My Demon Roommate 024: Meant to be Hell

[Cupio is going to make Jayden happy if it kills him.] -06:03 Nov 12
[Jayden is having one of those not so great days.] -06:14 Nov 12
Jayden: She was at work. She was at work. Yet all she could remember at that moment was a very weird, pissed off demon and a seering pain. No wait, she remembered a shiny light too. A very sweet voice… Then it was grabbing hands and that feel of falling. Now she was…. she didn’t know where she was, this wasn’t no fucking hospital! -06:19 Nov 12
Jayden: “Look at this… all grown up, spitfire and ice…” Something rather sharp jabbed her and she scrambled to sit up. What the hell was she doing in a cage? Jayden grabbed at her chest, finding her clothes covered in blood but there wasn’t a mark on her. But it was who that was speaking to her that had her surprised. Alarmed. Angry. “You sonofabitch!” -06:38 Nov 12

“Little girls don’t talk like that. Especially not little part angel girls…” He smirked, jabbing at her again with another prod then chortling about it. “My baby girl… a nice little prize for hell, isn’t she? Every demon out there wants a little piece of you. So glad I didn’t trade you off with your mother. You’re worth so much more now.” -Jayden

Jayden: What the fuck. Jayden didn’t understand a damned word he was blabbering on about. And he kept on going to! She was still stuck on the fact he was here. Then she realized where here was and that sinking feeling of dread kicked in. She was at the cage door in a second shaking the shit out of it and trying to see if she could squeeze through the bars. -06:39 Nov 12

“Don’t fret, baby girl. You’ll like it here. I traded that self righteous bitch to be here, and now you… you were born to be a demon, weren’t you baby.” He chuckled again, hitting the cage with the prod to stop her from making that racket. He was dragging the cage along down a wide corridor. Smirking every time they passed by an overly interested demon. Before long they were in a big grand room. He was presenting the cage and hitting it again to make a good attention grabbing sound. “I BRING YOU…” he shouted first, before sneering at the girl in the cage. “Jayden… Mixed blood, vicious child… the one that stole Cupio, demon of desire. The one that had one taste of being a demon and thought she would take hell. The one that took the soul of hell’s most wanted and gave it to her lover. For this very precious prize, what will you give ME?” -Jayden

The high demon surveyed the offering. “Who says I should give you anything.” this was how it always started, intimidation before negotiation. “Havn’t I already given you everything you have and allowed you to keep it through my generocity.” he stood and the handle of the mace as tall as he was, which was at least twice as tall as most other demon pounded on the floor as he walked circling the cage. “So this is the lover of Cupio?” he stopped circling. “Why did you bring both? I would pay far more for a matched set.” -Cupio

Jayden: She was dead and in hell…! With her father who did what, now…? Jayden was growling now, grabbing on to the bars again and eyeballing that demon. She delt with demons every day, being in hell was not going to make a difference. “Get me the fuck out of this cage! I am nobody’s fucking property!” -07:04 Nov 12

“Chance and happenstance. Baby girl had a little accident. Human bodies are fragile things. Thought you might like her straight away,…. but I can sell her to somebody else. So many want this one.” He was smirking wider now! -Jayden

“Do that an I will have your tail.” he said stapping up to the cage and looking down at the occupant. “Five hundred cubits, she would be useful.” he said naling a criminally low price but at the tame tip placing a hand posessivly on the cage. “So you know Cupio.” he said to the said to the occupant. “You know my child… once I get you to my bedroom I’ll show you how they were treated.” -Cupio

The man was either desperate, or didn’t want to tempt his fate. He jumped at the price, rubbing his hands in anticipation. “Baby girl all yours. Pay up now, ain’t got all day.” -Jayden

Jayden: Of course the man didn’t show an ounce of care of her, and Jayden wasn’t expecting any. Had she not been preoccupied with this other demon, she would of had words for him. “Let me out of this cage and I’ll show you what I do to shithead demons…!” -07:17 Nov 12

The money was handed over readily and he smiled. “Close the door chamber on your way out.” he said waiting until it was done and then tilting the lange cage easily to get a better look inside. “If you insist.” he said throwing open the door and leaning down to enter the mace left outside and far too heavy for Jayden to lift anyway. “Tell me how is my child, mix breed?” -Cupio

