Breaking Delilah 001: The Capture

Breaking Delilah

[Delilah Red Captain of the Sea Raven, and possibly the most brazen, mood swingingest, drunken pirate on the seas.] -02:50 Jan 28
[Ferius has been a known terror on the seas for almost half a century and yet does not show his age. many a rumor exists about him but they are all less terrible than the truth.] -02:54 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Sword in hand, Delilah ran it through the first bastard that came her way. Her ship was under attack! That son of a bitch from the Moira’s Gloom had finally tipped his hand. Ambushing her crew out in the Hallow Lagoon. Now her crew were fighting tooth and nail. She pulled out her pistol and shot another of the rival pirates. -02:56 Jan 28
Ferius: He looked down at her crew vainly struggling for their lives. “No quarter, only the captain lives.” he called. His crew swung on ropes and pulled on grappling hooks, their ships stuck fast together. Then he saw her in the center of the fray fighting with her men, he expected no less. Drawing his sword he lept from his deck down onto hers, pistol firing point blank into the skull of one of her officers. “I’m here for you, precious. Good to see you still have fire in your bones.” -02:59 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “SON OF A BITCH!” She whirled around, slashing her sword down towards his head. Her elbow smashed in to the face of a man trying to sneak up behind her. “Fuck you, and your crew of blaggards, Ferius!” -03:02 Jan 28
Ferius: One of his men turned to run and he picked him up with one hand to through him bodily back into the fight. As the last cleared the way between them, this was his fight. “That is no way to greet your business partner is it?” With a thunderous roar, one of the Moira’s guns tore a large chunk out of the Sea Rave’s poop deck and showered then with splinters. “But tonight I’ll forgive you for it since I’m in a good mood.” -03:07 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Her entire ship shook from the impact. Several men flying off the side railing in to the sea below. “GET YOUR ASSES TO THE CANONS!” She shouted her orders. Her men were dropping so quickly..! In most cases they had outran the Moira’s Gloom. Their Captain had no keen of respect or the rules of the sea. But now she had to deal with his shit and she wasn’t going down without a fight. Delilah kicked over a barrel and sent it rolling towards her rival, aiming and firing her pistol so it exploded near him! -03:11 Jan 28
Ferius: He saw the shot coming and dove out the way. Grabbing hold of a rope and swinging over the heads of the battle. His men had more numbers, a higher deck to fire from, and the knowledge that their captain’s displeasure awaited them if they failed. Thus had the upper hand. Letting go of the rope he landed behind her and ducked as one of her men swung at his head. It was simple to let him overbalance and them push him over the rails, but it cost him time and when he swung at her she was ready. “Give up and I might spare your ship and some of your crew. You’ve given me the chase but there’s no way for you to slip out of this one Red.” -03:16 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “How about you take your offers and shove them up your undead ASS.” Delilah pushed him away with her sword, flourishing it only once before she gave a swing jab for his heart. She could see men dropping from the corner of her eye, but she had to keep her focus. Take out the Captain and the crew loses heart. She just had to kill the bastard and her ship would be saved! -03:19 Jan 28
Ferius: He parried the blow and swung at her with his other fist. “A firebrand to the end then. When you watch you precious Sea Raven make the final plummet to the depths you will learn what it means to refuse me.” -03:25 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “Keep your shit speeches!” She hissed, blocking his fist with her arm and using the opportunity to get up close and personal with her pistol. She fired at his neck, once. Twice. Then had to toss it aside without the time to reload it. -03:27 Jan 28
Ferius: Blood. One of her bullets had torn into his flesh mangling it in such a way an normal man wouldn’t survive. But he was no normal man. “You never learn do you Red?” he asked stepping forward as he swung, once, twice, three times. Using his strength and size to push her back with every blow. He wasn’t avoiding her guard; he wanted her to block to beat her in to submission without having to kill her. “You can’t kill me, no one alive can!” -03:35 Jan 28
Delilah Red: That startled look was on her face only for a split second. What kind of monster…! She wiped that look off her face quick, replacing it with a snarl. She parried and blocked. Stepped backwards. Leaned. Dodged. Swiped. All the while having to stumble around bodies until she finally found herself with her back against the mast, almost out of breath, and trying to furiously land a hard blow to him. “You’re not.. taking.. my ship…!” -03:40 Jan 28
