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The Hex of Sunset City

Genre: Supernatural Western
Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn!
Location: Sunset City – Out West Somewheres!

Sunset City, a dusty little town way out west that can barely be considered hospitable. For years it’s been slowly growing, but small set backs always seem rattle the locals and nasty gossip has been floating around. The local saloon seems to have a gun fight every other Tuesday, whether someone does the firing or not. Down near the marshes there’s always a strange howlin’.. and the sheriff never seems to stay longer than a month before he throws down his badge or ends up dead! Yes, something really strange has been happening in Sunset City and with the new mayor in charge it’s just starting to get worse…

An classic and possibly cliche old western RPG with a supernatural twist. A player can play just about any kind of HUMAN character so long as it makes sense within the plot. The goal? Figure out what’s been causing all these strange incidents in Sunset City!


The main town. Picture your dusty tumbleweed towns like in old movies, and there you’ve got it! Every so often a stranger comes into town, but by the time he learns of his fate, it’s too late! Once you’re Sunset City, you can’t seem to leave it… unless you’re dead! Signs or warnings the folks put up also disappear so it’s been no use to steer people away. Even the mail comes back unread!

The Mines were closed some two years ago after they collapsed due to an accident with dynamite. Several people died, and no one is quite sure exactly how it happened, but everyone has their own theories.

Not too far out there is a creepy bit of wetlands just where the river seems to die out. No one ever dares to go in there, cause no one ever seems to come back out.

Settings: Historical Settings: Magical Fantasy

Sea Raven

Sea Raven

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: R – Violence and Naughties!
Mood: Think; Pirates of the Caribbean.

Plot Breakdown:
The Sea Raven, a hauntingly beautiful ocean vessel, has been the most romanticized ship to sail the seas. This might be due to the very un-pirate like behavior by it’s Captain and crew for at least three generations. Thwarting scourges of the ocean, stealing treasure from unworthy hands, annoying the Royal Navy, and most notoriously rescuing of pretty damsels in distress. Despite heroic tales of their exploits, their operations are still “less than legal”, always leaving the crew of the Sea Raven needing to keep one step ahead of their enemies.

…until girls get involved, then all hell breaks loose.

Be you crew or foe, when the Sea Raven is involved, it’s going to be an adventure!


Captain is a pirate, sailing the seas ambushing ships, stealing cargo, smuggling and other most illegal things! His only weakness is the lovely Lady, the Lord’s daughter… They both had the most brilliant plan of staging her kidnapping and them both running away before Lady was wed to the Duke… but they didn’t plan on the Captain’s crew botching the whole thing and kidnapping the wrong women, Duke’s sister the Duchess! Now Captain are on the run from a band of Duke’s men that want the Duchess returned, as well as trying to get back to Lady who is soon to be wed to the Duke!

On the ship of the Sea Raven, Duchess pretty much annoys the living daylights out of everyone. Unfortunately, they can’t take her back because the Lord has ordered an entire navel fleet after the Sea Raven. To go back means suicide! To top it all off, the Sea Raven’s most notorious rival The EVILPIRATES is also chasing the crew for vengeful purposes.

Meanwhile, after a botched kidnapping, Delilah Red and BLARGH(one of the male members of the crew) are stuck as a captives of Duke. (Those stupid lackeys took off with the wrong woman and left them behind!) Duke has decided to captain a ship and save his sister Duchess from blood thirsty pirates, while Lady stows away disguised as a cabin boy to keep tabs and protect her love!

CHARACTERS: Official Storyline Cast

Captain of Sea Raven – The pirate captain of ship Sea Raven. A smuggler and thief in love with Lady!

Marcus Red – Owner of the Sea Raven. Delilah Red’s uncle.

Delilah Red – First Mate, Captain’s best friend and fellow pirate.

Lady – Engaged to Duke and in love with Captain!

Duchess – Sister to Duke that got kidnapped by accident!

Duke – Fiancee to Lady, who is seeking out his stolen sister!

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New Amsterdam

Genre: Steam Punk/Alternative Universe
Rating: PG-13?
Location: New Amsterdam in the Kingdom of Nova Belgica

It’s just another dreary commute for the many strangers on the train in New York City. Another gray filled day, be it the buildings, the skies or the hearts of the riders. All that changes though as the train goes through one of the worse maintained and blackest of tunnels in the cities rail system, and on the other side is not the world they know.

Welcome to New Amsterdam, a thriving city, full of culture, history, and trade. It is a place where people from all over the world travel to and live in. A city of beautiful buildings, and technology run by for the most part steam. To the outsiders the dress is not dissimilar to what they have seen on TV (something no one in New Amsterdam has heard of) of Victorian period.

