My Demon Roommate 026: The Trouble With Demons

[Jayden is wearing some of McBoobs’ clothes, but only because Coop was so amused by that. “Cutie and adorable” was not Jayden’s style. …However, here at the mall she was waaaaaay too distracted to care about what she was wearing!] -05:47 Nov 27
[Cupio Has gotten the newly demonified Jayden to the mall. Now maybe she’ll understand that shopping is fuuuun. You get to feel things, and smell then and to many things to experience.] -05:47 Nov 27
Jayden: Something had her attention, but it wasn’t shops or stores. People, people everywhere and before she had been so annoyed and so disinterested with crowds. This really was a whole new experience. Being aware of each and every individual, or their smell and their mood. Jayden flashed someone a smile as they walked past them. Ohoho… toys…! -05:52 Nov 27
Cupio: Pressing a plastic cup of ice chocolate (not mocha!) into Jayden’s hands cupio sipped his own and walked next to Jayden close enough for then to touch occationally as they walked his tail swicking happily and his grin so wide it almost made his cheeks hurt. "I told you being a demon would be fun." he had never said anything like that. "Wait until we get to the shampoos. They’re… smell… You get to choose which one I slather you with when we get home." -05:56 Nov 27
Jayden: "I pretty sure it was more like "If you were a demon I could fuck you harder"…" Drink! Jayden took a sip, icy cold and perfectly sweet. Such a contrast to her mood. It was hard to keep her attention on him when there were so many toys everywhere. And they would turn and notice her too. Not just a little Mcboobs! For once, Jayden could flash a look or a grin and she could have a guy near tripping over his own feet. Amazing what a little extra boob and a little charm could do! -06:02 Nov 27
Cupio: He sipped his drink and grinned looking forwards. They were nearing the demon only part of the mall and this time Jayden would have no problems getting in and his tail would about her thigh as he slipped an arm around her. "I need to pop into the little succubuss’ room." he whispered and kissed her cheek putting his cup in her hand. "I’ll be right back." -06:06 Nov 27
Jayden: "There’s really no way to make that sound sexy, Coop!" Before he got away she gave him a quick kiss. Then stealing his chocolate for herself, she wandered, and swaaaaayed. Tail swishing in a listless, very interested motion as she eyed people when they passed. It was easy to tell which ones she liked the most. They had the best smells. And were so easily charmed! Jayden paused to wave at one, giggling to herself when his girlfriend swatted him. She could steal toys too? That was awesome! -06:18 Nov 27
Cupio: He moved quickly slipping into the mensroom and stealing a stall to do his business and was out quickly to wash up in front of surprised mortals and slip out to… Where did she go? There Jayden was sipping his chocolate and smiling at boys? His wings spread but stayed at their reduced size and his trail flicked as his eyes narrored. THen he put in a smile while the other mood givaways remained in place and slipped though the crowd, past a group of just talking about Jayden in a not very subtle manner and with a flick his barbed tail left a tear in one of their jenas and a thin pinprick of blood without breaking stride before he slid up in front of Jayden and grabbing her head in both ahnds kissed her hard a very obvious scent of jealoucy around him. Then he was taking her arm as a hey in the crowd whooped. "Shall we get started?" he had completely forgotten about the stolen chocolate! -06:24 Nov 27
Jayden: Jayden had been right in the middle of testing just how far she could reach out and beckon somebody to her… and it was Coop that gave her the hard kiss! She didn’t even get to put her arms around him and snuggle him before it was back to the ‘shopping’ business. Hrrm. He was huffy… jealous? Oooooh… Now Jayden was grinning even wider. That wicked, coniving look of a women with terrible, terrible ideas. What a turn of tables for him to be jealous. Jayden couldn’t ever remember him being that way before. "What exactly did you want to shop for, anyway?" Hmm, someone had fresh blood on them. Her senses zeroed in on that guy. It was like he had a big bulleyes on him! She waved at him and winked! -06:31 Nov 27
