The RenFest! A nice fun break!

[Bronwen loved Dion\’s date idea so much, she wanted to go too! But little sisters aren\’t welcomed on dates, so she\’s taking MacBeth and Duncan!] -04:07 Apr 08

Cassius: *Cassius thought this was stupid. And he was going to boycott all this lovey dovey crap, but then Bronwen had to go and tell MacBeth she was going to be a princess and that’s just ASKING for trouble! So now Cassius was at a Rennaisance Festival eying some very sweet as hell black armor a big flowy cape…*

[MacBeth was going to keep a close eye on Cassius!] -04:21 Apr 08
Bronwen: *~Princess~ Bronwen was going to take this awesome opportunity to pretend to be a girl! She even wore a nice pretty dress and had ribbons in her hair. …It’s not like anyone could see the guns she had hidden under her skirt anyway! She was now adjusting a nice feather hat on Duncan!* There! Now you’re a ranger or something! -04:25 Apr 08

Dion: *Dion thought a festival like this would be ideal for another date with Ceri. Give her the opportunity to really be a knight. …or his princess! Or both! Either way, Dion was smiling, pulling Ceri off and away from his siblings before they got in to a fight!*

MacBeth: *He was dressed in trousers, boots, a shirt. Pretty much the same thing he always wore. Go figure!* -04:28 Apr 08

Ceri: *She was still looking around, taking in the sights when Dion grabbed her hand and pulled her away! She smiled.* Stealing me away already? *She teased!*

Dion: *He laughed a bit!* Cassius has that look on him, and he tends to take dressup very seriously… So we may very well be safer in the forest, My Lady.

Cassius: *Yes… very serious indeed! Rubbing his hands together, Cassius had disappeared in to a shop and by the time he returned he was… THE BLACK KING! Laughly loud enough to turn heads, he placed a crown on his head! He’d knock anyone in the face if they tried to dispute him!*

Betty: *She clapped her hands behind him!* Oh, Cassius, you look positively gorgeous! *If it was at all possible, she’d have swooned by now!*

Duncan: *he blinked!* Wow, I do? *He looked up at the hat on his head.*

Cassius: EEYAARGH! *Cassius jumped at least two feet in the air with a clatter of armor! He turned around slowly, his imperious kingly expression on his face as he gave her a scowl!* …Of course I look gorgeous, wench! I am the King!

Betty: *She ran forward and threw her arms around his neck.* Hm … What a hunk of a King, too … *She traced patterns on his chest! He really did look gorgeous!*

MacBeth: So … What should we do first? *He glanced around.* -04:41 Apr 08
Bronwen: Yes. Now you are all set to rescue some damsels, eat dragons, and loot…. evil kings? *Bronwen ended up distracted by the end of that sentence, with Cassius making such a racket not too far away. Although, now he was getting mauled by Betty, so maybe he’ll not be trouble today!* …I think we should have an adventure that isn’t going to to accidentally set something on fire or get in Dion’s way. …Just this once. -04:43 Apr 08

Cassius: *Growling under his breath, he was prying Betty off him and pushing her away at a good armlength’s distance. …and then he considered his options! An Evil King cannot spend all day running away from a woman when he has princesses to capture, princes to ruin, and knights to destroy.* …Woman, how am I supposed to conquer this kingdom without a Queen! I need a wench of firey passion if I’m going to lay waste to my enemies!

Betty: *Her face lit up!* Oh! Oh! Please let me be your Queen! *She clapped her hands!* I’ll help you any way I can!

Ceri: *She laughed softly.* It’s a good thing I have you to watch out for me. Are you going to be my prince then?

Duncan: *He was thoughtful for a moment!* Um … Okay. An adventure sounds like fun!

Dion: *Dion cleared his throat, hoping he wasn’t embarrassing himself by blushing.* I do believe I am your prince for the day. Now, what would my Lady Knight like to do first?

Cassius: *HA! His lan was working better than he imagined! With an evil Queen at his side, every last one of them would be doomed!* Excellent! I demand you dress yourself in the finest of threads! Then we will wreck havoc on these pathetic weaklings!

Brennen: *He was dressed in robes and already sampling the finer things in life! Like this apple pie! He hadn’t noticed everyone else had wandered away already!*

Aaron: *He refused to dress up and a single glare at the man who had insisted he had to dress had silenced him. So he found a table to sit at in the food court so he could smoke his pipe!*

Betty: *She was all smiles!* Of course, Your Majesty! *She clapped and squealed in delight as she went to do as told! This was going to be fun!*

Bronwen: *Now she had to put some thought in to it… If she was going to be a princess, she couldn’t go beating up pirates, fighting duels and jumping on dragons. And all of those things sounded like a lot of fun… …Well, no one said she had to be a GOOD princess.* Lets find a dragon! -05:09 Apr 08

Duncan: *Speaking of which … He looked around.* … Has anyone seen Tiny?

