The Shadowstars discuss what to do about MacBeth. Bronwen says Aaron can have her ship but she won’t kick off her crew. Aaron takes over and kicks Bronwen off for her own safety.

After bandages, showers, and lots and lots and lots of sleep, the next evening…

Dion: *Dion claimed himself the best seat. The one that wasn’t anywhere within swinging distance of Aaron. Luckily, Cassius was probably going to be getting the brunt of affections with the way he had been moaning all day. Dion lit up a ciggy!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen was scowling at Cassius from over the table. Maybe it was more like a staring contest. The mother fucker had one of those foolass grins on his face like he had this whoooole thing under his thumb. She kicked his knee!* -03:32 Apr 06

Brennen: *He sat at the table, too worried about all of this to eat any cake! He rubbed his temples at the staring contest between Bronwen and Cassius!* ….

Cassius: *GRINGRIN-ARGH FUCK! He reached under the table to rub his knee, muttering some curse words at Bronwen!* You just wait.

Aaron: *He was at the head of the table … and Cassius was within striking distance!* Alright. So let’s cut to the chase. We’re having this meeting to figure out what to do about MacBeth … now that you all know he’s Morgan’s kid.

Dion: …Now that we all know…? *Dion asked curiously. Aaron tended to learn things far sooner than the rest of them, but this was one of those ‘big’ things.*

Cassius: *Cassius was still rubbing his knee.* Does it matter anyway? He’s fucking dangerous and needs to go.

Bronwen: The only person that needs to go is you, Cassius! -03:38 Apr 06

Brennen: *He was scratching his head.* Cassius, you’ve always thought Mac needed to go. You weren’t too keen on taking him on the last time we had a meeting about him.

Cassius: *Cassius flashed Bronwen a toothy smirk.* I don’t know why we got stuck with some kid and had to raise him. And look what we got for it. Morgan’s brat making the moves on our sister. I liked him just fine up until he started putting his hands where they didn’t belong!

Aaron: We got stuck with this kid because I gave my word to someone. A Shadowstar keeps his promises. *He looked ready to knock Cassius out of his seat as he cracked his knuckles.*

Bronwen: Why don’t you stop blabbering bullshit for a minute and actually think for once, Cassius. When has MacBeth every done anything against this family? -03:43 Apr 06

Cassius: WHEN? How about when he fucking tried to kill me! On more than one occassion! *He was warily shifting his chair to the side!*

Brennen: … You’re not exactly an innocent bystander, Cassius. *He eyed him!*

Dion: …According to Duncan, Cassius stuffed Brownie in a shipping box and that was the start of it. *A puff on the ciggy!*

Cassius: Oh right, it’s MY fault and we’re going to ignore how Bronwen yaps her mouth like a bitch in heat everytime that kid is around.

Bronwen: You sonofbitch! *Bronwen stood up pulling her gun! Screw the meeting, she was going to shoot Cassius’ face off!* -03:48 Apr 06
MacBeth: *THWACK! Out came Aaron’s hand again toward Cassius’ face, easily crossing the distance between the older Shadowstar and the one shooting his mouth off!* -03:49 Apr 06

Brennen: *He quickly stood and put a hand on Bronwen’s wrist! He shook his head!*

Aaron: *THWACK! Out came Aaron’s hand again toward Cassius’ face, easily crossing the distance between the older Shadowstar and the one shooting his mouth off!*

Cassius: *FUCK! He tilted backwards and nearly fell out of his chair! Cassius rubbed his face.* She pointed a fucking gun, and you’re hitting ME?

Bronwen: *Damnit. Smacking Cassius wasn’t nearly as much as he deserved. Bronwen sat down, but she didn’t put her gun away.* Asshole. -03:51 Apr 06

Aaron: Watch your mouth. *He cracked his knuckles again.* We’re getting sidetracked. If all of you remember, I was the one who called that meeting those years ago and told you about an eleven year old boy I had promised to care for.

