Ales Dusek

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[b]Princess you are Wooing:[/b] A

[b]Character Name:[/b] Ales Dusek

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]General Appearance:[/b] Tall and lean with dark suntanned skin, rust colored hair, and green eyes. He doesn’t immediately look like he has any muscle on him as he is so wiry, but once the clothes come off you can see the toned muscle under the skin. He has many many scars just about every where you can look. There are several large tattoos on his back, and every time you ask him about them he has a different story. Even with the way he dresses he is clearly a foreigner and doesn’t bother trying to change or hide the fact.

[b]Outward Personality:[/b] A cocky, conceited, careless son of a bitch. Shameless. Does not give any fucks. As far as Ales in concerned he doesn’t have anyone to answer to but himself. Despite the fact he clearly has to with -someone- be it his boss, master, or princess. Somehow he makes it look like whatever he has been ordered to do is something he was going to do anyway. Ales is a liar, and everyone knows he is a liar. But again, he seems to have this ability to always sound believable. It might be the way he answers questions so bluntly and straight-forward, and speaks so plainly with everyone no matter what their title or station is. No one really likes him, yet it’s impossible to hate him. He enjoys taking things at his leisure, and can find the good side of just about any situation. He’d rather be kicking it up than working.

[b]Inner Personality:[/b] Ales is in a weird place. Not the location, but his state of mind. He thought he had life all figured out. His stint as King of Thieves was amazing. Ales was on top of the world and he thought everyone around him was too. He feels betrayed, let down, confused and a little bitter. Yet, he hasn’t put two and two together yet to realized HE is also part of the problem. That he dug himself a hole to bury himself in. Ales knows that there’s something in life that he’s missing and wants, but he just hasn’t figured it out yet.

[b]Background History:[/b] Ales was born clear across the world in a place most people refer to as the [i]Badlands[/i], [i]Devilrock[/i], or various other suitable names perfect for the worst place on the planet. The terrain is all desert, rock and mountain. Dry heat and terrible conditions for living. So of course this place is a den of thieves and villainy. Centuries of banished and exiled people creating their own tribes. Raiding and pillaging each other, or even getting ambitious enough to travel outward to invade, burn, steal, or hock their pilfered merchandise.

Being born a whore’s son, Ales took to the life naturally. A kid’s gotta eat. The older he grew, the better he got at being sneaky. Petty pickpocketing turned to planned hijacking. Fibbing became masterful lies. In fact, he got so damned good at lying, thieving and backstabbing, that Ales rose to the ranks of greatness. A king of thieves. An emperor of ill repute. He took what he wanted, when he wanted and people followed. He was charismatic and clever, successful and conniving.

But the trouble with power is that people want it. And for all of Ales’ clever tales, when he was neck deep in knives there was not a person there to save him. Not a friend, not a companion, not a single loyal man. He tried to build himself a kingdom out of liars and thieves, and he was the biggest idiot of them all. The moment there was an opportunity, all those men he collected turned on him in a split second.

Someone decided killing Ales was too kind, whether it be their own idiocy or someone still having a bit of regret for the man they called King. So they tied him up and sold him in to slavery. The first caravan leading out to the farthest kingdom in the world. Off Ales went on a new kind of adventure.

[b]How they got this job:[/b] That IS the question, isn’t it. Here is a foreigner, that no one seems to know anything about. Yet, somehow he is now a royal guard for a princess, on a very important mission, for a country and imperial army he is not even a member of. He denies being a mercenary, he is clearly not a soldier. He wasn’t hired by the neighboring country. All that’s known is the general saying he NEEDED to be there, and he was “a good man for the job”. There is a large possibility that his has A BIG BAD SECRET.

[b]Why do YOU think this character is perfect for PRINCESS A? How do YOU think they might fall for each other?[/b]
There would be a lot of conflict between A and Ales. She believes so strongly in duty, honor and loyalty, and he thinks it’s a load of bullshit. AND he’s got no problem voicing that opinion. He’d announce right off the bat he finds this mission stupid. That she’s just gonna end up married to some asshole, that there’s probably going to be a war anyway, that all of this is a waste of time and you might as well do things for yourself. Over time and adventures, he’s going to respect the way she so fiercely defends her sisters, how she defends her beliefs even when he’s being dick. He’ll start to realize that it could be possible to have a real connection with someone, to trust someone and rely on someone. And for Princess A, maybe he can help her discover that duty and honor is not the only thing to live your life for. That even with all that responsibility it’s even MORE important to take care of yourself and find time for enjoyment. Those moments can be fleeting… as they will find out when the time comes to drop her off and she has to choose between duty, honor and responsibility… or the heart. 8D

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