Now the lost travelers must find a way home, but with few able to believe they came from another world and almost no one having an idea how such a thing took place, it might be impossible to do so.

People of note:
Queen Olga III – Just a short three years prior, her brother the King died. Being that he was without heir this young by head strong woman has taken the thrown and tries to lead her people forward in this wondrous age.

Lady Petunia – Wife of the late King, who felt secure in being queen of Nova Belgica and finds that now being upstaged by her sister-in-law to be most annoying.

The Archbishop of the Mongoose – One of leaders of the Church in Nova Belgica. A soft spoken man of much charisma, what does he know about the New Yorkers, or is he working on assumptions and fear?


You play a perfectly normal person. (Or maybe not so normal. XD) You’re on the subway train to go to work, home, somewhere… BUT WHAT THE FUCK, THIS ISN’T OUR STOP?! The train arrives in New Amsterdam which seems to be an alternate reality earth, where everything is much much different!

As a whole we’re kind of “winging it” but if you have ANY questions about what New Amsterdam is like, ask them here!

Settings: Historical Settings: Magical Fantasy

Feudal Gothic; The Blood Moon Saga

Genre: Supernatural Feudal Era Japan
Location: Aotakigawa (Blue Rapids), Japan
Timeline: Edo Period

The city of Aotakigawa (Blue Rapids) during the Tokugawa (Edo) period. Far from the influence of Kyoto, the Daimyo and his people live a relatively peaceful life, if one could ignore the fact that the kami seem to still be very much involved in the lands surrounding this city. What secrets is hiding in the daimyo’s castle? Who is hiding their true being? Friends and enemies hiding in plain sight.

There has been a murder in the Daimyo’s castle, and the mystery is unsolved. The body was found dead, with no blood and no wounds. Since the murder many odd things have been happening in the village. Kami and demons that have remained docile for ages are suddenly stirring up trouble. Characters must deal with these restless spirits in between dealing with their own problems and agendas!

You will be able to have supernatural elements if you desire. We are not going to be strictly historical accurate. This game will be a lot like the Inuyasha or Rurouni Kenshin anime series, (Inuyasha especially) so if you keep those in mind, you should be fine! Check out the wiki about the Edo Period is good if you really want to do research.

Settings: Historical

Days of Victoria

Genre: Historical Mystery Drama
Timeline: 1882
Rating: PG-13 thru R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Victoria, England (Just Outside London.)

Victoria is a charming high class town just outside of London known for it’s gorgeous landscapes and being host to the fabulous parties by Sir and Lady Wellington. Several families are in town for the autumn season all in a twitter hoping they receive invitation to the Wellington’s famed parties. However, behind the gay facade of the London socialites there is much gossip, not only about the Wellingtons but the strange habits of their fellow lords and ladies. Someone has lost their fortune, someone is out for revenge, and someone may soon meet their end. In Victoria, all is not what it seems!


Sir & Lady Wellington (NPCs)
Unless someone wishes to play this married couple, they will remain NPCs. The Sir and Lady are infamous socializers, having THE best parties during each of the seasons. Everyone wants to be invited, or you’re just not part of the popular crowd. Sir Wellington is a friendly older chap who adores his hunting and well as his wife. Lady Wellington seems to be a friendly enough woman, but she has a nasty bite and tends to spread gossip if someone steps on her toes. The couple has not had any children to date and it’s been rumored that lady Wellington cannot have children. Neither do they seem to have any other living relatives! With this in mind, all are wondering who will inherit the Wellington estates when the couple finally passes.


Most people should play a high class citizen. Lords, Ladies, Royalty, or people with money. You are welcome to play other types IF you have a connection in to the game and reason why they are interacting with someone higher in their social class. If a certain character type becomes too common we’ll disallow that type until things are balanced out. (Example, too many females, too many princes, etc.) Beyond this, your plotline and your character agenda is completely up to you! Try to plot with others to create interesting interactions or back history between characters!


| Remember the year. 1882. Today’s slang wouldn’t be appropriate so remember that proper English is a MUST for spoken dialogue. (Unless your character is a street rat, ect, or you’re showing accent in their speech.) You wouldn’t use words like “sucks” or “what’s up?”.

| Do a little research to find out what sort of technology is being used in 1882. Cars have not been marketed yet, though many scientists are trying to make self propelled vehicles. Electricity is also uncommon and not used in a residential setting. (as in working lights) However, there is running water and mediocre flushing toilets. XD