Mark My Words

Some long overdue smut for Gabriel and Evangeline! They are so cute together!

Gabriel lifted his head, tugged on her gown. He wanted her out of it and he wanted himself out of his clothes. He wanted to feel her body against his and press himself against her, know what it was really like to lose yourself in someone and not do so out of anger. She made him feel complete, she was that missing part of him.

Evangeline could tell something was different. Maybe it was the way he pulled at her gown, as if it was something in the way. She smiled at that but then she reached up to cup his face. She could feel his eyes on her, as if she was the only person in the world, the only person who mattered. It made her feel warm and fuzzy inside but the intensity of his gaze also made her heart beat faster. “Gabriel …?” she asked, uncertain.

Gabriel turned his head to kiss her palm. “I am fine, Evangeline. Better than I ever thought I could feel.” And he meant it. He lowered his head to brush his lips against hers. “Let me love you, Evangeline,” he asked, whispering. “I’ve showed you I care in so many ways except one.” His body was tense. He was nervous but he was determined to do this. That was … if she let him. He was through with hurting her. He wanted to heal her.

Evangeline smiled and nodded. Her heart swelled and she could feel tears of happiness beginning to burn. But she willed it away. If she started to cry now, Gabriel would stop and think he was hurting her. Her Gabriel. Her vampire in shining armor who always saved her and never hesitated to do it, no matter the danger to himself. She wanted to answer him but she didn’t trust herself to say something before she really burst into tears.

Gabriel kissed her again, deep and long. His mouth moved against hers, hot and demanding, and he growled softly when she responded in kind. His hands went to her hips and then moved up, trying to figure out this damn piece of clothing or else he’d rip it off of her or make it disappear altogether. He didn’t want to do either of the last two because he didn’t want to scare her. This was a special time. He realized something and slowly broke the kiss. “Evangeline, have you …”

Evangeline felt her cheeks turn hot as it dawned on her what he was asking. Would he change his mind about this, if he knew? But she realized it didn’t matter if he knew the truth or not. Gabriel loved her for who she was. She shook her head shyly. “.. Have you …?” She had been his first kiss but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have made love to someone before!

The smile Gabriel gave her was warm. “No. You will be my first.” And he was going to make it the best time for her that he could. He nuzzled her cheek as his hands moved and his fingers found the fastenings for the corset. They were quick and just as he had opened it completely, his mouth took hers in another deep kiss. His tongue slipped into her mouth and licked at hers as his hands moved away to take care of the rest of the gown.

Evangeline moaned into Gabriel’s mouth. He was so intense, so passionate. It would have scared her if she hadn’t felt the same way. It felt like she’d waited so long for this moment and now it was happening and he was leaving her breathless. All she could do was grasp his shoulders and be grateful she was lying down; he was making her melt. She felt him pushing her skirts up one hand stole underneath. She broke the kiss, gasping when his hand slid between her legs.

“Open for me, Evangeline,” he whispered, looking up into her face to gauge if he was doing something wrong or making her have second thoughts in anyway. But her expression … It took his breath away. She was the greatest gift ever, a woman with a pure, innocent soul who’d dealt with so much and asked for so little in return. He could sense her uncertainty but ultimately trust won out and her legs opened. He smiled again and gave her a kiss on the mouth for encouragement at the precise moment that his fingers found her slit and stroked her. “You are the greatest gift ever.”

Evangeline swallowed and gasped! Her body was tingling in places she never thought you could tingle and so warm. And the way he was touching her and the words he said … It all made her feel alive and … It was wonderful! She blushed and smiled up at him. “Oh, Gabriel, I love you …” She cupped his face, leaned up to kiss his mouth. “You’re in my heart,” she whispered, remembering that part of their vows to each other.

Again, he kissed her lips back, turned his head to kiss her palm. “And you will always be in mine,” he replied just as he felt his fingertips grow wet against her hair, slid one finger inside of her gently. He forced himself to be patient, to just watch and wait as her muscles stretched and tightened around his finger. Her hips jerked, her hands clutched his shoulders. The gasp she let out was not one of pain but surprise and as he slowly moved his finger inside of her, the moan that followed was one of pleasure.

Evangeline’s heart was beating oh so fast! She tried to bite her lip to keep from crying out but suddenly she gasped and moaned! She was so wet and he was making her even wetter! And hotter, yes, he was definitely making her hotter! Her body was doing strange and unusual things, new things that felt incredible! And she was doing them with Gabriel. “What are you …?” Her voice trailed off. It was a wonder she could focus at all!

Gabriel’s finger stopped. “Stretching you,” he answered. “This way your body is ready for me. Pain will be at a minimal.” At least he hoped it would. But he would not let fear stop him now, not when he wanted to make love to Evangeline. It was the one thing he found himself ever wanting so badly. To show Evangeline just how much she meant to him. Then he started to thrust into her again, slowly, gently, shallow thrusts. He wanted to give her a taste of what was to come.

Evangeline lay her head back as her body moved with his finger. She would have been fairly certain this was a dream except … the sensations she was feeling were definitely real! Her muscles stretched and tightened around his finger. He never went too deep as to break her hymen but his finger was beginning to move faster and harder. She was breathing hard and something was … building and … Oh God, building! Especially when he added that second finger! She didn’t know she could stretch so much and yet, she was! Those fingers moved faster and faster and when she had her first climax, she stiffened and gasped and just lay there, to catch her breath.

Gabriel smiled and pulled his finger out. He leaned up to kiss her lips and then moved his attention to that gown of hers. Even with the corset open, he found the only way to get rid of it without tearing it would be to pull it over her head. His lips quirked up at one corner and he tugged on her gown. “Did you want this in one piece?”

Evangeline laughed. She couldn’t help it. His question came out of the blue and despite the fact his tone was as indifferent as ever, she could feel the impatience underneath. “Yes, please. It feels exquisite, doesn’t it?” she asked, running a hand over her gown. Although it reminded her of her time spent in the Devil World as Malsuada’s slave, it also reminded her of being bound to Gabriel. And, as Caroline had put it, it was like her wedding dress. That fact alone made it precious to her.

Gabriel raised an eyebrow at it. Exquisite didn’t quite describe it. But Evangeline wanted it intact and he couldn’t refuse her. He nuzzled her cheek. “Not as exquisite as you.” He kissed her lips softly before he took her skirt and began to pull it over her head.

Evangeline blushed and kissed him back. He always knew just the right thing to say. She had a feeling he’d be giving her warm fuzzies for a very long time to come. As the gown began to lift higher, she found herself becoming uncertain, shy, nervous. This was still all so new to her and she wanted to give Gabriel back for how he was making her feel. “… Gabriel?” she asked.

Gabriel paused. The gown was up to her breasts now. “Yes …?”

Evangeline reached up to caress his cheeks, then run her fingers through his hair. She loved his hair. It never ceased to amaze or amuse her that for a vampire who wasn’t too eager to take baths regularly, his hair was always soft and easy to run her fingers through. “Maybe … I can … return the favor …?” she asked, hopeful and nervous, too. She had never done this and she didn’t want to ruin things but she wanted to show Gabriel how she felt about him, just like he was doing for her.

“Of course,” Gabriel replied, turning his head to nuzzle her fingers. He nipped them playfully, smiling softly when she squeaked again. “But first, I want to do this for you, for me. And after … I am all yours.” He began pushing the gown up again. Evangeline had the most beautiful skin, a fair complexion that seemed to glow slightly with the light of her soul. And to him, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He sighed softly. “You have no idea how beautiful you are.”

