Genre: Scifi

A little girl comes home to her parents acting weird. Daddy being strange and controlling, and Mommy seems to have gone completely senile. She tries to act normal and pretend to go to bed so she can try and sneak out of the house, but Daddy always seems to catch her getting out of bed. A family friend comes over talking about something really freaky happening all around town. Mommy comes out acting strange again and Daddy quickly tries to take her away. The Family friend tells the girl what’s going on around town – people acting crazy and weird creatures attacking places. The little girl runs off to bed when Daddy comes back to talk to Family Friend.

A couple of the girl’s young friends sneaks over talking about the creatures – just in time for a couple to show up. They look like weird squid head things with long squiggly legs, about the size of a large dog. The kids kill a couple of them while they are trying to escape.

The little girl is grown up and the world is a different place. Grievers have taken over, leaving small factions of humans hiding in towns and cities trying to survive. The creatures are breeding and trying to take over human hosts. Successful ones can look like humans, with no side effects. Unsuccessful ones start turning their host crazy and the body starts degrading to the creepy squid form.

The little girl lives in one of the hidden human colonies. They discovered making weird looking “fake hybrids” of half creature half machine can scare off Grievers to help keep their entrances hidden – but they still have no idea where the Grievers came from or how to stop them.

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