Icarus 002: Goons with Guns


[Ava had awoken in the middle of the night to sounds that may as well of been nightmare fuel. Checking in with her camp resulted in what sounded like disaster and the jungleman had abandoned her with his zoots! Now she was struggling to get radio contact through.] -07:40 Apr 15
[Zeke Has been out all night trackign the beasts marking thier incursions into the human camp.] -07:41 Apr 15
Zeke: It was a tired Zeke who was deposited onto one of the arival platforms, covered in dirt and flecks of blood and with a pair or spears in his hand, the remains of seven that he had left with. It had been a long night and he had left instructions for Ava to be fed in the morning, he was sure the eager and curious zoots would be happy to oblidge, what he did not expect was them getting hold of a few of her things and playing with then as the younge ones, a much darker green that the adults and with four silvery wings each much like a drahonfly’s joined the party. They couldn’t fly but it was an evolutionary remnant from a time when they vould. Zeke when he arived was immediatly greeted by several adults and helped towards the central platform as food was brought out for him. -07:45 Apr 15
Ava: Ava didn’t know what was worse. Hearing some unseen predator and not having a clue what it looked like, or knowing that something bad was going on back and camp and she couldn’t get a signal anymore to see what happened! She didn’t take notice at all when a few of the little beasts made off with her gear, but when there was an exited buzzing about what she assumed was their human guardian returning, Ava abandoned her attempt to make contact in favor of a more immediate source. "I can’t get- hrrmmm…" Heights. She was not going to get used to being in trees and swingy rope bridges. He looked a mess though and her imagination was running wild. "You’re okay…?" She couldn’t be sure if that was his blood or something else’s! -07:52 Apr 15
Zeke: He sat down and a zoot pushed a bowl of water into his hands that he drunk deep from, They were buzzing at him wit the exact same questions she way, and he answered them first, then looked at her. "Found human camp." he said before taking another drink of water than then tipping the bown over his head to cool off. "Predator found too. Dead man." he shook his head. "Load loises, red light." he was describing the laser piston one of the men has show at him and them looked at a scorch mark on his arm that was alread blistering from a near miss, then he looked at her and pushed himself to his feet. "Earth humans loud, shout… all angry." -07:58 Apr 15
Ava: She frowned. The night was pitch dark, it’d be pretty easy to miss and make mistakes. Ava grabbed his arm to take a look, fumbled on her person to find her pack to discover it was missing. There was a brief frustrated sigh from her as she rubbed her head. "I can’t get anyone to answer me now, the equiptment has to be down… You should have taken me with you." -08:02 Apr 15
Zeke: "Predator not knoe you." he said. "You smell like zoot. Like food. In darkness you cannot see me, you cannot follow. Lost, killed." he spat on his fingers to wipe them over the wound wincing with pain before he buzzed at the zoot for food and a few medicinal leaves. -08:05 Apr 15
Ava: "I can handle myself just fine. It’s everyone back at camp I’m worried about now. …the commander is going to flip his shit." Argh. She couldn’t even think about that right now. What she needed was her pack. Something darted past with what she was sure was a flashlight, and by luck there was one with a small black bag. Ava plucked up the critter, momentarily amused with how tiny it was before she confiscated the bag in exchange for the pen camera that was in her pocket. Then set it loose so she could dig in the bag. "Don’t rub on it, it’s a burn. I’ve got something good in here for that…" -08:12 Apr 15
Zeke: He was already chewing on leaves that hat a narchotic effect and soothed pain and busy stopping the young zoot from chewing on the camera as one of th eolder one’s, and orange spot on the top of thier head sat down next to him to examine the burn then look at Ava and her bag. "What you plan?" he asked lookin back at her the baby in his lap still chewing on the camera and fluttering it’s wings while making nondescript buzzes. -08:17 Apr 15
Ava: "I plan to head straight back to camp immediately. I broke a lot of rules staying out here like this, which was okay before. But not when someone is dead and everybody’s in a panic." Ava sat down next to him, moving her legs around the bigger zoot since it would be easy enough to work around it. She pulled out a little jar and unscrewed the cap, holding it out so the zoot could take a look before she took a swipe of the green stuff to dab over his burn. "And before anybody gets all freaky, I made this stuff myself. It’s amazing how many critters can shoot fire or spit acid at you… It should be soothing the burn a bit, right?" -08:25 Apr 15
