Dion asks Bronwen and Mac for help in rescuing Ceri after she’s discovered and captured by Morgan’s men.

[MacBeth was as good as new … and was the ship the trio had gotten!] -02:21 Apr 23
[Bronwen had to admit she missed the Briar Rose! And now it looked right shiney too!] -02:22 Apr 23

Ma Hessing: She looks mighty fine, sweetie. *She kissed his cheek and then threw her arms around Fa Hessing!* And you haven’t gotten rusty at all, have you, love?

Fa Hessing: Aye. *He muttered out with his usual gruffy growl. The ship did look like a nice piece of work! Probably one of his best!*

Duncan: *His cheeks went red!* Ma … *He got himself together.* But yeah, we did a great job on the Briar Rose. It’s a good thing Cassius installed that engine from McRaven!

Ma Hessing: Oh that old engine. I had to torque things a bit. Just because it’s new and such doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.

MacBeth: Looks like we’re almost ready to go, eh, Captain? *He gave Shadowstar a sideways glance. The Hessing farm was great and all but they still had a mission!* -02:26 Apr 23

Duncan: MA! *He winced.* Just how many things did you … torque? *He asked slowly. He was already pretty sure he wouldn’t like the answer!*

Bronwen: I think we’re golden. It’s about time we dig up some goodies on the old hag! *Things had a way of working out for the better! Briar Rose with a little of Ma Hessing’s crazy Toru princess magic… they were going to blow Morgan to bits!* -02:28 Apr 23

Ma Hessing: *She blinked and turned to look at Duncan!* … Oh, Duncan. You worry too much. Your Fa and I are just looking out for your welfare and those of your crew-mates.

MacBeth: *He smirked and saluted!* Ready to get digging, Captain. She won’t know what hit her. -02:30 Apr 23
Bronwen: Yeah, you worry too much, Duncan. We need all that Toru voodoo if we’re going to plaster Morgan’s gut across space. *She gave Fa Hessing a quick kiss on the cheek!* Brilliant job! We’ll cannon someone just for you! -02:32 Apr 23

Fa Hessing: *Fa snorted loudly, but his cheeks were good and red! He only grumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest!*

Ma Hessing: *She gave Bronwen a cat-like grin.* Ah, the cannon. It reminds me of the time Fa stuffed me into one and tried to blow me into the icy, deep, soul-sucking, never ending emptiness of space.

Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly.* Sorry. *He mumbled under his breath. He didn’t seem surprised to hear that coming from his Ma about being stuffed into a cannon!*

Dion: That couldn’t possibly be true. *There was Dion, as if he had appeared out of no where… and he didn’t look too happy!*

Bronwen: Look what the wolves dragged in. A deserter. *She was still pretty damned pissed off, but he didn’t seem so great either.* -02:38 Apr 23
MacBeth: *He glanced from Dion to Bronwen and back again.* … What happened? -02:39 Apr 23

Dion: *He was frowning.* Do we want to start where I found out there’s a leak with those galactic officials, the part where my girlfriend got herself captured, or my favorite; a planned public execution?

Bronwen: …That all? Here I thought it was something serious. *Out of all the girls in the universe he hooked up with, he had to go and pick Lady Undercover Spy!* …I guess we’ll have to put Operation Kill-a-hag on hold for a bit… -02:44 Apr 23

Duncan: *He blinked!* Oh crap … Wait, Ceri isn’t a secretary somewhere?

Tiny, in large form, grabbed another basket from Ma Hessing and was already getting on board!

Dion: *Dion gave a wry smile as he rubbed the back of his head.* No, Duncan… I’m afraid not.

Bronwen: Hmph. And where are the rest of my good for nothing brothers? -02:47 Apr 23
MacBeth: Let’s go then. Madame, Sir. *He turned to the Hessings and nodded.* Thanks. *He started for the ship and as he passed Duncan, he grabbed his arm and dragged him inside!* -02:47 Apr 23

Duncan: *His mouth kept opening and closing, like a fish out of water!* Bu … Wha … Huh … She …

Dion: They don’t know. Rescuing someone isn’t exactly Aaron’s strong suit. That, I believe, is yours. …are you going to give me a hand?

Bronwen: We’re getting on the boat aren’t we? *She tilted her head towards the hatch, giving Ma and Fa Hessing a good wave before boarding!* -02:50 Apr 23

Ma Hessing: *She smiled and waved.* Have fun, kids. And be safe.

MacBeth: *He plopped Duncan down into his seat and slapped his face a couple of times.* Snap out of it, Flyboy. We gotta move. -02:51 Apr 23

Tiny put the basket in the cargo hold and prepared for what could be a rocky take off!

Duncan: *He blinked! This made no sense to him whatsoever! Ceri was the most normal girl he’d ever known! She didn’t do stuff like this! … Did she?*

Dion: *With a sigh of relief, Dion wasn’t wasting no time getting his ass on the ship!* It’s a space station off Corasoa. And damned likely to be a trap. The whole thing was practically broadcasted across the damned galaxy.

