Icarus 005: Suspicious Doctor Sam

[Ava made sure to have her clothes back on before heading back for the ship.] -10:35 Jun 15
[Zeke if with her and with a brace of spears. Someone must protect the future mother.] -10:37 Jun 15
Ava: Ava hadn’t bothered to wash off any of the paint. She was actually pretty proud of it! A marking of her part in the tribe. …even if the whole Mother business was a little over the top. She was casting Zeke an amused look as they headed down the path. "I know the way back and forth now, you don’t have to come with me. Honestly, I think it might be better if you didn’t. Everybody is all riled up about you." -10:40 Jun 15
Zeke: He looked at her, then with the butt of a spear poked where the paint was under her clothes. "Village mother." hetapped his own paint. "Guardian, I guard what important to village. You important to village. I go with. Cannot argue, I not go you not go." -10:43 Jun 15
Ava: "See, that’s where I think everyone is being a little too literal. I am pretty sure that just means I am a guardian too, because I look like you. Not the mother of the village. Humans are associated with protection now?" That was her best theory, anyway. It made perfect sense. For the time being she was crossing her arms and smirking at him. "You know, I COULD argue it if I am the mother. Mother knows best, right?" -10:48 Jun 15
Zeke: He buzzed. "No, you paint your own role. I paint mine when I join village but I not copy others. Village accept you as next mother, spirit accept you as next mother. I accept you as next mother. Only way out of role is leave village, Mother understand you might want go home." he put a hand on her shoulder. "You not yet mother, you can still go home, but can also not tell Zeke do this or do that." -10:52 Jun 15
Ava: "Home! My home is a giant space ship. There’s not any trees or rivers or animals or sky. …Not that I don’t really love traveling and discovering new places. I LOVE new things, it’s just-" Ava clamped her mouth shut. She had assumed she’d stay to study here, but hadn’t thought about how long. Or what her father would say about it. The thought of leaving actually sounded pretty shitty. "…anyway I CAN tell Zeke do this or do that. You don’t know humans, you don’t know the captain. Mother or guardian or whatever, I don’t want you or the zoots getting in trouble." -11:02 Jun 15
Zeke: "I stay with you, no trouble. You go alone and not come back my fault. Zeke knoe humans dangerous, zeke know if you go and ship go back Earth Zeke never know why Ava leave. If Zeke go with then Zeke know, Zeke tell village, village understand. No trouble, only worry." -11:05 Jun 15
Ava: "I wouldn’t leave without telling you or the zoots and saying goodbye. THAT I can promise." That’s all it was? Worrying about her leaving? Ava dropped her arms and quickly threw them around him for a hug. "Don’t worry. I keep my promises. Even if I wasn’t completely charmed by you and the zoots I wouldn’t take all the trouble to be a part of the tribe only to leave. … We’re just going to have to convince my father that leaving a research team here is a good idea." -11:13 Jun 15
Zeke: He put ar arm around her and with a heave picked her up and slung her onto his back like he often did with the zoots, then he sarted walking. "Maybe you not have choice, maybe your father say you much to and not give time. Maybe other human try hurt Ava, maybe…" he shrugged. "Zeke go with you, no discussion." -11:22 Jun 15
Ava: A startled yelp later she was clinging with her arms around his neck and wondering how damned strong this guy actually WAS to sling a fully grown women around like she weighed as much as… as a zoot! "Obviously end of discussion, NOW. But another day and time I might say no Zeke allowed. I’m just thinking about possibilities… like you are. Besides no one is stupid enough to try and hurt me when my dad is the Commander. And can’t tell me I’m not allowed to stay, either. I’m just worried about whether or not he’ll leave a team with me. I need equipment and specialists are useful too…" -11:27 Jun 15
Zeke: "May be difficult." he said as he walked towards there the shuttle usually landed. "Maybe expand village, new shelter, food…" he lapsed into silence. "Hope zoot comfortable with more humans…" -11:36 Jun 15
Ava: Ava pointed for him to make sure he headed in the right direction. She had already long since put the radio back in her ear and it seemed they had gotten one the satellites back up, cause when she pressed her communicator button she could get a signal again. "No humans will live in the zoot village. They would get in the way too much of studying natural behaviors. At least not the other researchers. They are going to want to study other things like the geology and archeology, zoology, botany… other things!" -11:42 Jun 15
Zeke: "Words words words." he said "Understand they not in village enough." she had a habbit of saying thinsg that were impossible to understand. "Words… first lesson in zoot tomorrow in mother’s hut. You be here tomorrow?" -11:50 Jun 15
Ava: "What a nice way to say I talk too much." she was laughing in his ear and resting her chin on his shoulder. "Yes. I’ll be with your tomorrow. I should probably stay at the ship today so I can show Erickson where the Icarus. He’s not going to let me go again if I don’t. Then I can meet you at the village tomorrow?" -11:54 Jun 15
Zeke: "Where you are, I stay." he said. "You on ship, I on ship. You sleep on ship, I sleep on ship." he was passing where the camp used to be and there wasn’t far to go. "No meeting at village tomorrow, I stay with Ava." -12:02 Jun 16
Ava: "Are zoots not going to come looking for you if you stay out after sundown? I don’t really want them near the shuttles until Erickson is off planet." Ava shifted her grip to take a look at the camp. They still hadn’t set up a new one yet, though most of the debris had been picked up and cleaned up. Which meant they were doing the smart thing and keeping everything on the shuttle for now. "…I might have to help them with the Predator too. They can’t leave people here if there’s a predator killing everyone." -12:07 Jun 16
Zeke: "They know I with you. They know maybe I go with you to ship." he didn’t slow as they reached the clearign and he made for the ramp. He knew the risks either way and he would rather stay with Ava at least for now. -12:13 Jun 16
Ava: "Okay. And the predator? You never tell enough about that. I’m gonna have to join a retcon team at night, maybe, and see what I can find out about it." They were getting some pretty curious stares by Erickson’s goons once they reached the shuttle. Ava decided that was a good moment to jump off his back and resumed walking on her own feet. She had forgotten all about the paint still smeared on her. Once they were inside and turning hallways, she was a bit relieved to run in to Doc Sam instead of that jerkass. "Oh hey! You’re not locked up in a cell after all! Ericks is all pissyfitted about you not doing something or whatever, just FYI. Ooohhh, hey there muscles, glad to see YOU again too. Wanna visit for another checkup?" All hands, the doctor had hers on Zeke’s arm and trying to tug him in the direction of her offices. "I have to relay information to the Commander first, then Erickson can scream at me all he wants." -12:22 Jun 16
Zeke: "Never not think about about predator." he hissed before they entered the shuttle "Zoots can take care, they not stupid like humans who do not know predator and try fight. If you go looking you need me." Then they were face to face with the doctor who was being touchy and making Zeke feel uncomfortable so he looked at Ava with an enquiring look on his face. ‘Check up? Muscles? Was this normal?’ -12:30 Jun 16
Ava: "Tell her not to touch if you don’t like it, other wise she’s just going to keep doing it." He looked… so uncomfortable! This was exactly why it was better for him to not be here, everyone was going to make him feel so out of place and Ava was having a weird prtective streak about it. "That’s right, honey. You just tell the doctor what feels good and what doesn’t. Joking aside though, some of his bloodwork came up with some interesting stuff. Do you mind too much if I borrow him for a few more samples? I’ll behave, promise!" Ava wasn’t so sure about that… despite him claiming to be her guardian, he was the one that needed protecting on this ship! "Since I only have to speak with the Commander… IF Zeke is all right with that. I’d be back in a few minutes?" -12:39 Jun 16
Zeke: Zeke slowly nodded unsule of the whole thing but trusting Ava and then nodded at Sam. He could tell her if things got too uncomfortable so that was a good thing and he’d make sure he did. Still he wanted to be with Ava while she talked… but if this would help… -12:49 Jun 16
Ava: "I’ll hear you if you scream, okay?" Ava wasn’t so sure about leaving him alone, but Sam was a good doctor even despite being a flirt. She only hesitated a moment before she started down the hall. "Five minutes, okay!" -12:55 Jun 16

“Aww, I think she likes you honey. And whoooo wouldn’t, you look like a dream! Just have a step in to my lab and we’ll get you all checked out.” Taking Zeke by the arm, Doctor Sam guided him in to her small med lab. Still stark white and just as sterile. She pointed him over to a table as she shifted to a counter. “You’re not afraid of a cute girl like me, are ya?”

Zeke: He sat and pulled the bundles spears from his back to place them down next to him and then looked around the lab. "You healer, healers not hurt." he said. "Trust you, you know humans…." he reached over and picked something up to turn it over in his hands. It was cold… -01:03 Jun 16
Ava: He’d be fine for a few minutes. She just had to keep reminding herself that. Ava slipped in to the contact room and plopped in to a seat to call up the commander. It’d take a moment for him to answer an unexpected call. But that’d give her the time to think of what to say. How do you tell your dad you’re ready to leave the nest and want to be abandoned on a mostly uninhabited planet to study a new civilization? -01:14 Jun 16

“Healer, tormenter. It depends on who you’re talking to about me.” The Doctor was going to need more than just a little blood, so she was pulling on a pair of gloves and prepping a rather large needle. “In the mean time I need you to answer a few questions for me. Have you ever been ill? Suffered from a disease? Had any major injuries? How quickly do you heal. Aaaaaaand, do you seem to have any special… gifts.”

Zeke: His brow furrowed witht he questions. "Sometimes sick from bad food before zoot know what humans eat." he said "Other time never sick, sometimes break bone." he pointed to his forarm, then to his ankle, then to his other calf, then swapped hands to point to his wrist. "Rest six days, then walk but not go outside village for twelve, then normal…" -01:21 Jun 16

“That’s fast. Inhumanly fast. Do you seem to get any special, good feelings from eating specific foods they give you, or is this something that has always been? Do you know anything about your parents or the way you were born?” Doc Sam had her needle in one hand and was swabbing a spot on his arm with a bit of alcohol. “I’d like to put you in one of my machines and give you a scan. If you agree I could give you a special reward. Do you know what kissing is yet?” The woman was grinning like a cheshire cat. And without warning she poked his arm with the needle and started drawing blood.

Ava: When the Commander’s line finally patched through, Ava was saluting to the older gentleman on screen. "Commander, sir. I have an update on the native village and a few requests." Commander Addision squinted at his own screen, leaning close as if trying to decipher what he was seeing before he straightened again. Rubbing his chin with an amused twist of his mouth. "Begin with the pain, Addison. You appear to be in need of a shower." That paint, blah! Ava grinned wide. "As it turns out, when you are accepted in to their village, you paint yourself and the stuff you paint represents your future in the tribe. Apparently I’ve painted myself as the next Mother of their village. I’m fairly certain it’s because they associate humans with protectors. Anyway, that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about Dad…" -01:33 Jun 16
Zeke: He frowned more looking at the needle and watching the chamber fill with blood. "Do not know but if help then listen." he said placign the devicein his hands back down and he thought while tapping his feet together then shook his head. "Some food taste good, some make drunk, some put to sleep…?" -01:41 Jun 16

When the vial filled, she twist it out and plugged in a fresh vial to fill too. This time the doctor was after quite a bit of blood. “No true affect then. That’s good to know.” Very good to know. With the second done, she filled a third. And then a fourth. The Doctor was taking enough blood to make a normal man queasy. Once she was done, without warning she was planting a kiss on his mouth and giving him a big wide grin. “That’s a kiss. A reward for being a good boy. Show Ava what you learned, she’ll love it.”

Ava: Ava and Commander Addison’s conversation seemed congenial enough. He was amused with the stories about the zoots, but he was not so happy about her request to stay on the planet. "If you were twenty years older, Ava, I mi-" Ava scoffed. "I’ve got just as much knowledge, even MORE than most of the anthropologists on board. You knew I was going to choose somewhere to stay eventually… what could be more amazing than a place with the first sentient civilization?" Then it was the arguing! Over whether or not she was allowed to stay. Whether or not it was safe. What sort of researchers. And the Icarus…! Why was the Icarus coming up again! -01:57 Jun 16
Zeke: He looked at her strangely and then looked at the vials of blood. There was a lot and he was wondering if she really needed that much, the kiss should felt strange. "Finished?" he asked looking at sam while touching his lips… ‘Kiss ava?’ -01:57 Jun 16

“Done with blood. Why don’t you stand up for me, good and straight.” Doc Sam stepped away to put up the blood and when she returned she had a long tape measure in her hand. Without asking permission she was getting his height. Checking his arm and leg length, hips… and anywhere else she could get her hands on with the excuse of measuring. “I can teach you a lot of great things, honey. I bet Ava hasn’t mentioned any of the fun stuff we humans do.”

Zeke: He stood and let her take her measurements, she was writing them down so they had to be for something. "Ava tell me to ask about humand and Earth but not know what ask." he gave a dismissive gesture. "Ava want to stay here with small team. She need know about here, Zeke not need knos about Earth." -02:07 Jun 16

“For reals? Like aren’t you even a little bit interesting in us humans and stuff? Or have you been sexing up those critters out there? I KNOW it works, you don’t seem to have any muscle problem down here.” Even while she said it she grabbed his package to give an ‘exam’. Yep, didn’t seem to be anything wrong down there. Doc Sam was smirking again.

Zeke: He put his hands on her shoulders to examine her face. "This part of test?" he asked "You had machine?" He wanted to get this over woth to get back to Ava, but he wanted to help the doctor too. -02:24 Jun 16

“In order to do my scan I’ll need you to stay over night with me. That won’t be a problem will it? I will, of course, give you all the rewards you like. Ava won’t have a problem, I’m sure. As long as you say yes.” Doc Sam was hoping to help make up his mind with a touch here and there.

Zeke: He was moving back slowly away from her and trying to figure out what her body language was saying right up until he bumped into the exam table. "Cannot do tomorow? Village guardian must stay near Village or future mother when dark." -02:35 Jun 16

“Future village mother? You’re not talking about Ava are you? She’ll be on the ship too. That’s close enough, isn’t it? Right down the hall.” Sam didn’t advance on him, instead she gave him some breathing space. Jotting down a few more notes as she leaned over a counter. Making sure to sway her hips to a tune in her head. “You can trust me. Ava trusts me. It will help her a lot of you stay here for my examinations. Then she can focus on your creatures.”

