Brennen comes to ask for help, as there is problems with Lady Heather’s business!

[MacBeth was outside the Hessing farm, helping out Fa Hessing with the chores!] -02:41 May 01
[Bronwen was doing what a good captain should be doing. Supervising others and plotting their next move!] -02:42 May 01

Duncan: *He was also outside, helping Fa Hessing out! It was hard work but he had missed his parents during his travels! Not that he’d ever think about settling down just yet!*

Ma Hessing: *She walked outside to where Bronwen sat, supervising the men and plotting!* Bronwen, look who came to visit. *She stepped aside to reveal Brennen who looked like he’d been through hell.*

Brennen: *He took a deep breath!* Brownie … I need your help. I really, really need your help. The kind of help that I’d beg to get and love you forever if you give it to me.

Bronwen: *With a very flat screen in her hands, she was looking up boring blah databanks to find out where Morgan usually sets up her.. everything. Man… the galaxy sure was different.* Hmm…? *Like she did with Dion (whom she now forgave, but Bree didn’t need to know that) she just scowled at him!* And why should I! You’re a pussywhipped baby and let Aaron push his balls around! -02:46 May 01

Brennen: *He deserved that!* Aaron did what he felt he had to do. I did what I could. Come on, Brownie. I’m sorry I didn’t do more. I love Mac like a brother, you know that.

Bronwen: Tch, sorry. …What’s wrong with you anyway? Big mean brothers should be able to take care of their own business. -02:50 May 01

Brennen: *He looked embarassed.* I would but … this concerns Heather. Someone’s leaning on her business and customers are disappearing from her place. *He looked hopeful.* So … can I get your help?

Bronwen: … What is with you idiots and not protectin’ your womenfolk? *…Dangit. Bronwen grumbled under her breath as she stood and marched off across the yard.* I’ll tell my boys… -02:53 May 01

Brennen: *He gave her a look of relief!* Thanks, Brownie. I know I owe you big time.

Bronwen: You owe me money and compliments! Just like Dion! *She called out over her shoulder!* -02:56 May 01

Ma Hessing: *She smiled.* Would you like something to eat, Brennen? You look famished. *She was already leading the way to the kitchen!*

Brennen: *Sheepish grin! The kind of grin that said he had more compliments than cash at the moment!* Yes, ma’am! You wonderful, brilliant woman!

MacBeth: *He stopped and looked up when he heard Shadowstar yelling!* What’s up? *He asked her when she got close enough.* -02:57 May 01

Dion: *The last person he was expecting to see was Brennen when he popped down to the kitchen just to grab some snacks for himself and Ceri. …Like hell he was going to leave her out of his sights for longer than 10 minutes!* Bree? …No. Wait. Let me guess. Trouble.

Bronwen: Another rat showed up asking for a favor. In the mood for some more rescuin’? -03:03 May 01
MacBeth: *He smirked!* You’re a saint, Shadowstar. But you know I’m with you. Hey, Flyboy, ready to play calvary? -03:05 May 01

Duncan: *He blinked and looked up! He grinned!* Ready when you are, Captain and Mac.

Brennen: *He blinked!* Dion! *He flashed an embarassed grin.* … How’d you guess?

Dion: Besides that look on your face? No better way to solve trouble than to ask trouble for help. *Dion cast a wide grin.* Good timing, anyway. A few days sooner and you would’ve had to wait your turn.

Bronwen: Good, good. We’re going to be saving some pretty ladies. So you might wanna wear a nice shirt, Duncan. *Smiiirk!* -03:11 May 01

Brennen: *He laughed and scratched the back of his head.* Really …? *He blinked.* Wait … Ceri …?

Dion: Ceri is all right. Found out as a spy and nearly publicly executed, but all right. …I have to admit Bronwen is impressive when she’s not terrifying.

Duncan: *There was a look of wonder on his face! This would be a dream come true for him!* … You really think I stand a chance of making a good impression with them, Captain?

MacBeth: *He smirked and ruffled Duncan’s hair.* Look on the bright side, you’ll have them all to yourself. -03:16 May 01
Bronwen: I think you’ll get mauled with kisses, Duncan. Mauled. ..Now c’mon then. Sorry Fa! Make Dion stop hovering over Ceri and help! *She waved at the old man!* -03:16 May 01

Fa Hessing: *He grunted, but just nodded a head!*

Duncan: *A big grin!* Yes, Captain. I’ll see you later, Fa! *He ran to put his shovel away and get a clean shirt!*

Brennen: I’m glad she’s alright. *He laughed.* What kind of trouble did she cause this time?

Dion: Cleared an entire stadium of Morgan’s men. By herself. …and didn’t get shot in the process. Throw in grenades, smarting off to Morgan over the comsystem… and… It’s a wonder that girl is still alive and managed to get any of us free. *He replied sheepishly… It really was!**

Brennen: *He let out a breath and laughed softly.* I think that’s what Mac is for.

Bronwen: *watching Duncan run off..!* I wonder if he’ll realized they’re whores. …He hasn’t figured out when I hook him up with women yet… -03:30 May 01
MacBeth: Whether he realizes it or not, he seems to enjoy their company anyways. *He smirked.* So, this is Heather we’re talking about. What did Brennen say? -03:33 May 01

Dion: He’s doing a damned good job at this rate. Ahem. …Speaking of…. Something wrong with Heather?