MacBeth: *He wasn’t sure whether to start threatening Duncan or bribing him with something! So he slapped him!* Damn it, snap out of it, I said. You and Ceri can talk about it AFTER we rescue her. Got it? -02:55 Apr 23
Bronwen: Hey! If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see Morgan herself! *Bronwen headed straight for the control room to drop in to her chair! Sitting there as if MacBeth slapping around Duncan was an everyday thing!* Corasoa Space Station and better make it fast, flyboy. We don’t want to be late. -02:56 Apr 23

Duncan: *SMACK! His head whipped to one side and he rubbed his cheek. But he finally nodded!* Yeah. Got it. Thanks. *He started the ship as Mac sat down.* Okay, everyone, buckle up!

3 … 2 … 1 … BLAST OFF! The ship took off, headed for Corasoa Space Station!

MacBeth: … Nothing like a family reunion. *He remarked.* The Rose is flying smooth as ever. -02:59 Apr 23

Dion: *Duncan was lucky enough to find himself a seat before getting flung to the back!* Pretty damned resourceful, I have to admit. Didn’t think you’d already have a ship when I showed up.

Duncan: We should be there pretty soon. *He looked over his shoulder at Dion and beamed!* It’s the Briar Rose. My own fine ship. We found her and fixed her up.

Bronwen: I had two ships the day I got out of that damned freezer, but no one thinks to ask Bronwen about her plans! -03:04 Apr 23
MacBeth: *He smirked.* Speaking of plans, I’ll go take a quick look at Madame Hessing’s basket. *He stood and went to the cargo hold.* -03:05 Apr 23

Dion: …Basket? *…Dion decided to save that question for later!* Look Brownie, I didn’t agree with Aaron’s choices and I’m pretty damned sure Bree didn’t either. But it ain’t likely either of us would have made much a difference.

Tiny was there, curled up around the basket in its large form, sleeping!

It woke up and lifted its head when Mac came in!

MacBeth: *He pulled a piece of jerky out of his jacket.* Time to check the basket. *He offered the jerky to Tiny! It was his last one!* -03:10 Apr 23

Duncan: *Checking the engine, the filters, everything! He should probably leave Dion and the captain alone but … he was the pilot. He had to stay at hand in case something happened!*

Bronwen: Uh huh. But you stood aside all the same. Don’t think I’mma just forget that because you came and ask me for help first! You owe me an assload of compliments, and… some cash too! -03:11 Apr 23

Tiny sniffed the jerky and then ate it! It shrunk into its small form and left Mac alone with the basket, finding its way into the control room to curl up on Mac’s vacant chair!

Dion: …compliments and cash. *At least that was confirmation that he was forgiven. …enough to wear he wasn’t going to have to worry about her kicking him off the ship, or worse… sicking MacBeth on him!* Well, my charming, brilliant sister… I hope you like compliments the best, I used the last of my cash to get us security passes for that space station.

MacBeth: *He opened the basket and, of course, found a hell of a lot! It was just like the first with tons of boxes and items in it! The first things he found were food and water. Then he pulled out weapons, ammo. Was there anything Madame Hessing DIDN’T pack?* -03:16 Apr 23

Duncan: *He glanced over his shoulder!* Wow, security passes. Uh … Speaking of which, we’re almost there, Captain.

MacBeth: … I swear, Shadowstar and Madame Hessing think alike. *He muttered loud enough for everyone to hear as he walked back in. He bribed Tiny off of his seat with a meaty leg he’d gotten from the basket.* -03:20 Apr 23
Bronwen: At least you’re good for something. *She leaned to cast MacBeth a smirk.* Hand Duncan those codes, Dion. If we can pass off as a cargo ship, we’ll at least be able to dock. As for the rest… I figure the bitch is probably waitin’, and like any dramatic old hag she’ll be expecting something sneaky and steathly like. …so maybe we’ll distract her with a good bang. -03:21 Apr 23
MacBeth: You wouldn’t happen to have a layout of the place, would you, Dion? The more running around we do, the less time we’ll have to rescue Ceri. Much less get out of there in one piece. -03:23 Apr 23

Duncan: *He was watching Tiny chew on the bone.* It’s too bad we can’t have Tiny just sniff Ceri out. I bet Tiny’s got one hell of a nose.

Dion: *Dion was getting out of his seat and pulling some datapads out of his back pocket, as he cast a quick look at Tiny!* …if Tiny COULD sniff out Ceri, and Brownie pulled one of her ‘big bangs’, how fast do you think we could make it out of there?

Bronwen: I could have that whole damned place blowing up in thirty minutes. … Fifteen if I try not to kill anybody. -03:29 Apr 23

Duncan: Thanks. *He told Dion as he took the codes.* So, Tiny, is your nose up to it?