Zeke: He looked at her sideways and then realized this was a way for him to stay on the ship with Ava if Ava continued to object. "Will stay tonight." he said finally before crossing his arms. "But only Ava touch zoot." -02:47 Jun 16

“Only Ava can touch zoot. Does that me, Samantha, gets to have her hands all over you, honey?” With her paper work done, and that smirk on her face she sliiiiid up next to him to run her hands up his chest. “How about next I show you what a BJ is…”

Ava: "SAM!" …and that’s why she didn’t want him on the ship! The Doc couldn’t keep her hands off anybody! Ava was in the doorway casting the doctor an accusing look. "No bad touching." The Doctor stepped back with her hands in the air. "It’s not bad touching when they say yes, sweetie. He’s going to spend the night with me." -03:00 Jun 16
Zeke: Zeke was already sliding away from Sam when Ava entered adn looked at her with a smile. "Healer want test me to help." he didn’t know what it would help but there were enough vial of blood around to prove that he was being tested for SOMETHING. -03:04 Jun 16
Ava: Ava was eying Zeke. He looked like he was near crawling out of his skin. Five minutes alone with Same and he was probably already sexually abused! "We’ll talk about what she needs." Ava held out her hand for him to take, giving Sam the evil eye. She liked Sam, but… "Oh c’mon sweetie, don’t give me that look! I didn’t hurt your cutie. He was in good hands, weren’t you honey." Doc Sam bat her eyes and gave her sweeeetest grin. -03:14 Jun 16
Zeke: Hands… there had been a lot of hands. He moved closer to Ava and looked at the doctor. "Healer is gentle and trusted. Say Zeke can stay tonight." he wanted to stay on the ship if Ava was. "Call good?" -03:19 Jun 16
Ava: Gentle and trusted…! "Bye Sam!" Ava snatched his hand and pulled him out of the room down the hall. She made sure she was down several corridors before she stopped him to look him over. Without touching, besides gently taking his arm and turning him. "What did she do? Just take some blood? Anything else? Did you tell her not to touch you?" -03:25 Jun 16
Zeke: He eyed her and then glanced back the way they had come. "Healer take blood, aske question about zoot and food and sickness and injury. Ask if want to stay tonight close to Ava. Teach about kiss, tell kiss Ava…" he looked thoughtful. "Want put Zeke in machine for testing." -03:31 Jun 16
Ava: "Normal stuff and then the molesty stuff, okay." MRIs and scans sounded pretty normal, and taking more blood. Maybe. Ugh…! Telling him to kiss her, real classy, Sam! "Don’t stay with Sam. She’ll do things to you that you’re not ready for. In fact, it’s a lot better if you go back to the village tonight. I’m going to have a lot of work to do and I don’t want to worry about you with Sam." -03:40 Jun 16
Zeke: He folded his arms and stood tall. "I must stay close, and… Sam… say tests help you, help entire team. I sleep on Ava floor if I must but I stay. I bigger than you, I stringer than human men, how you make go?" -03:45 Jun 16
Ava: "What? No, her tests aren’t going to help me. I don’t even know why she’s doing extra tests. Why are you evening arguing this with me! It’ll help me if you’re not here, so I can do thinks quickly and not be afraid Sam is going to feel you up, or Erickson is going to shoot you or something!" -03:55 Jun 16
Zeke: He looked at her, if she needed a reason he would give her one. Taking hold of her shoulders he ulled her close to him and closed his arms around her. "Ava part of village, ava family. Zeke protect family always. No Ava Zeke cannot go back." -04:06 Jun 16
Ava: This was an unexpected development! Ava stiffened. Frowning, she had plenty of reasons why that wasn’t a good excuse. But… She growled a bit but her body melted in compliance and she was slinking her arms around him in a reluctant hug. He likely needed one after getting god knew what from Sam! "Fine… Fine! You can stay here with me. long as you don’t go anywhere alone with Sam. Promise me?" -04:14 Jun 16
Zeke: He swayed his head. "Not alone with healer, okay. If have tests will call Ava…?" he let her go to look her in the face and pat her shoulder reasuringly. "Promise." -04:16 Jun 16

Icarus 004: Village Ceremony

[Zeke is already out and helping witht he preperations for the ceremony!] -12:40 Jun 14
[Ava is sleeeeeeping in a tree. She is kiiiinda getting used to this.] -12:42 Jun 14
Ava: Midday naps were not Ava’s thing. …Usually! But after a couple nights of little sleep, when it was suggested she stay put in the treehouse for a bit before that whole ceremony stuff, she didn’t argue. Falling asleep had been an accident, though and she was currently well content to be stretched out and dozing. -12:44 Jun 14
Zeke: Zeke entered the shelted and crotched down next to Ava. He was already painted and placing a hand on Ava’s shoulder shook her gently. "Ava, village ready for you." he then stood and fetched a bowl of water from the table to place next to her. "Clean, but no clothes." -12:52 Jun 14
Ava: "Huh?" There was a bit of muttering when she sat up. A lazy running of her hand through her hair as vision sharpened and she wearily blinked at all of his body paint. That was a great custom to note. Body painted for ceremonies. Wait, what…? "You mean ME without any clothes?" -12:58 Jun 14
Zeke: he swayed his head from side to side. "Yes, no clothes. Important for ceremony." he repeated before striding to the door and peeking out at thre gathered village, everyone was there, even the village mother , surrounded by the babies who were oddly still and quiet. Everyone was. -01:02 Jun 14
Ava: "Aaargh, this is going to be weird." she muttered to herself and with a little bit of hesitation worked on unbuttoning her shirt. There wasn’t any reason to feel weird about it. Stripping to spite her superiors would have been on her to-do list. Being stared at by a village was an entirely different matter. "It’s quiet." she remarked, shimmying out of her pants. "Why is the nakedness importantly, exactly?" -01:09 Jun 14
Zeke: He indicated his own body. "Paint. Before start you and mother paint, then start." he looked at her and then quickly away. Females were different and they affected the mind.. -01:12 Jun 14
Ava: "Oh! Okay! That’s not too bad. Paint I can totally do." She missed his glance, having dropped her discarded clothes out of the way and was reaching for the bowl of water to clean up her skin a bit. "The mother does the body painting for all zoots?" -01:20 Jun 14
Zeke: "We her children. Only she can make part of village. Sometimes others help. Today only you and mother for start. Cannot say more. When ready come, food there if need eat first." -01:24 Jun 14
Ava: The lack of information was driving her insane. How was she supposed to know if she was doing everything right, if she didn’t know what she was doing at all? Once she was sure all smudges of dirt were gone, and fussed with her hair a bit, (Why, why did she even think that was important?), she stepped out of the hut. Ava looked clearly uncomfortable not having her clothes, arms at her sides and wiggling her fingers as if she wished she had some fabric to hold on to. "I think I might skip food. I have this feeling I’m going throw up if I get too nervous? I’m not sure that’ll be too classy!" -01:35 Jun 14
Zeke: Zeke shrugged. "If shy remember you big squishy alien here. Zoots not worry about your looks." he touched the convers of his mouth again as they seemed to have slipped upwards. "Mother waiting. She will begin. This time exception, I may stay with you. You not speak zoot. usually go alone." he gestured forwards indicating she should go ahead, then waited. -01:40 Jun 14
Ava: Squishy! Ava looked down at herself for a moment. She supposed she was squishy compared to zoots. And to him… Ava rolled her eyes and took the lead, still being very wary about where she walked and none too happy about looking downwards. "You’re going to have to teach me to speak zoot. I should be here for awhile." Once she reached the Mother’s home she was also wary about stepping inside there. She didn’t know the steps for this, it was completely unfair! -01:50 Jun 14
Zeke: Zeke caught Ava’s arm and placed his other hand on her shoulder. His touch was rough but extremely gentle. "Mother in central area. Center of village, inside there no one." he guided her in the right direction, across a bridge and to where the village was gathered, then let go. The village mother was sitting in front of a bowl of paint waiting. "Go put hand on hers, she will start, then you will continue. The pattern you draw on self tell future for you in village." -02:08 Jun 14
Ava: "See, this is why you need to tell me what I’m doing…!" Haaaaands on her. That was a weird touch of butterflies. Clearly she was crazy nervous about this whole ceremony and more than a little weirded out by this whole being naked thing. When he let go, it was like being let loose in the open ocean. Ava just sort of driiifted to where she was supposed to be. A mix of curiosity at looking and seeing and noting everything, crazy nerves over something that was clearly "important", and feeling like a complete idiot prancing around nude. She placed her hands on the Mother’s with a nervous grin. "Okay?" -02:17 Jun 14
Zeke: The mother took Ava’s hands and placed them on the rim of the paint bowl and then dipping taking her own hand and dipping it into the paint reached out and smeared it on Ava’s cheeks. "I accept you in village." there was a definate buzz to the words but the allien had definately spoke in english. "Today we see in vilage spirate accept you too. Do you want be daughter of village?" -02:22 Jun 14
Ava: Holyshitwhatthefuck! That had her floored. This was EXACTLY why she wanted to know things ahead of time! You do not surprise someone with stuff like this! Ava was glancing over her shoulder and casting Zeke an alarmed look before she was staring back at the Mother. Words. Woooords. Speak stupid! "Umfff.. Yes. Yes I would like to be a daughter of the village." Wait, there was a village spirit? Would it be a literal spirit?! Being unprepared SUCKED! -02:25 Jun 14
Zeke: She took Ava’s hands and placed them into the paint as she buzzed Ava’s answer to the rest of the village. "Paint yourself" She fell silent and waited, everyone seemed to be waiting, Zeke included. -02:39 Jun 14
Ava: "So no pressure huh?" Just the fate of her presense and potentially a whole village and who knows what! Ava wasn’t exactly the creative artistic type… she could draw what she looked at, but painting your own nakedass body was an entirely different story. …but it wasn’t like she could stand around there forever. Taking a deep breath and a bit of the paint on her fingers, she just… doodled! Obviously there had to be symmetry and balance or it would just be where. She liked swirls and dots. Ava was pretty sure she was over thinking the entire thing, and ever so often she’d glance around for paint ideas to mimic on her own. At least then she’d know it would look a bit like theirs too! -02:43 Jun 14
Zeke: When it looked like Ava was getting too intricate the mother took Ava’s hands to stop her and then looked over the patterns, then up at Ava’s face. "Sit." she said pulling on Ava’s arms her alien face giving nothing away. -02:55 Jun 14
Ava: "Enough?" At this rate her stomach was going to be in knots. Ava sat, a slight unsure frown on her face. Within a few days she had at least become accostomed to zoot body language, but the Mother had very controlled movements. Trying to figure out anything was impossible, and know-everything-Ava hated not knowing what was next. -02:58 Jun 14
[Zeke enters.] -03:06 Jun 14
Zeke: Zeke came forwards to sit next to Ava and looked at the markings and then at the mother, then at the rest of the village. Then in a low buzz spoke quickly but the mother placed a ahnd on his shoulder and he stopped. "Zeke correct on meaning. But son, I explain to Ava." Zeke swayed his head and looked at Ava an unsure look on his face. "No fear, the paint always truth. Ava." she looked at the girls and then pointed to Zeke’s markings. "Guardian." she pointed to where Ava had copied them. "Same, but you have from every role. Ava, if village and spirits accept this pattern. You next mother." -03:09 Jun 14
Ava: "Whaaahaaat?" Ava was still trying to get over the fact this zoot could speak. What she was expecting was something about good tidings, or evil omens, or crazy hairless lady brings the party. This was farfetched! "…I’m not a zoot. I’m not a zoot mother? Uhhm, but I will protect zoots? I know I will. That’s not really a question. I’m just." Fuck. She was blabbering nonsense and even she knew. Ava cast a lost look at Zeke! He was the human here, he’d fix it! -03:14 Jun 14

she touched one area. “Guardian.” and then another. “Caretaker” then another “Wisdom giver” then another “Healer, you will be all this as mother. Not tomorrow, after current mother die. Until that day Zeke and mother teach you. Stand and face village. Let them see, then we see they accept.” -Zeke

