A beautiful autumn day. Crisp air with just a hint of the coming winter gave a sweet chill. The leaves on the trees were a myriad of colors from orange, to red to deep browns. Occasionally some would drop from the branches when the wind blew, giving a cascade of colors as they drifted to the ground. In the park it was quiet, peaceful and perfect.

Evangeline took Gabriel’s hand and positioned his arms for a proper waltz. She was wearing a long brown coat over a warm dress. A vibrant colored scarf wrapped snugly around her neck. The best part was looking at Gabriel. Just as she always saw him, with coal black hair and storm grey eyes. His serious expression as she guided him in to the steps of the waltz, following along with the music in her head.

Dancing like this was exhilarating! Romantic! For a vampire that didn’t dance, he always moved just right. But the best part was him sliding an arm around her waist to draw her close. Leaning down to whisper gently in her ear.


“Seer. …Evangeline.”

“Yes! Oh um-!” Evangeline snapped out of her daydream so quickly, that she knocked over the jar of pencils on the desk and was quickly fumbling to snatch them all before they escape. She was flushing furiously as she tried to clear her throat.

Gabriel was leaning next to her over her chair, his eyebrow raised. “You look ill.”

Blast it! “No, no! I’m okay!” Sometimes Evangeline wondered if he really could read her thoughts, and this was one of those moments she really hoped he couldn’t! She really shouldn’t have been daydreaming like she was, especially about Gabriel. But… she was just catching herself far too often lately! “Really. I’m ready to go!” She hopped out of her chair quickly and was escaping for the door.

Gabriel straightened, casting a smirk as he followed.

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