.

Cassius: *He snorted.* Whatever. You both owe me some sweetass booze, though. *Scratching his head, he stomped off for his room to grab some of his tools!*

MacBeth: *He couldn’t help but chuckle!* Pick a long night when we’re not fighting the old hag and we’ll compare notes. -07:53 Apr 02

Dion: We’ll have to stop by the Hessings’ again. *He said once Cassius was out of sight.* I think she’ll go there herself so we can talk.

Brennen: *He studied Dion.* You sure about this …? About everything? Like your commitment to her?

[Bronwen was chatting with MacBeth while Dion was discussing Ceri with Brennen!] -02:21 Apr 03
[MacBeth was still trying to think of a song to fit Shadowstar\’s requirements!] -02:23 Apr 03
MacBeth: *He took a swig from the bottle!* You know, Captain, you drive a good bargain. *A smirk!* -02:23 Apr 03

Brennen: *He looked doubtful.* I don’t know, D. It sounds like a long shot for her to be at the Hessings place.

Duncan: *He decided this was probably a good time to check on Tiny! He went over to the door of the cargo bay and slowly opened it!* … Tiny?

Dion: Maybe so… But I figure if she’s not there, at least Ma Hessing can figure something out. Brownie gets all worked up about weird things, but she’s not usually wrong…

Bronwen: I have to keep you on your toes… You’ll get all comfy and lazy otherwise, and then what am I supposed to do? -02:28 Apr 03
MacBeth: Point taken. Can’t leave you alone with your brothers. Especially not Cassius. -02:29 Apr 03

Brennen: *He grinned a bit.* Yeah, like the time she said Old Woman Pathburg was a conniving witch. Then it turned out she really did kill her husband for all that money.

Tiny was sitting right there in front of the door, licking its paw! Its stomach wasn’t bulging but it seemed content!

Duncan: I sure hope you ate gatorbats and vermin and nothing the captain would make a fuss over. *He remarked, eying Tiny.*

Dion: Although a Toru princess I find hard to believe. That’d make Duncan a prince. *He cast an amused grin!*

Brennen: *He laughed and patted Dion on the shoulder!* Thinking of the one Fa almost ran off with?

Bronwen: Damned Cassius. One of these days he’s gonna run in to someone who will break his bones for that mouth… *Bronwen hopped off the counter just so she could jump in MacBeth’s lap.* Or maybe he’ll marry Betty! That’ll be just as good. *A grin!* He’ll be so busy trying to run off, he’ll not think twice about anything else! -02:40 Apr 03

Dion: Tried to run off with. Ma said he was trying to pick her up in the bar and he got shot down so hard his butt was sizzling for a week.

MacBeth: *He smirked! He was getting used to Shadowstar jumping into his lap although he couldn’t tell if that was an entirely bad thing … * Betty looks like the type of woman to snatch Cassius and get hitched right then and there. I’m sure you’ll give the happy couple your blessings. -02:43 Apr 03

Brennen: *He grinned!* If Duncan’s mother turns out to be one, then boy will we have our hands full. *He ruffled Dion’s hair.* Why don’t you go get a drink or take a nap or something? Get out. It’d do you some good.

Bronwen: I guess I could let him go, as long as you promised not to run off and marry another woman too. It’s nearly impossible to find someone decent to run a ship with. -02:46 Apr 03
MacBeth: *He was still smirking!* I’m your first mate, Shadowstar. Can’t get rid of me so easily. -02:48 Apr 03

Dion: *His HAIR! Dion cast Brennen a light frown as he brushed his hair back in to place.* I guess I could use a nap. …Figure out what I’ll do about Ceri before we go after Aaron. *What he’ll “do” meaning how he plans to kidnap her and get her off Morgan’s ships. Didn’t Bronwen say she had some crazy basket…? *

Cassius: *And that is when Cassius walked in to the kitchen still tinkering with that device, and stopped. Scowling. They were sitting and smirking… inappropriately! … Wait, everytime he gets pissed off they do something evil. Maybe a bit of reverse psychology! Yeah! …So Cassius walked on by and IGNORED what they were doing!* Is there any of those Bogger meat sticks, or did the demon eat them all?