Evangeline smiled and felt herself blushing again. She was pretty sure she had exactly an idea. It was there, in the way he spoke, the way he kissed her, nuzzled her. He thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. No, he believed in it. And he really was all hers. She opened her mouth to tell him how lucky she was only to gasp and arch her back when his tongue licked a nipple, then slid his mouth over it. He sucked on her breast, slow but firm as one hand moved up to caress the other. She clutched his shoulders as her body grew hotter and wetter and she moaned his name.

Gabriel quickly learned that there was no sound sweeter than Evangeline moaning his name. She shuddered, her blood raced, her heartbeat sped up. He gave her nipple one more lick as he pulled his mouth off before he withdrew to take care of her gown completely. And not a moment too soon, he found as he draped it over the dresser close to the bed and returned to stroking her body. She was so warm, so hot and willing. It was a testimony to how patient he was being, not to rip off some clothing and take her now. He quickly returned to her breasts. Now both hands cupped them as he rubbed them in circles against her chest as his thumbs brushed her nipples. He blew on the wet nipple he’d sucked and licked earlier making her gasp again and arch her back.

Evangeline was in heaven! Her hands covered his, then moved up his arms, smiling. He was still fully clothed. Yes, he was a very eager vampire and she loved him with ever fiber of her being. “Gabriel …” she whispered, tugging on his sleeve. “I shouldn’t be the only one naked here,” she said with a smile.

There was a soft chuckle above her. “My apologies.” He broke away from her to undress. He was a little more carefree about where he put his clothes, except for his gun holster, which he put on the dresser next to her gown. Everything else from his boots to his coat wound up on the floor or at the foot of the bed. When the last piece of clothing had been taken care of, he moved between her legs and nuzzled the spot between her breasts.

Evangeline blushed as she spread her legs wider to accommodate him. He was hard and lean and it was far different to be naked with him now than those times when she’d managed to make him take a bath. There was not an ounce of fat on him. She reached up to run her fingers through his hair and hold his head to her. He was the sweetest man ever and she really was mad … madly in love with him. She swallowed when she felt his length pressing up against her thigh.

Gabriel felt her stiffen slightly and he paused. He moved his head up to nuzzle her neck, where her pulse beat strongest. Later, he would have to feed but for now … now he wanted to make love to this woman and make her completely his. It had been a fool’s move not to have done it before. “I love you, Evangeline Clark,” he whispered into her ear, nibbled on her earlobe. “Do you accept me?”

Evangeline blushed and a shiver ran through her when she felt his teeth on her ear and his words … Sweet heaven! She could feel how hard he was and realized that the choice lay with her. If she wanted to, she could refuse him, and he would stop. He wouldn’t force himself on her, he would never force himself on her. But he wanted her so intensely. No, he needed her and she needed him. She nodded. “Yes, Gabriel. I love you and I accept you.”

Gabriel’s heart soared when he heard her say that. He brushed his lips against hers. “Thank you, Evangeline,” he whispered just before he seized her mouth in a long kiss and, with both hands on either side of her, sunk himself inside. He groaned into her mouth. It took every ounce of control not to just drive every inch of his cock into her body but she was already so tight! He didn’t want to hurt her.

Evangeline gasped into his mouth. He was so big! Her muscles tensed and stretched and she was glad he had taken the time to stretch her in the first place. She didn’t stop kissing him though but she cupped his face when he suddenly stopped. He had come up against something, her hymen. She finally broke the kiss and felt him clenching his teeth. “Are you alright …?”

Gabriel’s smile was a tight one. He nodded once. “Your hymen. I need to break it. It will hurt but–” He stopped when she put a finger to his lips and he looked up at her.

There was a soft smile on Evangeline’s face. She nodded. “But I want you to do this. I trust you.” She moaned into his mouth as he kissed her again and when he drove deeper into her, breaking that barrier, she cried out into his mouth. It really did hurt! But as he held his hips and made small thrusts inside of her, the pain dulled and it wasn’t long before he drove every inch of himself inside of her.

Gabriel groaned and broke the kiss once he was completely inside of her. She was so tight! He stopped to slip her legs around his hips as he raised himself above her, hands on either side of her. Her muscles were stretching for him, her slit was so wet and as he thrust into her over and over, he broke the kiss and she began to moan his name.

Evangeline clutched his shoulders. “Uhhh …” she gasped. One hand moved down and she heard Gabriel groan again above her when her hand reached between them. This was … Oh God, this was divine! It fascinated her even as her body moved with his and her legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper. He was filling her completely. In and out, in and out. He drove deeper and his thrusts sped up. Her hand returned to his shoulder and her nails dig into his flesh.

Gabriel hissed under his breath. He was moving faster inside of her, wanting her to climax first. He didn’t have to wait long as she nearly bounced beneath him. She was panting and moaning and suddenly she arched her back and screamed his name! He smirked as he paused when her muscles clamped even tighter around him. It only took him a few more thrusts before he, too, reached his peak. He groaned and pushed himself as deep as he could before his orgasm hit and he filled Evangeline with his seed.

Evangeline was very aware of Gabriel climaxing but could only moan. “Hmm …” She smiled in contentment as Gabriel lay on top of her, wrapped his arms around her waist and moved to lie down on his side. He didn’t break away from her so she rolled and wound up on her side as well, snuggled up against him. She put her head against his chest as he pulled the covers over the two of them. “Are you sure you’ve never made love to someone before?”

Gabriel took her hand and kissed the palm. “Indeed. But it will not be the last time I make love to you, Evangeline. Mark my words.”


Evangeline’s Husband Wishlist

(Are you happy now, Clara? It took me three days!)

1. Is really really extra tall!
2. Can dance with me!
3. Can fight with a sword!
4. Will rescue me from my parents when they’re being really mean.
5. Can ride a horse!
6. Strong enough to throw someone and pick me up!
7. Will always eat my candy when I offer it to him!
8. Will be able to handle angry warlocks who drink too much beer and won’t listen to visions and take no for an answer.
9. Doesn’t get scared and run away when I tell him about visions.
10. Always kind to animals and little kids!
11. Protects me from jelly fish or other monsters that try to eat me!
12. Can kiss me senseless even if I’m mad enough to hit him with a stick!
13. Won’t ever be distracted by another girl and thinks I’m the most beautiful person in the world!
14. Can always find my keys when I lose them, no matter where they are!
15. Will not object or get mad when I tie him to a bed!
16. Can scare someone just by glaring at them!
17. Is friends with fun loving werewolves!
18. Will always come to get me if I get locked in a closet or weird place!
19. Has a good savings, but is not snobby, mean, or lazy about it!
20. Will know when I’m upset without me having to tell him and always know what to do!
21. Spends every Christmas with me!
22. Can throw fireballs and kill evil vampires even if I’m clinging to him!
23. Remembers my birthday!
24. Doesn’t complain about my rocks and won’t get mad at me for leaving them all over the house!
25. Will give lots of snuggles at bedtime!
26. Easy to daydream about!
27. Will wash my hair for me when we take a bath!
28. Always smells really nice like rain or forests!
29. Will take care of me when I’m sick, and let me take care of him when he needs me too!
30. Can speak soft at my ear because it’s cute and romantic and sweet!
31. He loves me for everything that I am and won’t be scared of me or think I’m stupid and he won’t try to make me be somebody else just because I’m not normal and keep blabbering things out visions and forgetting that it bothers people!

