My Demon Roommate 022: Jayden’s Inner Demon III

Jayden: For a while the house was quiet and empty once again. Whatever Jayden wanted wasn’t there and Jayden left to find it elsewhere. When she returned again it wasn’t days later, just a few short hours. And as promised, she wanted sex and Cupio was her first choice. She was in nothing but pants now, covered in more blood and smelled like a mixture of both human and demon. She didn’t care about the footsteps she left on the floor, or the hand print she was dragging across the wall as she rose up the stairs and wandered to their bedroom. She could feel him anywhere… Even when she took others, he was always the one she thought of. He was like some sort of curse in her head. She should fuck him and kill him… Jayden pushed open the bedroom door. -08:17 Oct 29
Cupio: He was on his side facing away from the door. "Jayden.." he said a twinge of fear in his voice before he sat up. He had used his time wisely, his knife was hiden somewhere nearby and he was dressed in a delicate gown, and had eaten. "I am ready for you." He say up to turn to face her sitting on the edge of the bed and slowly undid the ties on the gown. There was a resigned quality to his movements as if he knew his fate was unavoidable, but there was a hint of fightin his eyes. -08:23 Oct 29
Jayden: She wasn’t stupid. Jayden knew he would not be so easily broken. So what… he thought he would play a frightened mouse and maybe she wouldn’t hurt him? Fine. She would play the game. Jayden crossed the room without saying a word. Stopping in front of him to brush her hand against his cheek. Deliberately smearing blood on his face. So pretty. Always so much prettier. Her hand circled around his throat and squeezed. "How are you going to please me?" she muttered in question. -08:28 Oct 29
Cupio: He swallowed against her hand. "However you want me to." he opened his legs and he was still bruised, not having gathered quite enough energy to heal. Shill he pulled his face away from the blood. He didn’t want to ger intoxicated, not when he was so close to fixing everything. "You are the master here. I am your sex toy." -08:31 Oct 29
Jayden: "Are you?" she questioned again. Stepping closer and squeezing more pressure on his throat. "You’re a liar. I don’t like being lied to." Still… her little toy. Her very precious little toy that she couldn’t seem to forget… Jayden’s other hand moved up to his shoulder to push away that gown. Always so fucking perfect and pretty. -08:34 Oct 29
Cupio: He did his best not to move as she squeezed. Then he lay back pulling away from her hand and lay down on his back pulling the gown open on one side and looking up at him pulling one foot up on the bed to keep his thighs open. "I showered and got clean for you. I can’t beat you so I must do whatever you want to stay alive for my baby. I am your toy do do whatever you want to. For Phaedra." -08:40 Oct 29
Jayden: "For Phaedra…" That made her smirk. Jayden climb on the bed over him, her face hovering an inch from his. "I hope she grows up to be as obedient as her father. I could have you both like this." Her hand grazed over a breast as she dipped to capture his mouth with his. A hard, greedy kiss! -08:44 Oct 29
Cupio: He pushed back in the kiss and hand moving to pull him further in as his tongue slid against her lips. "I’mm make sure she makes you very very happy." he bit her lip and tugged on it as his other hand slid down her side getting smeared in blood before sliding under the pillow as a the foot on the bed circled her and drew her hips closer. "And you are the best fuck I’ve ever had, even though I hate you and would kill you if I could." -08:49 Oct 29
Jayden: She smirked against his mouth, licking his lips and then the blood from his cheek. "If you could." she whispered in to his ear, pressing her weight down on top of him. One of her arms curled under him as she kneaded at his breast. Running a thumb over the nipple until it grew taunt. -08:53 Oct 29
Cupio: He bit her lig again letting his body respond to the attangion to his nipple, the leg tightning slightly around her and chest rising towards her hand as his hand grippling the knife slipped out from under the pillow and in a quick movement plunged the blade into her back. "If I could." he gripped the handle and wished for his Jayden hack, the human Jayden without the powerhungry demon side, the Jayden that loved him, that took care of Phaedra. HIS Jayden. -08:57 Oct 29
Jayden: She looked completely stunned…! Betrayed… then unsurprised. Jayden snarled, but it came out choked when she coughed up blood along with it. Her arms shifted. That hand coming up to strangle him, but it didn’t reach it’s destination before she was collapsing half on top of him and crying out in pain! -09:01 Oct 29
Cupio: He panicked pulling the blade out and pushing her off of him and grabbing her wrists. "Jayden!" he wanted her back, not her dead! "Jayden, can you hear me?" Then he was pulling his arms around her. "I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I don’t want you hurt I jus want my Jay baack. -09:03 Oct 29
Jayden: This time the shift hurt! Something literally had been cut from her, and with it took somethat that was buried so deep it was agonizing to feel! By the time she stopped screaming, the wound was healed as if it had never been there and she was a very disoriented near-unconcious female Jayden! -09:08 Oct 29
Cupio: When he felt the change he lefted his head and then pulling himself close to her started sobbing. He had hurt Jayden, but part of it was the massive wave is releif that swept over him. "Jay… I lvoe you Jayden." he whispered. "Please tell you you’re alright." he was worried and relieves at the same time. Phaedra was safe, he was safe, it was only Jayden he seeded to worry about now. -09:11 Oct 29
