Hera Artol

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Character Name: Hera Artol
Nicknames: Harry (She’ll smack you.)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Adventurer


General Appearance: Tiny, childishly tiny. About the size of a pre-teen. This never seems to bother her, as she at least has decent sized breasts, and that’s all people seem to care about! Her hair is cut at a long, but manageable length in a pure white unnatural color. It probably isn’t natural, but she won’t admit it either way. Her eyes are dark brown, with a surprisingly more adult lit to them. “An old soul’s eyes.” Hera isn’t picky on her style of clothing as long as they fit her body and the situation. She always wants to blend in with the crowds.
Physical Strengths: Thin and lithe, Hera has a strong body for doing interesting acrobatic tricks. She can squeeze, contort, jump and hop around with ease.
Physical Weaknesses: She has no brute strength, so she must rely on ingenuity or quickness to get out of anything that could over power her.


Current Goal/Purpose: Hera is searching for a cure to a strange magical illness that’s spreading around on her island.
Talents: Noticing random and obscure details.
Inabilities: Realizing when something is a bad idea until it’s too late.
Fears: Falling. From the sky or off cliffs. Makes her all queasy and dizzy!
Likes: Cute and fuzzy animals.
Dislikes: Sticky things. Sticky things are grooooss!
General Personality: Hera is as Hera does. It is a strange sort of personal goal that she tries living up to the “strong” name her parents gave her. But, she never comes off as tough or “hard core” as she likes to imagine she does. She talks easily with people, makes friends, and rarely makes enemies. She’s forgiving – unless you break one of her cardinal rules and then she’ll be surprisingly vengeful. (never hurt an innocent, never betray a friend, etc.) She’s serious when it’s important, but cheerful the rest of the time. Hera HATES people that try to press her buttons.
Inner Personality: Very little about Hera is kept “inside”. In fact she’s rather vocal about her thoughts and feelings, to the point where it might seem a little bizarre. Occasionally she’ll feel withdrawn and distant when she thinks about the troubles back in her own home, or when she thinks about the danger in the world in general… but she tries to push that to the back of her mind and keep a more hopeful outlook.
Secret: None! That SHE is aware about!
Noare?: Low grade Glamor or Illusion Noare. Usually she can only cast on herself or another human being. She can alter the appearance of something. (Such as color, clothing, etc.)


General History: Hera was born on a island off the main lands. It’s a nice little secluded place that seems to be free of the raging troubles of the mainlands. When born, she was expected to be a son. To make matters worse she is the distant cousin of the island’s chieftain, as well as the prospect heir to much fortune. No one had much expectations for a powerful female leader. Though they were a little disappointed it was a daughter, she was given the strong name of “Hera” in hopes that she could grow up and be a warrior or knight despite being a girl. This hope to at least try faded as Hera grew and was such a tiny women, but she still tries to fill those expectations and live up to her name.

Present Life: Recently there has been a sickness affecting people with Noare. Hera took it upon herself to make it a quest to find a cure. Thus, packing up what she could, she snuck off in the night determined to save the people of her island and become heroically impressive. On the mainlands there’s some interesting stories about dragons, and she hopes at least one of them might be useful!

Special Historic Notes:
– Hera is born a daughter instead of the wished for son!
– Hera tries her best to become a knight or warrior, but falls short!
– Hera leaves the island because of the Noare-sickness.
– Hera decides to quest for a cure!

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