Characters: Modern Fantasy

Evangeline Winifred Clark

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Character Name: Evangeline Winifred Clark

Name Meaning: good tidings & holy reconciliation

Alias: The Seer, Bright Lady

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human (Through a Life Bond with Gabriel, she is now considered an “Immortal”. One that will not die from growing old.)

Age: 26 and looks her age.

B-Day: February 14th

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Place of Birth: London, England

Current Residence: New York, Usa

Occupation: Newbie Trainer at Oracle. Psychic and Jeweler.

Gemstone: Aquamarine. Birthstone: Amethyst

Theme Song: Miley Cyrus – The Climb; representing Evangeline as a whole! Tonic – If You Could Only See; I like how it’s fitting for either Evangeline or Gabriel. XD Mariah Carey – Whenever You Call; Definitely an Evangeline/Gabriel song!


Height: 5’2″

Weight: 118lbs

Hair: Dark brown, just past shoulder length, with wavy curls. Bangs cut to the tip of her nose. She normally wears it down and clipped out of her face. Soft and fluffy!

Eyes: Clear Sky Blue

Distinguishing Marks: Old scars from her accident at 16. Several Recent Scars from a few kidnapping incidents. Scar on her shoulder from being shot. Gabriel’s Brand (a vampire’s marking of his property, and in this case done purely by accident!) Binding Mark on her left hand from the life-bond ritual with Gabriel.

General Appearance: Medium frame. Reasonable bust, wider hips. Heart shaped face. Clear smooth complexion with a natural glow and lighter skin tone.

Strengths: Usually very healthy, she rarely gets sick and has no issues with her health. She is quick and light on her feet, with a fair amount of balance.

Weaknesses: Evangeline is blind! She relies heavily on her paranormal senses to make up for it, but there are still unavoidable issues with not being able to see.


Current Goal/Purpose: Help anyone than asks for her help. Show Gabriel how wonderful life can be. …Save the world!

Aspirations: Having a life filled with love and good friends.

Hobbies: Making jewelry. Paper-machete/origami architecture

Talents: Swing Dancing, Listening, Teaching

Inabilities: Singing, Not spilling the beans about visions. Talking about her own fears/problems. (She tends to pretend they don’t exist.) Managing her money.

General Personality: Quirky, sunny, cheerful, empathetic! The world is meant to be enjoyed! Evangeline makes the best out of everything, doesn’t play the blame game, and gives the benefit of the doubt. Visions often provide her horrible sights, thus giving her perspective on what really matters. She knows evil when she “sees” it, but even then Evangeline has a hard time bringing serious harm to another living being. She rarely ever loses her temper, but when she does SOME one is in trouble. Her emotions rarely run extreme and she keeps a nice mellow profile a majority of the time. She is always a pleasure to be around, unless you’re sickened by nice people. Often one might assume she’s not-so-bright or ‘insane’, with the way she’ll walk in to trouble or ask questions. But she always seems to have a good idea of what she’s doing.
Inner Personality: Evangeline hides her fear and worry very well. She has many insecurities that she keeps to herself. She will also try hiding when she’s upset, not wanting to concern others. Evangeline has been able to control her fears fairly well, but it’s now becoming more difficult with the more danger she’s in!

Self Perception: Evangeline feels she is a very ordinary person. She’s never considered herself special (despite her gifts), nor has she thought she was entitled to anything. Occasionally she’ll feel moments of insecurity, but they are usually triggered by someone else’s comments towards her.

Fondest Memory: Most of her fond memories involve silly little things with Gabriel and spending time with Brutus.

Painful Memory: That evening Anthony killed the two hunters and the priest that was with her at the church while she was purifying stones. Despite Gabriel’s reassurances she still considers their deaths her fault. 041

Biggest Regret: There are moments she wishes she could still see, but she tries not to make it a real regret.

Secret: Evangeline is very good at hiding her fears behind a sunny smile. If she were upset or hurt, it would be hard to tell. (Yet Gabriel seems to have a flawless judgment of her moods!)


Fears: Michael. He is much like a living nightmare to Evangeline! Anthony to the same extent, especially after murdering those people in the church.

Likes: Chocolate, Fuzzy Animals, Teaching, Dancing, Helping, and learning new things!

Dislikes: Eating Frogs, Snakes; She’s not really AFRAID of them, but that doesn’t mean she likes them, either! Thunderstorms; With recent events, a lot of really bad things seem to happen when it’s storming. Now she gets nervous during storms. Deep water; She can swim fine, but it’s hard to tell which direction she’s going. Wraiths.

Color: Evangeline loves all colors! Except now she can’t see them, so it doesn’t make much of a difference any more!

Music: Any kind of music she can dance to!

Food: Fruit flavored chocolates (cherry and raspberry). Donuts. Black Tea. Spaghetti with meat sauce. Hates peas.


Clothing: A red and gold striped scarf. A fuzzy white cashmere sweater. Her wedding dress.


Special Items: A scrying crystal. A folding walking cane. A leyline stone. (From Gabriel.) A talisman that senses when a spell is being cast. (From Gabriel.)

Weapons: Her cane, usually!

– Has always been able to see “lines of magic”, specifically anything that uses sigils or seals. She can touch a seal to attempt to unravel or crack it; As in 012 and later in 027
– Influenced by Gabriel she has started to attempt to make a physical barrier or “wall” to help shield from harm. 027.
– She has started to pick up a talent for casting of accidental spells, as in 034. Later after a few more accidents, she convinces Gabriel to teach her proper spell casting. 048
– She shares an unrealized telepathic bond with Gabriel that start in 012 when he shared his wall with her, and continued to get stronger as time passed. After the Life Bond, their thoughts are directly connected at will.

– Constant “minor” visions of immediate present and company. (Ex; A fight with boyfriends, flat tires, etc.)
– Occasional visions of major life-altering events. (Ex; Accidents, Injuries, Trouble)
– Rare instances of important visions that compel her to act on them. (Ex; Seeking out Gabriel or “saving the world”.)
– Has only seen herself in a vision twice. Once when 16 and seeing a “duel outcome” where her choice would result in the death or herself or someone else. Then a second time in 041 where she saw her own death.
– Her visions come more frequently and clearer with the influence of Gabriel. (She explains it as him lending her his strength.)
– Visions can be tampered with or even faked if her mind isn’t protected from outside attack. Learned in 012 when Anthony was testing to see if she were helping Gabriel.

Aura & Impression Reading:
– Reading of people’s Auras to sense their mood, actions, feelings & vague personality.
– Feeling the aura and vibrations of locations & objects to get an atmosphere of her surroundings. This is what she uses to “cheat” around being blind. She can’t see what she’s doing, but she can feel the vibration of most objects.
– Her senses can be tampered with by use of heavy magical masking. She can’t decipher most illusions without physically touching the person/object.


Family: Parents; Geoffrey Clark, Patrice Clark. No siblings or other living relatives.

Allies: Gabriel, Brutus, Ciara Grey & her family. Dark & Caroline. London Friend, Melissa & her husband.

Enemies: Anthony Carnatelli, Michael Carnatelli, Werepuppy Smugglers!

Parents: Both of her parents considered her a freak and an inconvenience. Evangeline tried hard to win their affection until after she graduated from High School, where she just fell out of contact. After her parents turned her over to Anthony Carnatelli, she disowned them for the betrayal. (A rare moment where Evangeline was actually very VERY upset.)

Brutus: Brutus is her wonderful puppy, no matter how big he gets or how much trouble he causes! He found her and she’ll love him forever!