Jayden: After all that she had felt. Experienced… now she just felt numb. From head to toe, head to heart, the numbness was near paralyzing. Everything was processing so quickly that she couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. All of a sudden she pushed him away. "Don’t touch me…!" Scrambled off the bed but didn’t have the energy to stay on her feet and collapsed to the floor. She hurt him. She hurt their daughter. She hurt people… She could feel the blood and smell it on her. And every memory was right there…! -09:17 Oct 29
Cupio: He ignored what she said and joined her on the floor and pugged her, changin as he did so even if it tore the gown. "It’s over Jayden, It’s over, you’re back and I love you." he ran his hand though her hair while nuzzling into it. "I’m here for you, and I need you to stay, Phaedra needs you." -09:21 Oct 29
Jayden: "Don’t! I hurt you…!" Jayden was trying to push him away again, and she couldn’t hold back the sudden choked sob. He didn’t understand. It was unforgivable, she did the worst she could have ever done…! She would do it again! There was something horrible in her and it was her! -09:24 Oct 29
Cupio: "Shhhhhhh…. I would have done the same to someone else if I had’t have met you." he said. "That is what demons do, you’re just not ready to handle it yet, but you will be, that’s why you have me." He was running her back and nuzzling her ear. "Without you, without Phaedra, I would do exactly that, and I’ll make sure you never have to again either." -09:27 Oct 29
Jayden: "I was going to hurt her..! I was going to rape her and eat her and do horrible things…! And you…" This hurt. More than being stabbed or beaten, or anything else she had ever felt. She [i[killed[/i] people for the fun of it…! Not to protect him, or for good reasons. Just to murder people. She hurt him and made him cry. …she’d go to prison. She would never see them again. …maybe that was good. This hurt…! Jayden couldn’t seem to push him away from her and she finally just crumbled against him. Everything would be taken from her. She didn’t know what to do anymore. -09:33 Oct 29
Cupio: He slowly ran his hand though her hair. "Jayden, you are part demon, you were dorn part demon, this was going to happen eventually, but I made sure it won’t happen again. I was to afarid I had lost you, the real you, the you I love. The you I never want to loose. If I ever go like that you have to stab me too, promise me you can do that. I am not going to loose you Jayden, not to demons, not to humans, not even to yourself." -09:38 Oct 29
Jayden: "I can’t promise. I can’t stay here anymore. They’re going to take me away. What if I hurt her…" That numb feeling was coming back. So many dead faces. Jayden had been fine with killing people, and now look what she did. He was born a demon, he didn’t understand… Jayden stopped her crying, but only because she was slipping in to a defeated melancholy. -09:44 Oct 29
Cupio: "Thay’re not taking you away Jayden. I won’t let them. Come." he listed her and with his arm around her walked with her to the nursery where Phaedra was asleep happily in her cot. "See, we have a life together. She needs you, I need you. You’re needed at the club. I would fight trough hell, literally to keep you. Now I think your daughter needs feeding, would you do the honors? -09:49 Oct 29
Jayden: "No. I won’t touch her." The girl was sleeping. So lucky to even be alive, having a mother so readily willing to kill her… all those nights she thought about it just out of frustration. Never knowing she actually had it in her to do it. And she claimed to love them! If she loved them she wouldn’t have hurt them. Jayden just shook her head. She wasn’t going to touch Phaedea, she wasn’t going to touch him. Ever. "I should go to the police." -09:53 Oct 29
Cupio: He grabbed her shoulder and shook her. "We will go together tomorow. I’m nt losing you. If I lose you then this city burns. All I could think about was getting you back and if I have to go thrugh all that again to keep you I will. I’ve been through worse Jayden. But here I am and I’m not losing the best person ever to enter my life because she discovered her power before she was ready to handle it. Do you hear me? I. Am. Lot. Losing. You." -09:56 Oct 29
Jayden: Jayden just frowned at him and shook her head again. She had said the same thing to him before! And then she hurt him. She didn’t deserve him or their life. "If you burn the city you’re going to ruin her life. Just leave me alone, Cupio. I don’t want to argue with you…" -09:59 Oct 29
Cupio: "Too bad." he said pushing her out the door and into the bedroom still gripping her shoulders. "If I have you have sex with you to get you feeling better I will. I will sex you so hard you’ll be singing from the rooftops for weeks. You are not meaving this room until you’ve smiled at me, now get naked and I’ll join you in the shower." -10:02 Oct 29
Jayden: "If you touch me I am going to hit you. I’m going to hurt you. Obviously I can do it." There was that faint lit of sarcasm to her tone, but she was still frowning. Weary and defeated… and obviously couldn’t stay there. Jayden shrugged his hands off her to brush past him. -10:06 Oct 29
Cupio: He caught her but the arm. I really did not want to do this." he said before smacking her forehead with a sleep spell and catching her. "It will all be better when you wake up, I’ll make everything better." the spell took the last of her energy too and he stumbled. "I’ll do it of die trying." -10:09 Oct 29

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