Cupio: "I just want a day out with my girlfriend." he said tail curling arounf her thigh posessivly. "The one I have a child with and who I rescued from hell." his tone was deliberate and his eyes smoldered almost literally as he caught the wink back at Jayden and glared at the guy. Then he was cute smiles again his wings fluttering into a relaxed position but the scent of his mood remaining along with the tail around her thigh. If anything it tightened. -06:34 Nov 27
Jayden: This felt like a game. For one, it served Coop right to know what it felt like to be jealous, when every man in the world was staring at your lover. And second… she really wasn’t thinking that deeply about it! It was just like going grocery shopping when you where hungry. But instead of hungry, she was mad crazy to fuck the hell out of somebody and that impulse was impossible to ignore. Especially when they were so many eligible, tasty smelling somebodies parading around practically gift wrapped. She was giving in to impulse again when they walked passed someone and she touched their arm just to see how solid they were until that stupidly tight shirt they were wearing. Niiiiice…! -06:42 Nov 27
Cupio: The tail unwrapped but his grip tightened before he let go entirely and turned away. "Wait right here." he was walking off without looking back. Jaydn usually acted odd in public but this was different odd and it was making him act like Jayden. Cupio didn’t care, he knew what he needed and he walked right into a returant to get it. One beer, payed for, downed right at the counter, then something stronger and in under a minute he was walking back out. He darely left the drink, but it was there, he was angry, about what? Who knew! Now where was Jayden? -06:47 Nov 27
Jayden: Jayden was over sitting by a water fountain. Or more accurately, sitting on someone’s lap by the water fountain. Petting their hair and giggling as she poked their nose. What a cute little human! He pretended to be all shy and bashful, but Jayden could smell the difference. He liked sex a lot, like a crazy a lot. He was practically oozing, which amused Jayden to death. Who knew that smell was so good? That stuff could be marketed as a sex drug… Jayden leaned to whisper something dirty in the guy’s ear. THAT managed to shock Mister Do-all and she laughed! -06:58 Nov 27
Cupio: Wings spread he marched forwards water vapor trailing alter him as his skin heated up. He was ciming up behind Jayden and and then put his arms around her grabbing her boob to pull her backwards off that man’s lap shooting him a look of pur murder. "What the fuck are you doing?" he hissed in her ear before letting go. "Seriously." -07:02 Nov 27
Jayden: Grabby hands! Jayden was surprised by his response, but that was a short lived emotion replaced real quick with awareness. He was hoooooot and angry. That was pretty damned sexy. Jayden grinned wide at the toy she picked out. "Playing? He’s so tall, Coop and he smells like hmm… dark chocolate. I bet he tastes like it too, doncha baby?" Jayden leaned, brushing against Coop. "You’re pretty when you scowl like that…" -07:08 Nov 27
Cupio: He was hotter and as he pusshed Jayden to the ground there was smoke rising from him before the hems of his clothes caught fire and then in a flash of heat and ligth he stood naked with small straps of fabrich raining fown seceral still burning. He was looking has her with anger, jealoucy and pur unadultarated intensity his lips parted in a silent snarl is his chest heaved. "So the young demonette wants to fuch mortals?" he hissed. "none of them measure up to a proper rape by a demon. Have you forgotten that? Do I need to remind you?" rape… did he just .. fuck it that’s what he sais an thats what he was going to do. Bystanders pulling out cameraphones or not. -07:15 Nov 27
Jayden: Jayden scooted back on the ground just a few paces, giving him another surprised looked. He was hot… seering hot, she could feel the heat off him from there and it was deliiiiicious. She was chewing on her lip, debating whether or not she was a little bit concerned or really fucking turned on. For the moment, though, Jayden had completely forgotten about all those tasty morsels scattered about in the mall! "Don’t be angry, Cupio… there is only you! But you -did- want to coming shopping, and that one looked take home ready!" Hell, she didn’t even know what she was saying. Damned could he look so sexywhen he was pissed off… -07:25 Nov 27