Ferius: There was a sound above them, the unfurling of a flag. Above them his men hung the yellow skeleton – his pennant. “Oh but we already have.” Around them every man still on his feet wore a read armband, marking them as his. The fighting that remained was below decks or on the forecastle. “Now put down your sword or I’ll have to see if one of my boys still has a loaded pistol.” -03:45 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “I’ll die with this ship, Captain Ferius.” Delilah hissed. She pushed off from the mast, charging him with her cutlass. They could shoot her down or cut her to pieces, but she would NOT surrender! -03:47 Jan 28
Ferius: He scowled as she rushed him, his men looking at him. One moved to intercept her but he stopped them. Her sword penetrated his chest and he stood there. His eyes glaring into hers. For a second it looked like he was about to collapse but his hand came up to grip her wrist. “No one alive.” He struck her full force on the side of her head with the basket grip of his rapier. Catching her as she fell and handed her to his crew. “Lock her up, she’ll be dining his me tonight.” Her sword still protruding from him, he turned to head back to the Moira. “Take everything useful then sink her.” he barked, finally pulling the sword free. “Pity, I liked this shirt.” -03:53 Jan 28
Delilah Red: When Delilah awoke, her head was spinning and throbbing with pain. She tilted backwards from where she was slumped over, her head coming against the back of a chair. Her arms couldn’t move higher than a few inches as her hands were chained to the armrests. When her vision cleared and she looked down, she was wearing some froofy feminine dress in dark green velvet and gold trim. Her own clothes were gone. She hissed, jerking at the chains trying to get herself free of the chair. “Crazy sonofa…!” -03:58 Jan 28
Ferius: “.. sea devil?” he completed her sentence from the doorway of the main cabin. It was dark with only a single lantern giving light, but on the table in front of her was a feast like none seen at sea. The captain himself was dressed in finery obviously taken from the noble whose ship this had once been. With only a bandage over his neck to show from the fight. “You must be hungry.” he said sitting in the seat next to hers. “Help yourself to whatever you’d like.” -04:04 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “And suffer a poisoned death, I think not.” she responded darkly. Delilah watched him move across the room, her eyes narrowing the closer he got. As he sat, she jerked up her hands to strangle him, but she couldn’t even get within reach. Her hands balled in to fists. “What game are you playing with me, Ferius?” -04:07 Jan 28
Ferius: “No game, Delilah. If I wanted you dead – you would be already.” he smiled raising a glass of wine to his lips. “You are my guest, those chains however will stay, for both of our safety.” -04:09 Jan 28
Delilah Red: She laughed harshly. But it was a lie. If he wasn’t playing a game, there was no reason to keep her alive. Still, she didn’t make a move towards the food. Delilah focused her attention on trying to squeeze a hand out of those shackles. “The moment I am free I’m going to slaughter you in the most imaginable way possible. What do you want, Ferius. I don’t care for idle pleasantries.” -04:12 Jan 28
Ferius: He replaced the glass on the table and instead raised a small piece of meat to his mouth and slipped it off the fork. Then took another and offered it to her. “Your dedication towards my destruction is flattering as is your distrust. But could it be that without your ship you are no longer a threat to me, and so there is no reason to kill you? You have no reason to trust me other than the fact you are alive. But I wish to make you an offer if you insist on getting strait to business.” -04:15 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “On offer! By all means, slaughter my crew and sink my ship, then sweep my off my feet.” She spit at him. “Fuck you and fuck your offers.” -04:19 Jan 28
Ferius: “Now now there’s no need for that.” he said pulling the glove from his right hand. “You were a challenge to catch, I could use your skills and you would have a better life aboard my ship than you could on any other. But your difficulty is getting tiring and if you don’t want to eat, then you have refused my hospitality and the protection that came with it.” -04:23 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “You know what else can be fucked? Your hospitality and your protection.” she chimed back at him, every bit of flippant sarcasm and haughtiness dripping from her voice as the day she first crossed paths with him. He might be some sort of monster, but Delilah refused to fear any man. “Feed me to the sharks, hang me from the mast. Lay a bullet to my head. I don’t want your charities.” -04:26 Jan 28
Ferius: He shook his head, slowly pulling the glove from his left hand as well. “I’m afraid you don’t have any say over your fate anymore.” he said, standing and moving to stand behind her chair. He took a hold of the back of it, dragging it away from the table into the center of the cabin. “You are not going to die, not yet, but you will learn what to means to cross me.” Stepping around in front of her he looked down at her bound form. “Pity, I liked that dress.” -04:31 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Delilah narrowed her eyes. What she wanted was a fast end. Not some new torment by the bastard. She twisted in her seat, pulling at the chains again. Her heart thudding against her chest for the first time with real worry. “I wouldn’t do anything rash, Ferius. I will get loose.” -04:34 Jan 28