Dion: *Clearing his throat…!* Now that I think about it, it was pretty strange for you to do, Aaron. Especially after Ma and Fa were killed. Would have been nice if you told us.

Brennen: *He blinked!* Yeah … This isn’t the type of thing you usually keep to yourself.

Bronwen: *Forgetting Cassius for the moment, there was a peculiar look on her face. That made her about ten years older than MacBeth, but now it’s like he’s ten years older than her and…. Damned cryosleep chambers.* Does it really matter if he told you? Would it have made a difference at the time? -03:56 Apr 06

Cassius: Fucking would have made a difference to ME. We taught that kid everything we know. Who is to say he’s not going to decide to turn around and join mommy-dearest and use that against us? *His face fucking hurt. He scowled darkly at Aaron and back at Bronwen again. Aaron could have at least hit her too!*

Aaron: It isn’t the family you came from that makes the difference. It’s the family who raised you. Mac isn’t just Morgan’s kid. He’s Ian Gordon’s son, too.

Dion: Ah… That Tech King. Fa had Ian Gordon doing most of the work on Brownie’s own ship.

Brennen: You know … it stands to reason … if Morgan’s best locks are DNA signature, we might have a way of one-upping her.

Cassius: Yeah, and it also stands to reason that Morgan is going to be fuckall pissed and be scouring the galaxy with her goons twice as much. Having him around is asking for more trouble.

Bronwen: Morgan is already pissy, already dangerous, and could easily be blown to pieces if we just go GET her. And Frankly, it’s a lot easier to accomplish with MacBeth helping. -04:09 Apr 06

Brennen: … She has a point. And it’s not like we shy away from trouble in the first place.

Dion: But do we know how MacBeth will deal with it? He never did quite feel right with any one of us up until Bronwen, and scourge of the galaxy Morgan may be, she is still his mother. …That’s bound to mess with a guy’s head.

Cassius: And what if Morgan has some mind control psychic bullshit in her bloodline and one day he wakes up and slaughters us? It HAPPENS.

Bronwen: Loyalty is about a hella lot more than blood. He’s not going to turn in to a Morgan-zombie (you stupidass) and he’s not going to drop the ball elsewhere either. I trust MacBeth. -04:23 Apr 06

Brennen: But he still stuck by us, even when he knew we were going up against Morgan … And he was went on a wild goose chase to get Bronwen after Morgan split us up.

Cassius: Went after Bronwen after we told him NOT to. And then let her come after us where she could have gotten her kamikaze gunslinging ass killed.

Bronwen: Uh huh. And I didn’t get killed. AND you’re all free as birds with all your limbs still attached with MacBeth half dead in the medbay. -04:28 Apr 06

Dion: *Dion couldn’t help but grin around his ciggy.* …Brownie wins the point. If he didn’t find her, we might all still be Morgan’s toys. It didn’t look like we were getting out any time soon.

Cassius: MacBeth saves the day, big hero. Whatever. I ain’t dealing with some cocky asshole pushing his knives in my face every chance he gets!

Brennen: Things were looking real bleak but we can’t deny, they’ve done good so far. *He was thoughtful.*

Bronwen: Then you can get the hell off my ship! We shouldn’t even be having this conversation. He’s my crew and I say he stays. -04:36 Apr 06

Cassius: Aaron is the oldest, and I’m pretty damned sure he makes all the choices around here.

Bronwen: Oh ho really. Well Aaron is more than welcome to have my ship. But it’s still MY crew and if any damned one of you is fool enough to try and boot him off, you’re booting me off too! -04:39 Apr 06

Aaron: … Bronwen is staying out of this. *He gave his no-nonsense look at Bronwen in case she had objections!* She’s been put into too much danger as it is. We’re taking her somewhere safe and then I’m rallying my men.