“Greeoww! Greeoww!” mewed Tiny!

MacBeth: *He smirked!* I think our biggest problem would be keeping up with Tiny. -03:31 Apr 23

Dion: That’s not going to be a problem. I want Ceri out of there as fast as possible, if I have to strap a rocket to my rear to get there. *And damned if he wasn’t serious. If Cassius were on board he’d have a jetpack!*

Duncan: *He looked up as the space station came into view.* So … our usual Duncan-stays-everyone-else-goes routine?

Bronwen: Yep. Who else is gonna save our ass and fly us out of here if we lose our pilot? You’re the most important person on this whole boat! -03:35 Apr 23
MacBeth: … Not to mention I feel sorry for whoever delivers the bad news to Madame Hessing if anything happens to you. Speaking of which, she was generous enough as always to pack some party favors for this big bang of ours. -03:36 Apr 23
Bronwen: I wonder if that basket has a door to her cellar. …You think she spies on us? *Probably not the time to bring that up, but it had her curious! She pushed up out of her chair.* Might as well arm up. I am just going to point out if anybody gets shot this time, your ass is in so much trouble. MacBeth. -03:38 Apr 23
MacBeth: Yes, ma’am. *He saluted and grinned over at Dion.* By the way, I think I saw some armor in that basket. Looked a lot like the one you used when we got Aaron out. -03:40 Apr 23

Duncan: *He scratched his head.* I don’t know. Then again … there’s lots of things I don’t know about Ma and Fa Hessing. *He was starting to think all the bedtime stories she told him as a child were true after all!*

Dion: Good to know. *He didn’t hesitate to get up, allowing Bronwen to lead the way to this mystical “basket” they keep talking about!*

The basket was right where Tiny had placed it! There were a few boxes stacked on either side of the basket already. One side was food. The other side was everything else!

Bronwen: *Bronwen took a good look at everything, a grin ever widening at the lovely little treats Ma Hessing made sure to send with them! Of course he favorite were the very nicely designed explosives… As long as she didn’t over do it, they would do the trick!* -03:45 Apr 23

Duncan: *Meanwhile the Briar Rose had been hailed by the space station! The security passes were accepted! He flicked on the intercom.* Alright. So they accepted those security codes. We’re about to dock.

Dion: *That basket didn’t look anything special. But he was more concerned with armoring up! He wasn’t about to get himself shot on this rescue mission, not with Ceri at risk! And then when he got her, he was probably going to yell at her for a few hours while he made sure she was in one piece!* All suited, Captain. *…complete with one nasty gun.*

Bronwen: Beautiful Amazing Captain, that you love and adore. *Bronwen had her favorite guns, a good string of explosives, grenades, and… some kind of flying disk robot thing with a button! She wasn’t sure what they did yet, so that was going to be fun to try out on someone!* We’re going to storm in like kamikaze terrorists, so try not to panic or anything. You just worry about grabbing your girlfriend and getting back on the ship before.. uh… there isn’t a station anymore. -03:55 Apr 23

Up front, with some tinkering on Duncan’s part, a screen appeared showing a large crowd gathered in front of a stage. Someone off screen announced, “Ladies, gentlemen of all shapes, sizes and colors! We’re here to witness a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime event! A public execution of a traitor and the worst kind!” There was no picture of Ceri but the crowd was getting wild!

Duncan: … Holy crap. *Morgan spared no expense! He was beginning to worry a bit as he docked and the ship parked but … he was going to handle it fine. Just fine!*

MacBeth: *He stood and patted Duncan on the shoulder!* Just hang in there, Flyboy. We’ll do the rest. -04:02 Apr 23

Duncan: *A sheepish grin!* Thanks, Mac. *He turned to Tiny.* Okay, Tiny, it’s up to you to find where Ceri is. I know you can do it. *He gave Tiny one last scratch behind the ears for good luck!*

Dion: *A slow deep breath.* All right then. Lead the way. Just make sure I don’t have to come rescue you too.

“Greeoww! Greeoww!” Tiny was in small form and as soon as the door opened, it ran down, stopped and sniffed the air. It turned its head one way and then another. And then it ran off down the corridor at their left!

*after getting something Ceri had touched from Dion to sniff!

Bronwen: HA! Happens once and a girl can’t live it down. *With Tiny taking off down the corridor, Bronwen dashed for the opposite direction! This was going to be a fun rescue!* -04:07 Apr 23

Dion: *Fuzzy critter was fast, but Dion was on his heels in an instant with that gun ready to shoot down anyone that met in the halls!*

Security was light but there were always a few guards about! The first few guards Dion met were caught unawares, in the middle of taking a smoke!

MacBeth: *He gave Dion a headstart before he ran after him! If anyone caught Dion, they probably wouldn’t expect back up to come a little while later!* -04:11 Apr 23

Bronwen found a few guards as well! Man, they really wish they could have gone to that public execution!