Ava: "I don’t want the current mother to die!" the comment was a soft, startled squeak. But she was rising and turning to face the village. This wasn’t awful, but this was… a little more pressure than being just a part of the village. Did they know how short a human’s lifespan was? How long did zoots live! Ava didn’t even know yet! -03:23 Jun 14
[(Timeout) Zeke doesn’t post enough.] -03:56 Jun 14
[(Timeout) Ava got too distracted for their own good…] -03:56 Jun 14
Zeke: The village remained silent as the mother, holding the bowl came around, then buzzed to Zeke who reacing down took a dab of the paint and held it up for everyone to see, then with a quick motion smeared it across Ava’s back. "I accept you as part of the village." he told her, before one of the zoot approached and it too took a dab of pain and smeared it on Ava’s back, then more came, more and more until the entire vilalge was swarming arounf Ava and painting her back. -03:56 Jun 14
[Ava ] -03:57 Jun 14
Ava: Ava let out a hiss of breath. Zeke’s was a surprise and the rest was… awkward and weird, but actually kind of nice! Warm and fuzzy sort of feelings. She was assuming the spirit of the village meant the village itself. Everyone choosing to accept her as one of theirs. Before long she was feeling much less confounded by the fate of her paint doodling, and grinning as she rocked on her feet. Accepted in to an alien civilization. This was awesome. -04:00 Jun 14
Zeke: When the village retreated zeke offered Ava his hand. Vllage accept you. Now for spirit." the village mother was the last to pain her back and head back to the other Zoots. "I show you way. No worry. When I do this, spirit accept me. Spirit accept you too." -04:04 Jun 14
Ava: "That wasn’t the spirit part…?" Oh great! Just when she thought all the difficult parts were over. Ava’s grin vanished when she took his hand, replaced by that pensive expression again. "You were a baby. I’m an adult, and not exactly the upstanding example of one either." -04:06 Jun 14
[Zeke enters.] -04:12 Jun 14
Zeke: "I was not baby." he said "I grew to age just like zoot, then ask spirit. Sperit never refuse, you meet spirit already." he took her with his hadn gently clasping hers towards the tree in the edge of the platform, then brushing aside vines revleaned a hidden opening with handholds carved into the inside of the trea meading up, far up to the very top where another platform waited. -04:15 Jun 14
Ava: "Oh gods, do we really have to go all the way up there…?" Of course they did! Things couldn’t be easy and on the ground, that’s just now how anything worked. She was making an odd sound of dread and if she didn’t want so very badly to actually be a part of the village and get to study it, she would have quit right then. Being naked and painted, whatever. Climbing trees… why’d it have to be giant trees! Ava finally was grasping the holds to climb up. Muttering under the breath the whole way. -04:19 Jun 14
Zeke: He followed and when they were at the top may have been a little red in the face when he indicated her where to sit before sitting himself. "Only wait." he said softly looking at the vista above the jungles’ canopy. "Wait for spirit to accept, then go down, then you part of village." -04:23 Jun 14
Ava: His face was all red and she was giving him a curious stare until she realized he just had himself a good full view of her under carriage. Now HER face was red and she was plopping to sit and cross her arms, despite the fact at this point there was no sense in it. The view was… really, reaaaaaallly awesome…! Ava was dumbstruck to silence for a few moments. At least until she remembered how high up they were. "And how do we know the spirit has accepted? A special sign..?" -04:26 Jun 14
Zeke: "Spirit will come and accept you. You will see spirit." he said before lying down and looking at the sky. "Best be quiet, meant to be alone." he didn’t get to see the sky very often without having to be boing something, and it was nice to just relax. -04:28 Jun 14
Ava: "…Is it like a ghost? Or a bird?" she couldn’t help but ask the questions. Ava wasn’t exactly the quiet type. But fine! She shut her mouth and watched him. Stretched out and covered in paint himself, and buttass naked for the whole universe to see. "So why am I not alone now? I thought you only needed to be with me with Mother, who can clearly speak something other than zoot so that was a bit unnecessary. I’m sure as hell not gonna jump off this thing. …Oh god, if the spirit doesn’t accept you, you don’t get thrown off do you?" Holy crap! Biggest nightmare ever! Falling to your death naked! She had a dream like this once! -04:32 Jun 14
Zeke: "Bzzzzzz." he said. "First lesson. That say to children who not quiet." he said giving her a grin, then touching him lips again and looking confused. "Spirit speak, you not speak zoot. I here to tell you story to spirit." -04:35 Jun 14
[(Timeout) Zeke doesn’t post enough.] -04:38 Jun 14
Ava: There was a twist of her mouth. A half frown, half scowl. But Ava shut her mouth. If he had to speak to the spirit, then it wasn’t something to be afraid of. At least not a ghost. He didn’t say the spirit WOULDN’T throw her off the tree. "….but seriously, what happens to people the spirit doesn’t accept?" She had to know! -04:38 Jun 14
Zeke: Hours passed, and Zeke got up to erect a sun shade for both of them, then hours more passed with him dozing underneath his half of it, then when the sun started to near the horizon there was the buzzing of wings and on the corner of the platform an insect landed, the same startlingly zoot-like kind of insect from the pond. Zeke opened one eye and then sat up as he saw it, tapping Ava on the shoulder and nodding towards it. "Show spirit markings." -04:42 Jun 14
Ava: Sitting and sitting and sitting. Most of it was in silence, because that was the thing to do and he flat out refused to answer her question, like a jerk. Which left her sitting in anxious, nervous panic wondering how many different ways a person could die when falling off a tree. She nearly jumped when he tapped her shoulder and spoke. …the neat zootbug! Ava gave Zeke a questioning glance, then peered at the thing curiously before well… showing it the markings! -04:45 Jun 14
Zeke: The insect inched closer as Zeke buzzed at it, telling the story of how Ava came to the tribe and gesturing to the marking painted on her body, then the creature took off and landed in Ava’s lap looking up at her and Zeke let out a breath. "Spirit accept Ava. Take and and drop from platform, then down to village have feast." -04:49 Jun 14
Ava: "And that’s it, no more surprises for Ava?" Aw man, the little bug was adorable. So adorably adorable! She didn’t care if it was appropriate or not, she rubbed it’s little head with a tip of her finger before scooping it up in her hands. So smaaaall. "Wait, I drop this poor thing? Cause you better not mean dropping me." -04:52 Jun 14
Zeke: "Insect can fly, will be down before us." he said. "Now this one your patron. When need will be there, then Ava have baby, will be there, when Ava die, will be there." he explained. "Zoot care for them, they care for zoot." -04:54 Jun 14
Ava: "Like a fairy god zoot." That was a sweet sentiment. Ava was not sure how much she believed, but she was more than happy to be able to stay and learn. ..and dropping the poor thing was the first start, so…! With a quick pop she tossed it off the platform and looked down after it. …which wasn’t the best of ideas, cause then dizzy Ava had to scoot back and cling to Zeke with her eyes squeezed shut. "Hokay…! Looking was a bad idea! Going back down now is good!" -04:58 Jun 14

Icarus 004: Hunting

[Zeke in in his shelter ofter a long, dark night and is still on the floor on top of a mat without any covering whatsoever.] -07:04 May 09
[Ava is sleeping. Which is good, because it took her quite awhile to fall asleep!] -07:09 May 09
Ava: Camping out in the wilderness and sleeping on things less than a nice fluffy mattress wasn’t a problem for Ava. But getting to sleep when it was pitch black, while you could -swear- you felt the tree swaying in the wind and strange predator-like noises outside? Not so much. Nor did it help that she couldn’t turn off her brain and was spending way too much time pondering the life and fate of a lost naked human in a jungle full of zoots. Now she was good and out, throwing an arm over her face to block out the creeping sunlight and mumbling about needing a few more hours of sleep. -07:14 May 09
Zeke: Bur she wouldn’t be allowed to sleep as Zeke was stirring and on a bed of sand and flat stones a fire was being coaxed into life. There was a bowl of herbs and another of water that was being set in a frame above the flames and as soon the a herbs were added to the water thier amoma filled the shelter, also just after sunrise a zoot visited with a paste that was set next to the fire as zeke yawned. Today was a big day and the star was still sleeping. -07:21 May 09
Ava: The sounds she could ignore, but the smell she couldn’t. Her eyes were still closed when her mouth twisted up in that thoughtful pondering way, trying to decipher what scents were in the mix besides that nice burn of fire. Finally her curiosity got the better of her and she leaned to take a peek. Wearily sitting up to run her fingers through her hair and peer at him a bit confused, but definitely interested. "…is it a good idea to burn stuff when you’re in a big giant tree?" -07:25 May 09
Zeke: He looked at her then at the fire and shrugged. "Never burned tree yet." the lifted the bowl from the fire and placed it in front og her, it would help wake her up and give her the energy she needed, the paste was also put in fron of her to eat then Zeke was standing a stretching to het a bag of sand to poar over the fire to extinquish it. "Eat, drink, ceremony soon. Whole village almost ready. Cannot know hoe long it will take." -07:33 May 09
Ava: "Sounds ominous." Ava didn’t know what to expect with the whole ceremony thing, and almost wished she had a little time to know whether or not it’d be a good idea… But she never had a problem jumping in head first before, she wouldn’t stop now. She dipped a finger in the paste and eyed it dubiously before sticking in her mouth for a taste. "Am I going to get any hints about it, or is it pretty normal to have no idea what you’re doing?" -07:39 May 09
Zeke: He looked at her. "You know too much." he sat back down and stretched out his legs. "Before ceremony I hunt and bathe, you can come." he rubbed his shoulder easing a little stiffness and sighed. "Once ceremony begins we cannot talk until over." -07:45 May 09
Zeke: He looked at her. "You know too much." he sat back down and stretched out his legs. "Before ceremony I hunt and bathe, you can come." he rubbed his shoulder easing a little stiffness and sighed. "Once ceremony begins we cannot talk until over." -07:45 May 09
Ava: Ava gave him an incredulous look before she laughed. "I know too much, huh! That’s kinda funny since I don’t know much at all." she was still grinning when she took a sip of the liquid… and cough! Okay, that wasn’t so good. Blech. Ava swallowed it down as quickly as she could anyway. "I guess splashing around last night was not much of a real bath… What are we going to hunt today?" -07:50 May 09
Zeke: "What the predator not already killed." he said before standing and moving over to the door to pull open the flap covering it and looking over the villagethat was in full swing he was waiting for Ava to finishe eating and gaging how long it would be until the right time to be back. -07:55 May 09
Ava: "Things that are too small for a killdozing predator to notice, gotcha." Ava wanted to see this damn predator. …or didn’t want to see. Her curiosity about it was pretty strong, but at the same time to buildup of expectation and terror about it was creating quite a monster in her head. Ava ate as quickly as possible, seeing as there was a full agenda for the day. And when she was done, she was tugging on her boots and snatching up her bag to follow after him. -07:58 May 09
Zeke: "killdozing…" a work he didn’t get, but ava was ready and so it was time to go. He headed towards the platform they had jumped from previously, it was after all the fastest way down and Ava had done it once before so there shouldn’t be a problem. He didn’t even slow down when he snatched up a bundle of spears and slung them on his back and started jogging aling the bridge to the platform. -08:14 May 09
Ava: Oh gods of planets everywhere, he was moving too damned fast on these surely dangerous death trap bridges! "Wait, wait, wait wait…! I’d like to get through here without plummeting to my doom!" Ava refused to rush. Rushing meant bad footing and bad footing meant tripping. She had no pretenses about assuming herself graceful. -08:21 May 09
Zeke: He stopped and turned. "Maybe no shoes you can go faster." he said holding out his hand to her in the middle of the bridge. "No worry, I hold on, not let go." he smiled slightly without realizing and waited for her to catch up. -08:28 May 09
Ava: "We’ve had this sensitive skin convo before." The moment she reached him she grabbed a hold of his hand. At least if she fell he’d set her up right again. It was the jump that was gonna suck. "Do we really have to do the jumping thing again? There’s no other way down? It’s just… I don’t exactly have a lot of fears, but we seem to be tapping on to all of them here!" -08:31 May 09
Zeke: He paused and then looked at her. Zoot not afraid, Zeke not afraid…" he continued walking to the platfor. "If you want,, you have have baby way down." he reached the platform and pulled a rope towards Ava. "Hold on and jump." it would deposit her on the bank, and was the usual meathod of getting down while carrying a baby. -08:41 May 09
Ava: Somehow her pride was a little bit hurt just because it was called the baby way down. She knew perfectly well it wasn’t any sort of comment about her, but it bit a little. Zoots not afraid, Zeke not afraid… Ava really shouldn’t be afraid either. Regardless of whether or not it was a totally legit fear! "Nononono, that’s okay. I did it once, I can do it again, right? Right. The you holding on and not letting go offer is still on the table, though?" -08:46 May 09
Zeke: "Tabe?" he looked down at thier joined hands and raised them to look at them curiously. "Zoot no use tables, eat on floor, in circle, sometimes mat if wood is new and splinters." he looked at her curiously. "You want table in shelter?" he would have to wee about getting metal for nails… zoots didn’t normally have them. -09:24 May 09
Ava: "I – No. It’s an expression." It was easy to forget he wouldn’t understand turn of phrases like that. It made her grin and almost laugh again. "I don’t need a table, I can adjust. I just meant I’d like to hold your hand still when we make this crazy stupid jump cause I’m a paranoid idiot and it’d make me feel better." -09:31 May 09
Zeke: Well that was… fast and confusing. But he did understand that she said she couldn’t make the jump alone, so letting go of her hand he picled her up bridal style and stepped over to the edge of the pflatform and then simply stepped off carrying her down with him and landing with a splash. It seemed like the easiest, quickest, and safest solution when they didn’t have all the time he’d like to get food. -09:44 May 09
Ava: "Wait – gaaaah!" Ava was expecting a little prep time! Which left her squealing and clinging on to his neck all the way down until there was that cold hit of water. Even then she didn’t let go, not even when they were bobbing back to the surface and she was giving him a started scowl. "A warning would have nice!" -09:49 May 09
[(Timeout) Zeke doesn’t post enough.] -10:18 May 09
[Zeke enters.] -10:30 May 09
Zeke: "You knew we would." he said wading to the bank and then setting her down and shaking his wet hair out as best he could. The he drew a spear from the bundle on his back and looked around ears pricked for movement. "Ever hunted?" he asked. -10:31 May 09
Ava: "Knowing and being prepaired are two different things." Man, he was pretty strong hauling her around like that. Once on her feet she rang out her own hair. Going naked was seeming like a better idea if they were gonna keep jumping in to ponds. "Nope, never hunted before… at least not for food. Normally I’m just hunting to study creatures in their habitats and trying to do it without them noticing me and getting scared. It’s pretty much the same thing though, right?" -10:35 May 09
Zeke: "Bzzzt." he explaimed telling her to keep quiet as he tossed the spear upwards, caught it in a grip that one might use for a paper airplane, then with his arm trazeling in an arc he sent it sailing through the air through the trees and disappearing. Then he was dashing off after it another spear already coming into than and there was a shrill squeal. -10:42 May 09
Ava: "What, what?" Already?! Was he like, superhuman man-zoot of the forest? How did he even know something was out there! They’d been on the ground less than two seconds! Ava hopped after him, a little more wary about trying not to run in to things. "… I though hunting required hours of tracking and looking!" -10:46 May 09
Zeke: "Sometimes lucky." he said lifting his spear and with a pale green furry creature the size of a rabbit on the end then he pulled it off and examined his kill, thne he held it out for Ava to take and have a look at. "Can make you a bag from this." he said. "Color good for you." -10:58 May 09
Ava: "Is this a weird time to mention I always feel really bad about dead animals?" Green fur… that was such an unusual pigment! Despite being hesitant to handle something dead, she couldn’t resist giving a poke to test the texture of the fur. "Do zoots hunt and make things from what they hunt, or did you learn it from Icarus? Your bag looked pretty similar to stuff we use all the time." -11:01 May 09
Zeke: He tilted his head, "Zoots hung and gather, but not have spears until Icarus. Mostly take fresh kills from predator." he then looked at his bag. "Copy design from bag on Icarus, made myself. Zoot use bags from Icarus until all break. Good for carrying, baby bed, many things." -11:15 May 09
Ava: "Icarus crashing here is a big moment for their history… you’re going to be known forever as the manzoot who changed the world. I’m glad it’s been good changes." Ava knew plenty enough about history to know that outside civiliations blowing in tended to crush small underdeveloped ones. She got lost in thought for a moment, tapping her chin and pondering how she could avoid that happening with the zoots… "Um, anyway, yes.. you’ve been a blessing to them. Especially with the predator and whatever scared them out here with it." -11:25 May 09
Zeke: He placed the kill in his bag and started walking deeper into the trees. "Zoot dying." he said. "Mother told me, before many hundreds. Now few. We cannot kill other zoot but other village try to kill us. They zoot but kill others. They desperate, zoot had choice. Defend and kill zoot, or leave. They come here where food scarse, no foor for everyone. Every mother have fewer children so more food for everyone. Now just enough." -11:33 May 09
Ava: Zoot on zoot violence, that wasn’t what she was excpecting. Ava was dumbfounded for a moment before she quickly caught up with him. "So there is another tribe out there somewhere? Why would they turn on your tribe? Because of food there too?" She imagined even with Zeke’s help it had to be hard to get enough food when the predator was out killing everthing edible. And she was still trying to place timeline of history. "How long ago was that. Before they found you?" -11:39 May 09
Zeke: He shrugged. "Cannot say how long. Thier homes burned, then have no food, nowhere to go. They ask for help, not enugh help available. They take. Do not know if they still there. All who go look never come home. Many days travel away, predator always around. O offer to go but tribe needs me." -11:47 May 09
Ava: "Unanswered questions are like the bane of my existance…" she mumbled. That was strange and curious. The zoots did need him, though. …but she could find out! The trick would be directions and having a team to go with her. That was going to be a little difficult to accomplish. "…I am getting too far ahead of myself. There is so much to explore and if you let me get carried away, I am likely to kidnap you on some weird adventure somewhere and you’ll never get food back to your zoots. We hunt for more?" -11:51 May 09
Zeke: He nodded and then started looking up at the trees. "You wish help zoots, help zoots get food, learn skill and care for zoot. Zoots innocent. Never mean harm. Humans mean harm. I can mean harm. Zoot never think of harm. Mother tell me if humans like other zoot village, zoot leave, all zoot. I protect from pradator and zoot find new home." -11:59 May 09
Ava: Ava stuffed her hands in her pockets, glancing up at the treeline too just to see if maybe she’d spot something that might be an edible animal. …she wasn’t so sure how he could see those green furred critters when -everything- was green. "I wish I could promise that they’ll not be like those other zoots. I could promise I’m not, and the Commander’s not, and lots of people on the ship would never cause any harm. But I don’t trust Erickson, no matter what my father says. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I’ll do my best to make sure the zoots will be okay, though." -12:04 May 10