Jayden: Sold her just like that. Asshole. Jayden backed away, easing against the bars with every intention of bolting. This demon was huge and she wasn’t stupid. ..he was talking about Cupio..? “You’re what? His maker? His daddy? I’m not telling you shit!” She ducked and ran for it. The second she got her hands on something sharp, she was going to kill him. She didn’t like being bought, and she didn’t like that slowly stirring feeling of dread, and she sure as hell didn’t like letting people who hurt Cupio to continue living. -07:30 Nov 12

“I’m Cupio’s father.” he said leting her run, there was nowhere to go and the only weapon was the mace. “Come here I’ll tell you things about your lover you have never heard before.” he held out a hand and tendrils of shadow rose from the floor to wrap arounf Jayden’s ancles. -Cupio

Jayden: Ha! Weapon. She grabbed it, and growled when it didn’t budge. Still, she was trying anyway up until her ankles were grabbed and she hit the ground. Jayden kicked and tore at the tendrils with her hands to get loose. “I don’t give a shit who you are…! Don’t you even fucking talk about him!” Cupio had said he had no idea who his parents were. That he might’ve even fucked his own parents and never new. She didn’t want to hear it and she didn’t want to know! Sure as hell not like this! -07:38 Nov 12

“I will talk about who I want.” he said picking her up easily with one hand and the mace in the other before he throw her into the air and using the mace like a once-handed bat swatted her into a mass of waiting tendrils. “Here, I rule.” he said walking towards her. “And Cupio was my lover before yours, I think it’s time he completed the triangle. You are mine now.” -Cupio

Jayden: Shit. Whatever she landed on felt weird, but she wasn’t able to digest that when being struck had knocked the wind out of her and despite there not being an open wound, she could still feel that burning pain like there was still a bullet lodged in her chest. She would kill him. She’d kill him for Cupio, even if that meant she was going to spend forever in hell. Jayden was scrambling to get loose again, the minute she could breathe. Almost snarling at him! “You don’t rule me and you aren’t going to touch him and I am going to fucking kill you!” -07:55 Nov 12

He let the mace fall to the ground as the tendrils held her and stepped up to her. “Yo are dead, a ghost, a soul. A plaything at best, food at worst. What do you plan to do?” he leaned down and gripped her head tightly in her hand. “I could turn you into a demon, I sould give you a small measure of power, if you;re willing to show your gratitude. Who knows, maybe you’ll see Cupio again.” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden struggled and squirmed. Hissed and growled. She would kill him, that’s what she would do. But she couldn’t move and the moment he mentioned her being a demon she stilled. That jolt of fear and horror, something she thought she had gotten over, running up her spine. She couldn’t be a demon again. She did bad, bad things. “No! No, no, no… I am not going to be a demon!” -08:03 Nov 12

He grinned, pure malice on his lips. “I heard about your previous demonhood, and I can feel what Cupio did to you. But demon you will be.” he gripped her head tighter and entoned the spell that would give Jayden demonhood, but he lept the male side of her severed from the rest. It would hurt, like a million heated knives. “This is how you are meant to be.” he said binding her to him. “Now you will listen to me. Understood?” -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden shook her head, or at least tried to. The sudden pain had her cringing, freezing, straining against the tendrils. Until it was more than she could deal with and she fell limp and whimpering. It wasn’t like before where it was sudden and painless… this was fucking torture! -08:24 Nov 12

the tendrils disappeared as the binding was complete and he looked down at her releasing her head to lift her chin if to look as him. He needed a simple command to test the spell out. Something she wouldn’t say yes to. “You will do as I say, changling, when I say it and without delay.” he could smell her changed scent, lust. “Now, rise. I want you on your knees” -Cupio

Jayden: Hurt, this hurt so much. It wasn’t the same. “Fuck. You.” She wasn’t going to obey. …she was compelled to obey! There was a look of shock and horror on her face as she struggled with it. Shifting to her knees even when she wanted to do anything else. Her senses felt overwhelmed she couldn’t differentiate between anything! -08:32 Nov 12

He grabbed her hair and made her look upas he reached down to free himself from the folds of his ceremonial garb. “You will not hurt me, you will do everything you can to pleasure me and you will love doing so.” he let go to looked at her. “Now little lust demon whore. Suck me off, and make it good.” -Cupio

