Genre: Modern Fantasy
Location: Ireland
Timeline: Present Date

Plot Breakdown:
Divinitus is a highly esteemed private school that teaches all ages in advanced classes. All students must live on grounds, because it’s so secluded from the “outside world”, and are kept an eye on by their dorm leaders. The setting is based in a modern fantasy world… (think similar to Harry Potter), however there are no other races or creatures that exist… at least known the characters in Divinitus. The characters socialize in the setting of the school, and figure out the source of many strange incidents that happen at their school.


Welcome to Divinitus, the most prestigious private school in Ireland for the past several hundred years. The giant castle was told to be carved from the very stones of the earth, the statues once real gargoyle guardians of the keep. The Dean is rumored to be sorcerer, while several upperclassman insists the school nurse dabbles in withcraft. All of these things are simply rumors, however. Such an ancient school with history will always have it’s stories. The gates of this highly esteemed school have just been opened for the fall season to begin the new school year, and promises to be a …thrilling event!

The Balance…
Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark. It has been the eternal struggle since the beginning of time, and in the halls of Divinitus it is no different. The school was build on a silent treaty that the Balance of all things must be kept, thus the most talented of the light and black magic users created the school to force each other to abide by the treaty and keep each other in check. By this time the school was created, magics and other such things were becoming nothing but mythology. Thus since it’s creation Divinitus has kept it’s guise of a normal school, while there is a constant battle over internal more supernatural affairs. There are always those of both sides that wish to tilt the balance in their favor and go against the Divinitus treaty, and often there are battles right under the student’s noses.


Students: All ages of students from kindergarten to college level. Most students are gifted in one or more subject, because it is a very prestigious sought after school.

Teachers: Only a few teachers will be accepted at first (five at the most). Teachers know the secrets of Divinitus, are dorm leaders to students, and have their own troubles to worry about!

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