Gabriel: Evangeline is very fond of Gabriel. In fact she loves him! It comes as no surprise to her and seems perfectly natural. It was all of those little things he does for her, that made her really appreciate him!

Ciara Grey: Ciara is a bit intimidating, but Evangeline knows a good soul when she sees one. She hopes to make sure Ciara Grey has a good life as she feels it’s “good for the world”.

Leon Santos: She very much likes Leon and enjoys his company, despite the fact Ms. Grey is always jealous of their friendship!

Lily Grey: Evangeline feels for Lily and hopes to help her find her path in life. Moreso now after having her own experience with Michael.

Conrad: Not very much contact with Conrad yet!

Anthony Carnatelli: She fears what Anthony can do and what he can become. But can still managed that fear to be defiant and attempt to fight him off when he tries to pry in to her mind, hurt Brutus or Gabriel. (Ex: Trying to block Anthony from taking Gabriel at risk of herself both at the College, and again when he trapped her in her mind.)

Michael Carnatelli: Unlike Anthony, Michael is very unpredictable, chaotic, and plain disturbing. He was frightening enough the first time she had contact with him, but after Wareham she is trying not to think about him and [hopefully] won’t run in to him again. (Ex: When Michael appeared at Lily’s college, she didn’t go with Gabriel. Normally she wants to go and help, especially when the Greys are concerned.)

Dark: She likes Dark! Evangeline can see a lot of the similarities between him and Gabriel, but the differences are uniquely fascinating!

Caroline: She views Caroline as a very elegant lady. Someone wise and talented to look up to. She puts Caroline at equal standing with Gabriel – which occasionally makes herself jealous. (She thinks Caroline and Gabriel would make a stunning and very compatible couple!) She believes there is no better teacher for Dark than Caroline!

Alistair: He is a bit of a nuisance but not so much that she can’t smile and ignore him. He’s harmless! She has no urges to help him with his enchantment either. (He must REALLY deserve it!)

Vlamerias: Evangeline took an instant liking to Meri and absolutely adores her! She treats Meri like her own daughter!


General History:
Evangeline was born to upper middle-class parents, that are very conservative. So much so, that their strange daughter constantly put them through stress and embarrassment with her odd little way of knowing things. To keep her out of their hair, they made sure she stayed in Boarding Schools for most of her young life. Evangeline didn’t seem to have a problem with this, she just took life as it happened and made the best of any situation that came her way. She got involved in a lot of activities, despite only have a small group of friends. (Not many people could get used to the way Evangeline would blurt out ominous tales of the future, and she often just freaked them out!)

Evangeline’s visions had always been simple harmless things. Little fortunes, sparing people from bad luck, nothing life altering, and never involving herself. But after turning 16, she had a vision about this women she would often pass on the street every afternoon when she was on her way home from school. This vision was unique, as it gave two outcomes rather than just one. A business sign was going to come crashing down off the building on the woman, where she would die! In the other vision, Evangeline pushed the other woman out of the way, and it was her to get crushed by the sign. For a sixteen year old girl, it was a vision she struggled with for months! When the day finally happened, Evangeline didn’t think twice… she saved the woman’s life!

Though Evangeline thought she was going to die, it was only a few months in the hospital. But it did come at the cost of her sight. When the woman came to visit her, and told her about her children, Evangeline never regretted her choice. Once released from the hospital, Evangeline spent the rest of her years trying to use her visions to make a difference in people’s lives.

Present Life:
Evangeline has taken up residence with Gabriel along with the werepup Brutus in an apartment he’s put together for her. She’s volunteered as the official psychic of the Oracle Organization under the direction of Ciara Grey. Evangeline is trying to aid Gabriel in stopping Anthony’s plot, and at the same time show Gabriel that there is more to life (and to him) than just slaying things.


16 – Evangeline has a vision about a woman dying and if she saves the woman she could die herself. She chooses to save the woman, but lost her sight as a result of the accident.
26 – A vision about Anthony Carnatelli’s gaining an ultimate power and the man who has to stop him. She flies to America to seek out Gabriel Carnatelli.
– 006 Evangeline meets Ciara Grey and Leon Santos. Succeeds in telling Gabriel about her vision after the second attempt.
– 007 An unexpected rescue from Gabriel at the airport. Evangeline realizes she can’t leave the city!
– 009 Brutus adopts Evangeline. Gabriel rescues Evangeline again. Meeting Lily.
– 012 Gabriel rescues Evangeline from trouble again, she decides to help him find Alicia. Evangeline frees Gabriel from a seal. Anthony breaks in to Evangeline’s head. Gabriel shares his wall with Evangeline.
– 014 Anthony comes after Evangeline directly. Gabriel rescues once again and takes her to his own home. She develops a liking for Gabriel!
– 016 Evangeline shows Gabriel what life can be like.
– 018 Michael becomes Evangeline’s top fear. Evangeline realizes how much she depends on Gabriel. Evangeline cuts ties with her parents because of their betrayal. Gabriel’s actions in giving her a home touches her!
– 019 Evangeline realizes how much Gabriel cares for her (even if he doesn’t).
– 023 Evangeline finds a new purpose for herself in teaching.
– 025 Gabriel shows his concern for her both when she’s shot by accident by newbies and when she’s served debt papers by a collections agent. Evangeline falls deep!
– 027 Evangeline risks herself to crack Gabriel’s seal.
– 029 Evangeline “sees” Gabriel’s lost self first hand.
– 032 Evangeline realizes she never wants to live a life without Gabriel. Evangeline tells Anthony “never again” will he break in to her mind.
– 033 Evangeline shows that she will also go to great lengths to help Gabriel when she fetches him in Alaska!

– Evangeline “life bonds” with Gabriel. Binding herself to his life force and essentially becomes his wife!

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Gabriel’s arms went around her, responding to her kiss in kind as his hand caressed the small of her back and then lower to give her rear a gentle squeeze. Murmuring his name against his lips, Evangeline pressed a hand to his chest. Guiding him backwards with both hand and body until he had moved back to the sofa. Her hands never left him as she knelt on the floor, breaking away from the kiss to plant a trail over his jaw and to his neck. Her fingers were blazing their own trail as they danced over his chest and glided across his stomach. His body tensed and he gave a low groan as she curled her fingers around his shaft. There was no mistaking his desire for her, and it was his restraint that had her smitten. As her thumb moved back and forth she could feel how difficult it was for him to allow her to take the initiative!

Evangeline smiled against his skin as she nipped against his neck again. Her lips brushing softly over his shoulder and down his chest. Gabriel could not help but watch, intrigued yet amused. Oh yes, he definitely was enjoying her game! His heart beat faster still as his muscles contracted against the cool flicker of her tongue against his stomach. But it’s when she moved lower and took him in to her mouth that he hissed an unexpected moan of pleasure. Encouraged by his response, her initial shyness faded. As her tongue circled and licked, her fingers would stroke firm and agonizingly slow. It was maddening!

Any thought to hold his resolve was broken in an instant as Gabriel growled and seized her arms to pull her up and on to his lap. He was through with being patient! He griped her hips firmly in both hands, guiding her body until he sank himself inside her with a single sudden thrust. Evangeline’s gasp of surprise quickly shifted to an earnest sigh as she settled over him. Her body adjusted and she was more than ready for him. Wet and willing, she captured his head in her hands to run her fingers through his hair and crushed her mouth to his in a feverish kiss.