Jayden: There was a power, power she had as a demon and surely despite that ebbing pain she could jerk herself away and beat the shit out of him. But she couldn’t move. She was stuck, bound. Couldn’t disobey. …and this was what Cupio’s life was. A tiny helpless little mcboobs that couldn’t say no. Jayden swallowed the tears that threatened. She wouldn’t give an asshole demon the satisfaction. Leaning forward she took him in to her mouth, making a soft sound of complaint even if she did have to listen. -08:43 Nov 12

He made a satisfied gruns when she took him in and looked down at her. “See, you have to listen to me demon whore, and when Cupio comes you will have company, I’ll take you both into my bed, and you’ll be made prettier.” he was gripping her hari again but letting her move. “This is the life you were born for.” -Cupio

Jayden: She would be changed and altered and fuck knew what else. A demon’s dick in her mouth and it wasn’t Cupio, Jayden wasn’t imagining anything good. Worse, she didn’t want Cupio here! Cupio trapped here again! Her jaw tensed for a moment as if she were going to bite him, but she just couldn’t will it to close. Another whimpering sound escaped her as she flicked her tongue over his length. She couldn’t stop, and worse the scenet of him was sending her senses in to crazy overdrive. -09:02 Nov 12

He smiled before wrencing her hair back and let her rest for a second faintly wondering if she would be fores to fight him to get back to sucking him… then he gripped her and turned her around pushinf her down onto all fours. “You’re going to enjoy this.” he said kneeling behind her and holdign her in place with one hand on her shoulder and other on her hip. “I don’t want you to try and stay quiet. I want you to make every sound your body wants to, and when you come, you will thank me.” he pushed in gripping ehr tighter. He was rough, not bothering to make it gentle for her despite his size. “You feel a lot like Cupio…” -Cupio

Jayden: Her relief was short lived, before she was letting out a loud scream! She wouldn’t let him hear a peep but now she was ordered to, compelled to, and she was stuck. Crying out in pain as her body was forced to adjust. Groaning with a sob, when it ebbed to a slick smooth motion as she grew wet and pain started to shift to that familiar, currently unwanted feeling. She didn’t want this, she could resist this. And her squirming wasn’t helping get her away, but making all of those feelings worse. “Fuck..! Stop! No, don’t…” No don’t stop? She screamed in frustration! -09:18 Nov 12

He laughed at her, knowing full well what she was going though as he comtinued to thrust, going faster. New demon, so much fun, abd he would make her prettier, maybe make her loot exacly like Cupio, little twins, one born to him the other made by him. Both of then in bed at once. “Let it out.” he said going faster feeling himself building up. “Tell me how good it feels.” -Cupio

Jayden: “I don’t… want this!” It was apparently the only honest thing she could shout out that wasn’t curbed by that bond. She bent forward until she head was resting against the ground, throwing her arms over her head and pulling her own hair. She didn’t want to touch him..! “So good…” her voice came out in a choked sob, and it was the truth too. Her skin flushed and her blood on fire, she hated it and the way her body responded anyway. The way she began to clench and how she moaned and whimpered. -09:34 Nov 12

He reached a fever pitch biting his lip with the way she moved. Her sounds, her words. He loved owning her like this. She was well worth the price he was payed. He was getting so close, so close he could smell it. “Come.” he commanded. “Let go adn let me feel you.” and a second later, he did, filling her with a growl followed by a deep sigh before he let her go and let her fall to the floor, standing up. -Cupio

Jayden: Jayden was shivvering when she dropped to the ground and wrapped her arms around herself. Despite the heat of the place, despite the fact her blood was boiling and that rush of coming was mixing like a bad cocktail with that torrent of other emotions. She was stuck here. She deserves this! This was what she did to Cupio, and now she was where she belonged. Fucking a demon at his beck and call. -09:42 Nov 12
[Cupio like hell is Jayden staying in hell!] -06:35 Nov 13
[Jayden is resigned to her fate of being a demon whore for some shithead fuck-face. It’s no less than she deserves.] -06:36 Nov 13

Ge was on his throne with his subjects before him and his new little prize told to not stop miving her lips on his dick. He liked her, and once she learned to change her appearence he would like her even more. “Enough.” he said looking down at her. Sit in my lap and look at everyone you will be servicing before you’re through.” -Cupio