Bronwen: Someone grabbing her customers, I think. Kidnapping. Doesn’t really sound like Morgan’s style. Might be a rival or smugglers or something… Rabid Werewhore? -03:35 May 01
MacBeth: *He chuckled, still wore that smirk of his.* Rabid werewhore … Looks like you’ve been thinking too hard and too long, Shadowstar. We won’t know for sure unless we check things out for ourselves. It might even be disgruntled customers. -03:41 May 01

Brennen: Someone’s leaning on Heather to shut her business down. Meanwhile, customers are disappearing from her place and you know how people are, they talk. Heather’s getting a bad rep.

Bronwen: Hey. I still think Morgan might be a rabid werewhore, so don’t go knocking it off. *She stuck her tongue out at him, but headed off for the house!* -03:43 May 01

Dion: Ah. Not good. Was good to ask for help… whomever it is, they’re sure to know you. *He looked up at a clock on the wall… Ten minutes were up! If that woman was trying to sneak out of bed, he would catch her!* Good luck, Bree. Make sure you come back in one piece. *He cast a quick grin before managing to snag some drinks and a couple of Ma Hessing’s wonderful fresh baked muffins!*

MacBeth: *He smirked.* Yeah, well … ‘rabid werewhore’? *He followed after her.* -03:51 May 01
Bronwen: Uh huh. Best not to let her bite you next time you get in a fight. *She was serious. Nobody that hideous could be human. The old hag should be dead by now. Bronwen stepped in the house looking for her Duncan, who was taking far too long picking out clean clothes, and that good for nothing brother!* -03:55 May 01

Ceri: *She looked around. Maybe it was safe to move now … She had told Dion, Ma Hessing, and everyone else she was perfectly fine but they insisted on keeping her in bed! She hissed under her breath when she sat up a litle too quickly. Then she swung her legs down and tiptoed toward her clothes. Or rather, Ma Hessing’s clothes. She’d been generous enough to give them to Ceri. Very nice clothes, too! A nice light blue dress with a long skirt and a modest neckline!*

Dion: Woman. *Now, normally a line like that would come out of Cassius’ mouth and Dion never thought there’d be a day where he’d use it… But here she is trying to escape!* …Back in bed.

Duncan: *He was digging through clothes trying to pick the right one! The red shirt! Nah. How about the yellow? Hm … Maybe not. He was throwing shirts this way and that!*

Ceri: *She froze with her hand on the dress!* Dion … I’m perfectly fine. *She stood straight and attempted to look well … in fighting condition! But he looked so adorable with that look on his face, even if it did infuriate her too.*

Dion: You’re barely standing! Get back in bed and give me a few more days. Then I’ll make it up to you with something amazing. I promise. *Of course, if she didn’t agree he was just going to grab her and hold her down like he did yesterday. The woman was stubborn.*

Bronwen: Duncan! ….Duncan! Just grab all your damned shirts! I’m not pussyfotting around when there’s dames to rescue! -04:17 May 01

Duncan: But–But–! *He looked around and started grabbing every shirt he could get his hands on! You could never have enough clothes, right?! By the time he was done, he could barely see … that’s how big the pile in his arms was!*

Ceri: *A sheepish grin!* How about a little walk? Five minutes? You won’t even know I’m gone. *She had to stretch her legs and well … get some fresh air!*

Dion: I’ll open the window and you can have a seat. No comprimises. *It was hard not to smile. Why was it so sweet when a girl was trying to be sneaky.*

Bronwen: Duncan y-… Hell. *She let the dummy drag out all his shirts. Why not!* Breeeeennen. If you’re done stuffing yourself with Madam Hessing’s treats, we better get off! -04:43 May 01
MacBeth: *He raised an eyebrow! It was a miracle Duncan managed not to walk into the door or trip over something with those shirts of his!* -04:44 May 01

Brennen: HMmm!! *He had definitely missed these treats! He tried to smile at Ma Hessing but he was afraid crumbs would fall out! He gave her a thumbs up instead, swallowed some of the cake and drank some milk! Then he gave a bow to Ma Hessing and shot out to join Bronwen and company!*

Ma Hessing: *She laughed softly and waved to Brennen! When he was gone, she sighed softly with a smile on her face.* Those Shadowstars …

Ceri: *She winced when he said no compromises.* Not even a teeny-tiny compromise?

Dion: Not if you want to spend your days a freedom loving woman, instead of tied up to bed for the next three weeks. *Maybe not three weeks. One week for sure.*

Bronwen: Now, *She started on the way to the ship and waving a finger!* since I figure it’s not likely to do with Morgan, and since you’re all sweet on ‘mlady Heather, my boys can flirt with ladies. -04:55 May 01

Ceri: *She blinked!* … You wouldn’t.

Dion: I didn’t go rescuing a lady to have her die on me before we can have our next date. *How he said it with a straight face, he wasn’t sure.*

Brennen: *He swallowed the last of the cake! Madame Hessing was the best baker ever! He nodded.* Mm … Yes, O beautiful, graceful, best sister ever.

Bronwen: …you don’t have any money either, do you. *She muttered. Really, how did they survive this long? MacBeth? Into the ship they head, Bronwen thinking out a few different kinds of plans depending on what’s appropriate! She may not be able to get away with whorin’ Duncan and MacBeth was out of the question! Brennen would be useless ’cause he’s there all the time…* I wonder if Cassius left his dress on the ship… -05:06 May 01

Ceri: *She looked at him. He was right … But she was stubborn.* Can I go downstairs and get myself a snack?

Duncan: *He blinked.* His dress …? I um, I think so.

Dion: No. *He presented her with the pilfered muffins from downstairs!*

[Bronwen logged out of the chat.] -((05:52 May 01))

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