MacBeth: *He gave him a sideways glance! He was up to something! He was going to impart some words of advice, some pearls of wisdom but … this was Dion and he’d had enough experience dealing with the opposite gender!* Man, you really are serious about this one. I’m off for some cake! *And then he was headed for the kitchen!* -02:55 Apr 03

Brennen: *He gave him a sideways glance! He was up to something! He was going to impart some words of advice, some pearls of wisdom but … this was Dion and he’d had enough experience dealing with the opposite gender!* Man, you really are serious about this one. I’m off for some cake! *And then he was headed for the kitchen!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked as Cassius walked by…without even growling or pitching a fit even. Was he sick?* I guess… What are you working on? -02:59 Apr 03

Cassius: Fuck if I know. Some comlink thing for Brennen and Dion. Likly for whatever big secret about Ceri neither of the fuckers want to tell me. *Cassius disappeared behind the counter, rummaging around. Occasionally he’d take a peek to see what they were doing.*

[MacBeth enters.] -03:05 Apr 03
MacBeth: *He glanced over at Cassius. He never tinkered with something unless he had a reason but why it would be so important the brothers would make one for Ceri was beyond him.* -03:05 Apr 03

Brennen: *He poked his head into the kitchen a few minutes later!* Do we have anymore of Madame Hessings’ pies or cakes?

Bronwen: What am I, a serving wench? Find it yourself! *Still not a complaining peep out of Cassius…* What’s this stuff about Ceri? -03:13 Apr 03

Brennen: *He frowned.* Man, no respect. Sorry. Not for me to say. *He remarked as he started rummaging through the food, too!*

Cassius: *Cassius bitback his comment about her looking more like an unpaid whore!* Sounds to me like there’s a whole spying on Ceri thing… Dion find out the pretty little chit isn’t so awesome? *He found those Bogger meat sticks and leaned against the counter as he chewed.*

MacBeth: *He lifted his head to level Cassius with a glare.* What won’t be so awesome is my standing up to beat the shit out of you, Cassius. -03:17 Apr 03

Brennen: *He lifted his head to level Cassius with a glare.* What won’t be so awesome is my standing up to beat the shit out of you, Cassius.

Cassius: *Cassius lift his hands in silent compliance. So it was pretty big if Brennen was all up and defensive of Dion’s new girlfriend. Whatever. He could do without thinking about her or that hippo sister!* Whatever, whatever. Just concerned for the well being of my younger siblings and all. You know… ones hooking up when they ought not to be. *He pointed a thumb over his shoulder at Bronwen and MacBeth!*

MacBeth: Tiny brought a bunch of gatorbat dung into the kitchen last night, same time I was cooking those meat sticks. You don’t suppose … *He glanced over at Bronwen as his voice trailed off, his face perfectly blank!* -03:23 Apr 03

Cassius: *COUGH! Cassius choked on the piece he was chewing, banging on his chest as he started coughing! … God damnit…!*

Bronwen: Naw… Tiny is pretty careful about where he leaves his.. uh… toys. Like that dirty laundry someone left all over the hall? -03:26 Apr 03
[MacBeth has timed out.] -03:30 Apr 03
MacBeth: Quite the mess. *He was silent for a moment.* I should start cooking. What are we having for dinner tonight, Captain? -03:30 Apr 03

Cassius: … *COUGH! Swallow! Cassius got himself a glass of water and cleared his throat.* Ahem… woo.. Ha. ha. Got me good that time. You guys… such a great team!

Brennen: *Meanwhile he was disappointed to see that there were no more desserts!* No respect. *He sighed.* Ah well. I guess I’ll go back to sleep then and dream about Madame Hessings’ wonderful sweets.

Bronwen: You need to lay off the sweets anyway… or Lady Heather is going to get a big surprise. *She turned to grin at MacBeth.* So you think you’re allowed to get up and cook, do you? -03:35 Apr 03
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* I figured so. Or we could be looking at eating leather tonight for dinner instead. -03:36 Apr 03

Cassius: …You’re both making me sick. *Cassius muttered around his glass of water… he better head this off!* I know… ~I’ll~ make dinner! So you two can just sit there and do whatever the fuck you’re doing.

Bronwen: That’s awfully nice of you Cassius. What a great idea! *He was definitely up to something… Cassius was never helpful!* Don’t forget to make something for Tiny too. *…So to test out Cassius… She wrapped her arms around MacBeth’s neck! It was comfy, anyway!* -03:45 Apr 03
MacBeth: In that case, I can go ahead and give you your song, Captain. I think it’s fitting. Cassius taught it to me. *He smirked.* -03:50 Apr 03

Cassius: *He was reaching for some pots and pans, grumbling about Tiny when he caught that. There was a loud CLATTER as he dropped one.* …You’re going to sing again?