Bronwen: Like hell I am! I didn’t spend twenty years in a freezer not to blow off Morgan’s damned face myself! *Fuck his no-nonsense face! He was an old man, and she could take him!* -04:45 Apr 06

Cassius: Now, Brownie, Aaron knows what’s best for you. *Cassius grinned like a cat!*

Dion: …Cassius. *Dion warned… and scooted his chair back slowly. This was about to get ugly quick.*

Brennen: *He was glancing between Cassius, Bronwen, and back again! He was definitely not getting into this one!*

Bronwen: Piss off! *Bronwen slid in her chair to kick under the table and send Cassius’ chair tipping backwards!* -04:49 Apr 06

Cassius: *Cassius flailed a minute before righting his chair and standing up. He pointed a finger across the table.* How would you like to go in another damned freezer until we’re done!

Bronwen: *She only growled as she lept up from her chair again, and this time was shooting her gun at Cassius!* -04:54 Apr 06

Aaron: … *He reached out and grabbed Bronwen by the back of her shirt, then took the gun away from her! He released her to turn and press the intercom!* Duncan. Land this ship at a safe place. Your captain is getting off.

Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Um … *He wasn’t sure what to do!* Um … Captain …?

Cassius: *Cassius had to duck and dodge to avoid gunfire, but oh did he look smug as hell!*

Bronwen: …Land the ship. We’re getting off. *Just so…angry…! She couldn’t even put it in to words! Bronwen stopped out, only making sure to flip them the finger as she did! She went to fetch MacBeth!* -04:58 Apr 06

Dion: *Cough..!* That went slightly less bloody than I expected…

Brennen: *He finally opened his eyes!* … It’s over …?

Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Yes, ma’am! *He did as told and set the coordinates for the Hessing farm! Ma and Fa would know what to do!*

MacBeth: *He’d heard the intercom announcement Aaron had made! They’d made their choice … He wasn’t sure how he felt about that …* -05:04 Apr 06
Bronwen: *Just snatch her gun and drop her off. IGNORE she totally saved their asses and so did MacBeth too! Take her ship AND try to take her crew with Cassius and his fucking grinning…!* MACBETH! *…She didn’t really mean to growl out his name so loud! Bronwen took a deep breath!* MacBeth. …Would you like to stay on board with the Shadowstar assho-… men. Or will you be leaving with me. -05:05 Apr 06

Cassius: Ah, nothing like having a REAL Captain on board. I guess she’ll be mighty pissy for awhile. *Grinning so much his face was hurting, but boy was it worth it!*

MacBeth: *He smirked a bit. As if she needed to ask … He was grateful that she had, though.* … I’m still your man, Captain. No matter whose blood is in my veins. I just need to get Madame Hessing’s cane from my room. -05:07 Apr 06
Bronwen: By all means, feel free to beat the shit out of anyone you meet in the halls too. *…at least knowing he would stay with her eased the anger a little bit. Bronwen immediately turned tail to head up to the controls with Duncan.* …Hey… I have a question, Duncan… -05:09 Apr 06
MacBeth: Aye aye, Captain. *He nodded, knowing she was very serious. He slowly sat up and was making his way to his room while she went to find Duncan!* -05:10 Apr 06

Duncan: *He blinked and turned to her.* Uh … Yes, Captain? *The look on his face showed just how confused he was about all of this! What had happened?!*

Bronwen: I know I said this ship was for you, but Aaron is going to be taking it for awhile. I am not it’s captain anymore. Would you like to stay on board or would you rather leave with me? -05:13 Apr 06

Duncan: *He blinked.* Um … I’ll go with you, Cap–er, Bronwen. *He glanced at Tiny sitting in the captain’s chair.*

Tiny hopped off and went over to Bronwen. It sat down at her feet and placed one paw on her boot. “Greeoww greeoww!” it growled!

