Ella Sheldon

Character Name: Ella Sheldon
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Farmer
Age: 20
General Appearance: Ella is physically fit from years and years solely working on her own farm. She is strong and muscular, but not to the crazy extremes that you’ll find on warrior women in her country. (Ella is quite proud to be a woman and LOOK like a woman!) Because she is outside most of her day, her skin is well tanned to a lovely shade. To keep it out of her face, she’ll tie her mid-back length mahogany hair up in a kerchief. Her eyes are an intoxicating shade of brandy. Ella’s preferred style of dress is wearing something practical but still lady-like. (Such as a work dress.) She considers herself good-looking as long as she’s had a good bath.
Current Goal/Purpose: Ella has found herself stranded in space, in a completely alternate dimension/world than her own. She wants to go home, once she figures out how and why she got there!

General Personality: Frank, open, honest, insecretive. Ella is as Ella is. She has no hidden agendas, no driving fears, no crazy ambitions. She sees herself as a strong independent woman – especially after taking care of her own since she was 13. She enjoys life, hard work, and a little fooling around now and then! She has no preconceived or silly notions that women are weak and men are there for the rescue – and tends to scoff and those people who fall in to such stereotypes. Ella has had her share of romances, none of which lasted for too long. The men either were pussy whipped (really, she might be a strong woman, but having a pushover for a man isn’t any fun.) or they were too dominant, trying to take control of HER land and HER life. She has a short temper for stupidity and annoyances, but does her best to keep her cool as long as possible.

General History: Ella was born to farming parents! Both were boring normal, but good parents. Unfortunately, Ella’s father died when she was only 2 during a war and her mother died a few years later when she was 13 from an illness. From 13 Ella ran the farm herself, starting will only small areas until she was strong (and knowledgeable) to take care of the entire place on her own. After having a few annoying issues with people trying marry her off, or marry her for her land, or take her land, or scare her off her land.. she’s taken to not liking strangers or any one else being in charge! Ella is a bit of a loner, but she still takes time out of her farming to enjoy her life. For her, life is good!

Driving Plot: Ella was planting a new fruit tree in one of her gardens when she dug u a strange amulet. It looked rather interesting and she was wondering where it came from when all of a sudden POOFBOOM she found herself in a metal room surrounded by boxes. Ella is now on the ship Charybdis, owned by Captain Haligon… in SPACE. A strange new dimension she has never even dreamed of. She wants to figure out how she got there so she can get back home where she belongs!

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