My Demon Roommate 023: Taking the Blame

[Cupio Is downstairs in cuffs talking to a deonic cop. He has also decided not to go Mcboobs for a while, a long while.] -06:33 Oct 30
[Jayden is sleeping… WAS sleeping…!] -06:35 Oct 30

It was that ladycop that show up, personally. Along with a couple people for ‘backup’. You never knew when something would go bad. As far as they could tell so far, the house was clean. But they still hadn’t talked to the human. “I am not sure I believe this story.” -Jayden

Cupio: "It’s simple, I flipped out. You’ve been to hell, you know how it stays with you and how the right trigger can send you right back into how you were down there. Fresh starts are not always fresh. I hurt my wife, I almost hurt my child. I don’t want it to happen again, that is my only wish." there was no hiding that it was a demon of lust that commited the killings, and Jayden was fully human now, so she was safe. "I have no excuses, I’m confessing." -06:42 Oct 30
Jayden: This is what Jayden walked in. She had on pajamas she didn’t remember changing in to, in fact the last the she remembered was trying to walk out. And now Cupio was in handcuffs getting taken away for something she did? Why was she so groggy! Jayden had a hand on her head when she stepped in to the room. "That’s not what happened." she muttered. They weren’t going to take him because of her. -06:50 Oct 30

“It’s NOT what happened is it?” Just the one the cop wanted to talk to. Her eyes were narrowed as she spied the two. Tilted her head to signal one of her minions…er… officers to go examine the human for traces of trouble. -Jayden

Cupio: He shot her a peircing glance one that went beyond a mere look, one that momenteraly brided thier minds and let her feel what he was feeling. The grim determination to protect her in the face of anything. To not let anything seperate them. "You were under a spell Jayden. One I jut on you. I’m sorry." It wasn’t a lie. "But I have to live with the consequences. I have agreed to let them mark me." -06:56 Oct 30
Jayden: Jayden opened her mouth to contradict him. He wasn’t going to suffer for her! …she just… couldn’t get the words out. Jayden wrapped her arms around herself, shying away from the officer that came near her. She didn’t want anyone touching her, she wasn’t sure what she would do. "Don’t take him, I need him here." -07:00 Oct 30

The Officer confirmed that the human had a spell on her. Some pretty strong ones. No traces of demon. As far as the demon cop could observe, the human looked pretty gunshy… a far cry from the snappy woman that had been in the station before. …but something here wasn’t right! “We have major damages in the city. Humans and demons murdered. This is the third time, yes THIRD time if you think I wasn’t aware of another incident, that you two have been involed in something major. What makes you think a marking is going to be enough?” -Jayden

Cupio: "You will know before something will happen, you will be able to find me wherever I am and will know if I’m in trouble." he said. "I don’t want things to keep happened. I want to raise my daughter and have a life with my wife. If I could I would give up being a demon but I was born one, there is nothing for me to go back to. If you really think a mark won’t be enough, then your only other choice is to send me back. I would rather go back than hurt Jayden or Phaedra." -07:10 Oct 30
Jayden: "You can’t send him back…!" Uurragh! She couldn’t scream at the whole lot of them that it was her! She did it! They couldn’t punish him for this! She couldn’t say it. Jayden was on the verge of complete flip out. "I can’t raise her by myself! What do I do with a demon daughter? What do I do without him? She’ll die!" Somewhere in the mess of words she was spitting out was her fear that she would hurt their kid. And where normally she’d threaten every last one of them for trying to take him, now she was just collapsing in to tears. This was a mess she couldn’t fix…! -07:19 Oct 30
Jayden: gm There was a surprise for the ladycop. The woman’s arms were crossed as she watched the human meltdown. Whatever happened was a doozy. Another officer came by to whisper in her ear. Not a trace of blood, evidence, bodies, or souls. Just a child upstairs sleeping. So what, no evidence at all? No pictures. Just her instincts and a man’s confession. This job was bullshit. "Put the mark on him and take off the cuffs. …I warn you, though. There <i>will</i> be consequences… You aren’t going to be lucky forever." -07:21 Oct 30

There was a surprise for the ladycop. The woman’s arms were crossed as she watched the human meltdown. Whatever happened was a doozy. Another officer came by to whisper in her ear. Not a trace of blood, evidence, bodies, or souls. Just a child upstairs sleeping. So what, no evidence at all? No pictures. Just her instincts and a man’s confession. This job was bullshit. “Put the mark on him and take off the cuffs. …I warn you, though. There will be consequences… You aren’t going to be lucky forever.” -Jayden

Cupio: As soon as the cuffe were off and the band fixed around his wrist he was standing and putting his arms arounf Jayden. "It’s alright." he whispered. "I’m taking care of everything." His tone was soft and calm. "Nothing will keep us apart. I promise." He kissed her cheek and keepign her in his arms turned to the cop. "I will cooperate with you, but this is my fault. If yu do anything to me, look after my family." -07:26 Oct 30