Brennen: … I still feel weird about this. *He muttered as he sat up.*

Bronwen: *Giving Duncan a grin, she leaned down to scoop up Tiny.* Yes, you can come too. Oh, I’m still Captain. Just not captain of this ship. We have a mission and we’re gonna finish it. -05:18 Apr 06

Dion: No kidding. *He muttered in reply to Brennen.* Granted I’d rather not see her involved any more either, but… I don’t know.

Duncan: *He breathed a sigh of relief!* That’s good to know. It’s weird calling you by your first name. Oh, I set us to land at my family’s farm. I hope you don’t mind.

Cassius: You’re just a couple of pussies that can’t say no to a women, even if she’s your own sister. Bronwen doesn’t have any business doin’ this shit.

Bronwen: That sounds perfect, actually. We really need some rest first. I like staying with your parents. *She was scratching Tiny’s ears… Bronwen was still pissed off, but like she said… it was HER crew. She can always get another ship.* -05:25 Apr 06
MacBeth: Shut up, Cassius. *He shot a glare at him. He looked over at Aaron.* I’m sorry, Aaron. I’m asking that you drop me off at Heather’s place. I need time to think. -05:26 Apr 06

Brennen: Shut up, Cassius. *He shot a glare at him. He looked over at Aaron.* I’m sorry, Aaron. I’m asking that you drop me off at Heather’s place. I need time to think.

Aaron: She should never have been involved in this the first place. *He suddenly had a cigar and was lighting it! He had finally sat down and looked at Brennen long and hard before nodding once.* Aye. We will come back for you.

Dion: …I think I’ll be getting off with Bree, myself. I’d like to take care of some things. *It was a relief to know he wasn’t the only one having second thoughts about all this.*

“Greeoww greeoww!” went Tiny. It closed its eyes and rubbed its head against her fingers!

Aaron: *A hard, long look at Dion! But he finally nodded once.* As you will. *His eyes went to Cassius.* Cassius …?

Cassius: *Cassius snorted. Bunch of babies.* Hell no, I’m staying.

First stop … the Hessing farm!

Bronwen: *Bronwen was still angry enough that she was giving every last one of those brothers the silent treatment! She had her guns and everything she needed!* I guess that’s it. And I so liked that ship too. -05:42 Apr 06

Duncan: *He looked over the ship with Tiny on his head.* Me, too. I guess we can start looking for a new one.

Cassius: *Cassius would have loved to say “goodbye”… but he knew which planet this was, and he wasn’t taking any chances being spotted by Betty! He stayed on the ship to take over the flying!*

Dion: *Dion sighed with a wry grin. He wasn’t going to press Brownie, he understood why she was mad.* We’ll be seeing you again soon, don’t worry. Take care of your Captain.

Brennen: *He was still real troubled about this!* Be careful. I’m sorry it had to end up like this.

MacBeth: *He nodded once to Dion and Brennen.* Same here. If you need anything … you know where to find us. -05:51 Apr 06

Aaron: We’ll come back for all of you once this is over. *He promised.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen couldn’t resist and ended up flipping Aaron the finger again before turning her back on him! Just like Fa indeed!* -05:53 Apr 06

Dion: *Biting back a snicker, he nodded his head to the others and reboarded the ship!*

Duncan: Bye, Brennen. Bye, Dion. *He was sad to see them go. He really liked them!*

“Greeoww! Grreeoww!” Tiny made sure to jump on Brennen’s shoulders and rub up against his cheek! Then it jumped onto Dion’s shoulders and did the same to say a fond farewell!

Dion: *A small (manly) snuggle for Tiny and a wave for Duncan. …It was a damned shame to lose a good crew!*

Brennen: *He scratched Tiny between the ears and waved before he disappeared into the ship after Dion!*

Aaron nodded to Cassius for them to take off!

Cassius: *And thus Cassius, though not nearly as smoothly as Duncan and possibly very badly took off with the other Shadowstars – minus one – in tow!*

Duncan: *With Tiny in his arms again, he watched the ship take off! And tried not to shudder at Cassius’ flying skill!* Uh … I’m gonna tell Ma and Fa we’re here.