Bronwen: *Bronwen was going to have to contain her laughter while shooting people after the irony of idle conversations! Nobody is going to want to be at the execution was she gets in that room! There’s going to be a nice little riot!* -04:13 Apr 23

Dion: *Dion didn’t even stop in the halls when he ran in to someone. A few quick shots was all it took as he darted after Tiny down the corridors!*

As Bronwen drew closer to the arena where everyone was gathered, the noises of the crowd were getting louder! She approached the first pair of doors that led inside the arena! There were a total of sixteen pairs of doors down the hall, all leading into a different seating section!

Tiny skidded to a halt in front of a door at the end of the hall. The door was marked “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY!” but all Tiny could do was scratch at the door! Unfortunately it was a door with another DNA signature lock, so only Morgan and her trusted goons could come and go without setting off a nasty alarm!

Bronwen: Sonofabitch… *This was one grand-all affair for killing off a spy… Morgan really WAS trying to catch herself a couple of Shadowstars. …stupid damned bitch. Entering in the place, she subtly moved past several people before she bumped in to someone.* Oh, hey. Hold this for me, please. *She handed the guy a grenade with a pulled pin… and very quickly was scooting off in to the crowd!* -04:19 Apr 23

Down below, four guards and a man in a suit stopped in front of one of the cells. Unlike the others, this one was occupied! The man in the suit smirked down at the woman in the black uniform now stained and torn in many places. “Show time, love,” he sneered. He used his handprint to open the door and gestured for the guards to grab her!

The guy looked at the grenade for a bit. No one ever expects someone to hand them a grenade in the middle of a busy crowd! When he finally realized what it was, he swore and tried to throw it but it blew up before it left his hand! BOOM!

Dion: Never makes this easy does she? *He couldn’t shoot the damned thing out but… Ah ha! He had MacBeth!* Hey, magic hands, I think this one is for you.

Ceri: *Hands cuffed behind her back, her wrists were raw, her lip was bleeding, she had nasty bruises and don’t even get her thinking about those nasty lashes on her back! She clenched her teeth as they grabbed her arms and pulled her up! She stared at the monster in front of her. Oh, if only half the people who thought they knew him really knew who he was.*

Bronwen: Oh my god! It’s a Shadowstar! And he has grenades! *Bronwen was shoving a couple grenades in to someone else’s hands the moment after that last one exploded! ….And was dashing quickly out of the way!* -04:25 Apr 23
MacBeth: Haha. Very funny. *He muttered as he stopped in front of the door beside Dion and saw the familiar lock! He pressed his palm against it!* -04:26 Apr 23

BEEP! The lock glowed green and there was a CLICK! of the door! As soon as Dion had opened it, Tiny scurried into the elevator and scratched at the lowest floor’s button!

There were shouts of “Where?!” and “A Shadowstar!” all over the place! The guy Bronwen gave the grenades to panicked and threw them into the air! They blew up in mid-air! BBBBOOOOMM BBBBBOOOOMM!!

Dion: *In to the Elevator he went, and he might have grinned if it weren’t HIS woman they were after! This wasn’t going near fast enough for him!*

Henrik smiled. “Smile. You’re about to be a celebrity.”

Ceri: … You are disgusting. *She replied, wishing she could spit in his face. Then again, he’d probably get a kick out of that! She was suddenly dragged toward the elevator when Henrik tilted his head to it.*

Bronwen: *Man, she was going to have to get a little creative here and try something more…well… crazy. There wasn’t near enough mayhem! …Ah ha! Bronwen pushed through crowds of people and hopped down stairs to head for the stage! Of course, not without dropping a bomb in to someone’s pocket here and there!* -04:32 Apr 23

The elevator stopped! Tiny streaked out, to the left! They’d been running for awhile when there were shouts “Hey, what the hell is that!” and “Shoot it!” Henrik grabbed Ceri as the four guards rushed between them and the rescue party.

All eyes would have been on her … if everyone hadn’t been too busy, panicking to notice! The guards around the arena were pushing down everyone and going for Bronwen!

Dion: Devour and conquer! *Dion shouted to Tiny! His own gun was raised and he was firing without mercy! And with his armor on, he had no damned problem rushing in at them!*

“Greeoww! Greeoww!” went Tiny. It was here. That scent was here! It was too small and quick for it to be hit by the soldiers’ shots!

MacBeth: … Damn crazy Shadowstars. *He muttered. He pulled out his gun and was already dashing forward!* -04:38 Apr 23

Tiny morphed into its larger form and tackled the last guard to the ground! The guard was yelling and trying to shoot at Tiny before the gun was knocked away by a big claw! One guard went down from getting shot by Dion! The other two began to retreat as Henrik began dragging Ceri further, back the way they’d come!

