Dannon Aisley

When the Great Wizard Grigor Aisley announced that he foresaw his first born son becoming the Hero of Dragons and began to chronicle the child’s life to a book of prophecy, all waited with baited breath for the birth of his prodigy. Years and years passed, but no child came. And not without effort – Grigor loved to spread his seed around and used his fame to bang many important and powerful ladies, hoping to create that perfect child. At the ripe old age of 72, a saucy con woman pretending to be the infamous dragon tamer, Lady Sauya of the Rivermist, in hopes of having this prophesied child tricked him in to a few booty calls. It was successful.

But instead of a first born son he got a daughter: Dannon. His credibility as a seer and master wizard was shot. The shame and ridicule sent him to his grave before the child’s fifth birthday. After a time, the High and Mighty of the magical world forgot all about the imposter and the child.

Dannon spent her younger years being a tavern gopher while her mother scammed drunken customers for all they were worth. She was barely twelve when a certain “drugging” turned in to a “poisoning” and suddenly Dannon was an accessory to murder. Her mother fled and left Dannon behind to deal with the consequences. The little girl figured murdering someone (accident or not) made her a bad guy, so she might as well BE a bad guy. Not knowing any better or what her options were, she started a teenage life of crime.

Unfortunately, Dannon sucks as a criminal. She learned quickly that pretty girls got all the gold, but she severely lacked the questionable morals needed to do most shady shit. Dannon was a terrible liar, easily distracted, and cursedly clumsy. She broke more things than she could grab and left disastrous messes in her wake and then felt bad about it and too often returned or repaired what was damaged.

Dannon’s most recent attempt at villainy was joining a gang of thieves and attempting to steal something incredibly valuable from the home of Lady Sauya herself. Everything was going fine – Dannon even had the item in her hands – and then she tripped over a blasted carpet, woke a household full of squawking birds, and got the lot of them arrested. Dannon doesn’t know what happened to her criminal companions, but someone took pity on her and she got banished to the Dragon Taming Academy. A place where most students end up eaten alive or handicapped by the dragons they’re paired with, so really it was a worse kind of punishment than most prisons.

It started with having to care for a giant blotchy egg. Keep it warm, keep it clean, keep it company. It was so boring she wished for prison instead. When the egg hatched and the ugliest blob of whatthefuckisthisthing came rolling out, Dannon met her soul mate. The damn thing looked like he’d been ran over by a herd of horses and then fell off a rocky cliff in to a pool of lava. He didn’t listen. He broke everything. He tried to eat everything. He was a damn mess and Dannon loved him. She decided Bobcat was a cool name for a wild stupid dragon, and despite their many failures at training, they’re still a loyally bonded pair.

Dannon has been with the Academy for a year and Bobcat is a huge behemoth monster that hasn’t even finished growing yet. She spends more time trying to cleanup and fix all the things she and Bobcat destroy than actual training. She’s got no magic, no combat skills, no useful knowledge besides 101 ways to get weird stains out of laundry and how to use a hammer and sticky stuff to fix anything. Bobcat is as equally useless. Unless something needs to be destroyed quickly they are not ever involved in any kind of mission ever.

Dannon has a secret, and that is her insanely inappropriate crush on one of the school mentors. She doesn’t know what it is about Marcus. Except he’s handsome. And smart. And strong. And perfect. And crap, she’s daydreaming again. He can never know. Her crush will remain a beautiful fantasy that can never be ruined by the crushing reality of unrequited affection.

Dannon has red hair and green eyes. Freckles. She’s short and squishy and looks like she belongs on a fluffy sofa with extra pillows, not on a giant monster dragon. She’s vain about her appearance and knows she’s a pretty girl. Her clothing is always plain and practical these days, because neither she nor Bobcat can stay out of trouble long enough to make pretty clothing worth it. Dannon would love extravagant, elegant clothes and to cover Bobcat in ribbons, but they just can’t.

Her personality is build on self preservation. She doesn’t trust anyone, and doesn’t want to be anyone’s friend. She knows that one day (far far far in the future at this rate) she and Bobcat will be allowed to leave the Academy and they’ll take over the world with their might and glory. Then she and Bobcat can live in a giant castle and create some kind of golden dragon dynasty where Dannon gets to dress like a princess and Bobcat can eat all the cows he wants. That’s what bad guys are born to do. She just has to figure out how to do it without burning down entire villages and killing scores of people, because you need your people alive and happy in order to rule them.

She’ll mouth off and sass just about everyone, save for the precious few people she actually respects or fears (or has a terrible, deep, debilitating crush on). Bugs and insects freak her out.

She absolutely loves tea parties with all the trimmings. Tea, cookies, peach jam, scones, frilly dresses, little tiny sandwiches. The whole concept of a lady’s tea party where everything is elegant and delicate and beautiful is so foreign and impossible to her.

What Dannon doesn’t know is that the prophesies about her chronicled in her father’s book have all been accurate to date. The only thing that he got wrong was her gender. He just assumed his child would be a son. She’s never read it. She doesn’t even know the book exists or where it could be.

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