Cupio: He stepped forwards following her the heat of his mody coming off in wave and his hair flowing in the hot currints so that it looked like a river of fire down his back. "I came here to be with you." he hissed looking down at her. "Not for you to confuse food with fucktoys." he wasn’t in cute little mcboobs mode, that was washed away entirely by an angry demon. A jealous angry horny demon. "I’m going to rape you, right here, because even if you’re the only one here not food to me doesn’t mean I can’t eat you." -07:30 Nov 27
Jayden: That made her shiver. An intoxicating mix of fear and wanting running up her spin as she kept scooting backwards. He was so angry she could feel it vibrating off him, and that evil, stupid, wicked part of her wanted to taunt the hell out of him just to see how far she could get away with it. That was the part that had her glancing around curiously at the few humans who seemed to be trained to their spots watching with mortified interest. Then there was that buried bit of common sense that knew taunting angry Cupio was a terrible idea. It seemed to be drowned out by an over active sex drive. There was that wide smile again. "Are you jealous Cupio?" -07:38 Nov 27
Cupio: He pounced hr, very literally. Diving to grab her belt nad pull her closer. "Whatever gave you that idea." he snarled before his fangs glistened nd he bit down on her crotch and pulled away the zip and a alrge part of the crotch of her pants hanging from his mouth, then he was sitting on her stomach hsi heat melting and scorching her shirt and leaning down to grab the hair on either side of her head. "Now you be a good little neophite and eat me out." he snarled gripping hard and pushing her by her hair so that she slid along the floor fer face with under his folds, then with a jerk her pulled her up against him. "Show be just how much of a demon you are." -07:44 Nov 27
Jayden: There was a soft squeal of surprise, and maybe for a split second fear won out over the desire. …for a second! Then she was melting in to a puddle of submissive obedience, a tongue darting out to lick his sex just as he demanded. There was something really, really sexy about bossy pissed off Cupio. To the point of having her squirming with need under him. -07:50 Nov 27
Cupio: He hissed with pleasure as she obeyed his tail twitching against her stomach and purposfully flopping onto her crotch. "Do you remember when you drunk my cum Jayden, you’re going to do that again. So you have a lot more work for your tongue to do. You want a fuck?" he slid his tail against her, teasing her folds. "You do have a tongue like mine now, don’t you?" as if to demonstrate he looked down and fliched the tip against his own nipple. -07:58 Nov 27
Jayden: Jayden groaned, squeezing her legs together and trapping his tail between them. So sensitive and so wet, made all the worse by him flicking that crazyass tongue of his so easily. Jayden wasn’t so sure hers was quite like that, but if he wanted a good servicing, who was she to deny him when he so sweetly asked…? Her tongue dove deep, and with a nip of sharp teeth she found that sensitive nub and sucked hard. Her hands were itching touch him, and they did. Sliding up the over heated skin of his legs. -08:03 Nov 27
Cupio: He threw his head back and moaned happily before laughing letting go with one hand, then other still pulling her up against him. "My little demon does as she’s told. She should be rewarded." his tail vibrated against her before biding in between her folds and vibrating again as he purred. "You will take aeverything I give you." -08:08 Nov 27
Jayden: How the fuck did he do that…! Jayden was giving a squeaking groan again as she shifted and squirmed under him. She might’ve pulled away to gasp if he were holding her head so tight. It was all she could do to force herself to focus on nibbling, suckling, licking… anything but that rise of feeling that was making her toes curl and all her muscles clench. -08:12 Nov 27
Cupio: He oaned again biting his lip he massaged his own breast his legs clamping aroung her head and his head tinling forwards to look down at her. He was hot and wet, but Jayden was foing to come first, he was determined he would make that happen and he grinned wickedly. He puled his tail deeper, curling it and vibrating it harder. "So you like what I can do? Don’t worry Jayden, It’s all for you. And I’ll teach you how." -08:19 Nov 27