Gabriel’s hand glided up her side before stopping at her breast with a soft caress. He smirked as she inhaled a quick breath. His head tilting to that spot where her pulse beat so strong. Even now her blood was racing faster as he pressed his lips to her neck and grazed his teeth gently across her skin. But as she gave a soft giggle and rocked her hips, it was he who was grunting to catch his breath.

Evangeline set the pace, slow and steady as she moved herself against. Up and down, in and out, shallow and deep. Absolute heaven building with every thrust. Gabriel left her neck to tilt her just fraction backwards. Capturing one of her breasts in his mouth and suckling until she was softly mewling his name. His hand stole below, fingers gently probing even as he was moving within her.

As sudden gasp escaped Evangeline as her entire body shuddered! She gripped his shoulders, nails digging in to his skin as her climax hit. An arm locked around her waist as another moved up her back and neck to tangle a hand in to her hair. Holding her steady even as she writhed within his arms and begged him not to stop! Her pleading sent Gabriel over the edge and as her muscles contracted around him he too found his climax in a few quick thrusts. Even after he had filled her with his seed, his arms remained tight around her.

Evangeline had no desire to move, worn and exhausted with her face tucked safely at his neck. When she finally did catch her breath, she giggled softly. “Do I make a good tease?”

Smirking, Gabriel pulled a blanket from the back of the sofa to wrap around them both before his arms were right back around her again. “That you do, my devious wife…”


To Save Him

“Ms. Grey? I’d like to talk to you.”

Ciara Grey looked up from her her desk at the Oracle HQ. She frowned as the younger woman entered the room. Evangeline, the vampire’s psychic. And by the look on her face, this conversation was going to be unpleasant. “Evangeline, if this is about Gabriel, we’ve alre-“

“Lily has an idea, Ms. Grey. We could save him an-“

Lily has an idea?! Evangeline, I would think after the man nearly killed you that is no coming back from that. He is a Carnatelli. A vampire. A monster that has been doing god knows what, slaughtering innocent people, and at a rate where even Anthony would be impressed!” Ciara scowled as she rose from her chair. “It’s time to let him go.”

Evangeline paused, a hand moving up to her neck. Yes, she had nearly died. But that was not Gabriel’s fault. She shook her head slightly. “You have to understand. I love him, Ms. Grey. I couldn’t jus-“

“There isn’t-“

“LISTEN TO ME, PLEASE.” Evangeline shouted! Surprise registered across Ciara’s face. It was a tone she had never heard Evangeline use. A slight frown, Ciara lowered herself back down in her.

“I’m listening.”

Taking a deep breath, Evangeline fidgeted with her fingers. “There have been so many terrible things I’ve seen. Things that have happened. Gabriel has been… He gave me a home when mine was lost, left himself with me when I was scared, pretended to lose a fight so I wouldn’t be mad, let me drag him to feed ducks or play with puppies. He has made me feel like the most important person in the world. Being near him makes all of those awful things that’ve happened worth living through. Maybe I am selfish but… If there is even the slightest chance that I can save him, I have to try.”

“What he’s done can’t be ignored, Evangeline. How do you save someone that murders innocent people? Someone that would hurt you just as easily as looking at you?” Ciara asked.

“It isn’t him. There is something in him. At there gate there was a darkness that tried to push through. It might have wrapped around me, but he- …He is being consumed by it. Her. She is burning him away to lock herself in this world.”

Ciara regarded her with a cool, examining stare. “…What makes you so sure he is possessed? You have said yourself, you cannot seem to read him now. No visions, no psychic mumbo jumbo. How can you know?”

“Touch. Feeling. That darkness is wound around him so tightly that I could not reach out with my mind for him, but as soon as he touched me… I know there is still a piece of him left, and it may not be too late. But the longer it takes, the more of him is burned away…” Evangeline could feel that tightness in her throat. But now was not the time to weep. She had to convince Ms. Grey.

Ciara remained silent for several long moments as her fingers tapped on her desk. “…One chance, Evangeline. I will give you once chance, and if it doesn’t work. ..I will end him.”

“It will work, Ms. Grey! I promise!” Evangeline nearly faint from elation as she rushed towards the door. She had to make preparations. To get the spell ready and bring him to her.

She would save him.


Broken Memories

CRACK! Searing pain and a strange sensation of falling. But she lay flat on solid ground. Everything was silent. Empty. Pure Black. There were no words. No pictures. Scents or sounds. Only herself. She had been here once before. A long time ago. A coma… Evangeline pushed herself up to her knees. “Gabriel..? Gabriel!”

“Why do you insist on these fantasies? A dream can’t save you, Evangeline.”

The voice echoed through the darkness with an infuriating amusement. She could sense nothing, but as she turned, suddenly there he was was. His face eye level with hers, that black hair, the perfectly tailored suit. Seeing him. Crouching next to her flashing a fanged smile. Anthony Carnatelli. Evangeline gasped, scooting backwards away from him, only for her hands to feel empty air. There was a gap behind her – an unseen, invisible cliff.

He stepped towards her, his footsteps muted in the black. “There is nowhere left to run. You’ve always belonged to me.”

She is mine. Now and forever.

Evangeline rose to her feet, shakily stepping to the side away from the invisible cliff. “N-no I don’t. He… Gabriel is going to come and get me.” In a blink he was gone, appearing behind her with a solid hand clamped down on her shoulder, the other grabbing her wrist and turning it over. Jerking it up for her to see. A manticore holding a sword in one hand and the world in the other. Anthony’s brand.

“What a tragedy your life has been. If only you had a hero to erase it all away. A guardian angel to save you..?” he chuckled softly, leaning forward to whisper in her ear. “Gabriel isn’t real, Evangeline. A figment of a frightened psychic’s imagination. Pieces twisted to make your pathetic life more bearable…”

“That’s not true..!” she shouted, jerking forward out of his grasp to run. Evangeline made it a few steps before the black was a solid wall before her.

Anthony’s arms came down at both sides of her, preventing another escape. He sneered. “Ah, is it not? Where is your Gabriel, Evangeline? Can you find a single memory..?” A door opened to the side, light spilling out in to the black. Anthony disappeared, only his voice echoing behind. “Memories cannot lie…”

Evangeline stumbled towards the door crossing the threshold in to the light.

A traditional living room, neat and perfect. Guests sitting on the sofa sipping hot cup of tea. There were her parents sitting across the coffee table on the set of chairs. A little girl of six years old standing patiently with her hands behind her back, smiling brightly and rocking on her heels.

“Geoffrey, I have to say, I am impressed with how your advice has turned out. My business is doing splendid since the changes. What do you propose the new year will bring us?”

Her father was replying earnestly. The little girl tilted her head to the side, her mouth twisting to an oddly serious expression for a child. She interrupted loudly. “The stock is going to crash really bad during the fall… But that’s okay, because it gives your wife the reason she needed to move in with her boyfriend! She’ll be much happier!” Everyone in the room went dead silent. No one made a sound until the gentleman’s wife suddenly dropped her teacup. Geoffrey was on his feet, grabbing the child by the arm and dragging her out of the room with a growl.

I know how to behave, I know how to behave…

“I told you not to say a word. Not one word while company was over!” he opened up the closet door and shoved her inside. “You’ll stay in there until you know how to behave.” The closet door slammed and everything was dark again.

Another door opened, bathing the black with light.

