My Demon Roommate 007: Baby Troubles

[Jayden has taken to being a demon just fine. …Not so much to being a mother. ] -01:06 Mar 27
[Cupio is away at a photoshoot!!!] -01:08 Mar 27
Jayden: Being a demon seemed to grow ever increasingly easier the more Jayden just sucuumbed to it. This mothering business was a bitch and she was going to kill this baby. Presently standing with her hands on her hips and scowling at the child, Jayden was debating whether or not she would miss this child if she mailed it to someone else. Phaedra had an innate talent for pulling strings off things, and once she did there was a magical consequence. …In this case the house was now full of living, toothy, monster furniture. -01:10 Mar 27 Jayden
Jayden: Phaedra didn’t seem to have a problem with any of this. She was giggling away and shaking a toy that was wriggling in her hands trying to escape and take a bite out of her chubby little arms. Jayden watched for a moment, wondering how many fingers she’d lose. …but when a foot stool came barreling in and snarling, she stomped across the floor to kick the thing away before it swallowed up her daughter. "No, fuck you! This is enough of this shit! Why couldn’t you have aged like a demon!" …Idea! Jayden’s scowl turned in to a sloooooow grin as she rubbed her hands together. She had her own magic now, she could fix all of this. She didn’t waste any time concentrating, Jayden just flat out used the magic. -01:29 Mar 27 Jayden

All of the snarling living furniture ceased to be alive. But the more important thing was the small, black haired woman with feathered wings sitting on the floor looking bewildered. …and starting to cry. It was a very adult Phaedra body, with a very baby Phaedra mind. -Jayden 01:29 Mar 27

Jayden: "God dammit." She almost had it. Jayden huffed and snatched out her cellphone to call Cupio. Waited until she heard his voice and hissed in to the phone with irritation. "Tell me how to reverse spells. Actually, come home so we can pack up our daughter and marry her to a weird mortal." -01:29 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: Coopio was lying on a squishy couch with phone in hand. "I caaaaaan’t. -01:30 Mar 27 Cupio
Cupio: Coopio was lying on a squishy couch with phone in hand. "I caaaaaan’t." the voice was obviously female and slightly whiney. "Fine, I’ll reschedule but we’re not marrying off my baby. I’m not done squishing her face yet. Pauline! My girlfriend put a spell on out baby and I need to go fix things." The muffled voicecalled out. "Okay, five minutes… You’d better have coffee on." the line went dead. -01:32 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Good, Cupio would fix this and take Phaedra, and Jayden could get back to her own devices. She leaned over the crying women, almost nose to know with the girl. Phaedra made such a pretty adult. Prettier than Cupio… prettier than her! There was a very violent surge of jealousy that had Jayden straightening quickly and surprised with herself. Did she really just imagine stabbing her own daughter to get rid of competition? Jayden backed away from Phaedra until she was climbing up on to the dining room table with her tail curled around her and her knees pulled to her chest. The last time she felt that way was as a mandemon. Jayden didn’t want to be that way again…. this was bad! -01:41 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: The door opened and a demon in a corset and thigh high boots entered. "JAY!?" he rushed to her and grabbed her hand placing the other hand on her shoulder. "Whats… who… Phaedra?" He had noticed the woman bawling in the corner and looked at Jayde again before slipping away and pulling the ties on the corset to pull it off and change back , the boots becoming tighter but he didn’t flinch. He sniffed the air around the woman, defiantely Phaedra. "She did this?" -01:49 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: "Don’t bother asking her, she’s still a baby. Take her away from me." Jayden shifted on the table, but was actually genuinly afraid to climb down and go closer to her own daughter. The urge to kill her was especially strong, and though Jayden knew that wasn’t how she really felt, it was still strong and hard to control. All too much like that urge to fuck and chew on every delicious human in sight, or to drag Cupio away and make him scream. "She turned everything in the house ALIVE, Coop. I had to do SOMEthing about her. I want to eat her. She’s so fucking pretty." -01:56 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: "I was asking you, Jayden… but you’ve answered that…" Cuptio cupped Phaedrat’s face and smile. "You are pretty, but right not I need you to be a baby." with a snap of his fingers he broke the spell and lifted the bawling girl into his arms and shrink down again giving over a nipple to keep her quiet. "Jayden don’t eat out baby. If you do I’ll cry." he did his best to make a pouty face as he sat on the table next to her. Now what is the matter with YOU!?" -02:13 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden inched away to the edge of the table, still eyeing Phaedra with distaste, especially now that she had HER Cupio. "I don’t WANT to eat our baby, that’s why I called you." The more vicious feelings were starting to subside, at least and Jayden slowly started to relax. Uncurling from her perch on the table and finally jumping down on her feet. "I am bored of hiding in this house and taking care of a baby. But when I go to work I want to play with all of the toys, and YOU get mad at me. But I can’t have you because you’re gone to be sexy for someone else. I want to kill things and eat them and fuck them ALL THE TIME. When is this supposed to go away?" -02:22 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: He tilted his head at her and stood to step up to her and put an arm around her. "Jaaaaay." he said softly. "It doesn’t but I fight it for you… also EATING people? Jayden you sound like a succubus…" There was a hint of worry in his voice as he rested his head against her shoulder. "How’s this… we bind Phaedra’s powers until she’s oldneough to handle them… then I’ll take you to the bedroom when she’s asleep?" -02:39 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: "I don’t want to hurt her. I don’t want to lose control." He smelled so, so good. She nuzzled in to the top of his head and dug her fingers in to his hair to stroke softly. The only thing stopping her from groping at him was the baby in his arms. "Maybe when she is not magicking all over the place, it will be easier to take care of her." Resistance was hard when he smelled so sweet. Jayden couldn’t resist tilting her head and nibbling on his ear. -02:45 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: The pheremones hung thick in the air and he let out a small moan before he had to push Jayden away. he was holding thier baby. "Binding first! Then sex, then maybe I can help you with your… hungers. It would be easier if we knew what kind of demon you were." he gave her a quick kiss before turnign and startign to walk away. "I’ll do the binding, you… meet me in the bedroom." -02:50 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden almost reached out to grab him by the hair and pull him back. Baby. Do not molest while he has the baby. She stood there struggling for a moment, tail swishing listlessly behind her, before she finally forced her feet to move and headed towards the bedroom. It used to be her that was responsible and thought clearly. Thoughtfully undoing the buttons on her shirt, that slow wicked smile crept it’s way across her face. She could charm him and draw him to her. Never let him leave her bed… -02:55 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: The ritual wasn’t as simple a snap of the fingers… and he was worried about Jayden. She was a new demon and not in control fo her powers and that was distracting but stil… soon there was a bracelet on Phaedra’s chubby little wrist cvoerting a tiny pinprick od skin that shone like a star, all her power cencentrated in on place where she couldn’t use it. The he was huffing. It was a fun shoot he was missing but instead he was stuck here… getting sex almost made up for that… almost. -03:02 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Now quite pleased with her idea, Jayden was undressed. Her dark hair pulled over one shoulder and her assests… boosted a bit. The difference was subtle, more of a glamor or pheremone than a physical shift. Her wings were gone, but her tail remained, swishing baaaack and forth as she leaned in the doorway of their bedroom, waiting as patiently as possible. That patience did not last long before she was beckoning for him. Being bound had it’s special perks, and she wanted him noooow. "Cuuuupiooooo…" -03:08 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: "You’re distracting me." came the call from the other end of the house before Coop appered int he landing. "Do you want me to accendently… hi…" still in girl form he could feel himself react to the scent inthe air and just the way Jayden stood. He walked forwards slowly, almost dumbstruck. This was new… this was… intoxicating. "Jaaayyyydeeeen. You learn fast. This isn’t even faaaaiiir." -03:15 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: "Ssshhh. Come here." Jayden wiggled a finger to draw him closer, a wicked wicked smile on her face. Once he was within reach, she brushed her thumbs against his cheek while she pushed her fingers in to his hair. A quick dart of her tongue licked his lips and she nuzzled gently against his cheek. "I missed you. I can’t stand when you’re away from me." Jayden murmured the words nice and soft, shifting to nuzzle against his ear and have a little nibble just under the lobe. -03:19 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: "that’s just another way of saying that you want to fuck and ear all the things…" he complained TRYING to keep his head but it was a losing battle when his head tilted giving her everything she wanted. His hands going to Jayden’s hips, claws aplying pressure to her skin. It really wasn’t fair! He couldn’t even transform adn his own pheremones were mixing wither hers and he could hardly think. It was like he was paralised and increadebly horny at the same time. Maybe Jayden WAS a succubus! -03:36 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: "I want to eat and fuck you." she whispered. Fighting her was soooo cute! Her silly little Mcboobs. There was a scrap of her teeth against his neck, followed by a cool flick of her tongue. "I want to eat you and make you scream my name until you are hoarse and whimpering." One of her hands slipped from his hair, the tips of her fingers only barely touching his skin as they made their way down his neck and skimmed his collarbone. The hand in his hair tightened, tilting his head even farther so she could nip sharply at the place his pulse was beating so hard. -03:43 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: His head was spinning. "Jayden." he was fighting for control of himself and losing. Alreading his claws wer gliring up Jayden’s sides as the ceiling of the room filled his vision to stop at her breasts, hesitating before cupping the mounds. -03:47 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Her teeth scraped his neck, drawing small little beads of blood. Her lips clamped down over the skin and sucked hard, swishing her tongue over the spot to sooth away the pain and lick it clean. Jayden’s