Zeke: He smiled at her. "Already soothe." he said holding out a leaf to her and then looking at the burn. "I can show you camp." he said using one of the spears to stand and look around, then a few short buzzes from him and a tide of zoots came rushing with her things to return them. -08:28 Apr 15
Ava: "Glad to see facial expressions are instinctual…" she smirked at bit at her commentary, quickly taking her larger bag and then gathering up all her gadgets and equiptment from the thieving zoots. Now she was noticing just how many little dark tiny ones there were and amidst her gathering, she got distracted with setting one on her arm and poking gently at it with a finger. A baby! Sooo small… "Do any of them fly with these wings..?" -08:34 Apr 15
Zeke: He bobbed his head. "Zoot not fly." he said. "When older wings fall, that day zoot is adult." he took the hand of one of the adults and buzzed to it reasuring it about the baby Ava had. "Sometimes young zoot think can fly… We watch and stop." -08:37 Apr 15
Ava: "They are evolving past the need for flight… Hmm, which is strange with a predator on the ground. …that thing doesn’t fly too, does it?" Ava warily glanced upwards at the treetops and the small breaks towards the sky. That’d just be great. Worrying about something dropping down and snatching you up. She set the baby down, pulling the strap of her pack over her head and shoulder. "I guess we should go before they send someone searching for me." -08:42 Apr 15
Zeke: He let go of the zoot and buzzed thier intentions before picking up a spear and tossing another one towards Ava. Then it was off towards the nearest way down and he had a feeling Ava wouldn’t like it. "You not like hight up." he observed looking at her and the crowd of zoots who had decided to see them off, about a dozen in all. He crossed to an empty platform and waited. This one was apart frm any trunk or anything to hold onto an below them the ground was onvisible though the leaves. -08:47 Apr 15
Ava: She was a little awkward with the spear, and it was clear it wasn’t her usual sort of weapon. Ava also didn’t hide her mistrust or disdain at heights. "If humans were meant to fly, we’d have wings, so on and so forth…" she muttered. Oh no… she didn’t like the look of this one. Ava didn’t step on the platform and leaned to take a look down. A long, long way down. "….there’s no seat belts." -08:53 Apr 15
Zeke: As she was looking down womething dropped past her, wimething light green and with spread arms and legs. Then there was another, and another. "No seat." he said as more Zoots jumped. "Zoots have wings. Zoots not fly." then with a small run up he followed suitdiving in a gracful arc as below the sound of splashing was heard. -08:56 Apr 15
Ava: "Well, that’s it then. I am staying up here." Of course the one or two zoots left had no idea what she was saying. Though, she got the impression that they knew she wasn’t jumping, cause there was a lot of gestures pointing and urging her to do so. "You didn’t even ask if I could swim…!" she shouted down. She could, but that wasn’t the point! "….fuck." Ava growled to herself and took a few steps back. This was going to suck… and with a not nearly as graceful leap, she jumped and squealed the entire way down! -09:02 Apr 15
Zeke: In the pons at the base of a watedfall that thendered down a small cliff on the oposite side Zeke and the zoots had already swum out of the way of Ava adn the final two zoots as they landed. Zeke was sitting on the shore holding out a speared creature that looks like a cross between a crab and a starfish that was still wriggling on the tip of the spear out to one of the zoots who grabbed it and heade back towards the village. Then he was looking over at Avan to make sure she was okay. "You want go back alone?" -09:07 Apr 15
Ava: There was a lot of coughing and a lot of sputtering as she climbed out of the water and rang out her hair. She gave a quick look up to see just how far of a jump that was…. stomach churning! "Honestly, I don’t know… I’ve got to tell them about you and the zoots and I think you could be really helpful for learning about this world. But I just get this sinking feeling and… I guess I read too many ecological nightmare history books…" The smart thing to do was take him. If she was honest with herself too, the only real reason she didn’t want to was because this was her discovery and she didn’t want to share. "You probably know the way back better than I do, anyway." -09:13 Apr 15
Zeke: He stood and started off, the zoots playing in the water not following them. He had told them to stay away from the humans and their weapons of fire. "You can use red fire?" he asked her as he adjusted his bag and lifted the flap to pull out a fruit and eat it as they walked. The trees down here were teeming with life and birds and insects were everywhere, but as the foliage got thicked they came to a line of broken bushed adn places where the bark had been torn off the trees and the earth had been thrown around. It was as if someone had pulled a huge plow along the ground and left a trench and it was onto this that Zeke turned and began to follow. -09:18 Apr 15