“It won’t be me you have to worry about.” She didn’t elaborate, nor did she look pleased that this was all she was going to get. Without proof though… They owed her big. “Everybody out.” Out went all of her minions, and with one last stare at them, as if she could figure it out just by looking… the cops were gone and out the door, leaving them alone. -Jayden

Jayden: Jayden had her face buried, and she was hugging herself rather than him. She still didn’t want to touch him. The cops left and didn’t take him. …that was a small relief. She still felt like she could breathe. "You lied to them." -07:32 Oct 30
Cupio: "Yes, I did." he said. "Because I took your demon side away, but I can’t let then take you away from me. Then you would have seen what I can do when I have nothing left to loose. You are everything to me Jaten. You and Phaedra are all I care about. If I loose either of you I woud never forgive myself." -07:36 Oct 30
Jayden: "I shouldn’t be here around Phaedra, Cupio. Just because you took the demon, doesn’t mean it’s not still me. Everything I said I actually felt… it wasn’t lies." That was the worst part. Knowing that she honestly wanted to hurt them. Jayden took a step back from him. "I should go back upstairs." -07:41 Oct 30
Cupio: He pulled her back against him. "You have that inside you. So do I. I live with that every day and it almost made me run from you too but I didn’t. You can live with it if I can so don’t run from me Jayden. I can’t raise Phaedra on my own. She needs her mother. Who else is going to tell her stories, or tell her not to date boys? I loose you right now, I don’t know if I can hold the demon back." -07:43 Oct 30
Jayden: That was unfair. Using Phaedra to keep her there. Phaedra needed him so much more than he needed her, and Jayden didn’t want her to be a lost demon orphan with her parents crazy and evil. Jayden conceeded, only evident by the way she sighed. She still wasn’t going to touch him, though. "…Okay. I’ll stay here. Maybe we can build a basement dungeon or something." she muttered. That’d work, right? A nice distance between them. -07:48 Oct 30
Cupio: "The only dungeon we need is our sex room." he said. "You’re still sleeping next to me, and you’re having sex with me. You’re still Jayden, so what if the pregnancy had an unexpected side effect. You’re fine now. You’re my Jayden again, and that’s all I wanted, was my Jayden." -07:51 Oct 30
Jayden: Jayden shook her head, tilting away from him enough to scowl at him. She had thought it would be awhile before they had this conversation. She was surprised he even brought up sex after what she did. "No more sex, Cupio. I can’t do it.." -07:54 Oct 30
Cupio: He placed his hand on her cheek and started walking with her. "Not immediatly, but we will." he was heading up the stairs and when they were halfway up the sunds of Phaedra crying were heard. "Right on cue, she’s hungry." he always knew what the crying was about from the sound and feeling behind it. "I don’t have boobs, this is your job." -07:56 Oct 30
Jayden: "I’m not doing that either…!" How the hell did he get her upstairs. She was running on auto-pilot! And now she sounded a little bit more panicked. She didn’t even want to be in the same room as Phaedra. That run-reaction was kicking in and she was untangling herself from him. "You feed her…!" -07:59 Oct 30
Cupio: He gripped her shoulder. "You feed her, I can’t transform." he sounded insistant. He knew if he did he would solapse into a sobbing mess and probably rape Jayden to come and feel a little better and a crying rapy Mcboobs wasn’t what anyone wanted. "She needs her mother now. I will be right there with you." -08:02 Oct 30
Jayden: "Yes you can. You have to. She needs it and I can’t." Not just because she was afraid she’d hurt her… Phaedra is what sparked off that demon in her. In pregancy and the other day too. It could happen again! "You can do it, can’t you?" -08:05 Oct 30
Cupio: He shook his head a sad look in his face. "Do you know what I did?" he asked her. "I cut out your demon side, you don’t have it anymore. Go and feed your daughter. For me. For her. You can’t be afraid to touch her forever." -08:09 Oct 30
Jayden: Jayden knew what that look meant. He didn’t want to be mcboobs. She hurt him in the absolute worst way possible, and now he was afraid. ..and she couldn’t even tell him it was safe to be himself. Because it wasn’t true. "I don’t want to be alone with her." She conceeded again. If he couldn’t, she would have to. There was no way around it. -08:16 Oct 30
Cupio: "I’ll be there for you." he said before putting his arms around her and kissing her softly. "You need to put this behind you, I want you the way you were, that’s why I did this." he let her go. "Your daughter needs you." he took her hand and started walking. "We can’t leave her waiting." -08:18 Oct 30
[Jayden enters.] -08:22 Oct 30
Jayden: A kiss… she hated to admit how much she really needed more of those. Jayden almost kept her feet planted to the floor, but inevitably was entering the room with him and leaning over the crib at peering down at one very upset, hungry baby. A helpless baby that had a horrible mother. "I don’t think I’m ever going to be what I was." -08:26 Oct 30
