Abigail Renly

A lady’s maid for Aubrielle Cantova.

Is the castles baker’s daughter.

She’s just barely 20 and a couple years younger than her lady. She started her training as a lady’s maid at 15.

She is the same height as her lady, with a hair color that is similar but a little lighter.

Abigail is a mousy, timid, always worried girl. Smarter than she thinks she is, smarter than OTHERS think she is, but still a little daffy and very insecure. Most of her great fears are absolute nonsense and founded out of nonsense. She has an over active imagination and thinks way too much about what ifs and all the ways things can go wrong.

Absolutely enchanted with beautiful fine things. Is always unicorns and sparkles.

Art Inspiration by xaiisu

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