Bronwen: I’ll wait here a minute. *She muttered in reply. It HURT to be left behind! …Bronwen finally sighed!* Shadowstars are free, yaaay. …jerks. -06:01 Apr 06
MacBeth: … They don’t stand a chance against her. *He said after watching the ship fly away and moments of silence! This felt exactly like the last time, except for the fact Morgan didn’t have Bronwen to threaten.* -06:03 Apr 06
Bronwen: They really don’t have a clue, do they? *She leaned to rest her head on his shoulder, just in case someone decided to pop out here and caught her looking all girly and teary eyed!* We’ll just handle it ourselves. I bet we’d bury her before they even knew what happened. -06:07 Apr 06
MacBeth: … Ian Gordon. What do you know about him? *He asked.* -06:15 Apr 06
Bronwen: *Leaning back up again, she blinked at him!* You don’t know? -06:18 Apr 06
MacBeth: No. There was mention of him every now and again but no one ever went into detail. -06:19 Apr 06
Bronwen: *Boy… MacBeth was finding out all sorts of surprises…* Aaron said Ian Gordon was your father. He was Fa’s friend and did all the designs and work for his ships. They called him the Tech King. …I guess that kind of makes you the Tech Prince. *A slight grin.* -06:22 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Very funny, Shadowstar. *The smirk disappeared.* She called me Ian back there. Said I’d run off with another woman just like your Da had. -06:26 Apr 06
Bronwen: *Ugh..! The look of horror on her face..!* You saw Morgan herself? That really was a nightmare trap! *…Which meant he likely got stabbed by Morgan herself too!* ….That raving bitchwhore! I’m going to stab out her eyes and dump acid down her throat! -06:28 Apr 06
MacBeth: … She was wearing something. I thought it was just for show. I shot her. *He looked down at her face now, met her eyes.* But it got deflected. -06:30 Apr 06
Bronwen: …That’s kind of disturbing. Unless her skin is so rubbery it bounced off, she must have some high tech suit or armor… *She bit her lip, taking it in to consideration..* We’d not be able to out right attack her then… -06:37 Apr 06
MacBeth: Unless we’re willing to go through trial and error or we know someone who might have worked on it, we might have to find the plans for the suit. If it deflects bullets, who knows what the hell else it does? -06:39 Apr 06
Bronwen: Ugh…! *She leaned forward again to knock her head against his shoulder!* And I wanted to shoot her in the face so bad. ..hmph. When you are fine I’ll get us a new ship. Finding a fancy suit designer shouldn’t be too hard… -06:42 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He smirked a bit.* Didn’t say you couldn’t. You’ll just have to wait a little longer, that’s all. -06:46 Apr 06

Duncan: *He stepped out on the back porch and cupped his mouth!* CAPTAINNN!! MMAAACCC!! YOU HUNGRY?!

Bronwen: *She turned and blinked at Duncan!* …I guess we better feed you. You’ll need that strength for all the songs you owe me. -06:51 Apr 06
MacBeth: My throat -07:00 Apr 06
MacBeth: My throat’s dry already. *He smirked as he started moving for the house.* Too bad we can’t send Betty to Cassius right now. -07:01 Apr 06
Bronwen: *A wistful sigh as she fell in to step beside him!* I know. Just the thought of the romantic surprise is enough to stir my little fluffy girly heart. -07:02 Apr 06
MacBeth: *He still wore that smirk!* I missed the thought of Cassius getting a taste of his own medicine. -07:14 Apr 06

Duncan: *He waited for them to get there before explaining.* Ma and Fa said it’s alright to stay here for as long as need to.

Bronwen: *Bronwen grinned at Duncan.* They’re really nice. When we go out hunting, what kind of ship would you like? Something shiny? Or maybe something more subtle? -07:19 Apr 06

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