Icarus 003: Wading

[Zeke has just seen the leader of the ‘alien’ visitors and it still cradling a baby.] -06:49 May 06
[Ava had a chat with Commander Dad, and it wasn’t as bad as she thought! She just has to take Zeke for an eval, and then she can go… study the zoots!] -06:50 May 06
Ava: Ava was counting off a list of extra equiptment she’d need for spending a week in trees out in the wilderness. And now Erickson couldn’t complain about it, she had the Commander’s approval. She was looking pretty pleased by the entire conversation. "We’ll just have to get you checked over in the medical bay. I guess to see if living here long term has done anything strange to you. But that won’t take long at all." -06:54 May 06
Zeke: He frowned at her and stood up strait with the zootling scadled in the crux of his arm. "Healthy." he said looking down as he before the baby pulled itself into a sitting pisition and held out it’s arms towards her and buzzed it’s wings wantng to be taken by her. -06:58 May 06
Ava: She didn’t seem to have any problem reaching out to take the zootling, and was delighted to do so! How old was this one… did it come out of the egg like this? A new slurry of questions were lining up in a queue in her head as she gave him a curious expression. "Yes, healthy! But there could be changes too. Like DND restructuring or things in your blood we can’t see. I won’t let Doc Sam take anything more than a blood sample from you, though, otherwise we’d never get back to your zoots before dark." Ava rose too, with the zoot in her arms. He did look healthy. Better than most of Erickson’s soldiers, even with his hair wild and skin covered in dirt. "This way." -07:02 May 06
Zeke: He was confused by her warning but followed, she was alter all holding onto a zootling that was his to protect and they wanted knowledge… "If no changes, humans stay?" he asked looking at her. He still didn’t trust the visitors and neither did the tribe’s mother. -07:05 May 06
Ava: "Um, I don’t know, actually! Our ship’s mission is for mapping systems and finding worlds safe for colonization. But it’s not something that would happen immediately. And I don’t know what the rules are about sentient species. We’re not looking for worlds to steal…" Damnit, she should have talked to the commander about that, but chances were he was already working on it. -07:10 May 06
Zeke: Once again he didn’t grasp her full meaning but he remembered reading something long ago. "Law is, first man on island owner of island. He looked at her and then smiled. "My world, I say who stay. No one who hurt zoot may stay." -07:15 May 06
Ava: Ava stared at him with a baffled expression for a moment, until she broke out in to a laugh. "Sounds pretty reasonable to me, King of the Zoots. I don’t want to see them hurt either… I want to see how they live!" Ava was still grinning when she rounded a corner and crossed through the threshold in to the medbay. There was a lot of plain boring white, steel and that faint smell of disinfectant. A woman quite a few years older than Ava was sitting on an examine table chewing on a piece of jerky and flipping through some magazine. "Oh! There you are babe. I’ve read this stupid thing like ten times already, and heelloooo jungle man." Ava gestured toward the lady. "This is Doctor Sam. Don’t be scared, okay?" -07:25 May 06
Zeke: "Zoots have no king, only mother." He looked around the room and mostly ignoring the doctor stepped up yo a console and stared at it. It wasn’t the same as the ones in the icarus but seemed to have the same basic layout and he should be able to work out how to use it and get the knowledge within, if he wasnte to. "Name Zeke." he said turning back around and facing the doctor. -07:32 May 06
Ava: "Okay. King of Planet Zeke! That’s as good of a name for a planet as any." Ava took the zoot over to a table to set it down, and handed it a big cotton swab to play with. "Zeke, huh? I hear you dropped all of Erickson’s highly trained morons in two seconds. Here, have a seat on this little chair for me, while I feel you up. Hey, babe, you want a blood sample of that green thing too?" Doctor Sam was kidding about the feeling up, she already had her hands on Zeke, poking, prodding and examining. "This is a baby zoot, and nope! No touching the zoots, they won’t understand. Commander gave me a thumbs up to stay with them and study, though!" -07:38 May 06
Zeke: He sat on the chair and cast a wearly eye at the doctor. He didn’t want anyone touching the baby. "Men threaten Ava, Zeke, and baby. Disobey female command. They stopped, not hurt." -07:43 May 06
Ava: "Female command, huh?" Doc Sam cast one hell of a wicked looked towards Ava, who just responded with a roll of her eyes. While the baby was distracted with the cotton swab, Ava pulled out a tape measure to get a rough estimate how tall it was and the length of it’s wings. "The zoots have a matriach society, which is pretty neat. -And- they adopted him when they found him. This is the first time he’s ever seen humans before!" Doc Sam was busy cleaning up a spot on his arm, and now prepping a little glass tube. "Never seen people before, honey? No girls, no nothing?" -07:50 May 06
Zeke: He pointed at the console. "Seen humans on Icarus. Flat, not answer back. Recording?" he was unsure of that last work and rolled it around his mouth befor the babybuzzed at him waving the swab and he turned to buzz back. "Baby is hungry." he said looking at Ava and bemoving his bag and holding it out to her. If had food. -07:54 May 06
Ava: Ava took the bag and dug around in it, wasting a little more time than she should have simply because she was curious. But she pulled some bits of fruit out to offer the baby, grinning when it took it in exchange for the chewed on swab. "Honey, people on a screen ain’t the same thing. I’ll show you some boobs here in a second, this might hurt a little bit." Without giving any extra warning, Doc Sam pressed the tube against his arm and there was a sharp prick. A second or two later the vial was filled with red and she was whisking it away to a table. -07:59 May 06
Zeke: It stung but he didn’t flinch, in fact he was darely taking his eyes off the baby making sure it didn’t choke or eat too fast. "What boobs?" he asked leaning in his chair to lookagain look at the console. He was itching to try it. -08:07 May 06
Ava: "You are in for a treat, honey. Boobs are-" Doc Sam had put away the vile and was already unzipping her vest, despite the fact Ava was waving her arms at her to cut it out. Maybe the woman (or Zeke) was saved by the alarm, as Erickson’s non-too-pleased voice was practically snarling over the intercom. Addision. Your creatures are swarming near the ship. Unless you want me to shoot every last one of them, I suggest you get your ass outside and do something about it. Now it was Ava scowling. Why’d it always have to come down to shooting at things? -08:14 May 06
Zeke: Zeke didn’t wait, spear in hand he was already out the door and storming down the corridor, someone had threatened the zoots and he would see them safe before teaching them not to. He didn’t beed Ava as a guide he remembered the way having a excelent memory and sense of direction and when he reached the ramp down he discovered armed ben looking over the group of Zoots who were sitting in a circle examining the look they had gotten from the ruined campsite. He counted the gans pointed at them and his hand tightened around his spear. Maybe it was time for another reminder. -08:19 May 06
Ava: "Zeke…! Sorry, Sam…!" Ava had to pause long enough to drop that cotton swab in to a bag, but then she was scooping up that baby and running after Zeke before he got himself in to more trouble. He was apparently pretty damn quick when he wanted to be! Ava nearly stumbled down the ramp, and as expected there were a bunch of jumpy goons with guns… worse now that Zeke made a reappearance. Erickson caught her arm before she got much further. "The Commander has chosen to play favorites, that’s fine. Run fucking wild in the jungle, Addision, but keep them away from our camps. Show me where the Icarus is and get them out of here." Ava huffed and pulled her arm away. "They’re just worried about Zeke. And it’ll be dark soon, let me take them back home and then tomorrow when that predator isn’t out you can go get your stupid Icarus." -08:27 May 06
Zeke: Zeke pushed his way past the armed men and goined the group of Zoot who all jumped up and stoped off thier tn mugs, scraps of metal, foor wrappers, tools, and items of clothing that they had, one of them even climbed onto Zeke’s shoulders and buzzed excitedly while waving around a pair of Ericson’s boxers. Zeke was buzzing at them though and glanced back at Ava and the baby. "We go." he called back. "Mother worried about baby. Food soon and tonight very dark, no moons." -08:34 May 06
[Zeke is listening to the zoots while trying to convince them to take thier looted items back.] -01:25 May 09
[Ava does not want to go back up in to those trees, but it’ll be sunset soon… On the bright side, she is getting to explore a bit before the night grows dark and full of terrors!] -01:27 May 09
Ava: Places like the waterfall pond full of fish and weird creatures and plants! At least -now- she wasn’t jumping down in it from countless feet above. Ava looked up where she couldn’t even see the ramp through the trees and mist. "Baaah… So not doing that again." …she also did not want her clothes soaking for a second time that day. Seeing as she was left alone, it wasn’t going to hurt to pull off her clothes so she could splas around hunting critters and maybe clean up a bit too. -01:31 May 09
Zeke: Zeke was buzzing to the zoots when one of then hanging from a branch buzzed and gestured. Slowly Zeke stood and caught sight of Ava over the bushes and she was removing her coverings. Zeke was used to being naked, and seeing the zoots naked but ava was something new, she had lumps on her chest and nothing between her legs, squinting Zeeke cound see hair there but no protrusions… it was odd. Still he didn’t think to call out he just stared and didn’t even notice when she zoots climbed up him and cling to him also watching, then they buzzed and Zeke almost jumped out of his skin. -01:40 May 09
Ava: Everything tossed on the bank down to shaking her hair loose, Ava was pretty content to wade in the water and kick around for something interesting and alive. …There was the buzzing of zoots, though. So much for being alone. At least they weren’t going to be much of a bother unless they jacked her clothes and ran off with them. Of course that was enough to make her turn and prepare to shout or bzzzt at the thieving beasts. Only… it wasn’t just zoots. "…oh hell in a basket!" With a very quick and rigid turn to make sure it was her back facing him, Ava grumbled through her teeth. Why did she think this was a good idea?! She always had bad ideas! -01:46 May 09
Zeke: He buzzed back at the zoots and then scattered to catch creatures for Ava, since that was what she was looking at most. Then he was stepping forwards and out of the bushes towards her. "You red." he said not knowing he was too, and that furcher down there was a ridhed display of feeling too. "You wish to clean?" he asked digging the tip of his spear into the dirt and stopping a small distance away. "I tell zoots find animals for you, you can swim, with me." -01:53 May 09
Ava: Of course she was red! She was standing in a waterfall pond, buttass naked for no good reason other than wanting to keep her clothes dry! There was no way she was going to admit that. And from his response to Doc Sam earlier, it’s not like he knew what boobs were! …Ava struggled to stay as nonchalant as possible. "I uh… wanted to look for critters and thought washing at the same time would kill two problems with one stone?" Wait, what. Swim -with- him? She spied at him from the corner of her eye. "I supposed you’re great at swimming…" -01:57 May 09
Zeke: He shrugged. "Zoots swim, I swim, what good, what bad?" he had no reference to work from for human averaged in swiming strength. "You should wear less, normal for zoot. Hot, damp, bare better. You stay here no need clothes." -02:01 May 09
Ava: Yeeeaah, that’s when she slooowwly inched herself forward in to the water until it was good and up to her chin. There was that slight twist of her mouth where she was trying to decide whether or not she’d scowl or laugh at how absurb this whole situation was. Erickson would be flipping his shit. ..if it was Erickson she’d be prancing around naked on purpose just to piss him off! This was different. "Clothes protect your skin from things, especially in a new environment… Last thing I want to do is get lashed and nipped in weird places, a girl’s skin is sensitive, y’know." -02:06 May 09
Zeke: He made a face and then put down his bag and slipped into the water. "Not in village. Village safe." then he stretched out to float on his back and look up into the trees, anywhere but Ava. "You choose. You have different life. I like no clothes." he made a sound as a zoot jumped into his stomach and held out a small squid like creature with bony hooks at the end of each tentackle that were still wriggling as it’s gills dialated in the air. -02:13 May 09