hard brushed over his breast, only lingering long enough to give a squeeze before wandering down lower to his hip. Pushing against him, she backed him up several paces until she was pressing him in to the wall with her body. Her fingers had slipped between his legs to rub his inner thigh. -03:53 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: He moanes with her bite and knew he was lost, hrabbing her hair he tried to keep her there as he bit his lip, adding demon blood to the things making him wet. They hand there made his legs open as he let out a long, hot breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding. He wasted to ask her if they should move tot he bed or if she wanted mancoop but she was far beyong words now and there was only a pathetic moan as he tried to form them. -03:59 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: She grinned against his skin, savoring every little sound of pleasure of he made and soaking it in like it was sunlight. Sliding her hand up, it cupped his bare sex, her middle finger pressing gently to stroke and invade. Jayden tut-tuted at him. He never did wear underwear like she told him to when he was wearing those short skirts. It made it so much easier to do things like this! Her tail curled once around his leg, the end shifted to caress his ass before it slinked between the cheeks. "Do you want me, Cupio?" she murmured over his neck, kissing his shoulder and then nipping his collarbone. -04:07 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: His tail twisted around hers but didn’t interfere as he swallowed HARD so that he could attempt to speak, but it wasn’t until he turned his head away and shook himself that he could finally exclaim "YES." a hand bashing against the wall as he tried to use the pain to distract himslf from the way his sex tried to tighten around her caress. -04:14 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden delighted in having him mindless with need. She pressed her finger harder, parting his lips only to just barely skim between them before pulling out again. "Yes, what?" she asked, moved her other hand to take his chin and make him face her. "Yes what, Cupio?" Jayden liiiicked his mouth, pressing her hips in to him as her tail inched it’s way further down. -04:19 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: Lip still bleeding and now blood dripping to the floor from the palm of his hand where his claws had broken the skin fillinf the air with it’s sweet scent he caught his breath. "Yes Jayden please fuck me." it was loud enough to almost wake up Phaedra. It didn’t take a genius to work out what was going to happen next and that made it worse and then there was this ENERGY inside Jayden that was now and the slight sense of danger only server to highten his sneses. -04:28 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden licked up the trail of blood that was slipping down his chin and planted her mouth over his in a hard, hungry kiss. Her tongue darted in to his mouth as she slipped her knee in between his legs, pushing them even farther apart. The tip of her tail prodded and invaded his ass with a sudden thrust, while her hand gently stroked him. Fingers caressing deeper and deeper in with every motion until they were slick. She could feel the way his body shuddered and it filled her with such a delicious spark. -04:40 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: He clung to her as a fresh moan escaped him. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had been up there. His arm thrown aorund her shoulder was the only thing keeping his full wieght from driving down on her tail and hands. He was losing it. "Jayden…" his voice was weak, issued between a shuddering gasp and a moan as his body shuddered. He was so close it was maddening. -04:57 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: She could feel the way his body shuddered and it filled her with such a delicious spark.She drank him in, feeding on his pleasure and desire, murmuring his name softly as she kissed and nipped her way down his neck. Her fingers thrust in to him at a lazy inconsistant pace compared to the hard, steady pumping of her tail. Her thumb circled and massaged his swallow nub. Jayden shifted herself lower cupping one of his breats in her hand, then kissed his nipple before nipping it with her teeth. -05:03 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: He hovered at the tipping point, his knees giving out as he clong in with what little strength he had left until finally he moaned her name and clenched both holes, a renewed wave of sweat busring from his skin as he gushed and squirted over her hand. Barely conscious his only thoughts were that he wanted more and and he hissed the word, his hips trying to move against her in encouragement, but he was gone, no strength left and about to collapse to the floor. -05:09 Mar 27 Cupio
Jayden: Jayden withdrew her hand and tail, circling her arms around him to hold him up and steady. She nuzzled in to his neck, giggling soft and squeeeezing him tight. He tasted and smelled so divine, but her poor Mcboobs was so tired. Jayden practically dragged him to bed, dumping him on the matress before she curled up next to him. Wrapping her arms and legs and tail around him. "Hmm, I love you. I love you…" -05:25 Mar 27 Jayden
Cupio: "Love…" it was the last work out of his mouth as his head rolledto the side and he smiled weakly, his eyes deifting closed and with hsi ahdn closing aorunf hers he fell asleep. There was no doubt adout it, Jayden was a succubus, bt right now Coopio was far beyind caring. His only thought was her last words to him nefore he heard no more. -05:33 Mar 27 Cupio

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