Cassius: *Having acquired himself a sword, Cassius pulled it out to point at some people!* YOU. Lowly Peons! I demand that you spread word around the king about… The Black King’s Tournament! Let’s see if anyone dares to think they are as powerful or as amazing as I!

Ceri: *She found herself blushing!* There are a lot of things to do. I’m just glad I get to do them with you. *She couldn’t help herself, she leaned toward him and kissed his cheek.*

MacBeth: *He smirked.* You want a dragon. Look no further than Cassius. -05:14 Apr 08

Dion: If that is the case, Lady Knight… *Dion replied softly, he was taking her by the arms and pulling her off to a nice secluded area behind the trees! Where he promptly snuck in one hell of a kiss!*

The people blinked but one look at Cassius and they weren’t about to argue with him! They scattered and spread the news!

Bronwen: *She was glancing around looking for Tiny when MacBeth mentioned Cassius. She grinned!* We could tackle him, but I think he’s playing with Betty. …Hey! There’s unicorns! *What was it it about unicorns that stole a girl’s attentions! She was skipping away to see if they were real!* -05:19 Apr 08

Cassius: *With his announcement made, it was time for some EVIL DEEDS! Cassius gave a good look around.. Ah ha! He approached a large alien-fellow!* YOU THERE! TROLL! I, The Black King, am in need of your services! There is a Knight that must me crushed!

The alien loved to roleplay so he was ready for this! … And in some ways, wishing for something like this! He bowed! “Yes, Your Majesty!”

The “troll” looked offended at being called such, but he finally shrugged. It sounded like a good time! Trollem required payment for crushing of Knights, though!

Cassius: For you, my dear Troll I will give a feast if you crush the one known as MacBeth and then grab that little redheaded Princess he escorts! Feel free to break his bones and eat his entrails!

MacBeth: Tiny will turn up sooner or later. *He said, nudging Duncan.* Let’s go escort the princess, Flyboy. -05:27 Apr 08

Duncan: *He blinked but reluctantly agreed!* Okay … *He kept looking around as he followed Mac and the Captain!*

Betty: *She returned and twirled around for Cassius! She wore a form-fitting black dress with a low neckline and an even lower back! There was a long cape and a crown to match!* What do you think, Your Highness?

Bronwen: *Bronwen was trying to climb on the fence and lean over to poke one of those unicorns without anyone catching her do it! They LOOKED real enough! They probably had real horns, but she bet they sprayed glitter all over them!* Here, horsey…! *…wait, these weren’t those virgin eating unicorns, were they?!* -05:30 Apr 08

Cassius: Hrmph. *Cassius eyed his new Queen critically… Yes, yes she did look like a mighty fine evil queen!* Perfect! Now we will capture a castle whilst my Troll does his work. There is a tourney to prepare for! *Cassius offered his armored arm to his Dark Queen!*

Betty: Oh, Cassius! *She stopped herself in time before she squealed in delight and composed herself! It wouldn’t do for an evil Queen to be giggling like this! She took his arm and gave him a wicked smile.* As you wish, o godly one.

MacBeth: *He stopped to watch Shadowstar poke the unicorns!* Here’s something you don’t see everyday. -05:36 Apr 08

Cassius: *That brought the hugest of smirks to his face!* Godly one. I like that. *He escorted his Queen to the big waiting castle, and drew out his sword again!* Where the thyne pathetic king, so I might cut his throat open and spill his blood!

His Royal Highness, the King of the Festival stay up in the tower looking down at Cassius. “Hark! Yon Knight! This is mine castle! Go find your own!”

Duncan: Oh, sweet. These are real, purebred Elysian mares! They look amazing! *He bent forward on his knees to examine them!*

The troll had to do some searching! There were a lot of princesses and knights here! But that Black Knight had mentioned the princess being redheaded so he started asking around!