Ava: "Sort of. I haven’t passed the tests and I’m not licensed to use them." Ava wasn’t sure how anyone was supposed to remember that many details about guns, and she was pretty sure they just didn’t like "the brains" having weapons. No doubt some nonsense about social order… While following along, she was itching to stop and take a look at things. The animals and insects were grabbing her attention the most and more than once she had to force her feet to move and catch up with him. There were so few planets with this much living wildlife! "What tore everything up like this..? The predator? What exactly IS this predator? Furry or scaley? Feathers? Leathery maybe?" -09:23 Apr 15
Zeke: He reached back into his bag and pulled out a metal box. The box itself was rusty but still visible on the outside was the logo of one of the most exclusive gun makers in the galaxy. It had been int he captain’s quarters of the Icaruswhen he had found it and he hadn’t been able to figure it out if it even still worked. Then he was holding it out to her. "Predator is stone. Zoot call "anger of ground" a…" he buzzed the zoot word trying to think of the english. "Demon sent by angry spirit to safegard valley. Zoot not welcome, human not welcome. Looks like rock but I know when it’s predator. Forbidden to kill but I can trick." -09:30 Apr 15
Ava: Ava took the box and opened it up. Curiously examining the gun inside. Oooold. The commander would be all over this thing. She glanced at him, debating whether or not she could confiscate it… In the end, she slid the box in to her pack and tucked the gun in to her belt. Better safe than sorry, and no one was going to blame her for having a gun when there was a predator around. "That’s great, now I gotta be paranoid about rocks. It’s just a hungry beast thought, yeah? Not maliciously aggressive? What about the ones that tried to hurt your zoots? What are they?" -09:35 Apr 15
Zeke: "No." he said. "Not hungry. Never eat, only kill. Kill everything. Once large birds came here. All dead. Zoots once leave here for safety but forced back. Predator, demon, kill for fun, kill because killing is all he knows. KOnly things not kill are too small to notice or in trees. Now is day, light makes predator go back to ground." -09:40 Apr 15
Ava: "…that’s really not all the reassuring. And… well, it’s just not normal!" Of course, she was saying that on an alien planet, but the evolution and habits of species tended to follow the same patterns no matter what world you landed on. Stuff rarely just killed for the fun of it. Especially if that was literally the only thing it ever did. Now she really did have this whole nightmare of a creature stuck in her head. "Is it only the one? Or more? You know, there’s got to be more places on this planet for zoot to live!" -09:45 Apr 15
Zeke: He shrugged. "Never seen two. If I ever see two, I run." he used his spear to point out a place high up a trunk where the wook and bark had been torn away. Climbing not safe, onto high in vilage safe. We safe if careful and predator keep harm away from zoot. It danger, but it protect. Zoot only need go down for water. Zoot have fruit in treet, have light, have all we need. Only come down for water and explore and find why ground angry. Zoot believe if ground not angry predator not hurt zoot, but protect still." -09:50 Apr 15
Ava: "Symbiotic balance and all that jazz, I guess. Still things could be easier… at the very least I would like to know why it is the way it is." That was the bane of curiosity. She already had her gears turning, trying to come up with theories and hypothesis and she hadn’t even seen his rock predator yet. Ava briefly wondered if the discovery of the crashed ship would buy extra time on the planet… "Hmm… Don’t you ever get curious about the way the things? Especially since you were the only human here for so long… " -09:56 Apr 15
Zeke: "Icarus spoke things. Wars, triunphs, science. Here I survive. I help Zoot who saved me. No though beyond valley will feed me. No thought beyond valley will help village. Curious, but responsability." -10:03 Apr 15
Ava: "You sound a little bit like my father. About responsibility." It was amusing in a weird sort of way, and maybe a good sign. "Maybe you can have both. Answers and responsibility! I’m a ‘do it all’ kind of girl." -10:07 Apr 15
[Ava is coming up on the camp with Zeke. And it does not look pretty. In fact, it kind of looks like a tornado blew threw and just kind of flattened everything! ] -08:24 Apr 16
[Zeke is serveying the damage and nodding to himself. This is esactly what he expected.] -08:28 Apr 16
Ava: What she didn’t see was people. On the bright side, not any -bodies- either. But not seeing anyone mulling about looking pissy was a little alarming. "You weren’t kidding about the trees being safer." The moment she crossed in to the boundary of the camp, she snatched up what was left of a computer keyboard. "..argh..! c’mon! This one was mine!" -08:32 Apr 16
