Aaron’s rescue. Everyone falls in to a trap.

[Bronwen has her crew prepped for a rescue and they are landed on a grim looking planet where THE BEAR is being held prisoner.] -04:57 Apr 04
[MacBeth looked around at everyone!] -04:58 Apr 04
MacBeth: … Let’s run through the plan one more time. *He said, although they’d done it at least a hundred times alredy!* -04:58 Apr 04
MacBeth: *already -05:02 Apr 04

Dion: *Dion looked dressed in his normal clothes, but underneath was that nice bit of armor he picked up. He was serious about not getting himself shot.* It’s a bit like storming a fortress. Aaron’s is going to be somewhere in the mid-levels, likely in a steel reinforced tank. Something he can’t bust out of with bare hands. Assuming they know we’re coming, the whole place is going to be littered with me. We’ll have to split just to increase the chances of someone getting there fast. ….And we want to do it SILENTLY. *All eyes turned to Cassius.*

Cassius: Yeah, yeah, I get it. Keep my damned mouth shut. *He snorted.

Dion: *littered with men! and not Dions!

MacBeth: (Ceri would have loved it if that was the case! *lol*) -05:04 Apr 04
Bronwen: Once someone reaches Aaron, then we alert everyone else via the comlinks and then you can blow up as much stuff as you like on the way out. *Bronwen gave a big grin. That was always the best part.* -05:05 Apr 04

Duncan: And me and Tiny stay on the ship in case anyone needs back up or something. *He replied, nodding.*

Dion: Right. We’ll need to be ready to fly out the moment the last person steps on board. *…Dion gave a heavy sigh.* I think that’s it. We have to play it by ear once we crept through that door.

Brennen: Let’s go then. The sooner we get Aaron out of here, the sooner we’ll be tossing back drinks.

Cassius: Oh, hell yeah. That’s what I wanted to hear! *With drinks on the mind, Cassius worked his magic on the door with a good little hacking… And led the way inside!*

Like most fortresses, this place was all hallways, doors, and sharp corners! It was a maze to navigate, so it was a good thing they decided to seperate. The search could take awhile!

MacBeth: *He looked over at Shadowstar beside him.* Hey, Shadowstar. Have fun. -05:23 Apr 04
Bronwen: *Bronwen gave him her best smile.* Don’t get yourself killed. You promised. -05:24 Apr 04

Cassius: Ugh. Makin’ me sick. *It was Cassius who broke off first… choosing his direction and heading down it. With nothing but his first, a single gun and his knife to arm him!*

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Wouldn’t dream of letting you down. *He looked like he was about to say something else but then he gave a smirk and disappeared down a different direction than Cassius!* -05:27 Apr 04

Brennen: *He took a deep breath.* Take care of yourself, Brownie. *He smiled.* You’ve come a long way. *And then he, too, was off!*

Dion: *Dion pat his sister on the head.* Be safe. …if you have to come rescue us again, leave Cassius for last. *A joking smile and Dion picked his direction to disappear!*

Bronwen: *A deep breath… And it’s go time! Bronwen moved forward in to the dark fortress of creepy… quiet… doom. Jeeze. You’d think there’d be people in here somewhere.* -05:34 Apr 04

Creepy and quiet was definitely the words to describe the place! This fortress could easily hold thousands of people, yet the halls were empty and devoid of sound. The lighting didn’t even seem to be working properly, as they’d occasionally flicker in the halls!

Brennen: *He was armed with a gun that looked more like a shotgun. It was heavy and it only held so many bullets but it packed quite a punch! He slowly moved down the corridor, finding the total silence more disturbing than any sound he’d ever heard!*

As Brennen walked down the hallway, suddenly one of the doors opened right beside him! ….But nothing was there!

Brennen: *He quickly turned and aimed the shotgun into the darkness beyond the door! He glanced around, side to side. It was probably a stupid idea but he had to check it out, make sure it was all clear. He took one step, and then another, and then another …*

As soon as Brennen stepped in to the room, all the other doors in the hallway opened up! …But those rooms weren’t empty! Tons of goons wearing the finest of bullet proof armor came pouring at, and all of them were rushing for Brennen!

Brennen: *He pressed his comm link and raised his shotgun butt to slam it into the nearest guy’s face!* Hey guys! We got a problem! *He held the shotgun like a club and slammed it into another man’s face! Then he lowered the shotgun and shot holes in thugs’ feet, taking advantage to push them over each other and try to fight his way through the mob, back to the ship!*

BZZZZZZZ! Brennen’s comlink was only giving a weird buzzy sound in reply! They must have been jamming up his signal! Brennen might have taken out a few goons, but there were an awful lot of them! He couldn’t even make it out of the room before… THWACK!