“Here it is! My report card. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that I am the recipient of straight A’s in all my classes!” Fourteen years old, wearing a private school’s uniform, Evangeline presented her report card to her parents. Her mother gave a quick glance before returning to her needlepoint, her father didn’t even bother to look. There was a twitch at the corner of her mouth, but her smile never wavered. “I know, I was surprised too. All of that studying really made a difference. How about I make dinner for us to celebrate?”

“Yes go and start dinner, dear.” replied her mother evenly.

Evangeline left her report card on the table before skipping out. Ah, she should have asked what they wanted for dinner! Turning back, her hand paused at the doorknob when she overheard speaking.

“Damn it, why did she come home? I thought that school was supposed to keep them all year round!” said Geoffrey.

“Renovations during the holidays, dear. All of the students had to go back to their homes. It’s just for a few days.” The woman didn’t miss a single stitch.

“We should have sent her outside the country. Would have been well worth the extra pounds. Have you read the letters her teachers sent home…?”

Don’t listen to them. Don’t listen.

Evangeline opened the door. Everything flashed white.

Pain. Blackness. Voices. Evangeline blinked down at the girl barely even sixteen, in the hospital bed. Herself. Wrapped in bandages with burns, cuts. Barely even awake, but she could hear her parents arguing with the doctor outside. Two months of black empty space, yet when she opened her eyes, it was still the same. Someone else was in the room. An older woman, who gently leaned over the bed to pat her hand.

“I’m so sorry for what’s happened. If you hadn’t saved my life, you would be fine… but… I am so very grateful you did. I don’t know what would have happened to my children if I had- I… Just, thank you. Thank you, so much.” Evangeline shrugged her shoulders, mumbling an embarrassed you’re welcome. The woman thanked her again before leaving. She left the door open, and voices trickled inside.

“There doesn’t appear to be any memory loss, but there was severe burn damage to her retina. Ms. Clark seems to be completely blind. We could attempt surgery b-“

“Out of the question. I want her out of this hospital immediately.”

“Sir, your daughter has been in a coma for two months. We can’t just let her walk o-“

“Then call us when she is ready to be retrieved!”

You would have preferred it if I had died. Maybe I should have…

The door closed. Everything shifted to a blur.

Young people stood on board of a large yacht, wearing pretty dresses or dressed down tuxes. Girls were laughing on the front deck as a couple boys were threatening to throw someone overboard. Evangeline, dressed so grownup for eighteen, was listening with a frown. She could feel it, even just watching herself, that sense of foreboding. A vision.

Just mind your own business, Evangeline! Stay out of it..!

One of the girls pointed over to a mousy girl with glasses. Clara, that girl who always carried around a Pixie Pony purse, and talked about frogs. The boys moved over to her plucking at her hair and poking her in the sides. “You’re looking too hot for this party, Clara! Maybe you need a dip!” laughed one of the girls.

Evangeline with a cane in hand, slid easily in to the middle of the group blocking a boy’s attempt at grabbing Clara. “Really, Tiffany, everyone knows you’re the prettiest girl here. I mean, you sure don’t want to go swimming, no reason to send Clara off.” she said with a smile, poking another boy away with her cane.

“Figures a freak would come rescue a freak! You heard her, boys. There’s no reason to throw Clara overboard.” The look on her face spoke volumes of who she wanted to throw now, but Evangeline couldn’t see. Before she had a chance to scream or swing in defense, she found herself off her feet and plummeting down to the cold ocean water below. Coughing as she rose to the surface, she couldn’t seem to grasp which direction to swim towards. She could hear Clara screaming her name and shouting for the boat to turn around, but it was getting farther and farther away…!

This all has nothing to do with anything! He was not there for any of this..!

No…? Then where did it begin, Evangeline…?

When I met…

“…Hello? I’m looking for someone…?” Evangeline called out in the empty warehouse. The place felt wrong… like danger.

“Excuse me, Miss. Did I hear you ask for someone…?” replied a voice. A man stepped out, black hair and a scar across his face.

“I have something important about Anthony Carnatelli.”

“Why then, you’ve come to the right place…” Silvery strands of thread appearing in his hands, wrapped around his wrists.

This isn’t right. Something is missing here…

“Good! Because it’s really important. He has a sword but the vision wasn’t exactly clear, I think it’s about this big-” Evangeline was trying to measure out her hands about the correct length, but no, that didn’t seem right either. He was stepping closer and she stopped. “I guess the size isn’t really important, but rather what it does. I think I’d rather talk about it somewhere else, though. This place feels wrong.”

He tilted his head slightly at her. The string around his wrist was getting longer now. “I get that a lot. But I assure you, this warehouse is as right as can be.” He moved closer, smirking to himself. “Now, about the sword…”

“It’s really not okay, this warehouse, I mean. I suppose I should have mentioned I’m a psychic. Which is what I meant about the vision. I’d just feel more comfortable somewhere else.”

He flicked his wrist and the string dissolved. He stepped forward. “A psychic. Most intriguing. Here, I’ll guide you outside and we can talk in my car.” He reached out and took her hand and started leading her outside. There was that feeling, danger. Dark. Evil. Disturbing. Marionette. Michael. Evangeline jerked her hand out of his grasp to back away. His Marionettes appeared. She was swinging her cane to defend herself.

That isn’t how it happened. There was more…

It’s your own memory, Evangeline.

A bright flash of light. The scene shifted again.

“That’s not my puppy..!” she screamed, stumbling through a door. The room was small and padded, blocked from the outside world, but not the inside. Voices, screaming, mental prodding. An institution for the dangerously insane. Evangeline stepped quickly to the side as a were’s claw came swiping down at her, missing flesh to shred padding at the wall. Just as suddenly as it had came, it was gone again. The room’s door slowly crept open, a silhouette in the frame.

I don’t want to see this.

Evangeline backed away slowly, silver threads winding their away around her ankles. Her attempt at running was cut short by a sharp jerk, her body hitting the ground. Faster than she could scream, he was over her. Twisted and different. White hair, a single wing, a horn on his forehead. Michael was a monster.

Don’t make me remember. I don’t want to remember.

“..He took something… Now I take someone…” Fingers squeezing around her throat, clawed hand wrapping around her wrist pinned at the side of her head. She could feel hot breath against her skin and the heavy weight of his body hovering over her.

“One brick… two bricks… three bricks…” The room slowly started to fade as Evangeline counted. “seven bricks… eight bricks… nine…” All was dark, though her voice still echoed. “Fourteen… fifteen… sixteen bricks…”

That’s enough. No more…

Do you know where you belong, Evangeline?

Ocean waves crashed against the steel hull of the ship. Miles away from civilization. Far away from everything. Sealed in by water, surrounded by demons. Evangeline ran down the stairs, something snatching out a paw from behind the steps to grab her leg. She stumbled down the last few steps, landing painfully on the floor. But she didn’t stop. Picking herself up, she kept on moving. Standing still was worse than running. If she ran, he would come and find her. He would help her…

Where is he..? I can’t find him…

No one came to help you, Evangeline. No one cares to save you…

“This is all wrong. Why can’t I find him..?” The memories were gone, replaced by the black void. Evangeline tried to look, but… it was all gone. He wasn’t there.

Anthony leaned behind her, pressing close to her ear to whisper. “Your hero is nothing but a twisted dream. Come to me, where you belong.”

No..! Evangeline dashed forward in to the darkness. Anthony’s laughter following behind her. A glimmer of light from above slowly came in to view. The full moon tainted a grim red in the sky, casting a strange tint to the forest of trees that appeared. Void of leaves with branches twisted at odd angles, they seemed to have ghastly faces cut out of the bark. The howl of something large behind sent Evangeline running. Branches whipping out trying to lash at her, snagging at the white satin of the dress she was now wearing.

