His Rightful Place

Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom with a brave Prince. Like most princes, he spent his days doing knightly deeds, rescuing damsels, and being a hero. And like most heroes, the prince met his charming princess, saved the kingdom from a terrible evil, then lived Happily Ever After.

…but that’s never really how stories end.

On his wedding day at the wedding feast, the Sorcerer came and he was mighty pissed. That Witch the prince and his princess killed during their harrowing tale was his wife – and he fully intended to have his vengeance. He killed everyone at the dinner. The King and Queen, Lords and Ladies, even the Princess Bride. But the prince… he had a special punishment for him. The Sorcerer locked the prince away in his own dungeons. There to rot for the rest of his life, knowing his wife was dead and that the Sorcerer ruled his kingdom.

Years later… The kingdom isn’t doing to well under the Sorcerer’s rule. After all, he is an evil sorcerer, and they tend to only care about power and crazy experiments. The land is dying, the people are hungry, and the Sorcerer continues to sit in the castle not caring a lick about the world outside.

And so, when it seems like hope is lost, there are the brave few, the unnoticed ones… the people that you never hear about in epic tales. A plot to break the prince (the rightful king!) out of the dungeon and take back their kingdom!

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