Bronwen: *Bronwen looked a bit doubtful… Any songs out of Cassius might be weird, but then again… It might be really amusing!* …well. Now I am curious what sort of songs Cassius would teach you… -03:56 Apr 03
MacBeth: *He winked at Shadowstar.* I do owe her a few songs. Let’s see … there was one for getting injured by that robot … two for disobeying her orders … did I owe you another one for something else? *He asked Bronwen!* -03:58 Apr 03
Bronwen: I so won our challenge at the fair. So I should get a song for that too, plus the running from razortooth rabbits! …That’s a lot of songs, Mac. It might take all night. -04:01 Apr 03

Cassius: *All night huh… He’s faced worse challenges than this! There was a loud CHOP as Cassius cut in to a hunk of meat with a cleaver… A cleaver he was imagining himself lodging in to MacBeth’s brain!* I’d like to hear something romantic myself. What, with all those lovey dovey bullshit going around.

MacBeth: Alright then. *He cleared his throat.* Don’t pretend you’re sorry, I know you’re not, You know you got the power, To make me weak inside, Girl you leave me breathless, But it’s okay ’cause, You are my survival, Now hear me say, I can’t imagine life, Without your love, Even forever don’t seem, Like long enough … ‘Cause everytime I breathe, I take you in, And my heart beats again, Baby I can’t help it, You keep me, Drowning in your love, Everytime I try to rise above, I’m swept away by love, Baby I can’t help it, You keep me drowning in your love … -04:18 Apr 03
Bronwen: *Bronwen didn’t bother hiding her grin! Cassius wanted romantic, it couldn’t get more mushy than that!* -04:22 Apr 03

Cassius: *CHOPCHOPchop.. chop… chop… Cassius made quite the disgusted face as his chopping slowed. What the fuck was that shit? He didn’t teach him any GIRLY songs like that! He cast a frown at them. The shit? Was she falling for that crap? Stupid sister…!* What a … nice… song… *That last word growled out!*

MacBeth: Thanks. *He looked over at Shadowstar.* I believe that’s one song down. Any requests, Captain? -04:29 Apr 03
Bronwen: i think I like this romantic song stuff. It’s just too bad we can’t dance too. *Another grin!* -04:32 Apr 03

Cassius: *Cassius was making faces, mimicing the both of them… But so far his restraint was holding out! He was going to turn this around! …somehow.*

MacBeth: In that case, I’ll owe you a dance when I feel better. So a romantic song it is … I’m taken just the way you are, Imperfect words inside the perfect song, I feel you closer than you are, But I’ve been waiting far too long, too long … It’s my declaration to anyone who’s listening, You’re my inspiration as I stand alone against the world, ‘Cause you love and you bleed and you stole my soul to set me free, It’s my declaration, So tell me you can hear these words tonight, It’s my declaration … -04:41 Apr 03
Bronwen: *This song she loved..! Cassius might not appreciate the songs, but she sure did! Bronwen laughed softly as she hugged his neck and rest her head against his.* -04:52 Apr 03

Cassius: *Now.. Cassius was pretty sure that last song was bullshitting, but this one, he very nearly threw that cleaver across the room! Wait… POISON! Ha ha! He should poison dinner! …No, that’s too much… Maybe he’ll break MacBeth’s legs and stuff Bronwen in that damned basket.* … Heh, heh, heh…. *Now Cassius was grinning quick wickedly!*

MacBeth: *He was carefully watching Cassius although he did lean his head back against Shadowstar’s.* How am I doing so far? *He asked, meaning both the songs and irking Cassius.* -05:05 Apr 03
Bronwen: Boy, I could kiss you! You always pick the best songs. *Yet, Cassius went from scowling to grinning like a feind… that didn’t bode well!* -05:08 Apr 03

Cassius: *SHINK! Fuck..! He almost caught his whole hand that time! Fucking Bronwen! DO IT! Double dare! Do it and watch him fling fifty knives across the room! …Wait. Now, Cassius. That’s what they want. Fling a knife and MacBeth will get all uppity about saving his ‘captain!’ SNORT!* Ha, ha… Like to see your try and get a kiss on him. Turns tail and runs from the hottest women in the galaxy.