Bronwen: What the hell, they actually glitter all by themselves! *That was really strange… but it was an awfully pretty unicorn!* How the devil did people ride these critters without getting thrown off? They look kind of wild! -05:43 Apr 08

Cassius: You flaming coward! Come down from your tower and defend your honor before I piss on your castle and crushing the souls of your people! *Cassius shook his sword at the bastard! Pussy!*

Duncan: Well … the mares are alright, once they’re in a closed space, if sensitive about people pulling their mane, tails, or messing with their horns. It’s the males you have to worry about. *He stood up and shielded his eyes, looking for a male to show the Captain!* Ah, there’s one now! *He pointed to one galloping from the far end of the corral! It was a huge horse! Solid black with red eyes and a spiralling white horn!*

WHAT? Nobody pisses on the King’s castle! The reigning king stomped down the tower’s steps until he came out the door, armed with a sword and ten of his best knights! “CHARGE!” They all rushed forward to teach Cassius a lesson!

Cassius: HA HA HA! Is this all the men you have?! My Queen and I will smash their skulls! *Yes, Cassius was very much enjoying himself! Swinging his sword wildly, throwing out arms and tossing men over moats!*

Betty: *Now this was what she was talking about! She clotheslined the first man who came at her, then grabbed another man by the hair and threw him into the moat, too!*

Bronwen: *Bronwen sloooowly hopped off the fence and blinked! That thing was huuuuuge! A scary looking! Kind of like a demon! She leaned close to ask,* …do they really only eat the flesh of virgins? Or is that just a story to scare people? -05:53 Apr 08

Duncan: Um … *A sheepish grin!* Actually it’s the males who are the flesh eaters. And … they do have a thing for virgin flesh. As long as that fence stays in one piece, we’ll be fine.

Bronwen: Just like a man! *Bronwen responded with a smirk!* They’re really gorgeous, anyway. It kind of reminds me of your Fa! -05:55 Apr 08

Gasp! All of the King’s knights had been defeated! He did the only thing he COULD do. He ran away, dubbing Cassius the King of the Festival!

Duncan: *He blinked!* Mine? *He scratched his head!*

Bronwen: Your Fa has all kinds of weird animals. ….Although most of them eat men and aren’t really virgin specific… *Still, it sounded like something he would have on the farm, anyway!* -05:57 Apr 08

Cassius: Muaa HA HA HA HA! *Cassius posed victorious at the foot of his glorious new castle!* See, my Queen… we are the ultimate power is this grim little universe! Soon, my epic talents will be known thruough the land as I squash every knight and get my revenge on that MacBeth!

Duncan: *He laughed and scratched the back of his head!* Heh heh. Oh yeah.

The troll finally found the redhead by the Elysian mares! He tapped the man standing behind her on the shoulder! “You MacBeth?”

MacBeth: *He turned and looked the troll over!* … Yeah. Why …? *He raised an eyebrow.* -06:06 Apr 08

The troll curled up his fist and swung for Mac’s jaw!

MacBeth: *When you get into so many fights, you more or less develop a reflex for when people try to hit you. In this case, Mac ducked as the fist went flying over his head, stood up just as it past, turned and grabbed the troll by his fist! Then he flung the troll over his shoulder–and straight into the corral!* -06:11 Apr 08

CRASH! The troll broke through the corral’s fencing and looked like he was about to say something before he fell back!

Duncan: *He blinked as the Elysian male stood there, staring at the open corral.* … Now we panic.

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked as was smart enough to get out of the way of a flying Troll!* …People just like hitting you, don’t they..? *Panic? …Aw crap! Virgin eating unicorns were going to get loose! ….Bronwen hopped in to MacBeth’s arms… she may as well play the part!* Quick! Save the princess! -06:14 Apr 08
MacBeth: … Guess it’s just part of my charm. *He muttered, trying to figure out why the hell the troll had done something like that. He’d never seen him before! He snapped out of it when Shadowstar jumped into his arms!* Whatever you say, Your Highness. Flyboy, let’s go! *He was holding onto her and dashing for the tents!* -06:15 Apr 08

Duncan: *He didn’t need to be told twice! He was already dashing after Mac, even faster when he heard the Elysian male break down more of the corral!*

Bronwen: …Luckily, none of my brothers are virgins! *There WAS humor in it! Despite the fact a very scary demon unicorn was now trying to escape and quite possibly devour THEM!* -06:18 Apr 08

Betty: *She couldn’t stop staring at him! He was a living masterpiece!* You are magnificient, Your Highness. No one stands a chance against your might.

People were in a panic as word got out that the Elysian horses were loose!

People were in a panic as word got out that the Elysian horses were loose!’

Cassius: *Meanwhile Cassius had found his thrown and was ordering around everyone in ordering distance!* Work FASTER! This will be an ultimate display of my winsome skills! I demand archery! Slaying! Fights! …..Someone find me a fool to ridicule and entertain my Queen! *Of course Betty’s compliments were only puffing him up more!* My dear, I will give you the entire world!