Dion: *…This quite WAS a bad thing. It was never good when things were quiet. His comlink gave an odd sound… did someone try to page him? With a frown, Dion turned a corner with his gun ready!*

As Dion turned a corner, he finally heard something that broke the silence! Was that … crying?! It was faint but it was definitely close!

Dion: *Crying wasn’t something out of place in a prison fortress. Checking around at all sides of him, he headed for the sound… It might have ben a woman or a child, and despite this being an Aaron rescue mission, he wouldn’t leave someone else behind if they were trapped too.* …Hello? Who is out here…?

He neared the door the crying seemed to be coming from … Whoever it was, was on the other side! Now he could make out words! “Help me … Help me … please!” It was a woman wailing and she was beginning to pound on the door! But the pounding was little more than a light tap so she must have been weak and in dire need of help!

Dion: *Damn…! Glancing around again to make sure no one was coming, Dion put his gun away. He pressed his comlink.* There’s another prisoner in here and I’ve got to get them out. *Taking out one of Cassius’ little door crackers, he was able to get that door open in no time!*

The door opened and there was a woman lying against the door frame, dressed in only a white slip! She had long, unkempt dark hair but she wasn’t pale and she wasn’t skeletal thin either! “Help … me …” she gasped, raising an arm weakly toward Dion and suddenly dropping it!

Dion: *Dion moved to her side quickly, pressing his fingers to her neck to make sure she hadn’t just died then and there!* Don’t worry, I’ve got you now. We’re going to get you somewhere safe. *He pulled her up to her feet… why hadn’t anyone replied yet?!*

The woman had to lean against Dion for support! “Th … thank you …” she sighed, leaning her head against his shoulder! From out of nowhere, one of her arms came up, wielding a nasty needle which she swung down toward his neck!

Dion: Gu-uh…! *Dion shoved her away, his hand reaching up to yank that needle out of his neck! He was trying to press that comlink again as he dropped to his knees… and passed out!*

The woman was laughing! “Sweet dreams, dear prince!” she sneered as he dropped to his knees in front of her!

Cassius: *Cassius was doing GREAT. He was running in to goons here and there and dispatched them with perfect ease. Usually with a swift fist or boot to the face. Twice now the comlink fzzed, but he was too busy punching people in the face when it happened!* Boo yah, Eat my fists of steel, assholes.

It looked like nothing could stop Cassius when he was on a roll! Oh no, a trap door opened right in front of Cassius but a few yards away!

*small (trap door)

Cassius: *Cassius hopped backwards quickly, pointing at the trap door.* HA! Not me, mother fucker! I’m too fast for you!

… Unfortunately, Cassius had missed the much larger trap door which opened behind him as he hopped back from the first trap door!

Cassius: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-UUUUUUUUUUUCCCKK…..!! *Was the scream of Cassius as he fell..!*

Bronwen: Would you assholes quit buzzing me if you’re not going to say anything? *She hissed, poking at the comlink. The place was already annoying quiet enough without Cassius’ damned coms fritzing out!* -06:21 Apr 04

It was still so very quiet! It didn’t help that all the doors she passed by were open but appeared to be empty!

Bronwen: *She had a bad feeling about this! Bronwen was extra antsy as she passed every open door… being careful to check. This had the makings of a hundred goon ambush, or tricking you to think there’s ambush so a trap door can open! She looked at the floor too, just in case.* -06:24 Apr 04

It was difficult to say how many doors she had passed! But then she heard a buzzing sound coming from somewhere up ahead!

Bronwen: *That sounded almost like the noise that kept popping out of the comlinks… She had both her guns up and ready, as she inched forward towards the noise!* -06:28 Apr 04

She found the source of the buzzing sound in an open doorway! It was some kind of recording that kept playing over and over!

[MacBeth was unaware of the trouble befalling the Shadowstars!] -03:33 Apr 05
[Bronwen had just found some device in a doorway that was making that weird buzzing!] -03:34 Apr 05
Bronwen: …what the hell is this…? *She muttered quietly! Was it a machine on the fritz? * -03:35 Apr 05

Someone sneaked up and grabbed Bronwen from behind! One hand on her mouth, the other around her waist! Then someone else grabbed Bronwen’s legs!