MacBeth: *He studied Bronwen thoughtfully.* … Maybe I just hadn’t found the right woman to kiss. *He replied.* -05:13 Apr 03
Bronwen: Luckily I’m not one of the hottest women in the galaxy! *She grinned!* I did say if you asked I’d give you a kiss. An honorable Captain always keeps her promises. -05:17 Apr 03

Cassius: *She did WHAT? Cassius was lifting up that cleaver and nearly threw it! …but he caught his own hand and forced it down. They were bullshitting him! Clever sonsofbitches! CHOPCHOPCHOPCHOP.* Aye, right woman makes a difference, doesn’t it! *CHOPCHOP!*

MacBeth: *He was thoughtful.* Hm. I almost forgot about that one. What the hell … Captain Shadowstar, may I have a kiss from you? -05:23 Apr 03
Bronwen: *She gave a smirk! It was good she wasn’t shy.. must be that brazen Shadowstar blood!* Since you asked so nicely. *Bronwen shifted in his lap for a better position, and leaned forward to brush a soft kiss against his mouth. ..It wasn’t like kissing someone just to be a smartass. It was.. different!* -05:29 Apr 03

Cassius: *The brat isn’t going to do it, she’s a damned pru-CLANG! Cassius dropped his cleaver… and his jaw! For once shocked in dumbfounded staring!*

MacBeth: *He tilted his head up as her head came down and he fought the urge to kiss her back. He had asked her for a kiss and she was giving him one. He was not going to overstep those boundaries and take more than he was being given.* -05:37 Apr 03
Bronwen: *Maybe she lingered longer than she should have.. but no one said anything about time limits! And sneaking in a second kiss wasn’t asked for either, but he did give her several songs. Bronwen leaned back with a faint smirk!* Well, I guess you’re not running, so it’s not too bad? -05:43 Apr 03

Cassius: *…Cassius was pushing up his sleeves as he picked that cleaver back up. …And set it on the counter. If looks alone could kill, the whole ship would be dead! He was so mad, he couldn’t even scream the millions of really large cursewords he had going through his head! …Oh no, he was going to COOK THE HELL out of dinner! And then…. DEATH.*

MacBeth: *He smirked back!* Not bad at all. Thank you, Captain. -05:54 Apr 03
Bronwen: After all that, you’d think dinner would be done by now, though… *She cast a glance over at Cassius. At least now he looked like his usual self. She shrugged her shoulders.* -05:59 Apr 03

Cassius: Excuse me if having a couple of morons making out in the kitchen is ruining my g’damned concentration! *He snarled… But he reminded himself that his awesome plan was foolproof! Brennen was napping, Dion was missing… and MacBeth couldn’t chase him down! He smirked around.* It’s almost ready. Maybe you should get Duncan, Brownie.

MacBeth: Actually I have to use the first mate’s room. *He replied and smirked a bit.* -06:03 Apr 03
Bronwen: I guess i can let you get up for that. You can grab Duncan on the way back. *Bronwen hopped out of his lap and moved to lean on the counter.* -06:07 Apr 03
MacBeth: I’ll go get Brennen and Dion while I’m at it. *Using the cane Madame Hessing had given him, he got up and walked out of the kitchen.* -06:08 Apr 03

Duncan: *He was scratching Tiny’s stomach as it lay on its back in his lap! They were on the bridge, just keeping an eye on everything!*

Brennen: *He was lying in bed in his room, writing a letter back to Heather! One of the letters he’d found in that package of hers lay beside his head on the pillow! He couldn’t wait to see her again!*

Bronwen: *Griiiinning at Cassius!* When you’re not being a total dick, you’re a good brother. I’ve been looking for a good excuse to kiss him all week! -06:10 Apr 03

Cassius: *That was the staw that broke the camels back. …Cassius turned off the heat, dusted off his hands… And charged around the counter like an angry bull! He made sure to clamp a hand over her mouth before she went cursing at him and was hauling her out of the room kicking and growling like a little beast!* You ASKED for it! Let’s see where I’m going to stash you while I break off your boyfriends toes and feed them to him!