Zeke: He did not enter but paced around the perimeter looking into thr trees and into camp in turn. "Broken things is better than dead men." he said scaling a rock near the camp’s edge and looking out over the wreackage. There was an overturns communications dish that seened to have a chunk missing and there was a patch of ground staned red, that is where he had seen the man die. "How many?" he asked looking at the camp. "Where run to?" -08:41 Apr 16
Ava: Ava tossed the piece back down and dust off her hands. That was true, dead stuff better than dead people, and there was suposedly one dead already. "Twenty or thirty people? The ship is nearby, and I doubt they would have taken off without me. The commander would have a cow." Ava beckoned him with a finger to follow here. There was another larger clearing not too far away that had been big enough to land the transport ship. It had to be big enough to withstand a big predator, so she was sure they’d all be in there. -08:50 Apr 16
Zeke: He stood and jogged over to her to alk with her. He was convinced they’d find nothing but bodies which would explain why her box didn’t make voices but he wasn’t going to say anything, he didn’t want her to worry unduly. He knew the humans of Earth could be many wonderous things but no one could survive the predator who didn’t have somewhere to hide. "What is cow?" -09:23 Apr 16
Ava: She stared at him a moment as they walked until she remember – he really didn’t know! "An animal. Raised for food, usually… uhm.. in this case it’s an expression. I mean the commander would be super mad if they took off without me." Mad would be an understatement. He was probably having a righteous fit right now, if they managed to send word to the main ship. Ava glanced up at the sky to see if she could spot it in orbit. -09:27 Apr 16
Zeke: He tilted his head and took her hand to lead her in her chosen direction while she looked at the sky. The zoots wouls lead eachother all the time and it was natural to him. It as calming to have physical contact and a silent way to direct someone. "You can talk with them?" he asked trying to break whatever spell was making her look up. "Ask if cows are had?" -09:36 Apr 16
Ava: Hand holding with a grown man, that had her peering at him curious again. Was that normal for him? It sure wasn’t for her! "Well, no… we can’t talk to cows and they can’t talk to us. And they aren’t like your zoots, they don’t have a language." …well, if he was going to touch, that gave her the perfect excuse for subtle examination. Ava lift his hand up to take a look. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but maybe he had developed and been influenced by his environment. "Do you talk to things besides zoots?" -09:42 Apr 16
Zeke: He looked at her like she was slightly crazy. Then swayed his head side to side and looked ahead. "Humans. Talk to humans on voice box." he looked at her again and then at a tree. "Animals not have much to say. Simple language they not completely understand. Body movement shows intent. Bird cannot describe flower, only say when found. Anyone can learn." -09:48 Apr 16
Ava: "Oh, right. My comlink." She was an idiot! And apparently he was a lot smarter than she was giving him credit. Aza hadn’t even realized he knew who she was talking to. Then again, she hadn’t really thought about it either! She dropped his hand to pull out her comlink and check it over. Signal was still dead, and without the main satellite, she couldn’t link up to the big ship either. "Still cut off. All the equiptment’s gotta be damaged pretty bad." -09:52 Apr 16
Zeke: He looked ahead and knew the crealing they were making for. Another camp? An Icarus? But there was also a worry, the time. If they stayed out too long he might have to brave the night to get home. She could stay with her people but the zoots would worry if he didn’t return. Some of the younger adults might try searching in the night. -10:03 Apr 16
Ava: Ava’s imagination was acting up again, but she was relieved once the ship came in to view. There were people patroling about with guns, and when they saw her they were calling out to their captain. What she wasn’t expecting was the sudden rush and ambush. Being circled and having guns at all angles pointed at Zeke like he was some sort of alien terrorist. "Whoa, whoa…! What the shit…! He’s a human being and he’s clearly not trying to eat anybody, what’s the matter with you guys?!" -10:12 Apr 16
Zeke: Surrounded by men with weapons and he did nothing, only moving to stand at ease and latch his eyes onto the apparent leader of the group hile still holding Ava’s hand. He didn’t way anything either, he had dealt with predators before and you gained no favors by showing you were afraid. What he did not bet on was the flap of herbag opening up and a small dark green arm reaching out and grabbing Ava’s hair to pull on it. -10:33 Apr 16
Ava: Something was tugging on her hair, and suddenly half the guns had turned on her too. Shit was rambling off in her head at a mile a minute. It was one thing to bring creatures back to camp, but a whole different problem when the goons were all paranoid from an attack. "Erickson…! Get your stupid guns out of my face!" -10:49 Apr 16