Ceri: *Speaking of Bronwen’s brothers, she was still blushing and hadn’t quite recovered from the kiss Dion had given her.* Dion, you are … that was …

Brennen: *He was munching on some ham! He turned to Aaron!* … What’s all the fuss about?

Aaron: *He gave a small shrug and kept puffing on his pipe!*

Dion: That was only the beginning… *He was whispering in her ear, but… now there was screaming and as he peeked around the tree, of course there was trouble.* But it might wait! *He was pulling Ceri off, away from the madness! There had to be somewhere quiet to hide!*

MacBeth: It’s not your brothers I’m worried about. *He glanced over his shoulder to see the Elysian male coming! He glanced around … then ducked under a table at the last possible moment! The male went sailing over the table!* -06:24 Apr 08
Bronwen: Holy hell, that guy could eat a least twenty people… *She muttered, holding on to MacBeth’s neck! That unicorn was even bigger up close and in person! …They were going to end up thrown out of the festival at this rate!* -06:27 Apr 08

Duncan: *He found himself cornered by an Elysian mare and gulped! He closed his eyes as he huddled in the corner with his arms over his head.* Nice Elysian mare … Nice Elysian mare … *He was going to get eaten for sure! He was going to wind up buried as a pile of bones! He was–getting his hair nuzzled?! He opened one eye and then another! The Elysian mare was there, rubbing her nose in his hair!* Uh … Didn’t see this coming …

Betty: *The jester was dancing and talking away but Betty only had eyes for the handsome King who had people at his beck and call!* Hm. May we find a bard to sing your praises, Your Highness, so that all may know the glorious god to whom they are indebted to?

Cassius: *Cassius rubbed his chin!* Yes…! I do believe a bard is a fine idea! *Seeing as how his Troll hadn’t returned with a princess yet…* WHO In this realm is brave enough to go on a quest for the king?! I want that Knight MacBeth as my singing bard! He’ll sing my praises until the die he dies! Oh ho ho ho ho!

MacBeth: I’d rather we didn’t end up on the menu. *He said as the male’s attention was diverted by some people running away!* -06:37 Apr 08

Ceri: *She blinked as he pulled her away again! She couldn’t begin to imagine what had happened this time!*

Duncan: *He verrrry carefully reached out to pet the Elysian mare on the nose, half-expecting her to bite his hand off! All she did was sniff his hand and then his hand was petting her nose!*

Bronwen: They’re bound to catch them in a minute. …Unless the owners were already eaten. *…which was a pretty high possibility. But they couldn’t go shooting someone’s pets!* -06:50 Apr 08
[Bronwen was hiding under a table with MacBeth while virgin eating Elysian unicorns were loose… And Cassius was taking over the festival with his Evil Queen!] -01:30 Apr 09
[MacBeth looked around and saw the coast was clear! Time to move!] -01:30 Apr 09
MacBeth: *He stood and bolted for a very large tree not too far away! He heard the sound of hooves behind him but he wasn’t about to glance over his shoulder right now! He stopped by the tree and looked up! The lowest branches were at least a dozen feet off the ground! The Elysian male was back and it was galloping for them but at the last minute, he moved behind the tree! He hoisted Shadowstar as high as he could!* Go for it. -01:32 Apr 09

Betty: *She studied Cassius’ face!* MacBeth for a bard …? *Of course, she had no idea how well MacBeth could sing! It seemed a strange order from someone who wanted him crushed.*

Duncan: *He slowly stood, still not sure what to do about the Elysian mare. He didn’t want to take any chances.* Um … I sure hope you don’t decide to have me for lunch.

Ceri: *She looked around when Dion finally stopped.* Are we even on the fair grounds anymore …?

Bronwen: *Not exactly graceful trying to hop in a tree wearing a dress, but no one is going to complain about that with flesh eating unicorns! Bronwen grabbed a branch and pulled herself up! She scooted and hung down so she could hold her hands down for MacBeth!* -01:35 Apr 09

Cassius: YES. That will be his divine punishment before I break all of his limbs and throw him in to the fires of my might! *Cassius pointed his sword at a few of the roaming knights!* You there! Fetch me MacBeth!

The Elysian male turned and dashed back for Bronwen and Mac!

Dion: *He glanced around at the trees… Technically they were outside of the main festival town, but there was still some fencing in the near distance with the decorations… They must have added in the trees for the ‘forest’.* I think we are. …But the forest is always a safe haven for fleeing heroes. *He cast her a soft grin!*

MacBeth: *He turned and rolled out of the way! Then he was up and running back to the corral!* -01:40 Apr 09

The male stopped just as it was about to hit the tree! It had pretty quick reflexes! It shook its head, snorted and galloped after Mac!

