Everybody Dies at the End


Genre: Horror/Thriller

[color=lime][b]PLAYDATE:[/b][/color] Tuesday October 21st @ 5PM Central in the Roleplay Catacombs

She grabbed us by the arm and said, “[i]If you want to get out alive – run for your life.[/i]”

We laughed.

He stumbled in to the hallway and said, “[i]At the end… everyone is dead.[/i]”

We just kept going.

[color=crimson][b]WELCOME TO THE ALLYVILLE HAUNTED HOUSE![/b][/color]
Family fun or just trying to scare yourself, this HUGE haunted house used to be a large hotel. Newly opened just this year, it’s the first time anyone has seen the inside. They tell you when you walk in that [i]everyone dies[/i] by the end. Do you believe it…?

You should. Far from cheap parlor tricks and bad special effects, the things you run in to are real. Dangerously real.

[color=firebrick][b]CHARACTERS AND PLAYING![/b][/color]
You are a human person that visited this Haunted House thinking you were going to have some fun. You can have any sort of human character you like. You CAN have a magical or supernatural character. You CAN’T have any weapons or items and stuff on you. You only have what you were able to carry in as a person going for a tour. You thought this was going to be fun! (Or someone insisted it was going to be fun!)

Bios are not a required item, but I love seeing what your character ideas are so I can build up some plot points!

And as always, if you have a question, lay it on me. <3 Show up in the Main Cbox a few minutes before hand to let me know you're present and ready to play!

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