Tripping over a root lifting up from the ground, she crashed to the forest floor. A frog was there off to the side of her. It opened it’s mouth wide revealing rows and rows of fangs. On her feet again, screaming, Evangeline ran across a shallow creek. Watery hands with long arms, shot up from the surface grabbing at her and trying to pull her down. Prying herself away, she crawled to the other bank. There was an old woman…!

“Please, help..!” Evangeline called, taking the women by the arm. She gasped and stumbled back when the women turned around, a grotesque half rotting face with hollow eye sockets!

“What beautiful eyes… I must have them!” she grabbed Evangeline, long claws reaching up to pluck at her face. Evangeline shoved her roughly away, running farther still.

Vines appeared, covered in thorns. Growing up out of the ground in thick coils, in front of her and behind. Evangeline crawled through them, ignoring the stinging pain as she pushed them aside. Deep gashes down her arms and over her palms leaving crimson stains over the white satin. A wooden door appeared. Reaching it, she stumbled inside, slamming it. The walls inside were made of stones. Yellow glowing eyes peered from the shadows. Evangeline dashed towards the stairs, running up, never looking back to see what was pounding behind her.

At the end of the winding staircase another door. Passing through it, Evangeline crashed against a mirror. The door vanished. Here was a maze of mirrors. Everywhere she could see her reflection. A hand reached out towards her from one of the mirrors. Only one. She backed away pressing against another mirrored wall. But there it was, the hand instead clamping itself over her face. Screaming and tearing herself away, she ran. Her movement feeling slow, impossible. Like trying to trudge through water.

The maze opened up to a huge empty chamber. In the center a small bronze statue with a globe of the earth hovering above it. Evangeline moved forward, finally dropping to her knees before it. A manticore. The statue moved, the bronze hands locking tightly around her wrists. Lifting her hands up over it’s head to cup just below the globe. Blood dripped from her finger tips to trickle down the statue.

Anthony crouched beside her, running the back of his fingers down her bleeding arm. “To whom do you belong, Evangeline?”

She stared blankly at the globe, turning so slowly above her hands. “I am your Seer. I belong to you…”

He smirked, leaning close. “You belong to me. Let no one try and take you away. Erase them. Destroy them.”

“I will erase them. Erase them from existence…”


Returning to England

Evangeline stepped off the bus on to the corner street in front of an Odds n’ Ends store. Opening up the front door smiling, she called out, “Melissa! Your favorite renter is home!”

“Evangeline!” sounded a friendly voice. An older women with greying hair and a big apron wrapped around her waist, steered around the checkout counter to embrace her. “You haven’t called in forever, and then people started coming by and then your parents, I-“

“People?” Evangeline asked, leaning back and blinking. “Did I forget to give notice that I’d be out of town for awhile?”

Melissa shuffled on her feet. “No, no. These were complete strangers. What sort of trouble have you gotten in to, Evangeline? This man came by asking all sorts of personal questions, and not a week ago your parents came and took all of your things! Said you wouldn’t be living here anymore!”

“Bother!” Evangeline grumbled. “I think Mother is in a panic because Father is ill, she wanted me to come home straight away. I suppose to move back in. But that’d be miserable, so I’ll just get my things back.” There was a brief awkward silence. Evangeline tilted her head. “What’s the matter, now? I can’t move back in?”

“Crickets, Evangeline, I’m so sorry. But I did tell you ages ago that Harold was going to retire soon, and well… he did! Now he has this fancy idea of traveling around the world like nomads and we’ve sold the shop. I just couldn’t get a hold of you, oh dear, I hope this doesn’t put you out!” apologized Melissa, she sounded ready to cry!

Evangeline just laughed and shrugged her shoulders. “It’s all right! I’m sure it’s fate’s gentle nudging that I need to be elsewhere. Once I make sure Father is okay, I have to fly back to America. I’ll just rent an apartment or something.”

It took a little convincing to reassure Melissa that she wasn’t put out of a home, but once that was done and she kissed her cheek goodbye, Evangeline was off straight to her parents house.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Clark was a little run down, but it was a nice sized home with a grand door. Evangeline didn’t have to wait long before the door open, and she greeted her mother with a smile. “Hello Mother! How is Father? I hope I didn’t take too long, I stopped by my flat but apparently you cleared out my things?”

Her mother was silent as Evangeline talked, stepping aside to let her in and closing the door behind her. “Your Father and I wish to speak with you. Come with me to the den.” Mrs. Clark’s tone was cool as she led the way.

“I thought Father was in the hospital. Was he released early?” Evangeline replied. They entered the den where her father promptly stood. There was another individual in the room, a man, but a stranger she hadn’t met before. He was definitely a doctor, but now she was sure it wasn’t for her father.

Mr. Clark cleared his throat. “I am not ill, Evangeline. However, the fib was necessary to bring you home. Running around the world on these… these… crazy whims of yours, and now you’re chasing mythical creatures? A nice young man came to see us, Evangeline, and we’re worried about your… sanity.”

This was entirely too confusing. First Evangeline was trying to figure out who was talking to her parents about her, and then she was just angry that they assume she was crazy! “My sanity is perfectly sound. I’m certainly not chasing around imaginary people. Why couldn’t you just talk to me on the phone?”

Mr. and Mrs. Clark cast a look between each other when the stranger finally spoke. “Ms. Clark, your parents are just concerned about your welfare. They’ve been told that you think of yourself as some sort of psychic and that you believe you’re a vampire to save the world? That sounds extraordinary. Unbelievable. You must understand. They would like you to see a doctor, just a little evaluation…”

“Oho! This again!” Evangeline was doing very well to keep her voice even, but she was incredibly frustrated. “You know I’m not crazy and I’m most certainly not a liar. If it’ll make you happy, I’ll see your doctor, but it’s really just wasting out time. I need to get back to the States.”

With Evangeline in agreement, they ushered in to a vehicle to drive off to the doctor’s place. Evangeline remained silent, keeping her temper in check. It was so rare when something would make her so mad. Her parents were… unreasonable. Practically disowning her and then making up stories to get her to come home, only to have her evaluated. If they were so embarrassed by her, they could pretend she didn’t exist!

Her thoughts were cut short when they arrived to the hospital. Something about the place was off, but Evangeline couldn’t seem to figure it out. It felt like a hospital, but it came with such an ominous sinking feeling.

“Ms. Clark, if you’ll come with us…” said a voice inside, gently taking her by the arm.

Her parents remained by the door, impassive. “Thank you, Doctor. Please let Mr. Carnatelli know we appreciate him taking care of this for us.”

Evangeline stopped dead in her tracks, yanking her arm free. “Wait a second! What do you mean, Mr. Carnatelli? Anthony Carnatelli?” She didn’t get far before she was snatched again, both arms being held firm by two assistants as they drug her down the hall. Her parents were already leaving, while the Doctor followed close behind.

“Ms. Clark, it’s really in your best interests not to struggle. I’m sure Mr. Carnatelli would be upset if his special guest were to injure herself before he had a chance to greet you.”

As she fought being pulled down the hall, it was a cold realization. A trap… a very elaborate trap! Evangeline hadn’t thought on how strange it was for her mother to call, especially not even knowing how to reach her. Or how her parents would even know what she had been doing lately! She should have realized…!