Jayden: Even bound and resigned, it was impossible to wipe that haughty, pride-filled expression off her face. She had her moment of tears and she was done with that. They enjoyed it too much. So when she rose and slipped on to his lap it was with all the dignity of a pissed off queen. Maybe she did still want to cry, but like fuck was she going to show it. -06:43 Nov 13

his large hand movved to cup her breast as he looked over the court and fondled her. He could see all thier eyes on her, but what he did not expect were his doors to suddenly burst off it’s hinged and a spread of purple winge to appear in the doorway, yellow eyed burning malevolently from their surfaces. He stood tossing Jayden to the floor as he did so. “Cupio.” -Cupio

Cupio: It was Cupio, firey orange hair fulling perfectly despite the splattering of demon blood of his body. "Muphisto…" he hissed his eyes only darting to the fallen Jayden. "You sick fuck, I thought I would find you with what is rightfully mine." -06:47 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden was on the floor and didn’t even bother to pick herself up. Seeing Cupio was not a surprise, but him as Mcboobs…! The pretenses she was putting on nearly shattered. Jayden wrapped her arms around herself and squeezed her eyes shut. He came back to this place when she didn’t deserve it. This place that was so terrible, where he was going to get stuck here and be another fuck toy for his own father. She couldn’t stand it! -06:52 Nov 13

“You forget, you are still mine so everything you call yours belongs to me.” he signalled to the gathered demons and they started to move towards Cupio. “I will make you suffer for what you did to me.” -Cupio

Cupio: "I killed you favorite fucktoy and left you, wasn’t that enough of a message?" he has had enough and rose up off the floor above the heads of the crowd and arms reides deep purple clouds formed aorund him and black lightning arced blasted the front of the crowd again, then he was swooping towards Jayden. -06:57 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden didn’t even reach for him, and she didn’t trust herself to say a word. Didn’t he realize he was just going to make things worse for himself? She couldn’t protect him now. She never could protect him! "Cupio, just leave it be…!" -07:03 Nov 13

the mace swung around and batted Cupio back into the crowd. “Rape, I don’t care if the little shit survives.” he bellowed before looking down at Jayden. “Watch, watch your lover get torn apart. This is what happens if you try to resist.” he grinned. “Then when they’re done I’l throw you to them, and you will survive, if barely.” -Cupio

Cupio: Knocked into the crowd and under a press of bodiesand clawd at, things were not loking good but there was no was he was going to die here and leave Jayden to him… No way, not even in hell. He screamed as something broke and power rippled around him, a blinding like that sent screaming bodies and hunks of torn flesh flying ourwards, and in the middle of the crowd he hovered, wings spread as eight tentacles exloded outwards each penetrating the head or chest of a demon and searing out thier souls that were drawn to Cupio and transfored into fanges monsters, far more beasial than even demons and translusent as if made from smoke. "Kill them all." the things obeyed, attacking the remaining demons as Cupio, wings still but still hovering, the air around him alight with power floated closer to Jayden and her tormentor. "Give her back to me, and I’ll make your death quick and only mildly humiliating." -07:11 Nov 13
Jayden: "Coop..!" He disappeared in to a pile of bodies and all she could do was sit on her knees at the foot of a demon lord and sob. Whether it was the binding, or fear, or futility, it didn’t matter. Jayden was rooted to the spot. But it was a surprised to see him rise, the blood the beasts… the feral rage. ..This was not her little helpless mcboobs! -07:16 Nov 13

“I’m going to enjoy this.” he helted the mace and without even looking at Jayden rushed towards Cupio, swinging several times but each tme the spikes bounced off of the air as it it were solid. Then a delicate hand caught the mace and a secind later is crumbled into dust. -Cupio