Ava: Creature! Ava battled the urge to wade herself immediately towards the new wiggly thing. There were other wiggly bits she was overly concerned about now. And why? She had a very distinct advantage of culture and human awareness here! She was the one acting like an idiot. Ava ducked under the water for a moment and when she popped back out, she was much, muuuch closer. Eyeing the little creature the zoot held like some sort of skittish, weird predator. Awesome, now she was thinking of herself like a predator. "…and you are more than welcome to be as unclothed as you like. What is that thing?" -02:18 May 09
Zeke: He looked and then buzzed. "No human name… not have on earth?" he "Good food, tonight you eat?" he buzzed at the zoot who then carefully started to tear the hook off before holding it wowards Ava. -02:22 May 09
Ava: Ava eyed it, but wasn’t quite reaching for it yet. "No.. there are similar things on Earth. And sometimes things like it on other worlds. I’m just a little bit wary of them after getting tangled up with a much bigger and hungrier looking version." She iiiinched closer to take the zoot’s offering. "…you don’t eat it like this do you? No cooking?" -02:26 May 09
Zeke: "We cook." he said looking at the creature who was growing weaker and suffocating out of the water. "Take out insides and cook on fire. Eat crispy or stew." Another zoot scampered along a branch with a large insect in it’s hand, it looked like a much cmaller zoot only brown and having six wings and much smaller insectoid bead like a mantis’, and when he saw it Zeke buzzed at the zoot who buzzed back and geantly placed the insect on the end of the branch there it shook it’s wings, apparently perfectly tame. -02:38 May 09
Ava: "Good goooood, I am not a big fan of popping slimey things in my mouth." What was thaaaaat tiny thing! Her worries about naked swimming were completely abandoned in favor of wading closer to the zoot’s insect and standng in the shallower water to get a better look. "And what’s this thing! Is it like a pet? Do zoots have pets? The structure of it is so similar… I wonder if it’s in the same genus…" -02:43 May 09
Zeke: Zeke buzzed the the zoot on his stomach who jumped onto the shore and then stood on the bottom to wake out to Ava. "Precious, zoot keep safe, forbidden to hurt. Stories say sould of zoot become these when zoot dies. When zoot born, creature visits parents. Parents feed creature. More creature eats, story say stronger baby will be. Zoot respect creatures, story says creatures are zoots who came before… he searched for the right word. Ancestor." -02:49 May 09
Ava: "Ancestors and reincarnation… that is very neat! I bet I could figure out which is which if I could fossil hunt." Careful with the little things, then. Ava refrained from reaching out to touch it, to avoid getting it’s little wings wet. Precious creatures meant no taking live samples, fossils would be better. She looked very delighted to have acquired a new bit of info, to the point of rocking on her feet again. "There are more creatures that make a habitat around this waterfall, isn’t there?" Oooh, damnit. She had almost forgotten about the nakedness. Once she caught site of him, she was wary all over again. -02:55 May 09
Zeke: The creature watched her with it’s head tilted and then took off flying into the trees. "Many creatures. Water safe from predator… but …" as if on cue there was a banging sound and he looked up. "Dark soon, mother calls children home." he turned and waded towards the bank and his bag. "Tonight no light, we eat before sunset and go home. dangerous to have light after dark. Even in village." -03:01 May 09
Ava: "So I picked the best night to sleep out in the jungle when I have an irrational fear of the dark. This should be fun!" Ava didn’t sound -quite- convinced, and definitely looked more than a little disappointed that discovery time was all over. …but she was going to have a meal with a new society! While his back was still turned to her, she scooted as quick as she could to the bank and quickly dragged her shirt over her head. So much for not getting her clothes wet. "It can’t get up in the trees, though, right? You did say it was safe in the trees?" -03:05 May 09
Zeke: "If you think is safer in ground you can stay." he teased as he picked up his hide bag and slung it over his shoulder. Around them Zoot were heading in the direction of the village and he turned to face Ava. "You sleep in my house. You are safe." -03:18 May 09
Ava: Ava was shoving on her boots and looking up to give him a doubtful expression. "Boy, if I had a sapphire for every time a guy told me that…" she muttered. Yep, he just paraded around naked. Why was she just noticing this now? Ava snatched up her own bag, mumbling about pants and nightlights. "I’m not gonna sleep out here, anyway. I’ll take my chances with you and the zoots." -03:22 May 09
Zeke: He held out his hand for her while holding onto the breanch that would take them up. "Good, I don’t bite." Once he had a firl hold on her he took then up and they landed on the platform and already the zoots were eating. They appareantly wanted to get to safety well before the sun set. "You can sleep on mother’s house if better." he said taking a cowl of food and walking with it to a clear spot to sit. -03:27 May 09
Ava: Yep, she was going to spend the night in the trees in pitch black darkness. At least this time she didn’t cringe or gasp on the way up. Ava -was- more than happy to take a seat with him though. "That’s okay. I think she’ll sleep better not having to worry about a stranger near her babies." With a bowl of her own, she was very thurough about testing temprature and taste. Giving those thoughtful shifts of expression while she tried to pick out different flavors, and decide if she liked it or not. …it tasted a lot better than some of the crap they made in the cafeteria! Ava grinned at him. "I talk a lot and ask a lot of questions, but you’re the one that’s lived here alone, the only one like you for all of this time. I don’t mind answering questions. It’s fair trade." -03:33 May 09
Zeke: He looked at her again and then pushed a crunchy peice of fish between his lips and chewed. "Not good with language. Think in zoot, have to translate. Questions dificult. Learn english from Icarus. Read books, recording, many things do not understand. Tomorow I get book, you explain to me, after… festival." no that wasn’t the right word. "Initiation… welcome… ceremony." -03:40 May 09
Ava: "For learning from a spaceship, you’re pretty damned good at it. Like… exceptionally good!" Just about everything about him was exceptional, he really was a miracle to even be alive and in such a good shape as he was. Half the men on the ship couldn’t even boast that. …or maybe she had an unfair advantage after staring at him naked way more than was normal? Ava coughed and had to pause to catch her breath. Then she was casting him a curious look. "Initiation ceremony for who, what?" -03:44 May 09
Zeke: "You." he said pointing. "You stay with us, so you must be one with village." he looked at her and chewed on a ftringy vegitable and then picked up a water bowl and drinking from it. "Then you will be zoot and trusted by all zoot. You will be daughter of village, and daughter of white hair. Bridge between zoot, and earth." -03:50 May 09
Ava: "I will?" …he may as well have given her the entire planet. Her response was just instinctual joy, pouncing to throw her arms around his neck and hug him – completely forgetting that he probably had no idea what that was! Ava was practically giggling. "That’s awesome…! Great! I can’t wait. There’s so much I want to learn here and-" Hmm! …she should let go! A very sheepish Ava pulled back. "Sorry." -03:53 May 09
Zeke: He had spilled his water and was wet but he shook his head. "Not bad." he said "Zoot touch all time. You show happiness, that is all that important. Mother will happy. She worried I lonely. Only human in village." -04:00 May 09
Ava: "And now you’re not! Plus, I’m not Erickson, so you get much better company." Note to self, refrain from over-giddy poucing. Ava used use shirt sleeve to try and dry some of the water off him. Naked him. Great, now she was NEVER going to get through a thought without thinking about it now. "…um, what IS acceptable personal space boundaries for zoots anyway? Humans are pretty complicated about it." -04:04 May 09
Zeke: He blinked. "I…" he scratche his head. "No boundries." he said. "To zoot touching is trust. Trust important to keep village together. Strange humans not touch. Asuume you not know zoot, slow to trust. Understand." -04:09 May 09
[Zeke enters.] -04:13 May 09
Ava: "Well, it means the same things to humans too. Touching is trusting… But um… I guess we aren’t so likely to trust people as openly. Or at all. …Nevermind, it IS strange and complicated. I like the zoots way better. Being able to trust everyone and feeling safe that way." She shifted to glance around and watch all of the zoots and the way they touched and interacted. …of course it didn’t answer other questions. She’d save those for a time she wasn’t thinking like Doctor Sam. "I want to stay here. Longer than just a few days. Is that going to be okay?" -04:16 May 09
Zeke: "You will be daughter of village, you welcome to stay forever." he reached out and took an offered bowl and placed it in front of her. "Creature from today." he said taking out a fried tentacle and pushing it into his mouth and crunching on it. -04:22 May 09
Ava: "Now it looks edible." Staying forever. He had no idea how much she really, really wanted to. There was no way she could learn all she wanted to in just a few weeks. There was a lifetime’s worth of things to study. …and then there was him! He was weird. Ava pulled off a piece to pop in to her mouth and was relieved to find it tasted edible too. "This is good. You’ll take me to find more creatures tomorrow? And other foods! And the book you want to show me, I’ll look at that too." -04:28 May 09
Zeke: "Tomorow busy." he said "But if finished, we find more creatures, more food." he was peeling a fruit and popping a segment in his mouth. "Once you daughter of village, small test. If pass I talk to mother about fosil." he popped another segment into his mouth and smiled. "You really want be zoot?" -04:40 May 09
Ava: "I have been waiting my entire life to find somewhere like this." Ava grinned wiiiide, taking a very cheeky sip of water. It was really hard to contain that excitement, and so far the only people who wanted to hear it from her was him and her father! "To discover and study a sentient species is a one in a million chance. More rare to find one at this stage of civilization, and the weird and super strange circumstances of them adopting a strange alien species in to their tribe. It’s amazing and you’re amazing." …wait a second, he said something about a test! Ava was less smilie and little more wary. "…uhm, what sort of test?" -04:46 May 09
Zeke: "Secret." he said "I did it as child, you do it too. Not have to do anything, just test of acceptence. I say no more until tomorow. Dark soon, eat." he reached for a different bown and splashed some of the fragrent water it contained on his face and took a deep breath. "All you need do is stust, truse zoot and truse Ava." -04:54 May 09
Ava: Trust seemed to be a big part of their society, and she really liked that… Being trusting wasn’t quite as easy. ..then again, she did follow a bunch of strange creatures in to a jungle without a second thought. Maybe she was just over thinking it! Ava popped a piece of fruit in her mouth and finally nodded. "I think I can do that. You did promise I’d be safe here. …You do promise, right?" -04:59 May 09
Zeke: "I promise." he said. "Zoot never hurt zoot." he leaned back on his hands and unfolded his legs to stretch them out and sigh. "If you in danger. I will be there." he looked at her and smiled again, a gesture he didn’t fully understand and his hand went up to his lips to feel thier shape and his brow wrinkled. "Ava trusts me?" he asked looking at her. "If I am there, you safe." -05:09 May 09
Ava: Did he never smiled before? Ava could imagine him always having some serious somber expression. Now he was making her laugh and she was grinning wider. "Yep, I trust you. You’re not like those goon soldiers that’re suppose to keep an eye on my camp. They point guns and follow orders and don’t think twice about anything. And you’re different. You protect the zoots cause you want to protect them. You’re not afraid of strange new things. I wish everyone was like that." -05:15 May 09
Zeke: He looked at her and then tilted his head side to side. "Zoot not afraid. Zoot search Icarus. Zoot find baby. Zoot not afraid of fire, or dead humans. Zoot rescue baby. Zoot feed baby, zoot not afraid to try. If not try baby die anyway. Zoot culture is not be afraid to try. You not afraid. Tomorow you are zoot. Human man afraid. He will never be zoot." -05:32 May 09