Ferius: He knelt next to her seat, grabbing one of her arms and lifting it so she could see the blood from where the irons had cut into her from her struggles. “Do you see this?” he asked. “Your fighting only brings you pain.” He ran his finger along the wound. Collecting a bead of blood in his finger, he held it up to watch it shimmer in the light and letting it’s light scent float between them. “You will never get loose until you’ve learned who is in charge on this ship. Tonight you will get a taste of what it means to cross him.” -04:40 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “My will is my own and belongs to one.” Delilah growled. She tried to grab at him with her other hand. Her nails coming up just short of his head. She snarled again in frustration. Sliding down in her seat so she could kick out a foot at him. -04:43 Jan 28
Ferius: With a quick movement he smeared the blood under her nose, where she had no choice but to smell it. When she tried to kick him, his hand gripped her ankle. “I didn’t know you were so eager.” he teased. “You see Delilah, your will will be worn down and molded over time but your body will be taken right now.” -04:47 Jan 28
Delilah Red: She turned her head furiously trying to wipe the blood away at the shoulder of her dress. “If you even try to touch me, I will skewer year heart from your fresh corpse and feed it to the whales!” Delilah jerked her foot trying to get it out of her grasp. Lift the other leg to try and catch him against the head. That sinking feeling had hit the pit of her stomach now, but like hell was she going without a fight. -04:50 Jan 28
Ferius: Hand still gripping her ankle be backhanded her with his other, cutting her cheek. More blood for her to breathe in. After the strike, his fingers curled around her throat, squeezing it. His face coming just out of range of her fingers. “The time for that has past. You refused my protection and so you are mine. The sooner you realize that, the less painful it will be.” -04:54 Jan 28
Delilah Red: The strike caught her by surprise, enough that she had looked almost startled when his hand went around her throat. Still, she looked down at him with all the superiority of a queen. A raised eyebrow and a sneer spread across her lips. “Getting angry, Ferius..? Is your little captive not cowering at your every whim like you had hoped?” -04:58 Jan 28
Ferius: Ferius chuckled darkly. “You mistake me for a man who doesn’t like a challenge.” he responded. His hand sliding from her throat and down her chest to take hold of the dress and tear the stitching to expose more of her to him. -05:24 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Delilah stifled her gasp, not wanting to give him the pleasure. Feeling the air against the bare skin across her chest, it was much easier now to see just how hard she was breathing. She strained against the shackles again, not trying to get loose from them, but rather trying to scoot and lean out of his reach. “Not much a challenge when I can’t move. Coward.” -05:28 Jan 28
Ferius: His fingers ran up her chest lightly. Feeling her breathing, feeling her pulse. The blood flowing through her veins. “What’s important is that you see you have no way out,” he said, his grin revealing the white of his teeth. His eyes moving from her chest to her eyes. “You can see it now, you can’t escape this.” -05:33 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “I see a momentary obstacle.” she hissed out through her teeth. Momentary. That’s all it was. She would not be stuck like this forever. Delilah tilted against away from his touch. Her fists were clenched so tight that her nails were starting to dig in to her own skin. She matched his grin with a fiercely dangerous one of her own. “It won’t last forever.” -05:37 Jan 28
Ferius: His hand left her skin and he stared into her eyes as he placed both hands on her dress. Tearing it open all the way down to her waist. “I’ll cure that, don’t worry.” His eyes never leaving hers as his hands slid under her dress and up her sides with nothing to stop him. -05:41 Jan 28
Delilah Red: She couldn’t move her hands to cover herself, not that she tried. She wouldn’t cower like some blushing damsel or give the satisfaction of knowing just how startled she truly was. Her breathing was ragged and becoming difficult to control. “I’m going to cure your face with a bullet, don’t you worry.” -05:46 Jan 28
Ferius: One more tear and the dress was open. Her naked form nestled in it’s broken trappings. “Many have already tried that – they didn’t get a second chance.” His hands circling her hips and pulling them back with his eyes once again falling to her body. She was a catch and his renewed grin showed it. “But your threats can’t save you, nothing can.” His hands slid up from her hips to her legs, grabbing hold of them and pushing them apart. -05:56 Jan 28
Delilah Red: True fear gripped her for the first time. Delilah fought against his hands, to pull her legs back together, and finding his strength a great deal more than she had anticipated. Her voice an octave higher, in a brisk panic. “Back off, Ferius! I’m warning you…!” -05:59 Jan 28
