My Demon Roommate 025: True Demon Jayden

[Cupio Is stille covered in dry blood but Jayden is safe, and a demon… anyone else tries to bind Jay and they will wish they were in hell.] -06:06 Nov 13
[Jayden never did get her bath. She needed the rest so bad she fell asleep clinging to Cupio!] -06:09 Nov 13
Jayden: For the first time in a very long time, Jayden was waking up with a smile. No grumbling at the sun, no hissing at Cupio for waking her up. No squeeling upset child interupting sleep. She was rolling on to her back and… cringing! What the hell was she laying on, a purse?! NOW grumbling, she sat up slowly and rubbed her head. Cupio’s tail was on her lap. She picked it up to gently set it aside and–!! “Oh come on…!” -06:18 Nov 13
Cupio: He stretched and flattened his wings to roll onto his back and look up at Jaydey still stretching and tilting his head. “Something wrong?” he took a deep breath and focused his vision and then squealed. “OOh Jay!” he sat up and grinned “You shouldn’t mistreat yoour wings, you need then to fly.” he duged closer to her and looked her over. “My little Demon Jay… I have just the outfit for you!”” -06:22 Nov 13
Jayden: “You already want to dress me up…!” Uurrrgh. If she didn’t love and adore him, she might punch him. After her usual morning irritation with an over cheery Mcboobs, she was much more interesting in examining the tail… Tugging, twisting… sensitive! Twitchy little things. “Wait, what? Wings?” Tail dropped and she was stretching and rolling trying to grab at them. Wings! She didn’t have these as a man…! “I seriously don’t understand this shit…” she muttered. -06:26 Nov 13
Cupio: Typical Jayden! He put his arms around her and leaned against her. “I actually meant those flaired jeand and green shirt you like on me.” he said resting his chin on her shoulder. “And if you don’t understand you can ask, I’ve been a demon my whole life I’m sure I can answer a few questions. But if you don’t want then just picture yourself without them and want to look like that. It’s easy. Even if.” he ran a finger across the folds of her wing and at the same time strokes her tail with his other hand. “They’re very sensitive.” -06:31 Nov 13
Jayden: Oh, oooooh she liked that. So much that in a split second it was no longer confused annoyed Jayden, but a still, narrowed eyed Jayden. He smelled so sweet like this. A dainty, blood covered little Mcboobs being all snugglie and cute. She gave a slooooow grin. “Cuuuupio… you look so pretty…” -06:38 Nov 13
Cupio: SInce when did Jayden say that? It made him smile and look at her with his face slightly turned away. Sure he had chosen this form because it was attractive but it was flustering when she said it. “So are you.” he said a little squeakier than he intended to before he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “You always are.” -06:43 Nov 13
Jayden: Reaching up she ran her fingers gently through his hair. Even colors were so much more vibrant. “I love this color… it matches the way you smell. Spicy and sweet…” Jayden curled her arms around him and smelled his hair. -06:51 Nov 13
Cupio: He couldn’t take her being like this and remain the calm emplaining older demon and he placed both hands on her shoulders to pull hack adn look into her face biting his lip and then slowly taking in all the changes to her as his tail and hips twitched, then he rocked forwards and kissed her lips squashing thier chests together. “You really are being seductive right now even if you don’t mean to.” he whispered. -06:56 Nov 13
Jayden: “Have I told you how much I love your soft skin…” Oooh… Her hand moved, fingers brushing over his ear before tapping over his shoulder and down his arm. So soft! She noticed them before, hadn’t she? But not quite like this. Jayden nuzzled against his cheek for a moment, but her attention seemed very focused on touching him. Caressing her fingers over his collar bone. -07:07 Nov 13
Cupio: He held onto her and closed his eyes, it’s like she couldn’t hear him but he loved the attention and resting his cheek on her shoulder to nuzzle into the side of her neck. He was horny now there was no way around that nor was thre any way out of Jayden smelling that any second now. “I love your new smell too.” he said softly. “It still smells like you, spicy and seductive and sweet all at the same time now it’s just a little bit spicier.” he was now completely taken in and moving into her lap to hold onto her with his legs circling her. She was good at this. -07:13 Nov 13
Jayden: Skiiiin! Wonderful, soft bare skin. Jayden circled her arms around him and buried her face at his neck. Taking in a deep breath before she laughed softly and flicked her tongue over the crook of his neck. All she could seem to think about was sensations, nice, pleasurable sensations… Jayden stretched out her wings to wrap around them both. That was easier than she thought it would be. But then, all she wanted was to be wrapped around him. “Do you like my wings too, Cupio?” she whispered in his ear, her breath feeling hot and soft. -07:19 Nov 13