Ceri: *She didn’t think much about the guards shooting at something but she blinked when she heard Dion’s voice! Surely this was a dream!* D–Dion?! *She strained to see him but Henrik had a death grip on her arm and was dragging her away!*

Bronwen: *Now she was getting somewhere! Bronwen took a running slid to roll right through someone’s legs until she reached the edge of the stage! Grabbing on to a cord she jerked.. and got just what she wanted! A microphone!* AHEM! I’d like to give a big thank you to Mad Morgan for taking such good care of those Shadowstar men for me, you ass faced wrinkly old gutter sniping devil winged whore! I’d like to see your skanky cu- oh shit- *Her shout out to Morgan was cut short as she had to dodge someone’s gun fire! She swung the mic cord to clobber the guard in the face with it.. making a very nasty TWIIIIIIIIING reverb through the whole place!* -04:43 Apr 23

Down went the guard Bronwen hit with the mic! People clapped their hands over their ears but kept running! This wasn’t the type of “entertainment” they had in mind! More guards arrived to fire at Bronwen!

Dion: Ceri, I’d like to apologise for my sister’s language! *He said, gunning down after those other guards! It was that guy holding Ceri he REALLY wanted, but he sure as hell didn’t want to risk a shot at her!*

Ceri: *She was blushing! Even in the middle of a gunfight, he was sweet enough to apologize! She found herself hoisted up with Henrik’s arm around her waist and then she was moved over his shoulder! It must have looked ridiculous as Henrik was a head shorter than she was and looked as thin as a twig! Oh, if only people knew!*

Bronwen: *Ducking to the ground and making a quick roll, she found herself right under the stage! Crouching on her feet, she pulled out a few more of those grenades…. and gave them a good hard roll out in random directions for that crowd!* -04:49 Apr 23

BANG BANG! Those guards went down, one after another. But for a guy with a woman over his shoulder he was moving really fast! He seemed to have disappeared when Dion and Mac found themselves at the end of the corridor! There was no other way out, just the rows of cells on either side of them!

By now, only the guards remained! There was a rapid succession of explosions and seats blowing up!

Dion: *He slowed… last thing they needed was an ambush!* …MacBeth if you can shoot the bastard down and not hit Ceri, I’ll owe you one mighty big favor. *Dion muttered quick… He didn’t trust his own shot, but MacBeth’s..! Once they grab Ceri, he was going to shove a grenade down the guy’s throat!*

MacBeth: … It’d be the least I could do for you. *He replied as he looked around. He looked back the way they’d come.* -04:57 Apr 23

Tiny trotted up to them, in large form. It started to sniff around and finally stopped at the last cell on the left!

Bronwen: *Without all those nice people to hide behind, looks like she was going to have to pull her guns… While those guards were distracted with those explosions, she snuck out from under the stage, dashing behind rows of seats. She popped out just long enough to take a shot at someone and duck again!* -04:59 Apr 23

The shot took down a guard! The others quickly began to scatter and shoot in the direction the shot had come from!

MacBeth: *He moved to one side of the door and nodded at Dion, gun ready. He motioned for him to get ready to act. The locks to this cell and all the others except Ceri’s hadn’t been activated so they could be opened and closed easily. He took a deep breath, then kicked the door open!* -05:04 Apr 23

Dion: *Gun aimed, Dion rounded that cell door with a scowl!* End of the line. Let her go and we might not kill you. …painfully.

Henrik was there, holding Ceri against the wall with one hand squeezing her neck! The other was covering her mouth to keep her from giving away their location! He smirked and snorted. “I think I’ll just go ahead and execute the bitch.”

Dion: You don’t want to see what happens if you do that. I can promise it’ll be worse than what Morgan’ll think up for ya. *And he was dead serious. More serious than he’d been his entire life! That trigger finger was itching!*

Bronwen: *Boy she was glad she didn’t have those giant breasts like Betty! Trying to crawl under these chairs would be a bitch! What was taking those guys so long anyway, were they having a tea party with the guards?!* -05:11 Apr 23

Ceri: *Henrik had one hell of a grip on her! She finally managed to twist her head slightly and bite down on Henrik’s hand!*

Henirk howled in pain! He glared at Ceri and slammed her against the wall, knocking her unconscious! BANG! One shot of Mac ripped into the arm holding Ceri to the wall! BANG BANG! Two more shots severed his arm entirely and he dropped Ceri!

Dion: *That was enough! Dion was rushing forward, but it wasn’t to catch the girl! He was ramming the muzzle of his gun right in the guy’s mouth and pulling the trigger! Of which later he was going to be worlds glad that Ceri didn’t see!*

SPLAT! Henrik never knew what hit him as Dion pulled the trigger and then his body fell to the ground!

MacBeth: *He rushed to Ceri’s side and checked her pulse! When he heard the SPLAT!, he raised his eyebrow! This was a side of Dion he’d never seen before! He picked Ceri up and put her over his shoulder.* Come on, D. It’s time to move. -05:22 Apr 23

The guards decided to play it smart! They started to fan out. One of them was bound to get the little Shadowstar female and then Morgan would have her public execution!