Bronwen: *…G’damnit…! It was a distraction! She was kicking and struggling, and trying to swing up a gun to SHOOT at them!* -03:39 Apr 05

They were pulling her somewhere! A thick rope wrapped around her body, trapping her arms to her sides and someone managed to get an opening in to knock her out!

Bronwen: *And that was the grim end of Bronwen Shadowstar…!* -03:43 Apr 05
MacBeth: *He was moving down the hall, tapping his comm link. There was something wrong. All he got was this buzzing sound and he couldn’t get a hold of anyone! But he couldn’t panic because he wasn’t sure what was going on here.* -03:45 Apr 05

It was still dead silent in the halls. But… then there was the faint sounds of foot steps nearby.

MacBeth: *He pulled his gun out and started moving toward the footsteps, softly but quickly!* -03:49 Apr 05

Clopclopclop. Pause. Clopclopclop. The footsteps kept moving forward, turning corners here and there… but always remaining just out of sight! They were leading pretty deep in to the fortress!

MacBeth: *He didn’t like this at all but it wasn’t like he had much of a choice … So he followed the footsteps! He tapped the comm link every so often but still got nothing!* -03:59 Apr 05

Clopclopclop. Shink! When MacBeth turned another corner it was a dead end hallway! But at there end there was an open door. It sounded like the footsteps had walked in there!

MacBeth: *He stopped at the corner and looked around. No one in sight and he was following a ghost. But he had little choice so … he moved to the door, sticking to the wall and glanced inside! -04:04 Apr 05

The room wasn’t very large and it looked empty. There was a strange, thick barbed war anchored to the floor in the center of the room. On the far wall was a big window screen displaying static and another door with a lockpanel! …Those footsteps were now clopping in the room. Pacing even!

MacBeth: *What the hell–?! He glanced around. The comm link hadn’t started working yet. He didn’t see anyone and the only one he heard was whoever he had followed in here. He stepped into the room and aimed the gun at the person!* Freeze. -04:09 Apr 05

The footsteps stopped but the person remained unseen! “Ian… running off with some woman, just like Erikson. After I gave you a son. With a Shadowstar, no less.” There was a clicking of her tongue, but the croaky voice was unmistakenly Morgan!

MacBeth: *The surprise on his face was quickly replaced with one of barely controlled anger! That gun was still aiming at her!* You’re more senile than I figured you for, Morgan. *He squeezed the trigger, aiming straight for her!* -04:16 Apr 05

CHINK! The shot hit SOMEthing but it ricocheted right off it! Morgan chortled with laughter! “OHOHOHO~! Murderous bastard. Would you like to have a duel with me? Or would you be more interested in those Shadowstars you have betrayed me for…” The giant fuzzed screen suddenly flipped to clear images of the Shadowstar Men! Everyone one of them captured and trapped in some nightmarish torture setup! “My Knights are back where they belong. But.. am I forgetting one…?”

MacBeth: *Damnit! He could growl when he saw that bullet get deflected! But the thing that pissed him off even more was the mention of "one". He’d seen all the Shadowstars except–!* Where the hell is Bronwen. *He growled. If guns didn’t work, he’d just have to go the old fashioned route! He pulled out a sword!* -04:26 Apr 05

“That little Shadowstar trophy. I did want to keep her alive in one piece. But you just HAD to intervene in my plans.” Morgan snorted. Footsteps echoed across the floor as the screen changed. Blindfolded and hanging by the wrists with that same thick barbed wire that was anchored to the floor. Over a room full of deep murky water! “You might save her. IF you can get that door open… Ah, and the catch. You’ll have to drop her to even get to the door.” At that, the sound of a gun being pulled. BLAM! Morgan shot the anchor on the floor and the wire was slipping away… as the Shadowstar fell towards the water!

MacBeth: *He dropped the sword and was dashing across the room for the barbed wire! He grabbed hold and felt the wire go taunt but the barbs were biting into his skin! He clenched his teeth and started to pull it back! If he could get it high enough … Aggh! He hissed under his breath!* -04:37 Apr 05

Morgan cackled! Her footsteps moved across the floor, stopping right next to him. “How long does it take someone to drown? Hm. I forgot something.” SHIIINK! Quick and sudden, she had pulled out a small knife and stabbed it in to his lower back! “For your betrayal! Watch the little girl die by your own sad little hands!” Loud laughter echoed as the footsteps faded and she left him to his fate!