Cupio: He reached out and took hold of the demon’s throat and one handed lifted his large frame fron the floor. "I can smell your fear." he said his lips curling into a smile and glancing at Jayden with eyes of pure, luminesent red. "I will taste it…" his tonue came out and he pushed his lips against Maphisto’s as the other demon started to jerk and squirm. Cupio’s tail was twitching when finally the demon’s movements stopped and his stomach exploded outwards before his limp body was dropped to the floor and cupio looked at Jayden, blood running down his chin. Then he held out a hand to her ignoring the screams behind him to alight on the ground and step towards her, his arms sliding arounf her. "It’s over now Jay, you’re coming home with me." -07:25 Nov 13
Jayden: Holy shit. He was almost terrifying. Slaughtered the room and a demon lord within moments. She felt like some stupid petrified rabbit, and couldn’t even shake herself out of it! But the moment she felt his arms around her, she circled her own around his neck and buried her face against him. Jayden didn’t have any more tears to give, but she was still shaking and clinging so tight it would take a crowbar to pry her off. "You could have been stuck here." she mumbled. -07:30 Nov 13
Cupio: "Then I would have been with you." he whispered and within moments they were standing i thier bedroom leaving the chaos of hell behind but he didn’t let her go. "I want to be with you Jayden, with your good side and your bad side. I know what he does to those her gets." he was pulling her closer and rubbing her back with his arm. "I had that for three hundred years, and I did that too, to others. But I’m happy with you. Please, never forget that." -07:33 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden didn’t even realize the space shifted until there seemed to be a huge relief to her senses. There was no more roaring of sound or scent or strong feeling. Just Cupio and that soft quietness of their home. Her arms tightened. He came to hell for her, and suddenly everything that happened really didn’t matter. "Cupio, I love you. I love you so much… I don’t want to be anywhere if it’s not with you." -07:42 Nov 13
Cupio: He moved to kiss her and sighed against her lips. "I’ll look after you, you’re full demon now…" he paused and slowly smiled. "I have so much to teach you… Like how to get wings, and a tail, and fangs, and horns, and how to change how you look. You could look just like me." he was sounding both releived and excited. "First, my Jayden needs her restm and I’ll be here with her all night. And in the morning we’ll pick Phaedra up from the babysitter. Hows that?" -07:48 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden nodded gently. He would take care of her. That concept had been impossible before. But after watching him rip demons apart like they were nothing… Her not so helpless Mcboobs. She was never going to look at him the same again! "I think… I’ll be fine looking like Jayden." she mumbled with a grin. Leaning to kiss him, a soft, relieved kiss. Jayden was never going to let go of him. "I am going to be with you forever, Coop. I promise." -07:55 Nov 13
Cupio: "Not going to stop me from teaching you how." he said walking wih her towards the bed. "I love how you look, but in you line of work being able to look different might come in handy, right now I’m just happy you’re okay. I was really woried when they found your body. Don’t die on me again, okay?" -07:58 Nov 13
Jayden: "It’s not an experience I want to repeat…" Jayden thought she could handle hell. She was so so wrong… demon or not, she had never felt so out of control. Jayden kissed him again, taking in a deep breath. There was that add mix of blood and him. She could smell it so strong now. "If I do, I know you’ll come for me." she gave a small half grin. -08:04 Nov 13
Cupio: "I had then get rid of it, I hope that’s okay. I don’t want word getting out you died and I don’t think you want to see your own body." he pulled her down to sit on the bed and nuzzled against her. "ANd I’ll go back a thousand times if I have to, so long as you do the same for me, and Phaedra. She needs you too. Now what does my Jay want tonight?" he really wanted to know, turning demo wasn’t easy and he was taking care of her, anything she wanted he would give. -08:08 Nov 13
Jayden: "A boiling hot bath. You. Softness…" There were so many differences being a demon like this compared to being a man. Her urges and thoughts were so different. Before all she card about was power and sex. Now… sex was still pretty high up there, but it wasn’t violent or with the want to cause pain. Jayden curled her arms around him again. "I just want to be lost with you." -08:12 Nov 13
Cupio: He pushed his lips agaist hers an dpulled her down with him to rest on top of the blankets and put his armsa round her almost protectively. "You can smell be, and what I feel now, right?" he asked eyes, long back to normal searching hers. "Try it, find out what I’m feeling right now. You will never not know again." maybe Jayden needed to know she could do that, so that she could tell all he wanted right now was her, and her happines. -08:16 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden curled in to him and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath and just sighing. Feeling…! She didn’t even have to try. Feeling him came so natural. So obvious, that she couldn’t imagine how she never noticed it before. If there were any doubts left in her about how he felt, they were gone. Jayden didn’t have any doubts about herself either. She thought she didn’t understand what love was, but she did. This was love. Jayden smiled against his skin. "Feels like soulmates." -08:25 Nov 13
Cupio: He smiled swide and curled up with her, smiled running his hands over her and kissing softly where he could reach. "That is how you’ve smelled to me this whole time. We’re going to be together forever, and nothing is going to change that, I promise. I love you Jayden." -08:28 Nov 13

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