Arseidis: Ghost Town


Genre: Modern Supernatural Horror

A ghost town has been discovered in near perfect condition, inspiring a team of archeologists to explore and see if ancient legend about curses are true. They are seeking a book, something containing history about the town, but they are not the only ones there. The town is haunted by condemned souls and nightmarish creatures. Is the pursuit of history more important than their own lives…?



You’d think in this modern time there would be no more hidden places. No more secrets. Yet, there it was. A town nestled away in a northwest forest of Wyoming has recently been discovered. Abandoned in the late 1880s, it’s been hidden away on someone’s private property for the past hundred years. The origins of Arseidis started normal enough. Founded by two businessmen who were establishing trade and mining in the area. Yet, within ten years, the town become home to villainy and vagrants. Thieves, gunslingers, gamblers. Arseidis was a hellmouth of mankind’s worse traits. Rumors spread that the town was cursed. Everything from “built on Indian burial grounds” to “voodoo priestess” to “a gate to hell itself”. Then, without warning or explanation, everyone in the town was gone. People assumed that the denizens packed up and left. Others believed they vanished. The abandoned town faded in to obscurity.

Discovered by a group of students at a local university, finding a town like this rich with history and intrigue is too good to pass up. A “team” of people have been organized to investigate. This hodgepodge of people whose interests vary from American History to Paranormal Studies have come to see what they can uncover about Arseidis and it’s fate.

[color=slategrey][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN[/b][/color]
You are someone part of the team here to discover Arseidis’ history and secrets. You can be a student or faculty of the University there because you have an interest of some sort, or you can be someone that was hired to help this “expedition”. There is no [i]proven[/i] supernatural existence that you are aware of. So, yes you must play a human and no you can not have magic or powers. Outside of that, you’re welcome to get creative with characters, but make sure they fit the setting. Don’t show up as a ninja or British spy.

BIOS: Not required, but I would LOVE if you posted a short blurb about your potential character! It’ll help me develop some plot goodies for the night’s charp. >:]

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