Ceri: *She blinked and found herself blushing again!* Dion, you’re such a sweetheart.

Betty: *She gave a deep sigh!* Hm. I love it when you talk rough, Your Magnificence. The people will quickly learn that your might is the only one that matters.

Bronwen: Hey…! *Bronwen had contemplated jumping on that horse, but thank goodess for some common sense!* Damnit! -01:44 Apr 09

Cassius: Aye, as they should! Those wretched siblings and that upstart MacBeth will rue they day they ever challenge The Black King! *Once again Cassius laughed loudly! Everything was going as planned!*

Dion: A sweetheart for the prettiest knight in the whole kingdom. *He was pulling Ceri in to his arms for a dance! There was no music, but who needed it? They had a forest to themselves!*

Duncan: Um … You uh, stay here. *He was telling the mare.* I’m gonna um … go find my captain. *And so he left the corner he’d been huddling in! But the mare kept following him! And if that wasn’t odd enough, the mares they passed followed him, too!*

Ceri: *She was still blushing! What a romantic! She followed his lead and started to hum in time with the dance!*

MacBeth: *He spotted a long coil of rope someone had left next to one of the tents and picked it up as he past! Then he hopped over one of the unbroken pieces of the fence and wrapped some of the rope loosely around one hand!* -02:06 Apr 09

Betty: So what other plans do you have, Your Greatness? *She asked, curious.* You know I will help you in whatever way you desire.

Bronwen: Duncan! * She called when he nearly passed under her!* …You whole a whole flock of mares following you! -02:13 Apr 09

Cassius: *Cassius rubbed his chin giving it great thought!* I intend to win this tournament, destroy MacBeth, humiliate my sister… and possibly get vengeance on my brothers! …and speaking of which, Dion is on the top of that list!

Duncan: *He looked up and waved!* Hey, Captain! *He looked around when she mentioned the mares!* Uh … Yeah. I’m kind of confused about that, too! *He patted his pockets.* I don’t have any treats … I wonder if it’s the hat. *He touched it where it still sat on his head!*

Betty: Ah yes, my sister’s boyfriend. *She rolled her eyes.* The romantic. No doubt making out with my sister as we speak.

Bronwen: It might be the hat. *Bronwen replied with a grin. …Of course it was more likely that Duncan was an animal charmer. She finally hopped down out of the tree and primly fixed her skirts!* We better go save MacBeth from the stallion though, or he’s going to end up devoured. -02:23 Apr 09

The male stopped on the other side of the corral from MacBeth and looked like it was wondering what to do!

Duncan: *He looked around.* With all the mares wandering around, I’m surprised no one’s tried to round them up yet.

Bronwen: …That IS kind of weird! The whole festival is hopping around preparing for something, but we were too busy running to see what it’s about. *Bronwen eyed one of the mares….* …. we better lure these back to their corral before they stop being so friendly. -02:41 Apr 09

Duncan: Good idea. Um … I think I saw some boards we could use to patch it up in the tent on the far side of the corral. *He started heading back there and the mares continued to follow!*

Meanwhile, there was a group of knights heading out to capture MacBeth! Only when they found him, there was one of those Elysian horses loose! ….Maybe they’ll just wait a minute!

[Bronwen and Duncan were looking for MacBeth!] -03:17 Apr 18
[MacBeth saw his chance as that Elysian male came at him!] -03:18 Apr 18

Duncan: *Still not quite believing there were a herd of Elysian mares following him, he scratches his head!* … I hope they didn’t eat anyone.

Bronwen: I don’t think they did. No one seems to be in TOO much of a panic. …They must get loose on a regular basis. *…Or maybe most of the fair consists of manwhores and sleazy women, but she didn’t care to think about that!* -03:22 Apr 18
MacBeth: *He looped the lasso around the male’s neck, grabbed onto its mane and hoisted himself up as the male started kicking out and thrashing! He held on with clenched teeth!* -03:23 Apr 18

The male refused to let the human stay on for much longer! It thrashed and kicked! When that didn’t work, it galloped through the fair and was headed straight for Bronwen and Duncan!*

Bronwen: *A disbelieving blink!* ….That isn’t MacBeth riding an angry unicorn and heading right for us is it…? -03:26 Apr 18

Duncan: *His eyes grew wide! He wasn’t about to find out first hand if it was his imagination or not! He pushed the captain out of the way but was still going to be run over!*

