Evangeline’s Husband Wishlist

(Are you happy now, Clara? It took me three days!)

1. Is really really extra tall!
2. Can dance with me!
3. Can fight with a sword!
4. Will rescue me from my parents when they’re being really mean.
5. Can ride a horse!
6. Strong enough to throw someone and pick me up!
7. Will always eat my candy when I offer it to him!
8. Will be able to handle angry warlocks who drink too much beer and won’t listen to visions and take no for an answer.
9. Doesn’t get scared and run away when I tell him about visions.
10. Always kind to animals and little kids!
11. Protects me from jelly fish or other monsters that try to eat me!
12. Can kiss me senseless even if I’m mad enough to hit him with a stick!
13. Won’t ever be distracted by another girl and thinks I’m the most beautiful person in the world!
14. Can always find my keys when I lose them, no matter where they are!
15. Will not object or get mad when I tie him to a bed!
16. Can scare someone just by glaring at them!
17. Is friends with fun loving werewolves!
18. Will always come to get me if I get locked in a closet or weird place!
19. Has a good savings, but is not snobby, mean, or lazy about it!
20. Will know when I’m upset without me having to tell him and always know what to do!
21. Spends every Christmas with me!
22. Can throw fireballs and kill evil vampires even if I’m clinging to him!
23. Remembers my birthday!
24. Doesn’t complain about my rocks and won’t get mad at me for leaving them all over the house!
25. Will give lots of snuggles at bedtime!
26. Easy to daydream about!
27. Will wash my hair for me when we take a bath!
28. Always smells really nice like rain or forests!
29. Will take care of me when I’m sick, and let me take care of him when he needs me too!
30. Can speak soft at my ear because it’s cute and romantic and sweet!
31. He loves me for everything that I am and won’t be scared of me or think I’m stupid and he won’t try to make me be somebody else just because I’m not normal and keep blabbering things out visions and forgetting that it bothers people!

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