MacBeth: *Aggh! He dropped to one knee and his hold loosened on the wire, causing it to loosen! Damnit! He made another low hiss as he forced himself to focus, pulled back on the wire! That knife in his back … He swore under his breath!* -04:56 Apr 05
Bronwen: *Bronwen was awake… but was beginning to wish she wasn’t! With something biting in to her wrists enough to break skin, she could feel blood dripping down her arms! Another sudden lurch as she dropped and a cry of pain! …Then panic! She was kicking at water with her feet! Bronwen tried to pull herself up – maybe if she could get a grip on the wire she could climb… but couldn’t find the strength to pull herself very high!* -05:00 Apr 05
MacBeth: *He looked up at the screen and shut his eyes! If he could pull enough of his strength together … Grunting softly, he tightened his hold on the barb wire as he got up and began to step back! But every step meant a searing pain in his back that made him stop and nearly forget what he was doing!* -05:03 Apr 05
Bronwen: *This hurt…! She was being pulled up again, but that wasn’t stilling the panic at all! Her fingers were tingling from the cutoff of circulation… and she was trying so hard not to start screaming at give that evil bitch the satisfaction!* -05:08 Apr 05
MacBeth: *He finally had to stop! This … was getting him nowhere … The door. Morgan had mentioned the door … He swallowed. There was something wet and sticky on his hands. He knew it was blood without having to look down at it but if he looked at it, he might lose it. Things were hanging by a thread as it was. The door … Concentrate on the door!* -05:10 Apr 05

The door was there at the wall, next to the giant screen. It was a sealed door, and the only way to open it was by the panel sticking out of the wall next to it! But it was sure to be locked with an elaborate code that’d need to be cracked!

MacBeth: *Gritting his teeth, he wrapped more of the wire around his hand so he wouldn’t leave any slack as he made his way to the door! Then he slowly walked over to it. The room was beginning to tilt and he was starting to see double … He reached the panel. If he could just hold on a bit longer, maybe he could figure out how the hell to open it before blacking out …* -05:17 Apr 05

The panel didn’t seem to give any sort of hint how it should be opened! It was just a wide blank screen! But… the moment he tried to touch it and blood dripped on the panel, it flashed green! The door slid open revealing the trap room! There was a large dropoff and a ladder from the door, leading down to the pool of water below and the Shadowstar dangling in the middle! It was impossible to be able to reach her without having to drop her first!