Cupio: Being the one wrapped in her winge for a change was a surprise and feeling hers against his had him purrring. Her wings were soft and smooth and warm. “I love your wings.” he said softly pulling back to place his hands either side of her face and kiss her hard flicking his tongue against her lips to taste her. So similar but just a little bit different. He wanted more of her and reaching behind her he broung her tail between them and leaning down his other arm slipping around her he kissed the tip before running the tip of his tongue against it and giggling. “I love everything about you.” -07:25 Nov 13
Jayden: He shouldn’t have done that. It flipped some sort of crazy switch from intimate affection to fuck his brains out, and in a split second she was pouncing. Pinning him to the floor with her body and touching every ounce of skin she could get her hands on. Her mouth covered his in an almost desperate kiss. Nibbling at his lips and thrusting her tongue between them. She needed him so much..! -07:30 Nov 13
Cupio: “…!” Yes! Yes! This was… he welcomed her kiss with his tongue finding hers and his arms pulling her closer. He couldn’t speak against he lips and even if he could it would be a torrent ot affection and need. He neeeded her and successfully trigering Jayden’s demonsex mode was just the icing in the cake. He ran his claws up her back as he squirmed undeer her, his tail wrapping around her thigh. -07:38 Nov 13
Jayden: There were so many things she wanted to do to him..! Lick and taste every inch of skin she could get her tongue on… Jayden’s hand ran down his chest, between the breasts to rub his stomach. Her teeth nipped gently at his jaw and down his neck until she was sucking hard at the skin. Jayden wanted to taste all of him. Sharp teeth grazed his collarbone without breaking skin as she slid down against him. -07:48 Nov 13
[Cupio enters.] -08:02 Nov 13
Cupio: He didn’t want her moving further away from him but his tail unwrapped from around her thigh and brushing against her crotch wrapped aeound his own instea as he ran his fingers through her hair and cooed softly to encourage her. He was breathing hard already and biting his lip as he watched her feeling the heat building between his legs in anticipation. Was she really going to….? -08:07 Nov 13
[(Timeout) Cupio has timed out.] -08:12 Nov 13
Jayden: She laughed softly, her breath falling against a breast before she nuzzled at the nipple with her nose. “You’re very cute when you’re squirming with wonderment…” She kissed the nipple flicking her tongue over it only briefly. Tail, hmm… It took a swish or two before she seemed to get control of it, then it was slithering it’s way up his leg. -08:12 Nov 13
Cupio: “I’m used to human Jay.” he said a little breathlesly. “It’s been a while since I had sex with a demon that I actually wanted sex with.” he said petting and stroking her hair. “Whatever you do don’t stop.” he felt her tain and that made the squirming worse . Enough for him to again move his tail to brush against hers. He hoped he would have the presence of mind to match where her tail was headed. -08:16 Nov 13
Jayden: “I don’t want you to have presence of mind…” she muttered against his skin. Either she was mind reading, or she was body reading. Jayden wasn’t sure which, and she didn’t waste any time pondering it. She was in just as much wonderment as he was. Her senses filled with him The little sounds he made, and the way his scent shifted the more she did…. Her tongue dipped in to his belly button, about the moment her tail tested the wetness between his legs. A soft probing that matched the tickling of her fingers at his side. -08:22 Nov 13
Cupio: He bit his lip and groaned his thighs shifting and twisting as he felt her. “This is unfair.” he muttered as his back arced towrds her and he moved a hand up to grip his own chest and the other battled to find something to hold onto. -08:28 Nov 13
Jayden: “I could always stop… but you would pout and I can’t take it when you pout.” She didn’t want him pouting. She wanted him cooing and sighing and moaning! Jayden pulled her tail back, it swishing from side to side behind her as her tongue took it’s place. One long, wet lick up the length of his clit. Followed by her running her tongue over her lips and smiling wide when she glanced up at him. “For a demon, you taste like heaven, Cupio…” -08:38 Nov 13
Cupio: He lost it, two mined of fresh, shiny red were wandering down his chin as he whimpered and moaned spreading his arms as his legs locked into place when she touching him and then squirmed uncontrolebly when she spoke. “Like hell you’re going to stop.” he said in what was meant to be a defiant growl but instead was a happy, flushed, wanting, breathy voice. “I need you to fuck me, right now.” -08:45 Nov 13
[Jayden enters.] -08:47 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden was giggling, giggling as she gave him another darting flick of her tongue. When she stilled the giggling she kissed his lips, pressing further until her tongue dipped in. Lapping at the sensitive flesh with soft, teasing movements. She’d fuck him like this until he was screaming! -09:07 Nov 13
[(Timeout) Jayden has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -09:13 Nov 13