MacBeth: *He opened one eye and then another, then pulled on the lasso HARD! He turned the male to the right of Duncan!* Damnit, Flyboy! Get that corral open! -03:29 Apr 18

Duncan: *Ack!* Going …! *He threw open the fixed corral gate–amazing what some rope and a lot of cement adhesive will do–before getting run over when Mac came back a little while later!*

Bronwen: You heard him, open up the gate! *One of these days she’ll ask MacBeth where he gets these bright ideas… but for now, she was getting the hell out of the way!* -03:34 Apr 18

The Elysian male went galloping into the corral! MacBeth jumped off at the last minute, rolled, and landed in a crouch as Duncan shut the gate!

MacBeth: *He smirked as he stood, dusting off his clothes!* … Your Highness. -03:36 Apr 18

Those Knights that were waiting to grab MacBeth were now scratching their heads! ….A guy riding around on an Elysian Stallion wasn’t going to be easy to grab! They needed a new plan!

Duncan: *He walked back to them, scratching his head under the cap!* … Did I just … And did you just … And did we just …? *He seemed in shock as he pointed from Mac to Bronwen to himself and back again!*

Bronwen: We saved a fair from virgin eating unicorns… Ones that MacBeth let out, mind you. I thought we were going to stay out of trouble today! -03:42 Apr 18
MacBeth: *He probably should be getting upset about her blaming this on him but … That brought up a real good question! … Who the hell was that guy ANYWAYS?!* It seems to find us. Speaking of which … it’s been too quiet. *He glanced at Shadowstar and quickly added.* Cassius-wise. -03:44 Apr 18

Duncan: *Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Much better!* I think Fa would have loved to see the Elysian mares! And the male, too! They really are beautiful!

Bronwen: That’s true… I haven’t seen Cassius all day. Do you think he found himself a women? *Bronwen smiled at Duncan! Just like Fa Hessing with the scary critter charming!* -03:47 Apr 18
MacBeth: … We brought Betty, remember? No woman is going to get within six feet of him without her there. I say we go check things out. Looks like everything has calmed down. -03:50 Apr 18

Speaking of Cassius and trouble…. Those Knights appeared behind them and cleared their throats! “AHEM! Ho there, patrons of this fine fair! We would like to issue you a personal invitation to…. The King’s Castle!”

Duncan: *He blinked at them! Real Knights! He even poked at the man closest to him! Sheesh, that armor must weigh a ton!*

Bronwen: The King’s Castle would be interesting… a lot more than tracking down Cassius and finding him doing unspeakable things with Betty. *Ack! She was going to have to quickly erase that mental image out of her head!* -03:57 Apr 18

Duncan: *The idea of going to the King’s Castle made his face light up!* Yeah, let’s go. I’ve never been to the King’s Castle before! *Then again, he’s never been to one of these fairs either!*

“Yes! And you shouldn’t refuse the King of the Festival, or it’s off with your heads!” A Knight offered Bronwen his arm, while the others motioned for Duncan and MacBeth to follow!

MacBeth: *He arched his eyebrow when the Knight mentioned getting beheaded for declining the invitation! He didn’t like the sound of that … and it had to do more with the tone of the Knight’s voice than anything else! But he followed after Shadowstar and Duncan!* -04:00 Apr 18

Duncan: *March and march and glance around! They hadn’t gone very far when he scratched his head under the cap again!* … Have any of you seen a small furball about this big, cuddly looking, blue eyes? *He held his hands apart to give an approximate size for Tiny!*

And thus the Knights were very nice and charming, and led them off towards the festival castle! Out in front of the tower, they stopped. “Before you meet the king, there are prepreations! The Madam can visit the Lady’s Waiting room, while your Sirs can follow us!”

And nay, none have seen a little furball!

Duncan: *He huffed and sighed at their reply!* … I sure hope Tiny’s not eating anyone … *He muttered but he got distracted by the Knights leading them somewhere else!* I guess we’ll see you later, Captain.

Bronwen: Don’t worry. Tiny knows how to behave. …so I hope you two can stay out of trouble for fifteen minutes while I seemingly go to weird girl stuff. *She cast them both a grin!* -04:06 Apr 18
MacBeth: *He smirked!* We’ll do our best, Your Highness. *He told her just before the Knights started leading him and Duncan away!* -04:07 Apr 18

Duncan: *He grinned sheepishly! He felt aLOT better about Tiny roaming around alone! He gave her a salute!* Will do, Captain!