Bronwen: *Cassius was damned strong when he was pissy! But she wasn’t laughing! At least he wasn’t suggesting to drown her again! Bronwen bite him good though until he let go!* You’re so damned jealous..! Can’t you lighten up EVER? *Bronwen grabbed the door frame and clung!* -06:19 Apr 03
MacBeth: *He hadn’t been lying when he said he had to go! … But that took a back seat to keeping an eye on Cassius! He was waiting for him when he dragged Shadowstar out!* … -06:21 Apr 03

Cassius: *DAMN. Suspicious sonofabitch. ..wait a second… Cassius made sure to swing Bronwen around and use her as a shield!* This is brother-sister business, you just wait your turn! I wasn’t going to stash her in a damned box if that’s what you’re about. Learned that lesson last time. *Cassius said with a smirk.*

MacBeth: Don’t you remember, old man … I was never good at waiting my turn. *He tapped that cane against the wall a few times. TAP-tap-TAPTAPTAP! TAPTAP-tap-tap-TAP!* -06:27 Apr 03
Bronwen: *This was so stupid… Bronwen was looking pretty unamused at being a shield! MacBeth promised not to kill Cassius.. yet… and Cassius was probably going to push it…* Oh, hey, you figured out what it does? -06:28 Apr 03
MacBeth: *He nodded once!* Hmm hmm. And I learned something else too. *He was still tapping that cane against the wall! tap-tap-TAPTAPTAP! TAP-TAP-taptaptap!* -06:30 Apr 03

Cassius: …You have to be kidding. Are we summoning the furball? *Cassius almost looked worried… They always pulled out this crazy shit on him!*

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit!* Guess we’re about to find out. *He spun that cane in his hand and between his fingers very nicely!* -06:34 Apr 03

Cassius: … You’re bullshitting me. Cassius said with a snort! The man was injured and he wasn’t going to hurt his stupidass bigmouthed captain. Cassius hoisted her up again… to back up in to the kitchen! He could barricade him out for days! They had all the food in there!*

“Greeowwww!!” came that familiar growl from behind Cassius!

MacBeth: … That’s right. There’s an entire air vent system running through this ship. *He remarked.* -06:39 Apr 03

Cassius: *Shit! He was summoning up the little demon! Cassius turned around quick with Bronwen still as a shield! Tiny wasn’t going to eat her too!* …I wasn’t DOING anything, fur for brains!

Tiny had shifted from its smaller form to its larger form and now sat on the floor, regarding Cassius with that “Oh, please” look on its face!

Bronwen: Tiny! You’ve come to save me! You’re my sweet fuzzy hero! … Damnit Cassius, get off me already! -06:46 Apr 03

Duncan: *He ran and skidded to a stop in front of the kitchen!* There you are, Tiny! I was wondering where you– *He blinked and pointed.* Cassius, what are you doing with the captain?

Cassius: …Hell no! Your fucking mate and ball of furry evil intimidated me the last few times, THIS time Cassius gets his revenge! *…Quick! Something for revenge, just so he can at least have SOME satisfaction!* … Cutting her hair! *He whipped out one of those knives from his belt!*

MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow.* You’ve got to be kidding me. *He muttered under his breath.* -06:50 Apr 03
Bronwen: What?! *A small shriek and she was pulling her gun! Screw the no-kill Cassius rule! She pointed at the floor and was shooting as his foot!* -06:51 Apr 03

Cassius: YES. Let’s see you find a bald captain attrac-SHIT! *Cassius dropped her quick, stumbling out of the way of gunfire! She popped a hole in his shoe!* G’damnit, woman! Put that gun away!

When Shadowstar shot at Cassius’ foot, Tiny went from large form to small and launched itself at Cassius’ face, claws flashing out to rake across his face!

Cassius: *DUCK! DODGE! CURSE! First he was dodging shots, now he was dodging tiny! Cassius weaved around everyone and was off like a rocket for his room!*

Brennen: *He came running out, passing by Cassius and stopped in front of the kitchen! He had to catch his breath!* Okay. Now what the hell happened?

Bronwen: *She stopped shooting at him once Tiny pounced. Bronwen swished her gun back where it belonged!* Cassius was going to cut my hair! -06:57 Apr 03

Brennen: *He lowered his head and sighed!* He never learns …

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* So, who’s ready to eat? -06:58 Apr 03

Nearly a week later, they arrived at the Hessing farm!

Duncan: *He stepped out and stretched with Tiny on his shoulders!* Man, it’s good to be out and about. Right, Tiny?

“Greeoww! Greeowww!” the little furball replied, sitting on one of his shoulders!