Icarus 002: Goons with Guns

[Ava had awoken in the middle of the night to sounds that may as well of been nightmare fuel. Checking in with her camp resulted in what sounded like disaster and the jungleman had abandoned her with his zoots! Now she was struggling to get radio contact through.] -07:40 Apr 15
[Zeke Has been out all night trackign the beasts marking thier incursions into the human camp.] -07:41 Apr 15
Zeke: It was a tired Zeke who was deposited onto one of the arival platforms, covered in dirt and flecks of blood and with a pair or spears in his hand, the remains of seven that he had left with. It had been a long night and he had left instructions for Ava to be fed in the morning, he was sure the eager and curious zoots would be happy to oblidge, what he did not expect was them getting hold of a few of her things and playing with then as the younge ones, a much darker green that the adults and with four silvery wings each much like a drahonfly’s joined the party. They couldn’t fly but it was an evolutionary remnant from a time when they vould. Zeke when he arived was immediatly greeted by several adults and helped towards the central platform as food was brought out for him. -07:45 Apr 15
Ava: Ava didn’t know what was worse. Hearing some unseen predator and not having a clue what it looked like, or knowing that something bad was going on back and camp and she couldn’t get a signal anymore to see what happened! She didn’t take notice at all when a few of the little beasts made off with her gear, but when there was an exited buzzing about what she assumed was their human guardian returning, Ava abandoned her attempt to make contact in favor of a more immediate source. "I can’t get- hrrmmm…" Heights. She was not going to get used to being in trees and swingy rope bridges. He looked a mess though and her imagination was running wild. "You’re okay…?" She couldn’t be sure if that was his blood or something else’s! -07:52 Apr 15
Zeke: He sat down and a zoot pushed a bowl of water into his hands that he drunk deep from, They were buzzing at him wit the exact same questions she way, and he answered them first, then looked at her. "Found human camp." he said before taking another drink of water than then tipping the bown over his head to cool off. "Predator found too. Dead man." he shook his head. "Load loises, red light." he was describing the laser piston one of the men has show at him and them looked at a scorch mark on his arm that was alread blistering from a near miss, then he looked at her and pushed himself to his feet. "Earth humans loud, shout… all angry." -07:58 Apr 15
Ava: She frowned. The night was pitch dark, it’d be pretty easy to miss and make mistakes. Ava grabbed his arm to take a look, fumbled on her person to find her pack to discover it was missing. There was a brief frustrated sigh from her as she rubbed her head. "I can’t get anyone to answer me now, the equiptment has to be down… You should have taken me with you." -08:02 Apr 15
Zeke: "Predator not knoe you." he said. "You smell like zoot. Like food. In darkness you cannot see me, you cannot follow. Lost, killed." he spat on his fingers to wipe them over the wound wincing with pain before he buzzed at the zoot for food and a few medicinal leaves. -08:05 Apr 15
Ava: "I can handle myself just fine. It’s everyone back at camp I’m worried about now. …the commander is going to flip his shit." Argh. She couldn’t even think about that right now. What she needed was her pack. Something darted past with what she was sure was a flashlight, and by luck there was one with a small black bag. Ava plucked up the critter, momentarily amused with how tiny it was before she confiscated the bag in exchange for the pen camera that was in her pocket. Then set it loose so she could dig in the bag. "Don’t rub on it, it’s a burn. I’ve got something good in here for that…" -08:12 Apr 15
Zeke: He was already chewing on leaves that hat a narchotic effect and soothed pain and busy stopping the young zoot from chewing on the camera as one of th eolder one’s, and orange spot on the top of thier head sat down next to him to examine the burn then look at Ava and her bag. "What you plan?" he asked lookin back at her the baby in his lap still chewing on the camera and fluttering it’s wings while making nondescript buzzes. -08:17 Apr 15
Ava: "I plan to head straight back to camp immediately. I broke a lot of rules staying out here like this, which was okay before. But not when someone is dead and everybody’s in a panic." Ava sat down next to him, moving her legs around the bigger zoot since it would be easy enough to work around it. She pulled out a little jar and unscrewed the cap, holding it out so the zoot could take a look before she took a swipe of the green stuff to dab over his burn. "And before anybody gets all freaky, I made this stuff myself. It’s amazing how many critters can shoot fire or spit acid at you… It should be soothing the burn a bit, right?" -08:25 Apr 15
Zeke: He smiled at her. "Already soothe." he said holding out a leaf to her and then looking at the burn. "I can show you camp." he said using one of the spears to stand and look around, then a few short buzzes from him and a tide of zoots came rushing with her things to return them. -08:28 Apr 15
Ava: "Glad to see facial expressions are instinctual…" she smirked at bit at her commentary, quickly taking her larger bag and then gathering up all her gadgets and equiptment from the thieving zoots. Now she was noticing just how many little dark tiny ones there were and amidst her gathering, she got distracted with setting one on her arm and poking gently at it with a finger. A baby! Sooo small… "Do any of them fly with these wings..?" -08:34 Apr 15
Zeke: He bobbed his head. "Zoot not fly." he said. "When older wings fall, that day zoot is adult." he took the hand of one of the adults and buzzed to it reasuring it about the baby Ava had. "Sometimes young zoot think can fly… We watch and stop." -08:37 Apr 15
Ava: "They are evolving past the need for flight… Hmm, which is strange with a predator on the ground. …that thing doesn’t fly too, does it?" Ava warily glanced upwards at the treetops and the small breaks towards the sky. That’d just be great. Worrying about something dropping down and snatching you up. She set the baby down, pulling the strap of her pack over her head and shoulder. "I guess we should go before they send someone searching for me." -08:42 Apr 15
Zeke: He let go of the zoot and buzzed thier intentions before picking up a spear and tossing another one towards Ava. Then it was off towards the nearest way down and he had a feeling Ava wouldn’t like it. "You not like hight up." he observed looking at her and the crowd of zoots who had decided to see them off, about a dozen in all. He crossed to an empty platform and waited. This one was apart frm any trunk or anything to hold onto an below them the ground was onvisible though the leaves. -08:47 Apr 15
Ava: She was a little awkward with the spear, and it was clear it wasn’t her usual sort of weapon. Ava also didn’t hide her mistrust or disdain at heights. "If humans were meant to fly, we’d have wings, so on and so forth…" she muttered. Oh no… she didn’t like the look of this one. Ava didn’t step on the platform and leaned to take a look down. A long, long way down. "….there’s no seat belts." -08:53 Apr 15
Zeke: As she was looking down womething dropped past her, wimething light green and with spread arms and legs. Then there was another, and another. "No seat." he said as more Zoots jumped. "Zoots have wings. Zoots not fly." then with a small run up he followed suitdiving in a gracful arc as below the sound of splashing was heard. -08:56 Apr 15
Ava: "Well, that’s it then. I am staying up here." Of course the one or two zoots left had no idea what she was saying. Though, she got the impression that they knew she wasn’t jumping, cause there was a lot of gestures pointing and urging her to do so. "You didn’t even ask if I could swim…!" she shouted down. She could, but that wasn’t the point! "….fuck." Ava growled to herself and took a few steps back. This was going to suck… and with a not nearly as graceful leap, she jumped and squealed the entire way down! -09:02 Apr 15
Zeke: In the pons at the base of a watedfall that thendered down a small cliff on the oposite side Zeke and the zoots had already swum out of the way of Ava adn the final two zoots as they landed. Zeke was sitting on the shore holding out a speared creature that looks like a cross between a crab and a starfish that was still wriggling on the tip of the spear out to one of the zoots who grabbed it and heade back towards the village. Then he was looking over at Avan to make sure she was okay. "You want go back alone?" -09:07 Apr 15
Ava: There was a lot of coughing and a lot of sputtering as she climbed out of the water and rang out her hair. She gave a quick look up to see just how far of a jump that was…. stomach churning! "Honestly, I don’t know… I’ve got to tell them about you and the zoots and I think you could be really helpful for learning about this world. But I just get this sinking feeling and… I guess I read too many ecological nightmare history books…" The smart thing to do was take him. If she was honest with herself too, the only real reason she didn’t want to was because this was her discovery and she didn’t want to share. "You probably know the way back better than I do, anyway." -09:13 Apr 15
Zeke: He stood and started off, the zoots playing in the water not following them. He had told them to stay away from the humans and their weapons of fire. "You can use red fire?" he asked her as he adjusted his bag and lifted the flap to pull out a fruit and eat it as they walked. The trees down here were teeming with life and birds and insects were everywhere, but as the foliage got thicked they came to a line of broken bushed adn places where the bark had been torn off the trees and the earth had been thrown around. It was as if someone had pulled a huge plow along the ground and left a trench and it was onto this that Zeke turned and began to follow. -09:18 Apr 15
Ava: "Sort of. I haven’t passed the tests and I’m not licensed to use them." Ava wasn’t sure how anyone was supposed to remember that many details about guns, and she was pretty sure they just didn’t like "the brains" having weapons. No doubt some nonsense about social order… While following along, she was itching to stop and take a look at things. The animals and insects were grabbing her attention the most and more than once she had to force her feet to move and catch up with him. There were so few planets with this much living wildlife! "What tore everything up like this..? The predator? What exactly IS this predator? Furry or scaley? Feathers? Leathery maybe?" -09:23 Apr 15
Zeke: He reached back into his bag and pulled out a metal box. The box itself was rusty but still visible on the outside was the logo of one of the most exclusive gun makers in the galaxy. It had been int he captain’s quarters of the Icaruswhen he had found it and he hadn’t been able to figure it out if it even still worked. Then he was holding it out to her. "Predator is stone. Zoot call "anger of ground" a…" he buzzed the zoot word trying to think of the english. "Demon sent by angry spirit to safegard valley. Zoot not welcome, human not welcome. Looks like rock but I know when it’s predator. Forbidden to kill but I can trick." -09:30 Apr 15
Ava: Ava took the box and opened it up. Curiously examining the gun inside. Oooold. The commander would be all over this thing. She glanced at him, debating whether or not she could confiscate it… In the end, she slid the box in to her pack and tucked the gun in to her belt. Better safe than sorry, and no one was going to blame her for having a gun when there was a predator around. "That’s great, now I gotta be paranoid about rocks. It’s just a hungry beast thought, yeah? Not maliciously aggressive? What about the ones that tried to hurt your zoots? What are they?" -09:35 Apr 15
Zeke: "No." he said. "Not hungry. Never eat, only kill. Kill everything. Once large birds came here. All dead. Zoots once leave here for safety but forced back. Predator, demon, kill for fun, kill because killing is all he knows. KOnly things not kill are too small to notice or in trees. Now is day, light makes predator go back to ground." -09:40 Apr 15
Ava: "…that’s really not all the reassuring. And… well, it’s just not normal!" Of course, she was saying that on an alien planet, but the evolution and habits of species tended to follow the same patterns no matter what world you landed on. Stuff rarely just killed for the fun of it. Especially if that was literally the only thing it ever did. Now she really did have this whole nightmare of a creature stuck in her head. "Is it only the one? Or more? You know, there’s got to be more places on this planet for zoot to live!" -09:45 Apr 15
Zeke: He shrugged. "Never seen two. If I ever see two, I run." he used his spear to point out a place high up a trunk where the wook and bark had been torn away. Climbing not safe, onto high in vilage safe. We safe if careful and predator keep harm away from zoot. It danger, but it protect. Zoot only need go down for water. Zoot have fruit in treet, have light, have all we need. Only come down for water and explore and find why ground angry. Zoot believe if ground not angry predator not hurt zoot, but protect still." -09:50 Apr 15
Ava: "Symbiotic balance and all that jazz, I guess. Still things could be easier… at the very least I would like to know why it is the way it is." That was the bane of curiosity. She already had her gears turning, trying to come up with theories and hypothesis and she hadn’t even seen his rock predator yet. Ava briefly wondered if the discovery of the crashed ship would buy extra time on the planet… "Hmm… Don’t you ever get curious about the way the things? Especially since you were the only human here for so long… " -09:56 Apr 15
Zeke: "Icarus spoke things. Wars, triunphs, science. Here I survive. I help Zoot who saved me. No though beyond valley will feed me. No thought beyond valley will help village. Curious, but responsability." -10:03 Apr 15
Ava: "You sound a little bit like my father. About responsibility." It was amusing in a weird sort of way, and maybe a good sign. "Maybe you can have both. Answers and responsibility! I’m a ‘do it all’ kind of girl." -10:07 Apr 15
[Ava is coming up on the camp with Zeke. And it does not look pretty. In fact, it kind of looks like a tornado blew threw and just kind of flattened everything! ] -08:24 Apr 16
[Zeke is serveying the damage and nodding to himself. This is esactly what he expected.] -08:28 Apr 16
Ava: What she didn’t see was people. On the bright side, not any -bodies- either. But not seeing anyone mulling about looking pissy was a little alarming. "You weren’t kidding about the trees being safer." The moment she crossed in to the boundary of the camp, she snatched up what was left of a computer keyboard. "..argh..! c’mon! This one was mine!" -08:32 Apr 16
Zeke: He did not enter but paced around the perimeter looking into thr trees and into camp in turn. "Broken things is better than dead men." he said scaling a rock near the camp’s edge and looking out over the wreackage. There was an overturns communications dish that seened to have a chunk missing and there was a patch of ground staned red, that is where he had seen the man die. "How many?" he asked looking at the camp. "Where run to?" -08:41 Apr 16
Ava: Ava tossed the piece back down and dust off her hands. That was true, dead stuff better than dead people, and there was suposedly one dead already. "Twenty or thirty people? The ship is nearby, and I doubt they would have taken off without me. The commander would have a cow." Ava beckoned him with a finger to follow here. There was another larger clearing not too far away that had been big enough to land the transport ship. It had to be big enough to withstand a big predator, so she was sure they’d all be in there. -08:50 Apr 16
Zeke: He stood and jogged over to her to alk with her. He was convinced they’d find nothing but bodies which would explain why her box didn’t make voices but he wasn’t going to say anything, he didn’t want her to worry unduly. He knew the humans of Earth could be many wonderous things but no one could survive the predator who didn’t have somewhere to hide. "What is cow?" -09:23 Apr 16
Ava: She stared at him a moment as they walked until she remember – he really didn’t know! "An animal. Raised for food, usually… uhm.. in this case it’s an expression. I mean the commander would be super mad if they took off without me." Mad would be an understatement. He was probably having a righteous fit right now, if they managed to send word to the main ship. Ava glanced up at the sky to see if she could spot it in orbit. -09:27 Apr 16
Zeke: He tilted his head and took her hand to lead her in her chosen direction while she looked at the sky. The zoots wouls lead eachother all the time and it was natural to him. It as calming to have physical contact and a silent way to direct someone. "You can talk with them?" he asked trying to break whatever spell was making her look up. "Ask if cows are had?" -09:36 Apr 16
Ava: Hand holding with a grown man, that had her peering at him curious again. Was that normal for him? It sure wasn’t for her! "Well, no… we can’t talk to cows and they can’t talk to us. And they aren’t like your zoots, they don’t have a language." …well, if he was going to touch, that gave her the perfect excuse for subtle examination. Ava lift his hand up to take a look. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but maybe he had developed and been influenced by his environment. "Do you talk to things besides zoots?" -09:42 Apr 16
Zeke: He looked at her like she was slightly crazy. Then swayed his head side to side and looked ahead. "Humans. Talk to humans on voice box." he looked at her again and then at a tree. "Animals not have much to say. Simple language they not completely understand. Body movement shows intent. Bird cannot describe flower, only say when found. Anyone can learn." -09:48 Apr 16
Ava: "Oh, right. My comlink." She was an idiot! And apparently he was a lot smarter than she was giving him credit. Aza hadn’t even realized he knew who she was talking to. Then again, she hadn’t really thought about it either! She dropped his hand to pull out her comlink and check it over. Signal was still dead, and without the main satellite, she couldn’t link up to the big ship either. "Still cut off. All the equiptment’s gotta be damaged pretty bad." -09:52 Apr 16
Zeke: He looked ahead and knew the crealing they were making for. Another camp? An Icarus? But there was also a worry, the time. If they stayed out too long he might have to brave the night to get home. She could stay with her people but the zoots would worry if he didn’t return. Some of the younger adults might try searching in the night. -10:03 Apr 16
Ava: Ava’s imagination was acting up again, but she was relieved once the ship came in to view. There were people patroling about with guns, and when they saw her they were calling out to their captain. What she wasn’t expecting was the sudden rush and ambush. Being circled and having guns at all angles pointed at Zeke like he was some sort of alien terrorist. "Whoa, whoa…! What the shit…! He’s a human being and he’s clearly not trying to eat anybody, what’s the matter with you guys?!" -10:12 Apr 16
Zeke: Surrounded by men with weapons and he did nothing, only moving to stand at ease and latch his eyes onto the apparent leader of the group hile still holding Ava’s hand. He didn’t way anything either, he had dealt with predators before and you gained no favors by showing you were afraid. What he did not bet on was the flap of herbag opening up and a small dark green arm reaching out and grabbing Ava’s hair to pull on it. -10:33 Apr 16
Ava: Something was tugging on her hair, and suddenly half the guns had turned on her too. Shit was rambling off in her head at a mile a minute. It was one thing to bring creatures back to camp, but a whole different problem when the goons were all paranoid from an attack. "Erickson…! Get your stupid guns out of my face!" -10:49 Apr 16

Erickson must have been the gentleman in full suited up armor and a scowl so deep that he might not have ever smiled once in his life. He pointed straight at Zeke and without question a couple men were darting forward to grab him. “What did I tell you Addison? Stay with the group. Now six people are missing after looking for you, one is dead, and here you bring the only danger THAT WE SAW in to the camp.”