Dion: *He hit his comlink!* We’ve got Ceri and we’re heading for ship. *Then he moved to take Ceri from MacBeth! Not that he didn’t trust him, but damned if he were EVER going to let her go again!* You cover fire, me carry.

Bronwen: *Good! She’d love to reply to that message, but she was trying to be QUIET here! Smart guards seemed like an oxymoron, but she kept her mouth shut and made sure to stay out of sight as she crept for one of the doors!* -05:27 Apr 23
MacBeth: Yes, sir. *He said without his usual sarcasm. He nodded to Tiny.* You heard the man, let’s go. *They ran back to the elevator and rode it back to the ground floor! True to Bronwen’s word, there were no guards or people around!* -05:27 Apr 23

Duncan: *He was beginning to get a little nervous … more nervous than when he’d first felt the space station shaking or heard the panic outside! Staying in the ship while everyone was out on a mission could be nerve whacking!*

Oxymoron, indeed! The guards hadn’t noticed her creeping for one of the doors yet! They were jumping at their own shadows or the slightest noise!

Dion: *That sister of his was something else. He’d be sure to thank her later… and possibly be very VERY afraid of her in the future. With Ceri as his top concern, he rushed back the way the came, heading for the ship!*

Bronwen: *Fighting the urge to wave and taunt the guards, Bronwen sliiiipped through the doors silent as a cat! She’d just save this nice big bomb as her goodbye present! She ran!* -05:33 Apr 23
MacBeth: *He shot down any stray guards they came across and Tiny tackled a few as well! They entered the docking area!* -05:34 Apr 23

Duncan: *He looked up as they came in!* Phew, you guys are here. *He started the ship up but he was going to wait for the captain before taking off!*

Dion: *First thing he did was take Ceri straight to the Infirmary! She looked like hell, and if Bronwen blew up the whole station he’d be pretty damned glad of it!*

Bronwen: *Stumbling in to the docking bay, she stopped long enough to turn around and fling that cool looking disk out! And with button in hand, she charged quick for the ship!* Is everybody on board?! -05:42 Apr 23

Duncan: Aye aye, Captain! *Now he started flicking switches and buttons and took off!*

Bronwen: Is anyone shot? *She had to ask!* -05:45 Apr 23

Duncan: *He blinked! There was no way he could have gotten shot!*

MacBeth: *He smirked.* Not me. *He turned serious.* The one who’s worst off is Ceri. -05:45 Apr 23
Bronwen: Actually I think that space station is the worst off. *She held up the button clicker for a moment before she pressed it! Then she was following the trail to the Infirmary!* -05:48 Apr 23

Dion: *Having Ceri in the Infirmary was a bit of a weird predicament, so he was damned happy to see his sister in one piece. He thrust a medkit in to her hands.* Fix her.

Bronwen: *She was going to complain she wasn’t a doctor, but she’d had plenty of practice by now! Ceri didn’t look THAT bad. Nothing a little patching and a good drink couldn’t fix.* You’re not going to hide in the hallway, are you? Because I’mma take credit for rescuing her if she wakes up. *Opening the kit, she held a few of the gauzy things in her mouth while she looked for the needles!* -05:58 Apr 23

Dion: I’m not going anywhere. *He just wasn’t going to mention that he’d like to avoid accidentally killing his girlfriend with those damned things. Dion grabbed a chair and sat it down next to the bed. He at least helped get some of those clothes off Ceri so they get tend those wounds better.*

Ceri: *Bad condition, indeed! They had to get those cuffs off of her and then it took awhile to patch her up! She still hadn’t stirred!*

Bronwen: Damn, I hope I don’t look like that when I’m fixing MacBeth. You look like a sad puppy. *With all those cuts and scrapes, Ceri was going to be in itching pain. But it’s not like she was shot or anything!* -06:24 Apr 23

Dion: A sad greatful puppy. You’re my hero, Brownie. A merciful goddess. A divine angel. The shining light of space that graces us with her ever-

Bronwen: OKAY. I get the hint. Pay with cash not compliments. You’re so weird. *Gagging at him, she left him aloooone. They were probably going to be too cute for her to stomach anyway.* -06:27 Apr 23

Dion: Thank you, Brownie. *He called after her, with a grin.*

[Bronwen had helped Dion patch up Ceri, and promptly escaped the infirmary before Dion got all mushy on her.] -04:08 Apr 25
[MacBeth was getting himself a drink–he deserved it!] -04:09 Apr 25

Duncan: *He had set the ship on auto pilot under invisibility cloak and was pampering Tiny!* Who’s the adorable, fuzzy furball? *Petpetpet!*

Ceri: *It seemed like ages before she stirred and began opening her eyes!*

Dion: Ceri… *Dion had been sitting there, watching her carefully… Trying not to give in to that urge of flying off in to a crazy man-killing rage! It’s surprising how pissed off you can get about these things!*