Dion: *Dion was the ship in a heartbeat, a mission on his mind! If he played his cards right, he wouldn’t have to give Ceri the comlink!*

Dion: *off the ship!

MacBeth: *The good news was that his leg had healed rather nicely! Now the cane sat in his room just in case!* Seems like we can never get enough of this place. *He remarked!* -07:04 Apr 03

Ma Hessing: *She looked up as Dion burst through the back door! She was making some tea!* Oh, Dion. Welcome. Would you like some tea or coffee?

Bronwen: *Bronwen was yawing… Cassius had taken to more subtle methods of harassing by sneaking little noisemakers in her room! …But that’s okay. She had Tiny hunt them down and returned the favor!* I kind of like it here. It’s nice having somewhere to come back to. -07:05 Apr 03

Dion: Er… No, I am fine, thank you. Have you seen Ceri lately?

Brennen: *He walked out behind them, hands clasped behind his head!* Maybe now Mac can learn some of Madame Hessing’s recipes!

Cassius: *Cassius was playing it smart. He stayed on the damned ship. Let’s see Betty try and catch him here!*

Ceri: … Dion … *She was standing in the doorway that led further into the house like a deer caught in the headlights.* I’m sorry, Ma Hessing. I–I have to leave. *Then she was turning and running back the way she’d come!*

Dion: *…Wise to his game plan! Dion took off after her, with a great deal of speed! He was in top form by now thanks to good care and decent food!*

Ma Hessing: *She blinked.* Ceri? *She watched Dion bolt after her and sighed softly, shaking her head. Then she turned to find Duncan on the back porch!* Hey there, sweetie. Come on in. You too, Tiny.

Ceri: *She was headed off of the Hessing property! But she figured she’d be safe hiding behind the small old barn the Hessings no longer used. She closed her eyes and wet her lips. When she opened them, she didn’t see or hear Dion. She took a step away from the barn, ready to bolt for her mother’s home–even if it was a couple of miles away.*

Duncan: *He smiled and kisses his mother on the cheek.* Hello, Ma. Coffee and tea. Do you have company over?

Bronwen: We’re going to have to change Brennen’s name to Sasquatch at the rate he’s eating everything. -07:16 Apr 03
MacBeth: Good point. *He looked over at Brennen.* Why don’t you learn to bake instead? -07:16 Apr 03

Ma Hessing: Ceri was here a moment ago but she ran off. Dion after her. But Betty is still here. *She reached up to scratch Tiny between the ears.*

Dion: *The woman was fast…! It was good he had his strength back! He reached the barn and didn’t see any movement. She had to be hiding. Dion ducked low to the ground, tip toeing quietly around the side for an ambush!*

Brennen: *He looked down at his belly and patted it!* It’s not fat! It’s muscle!

Ceri: *She turned around but didn’t see Dion. Her heart was beating so fast, she had to put a hand over it! But it wasn’t long before she had to run her fingers through her hair to brush it back and clasp her hands together against her chest like she always did when she was nervous! She was so busy keeping an eye and an ear out for Dion, she didn’t even realize she was walking backwards toward him!*

MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow!* … Sure it is. *He spotted Duncan stepping outside of the house to wave them inside!* -07:23 Apr 03
Bronwen: We’ll have to put you on a diet or something. I don’t want Lady Heather blaming us for your awful habits! -07:23 Apr 03

Betty: Here, Ma Hessing. *She walked in, carrying a large basket of eggs! All of them were big but some were pure white, others were dark purple with yellow spots, a few were dark green with white stripes!* I got the eggs just like you wanted.

Dion: *Sneak, sneak… He flexed his fingers before he pounce! Dion lift her up quick to throw over his shoulder!* I don’t think you’ve had a tour of our ship yet, Ceri! I was thinking Bronwen needs a lady around and since you need to get out of Morgan’s employment anyway…

Ma Hessing: Ah, thank you, Betty. *She took the eggs from Betty to place on the counter!* Pa’s chickens can be so sensitive sometimes. Must be old age.

Ceri: DION! *She shrieked, struggling to get off his shoulder! If she could only get a firm hold on something, she would stand a better chance of getting free!* Dion, put me down! What do you think you’re doing?!