Zeke: He was moving behind her, very slowly opening her bag to pull out the baby and cradle it in his arm as he held his stear staring strait back at the man. "Eric son." he said slowly. "Predator comes in darkness. Can I destroy camp?" he help up his spear as the baby made a grab for it buzzing to itself, but the tip was nothing but fire hardened wood. "How?" -10:59 Apr 16
Ava: "Seriously…! One guy against a camp full of science nerds and trigger happy soldiers. Obviously, you need to calm the fuck down and maybe I can tell you a little bit about what happened." Having Erickson pissed off at her was nothing new. Their entire relationship was based on her testing how much she could get away with before he threatened her with lockup and the Commander had to get involved. This though… involved a very special case scenario. This was new. "I mean it. This would have happened anyway, there’s some sort of crazy rock demon creature thing." -11:13 Apr 16

“I don’t have time for your bullshit today, Addison. This isn’t playtime with the wild animals. Someone is dead and people are missing.” He motioned for his men to move. “Get him and that thing in to custody. Addison, you’re going to show me where that crashed ship is.”

Ava: "What does that even have to do with- whoop. Nope. Don’t even try it." Ava pulled that gun out of her belt and pointed it at the guy making a move for the little zoot. Zeke she was sure could handle a little manhandling. Baby zoots and freaked out soldiers didn’t mix. "Okay, I didn’t wanna have to pull rank. But if any of you idiots get any closer, not only am I going to shoot your foot off, I am going to make sure the Commander knows exactly who is on the shitlist." -11:13 Apr 16
[Zeke is in a lot of trouble but will NOT let the baby come to harm.] -07:50 Apr 17
[Ava is amidst chaos, and pulling a gun probably wasn’t the best idea to help the situation! But goons only listen to guns! D:<] -07:51 Apr 17
Zeke: Shouting, too fast for him to follow but one thing he did know was he did not like the way weapons were being waved around near the baby. With a quick movement the spear shot out and wacked a knee, a second later Ava has a baby zoot in her arms as in a whirlwind of movement legs were knocked out from under soldiers, guns were hooded on the tips if his spear and trown away like a slingshot out of reach and in under a second all the man were on there backs and the apaprent leader had a foot on his chest and the blunt end of a spear against his cheek. "No weapons near baby zoot." he said slowly and carefully. "Female leader say, I do, you wise to do too." -07:57 Apr 17

Erickson was not happy, in fact he looked like he was going to blow a gasket and the only reason he wasn’t was the weapon at his cheek and he didn’t want guns fired in his direction. “Addison. Get. Him. Off. Go inside. And call the Commander. I’d LOVE to see what he has to say about this.”

Ava: Crap. One speared guy taking down a bunch of Erickson’s goons in a split second. Everyone was in trouble now. Her gun disappeared back in to her belt as she jostled the baby zoot to her shoulder and quickly bustled to grab Zeke’s arm and pull him towards the transport ship. "C’mon, before this mess is any weirder!" -08:10 Apr 17
Zeke: He removed his foot and followed his hand slipping into his bad to pull out two shells ount together with a small stone inside that he slipped into the Zoot’s hand and shook making a rattling sound while buzzing to it. "If day is wierd. Use instinct." he said walking next to her his eyes moving to the ship. It was smaller than the Icarus but she had mentioned another one still in the sky that might be bigger. "You will talk to leader?" he asked. "Tell leader about zoot and Zeke?" he was worried. Cataclysmic change could bring disaster to the village. "She is wise?" -08:21 Apr 17
Ava: "Yeah, directly talk to apparently." she muttered, starting the climb up the ramp, now with a buzzing zoot playing on her shoulder. ….that actually her grin. Ava led the way up the ramp and in to the main holding bay of the ship. The place where most of the equipment and cargo was held. She bypassed it all for a smaller subroom and plopped in to a seat. "She is actually a He and…. yeah, he’s pretty wise! You really shouldn’t have knocked down Erickson, he’s gonna give me more shit that usual now…" -08:26 Apr 17
Zeke: He sat doen nxt to her then paused to bounce on the soft seat experimentally. Then buzzed at the zootling who replied with a buzz from it’s wings and a few chirps. "Man leader?" he said finally. "No older femaled to lead? He keep watch until you reach age to rule?" He winced as the zootling grabbed his hair and pulled then leaned back to let it play with the strands and looked around the small room. -08:32 Apr 17
Ava: That made her laugh! Like almost hysterically laugh! By the time she was done snickering, she had the call signalling and was trying to bring up video on the screen. "No.. No, he’s the boss Patriarch. At least of our ship. There are female leaders too though." After a little fiddling the screen finally came on to show an empty chair. A few moments more there was the soft tenor of someone’s voice, then finally an older gentleman in full beard and uniform sat down and frowned at the screen. Like Erickson, he looked like he didn’t smile very often, but there was maybe for the briefest of moments a relieved look on his face before it turned serious again. "Good morning, Commander. I have our first day’s report for you." -08:45 Apr 17

“Erickson has already filled me in on a few details, Doctor Addision.” he started with a snort. “You willfully disobeyed orders, my -direct- orders to stay with the crew. I understand your disdain for Erickson, Addison, but he is a trained soldier – a GOOD soldier – and his men are there to keep you and your team safe. He cannot do that if you are lost in the jungle within the first ten minutes of landing planetside.”

Zeke: He frowned and looked at the screen. Then slowly he picked up the zooting off her shoulder and held it up in front of her where it would be seen, then leaned into the shot himself. "She ambassador." he said standing not knowing only his chest was in the shot. "Eric son not know full storry. Listen to female. She seen zoots, she seen Icarus… by ship. She has seen what predator can do. Men dead already, cannot afford more." -08:51 Apr 17
Ava: "Sit…!" The zoot she took to place in her lap, then she was tugging on his arm to make him sit again. "But yes…! I’m sorry, sir. I honestly didn’t mean to break away from the group, it’s just that these zoots stumbled over me and lead me to the Icarus wreckage where I ran in to him. Zeke. And because of his warning about the predator we had to get to shelter before it was dark. I did callback to Erickson for people to stay in camp." -09:01 Apr 17

The man on screen raised an eyebrow at the small creature. Then raised the other at the man on screen. He listened, but his expression remained impassive. “Your lack of commication with the rest of the team has led to missing people and a death. Potentially more deaths. Regardless of what you meant to do, and whether it is directly your fault – it IS your responsibility as lead of expeditions. There will be no more rule breaking, do we understand each other, Doctor Addison?” He waited until she nodded, before resuming. “…now tell me about your discovery Ava, I was worried near sick over you. It better be worth it.” His entire demeanor seemed to melt and that stony look had turned in to a warmer smile.

Ava: "Yes sir." Ava was effectively chided and looked the part. But the minute the commander switched tone, so did she. More than a little excited to spill everything she had been holding back. "Oh gods, Dad, it’s the most amazing thing I have ever seen! These zoots are curious and friendly, a true tribal society at it’s very first evolutionary beginnings. They keep their history painted up in a common room or throne room, where the Matriach cares for all the unborn eggs. And the fact that they found this strange alien creature amidst a wreckage and took it in to raise as their own is stunning! I mean, you almost NEVER see things like that even in more advanced human societies, and here we are with the first intelligent alien species discovery ever! Oh, and this is Zeke. Zeeeeke. The zoots, he says they are zoots, named him Zeke and so far it is the only word I recognize, but I can’t wait to go back and spend time with them." -09:10 Apr 17
Zeke: While they were talking the zootling thatrted buzzing the Zeke answered and looked at the sceren, then buzzed more bobbing his head. The zootling rattles the shell at the screen and then placed it in Ava’s lap and buzzed up at her too, which Zeke andweres and took the zootling’s hand shaking it lightly and they looked at eachother before the zooling chirper and Zeke checkled. A private joke adout a creature so old it had durned completely white. -09:16 Apr 17

It was clear if he were truely listening, or more interested in watching what was going on around her on screen. Either way, he was rubbing the beard at his chin. Nodding every few words. “That’s a monumental discovery Ava, you will need to take Erickson to the crash site. There may be things aboard Icarus that needs to be recovered. With that said, having aid to make contact with an indigenous people should prove to be useful. Especially in dealing with this unknown predator. What can your Zeke tell me about this creature?”

Zeke: He looked at the screen at his cue and then looked at Ava. "How high is village?" he asked her. "Half that is length of predator. Many many legs all in two lines. Body look like rock and many eyes on front. Zoot say is demon from ground. Angry demon. Zoot wish to make peace with ground spirit, pacify demon. I believe predator is creature and can be killed. Zoot forbid me from killing. Predator keeps other away. If stay in village. Predator only kill, never eat." he looked at the screen. "All all zoot, only Zeke can survive, when zoot not home and dark. Zeke find zoot and take home." -09:44 Apr 17
Ava: Ava was eyeing Zeke, patting the little zoot gently on the head wile he spoke. Babies were cuuuute. But she frowned at the mentioned of ‘others’ again. "He’s mentioned something hurting the zoot and chasing them out of safer territories before. But I haven’t gotten any details about them yet. I haven’t really need the predetor yet either, last night I’m pretty sure I could hear it. When you talk to Erickson, it’s a good idea to maybe keep everyone here on the ship at night. The zoots are only safe because they’re up in the trees." -09:49 Apr 17

“Discovering information about species and culture sounds like a job for an anthropologist, Ava.” He responded with some amusement, but he was still pondering it all with a mild look of concern. “I will deal with Erickson. As long as you remember to follow orders. There will be no more running loose and wild, not when there are dangerous things we do not yet understand.”

Ava: "Yes sir. I will do my best not to be a total pain in the ass, unless Erickson makes some stupid request. Then all bets are off." Ava was okay with rules, but she wasn’t apt to following them if they were going to meddle with her researching. Or well… with anything she wanted to get in to. "I promise I’ll be careful." -09:55 Apr 17
Zeke: He was back buzzing at the zootling explaining what was going on and the baby was swaying back and forth listening it’s wings humming slightly. Then he turned back to the screen. "Zoot leader trusts me here. Zoot wish only peace and safety not interfearence from others. Human guests welcome but zoot have nothere else to live. Protective of village and independence." -10:05 Apr 17

Icarus 001: The Man in the Jungle

[Zeke Has been stranded on a strange alien works ever since he was an infant. The only other make of humanity on the planet is the crasjed deep exploration ship [i]Icarus[/i] and the skeletons within.] -09:50 Apr 12
[Ava is a researcher and an explorer, who was -supposed- to stay within the “approved zone”… but what’s the fun in that?] -09:52 Apr 12
Ava: In fact, she probably only stayed with the group for an hour before she took the first interesting path out in to the jungle Path was the keyword, because it looked far too well tracked out to just have been animal trails. [color=goldenrod]Addison, you’re not in the zone. Where the hell are you?[/color] She mimicked the voice as she slipped under a grove of trees, then finally responded. "Get off my ass. You know I hate having a bunch of noisy brains over analyzing everything. I’ll be back." ….by nightfall! -09:57 Apr 12

They were inthe thicj jungle trees around her, small faces belonging to creatures half the hieght of a man and covered in pale green scin. Thier large black heres shone with curiosity as they watched the human, then two of them user thier long arms and legs to scamper onto the path ahead of her, looked at her, one of them bobbing it’s head and then waking it side to side makign a soise that souned like the loud buzz on an insect. If the gestures and speech were not enough to signal a sapient species then the patterns red of red paint on thier skin should. Then they were heading down the path away from her.

Ava: Good training was the only reason she didn’t jump out of her skin. And being a rogue upstart with no respect for authority was what kept her from immediately calling back to camp and reporting a potentially intelligent species. They always brought in the big guns and the stomping soldiers to ‘keep things under control’, which completely ruined any chances of making a real connection with a new life form in it’s natural habitats…! The entire rant was going on in her head, along with all the apologies she’d be making later. Even as she very slowly, and without making too many sudden movements, started following the creatures. "Heeeey there… bzzzt to you too buddy.." -10:08 Apr 12

there were others emerging fro the foloage behind her, one brave on even caught up to her to take her arm and pull her along, even it it did only to so after a few trial touches. Then the ones leading the way turned off off the path and onto a smalled narroer path, so narrow that they occasionally disappeared behind bushes and ferns. Then in a sudden rush they all dashed forwards along the path buzzing to eachother elenging into a clearing where they waited, a dozen on all, in the shadow of a crashed space ship, her hull coated in rust.

Ava: Holy shit one touched her. And they were smart! And curious! …and strangely familiar with her if she was an alien species. Her new strain of questions were answered though when the derelict hull of the ship came in to view. For a moment she stood there dumbfounded. That thing was old…! "There’s a ship crashed here. It almost looks like one of ours. I’m going to take a look at it." ‘There’s what?! Get back to the camp, I’ve got to call- Addison-‘ Nope! With a flick she cut the link, and the only thing they could track her down with. This one was HERS first. Still being wary not to spook the litter critters, she walked around the ship until she found a hole in the side big enough to climb through. "Oh hell, this thing went down bad…" -10:20 Apr 12

The inside was littered with debris, rust, dirt, a few plants, and the remains of the crew. Support struts lay where they had fallen and ruptures lined the bulkhead wall. Some of the creatures pushed past her and ventured deeper into the wreck seeming to know thier way through the wreckage and here and there a lew chenks of twisted metal seemed to have been cleared away. The three they came with her acended a laded through a rusty opening that was missing it’s hatch and into the upper decks of the ship still buzzing to eachother.

Ava: "Well… now I know why you’re not scared of me… And I hope it’s not cause you dun think I’m gonna live long." She paused long enough at one of the skeletons, poking at the bones a bit with a frown. Definitely had been layed out there a long time, they were bleached out from the weather and elements. "So what do you guys do in here? Live maybe? Hmm.. doesn’t look like it…" Ava followed a bit deeper in to the ship, stepping over bits of metal and looking for some signs of a settlement. Maybe a religious ritual! Would they have thought this was crashed gods? -10:32 Apr 12

They all stopped at a doorwaym the metal door itels pying on the floor. They did not go through but gesturered towards it, not making a sound, in hact the buzzing had stopped the second they het come up to the level they were on. Though the door among the wreckage was a man, a human with long unkept hair and the same paint as the creatres. He was sitting on the floor with a book in his lag and the room he was in was the ship’s library, small though it was and only lit by a small bowl of slow burning liquid.