Erickson must have been the gentleman in full suited up armor and a scowl so deep that he might not have ever smiled once in his life. He pointed straight at Zeke and without question a couple men were darting forward to grab him. “What did I tell you Addison? Stay with the group. Now six people are missing after looking for you, one is dead, and here you bring the only danger THAT WE SAW in to the camp.”

Zeke: He was moving behind her, very slowly opening her bag to pull out the baby and cradle it in his arm as he held his stear staring strait back at the man. "Eric son." he said slowly. "Predator comes in darkness. Can I destroy camp?" he help up his spear as the baby made a grab for it buzzing to itself, but the tip was nothing but fire hardened wood. "How?" -10:59 Apr 16
Ava: "Seriously…! One guy against a camp full of science nerds and trigger happy soldiers. Obviously, you need to calm the fuck down and maybe I can tell you a little bit about what happened." Having Erickson pissed off at her was nothing new. Their entire relationship was based on her testing how much she could get away with before he threatened her with lockup and the Commander had to get involved. This though… involved a very special case scenario. This was new. "I mean it. This would have happened anyway, there’s some sort of crazy rock demon creature thing." -11:13 Apr 16

“I don’t have time for your bullshit today, Addison. This isn’t playtime with the wild animals. Someone is dead and people are missing.” He motioned for his men to move. “Get him and that thing in to custody. Addison, you’re going to show me where that crashed ship is.”

Ava: "What does that even have to do with- whoop. Nope. Don’t even try it." Ava pulled that gun out of her belt and pointed it at the guy making a move for the little zoot. Zeke she was sure could handle a little manhandling. Baby zoots and freaked out soldiers didn’t mix. "Okay, I didn’t wanna have to pull rank. But if any of you idiots get any closer, not only am I going to shoot your foot off, I am going to make sure the Commander knows exactly who is on the shitlist." -11:13 Apr 16
[Zeke is in a lot of trouble but will NOT let the baby come to harm.] -07:50 Apr 17
[Ava is amidst chaos, and pulling a gun probably wasn’t the best idea to help the situation! But goons only listen to guns! D:<] -07:51 Apr 17
Zeke: Shouting, too fast for him to follow but one thing he did know was he did not like the way weapons were being waved around near the baby. With a quick movement the spear shot out and wacked a knee, a second later Ava has a baby zoot in her arms as in a whirlwind of movement legs were knocked out from under soldiers, guns were hooded on the tips if his spear and trown away like a slingshot out of reach and in under a second all the man were on there backs and the apaprent leader had a foot on his chest and the blunt end of a spear against his cheek. "No weapons near baby zoot." he said slowly and carefully. "Female leader say, I do, you wise to do too." -07:57 Apr 17

Erickson was not happy, in fact he looked like he was going to blow a gasket and the only reason he wasn’t was the weapon at his cheek and he didn’t want guns fired in his direction. “Addison. Get. Him. Off. Go inside. And call the Commander. I’d LOVE to see what he has to say about this.”