Brennen: *He sighed softly.* You’d think a guy could get a little more slack after having to go without treats for so long. *He muttered under his breath as he followed them to the Hessings’ home.*

Dion: *Dion made sure to give a wiiiide birth of anything she could grab!* Saving your life is what I’m doing. Not even a Shadowstar is fool enough to try long term undercover work under Morgan’s command. …And since you won’t listen to reason, then I’m going to handle it.

Ceri: *She liked to think of herself as a patient person but in this case, her patience was wearing thin!* Dion, kidnapping me won’t solve anything! … Don’t make me arrest you! *She might not have her badge or her cuffs on her at the moment but she’d be damned if she let that stop her!*

Betty: Anytime, ma’am. *She noticed Duncan.* ‘Morning, Duncan. Just get in?

Duncan: ‘Morning Betty. *He nodded.* Yep. Me and the captain and all. I don’t know how long we’re staying though.

Betty: *She grinned!* Mm … Is that right …? *She leaned toward him!* And what about that delicious

Betty: *Cassius? Is he here, too?

Dion: …Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m challenging your authority as an officer or anything, but I’d like to see you [i]try[/i] and arrest me. *Dion said with all confidence. He might not fight with her, but that doesn’t mean she’d catch him either!*

Dion: …Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m challenging your authority as an officer or anything, but I’d like to see you try and arrest me. *Dion said with all confidence. He might not fight with her, but that doesn’t mean she’d catch him either*

Ceri: Put me down and I’ll show you. *She said, still struggling! Although somewhere in the back of her mind, she had to admit he had a pretty strong grip!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen stepped in the house… and what a pleasure to see Miss Betty questioning about Cassius! …Bronwen had her best smile!* …Cassius? I think he’s still napping back on the ship. Do you want my keycard to go say Hello? -07:38 Apr 03

Ma Hessing: *She was pouring the coffee and the tea for Betty and Duncan. She looked up.* Mac, Bronwen, Brennen, good morning. Tea or coffee?

Dion: Not a chance, love. I put you down, you start running, and then I’d have to chase you all over again. No- I think we’re right to the ship and I’m… going to tie you to a chair or something until we takeoff.

Betty: *Her face broke into a wide grin!* Oh, he is! How wonderful! *She looked ready to squeal in delight when Bronwen offered to lend her her keycard! She clapped her hands together.* I would be much obliged if you did.

Ceri: *She huffed! … Wait, did he just call her ‘love’? Blushing! She had to stop blushing! Focus, Ceri!* Dion, this investigation is important! I’ve worked too long and too hard for this to slip by! I nearly have all the evidence I need.

Bronwen: *Bronwen dug out her card, handing it to Betty!* I think I need coffee, Madam Hessing. …Oh, Cassius’ room is the third door down that second corridor. But sometimes he hides in the kitchen or the engine room if he’s working on something. *Bronwen slid slowly in to a chair.. this will teach Cassius not to keep her awake all night!* -07:45 Apr 03

Dion: *…With a heavy sigh, Dion finally stopped stomping for the ship and set her down. …He had a firm grip on her arms though, just in case.* I understand. I really do. But if you get caught, you’re dead. No prisons, no long years of torment. Just dead. …I want the opportunity to know you, Ceri. I won’t let you before I get that chance.

Betty: If Ceri returns, tell her, not to wait for me. *She said as she took the card.* Thank you! I can’t wait to say hello to my Cassie-Poo! *And then she was suddenly out the door, moving faster than someone her size should be able to move! She used the keycard to get into the ship and then glanced around! Hm … Third door. Second corridor. *She was giddy enough to start calling out for him but stopped herself! She was going to give him one hell of a wake up call! She tiptoed to his room and chanced a look inside!*

Ceri: *He had her arms but she didn’t want to have to hurt him.* Dion, I’m a cop. I put my life on the line so that innocent people won’t suffer. *She shook her head and closed her eyes.* I should never have told you about my being undercover …

Ma Hessing: *She poured Bronwen some coffee.* Scones? Crumb cake? *She offered!*

Brennen: *He’d found himself a seat and smiled.* I’ll take a scone, thank you, Madame Hessing. What flavor is it? *But he was already nibbling on it!*

Cassius: *Cassius was sound asleep with his pullow stuffed over his head, and a little machine next to the bed good and smashed. Apparently he found the noisemaker. He was snoring away!*

Betty: *She started to giggle before she put a hand over her mouth. She tiptoed oh so quietly next to the bed.* Oh, Cassie-Poo … *She whispered into his ear. She could barely contain herself!*

Dion: No, you should have told me sooner. If Morgan or any of her goons find out you let a Shadowstar loose.. There’s.. there’s not even words to describe how shitty that would be! *He was raising his voice, and he had to take in a deep breath.* I’m not going to be able to talk you out of it am I. You really are a Knight.