Cupio: There! With claws out he could grip the floor and with his feet moving up against the floor her could open his legs wide for her and moan blissfully as his breathing skyrocketed. So jayden didn’t want his to keep his mind together? It was melting anyway. He was melting and cooing and letting her do anything she wanted. He wanted more, he needed more but what she was giving him was bliss itself and he couldn’t think about anything else. Only the tiny few inches in skin where her attention was focused. -09:13 Nov 13
Jayden: That’s exactly what she wanted. Him falling to peices at the tip of her tongue. Jayden hummed softly in response, sinking her tongue inside him, once, twice… several times before her lips circled his clit and sucked on it hard. She was burning between her legs herself, but this was for him… maybe partially for her too! Giving him everything he needed and having that pleasure of knowing just how much he loved it. -09:27 Nov 13
Cupio: Sucking! That had him raising his hips and crying out. He didn’t mean to be that loud but he didn’t care, or maybe he just didn’t notice how loud he was until it passed. He couldn’t think about it long enough to figure it out every breath had it’s own sound and would even if Jayden stopped. Soft cooes, sighs, groans, they were all the same now. There was the agonizingly slow buildup and the fire down below. He wanted more. He needed more. -09:36 Nov 13
Jayden: Jayden was nearly purring. She could feel his desire almost like it was her own, and it was delicious. A hand ran up and down his stomach to hold him in place, while she gently teased at his opening with a finger. A tickling touch, then pushing her fingers inside with ease, pulling them back out only to repeat again with a quicker thrust. -09:46 Nov 13
Cupio: His stomach moved against her hand, he couldn’t not, even the pressure of her hand made him tingle and burn. There was a half stifled yelp and his hips jumped then her finger touched on just the right spot and he looked down at her, every breath a moan and his face red. It was impossible to tell how close he was, he was lost completely! -09:54 Nov 13
Jayden: She was giddy, amusement, turned on so much she almost wished he was in the right form for her to pounce. But this was too irresistable in itself! Jayden thrust quicker, deeper. Licked her tongue between his folds, kissing and sucking, drinking him in and savory every little twist and twitch he made at her touch. She was nearly at her wits end, but she needed this just as much as he did! -09:59 Nov 13
Cupio: His shreak echoed off the walls as he climaxed and he felt the gushing of moisture and every muscle in his body tensed before he flopped back down and breathing uncontrolibly and the skin of his entire body flushed started at the cieling, the only movement he seem to be capable of was his tale swicking happily and wrapping around Jayden’s forearm. -10:12 Nov 13
Jayden: Oooh, that tasted even sweeter. She could live off of this. Jayden kissed and nuzzled her way back up his torso until she was stopping at his mouth to keep him a deep kiss and a wide smile. “Again, beautiful Cupio…?” -10:16 Nov 13
[Jayden feels better than she has in a logn time. And THAT means trouble for everyone.] -06:49 Nov 14
[Cupio still feels like jelly and might not be able to get up for a bit but he doesn’t need to to snuggly Jayden.] -06:54 Nov 14
[Jayden enters.] -07:00 Nov 14
Jayden: Jayden was not done by a long shot. But she was trying to behave. Holding him close and petting his hair softly, even though her thoughts were far more on the rapey-fun side of the spectrum. But the good kind! Where he’d be squealing and begging for more of her… Jayden was grinning as she squeezed him tighter and nuzzled in to his hair. -07:01 Nov 14
Cupio: He was nuzzling into her as he tangled his legs with hers and covering her shoulder with soft kisses even as he still tingled down below and his lags were very shakey. "You really want more?" he asked. After mean raper manjay and then sad sulky Jay this was bliss. "I wish my legs were working then I’d have a dick inside you so fast it would be your turn to scream." he teased her with the truth. "But after demon Jayden I don’t think I can trust them with my wieght. You really do make a very good demon my love." -07:08 Nov 14
Jayden: She pouted, but it was a shortlived expression. It was hard to be disappointed when she was so damned pleased with herself. Jayden shifted until she was nibbling at his ear, almost considering taking him again just because she could. "I feel different like this… Better. More like myself than I have in ages. Would been nice to not have to be a psycho man demon, and then die first, though." -07:14 Nov 14
Cupio: He poked her lip, she had pouted, that bemanded her slip his arms around her neck and kiss her, hard and check her mouth for fangs with his tongue. "I like this Jayden, my Jayden. The Jayden who even as a human could keep page wuth a demon while fressed against the one way glass of a nightclub. The woman I love." he kissed ehr again, softer and sweeter this time. "And if you really want me to fuck you I can use my tail without needing my legs." -07:17 Nov 14
[(Timeout) Jayden has timed out.] -07:28 Nov 14
Jayden: Jayden grinned against his mouth, returning his kiss with a nip of her teeth. Sharper and more pronounced but certainly not as fangy as him. She gave this offer some consideration, but inevitably shook her head and resumed nuzzling against his cheek. "I want well rested Cupio. …and it’s probably a good idea to go rescue my kid from whatever crazy sitter you managed to bully in to watching her." She missed her Phaedra. Jayden hadn’t thought she would feel that way. …at the very least she wanted to see her and make sure she was in one piece! -07:28 Nov 14
