Celia Vera

Celia Vera
Celia Vera by Daylilith


Character Name: Celia Vera – GODDESS (Okay, fine, DEMIGoddess.) OF JUSTICE
Alias Blind Justice, The Smiting Goddess
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Goddess
Age: Ageless
Birthplace/World: The Heavens
Occupation: Justice. In JUSTICE, all beings receive their consequences for ill deeds. No ill deed goes unpunished. Justice comes in the form of how ever her Greatness deems fit, but she personally likes to smite people with a stick. It’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of work. However, if she were to choose to get off her ass, she does favor using LIGHTNING to smite with.


General Appearance: Who better to know right than wrong than a child? Celia looks young. Young teens kind of young. Platinum blond hair, silver-blue eyes. Pale skin with no wrinkle, blemish, nor flaw. Because Justice has no flaws. Celia is short stature and petite, but with a well rounded figure. Her clothing is not practical. Gauzy robes in a mix of Greek and Mayan style. Lots of jewelry and makeup. LOTS. She’s wearing everything from gold to silver. Rings, bracelets, necklace, anklet, earrings. The works!


Current Goal/Purpose: Pff. Sit on her ass and eat tasty food and waste time.
General Personality: Celia is childish and spoiled. Being the offspring of Greater Gods, she’s never had a real job or purpose before. She doesn’t even want one now. This new gig of DOING things sucks. She’s lazy, ill tempered, bossy, loud, and whiny. Of course, she has a heart in there somewhere. Deep down. Inside. Maybe. She IS the little child Goddess of Justice.
Inner Personality:


General History: Lazy, lazy, lazy. It makes it wonder how there’s ever been Justice done in Existence. Celia Vera would rather be sitting on a cloud somewhere playing with jewelry than doing what she is born to do. And she WILL find plenty of ways to distract herself, even if that means annoying other Gods and getting other people to do her dirty work. “Hey Karma! Don’t you think that guy over there should get what’s coming to him..?”

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

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