MacBeth: *Had he been in better condition, he probably would have wondered what the hell had just happened as the door opened!* Br … Bronwen … *He gasped as loud as he could!* -05:26 Apr 05
Bronwen: *Hearing the door, she was not sure what to expect and thinking it might be the worst…!* MacBeth..?! *A mixture of relief and more panic!* I – I can’t get down…! -05:31 Apr 05
MacBeth: There’s … a ladder but … I have to … lower you first. *The barbed wire was still biting into his flesh but he was beginning to feel light headed. The room was spinning again!* -05:34 Apr 05
Bronwen: *Not down there…! It was so hard to think! Was he holding her up..? How deep was the water! Bronwen struggled to stay calm! She would trust him!* I… will hold my breath! -05:38 Apr 05
MacBeth: *He smiled a bit!* I’ll be … right down … *He loosened a bit of the barb wire as he got down to the ladder, and as he scaled down, he loosened more and more so he was lowering Shadowstar steadily. By the time he had gotten to the bottom, he had let go of the barb wire entirely and he had to reach behind him to pull that knife out!* -05:41 Apr 05
MacBeth: *She trusted him! He wasn’t sure why but that made him all the more determined to save her. -05:42 Apr 05
Bronwen: *She wouldn’t panic.. she wouldn’t panic…! Bronwen tried to keep breathing as water came up higher and higher! Finally when the wire was released she took a quick a breath and prayed she could hold it!* -05:44 Apr 05
MacBeth: *He tested the water and then swam for her! By now, he couldn’t talk, much less focus on what he was doing! But he just kept his eyes on Shadowstar and when she went down, he managed to dive for her!* -05:46 Apr 05
Bronwen: *Bronwen pushed that blindfold off, but it was impossible to see under the murky water! Twisting panfully, she unraveled the wired wrapped around her wrists, having to use her teeth to pry the last bit off! As soon as she could feel him there, she was clinging on to him for dear life!* -05:50 Apr 05
MacBeth: *He winced as he surfaced with her clinging to him!* … Easy … Shadowstar … *He murmured as he got them to the ladder. He clung to it and moved to the side.* Go on. -05:52 Apr 05
Bronwen: *Ignoring pain, and forcing her fingers to function she started climbing up. Only slipping once, she crawled out on to the floor only to turn around so she could reach down and make sure he got up too. She could see the blood at his hands and he was white as a sheet!* … god damnit! you should have let me fall! -05:58 Apr 05
MacBeth: *He smirked weakly.* Brothers … trap … Morgan … *He winced as he turned over on his back, the spot Morgan had stabbed him.* -06:01 Apr 05
Bronwen: Jus a damned minute. We’ll get them. *Bronwen fumbled in her pockets until she pulled out one of those medsticks to stick him with. He had to at least be able to get up so they could walk out in one piece! All that water was making it look like so much more blood…!* -06:05 Apr 05
MacBeth: *She could say that because she hadn’t seen those damned traps. But he was in no condition to argue and the last thing he wanted was to kill over on her … Who knew how many songs he’d owe her then! He closed his eyes and tried to focus on something …. anything at this point.* -06:09 Apr 05
Bronwen: *Sticking him quick, that’d at least kill some of the pain and slow the blood! Bronwen grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up in a sitting position.* You promised you wouldn’t die! So get up…! We’ll grab those idiots, get soem booze and go to bed in a minute…! -06:14 Apr 05
MacBeth: *He winced and looked up at her.* I know … I know … *With her help, he managed to get to his feet! He was wishing he’d brought Madame Hessing’s cane with him!* -06:21 Apr 05
Bronwen: *Bronwen had no idea how she was going to pull this off..! She was trying the comlink again, keeping a good grip on MacBeth so she could force him to move. Pulling him in to the hall, there were other doors here… with panel locks like the room they just left! Bronwen glanced behind them! …Was Morgan cocky enough to put them all in the same place?* How did you get the door open? -06:26 Apr 05
MacBeth: *Even now he had to remember … Then he took a deep breath and raised one of his hands.* My blood … *He didn’t quite understand it himself and he was pretty damn sure he wasn’t going to like the answer!* -06:28 Apr 05
Bronwen: *She didn’t question how that worked. Bronwen was worried about more important things! She shuffled him to the first panel and placed his hand on it!* -06:32 Apr 05

Just like that the panel blinked green and the door opened up wide! There was growls and manly bellowing inside!

Cassius: *It was Cassius who say the door open was was running like fucking hell right through it! He was practically beating the panel to close the door when he stumbled out! Clothes ripped and looking like he just saw a whole pack of Tinys!* FUCKING SHIT WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG.

MacBeth: *He was breathing heavy and had he been able to, he would have smirked. Except he’d seen the trap Cassius had been in.* -06:35 Apr 05
MacBeth: *so smirking didn’t seem right at the moment -06:36 Apr 05
Bronwen: Stop whining and help me get these other doors open! *She was already moving MacBeth to the opposite side of the hall to the other door to try the next panel!* -06:39 Apr 05

Cassius: What is the co- *Cassius stopped in the middle of asking what the open code was… These were DNA signature panels. He looked at the blood on his hand, that was left on the panel he just closed up. MacBeth’s blood! ….There was an odd sound from Cassius as he darted down the hall, pressing that bloody hand to the other two panels!*

MacBeth: *With Bronwen’s help, Mac got to the next panel and pressed his hand down on it. He was going to need one hell of a drink after this!* -06:42 Apr 05

Cassius: *All of the panels were blinked green now, opened up the last three doors! Cassius had just charged in to a room with Dion, punching some creepy as fuck looking nurse in the face and dragging him off a table!*

The door MacBeth opened up was the room with Brennen… a room filled with giant cockroaches and big flying beetles! All over the place!

Brennen: *Needless to say, Brennen was not taking the bug room very well! He was struggling for all he was worth and trying to get the damn bugs off of him! And then he looked like a man possessed when he tossed his head back after a bug got stuck in his hair and one tried to crawl up his nose!*

Dion: *Dion was shakey on his feet, but he was following Cassius out fast towards the other open door.* Never thought I’d be glad to see you, Cassius.

Cassius: Whatever. *Cassius was still trying to figure out those dna panels as they charged in to the other room! Here was Aaron bogged down with so much Aaron that he couldn’t even stand up!* You look like shit old man!