Ava: Crap. One speared guy taking down a bunch of Erickson’s goons in a split second. Everyone was in trouble now. Her gun disappeared back in to her belt as she jostled the baby zoot to her shoulder and quickly bustled to grab Zeke’s arm and pull him towards the transport ship. "C’mon, before this mess is any weirder!" -08:10 Apr 17
Zeke: He removed his foot and followed his hand slipping into his bad to pull out two shells ount together with a small stone inside that he slipped into the Zoot’s hand and shook making a rattling sound while buzzing to it. "If day is wierd. Use instinct." he said walking next to her his eyes moving to the ship. It was smaller than the Icarus but she had mentioned another one still in the sky that might be bigger. "You will talk to leader?" he asked. "Tell leader about zoot and Zeke?" he was worried. Cataclysmic change could bring disaster to the village. "She is wise?" -08:21 Apr 17
Ava: "Yeah, directly talk to apparently." she muttered, starting the climb up the ramp, now with a buzzing zoot playing on her shoulder. ….that actually her grin. Ava led the way up the ramp and in to the main holding bay of the ship. The place where most of the equipment and cargo was held. She bypassed it all for a smaller subroom and plopped in to a seat. "She is actually a He and…. yeah, he’s pretty wise! You really shouldn’t have knocked down Erickson, he’s gonna give me more shit that usual now…" -08:26 Apr 17
Zeke: He sat doen nxt to her then paused to bounce on the soft seat experimentally. Then buzzed at the zootling who replied with a buzz from it’s wings and a few chirps. "Man leader?" he said finally. "No older femaled to lead? He keep watch until you reach age to rule?" He winced as the zootling grabbed his hair and pulled then leaned back to let it play with the strands and looked around the small room. -08:32 Apr 17
Ava: That made her laugh! Like almost hysterically laugh! By the time she was done snickering, she had the call signalling and was trying to bring up video on the screen. "No.. No, he’s the boss Patriarch. At least of our ship. There are female leaders too though." After a little fiddling the screen finally came on to show an empty chair. A few moments more there was the soft tenor of someone’s voice, then finally an older gentleman in full beard and uniform sat down and frowned at the screen. Like Erickson, he looked like he didn’t smile very often, but there was maybe for the briefest of moments a relieved look on his face before it turned serious again. "Good morning, Commander. I have our first day’s report for you." -08:45 Apr 17

“Erickson has already filled me in on a few details, Doctor Addision.” he started with a snort. “You willfully disobeyed orders, my -direct- orders to stay with the crew. I understand your disdain for Erickson, Addison, but he is a trained soldier – a GOOD soldier – and his men are there to keep you and your team safe. He cannot do that if you are lost in the jungle within the first ten minutes of landing planetside.”

Zeke: He frowned and looked at the screen. Then slowly he picked up the zooting off her shoulder and held it up in front of her where it would be seen, then leaned into the shot himself. "She ambassador." he said standing not knowing only his chest was in the shot. "Eric son not know full storry. Listen to female. She seen zoots, she seen Icarus… by ship. She has seen what predator can do. Men dead already, cannot afford more." -08:51 Apr 17
Ava: "Sit…!" The zoot she took to place in her lap, then she was tugging on his arm to make him sit again. "But yes…! I’m sorry, sir. I honestly didn’t mean to break away from the group, it’s just that these zoots stumbled over me and lead me to the Icarus wreckage where I ran in to him. Zeke. And because of his warning about the predator we had to get to shelter before it was dark. I did callback to Erickson for people to stay in camp." -09:01 Apr 17

The man on screen raised an eyebrow at the small creature. Then raised the other at the man on screen. He listened, but his expression remained impassive. “Your lack of commication with the rest of the team has led to missing people and a death. Potentially more deaths. Regardless of what you meant to do, and whether it is directly your fault – it IS your responsibility as lead of expeditions. There will be no more rule breaking, do we understand each other, Doctor Addison?” He waited until she nodded, before resuming. “…now tell me about your discovery Ava, I was worried near sick over you. It better be worth it.” His entire demeanor seemed to melt and that stony look had turned in to a warmer smile.

