Settings: SciFi Settings: Space Saga

Thirty Seconds From Mars

[color=orange][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Sci-Fi Alien Invasion!

[color=orangered][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color]
Humans have terra-formed Mars to be a habitable planet through the power of technology and science. There are now several Mars colonies and a single major city. The Mars capital of Marelsou.

But suddenly… MARS IS UNDER ATTACK by an invading alien species! They are wiping out the entire city’s population of humans. When done with Mars, the intend to move on to Earth.

Mars has called for help… but will help get there in time to evacuate the last surviving refugees in the City of Marelsou?

A rescue team has been sent to save who they can and get off the planet before the Military arrive to wage battle.

[color=orangered][b]Your character and plot options:[/b][/color]
– Someone who lives on Mars or is visiting Mars.
– The Military Rescue that was station on Mars or has come from Earth to help evacuate any survivors.
– You must play a human! There is no magic or mutant powers in this roleplay. However, there can be cybernetics!

This roleplay is all about fighting aliens and survival! Survive until the end and get off the planet if you can!

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi
Location: Post-Modern Earth
Timeline: X Months After Outbreak

Not long after making contact with an alien race, a strange virus strikes modern Earth. When infected, a human turns crazy, zombie like, their genetic structure seems to change. Yet, these infected human beings can also breed, taking bodies of the dead and growing a weird sub-human creature from the remains. No one can tell how a person becomes infected, it simply happens; sending the entire world in to global chaos.

Months/a year later the virus seems to be “controlled”. Communities of humans are hiding out in small colonies. Places like single buildings, churches, schools. They are fed supplies and promises from the government.

An unlikely person has discovered a connection between government actions and the virus outbreak (where it was previously assume alien contact did it.). The food that’s been given to these colonies has some sort of control-factor in it, either to spare people from the virus or mind-control. Unlikely Person seeks out for a scientist to help crack the mystery.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

Neo Terra

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy
Location: Neo Terra
Timeline: 3310 – 200 Years after the Destruction of Post-Modern Earth

INTRODUCTION: After a comet destroyed a majority of the civilizations on Earth, many are trying to come into power, claiming territories and warring each other for control over the planet. The Brelj, a powerful race from outside the solar system, have managed to take over a good portion of Neo Terra. They are cruel people, forcing those left on Terra into hard labor and keeping all resources to themselves. Many rebellious factions have tried to fight back, only to be crushed by the Brelj, who carry the ancient arts that Terra lost eons ago.

BREAKDOWN: There is a small group in one of the ore mines that has gotten the idea of escape and revolt. When they uncover some ancient tools and links to old magic, they find themselves aided with power that is equal to the Brelj.


Uncovered in the mines was a magic circle. Several points on the outside of the ring, each seeming to represent a part or style of ancient magic in the old worlds of earth. Those that can unlock the points would gain a mastery over certain styles of power.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Genre: Post Apocalyptic Otherworld Scifi

Basic Plot

Creatures have invaded and the world has been nearly destroyed in the conquest. Now, the human race are nothing more than cattle being harvested each time the Creatures return. Humans that still have a sense of civilized society have built up protected enclaves and mini towns to guard against harvesting. For most days it is safe to venture outside the enclaves… but when the moon is full. It’s a Lockdown.

Settings: Space Saga

Last Rights

Genre: Space Saga
Location: ____ Prison Space Station

Prisoners and Guards must work together to survive an invasion to the prison by really nasty and vicious aliens/monsters.

Settings: Space Saga


Genre: Sci Fi
Location: SPAAAACE

A couple people are abducted by aliens and put through a series of “tests” to gauge their intelligence. The reality, is that the Alien people of ___ believe humans are deceptively intelligent but violent. And that in the near future when they join the rest of the galaxy in space travel, that they will start wars and kill other species. Those abducted humans must prove that not all humans are like this while they learn about the huge galactic empire they’ve just joined.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Genre: Scifi

A little girl comes home to her parents acting weird. Daddy being strange and controlling, and Mommy seems to have gone completely senile. She tries to act normal and pretend to go to bed so she can try and sneak out of the house, but Daddy always seems to catch her getting out of bed. A family friend comes over talking about something really freaky happening all around town. Mommy comes out acting strange again and Daddy quickly tries to take her away. The Family friend tells the girl what’s going on around town – people acting crazy and weird creatures attacking places. The little girl runs off to bed when Daddy comes back to talk to Family Friend.

A couple of the girl’s young friends sneaks over talking about the creatures – just in time for a couple to show up. They look like weird squid head things with long squiggly legs, about the size of a large dog. The kids kill a couple of them while they are trying to escape.

The little girl is grown up and the world is a different place. Grievers have taken over, leaving small factions of humans hiding in towns and cities trying to survive. The creatures are breeding and trying to take over human hosts. Successful ones can look like humans, with no side effects. Unsuccessful ones start turning their host crazy and the body starts degrading to the creepy squid form.

