Alexandra Duval

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Character Name: Alexandra

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Turned Vampire

Age: 600+


Occupation: Slayer

Theme: Within Temptation/Gregorian Chant – All I Need


General Appearance: Dark red hair, green eyes. Very pale complexion. An average figure with decent curves, and good muscle tone. Favors light leather armor in browns. Deep gem tone colors in current, but non-flashy styles. Always wearing a jacket with a hood to more easily avoid direct sunlight.

Strengths: Shadow Magic. Quickness. Heightened strength.

Weaknesses: Over exposure to sunlight. A necessity for blood.


Current Goal/Purpose: Destroy all Vampires. Most especially Noel, her sire.

Talents: Cooking & Baking.

Inabilities: Giving a shit?

Fears: Everything. The very things she slays are the things she fears the most. She fears being weak and vulnerable. Trusting someone. Being trapped. Being ineffective. She is also afraid she will lose her own identity and become a blood-thirsting mindless monster.

General Personality: Once upon a time Alexandra was a nice lady. Sure, she was a little uptight and would rather be in the kitchens than out dancing with everyone else. But at least she enjoyed people, had a sense of humor, and lived her life. After the Night of Shame, Alexandra was a different person. She couldn’t get past the night like her sister did. She was too bitter and too angry, just could not stand to be around anyone. Alex burned a lot of bridges without wanting/meaning to. As years went by that anger subsided, but she has always remained detached from others. She is cool, unfriendly, and often impatient. She doesn’t work well with others and avoids it when possible. Occasionally she is likeable and there is a hint of the person she used to be, but it takes so much time and effort to get there that most don’t bother.

Inner Personality: Alexandra is so wrapped up in her own fears and issues that she’s completely mindfucked herself out of dealing connecting with people. It’s now been so long, that she doesn’t even think about it anymore.



General History:

The eldest daughter born to peasants, Alexandra was never anything extraordinary and always knew her place in life. She worked very hard at her craft and earned her place as Head Chef to the Gothenheim Castle. Her first night was the Consummation Evening for the King and Queen. Something that would have been an excellent affair had she not caught the vampire Noel pouring potions in to the night’s meal. Bitten by the vampire, her sister’s crush insisted the only way to cure the venom was through sexual desire. Something that made little sense, but her sister’s innocence couldn’t see through the lie. Raped by that man and then a second time by the vampire Noel on her return, Alexandra took her chance to kill the beast (or at least make sure she was dead) when Noel was spent and crushed by falling castle stones above.

The Night of Shame is what the people called that evening, and it was something Alexandra could never get past. While her sister Milicent also suffered a similar fate at least she was able to rebuild her life. Alexandra, on the other hand, left Gothenheim with nothing but a bitter hatred for everyone and everything. Over the years her rage has subsided. She has dedicated her life to tracking down vampires and other beasts to rid the world of their ilk, despite now being a vampire herself. She considers herself cursed. Thrust in to some fate she was never meant to be a part of.

There came a time she discovered that the vampire Noel did not die. Worse, like a plague that viper keeps coming back to life. Alexandra’s greatest desire is to hunt her down and kill her for good. She very nearly had her chance when she crossed the path of Noel while tracking Princess Eureka. Yet, in the wake of a bigger problem she was forced to work with the very person she hates the most.

600 years after the Night of Shame, now Alexandra is faced with a difficult choice… Will she sacrifice the whole world for the sake of her vengeance? Or can she let it go..?

Special Historic Notes:

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