Cupio: "I wouldn’t give her to someone I didn’t trust." he said kissing her again and running his togie over her teeth before pulling back. "Then I call mall trip. I want to show you off and breakfast out would be fun. I want you to wear my jeans and shirt. You’ll look great in them. And maybe I’ll get two take away iced mochas on the way home to put into the fridge for when Phaerdra is asleep." -07:32 Nov 14
Jayden: "My Cupio all sexed up on iced mocha." Oooh hoho. That would be fun. Just thinking about it had her twitching and wanting to roll him over and… Damnit! Only now Jayden was realizing since the moment she woke up, the only thing she could think about was sex. She really needed some sort of self control. This would be practice? Giving him another quick kiss, Jayden reluctantly untangled herself from him. Rising to her feet to stretch her arms and her wings over her head. "Now why am I wearing your clothes again? Because you want a hot Jayden Mcboobs to parade around?" she smirked. -07:37 Nov 14
Cupio: "Yes. That." he said with a grin. "And you need to practice changing back before we heda out with you looking like anything other than how you hoke up. You don’t want to unexpectedly change without realizing it and have your tail rip out your pats." he rolled onto his stomach and then sat on the side of the bed testing out his legs. "And it’s your turn to be a sext sexy demon girl no one, not even the girls, can take their eyes off of. My instincts tell me you’ll enjoy that." he shoe her a grin before stnading a little wobbly. "now I need to get this blood off of me." -07:41 Nov 14
Jayden: Jayden pretended like she didn’t love the idea of being the one everyone stared at. She loved him, but that never stopped her from being jealous of him. After another bit of stretching, he wings vanished. That was easy. Jayden was taking to wings very well. It was the damned tail that seemed to have a mind of it’s own and she was swishing in annoyance. …The promise of naked showering Cupio though… Jayden bite her bottom lip with that wicked look again as she sliiiinked towards him. "I could help you wash…" -07:46 Nov 14
Cupio: "I’d like that." he said maybe oblivious, or maybe testing her. Whatever the case he was stepping into the bathroom and turning on the water, making sure it was hot and stretching happily basking in the warmth and the leefing of getting cleaner after having gone to hell. "There’s a fresh bar of soap next to the basin if you could grab that you’d be my hero." -07:49 Nov 14
Jayden: She grabbed the soap. but instead of handing it to him, she just stepped behind him to wrap her arms around him and pull him back against her chest. Her thoughts had flipped-flopped again, from sex to just being glad to have him her like this without the fear or the trauma or anything else. "I love you, Coop. I didn’t realize how much." -07:55 Nov 14
Cupio: This was nice. "I love you too Jayden, more than anything." he pyt his hands on her arms around him and closed his eyes just allowing the water to flow over him. "And you know what?" his tail was against her too but he didn’t bother to move it. "I’m glad to have you back. I was so worried I was going to loose you forever especially when you didn’t knwo what to do with yourself. Having my Jayden back is the best thing I could have asked for my one year anniversery of coming to earth." -08:02 Nov 14
Jayden: "Has it been a year?" Leave it to Mcboobs to remember random dates… Her arms tightened and she nuzzled in to his wet hair. "I’m sorry I scared you… That’s not going to happen again. None of it is. I know where I belong and who I belong with, and not heaven or hell is going to change it now." -08:08 Nov 14
Cupio: "Demon 101 Jayden. Angels are self righteous windbags who couldn’t lie thier way into a nightclub." he was rubbing at the blood with his hands freeing it from his skin and letting it flow away with the water. "And good, because you already know I’d go to hell and back for you, you can smell what I feel and I can smell what you feel, so there is no need for us to not be ourselves. And I love it when you hold me like this. I know we’re going to have long happy lives togethr with Phae." -08:13 Nov 14
Jayden: "So you know how much it turns me on, knowing you would slaughter your way through legions to come and fetch me?" Hell sucked. Hell was bad. It was terrifying and awful, but Jayden was not a damsel. It didn’t affect her as much as when she hurt him. She kissed the top of his head and squeezed him. -08:24 Nov 14
Cupio: "I -08:27 Nov 14
Cupio: "I’m not going to sit up here and cry aout it when there is something I can do." he said turning in her arms to hug her and kis her cheek. "So long as I can do something I will do it, and you don’t have to worry abour bindings or anything. I can cut them all. Anyone who tries to take you from me will wish they were in hell." he kissed her gains and sighed happily. Jayden really was the best. -08:29 Nov 14

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