Immortal Curse

Genre: Gothic-Drama!
Rating: R for violence and scary shit.
Location: Some ruined city
Timeline: 2411 – 50 years after the end of the ‘Apocalypse’

Plot Breakdown:
50 Years ago there was a war between the angels and God. They called God a tyrant, a dictator and wished to be free of his oppression and have the same rights as humans had. The Fall from heaven destroyed the earth causing the Apocalypse… Present date the world is in shambles, cities in complete ruins. Demons, Beasties, Angels and Humans all walk the earth as equals, though many are still intent on waging the war against god…


Restorers are a secret group who are working to restore Earth to the way it was before the Apocalypse. Restorers are all trained to wield nature’s forces. They can command nature with their will and the most powerful Restorers are able to create fantastic feats. All Restorers are also lycanthropic, linked with a certain spirit animal that they are required to find to be inducted into the Order of Restoration. They can assume the form of that spirit animal at will. They’re pledged to work to bring back the old Earth, before the that they call the apocalypse. They’re also loyal to neither God nor Devil, only to the Earth. So they don’t worry about the matters between angels and priests and demons unless they interfere.

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