Cupio: "You will, if I can recover, so can you." he looked at her, then let go of her hand to lift Phaedra from her crib and shush her before handing her to Jayden. "You’re going to be a wonderful and protective mother, treat this as a lesson, there are demons like that out there, and I was like that ar one point, now you better understand our world and why I want her to have a good life nad never end up like that." -08:31 Oct 30
Jayden: All of that time it took for her to be able to hold her own daughter without fear had been completely abolished. Jayden was awkward again, very wary of the little girls hands, even when she moved to sit down in a chair. She was also very concerned about making sure he was close by. Before long she was nursing and Jayden was vaguely wondering if children could inherit evil through boobies… "I can’t let anything like that happen to her… I don’t want her to be like us." -08:35 Oct 30
Cupio: He nodded. "She needs to have a better life, a perfect life, as good as we can give her, but I can’t do that without you." moved his chair next to her and put his arm around her. "You’re her Mama and she needs you, I need you." he burried his nose in her hair and inhaled ehr scent, her human scent. "I love you." -08:39 Oct 30
Jayden: Need she understood. Love… not so much anymore. Everything was wrong, and she couldn’t figure out how he bounced back so quick. Or did he? He didn’t want to be himself anymore. ….she hated this constant feeling of wanting to cry! It was such a stupid girl thing! "I’m not going anywhere, I guess…" Something so small needed people to protect it. Without her and Cupio, who knew what would happen. Jayden leaned closer to him. She wanted to touch, but she was barely holding on to this baby without freaking out. -08:43 Oct 30
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -08:49 Oct 30
Cupio: He sighed as he watched her feed thier daughter. "Good." that was a huge wieght off his mind. "I still need to regain energy. I need your help with that, I’ll explain later." he stood slowly and started heading for the door. "I need to lie down." -08:49 Oct 30
Jayden: "Don’t leave me in here!" That came out way, way more high pitched than she intended. She took a deep breath, and rephrased. If she flipped out, she’d scare Phaedra. "She’s just… she’s almost done. Can you put her to bed?" -08:54 Oct 30
Cupio: He lingered and nodded, taking Phaedra when she was done and smiling down at her when the baby tried to grab his hand and squealed but she settled down when he put her to bed. Maybe Phaedra cold tell what he needed and was cooperating, then he held his hand out to her. "Come with me, a demon has needs, and so do you." -08:59 Oct 30
Jayden: Ignoring the urge to say no, she rose out of the chair. …taking his hand took a lot more effort, but she did and frowned while she did it. "All I need is sleep." -09:03 Oct 30
Cupio: "Good, because we’re going to be bedroom." he started walking and as they did he released his musk and gripped her hand so that she couldn’t pull away. A demon had needs and he would not use anyone but her. -09:04 Oct 30
Jayden: Was being led back to the bedroom, resigned to being pulled along. But nearly dug her feet in to the floor when she realized he was trying to use his demon charm on her. But she didn’t. She was just frowning more at him. "I mean it… I just want to sleep." -03:59 Nov 03
Cupio: "Jayden.." he said softly. "You’re beating yourself up, but I’m fine." he looked at her. "I’m just tired. Demons like me need things to survive. Food, drink, air, and sex. We need it like we need to breathe. I went days without food, or drink, or sex, I’m just a little weak right now. You have nothing to feel guilty about." he put his arms around her and nuzzles into her hair if she would let him or not." -04:04 Nov 03
Jayden: She was trying to wiggle out of it without actually touching him or putting pressure to it. Almost as if she were afraid she might actually hurt him if she did. "You are making this so much harder. Go eat something and then go to sleep." -04:07 Nov 03
Cupio: "No Jayden. You are what I care about most, I need to make sure you will be okay." he moved sideways and pushed her gaianst the bed and then fell on top of her. "I already ate, and I know you don’t want to do this." he shoved her down and then fell on to of her to pin her down adn put her lips against hers. "But I need this Jayden. And I’m not going to get it anywhere else." -04:10 Nov 03
Jayden: Making this sooo difficult. It physically hurt how her want to touch him and be close to him was warring with her fear. He needed it and she didn’t want to tell him no… but saying yes after all that happened didn’t seem right either! "You could find someone else. I won’t be mad. …I did it. Fair is fair…?" Of course she didn’t believe that was true, but… Jayden grabbed his arms with the intent to roll him off, but didn’t have the heart to move him. -04:14 Nov 03
Cupio: He kissed her again. "I choose to have you and only you. No one can convince me otherwise. Not even you Jayden." he said. "When that man had me before you rescued me, all I could think about was you." he popped her button and unzipped her pants planting another harder, more insistant kiss on her lips as his wings spread to anchor himself to the bed and hem her in. "I need you to come around me Jayden. Or I’m going to snap, and you will have a much worse time than I did." -04:19 Nov 03