Leading Bronwen away to the Tower, the Knights cleared their throats and motioned for Duncan n’ MacBeth to follow them in to the Castle! They finally came to a big empty throne room with two large thrones! And sitting there was…

Duncan: *He blinked a couple of times! And then a couple more!* … CASSIUS?! And … BETTY?!

Cassius: Well done, my Knights! …Welcome to MY castle, peasants. All you see before you is the domain of the Dark King Cassius! Now you will do my bidding!

MacBeth: *He had his arms crossed and he wore his smirk!* … And I always thought you didn’t have a sense of humor, Cassie. -04:17 Apr 18

Duncan: I’ve never been to one of these fairs before but … aren’t you supposed to be elected the King or something?

Cassius: *Cassius scowled for a moment, but he was right back to grinning like a fiend!* HA. I do indeed. That is why you have been brought here before me. YOU are the new court Bard. You are going to sing for the King or be put to death!

MacBeth: I’ve never been to one of these, either. *He told Duncan. He looked at Cassius.* Keep talking and you’ll bore me to death. Besides, I only sing for Bronwen. -04:21 Apr 18

Cassius: *Cassiues eyed his Knights, and at visual confirmation… he grinned even wider!* You’ll never sing for Bronwen again! Ha ha ha! She’ll be locked away and never found. So you’ll be singing for my Queen, or my Knights are going to behead you and feed your insides to the vultures!

MacBeth: What’s the matter, old man? Can’t take care of me yourself? *He was still smirking!* -04:27 Apr 18

Duncan: *He glanced around and moved a little closer to Mac!* Uh … Mac …? *He whispered, eying the Knights! The odds didn’t look too good!*

Cassius: *A Snort!* I could crush you with my bare hands. …But then we wouldn’t have such an exciting show. …Knights… destroy him!

Destroying people wasn’t usually in the script, but this King seemed to know a lot about putting on a show. …All the Knights drew their swords and charged!

Betty: *Ahem!* Be sure to leave Duncan alone! I promised Ma Hessing to look after him!

Duncan: *He blinked!* Uh … Thanks … Betty …? *Just how many people did his Ma ask to look after him?!*

Cassius: *Siiiigh… Well, he had no problem with Duncan, anyway. Just his monster.* Spare the kid and just destroy MacBeth, as the Queen orders!

MacBeth: *The taunt worked a hell of a lot better when he was younger! Oh well! He pulled one of the sword hilts out and a blade appeared! He stopped an incoming swing for his head, kicked out to stop another knight charging from the side! Then he pushed the knight crossing swords with him backwards so he could duck another incoming swing! He slipped his blade under the swinging knight’s belt and SHHLICCK! off went the belt and the knight’s pants!* -04:34 Apr 18

Cassius: *He should have known…. Damned MacBeth was always too good in a fight for a bunch of goons to handle themselves! Cassius stood up and bellowed!* Ready to start singing yet, kid? Or does King Cassius need to teach you another lesson?

MacBeth: *He stood up, kicked a knight in the ass as he bent over and sent him falling head over heels!* I got a better idea, old man. Give me back my captain. *He stepped back as another sword went swinging down to cleave him in half, then punched out the knight who’d done it!* -04:42 Apr 18

Enough was enough! A bunch of Knights could only take so much of a beating! They were scurrying out of the way with many apologies to their King!

Duncan: *He was on the sidelines and really enjoying the show! A lot of the other people around seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was!*

Cassius: Forget it! If the fox wants to prance around like a damned princess, then she’s goin’ to sit up in the tower like a princess! *Damned useless Knights! He’ll have to take care of this himself!* Of course, if you enter my tournament and think you can win the prize… I ~might~ let her loose. …but… I think I’d rather have you destroyed and you never see your Princess Captain again! HO HO HO HO! *Cassius made sure to give his very best of evil laughs! This was HIS festival!*

MacBeth: I’d win your little tournament but I doubt you’ll keep your word. You always were a sore loser, Cassie. -04:52 Apr 18

Cassius: HA. Sounds like the words of a coward! Too chicken to compete against me, MacBeth?

MacBeth: *He smirked.* Just thinking of your old age and well being, old man. Fine. How about a wager? I win your tournament, I get my captain back. -04:56 Apr 18

Cassius: *He sure as hell wasn’t going to give her back… But he doubted MacBeth would be able to win his challenges. Ohohoho!* FINE. ~If~ you win the tourney, you can have her! And when ~I~ win… You’ll stay away from my damned sister, and you’ll proclaim to the world about your awesome King Cassius!