A prick on her arm, followed by being thrown roughing in to a cramped padded room, Evangeline was left alone. Woozy with something rushing through her veins, she crawled to the corner, pulling her hands up to block the voices that were starting to pry in to her head. The place was starting to open, like cell doors. A hospital of evil beings, all looking for a soul to latch on to. All chipping away brick by brick…



A beautiful autumn day. Crisp air with just a hint of the coming winter gave a sweet chill. The leaves on the trees were a myriad of colors from orange, to red to deep browns. Occasionally some would drop from the branches when the wind blew, giving a cascade of colors as they drifted to the ground. In the park it was quiet, peaceful and perfect.

Evangeline took Gabriel’s hand and positioned his arms for a proper waltz. She was wearing a long brown coat over a warm dress. A vibrant colored scarf wrapped snugly around her neck. The best part was looking at Gabriel. Just as she always saw him, with coal black hair and storm grey eyes. His serious expression as she guided him in to the steps of the waltz, following along with the music in her head.

Dancing like this was exhilarating! Romantic! For a vampire that didn’t dance, he always moved just right. But the best part was him sliding an arm around her waist to draw her close. Leaning down to whisper gently in her ear.


“Seer. …Evangeline.”

“Yes! Oh um-!” Evangeline snapped out of her daydream so quickly, that she knocked over the jar of pencils on the desk and was quickly fumbling to snatch them all before they escape. She was flushing furiously as she tried to clear her throat.

Gabriel was leaning next to her over her chair, his eyebrow raised. “You look ill.”

Blast it! “No, no! I’m okay!” Sometimes Evangeline wondered if he really could read her thoughts, and this was one of those moments she really hoped he couldn’t! She really shouldn’t have been daydreaming like she was, especially about Gabriel. But… she was just catching herself far too often lately! “Really. I’m ready to go!” She hopped out of her chair quickly and was escaping for the door.

Gabriel straightened, casting a smirk as he followed.


Soul For a Soul

“You tricked me!”

There were very few moments that Evangeline would actually look angry. Now was one of those, but Caroline was hard pressed to take it seriously. Anger or not, Evangeline always had that gentle softness to her face despite her current attempts at swinging a cane at Caroline’s head.

Caroline ducked, but didn’t waver. “I said I wanted to discuss something with you, I didn’t mention anything about Dark.”

Evangeline huffed, crossing her arms as she turned away to go marching down the path. When one invites you out to the park to talk about an important lesson, usually it’s about your student. …not Gabriel! “Please don’t bring this up again. It’s not anything to be concerned about.”

“You have a voice, Evangeline. Had you any sense you would chain the man down and make him listen. He has no right to treat you this way. Demand him to stay.” It was clear to Caroline that Gabriel loved Evangeline. But what she could not understand was how insistent he was to stay away from her, when he knew how much it hurt her. There was protecting loved ones and then there was being just plain stupid.

Evangeline just shook her head. “I asked him to stay. Insisted. But he chooses not to. I can’t make him if he doesn’t want to.”

“My lady, he lo-” Caroline paused mid-sentence, just as a flashy PLOOF of smoke erupted nearby. It wafted away with a quick wave of the intruder’s arm. A incredibly tall woman with dark ebony skin, hair white as snow, and the most Cheshire grin ever seen. Caroline scowled, nudging Evangeline to stand behind her. “Malsuada.”

“Caoilainn. I’ve come to collect my payment. One soul, please.” Malsuada purred. A long tail was flicking back and forth behind her.

Caroline’s frown shifted to a brief look of surprise before falling back to a deep scowl. “I owe you nothing. I killed your demon for you, yet you betrayed the contract, and my village still died!” Even as she shouted, Caroline was shoving her hands in to her pockets to retrieve her ribbons.

Malsuada was so unconcerned, that the only movement from her was the swish of her tail and a flick of her hand. With that simple motion, a jolt of pain ran through Caroline’s body as she stiffened, unable to move even a single limb! “Caoilainn, you poor simple fool. You got exactly what you asked for. I believe the contract said power to save the village from monsters. And you did, didn’t you? Defeated the entire hoard. I certainly can’t be responsible for you losing control over the power and slaying all of those poor innocent people along with them.”

Caroline was struggling to get her limbs to obey, but with every attempt it felt as if the spell was ripping apart her muscles from the inside out. Through her teeth she gritted out. “You still took your payment.”

“Oh, no, oh no. Killing that helpless little demon child was not payment. Power doesn’t just come from thin air, you know.” Malsuada smirked, glancing at her perfectly talon like nails. “Humans never do read the fine print. A soul, Caoilainn. Power in exchange for a soul. It’s time to pay up.” The stationary spell on Caroline suddenly lifted, causing the woman to drop to the floor trying to gasp for breath to still the pain.

Evangeline had remained silent, but but now she didn’t think she could allow this to go on any longer. “Wait, wait!” she said quickly, easing herself around Caroline to block Malsuada’s way. She held up her hands to make sure she kept a distance. “Do you really need to take her soul? Maybe you might like something else instead!”

Malsuada raised an eyebrow at the small woman – one’s whose own soul was so brilliantly shining that it didn’t take a second for Malsuada to know what she wanted! “I might be persuaded to take something else. Oh, but… souls are what we devils treasure the most. To give up Caoilainn I would only take one of greater value. Do you have a valuable soul, precious wee human?”

“My lady, you have nothing to offer her.” Caroline hissed. She was struggled to get herself off the floor. Stories about Evangeline’s reckless rescues had circulated across Oracle. Deals with Devils was not something she needed to be involved in!

Evangeline tilted her head, trying to give it some consideration. Trading her own soul wouldn’t be very wise. And she certainly didn’t have any other souls to give in exchange. But, there was no way she could the devil take Caroline away, especially after she had taken such good care of Dark and herself. Good people could not be left to fend for themselves! “Well… I’d like to keep my soul, but would you like to take me instead? I don’t want to die, mind you, so you could have my life as long as I am alive?”

Perfect! It wasn’t a soul, but Malsuada knew how to get what she wanted and she’d have a lifetime to pull the soul out of the human. Instantly a contract appeared in her hands along with a feathered quill, holding it out for Evangeline to sign. “Trade accepting. Your precious human life for Caoilainn’s soul. Sign on the dotted line, please.”

“Evangeline, don’t you dare!” as feared, Gabriel’s Seer was doing something stupid! Caroline reached out to grasp Evangeline’s leg to pull her back, but she was just out of reach.

“Don’t worry, Caroline. We’ll figure this out later.” Evangeline took the quill and signed on the dotted line, with little fear. Caroline’s life was important, and now that she wouldn’t die, she would be able to help Evangeline out of a much less dire contract. And if Gabriel had not decided to leave for good, maybe he would help too.

Malsuada couldn’t help but smirk. Caroline had nothing that could match her own skills. And now she had a precious shining soul. Possibly the most precious in the world! “The deal is done. Thank you so much Caoilainn! You’ve been so accommodating.” Giggling with unrestrained glee, the signed contract disappeared. Malsuada snatched the wrist of her new prize and pulled her along. The portal to the Devil World opened up and they were gone in an instant.

Shit!” Caroline had never wanted to curse so much in her entire life. With shaking hands she retrieved one of her marbles, cracking it between her fingers to let loose a prepared spell. The magic washed over her slowly, healing the flesh under the skin that had been wretched apart by Malsuada’s spell, but the expended energy came at a cost! Forced to remain where she was until she had the will to move, she could only think on how she would explain to Gabriel.

It was not going to be pretty.