Ava: In a split second she ducked away from the doorway, pressing herself up against the wall as she held her breath. Was that a human?! Ava leaned, peering around the frame to take a second look. Human…! Male, associated with the creatures. Unarmed as far as she could tell… Now she was thinking maybe protocol would have been the way to go. Trying not to make a sound, Ava attempted to backup and make a discreet exit. -10:41 Apr 12
Zeke: They blacked her way and buzzed, then there was the sound of a closing book and a scraping from inside the library. Then there was a face peering around the door frame and a look of surprise, and then fear. One of the creatures moved over to the human and climbed up his back to cling to his shoulders and gestured at Ava, then the rough direction they had come in…. his only reply was a buzz and to retreat back into the library. -10:46 Apr 12
Ava: Argh, human sacrifice to a human! Her moment of panic dissipated when he seemed to be just as alarmed by her as she was of him. Of course, all the critters seemed to be just fine with the entire thing, which might have made her laugh if the situation were a little different. ONE of them had to have some guts though. Taking a deep breath, Ava slinked forward in to the library. Taking a wary look around the room and keeping herself close to the wall in case his little buddies wanted to back ambush her. "Hiii… I don’t have any weapons, and I am not edible?" So it wasn’t exactly the instructed first contact phrase. SHE thought it was funny. -10:50 Apr 12
Zeke: He bobbed his head and looked at her, taking a step forwards and pucking the native off his back to put it on the table as he got closer. "Hi…" he repeated slowly and then took another step. "From earth?" -10:54 Apr 12
Ava: "Yes, I’m from earth. Aren’t you?" Boy, she was really wishing she passed that weapons test now. If only for the security of knowing she could shoot something. But he didn’t seem to be hostile and she was… insanely curious! Ava didn’t move, but held out a hand to get him to stop from coming any closer. "Were you on this ship? Or a different one? Do you live here?" There were a million questions to ask! -11:00 Apr 12
Zeke: He narrowed his eyes as she spoke too fast for him to easily follow. "Icarus…" he said stopping his advance and gesturing around him to the ship. "Fall as fire." He made a buzzing noise and gestured to the natives who were waiting by the door watching him. "Find baby." he held his hands out indicating the size of a newborn. "You look for Icarus?" -11:04 Apr 12
Ava: "So they found you in this mess? That’s gotta be impossible…" Ava was assuming Icarus was the ship, though if he were a baby when it happens she couldn’t fathom how he knew. Or how he could speak! "I’m not looking for Icarus. I was exploring. Looking for lifeforms. Like those guys…" She pointed towards his strange assortment of friends that seemed to have no problem chirping and buzzing at him. "You can talk to them, have you lived with them all this time? How are you even alive! Where did you learn to speak? This has to be completely unprecidented!" Raised by an alien culture with no prior contact with the human world! It was a one in a million find. -11:11 Apr 12
Zeke: She was going to fast again and he was battling to follow her, but she wanted to know things and there was one place he knew where she could find answers. He reached out and grabbed her hand and with his other hand trabbed a hide bad from the floor and slung it over his shoulder a design he had coppied from the bags that used to be on the ship. Then he was pulling her out the door and following the scampering aliens down andother coridoor. "Here, you will learn." he said as they reached another breach in the hull, on that had had an earthern ram built up to it and then they were heading down into the trees again. -11:15 Apr 12
Ava: Leave with a lost jungleman. Yeah, that was a great idea. …but curiosity was a beast. If she went back, next time she found him there’d be a swarm of people. Ava warily allowed herself to be pulled along. Slipping her hand in to a pocket to find her camera. "Where are we going…? I guess I should tell you my name. I’m Ava. You have a name? What about all these critters? Do they have names?"" -11:24 Apr 12
Zeke: "Zeke." The way he said it it sounded like the buzzing the creatures made. Speaking of the creatures one of them jumped onto his back again to hitch a ride as they descended into a valley thick with vegitation and "Zoot." he said gesturing at the one of his back before they slowed down and he looked around and then back at her. "Dark soon. Creatures come. You will stay here." there was no sign of anything other than trees, no vilage, no shelteds. "You have friends, tell them stay inside when night." -11:29 Apr 12
Ava: "Zeke and Zoot. That’s cute." She wasn’t going to argue about staying with him and his friendly hosts. That was going to be her pleasure! But the ‘creatures’ talk had her frowning. "What comes out at night? There is more than little Zoots?" -11:33 Apr 12
Zeke: He reached up and grabbed hold of a low hanging branch, then placehd her hand on it too before holding onto it with both hands. "Predators." he said before pulling the branch down, unhooking it and then it pulled back, a counterwieght pulling them upwards though the branches. Then they were deposited on a wooden platform high in the trees that was coonected by rope brodges to others with shelters clustered around that trunks of large trees. There were painted letter too, some in english, some abstract, nonw of them said anything coherent. "Come." he said as the zoot dashed off ahead of them and more who were in the village started to stare."Hungry we can eat. Not hungry meet mother." -11:41 Apr 12
Ava: Going home with him didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore when she found herself off the jungle floor and up in the trees. Ava’s head was warring with her amazement at the treevillage, and that now sinking, wibbly feeling of being way, way too high up. She was grabbing on to his arm to keep herself steady. Or from spontaneously tumbling to her death. "This is… too high. And I’m not supposed to eat things without proper testing. …though… I guess you’ve survived somehow… Wait, mother?" -11:47 Apr 12
Zeke: He moved along the narow bridge as it it were nothing and reathed the next platform as more branches came shooting up with passengers fleeing the impending night. "Village mother." he said stopping to look at her and then slowly sitting on the platform that the creatures were gathering on. "Leader." -11:50 Apr 12
Ava: "Matriach society, that’s cool." Night was serious business around here. And if she didn’t sit down, she was going to be dizzy. Ava took a seat next to him, giving some curious looks right back at the creatures peering back at her. …crap, the camp. Ava fumbled for her communicator and flipped it back on. "Erikson, keep everyone in the camp after sunset. I think there’s predators out here." ‘Addison, where the fuck are y-‘ "I’ll be back tomorrow." There was a bleep as she shut it down again. "…so does your leader like strangers…?" -12:00 Apr 13
Zeke: He looked at the communicator and then up at her. "Likes good people." he said in an almost warning tone before a zoot came up to them with a bowl of what looked like fruit, nuts and another bowl of clear liquid. "Safe." he said picking up a handful of nuts as the zoot touched Ava’s hair curiously and then sat down with them buzzing and picking up a fruit. "They want to know why you look different. Smaller. Different shape." -12:09 Apr 13
Ava: "Good people, duley noted." That pretty much discounted half the people on staff. A leader after her own heart! Ack, touching. She leaned away just from natural reflex. Ava wanted to touch too, but -she- was behaving! She reached out to take one of the fruit and gave it a wary lick to taste. "I’m a female, you’re a male. We have different.. uh… parts. What about them? You said mother before, do they have genders too?" Now she was learning towards one of the critters trying to get a better look. -12:15 Apr 13
Zeke: "Boy." he said pointing to the one that was watching them before putting a few nuts in his mouth and chewing. "Girl." he said pointing to another that looked almost exactly the same. "Who earth girls different?" he was looking at her chest and the curve of her hips with curiosity, and her distinct lack of facial hair. -12:18 Apr 13
Ava: Yeah, there was so way she was gonna get genders right any time soon. Now SHE was getting stared at, which resulted in her giving him a raised eyebrow look. If anything she should be examining him. He’s lived on an alien world raised by critters, and managed to grow up in one piece! "Human come in a lot of shapes and sizes and colors, yeah. I’m not so sure I wanna give an anatomy lesson to a jungleman, though…" She finally stopped eyeing that bit of fruit with dubious mistrust and popped it in her mouth. ..that was a weird taste! "How did they know what to feed you?" -12:23 Apr 13
Zeke: "Feed a little, if not sick feed more." he said tipping the rest of the unto his mouth and chewing before swallofing. Then he took one of the fruit and pressed his thumb into the skin to break it allowing him to peel it while eying her and then offered her a peeled one. -12:30 Apr 13
Ava: "They’re very smart. I don’t think we’ve encountered anything like them." She accepted the piece, tested with another lick, and it too was popped in to her mouth. Ava decided she liked that one better. Remembering her camera again, she finally pulled it out of a pocket. A long slender thing no bigger than a pen, and she took a shot of the fruit. One of his Zoot, and one of him too. Documented proof of a miracle! "So they found you and had no problem adopting a strange creature… do they have family units? What are their children like? With eggs or with babies? Do they mate for life or have harems?" There went the questions again! -12:37 Apr 13
Zeke: "Like good people." he repeated. "I repay by gathering food. Bigger and stronger than zoot. Build, gather, carry, protect. Dark and zoot not home, find." he looked at her camera nervously but didn’t abject then explained to the zoot what she had said so far and that he planned to take her to speak with the leader. The zoot when swayed hsi head side to side and went off to rejoin his group. "Zoot family is mother who has young. Young cared for by whole vilage. All young, all children concidered to be child of leader. Whole vilage is children of leader. -12:50 Apr 13
Ava: "There used to be human tribes like this. But it was a really long time ago. Now it’s a lot more complicated." Ava frowned, pocketing her camera. Whomever HIS family was, they died in the ship wreckage. That made her heart hurt a little bit. Exploring new worlds didn’t tend to come with stuff like this! "What’s out there in the dark? The predator? I’m assuming it can’t get up here in the trees. …I hope." That’d be a nightmare! Stuck in the trees while some flying teeth filled monster tried to pluck them out! Ava -really- wanted a gun! -12:59 Apr 13
Zeke: He had no idea how to describe it so he just shook his head. There were pictures where he was going to take her, drawing by the Zoot. He picked up another fruit and then drank from the other bowl then stood. "You want learn. This way." he then moved away in the fading light towards the bridge to the largest structure and as he crossed onto it he reached over to pull a spear nestled in the railings free. Just in case this human caused trouble for the young. -01:03 Apr 13
Ava: Arrrggh, another bridge again. Ava made sure she didn’t look down and just sucked it up to cross. She gave the spear a squinty-eyed looked, but deemed it nothing to worry about. None of his critters seemed at all aggressive, she doubted he would be after being raised by them. "I seem to be asking all the questions too… don’t you have any? You’ve got to have a lot of them…" -01:07 Apr 13
Zeke: "Icarus taught me." he said reaching the other side and waiting for her. "But this is home, I know zoot, I know here. What to ask?" He moved into the building which was small on the inside and since everyone was eating empty except for a zoot, much pailer and thinner than the others, and the eggs that sat among fire pits to provide light and warmth. When she entere the matriarch looked at her and buzzed and zeke buzzed back gesturing at the hundred of drawing on the inside of the wall, most of them were about the zoots nad the zillainge but some showed the Icarus crashin, when who stars appeared int he sky and one fell from it… and the creature they had found on board. -01:13 Apr 13
Ava: Baaaabies! Critter babies! Ava didn’t know what she was more intrigued by. The hive-room for incubation, or the fact they kept their history here with them painted on the walls like a mural! "Hiiii…" Ava had to restrain herself. No sudden movements as to not freak out the matriach, despite the fact she wanted to touch. To look, to touch, to document… she couldn’t even think of what to ask next! "…this is all pretty amazing. Were you kept in here with these, or is there a place they go after hatching…? I can’t remember, are they all hers or are some from others too? How long back does the history go on the walls? Do they have books?" Maybe it wasn’t so hard to think of more questions after all. -01:22 Apr 13
Zeke: "No books." he said. "No remember where." he was trying to answer all her questions but she was speaking so fast. Children sleep with…" he paused trying to think of the word. "Chosen parent…. Where Earth?" -01:30 Apr 13
Ava: "Prolly about a bazillion trillian light years away from here. Give or take some time and space. I’ve never even seen it myself." She was stepping carefully now, leaning down to peer at some of the eggs. She nearly reached out to touch one, but her hand hovered and retracted when she thought better of it. Ava moved to the wall to take a look at the pictures. "I live on a ship like your Icarus." Ava pointed upwards. "It’s in space right now, circling the planet’s orbit like a satellite." -01:39 Apr 13
Zeke: He had no idea what she was saying. "Ship." he repeated looking up at the ceiling of the shelter. "Mother ask why come here." he said looking at her. "Ask how many." -01:42 Apr 13
Ava: "Ours is a reseach vessel. For science and discovery and mapping." She turned to eye them both, and tapped her chin as she counted in her head and tried to think of a better way to explain. "Uhhm… We find things and write down what we find. Sometimes to find new homes for humans and sometimes just to know where things are. There is less than five hundred on our ship. Maybe thirty or so are at the camp. I’m not sure how they are going to react to all this, though. This has never happened before…" Ava just wanted a chance to explore it all without gobs of people in the way, but knowing there was already indigenous people living here… -01:47 Apr 13
Zeke: "If thry know. They will come." he said before looking at mother then back at Ava. "They will hurt us?" he watched her carefully then looked at one of the eatlier drawings of a large crearure that looked like an elephant with a large tail and two trunks. -01:51 Apr 13
Ava: "I certainly hope not. It’s a rule not to destroy or harm habitats, so I don’t think they would do it now. But there has never been anyone like your zoots before either…" Ava stuffed her hands in her pockets and frowned. It’s not like she thought anything bad was going to happen to them. …but she knew the history of humanity pretty well too! There was no predicting what could happen. "I’ll try to make sure nothing happens to your zoots. I’m their best researcher, pissing me off would be a bad idea." -01:58 Apr 13
Zeke: "Long ago, creatures come from far away. They hurt Zoot. Zoot move into teritry or predator bbecause creatures fear predator more than want hurt Zoot." he said. "If hurt Zoot leave. " he moved away from the mother, curious if she noticed that there hadn’t been a word said between them while he was relaying questions. -02:04 Apr 13
Ava: "The interesting thing about us humans is that we tend to take up being the guardian of helpless things, even when it’s against other humans. I don’t want your zoots to have to move." Ava crossed her arms, watching him watching her, and getting a little uncomfortable! She couldn’t figure out the look he was giving. "You’re staring at me a lot, and I get it, but it’s weird. I’m not used to being the one that’s getting stared at." -02:11 Apr 13
Zeke: He looked away and then glanced at her. "You new. You strange. Curious. Sleep my home tonight. Safe, for everyone." -02:18 Apr 13
Ava: "Well I’m sure not sleeping with your predator…" Whatever that was. Now she had the thought of him sleeping with a pile of his zoots everywhere, which instantly had her grinning. "Okay. I’ll sleep at your place." -02:21 Apr 13