[Jayden enters.] -04:19 Nov 03
Jayden: She almost caved with the kissing. Getting lost in him would so easily make her forget everything for just a minute. But she didn’t deserve to forget. "I don’t believe you. Nothing is worse than what I did to do…" No, it could have been worse. She remembered perfectly clear what she did to others and what would have happened to him too. "…you’re so damned impossible!" -04:23 Nov 03
Cupio: He ppushed her pants down and then pulled himself out his hand dissapearing under her top to glide up her side and his teeth scraping across her lip. "I know that isn’t true, from experience." he flicked his tongue against her lip and then brushed his hand down her neck. "But I need you to leg go and enjoy this, for me." -04:26 Nov 03
Jayden: She hated him for this… or loved him for this. Which ever it was, it hurt and she couldn’t stop the sudden sniffling. Her hands moved to his cheeks, and even then when she touched him it was very soft as if she thought he’d break under her fingertips. "You know I can’t ever tell you no… this isn’t fair.." -04:30 Nov 03
Cupio: "I can’t either." he whispered before he was pressin in on her and his tip slowly parted her folds to push inside. "I love you Jayden. I will always love you." -04:32 Nov 03
Jayden: He was too sweet, and so easily crushed, and all she wanted to do was fix everything for him. If this was the only way she knew how… Jayden circled her arms around his neck, digging one of her hands in to his hair when she pulled him down to kiss him. Her crying was keeping her responding with words, and she just went with all she had left! -04:39 Nov 03
Cupio: He thrust and pulled her close, holding onto her and brushinf his lips across her cheek to her ear, thruting and pushing in a steady rythm. "I need you to love this Jayden. I need you to feel good." he was whispering, soft and needy, and every word was true in more than one way. -04:43 Nov 03
[(Timeout) Jayden was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -04:49 Nov 03
Jayden: She wished he wouldn’t say it like that when she was trying so hard to stay sane. He didn’t know how much she needed him to hold her. She hadn’t know how much she needed this. To touch him and be close to him and not have it all be violent or frenzied. Jayden buried her face in to his neck, tightening her grip on him and trying to hide her muffled sigh. -04:49 Nov 03
Cupio: He pushed harder, holding her tight and pulling her close as he moaned softly. He loved her, he needed her and he needed her to climax first so he paced himself, grinding into her and letting a hand wonder up and down her side, then he was pulling backk without stopping and resting his horehead against hers, his lips kissing her. -04:53 Nov 03
Jayden: Jayden was slowly melting. How long had it been since they had it like this? Sweet and soft and… so not demon sex? Had it been when she first caved in to the impulse and pounced on him? She couldn’t remember, but her resistance was definitely gone. She kissed him deep, suddenly unable to keep herself from not touching him. Running her fingers through his hair and nibbling on his lip with a soft defeated sound. -05:00 Nov 03
Cupio: He began to grind harder, his hand under her shirt cupping her breast and his lips nibbling hers. He needed this, needed her to respond and he encouraged her with his tongue sliding against her lips and a gasp against her mouth. This is what first made him like her as most that a lay. And maybe he needed this too, and not just to feed on it. -05:05 Nov 03
Jayden: She wanted to love him. She really wanted it to be love… Jayden wasn’t sure of anything anymore, but at least she knew she could give him this. The one honest thing she felt even when she was batshit crazy, that little spark that pulled her to him. And when she gave in to it, tensing around him with a sobbing cry, it was such a blissful release..! -05:11 Nov 03
Cupio: He felt her clench and sighed in relief, only taking a few more thusts to finish and then putting back hands in her hair and pullinf her into a hard kiss. "Thank yo Jayden." he whispered before pulling her arms tighter around him and pulling away to look at her. "I’l going to do something, but you have t trust me." he said as he slowly shifted forms and placed a hand on her cheek sliding in close to kiss her forehead, trying to link thier feelings again. "Now go to sleep, I’ll be right here." he clung to her. "I’ll be right here when you wake up." -05:20 Nov 03
Jayden: NOW he wanted her to sleep…! When she wanted to cling to him and there was that slight fear he would do something crazy when she couldn’t help him. Still, she curled against him as she sniffled and whether she liked it or not she was drifting off with a complaining mumble. -05:24 Nov 03
Cupio: He did stay with her, only leaving to get Phaedra when she started crying and let her be in the snuggle too and cover Jayden with a blanket. He really did want Jay to feel better. And right now it seemed like snuggling her to death was the answer, and a little Phaedra. -05:31 Nov 03

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