Ava: "Yes sir." Ava was effectively chided and looked the part. But the minute the commander switched tone, so did she. More than a little excited to spill everything she had been holding back. "Oh gods, Dad, it’s the most amazing thing I have ever seen! These zoots are curious and friendly, a true tribal society at it’s very first evolutionary beginnings. They keep their history painted up in a common room or throne room, where the Matriach cares for all the unborn eggs. And the fact that they found this strange alien creature amidst a wreckage and took it in to raise as their own is stunning! I mean, you almost NEVER see things like that even in more advanced human societies, and here we are with the first intelligent alien species discovery ever! Oh, and this is Zeke. Zeeeeke. The zoots, he says they are zoots, named him Zeke and so far it is the only word I recognize, but I can’t wait to go back and spend time with them." -09:10 Apr 17
Zeke: While they were talking the zootling thatrted buzzing the Zeke answered and looked at the sceren, then buzzed more bobbing his head. The zootling rattles the shell at the screen and then placed it in Ava’s lap and buzzed up at her too, which Zeke andweres and took the zootling’s hand shaking it lightly and they looked at eachother before the zooling chirper and Zeke checkled. A private joke adout a creature so old it had durned completely white. -09:16 Apr 17

It was clear if he were truely listening, or more interested in watching what was going on around her on screen. Either way, he was rubbing the beard at his chin. Nodding every few words. “That’s a monumental discovery Ava, you will need to take Erickson to the crash site. There may be things aboard Icarus that needs to be recovered. With that said, having aid to make contact with an indigenous people should prove to be useful. Especially in dealing with this unknown predator. What can your Zeke tell me about this creature?”

Zeke: He looked at the screen at his cue and then looked at Ava. "How high is village?" he asked her. "Half that is length of predator. Many many legs all in two lines. Body look like rock and many eyes on front. Zoot say is demon from ground. Angry demon. Zoot wish to make peace with ground spirit, pacify demon. I believe predator is creature and can be killed. Zoot forbid me from killing. Predator keeps other away. If stay in village. Predator only kill, never eat." he looked at the screen. "All all zoot, only Zeke can survive, when zoot not home and dark. Zeke find zoot and take home." -09:44 Apr 17
Ava: Ava was eyeing Zeke, patting the little zoot gently on the head wile he spoke. Babies were cuuuute. But she frowned at the mentioned of ‘others’ again. "He’s mentioned something hurting the zoot and chasing them out of safer territories before. But I haven’t gotten any details about them yet. I haven’t really need the predetor yet either, last night I’m pretty sure I could hear it. When you talk to Erickson, it’s a good idea to maybe keep everyone here on the ship at night. The zoots are only safe because they’re up in the trees." -09:49 Apr 17

“Discovering information about species and culture sounds like a job for an anthropologist, Ava.” He responded with some amusement, but he was still pondering it all with a mild look of concern. “I will deal with Erickson. As long as you remember to follow orders. There will be no more running loose and wild, not when there are dangerous things we do not yet understand.”

Ava: "Yes sir. I will do my best not to be a total pain in the ass, unless Erickson makes some stupid request. Then all bets are off." Ava was okay with rules, but she wasn’t apt to following them if they were going to meddle with her researching. Or well… with anything she wanted to get in to. "I promise I’ll be careful." -09:55 Apr 17
Zeke: He was back buzzing at the zootling explaining what was going on and the baby was swaying back and forth listening it’s wings humming slightly. Then he turned back to the screen. "Zoot leader trusts me here. Zoot wish only peace and safety not interfearence from others. Human guests welcome but zoot have nothere else to live. Protective of village and independence." -10:05 Apr 17

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