Bronwen: *For once, a mission went without someone getting hurt! …well, besides Ceri, but the one getting rescued normally was expected to be injured upon retreival. Now to hand out goldstars to her very good crew!* And whoooo is the best pilot in the entire galaxy? *Bronwen gave Duncan his own pat on the head and a scratch for Tiny before she escaped to get MacBeth!* -04:15 Apr 25

Ceri: *She opened her eyes, still feeling a little groggy. She didn’t know where she was but she was too weak to do much of anything but lie there. When she heard Dion’s voice, she turned her head and opened her eyes a bit more.* … Dion …? *She winced as she started to sit up but couldn’t. She was bandaged up and she was itchy.*

Duncan: *His cheeks went red.* Heh heh. Thanks, Captain. *He looked up and watched as she walked out. Then he went back to giving Tiny much petting!*

“Greeoww! Greeoww!” went Tiny! It looked mighty proud, lying in Duncan’s lap, as majestic as any lion!

Dion: *Don made sure she wasn’t moving anywhere. And as much as he wanted to kiss her, pet her, and do many other things… he had a very cross look on his face.* My sweet, I hope you realize I am never letting you out of my sight ever again.

MacBeth: *He grabbed himself a shot glass and a bottle of hard liquor! He was going to pour the liquor into the glass but changed his mind and drank straight from the bottle!* -04:19 Apr 25

Ceri: *She closed her eyes. He sounded very serious and she couldn’t blame him. She was surprised he wasn’t flying off the handle … yet. He probably would in a little while.* I’m … sorry, Dion. I shouldn’t have gotten you involved. *She said after a moment or two of silence.*

Bronwen: *Bronwen watching MacBeth for a moment… just incase he was trying to sneak by with an unmentioned injury…* Are you not even gonna save any for the rest of us? -04:22 Apr 25
MacBeth: *He stopped and glanced over his shoulder. Then he smirked.* I’m the one with a demon spawn as a mother, remember? -04:23 Apr 25

Dion: *He had to lower his head and hide the sudden grin that came across his face.* I believe being a Shadowstar makes me already involved. *He replied, just barely keeping that stern tone in check.* Have you any idea how scary it is to try and rescue a girl while your sister is throwing around grenades?

Bronwen: You wanna trade? I’ll give you Cassius. *Bronwen wouldn’t have any qualms about shooting Morgan in the face… but now she wondered if MacBeth might. Could blood out weigh loyalty…? Moving in to the kitchen, she took the glass and the bottle to pour herself a drink… then handed him the bottle back.* -04:27 Apr 25
MacBeth: Thanks. *He took the bottle back and looked at it for awhile.* … It doesn’t matter to me. -04:39 Apr 25

Ceri: *She blinked and although she was tempted to smile, she knew this was probably not the best time to.* I … can only imagine. *She tried to sit up but then she realized …* Where are my clothes?

Dion: *Clearing his throat, that stern and serious expression had suddenly vanished to be replaced with a deep red blush. Dion was no stranger to women, but for some reason this case just seemed…. different.* Er… well. There were a lot of cuts and bruises that we needed to get to and… I can fetch you something.

Bronwen: The trade or Morgan in general? *She leaned on the counter to take a sip from her glass and watch him. * -04:45 Apr 25

Ceri: *She blushed a red as deep as Dion’s face! She’d assumed Dion’s sister had taken her clothes. But … he had and …* It’s … quite alright. *She drew the blanket a little further up her body.* Right now I’m too itchy to put anything on. *She looked at him thoughtfully.* Dion … what happened to Henrik?

MacBeth: *He smirked up at her.* … You can keep Cassius. *The smirk disappeared.* I meant Morgan. She made her choice a long time ago and I did, too. -04:47 Apr 25

Dion: He is dead. *…he would spare her the details about how. He hadn’t quite been thinking when he did it, but he sure as hell didn’t regret it either.* You won’t have to worry about him again.

Bronwen: Some things are more important than blood, right? *She said as much to Aaron, but telling your brothers to go to hell wasn’t quite the same as a mother. Even if the woman was a scheming, murderous whore.* If you wanted to bow out, I would understand. Not that I don’t plan on shooting her in the face anyway, but… I wouldn’t drag you through it if you don’t want to deal with her. -04:51 Apr 25

Ceri: *The look on her face, the shock, said it all! But then she suddenly sat up and winced. Sitting up like that … not a good idea when one was injured so badly.* Oh Dion … He’s … He wasn’t the one to worry about. *She stopped, trying to figure out how to put this.* … Do you know Tsugoro, one of Morgan’s worst men?

Dion: Ceri, stay still. *He muttered, pushing her back gently on the bed.* I know of him, yes. …I didn’t just earn m’self another black star on someone’s hit list, did I?