The little girl lives in one of the hidden human colonies. They discovered making weird looking “fake hybrids” of half creature half machine can scare off Grievers to help keep their entrances hidden – but they still have no idea where the Grievers came from or how to stop them.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Genre: Alien Abduction SciFi Thriller Post Apocalyptic Blend
Location: Unknown Location
Timeline: ???

Many many people are kidnapped and abducted by strange aliens claiming that they are saving the humans from the destruction of their planet. One group of humans seem to be treated very well. Finally their “home” is landed on a planet and the humans are told that is their new world. They must make the best with what they have and can build.

It seems, that there were many groups of humans, but each group was “tampered” with by the aliens. The entire planet is an experiment. Some groups had shifted in to blood drinking beasts, others like zombies. Now it is a struggle to make a new life on this strange alien planet while being faced with live nightmares!

Settings Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: SciFi

Crashed at College

Genre: Modern Scifi
Location: Harlock College
Timeline: Present Date

Two Girls/Boys leading very opposite lives are unhappy and bored. Life seems to be going nowhere, nothing ever changes, and it just all around sucks. Leaving work one evening they see something crashing out of the sky, landing in a small wooded area behind their apartment. Low and behold a pair of alien Girls/Boys have crash landed on earth! Now they have to assimilate in to human lives while they’re waiting for a pickup!

Random Notes: The gender of the two pairs should be opposite of each other. (Two college girls and two alien boys or two college boys and two alien girls.)

Settings: SciFi


Genre: Alien SciFi

Tiny little town in the country where there’s a lot of “alien sightings”. Most of the townspeople write off the sightings as crackpots or bored people. An “for fun” investigation team is now in town looking up proof on aliens. …And get abducted! They discover there’s a whole wide universe out there, and two alien races are fighting over the ownership (and safety) of Planet Earth!

Characters: Sci-Fi

Allison Lancaster

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Character Name: Allison Lancaster

Gender: Female

Job/Role on base: Archive Secretary for General Lancaster (Daddy!)

Age: 23

Appearance: 5’2″, small petite frame. Light brown hair, past shoulder. Hazel eyes.

Current Goal/Purpose: Allison has already finished college, now has a steady job, and life pretty much seems on track. So… meet people? Do good work? Protect the innocent! Oooh, she is finding mecha design pretty interesting!

General Personality: A charming and good-natured woman, Allison represents “The smiling innocent we work to protect!” Making an effort to be friendly with everyone (even the ones that are pretty scary), Allison is very sunny. Hard worker, good listener. Very girly, dress-wearing, “Eek! A spider!”, lady of presence and manners. She has a decent sense of humor, but finds herself completely embarrassed with dirty jokes or naughty comments. Occasionally there will be the sarcastic remark, or cranky day, but overall, Allison is fairly mellow.

General History:
Born and raised as the single daughter to General Alan Lancaster, Allison was her parents sweet little princess! Her childhood went by like any other normal kid. Ballet classes, school plays, Father-Daughter work days on base. High School things would get interesting when her father threatened and scared off boyfriends, but she was always good hard working student!
College went by quickly and equally as uneventful. Because she loves her father so much (and because he’d do anything for his little princess), Allison acquired a job on Base as an Archival Secretary. She now works on Base and has a nice cheery life!

Driving Plot: Allison takes on that “keeps this person safe” role. She is the daughter of a high ranking General on Base. She works as a archive secretary, so she’s constantly passing around important data, and tends to be ‘in the know’ of more information than she should. Her own personal goals are rather humble.

Five friends:
1. dude foster parent
2. chick teacher/mentor
5. chick teacher/mentor

3. dude ex lover (killed in accident) Highschool boyfriend. Love of her life and thinking about getting married. During some training exercises and while she was in Tech School learning Mecha design, he was having issues with his Mecha. Allison was sure she could help him fix it and improve it. …she was tragically wrong! She made a big mistake and he died out in the field during military exercises because his mecha malfunctioned. She dropped out of school and refused to touch any more mech after that. Her father gave her a job as his secretary.
4. chick grew up with (now an enemy) Grew up together and were friends until Allison was given the job as secretary that __ really wanted. She was jealous and called her out and brought up Allison having killed her boyfriend and the two had a knock-out drag down fight. Allison getting really upset and then accidentally injuring the woman severely. (Was trying to save herself from getting strangled, hit the woman with a coffee pat and cut up one of her eyes!) Since then the woman has hated Allison to death. Allison will run and avoid if she sees her. She feels bad about what happened, but after the way that all went down she hates the woman just as much.

value possession: photograph
valued person: personal hero
– has a contact outside of the company for info who is not a friend.

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