Name: Catzia

Knightwatch Byname: Little Cat

Appearance: Strawberry-blonde hair with dark roots, cut a bit short in the back than it is in the front. Light blue eyes. A small stature and frame. Somewhere between 18-21. Refuses to wear anything but black.

Coat of Arms: A side profile of a cat in silver with an added golden mane around it’s head is hand embroidered in to her vest and in to her cloak, right over her heart.

Heritage: Adorable Little Sister to Othaniel Lavarene and at the perfect age to get married. Something she enjoys bringing up to make people uncomfortable.


[i]Catseye[/i] – It’s not a Bullseye when you’re a cat. Her aim is uncanny. In the dark, in the sun, tiny things, big things. She’s an excellent marksman.

[i]Where the fuck did that cat go?![/i] – She’s small, she’s quiet, she can hide really, really fast and squeeze in to tiny places. It’s almost like she popped in to that annoying cat dimension. (She swears she didn’t, and then she’ll laugh making you swear otherwise.)

Weapons: Bow & a quill of arrows. The bow itself is a gift from her brother and well crafted. As for the arrows – she’ll use anything handy if she runs out. And be happy to prove to you that she CAN use anything.

Squired To: Othaniel Lavarene. It’s unclear if it was Othaniel that didn’t have the choice, or Cat.

Personality: A flirty minx. Little trouble maker.


Name: Princess Briony Lyonesse Anacatzia Serotina


Personality: A private person. Excellent people skills. Clever and observant.

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