Bronwen: Brennen! The door is open! *She hiiiiissed! Bronwen would have helped with a gun, but he was flailing around so badly!* -06:53 Apr 05

Brennen: GGAAAHHH BUGS! *He shrieked as he went flying out of the room and began dancing around!* Get ’em off! Get ’em off! *He was jumping and waving and trying to dust out his hair!*

Cassius: *IRON aaron koff!

Aaron: *He looked up at Cassius and just raised an eyebrow.* Shut up and get these things off of me.

Dion: *Dion was already working on pulling off those chains!* You’re in for a real treat, Aaron. MacBeth brought you a surprise.

Cassius: Fucking MacBeth there’s more than one damned surprise out of him. *Cassius growled. He couldn’t WAIT to bring that one up…!*

Brennen: *It took awhile but he was finally convinced he was bug-free–Wait, there was something in his pants! GAH! He ran up and down the hall, trying to shake it out!*

Bronwen: *As amusing as watching Brennen fly up and down the hallway was, there were scarier things here! Like MacBeth bleeding to death! She was already pulling him down the hall so they could head back to the ship!* C’mon Bree! -07:05 Apr 05

Aaron: What did he do this time? *Once the chains were off, he stood straight, stretched, and then cracked his knuckles. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another with the boy.*

Dion: *Dion was grinning… though he looked at Cassius with a curious expression.* He found Bronwen. …Although if we don’t get the hell out of here quick, we might end up in trouble all over again.

Brennen: *He blinked as he was dragged back!* … Huh? Oh right. *He grinned sheepishly.* Sorry, Brownie. *He ruffled his hair real quick to get rid of any stray bugs, then combed it back, nice and composed.*

Cassius: I second the damned motion. We can beat the shit out of MacBeth when we’re back on the ship! *Cassius was already headed out!*

Aaron: *He was silent but he looked at Cassius with that stern look of his that had become his trademark.* Let’s go then. *He stalked out of the room and then toward Bronwen, Brennen, and MacBeth! He looked at Bronwen and there was a smile at the corners of his mouth.* I’ll take the boy. Go. *He was already moving to Mac to hoist him onto his back.*

MacBeth: *He was drifting in and out of consciousness! He thought he heard Aaron’s voice and someone carrying him before he blacked out again!* -07:10 Apr 05

Brennen: *The warm Shadowstar family reunion would have to wait! But it was great seeing Aaron again! He was already heading for the ship!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked…! She was a little startled at first! He looked… just like Fa! She let Aaron take MacBeth, not that she wanted to let go… and was already charging down the hall following her brothers!* -07:11 Apr 05

Duncan: *He was drumming his fingers against the panel as he paced up and down the bridge! What was taking them so long? Why weren’t they answering the comm links?!*

There was no goons or men to intercept them – Morgan had been so sure it would be impossible for them to escape! The way back to the ship and out of the fortress was good and clear!

Cassius: *…That made Cassius all the more pissed off! But he didn’t say a word yet as he boarded the ship first, shouting at everyone to hurry the fuck up!*

Duncan: *He could hear Cassius yelling even from here! He started up the ship’s engines and waited for everyone to board before taking off!*

Brennen: *He stopped as soon as he was inside the ship and had to catch his breath! His body hurt like hell! Those bastards had bruised him up bad!*

Dion: *Dion had to hoist up Bronwen and drag her the rest of the way on the ship.. seemed like MacBeth wasn’t the only one bleeding themselves out!* Bree, you’re going to have to stitch her up.

Bronwen: Not until after I fix MacBeth..! *She was too numbed to care at the moment, and her first mate took precident! Bronwen waited until Aaron was on board too, before she ordered Duncan to take off!* -07:19 Apr 05

Brennen: *He raised a finger.* … Right. Just … a moment … *He took several deep breaths!*

Duncan: Yes, ma’am! *He flipped the last switches to close the ship up and then he told them to hold on as the ship took off!*

Aaron: *He had already found the med bay and put MacBeth on the bed. He rubbed his shoulder and flexed it!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen was quick to follow Aaron! In the medbay she was already digging for supplies she’d need to handle MacBeth herself!* -07:24 Apr 05

Dion: *Dion didn’t want to go anywhere near that medbay, but Cassius was already packing one of those looks. That didn’t bode well.* Brennen…

Brennen: *He looked up and stood up.* Cassius, what are you doing? *Now he was worried!*

Brennen: *what are you going to do, not what are you doing XD

Cassius: *Cassius stopped to turn around and scowl.* Those were DNA locks. Only someone with matching genetic code should be able to unlock those fuckers. Morgan HAD us. There is no fucking way to crack that shit. and what happens? A little of HIS blood and suddenly we’re free. There’s some serious bullshit goin’ on and I am to beat the fuck out of him until I find out!