MacBeth: *He smiled a bit.* Thanks, Shadowstar. I appreciate it. But like I said before, I’m your man and I’ve got a few scores to settle with her and her men. -04:56 Apr 25

Ceri: *And back onto the bed she went! She had such a sad look on her face.* Henrik was Tsugoro’s younger brother … *There was a few moments of silence. She smiled a bit.* I’m more trouble than I’m worth, aren’t I?

Bronwen: *She always liked the sound of ‘her man’! Bronwen cast him a wide grin.* In that case we might as well drink to her invitable demise. Besides, you deserve a reward for going through a mission without getting shot up. -05:00 Apr 25
MacBeth: *He smirked and raised his bottle for a toast.* To Morgan’s demise and those of her bastard men. May we do it and rub it in your brothers’ faces afterwards. *He laughed.* -05:02 Apr 25

Dion: *Ah… Killed a man’s brother. That was going to be a problem on down the road. But… he’d handle it.* Trouble, you say? Anything worth having is worth a little trouble, but I think I owe you some change. *He smiled, leaning to brush a kiss over her forehead.*

Bronwen: Oh Mac, you’re a man after my own heart. *She tilted her glass at him with a smirk before taking another drink. In her brothers faces indeed! How did they get on without her?* -05:06 Apr 25

Ceri: *She blushed!* You’re the sweetest. *She looked up at him.* … Where you serious when you said you’re not letting me out of your sitght?

MacBeth: *sight? -05:11 Apr 25

Ceri: *were

Dion: I intend to keep you for a good long while. *He hesitated a moment.* ..That is… if you want to be kept. ..I mean, not KEPT but… *Cough! There went his elegant approach!* Exclusively my lady. …girlfriend?

MacBeth: *He took a drink and smirked.* You made good use of Madame Hessing’s toys, I see. -05:18 Apr 25
Bronwen: *There was a dangerous smile in response!* What sort of repuation do you think I’ll be earning for single handedly clearing out a stadium of goons and shouting out an insult during one of her special executions? It’s amazing how much easier it is to get away with stuff the more people there are… -05:21 Apr 25

Ceri: Sweet! I … oh dear … *She was blushing! Oh dear! But it was hard to look dignified when one was stuck to a bed and pretty much naked!* I uh … What I mean to say is … *She cleared her throat.* I would … love … to be your girlfriend.

MacBeth: *He smirked.* You mean besides being a wild, unpredictable woman with a knack for insanity and enough grenades to blow us sky high? -05:24 Apr 25

Dion: *Dion laughed softly, leaning forward to give her a quick kiss… Anymore than that and he might carry off her of, and she was in no condition for that!* Then, Ceri my sweet… I am yours. There will never be another lady for me.

Bronwen: There should be a cool name for me. Bronwen the Invincible… or something. Or the Amazingly perfect Captain Shadowstar. -05:30 Apr 25

Ceri: I must be dreaming. There’s a real hot guy who just said he’s all mine. Maybe another kiss will prove I’m not dreaming after all? *She said with a smile.*

MacBeth: *He chuckled.* There aren’t enough words to describe your incredible skill or your breathtaking beauty, Captain. *He said, raising his bottle in another toast.* -05:41 Apr 25

Dion: I don’t know. My mother always said you should never wake a lady when she’s having a good dream. *That didn’t stop him from leaning and kissing her again, this time lingering a bit longer.*

Ceri: *Her cheeks were red again! She laughed softly and kissed him back, then rubbed her cheek against his.* Your mother sounds like a very intelligent woman. I’ll have to hold onto you.

Bronwen: Alas, things a first mate has to say or face unimaginable torture from his captain! …you didn’t go saying stuff like to my brothers did you? *Of course he didn’t. But it was funny to imagine anyway!* -05:47 Apr 25
MacBeth: *He snickered.* To Cassius once. We were drinking and I was feeling suicidal at the time. That’s youth for you. -05:50 Apr 25

Dion: That would be wise. I am afraid the only other Shadowstar worth dating is Bronwen and I just don’t think Cassius is going to let her loose. *Dion brushed the hair from her face, casting her grin.* …are you sure you’re up for this kind of insanity?

Bronwen: *She blinked, before she laughed!* I am really tempted to get you snockered and see what happens. -05:56 Apr 25
MacBeth: *He smirked.* Ask any of your brothers. Me and getting drunk never go well. -06:04 Apr 25
Bronwen: I don’t know… I think last time resulted in us actually scaring away squird pirates. …Though THEY probably wouldn’t say it went well. -06:07 Apr 25

Ceri: *She smiled.* I think I’ll survive. We undercover cops have to be tough after all. *She nodded matter of factly.*

MacBeth: *He snickered.* Nothing like a bunch of squid pirates to make your drinking game. We should have a drinking game with your brothers sometime. -06:44 Apr 25
Bronwen: It’d serve them right, really. We’d have them under the table in an hour… Then you’d be stuck with me. *A grin!* -06:48 Apr 25

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