[b]Name:[/b] Eirene

[b]Appearance:[/b] While athletic and hardy, Eirene is of a petite and narrowly built. She has long, wavy black hair that falls to her waist and is usually kept in a thick braid for convenience. High cheekbones and an arching brow, with cool dark blue eyes. Her skin is fair, and very easily flushed with physical exertion or emotion. Eirene carries herself with a regal confidence and graceful movement. Her clothing is always simple and practical.

[b]Notable Possessions:[/b] Eirene has on her a pendant used to buckle her cloak, it is of strong sentimental value.

Found in the Frozen Wastes during a massive blizzard as a small child. She was near blue from the cold and no one knows where she came from or how she even survived. Quickly they discovered this girl had an [i]otherworldy aura[/i] about her. She was too perceptive and smart for her age. Learned quickly. Always seemed to be talking to what she claimed was a large white wolf, but no one ever saw it.

…then there was the magic.

In the Wastes the people had never seen such magic. Rumors spread that this child couldn’t be just a human, but had to be belonging to the gods. Over time, interest and reverence for this child brought many of the warring Northern Clans together. She just knew how to survive in the harsh frozen lands. Taught clans how to infuse crystals with warmth. So quietly and calmly solved petty problems.

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