City of Elswen

Genre: Modern Supernatural
Location: Elswen Island, Washington USA.
Timeline: Present


Area Basics: Elswen is an island town just odd the Washington state coast. It’s home of “The Chronicle” newspaper (a supernatural tabloid like Weekly World News), a great little book shop called The Page Turner, the coffee shop Freedom of Expresso, and many other little specialty shops. Of course, Elswen doesn’t seem to be a normal town… Weird things are always happened in the area. Unexplained sightings, ghosts, vampires, werewolves… and its even rumored that the local famous sisters, Sasha and Kendal, are from a long line of natural born witches. Elswen is strange, just about anything could happen…

Must Knows: When I mean anything, I do mean just about anything. It’s just like any other city with it’s downtown, houses, shops, streets, etc. There are heavily wooded areas, the docks (it IS an island), schools, whatever. You can play any kind of character you want (even from another world/dimension) but remember that you are still on Modern earth. So if you’re not a human, you might want to hide your real identity. Not all people take kindly to supernatural beings, even if Elswen IS a little strange.


Crystal Lake Park: In the center of the park stands a large marble monument of a beautiful woman with one hand in the hair clutching a plant in her palm. The park is dedicated to a woman named Crystal whose dying fiance needed a very rare plant to created a cure for his illness. Discovered the plant grew at the bottom of the lake, Crystal sacrificed her own life by going into the lake when everybody told her not to. (Swimming in the lake is NOT permitted, there seems to be a lot of dangerous things in there.) The people found her dead body clutching the weed that would save her lover’s life. The ghost of Crystal haunts the lake and if you try to swim in it at night, they say that her ghost pulls you down under the water to ask you how her long dead lover is.

– Elswen Elementary (Grade K – 5)
– Elswen Middle School (Grade 6 – 8)
– Elswen High School (Grade 8 – 12)
– Angelique Grace Academy (Private All Girls School. Grade K-12)
– Eaglebrook Academy (Private All Boys School. Grade K-12)
– Elswen Community College
– Montague University

The Chronicle Newspaper: Read up on alien abductions, bat-boys, the 3000 pound man, and other abnormalities and supernatural subjects of the world. This newspaper claims it’s all real, baby, but most see it as a tabloid.

The Puget Times: Serious news for serious readers. The Puget reports world events along with a community section for local news.

Elswen City Police Department: If you are ever in danger, Call the Police department. The ECPD also has it’s own “special” branch of uniquely trained officers for those… not-so-normal reports.

North Sound TV (NSTV): The TV station building where the news, and various other shows are filmed at. (Elswen Broadcasting)

Prison Center: Where all those bad people go.

ELSWN Radio: Home of the infamous Morning News show with DJ Tali (Natalia Davenport) and DJ Aidan Mac (Aidan MacGregor)!

Freedom of Expresso: The Espresso shop. Find your computer geeks, poetry buffs, and book readers here. Don’t forget your extremely hyper teenagers.

The Page Turner: Sasha Novellino’s bookstore. Find many a great book, even rare special items that the occult find particularly interesting. Don’t touch the crystal ball, and definitely don’t go behind the beaded curtains.

Mandie’s Candies: The local candy superstore!

Triple L Estates: Real Estate Agency. The agents usually try to pawn off their worst homes first. (Y’know, the ones formerly owned by drug dealers and have a few bodies buried in the basement.)

Naked Truth: Super Hot nightclub owned by the drag queen Duchess Violetta!

St. Micheal’s Hospital: St. Mikes for short. Also has the St. Mikes Children’s Clinic.

Haverghast Insane Asylum: Where you send the crazy maniacs and the mad scientists.

Corner Street Shopping Center: THE best place for shopping in the whole town!

Bayview Farmer’s Market: There’s no place better in the city to pick up fresh local produce at a bargain price.

Elswen International Airport:

Pier: Where all those ships dock.

The Freak Show Asylum: An abandoned warehouse downtown that a bunch of teenagers have turned in to their “underground club” hideout. That’s where you’ll find a lot of your outcasts and druggies and bad crowds you don’t want your kids hanging out with.


Gemeneaux “Boomer” Croix: A mysterious woman with a French accent who runs “The End of the Line”, an affluent clothing store, and “Not Available,” a secret business that specializes in rocket launchers and other weaponry. While not privy to the affairs of E.G.A.D.S.(Elswen Ghoul And Disaster Squad) itself, a good deal of the officers seem to manage to find their way in there.

Amanda “Raven Illustria Darkmoon” Allen: The head of the local Goth ‘clique’ she’s the front runner of the Freak Show Asylum and the person to go to if you need a little “something” for your stash.

Cab Driver: Drives like he’s drunk and smells just as bad. He usually knows a lot of helpful details, so if you ask him a question, he may just give you the answer you need.

Crazy Old Man: This old man appears everywhere, and anywhere. Usually after a group of screaming children run past. He seems to know every legend, myth, story there ever was. Great if you’re writing a history paper.

Wiggy Sufer Boy: Your gorgeous idiot. Knows fashion trends like the back of his surf board. Most suspect he smokes a lil wacky weed and that’s why he’s so wiggy. He probably knows the best drug dealers. Look for him at “End of the Line” or the beach.

Senile Old Woman: Seems to be on the bench feeding birds 24/7. Constantly spouting gibberish. Although if you listen long enough, you might find a nice stock tip or bit of information on the government. Most suspect she isn’t even real, just something planted there by terrorists to confuse paranoid people.

Streaker: It doesn’t matter how many times this guy gets arrested, he somehow ends up at all of the big events streaking past naked as the day he was born.

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