Days of Victoria

Genre: Historical Mystery Drama
Timeline: 1882
Rating: PG-13 thru R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Victoria, England (Just Outside London.)

Victoria is a charming high class town just outside of London known for it’s gorgeous landscapes and being host to the fabulous parties by Sir and Lady Wellington. Several families are in town for the autumn season all in a twitter hoping they receive invitation to the Wellington’s famed parties. However, behind the gay facade of the London socialites there is much gossip, not only about the Wellingtons but the strange habits of their fellow lords and ladies. Someone has lost their fortune, someone is out for revenge, and someone may soon meet their end. In Victoria, all is not what it seems!


Sir & Lady Wellington (NPCs)
Unless someone wishes to play this married couple, they will remain NPCs. The Sir and Lady are infamous socializers, having THE best parties during each of the seasons. Everyone wants to be invited, or you’re just not part of the popular crowd. Sir Wellington is a friendly older chap who adores his hunting and well as his wife. Lady Wellington seems to be a friendly enough woman, but she has a nasty bite and tends to spread gossip if someone steps on her toes. The couple has not had any children to date and it’s been rumored that lady Wellington cannot have children. Neither do they seem to have any other living relatives! With this in mind, all are wondering who will inherit the Wellington estates when the couple finally passes.


Most people should play a high class citizen. Lords, Ladies, Royalty, or people with money. You are welcome to play other types IF you have a connection in to the game and reason why they are interacting with someone higher in their social class. If a certain character type becomes too common we’ll disallow that type until things are balanced out. (Example, too many females, too many princes, etc.) Beyond this, your plotline and your character agenda is completely up to you! Try to plot with others to create interesting interactions or back history between characters!


| Remember the year. 1882. Today’s slang wouldn’t be appropriate so remember that proper English is a MUST for spoken dialogue. (Unless your character is a street rat, ect, or you’re showing accent in their speech.) You wouldn’t use words like “sucks” or “what’s up?”.

| Do a little research to find out what sort of technology is being used in 1882. Cars have not been marketed yet, though many scientists are trying to make self propelled vehicles. Electricity is also uncommon and not used in a residential setting. (as in working lights) However, there is running water and mediocre flushing toilets. XD

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