Brennen: *He blinked!* … So Mac is … *His voice trailed off.* Oh, shit.

Dion: *Dion was silent for a moment…* There’s got to be some kind of mistake. He’s covered in blood, it could be anybody’s.

Brennen: *He nodded. He didn’t want to believe what Cassius was implying!* … That’s right.

Cassius: Yeah? So how about we go on in there and find out! *Cassius was already turning on a heel and stomping for the medbay!*

Brennen: *This could not end well! He quickly went after Cassius!*

Aaron: *He was standing by the door so when Cassius came marching by, he held his arm up and barred him from entering.* What is it, Cassius?

Cassius: …DNA Panels. You know what I’m talking about. HE *He pointed a finger!* opened them with his own blood.

Aaron: *He raised an eyebrow.* And …?

Bronwen: *Bronwen was vaguely listening… but she was busy! Having gotton MacBeth’s shirt off, she was patching up that stab wound on his back! That evil cuntfaced old hag! She was going to skin the bitch alive and dip her body in a pile of fire ants!* -07:38 Apr 05

Cassius: AND that means he’s likely some spawn of Morgan herself! Don’t you think it’s weird how shit has gone down over the years?!

Dion: *Dion was crossing his arms in the hall.* I don’t recall MacBeth ever doing anything to comprimise us.

Aaron: The boy has proven his loyalty many times before. Even when some hardheaded jackass put him up to a fight in the first place. *He was looking at Cassius.*

Brennen: He’s been with us for a long time. We can’t suddenly suspect him of being evil because of something he can’t help, like who his mom is.

Cassius: Then how do you feeling about the boy shacking up with OUR little sister! He’s got her wrapped around his damned fucking finger!

Bronwen: Damnit Cassius! Go find someone else to bitch at! *She was going to kick his ass in a minute…! With that stab wounded stitched and bandaged, Bronwen was cleaning up MacBeth’s hands. …of all the stupid things he had to go and hurt himself doing! She couldn’t stop herself from sniffling!* -07:49 Apr 05

Dion: …I’d say it was more the other way around. He’s stuck with Bronwen more than he has with any of us.

Brennen: *He sighed and scratched his head.* This is a lot to swallow. Our Mac … and Morgan …

Cassius: He doesn’t belong on this ship. Morgan’s blood is a dangerous liability. What do you think MORGAN is going to do when she figures it out?

[Bronwen was patching up MacBeth, but was seriously thinking about throwing scissors across the room at Cassius.] -01:45 Apr 06
[MacBeth was still out cold!] -01:47 Apr 06

Aaron: We are all tired and injured. This is no condition to be speaking of matters like this. Everyone is to wash up, rest up, and eat. We will discuss this later.

Brennen: Right. *He nodded. Aaron always made a lot of sense but he still felt uneasy about all of this.* Uh … I’m sure there’s … some leftovers somewhere in the kitchen.

Cassius: Fuck that, we’re going to discuss it now before the asshole wakes up and starts pointing a damned gun at me again! Oh ho ho. You don’t KNOW the shit he and Bronwen have been pulling! Fucking broke my nose! TWICE.

Dion: …it’s about to be a third time… *Dion leaned to mumble at Brennen softly.* I could use a good drink.

Aaron: *His eyes narrowed onto Cassius. His hand whipped out and smacked Cassius straight on the cheek with enough force to possibly knock him off his feet and onto the floor!*

MacBeth: *Cassius’ face -01:52 Apr 06

Cassius: *Cassius went sprawling back with a THUD! He was cursing up a storm, with Aaron’s name mixed in with it… But he was stomping off to the Kitchen as ordered!*

Brennen: *He winced as Cassius flew! Man, even he was hurting!* Uh yeah … Let’s uh, go. *He nodded to Dion and the two of them followed after Cassius.*

Bronwen: Stupid asshole. *Bronwen muttered under her breath. She had finished one hand and moved to MacBeth’s other. It had the wire cut all the way around it. She looked at her wrist in comparison. ….She was going to kill the fuck out of Morgan!* -01:55 Apr 06

Aaron: *He watched Cassius march down the hall and toward the kitchen! Then he turned and watched Bronwen patching Mac up!* It’s been too long, Bronwen. *He said after several moments of silence!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen paused only a minute to cast him a grin over her shoulder.* For you, maybe. You look just like Fa now…. -01:58 Apr 06

Duncan: … Captain …? *He poked his head into the Infirmary! Tiny was in his arms!* Me and Tiny … We uh, just came to see how you and Mac were doing …

Aaron: *He was about to say something when Duncan and Tiny arrived! He turned and looked the pilot and furball over!* And who is this …?