Ferius: Her panic only made him chuckle once more. She was finally getting it. “Warning me? About what? You are helpless.” His eyes remained on hers as he pulled her legs open further apart and towards him. Opening her up to him and holding her there. “You have no control here, Red. Only I do.” He pushed himself against her. His hand sliding back up to her hips to hold her in place, her legs pinned by his body as he drew himself out to rest his throbbing member against her. Letting her feel what was to come. -06:06 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Her breath caught it what must have been a gasp, disguised as an intake of breath. Her glaring had turned to a look of alarm, though she was still trying to hold some semblance of self control. Delilah tried to twist of out his reach. Turning her face to the side as she growled out another threat. “Don’t you dare.” -06:12 Jan 28
Ferius: “You really still think you have any say?” he taunted. His hands keeping her in place. Holding her down so hard the edge of the chair left marks on her skin and his nails almost drew blood. “Well you’re mistaken.” He pushed into her, his hips meeting hers as he filled her with a powerful thrust that left no doubt that he was going to dominate her as if the rest of her predicament wasn’t indication enough. He thrust again deeper as he moved her hips to ease his penetration. His eyes on her face, looking for the defiance in hers. -06:18 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “I.. Ah..!” Her retort came interrupted by his sudden thrust, leaving her giving a startled cry of surprise. Delilah attempt to shift in his grasp, unable to slip herself free from his hands or the increasing throbbing between her legs. Her hands dropped to the arms of the chair, digging her nails in to the wood. “S-stop..! You fucking ass!” -06:25 Jan 28
Ferius: Even with his shaft deep inside her and his hands holding her in place, her demands brought mirth to his lips. But it did nothing but make him push faster. A gasp escaping him as her struggles moved her hips in a way that he liked. He moved deeper still, his nails piercing her skin and causing a small amount on blood to seep and trickle slowly down her hips. -06:29 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “God damnit, Ferius…!” she was frantic now. Bucking against him in her efforts to free herself from him, but only seeming to drive his shaft that much farther in her. The pressure building between her thighs making toes curl. -06:39 Jan 28
Ferius: As her struggles increased so did his pace. Until his every breath could be heard and felt blowing against her. He stood pushing himself ever deeper his hands lifting her hips from the chair as he neared climax. “Delilah.” he coed, as he watched her struggle in vain against him. His hips pushing into hers until.. the groan he released was accompanied by him pushing her so hard the chair was almost pushed over backwards. His seed flooded into her, his hips shaking with the ecstasy of having taken and claimed her. -06:46 Jan 28
Delilah Red: “uhn~!” The sound came out as a grunted whimper as her body worked against her. She could feel him pulsing inside her. Making her muscles contract and squeeze. But there was no released for her. Just that dull aching frustration from unfulfillment and the burn of having him take her against her will. Delilah was still trying to grasp for breath, trying desperately to reclaim what was left of her dignity. -06:51 Jan 28
Ferius: He pulled out of her, his shaft covered in juices that were not entirely his own. Leaning down he gripped her hair in his hands, forcing her to turn her head before pressing his lips into hers and forcing then apart. A taste flooded her mouth and blood from his lip flowed in. He kept his lip on hers until she was forced to swallow before breaking away. -06:56 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Delilah snarled against his mouth. The bitter taste of copper and strange taste of something else seeping between her lips. She struggled, to tear her head away. Almost choking on the blood before she finally had to swallow. It seemed to burn on contact, much like a strong alcohol would. Once she was finally released, she spit what she could at him. “Fucker…!” -07:00 Jan 28
Ferius: He struck her cheek again, harder this time. “Hold your tongue unless you want a repeat.” he snapped. “And maybe next time your body will finish what it started.” Wiping the spit away with a strap from her dress, he stepped away. His gaze sliding down the body he had ravaged. “I would so like to see your face when it does.” -07:09 Jan 28
Delilah Red: Chest heaving with rage, Delilah turned her glare back on him again. Ravaged or not, she wasn’t broken. “And I’ll be blessed when I wipe the earth of your asinine smirk, you son of a bitch.” Gods, she hurt. From her head to the space between her thighs. Aching with soreness all over. -07:12 Jan 28
Ferius: “When that day comes, be sure to let me know.” he remarked in a dry taunt. Anger or not, she was still helpless. “Now…” he picked up a needle from the table and taking her hand in his, pricked her skin with it. “Sweat dreams, I hope you like your cell.” -07:19 Jan 28

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