MacBeth: Just remember that a Shadowstar keeps his promises. You break this one to me and Morgan is the least of your worries. -05:06 Apr 18

Cassius: *Cassius only smirked!* I have no worries, MacBeth. You won’t win my tournament. *Faking a huuuuge yawn, he waved a hand!* Get out of my sight! The tourney begins tonight. I am a considerate King. Enjoy your last few hours of freedom!

Duncan: *He was about to walk over to Mac when he looked down! There was Tiny! He picked it up!* There you are, Tiny … I need to ask you for a favor …

And that was how, not too long after, Tiny found itself perched on the sill of a tower window! “Greeowww!” it called into the darkness, looking for the human female with the comfty chair!

Bronwen: *This Princess business was pretty dull! She was about to trick someone in to opening the door and punch a guy in the face when she spotted Tiny!* There you are! Duncan was worried about you. *She moved to the window and took a peek down. …How did Tiny climb up that?* …I’m going to assume Cassius is up to something, huh? -05:14 Apr 18

“Greeowww!” Tiny replied. Tucked into its collar was a folded up piece of paper. It simply read \”Cassius is the King. Need to win tournament. Where are you? -Mac\”

Bronwen: How the hell did he manage that? *King Cassius? As if his head could get any bigger! She scribbled quick reply and tucked it neatly in Tiny’s collar!* Okay fuzzy. Better run fast before Cassius gets worse. -05:19 Apr 18

“Greeowww!” And off Tiny went! It just jumped off of the sill and seemed to fall straight down! Except it started to jump off the walls, slowing its fall! Was there anything that furball couldn’t do?!

Bronwen: *…Bronwen leaned out the window! SHE could do that! ….maybe. Jumping out windows and down walls couldn’t be that hard if the fuzball could do it!* -05:29 Apr 18
MacBeth: *He was outside of the castle, trying to figure out a plan. There was no way Cassius would let him win … He looked up as Tiny arrived with a note! He took the note and read it!* … Between me and Shadowstar, we could win the tournament. *Then he smirked.* Tiny, I have another job for you … -05:33 Apr 18

It was almost dark when Tiny returned, perched on the tower sill again! This time the note read \”Need your help. Between the two of us we can win the tournament. Tiny will get you out. -Mac.\”

Cassius: *Meanwhile, Cassius was making sure his tourney was going to be impossible for that MacBeth!* MUAHA HA HA HA! Everything is complete! I will have his bones between my fingers!

Bronwen: *Bronwen blinked at the letter and then blinked at Tiny!* …All right then, how exactly are we getting out of this tower? And it better not involve eating anyone. -05:37 Apr 18

“Greeowww!” Tiny went. It hopped off of the sill into the room and grew into its larger size! Then it lay down, perfect for Shadowstar to climb on top of its back!

Betty: *She clapped her hands!* Everything is set up, my King. Perhaps I shall kidnap that annoying brother of yours? What better revenge than to let him witness MacBeth’s demise at your hands!

Cassius: *Stroking his chin, this idea did sound splendid!* Hmyeeess. Dion has been damned uppity about taking MacBeth and Bronwen’s side… Worse now with his pretty little girlfriend. Maybe we should take his woman too!

Betty: *She smiled! She could hardly contain herself! She’d get Ceri back for “slaying” her all those years ago! No one slays the princess and gets away with it!* We can snatch her as soon as she realizes her boyfriend is gone. The way those two cling together …

Bronwen: *Not so sure if she was going to like this idea, but Bronwen climbed on Tiny’s back and held on tight…. and closed her eyes! She was probably not going to want to watch!* -05:45 Apr 18

Cassius: HA HA HA HA! Excellente! You have your task, my brilliant Queen! Strike Dion down and steal the Lady Ceri!

Tiny got up and walked over to the door! Then it turned and Bronwen could feel its muscles tense and ripple under its fur! It crouched down, really low … Then it suddenly took off. It landed on the window sill for a split second and then sprung off! There was falling, and then Tiny landed on something else, they fell again, Tiny recovered by landing on something else! It was quite a ride going down but in no time at all, they had stopped!

Betty: As you wish, my magnificent King. *She curstseyed and motioned for two of the Knights to follow her! She refused to soil herself by having to hoise those lovebirds back!*

MacBeth: *hoist -05:51 Apr 18

Duncan: You made it! *He grinned and hugged Tiny!* Good … g–I mean, Tiny. *He still wasn’t sure if Tiny was a girl or a boy or what Tiny was exactly!*

Bronwen: Well that was a wild ride! *Bronwen hopped of Tiny quick and gave a good pet!* You’re such a good little rescuer! -05:56 Apr 18

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