Bronwen: This is Duncan Hessing! Probably the best pilot in the galaxy, even if he is a little weird. And Tiny. *She held up and waved a finger, then went back to bandaging.* This is my oldest brother Aaron. He’s a bear. -02:01 Apr 06

Duncan: *He blinked and made a nervous grin!* Uh, hello, sir. It’s uh … nice to um, meet you!

Tiny looked Aaron over and flicked its tails. “Greeoww greeoww …”

Aaron: *He raised an eyebrow at Tiny!* An interesting choice for a pet. *He looked over at Bronwen.* Point me to the nearest shower. I need to change out of these things and eat something before I deal with Cassius again.

Bronwen: Hmm, you can have the third room down the hall. *She stole a peek at him again… He just looked so old!* -02:08 Apr 06

Duncan: Um … I’ll show you there if you like! I uh, I got lost myself when we first got this ship …

Bronwen: That’s a good idea. We can have that chat later. -02:17 Apr 06

Aaron: Very well. *Then he followed Duncan out of the Infirmary!*

As Duncan was leaving, Tiny hopped out of his arms and hopped on top of the bed Mac was on, beside his head!

MacBeth: *He stirred! And then he slowly opened his eyes!* … Shadow … star …? -02:21 Apr 06
Bronwen: *She had just finished up patching that second hand, Bronwen eyed him critically as she sat down on the edge of the bed.* Do you have any idea how mad I am right now? -02:22 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He closed his eyes.* What’d … I do now …? *His lips were dry, his throat was parched, he hurt like hell … and even his eyes were too damn tired to keep open!* -02:27 Apr 06
Bronwen: I ask you to do one little thing like ‘not get hurt’, and then you go to the exact opposite. *Frowning, she got up just long enough to fetch him some water and bring it back.* -02:30 Apr 06
MacBeth: *His eyes opened when she came back with the water and pressed the cup against his mouth. He drank a little and now he could speak a little more easily.* I … did try. -02:38 Apr 06
Bronwen: At least I know I’m more afraid of you bleeding all over the damned place than drowning. *Her scowling slowly faded to a soft grin.* Pretty impressive. I don’t know what I’d do without you. -02:41 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He smiled a bit and then the small smile faded!* … The doors … How did they … *His voice trailed off. He didn’t want to know the answer but … he had to know.* -02:48 Apr 06
Bronwen: Hmm. I don’t know if I should tell you yet. You might freak out and stab yourself with a scalpel. *She was examining his face again… There was really nothing about him that was anything like Morgan…* Cassius said it was a DNA lock. With Morgan’s signature. -02:51 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He closed his eyes for a moment and tilted his head back! Then he opened his eyes and looked at her face.* It’s alright. I know I don’t want to know. -02:52 Apr 06
Bronwen: On the bright side, I think you’re going to age a lot better than she did. *Another soft grin. If anybody thought Morgan’s blood was going to make a difference to her, they were gonna be sorely disappointed!* -02:55 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He snorted!* … What did your brothers say …? -03:02 Apr 06
Bronwen: Cassius pitched a fit as expected. Brennen and Dion looked a little weirded out and Aaron said we’ll talk about it later. So it’s going to be… interesting. What are you going to say about it? -03:04 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He was silent for awhile!* … I don’t know. I don’t remember her. But … someone once told me that it wasn’t the family you came from that makes a difference. It’s the family that raised you. -03:07 Apr 06
Bronwen: Yep. It’s much too hard finding a first mate worth keeping to go and throw him out just because of a little blood. …Unless he goes bleeding it everywhere. -03:11 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Guess it helps that I’m out of action for awhile. -03:13 Apr 06
Bronwen: Out of action again. So you probably owe me more songs than you’ll ever be able to sing. Oh, but hey, we have matching scars! *Now she was being a bit sarcastic, but at least she wasn’t thinking about beating him unconcious again out of principal.* -03:15 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He snorted, which was probably the best thing next to a laugh he could manage at the moment!* Heh. Or maybe you just saw how great mine looked and wanted to get some, too? -03:21 Apr 06

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