Jayden: Trapped and pinned, not that Jayden had any sense to even attempt to throw him off and turn the tables. Her fingers dug in to his skin, sharp nails clinging and scraping but not quite drawing blood. She matched him, though. Darting her tongue harder, faster. Knicking him with a fang, and softly sighing with that mixed taste of blood and sex.. -08:26 Nov 27
Cupio: Pain, and pleasure blended perfectly into one. He inclamped her head un pulled his tail out of her and pulled away, only to turn around and put his folds right back against her face and clamb back down. Then with a checkly he leaned down to return her nips, plitting a fang under her hood and along it’s underside. Then he wsa diving right in and pushing his togue into her as far as it would go, swirling nad swiggling it around. -08:30 Nov 27
Jayden: There was a short muffled scream against him, and a tensing jerk of her body followed by a hiiiisss of melting. Jayden would be kicking if she could get her legs to obey, and now it wasn’t so easy getting her tongue to obey either with the way she was moaning and listlessly shifting. -08:34 Nov 27
Cupio: He had her now! He chuckled against her before he sucked, hard, and blew over her his slick tongue seeking out every spot that made her jump. -08:37 Nov 27
Jayden: His breath against her delicate skin was what broke the damn, sending her in to a fit of strangled gasping as he nails dug in to him and her whole body shuddered. Almost screaming whens he clenched, Jayden was absolutely delerious with it! -08:44 Nov 27
Cupio: Victory! And he cdrank itm licking up her delicious wetness and then the pulled back to gloat her chin and lips were glistening with it. "My little demon slut came before me?" he asked panting. "Don’t you fucking dare come before me when you’re being punished." he pulled away and looked down at her, kneeling next to her to take hold of her hair again and pulling her off the floor only to slam her back down. "You little flirt." he leaned down to push his lips against hers, then clamped his fangs arounf her lip hard enough to draw blood as his hand caught hold of her tail and pushing the tip between his fold. "Now show me what you’ve learned." -08:54 Nov 27
Jayden: Oooh, that was so good, she could have wallowed there on the floor from the delight of it. If she weren’t getting roughed up and called a slut and a flirt…! There was a brief flash of annoyance across her face… That bit of warning that even a sex drunk demon Jayden would only take it for so long… And he was quit lucky she was once again consumed with the taste of blood, this time her own, and the over-sensitiveness of her tail that was now, none too gently probing at him and pushing in to that depth of warmth. Her tail was no where near as easy to control, but she had every intentions of fucking the shit out of him wildly or not! -09:01 Nov 27
Cupio: He gasped as she hit the right spot and moved closer to her. The rough demeanor melting he puts his hand on her crotch to rub her as he leaned down to rest his head on her shoulder. He was letting go of his resistance, is point made. "I love you, never forget that." he whispered putting his leg over hers and dipping a finger into her. -09:06 Nov 27
Jayden: There was her sweet Mcboobs. The one Jayden fell pray to no matter how horny, how pissy, or how anything she was. Jayden curled her arms tight around him, digging her hands in to his hair until her mouth found his again and kissed him hard. That rough pressing of her tail shifting to a much more soft affectionate movement. "You know there is only you. It’s always you. Forever, Cupio." -09:09 Nov 27
Cupio: He moaned and put his arms around her kissinf her skin and all that built up tention from the jealousy, the sex and the now the sweet Jayden reachign a head. "Jay… I’m about to…" he but himself off as he pulls himself up to push his lips into her and let go, the delicious rush washing though him as he ravaged her mouth with a muffled scream. It had come so suddenly and left him panting. -09:13 Nov 27
Jayden: Feeling him clench around an over sensitive tail, had her squeezing him tighter as her own body shivered again. Jayden held on to him, nuzzled in to his hair and breathed deep. There was no better scenet than her Cupio all pleased and hot and sweet. No single wretch in the entire city had this smell…! -09:18 Nov 27

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