Bronwen: *Bronwen took a sip of coffee before resting her head on the table. She was too tired to complain about Brennen eating again or even say yes to a treat!* -07:56 Apr 03

Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* White chocolate and rumberry scones. There are plenty so eat up.

Cassius: *Snoooooore… grumble.* don wan none… go’way… *Snoooorre*

Ceri: *She smiled a bit.* That’s … what we Knights do. *She cupped his face and closed her eyes.* What are the chances of me meeting up with such a great guy like you? A Shadowstar, no less. *She swallowed. She wasn’t going to cry. She wasn’t going to cry.*

MacBeth: *He took a sip of his coffee and watched as Brennen and Tiny both went for the same scone–until Tiny swallowed the scone and Brennen’s fingers whole!* -08:02 Apr 03

Brennen: *He blinked!* Yikes! *He pulled his fingers out of Tiny’s mouth and checked to make sure they were all there! He breathed a sigh of relief when he found them all accounted for!*

Dion: Ceri… *Amazong how you can meet someone and it just changes… everything! He pulled her forward and kissed her forehead.* I’ve got something for you. A comlink incase there is trouble. It’ll call me…

Tiny wore a smug grin on its face as it finished off that scone! That would teach humans to pick up the same scone!

Ceri: *She opened her eyes and blinked up at him … then she shook her head, stepped back.* I–I can’t. If they find that on me, they’ll track you down. I can’t put you or your family in danger. *But that was so sweet of him! So thoughtful! But she had to stay firm on this!*

Bronwen: *One eye watching Tiny and Brennen, there was a soft snicker from her.* -08:09 Apr 03

Betty: *She started to giggle again and then stopped herself as she tiptoed to the door and locked it. How convenient that it locked from the inside! Then she slipped under the covers and groped him!* Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!

Brennen: *He raised an eyebrow at Tiny.* Very funny. *He snatched a scone and turned away from Tiny to eat it in piece. He occassionally stole glances over his shoulder at the adorable furball sitting on the table.*

Dion: *Dion just pulled her back!* …You can either take the comlink, or you’re going to be living in my room tied to a chair and with Tiny as a guard. …and I have five people that’d help me do it.

Cassius: *snoore grumble…* Hrrmm.. hey, baby… *He reached out to grab… one hell of a huge boobie! Cassius’ loud bellowing could be heard for miles!*

Tiny sat up and its ears twitched!

Ceri: *She looked up at his face. He was serious! On the other hand … it would feel so much better if she knew someone was there for her. Even if it was selfish and stupid. She sighed.* Alright. I’ll take the comlink.

Dion: *With a sigh of relief, he released on of her arms to dig in his pocket and pull out the comlink. …He had even gone the extra step of talking Cassius in to making it look subtle. Like a jacket broach! He placed it in her hand.* It’ll work both ways. … So next time I get myself captured, you can give me another rescue. *He cast her a wry grin.*

Ceri: *She curled her fingers around the comm link and pressed it against her chest. Then she tilted her head up to kiss that grin of his!* Thank you, Dion. I guess this means you’ll be going for awhile. To rescue your brother.

Dion: *Sheepishly and with a blush he nodded!* I suppose it means you’ll know exactly what kind of ruckess we’ll be getting in to. He’s on the other side of the Galaxy, we might be gone longer than usual…

MacBeth: *She smiled a bit.* Just take care of yourself. And remember … you promised me you wouldn’t get shot again. *It was nice talking to someone like this. Maybe she’d been spending too much time keeping to herself and shutting people away.* -08:32 Apr 03

Ceri: *She smiled a bit.* Just take care of yourself. And remember … you promised me you wouldn’t get shot again. *It was nice talking to someone like this. Maybe she’d been spending too much time keeping to herself and shutting people away.*

Dion: *That brought a wide grin from him.* A Shadowstar keeps his promises. I found a nice bit of armor that shoulder handle any more oncoming gunfire. *Now… he gave in to temptation and pulled her in to his arms to rest his chin on her head.*

Ceri: *Oh no, she was blushing again! He always made her blush! But she slipped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest.*

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